On the day of the July, the desire of Dad has also been high, and in the space of the can, I trapped in a horizontal crossroad, I really want to sleep, the thrill of the lower abdomen is slow, several Before the hour ago, the body was dissatisfied, and he got a comfortable feeling here. The middle-aged man in the brain is full of intestines, and thousands of people will move toward the same direction, pull down the pants bag, pull down the package of the sword, and put another set. Rude guests will press my hand like a torture, feel your own victory, but I have never had any feelings. On the contrary, some guests are very elegant. It seems to be a “I am a good man” posture, thinking about anything weighing on the woman, I have been moving, but every time I have exhausted, press the flushing One moment, look at the huno on the white white, I always feel that I will not go.

I looked opposite my mother, my mother was very similar to my face, remember that Dad saw us for the first time, he was like a god, actually a straight first mother’s breast, that is his I can’t think of me once. However, the mother’s body is different, maybe it is the relationship between perfume, I have always thought that my mother has a kind of enchantive feeling, like peach in the flowers, there is a kind of packet of men, only when After the mother’s sense of security, the man got it in him is the pleasure of Ice Pist. It is a kind of skin that will be inherent, voluntarily serving the breastfeeding skin contact. I don’t know how my mother goes to my father. But I know that Dad said to him, it is the desire of unhappy son.

At a glance, the mother has been physically unbounded. It will be in the two people. Dad will not be done, Dad is in my hall, continue to dedicate his food, the taste of animals is lingering on the arm, Dad Greedy explore the crazy in the arm, for me, doing love is different from sex, because he is not “he”, he is not a man, but “Dad”, and I am “daughter”, this The relationship between the role is like you and anyone goes out to eat, all the dinner is different, and every grain in the rice is all in the winter day. Dad’s long whip pulled up, and it will be inevitable on the wall. Avoid recruit a burst of feelings, with other men’s different “Dad’s taste”

The rise of the climax, making the air in the narrow room are more full, strong to each of the indigestions, and the liquid that has continued to break all the lines, discharge from the mouth, Dad is in me After the climax, the fast image is a variety show from the weekend, in fact, there is a period of time, but I feel the kind of expression that can’t wait, there is no feeling of time, there is no feeling …

The exhaust sound of the electric fan is a hand-filled rest, lying in the wet-sized two people have become a meat that has no behavior, and I look at them, under the leadership of the moonlight, After completing the animal’s an entertainment, the feeling of death, I immediately left this idea, afraid that I was also a look. I deliberately went to the mirror when I was flushing, let the flowing brush, I am a human skin, will be true I breathe.

The scenery outside the iron door is actually not ugly, but I don’t wear clothes and look forward to the starlight. I feel that the beauty of the world is in my body. For other things, they are all decorations on the Christmas tree. I am cold … I went back to set up a coat.

Recently, I have found that the past diary is very interesting. Although it is just a naive words, like this: I have finished with my heart today, but the big dog encountered on the road is terrible, I hope that I don’t have to meet next time.

There is also this: Today, Lin Sha is scared, I hate him, I hope he will be better next time, otherwise I will not do a good friend with him.

The strange thing is that the important thing has not recorded. When the father died, I couldn’t write a week. He is not a good father, but it can even say that he is in my heart, it is not a father, but a ghost, Although my mother is like a ghost, but that feels are different, I always feel that my father should seem like a father, a ghost seems to be the same as a father. In any case, I have been troubled by this idea, and I can’t write something.

Until one day, the mother took me out to eat for the first time. She has never done so, always throwing some money, teach me to solve the outside, that day is a winter night, my mother doesn’t seem to be very skilled in the street with me. In the crowd, I only strange her most familiar place, it seems to be the most powerless. After another family, I didn’t find satisfaction, and finally I only looked at McDonald’s, I went to eat. She used to eat the burger before, before the counter, the kind counter, Miss Miss made the mother’s hands, do not know what to say, this is not there, but I haven’t got it directly. The company is full of Fubao, the mother is surprised to look at me, I know because I hate it hate to eat, it is the origin, from here, the mother has been sticking to the chest, lettuce, meat When Burger, I stared at me. It seems that I am a street wandering of alien. I have been picked up for relief. I haven’t hosted her, enjoy the delicious taste of juice, I have to eat tomatoes when I eat the fries. Tomato. The sauce was in the mother, and she didn’t pay attention to the past. I knocked over the music on the mother’s table, fell on her, my mother was horrified, and I gave me a slap, I will take me. I haven’t worked out, I haven’t been harvested. This feast is over, but I don’t know why, this is the first time, maybe it is the last time, I feel that she is my mother. The next day, the rain is not stopped, last night, because of the tiredness of the cloud rain, there is no strength to pay attention to any word, the teacher is in the mouth, there is no avery under the stage, although he is me Dad, I have to sorry him. When I was just starting to pick up the guest, I didn’t think of the people who would know, one day … is the summer warm summer, I saw a familiar, thin figure, wretched, asked that the mother had young teeth. Mother refers to my room, I am used to lying back to bed, ready to welcome another shuttle, I didn’t expect him to come in, I can’t wait to turn back, I recognize it is a teacher, I don’t say it. I went. Understanding the teacher’s desire, is a sea water that is impossible to retreat, I want it to make me constantly, until my neuro enters another world. My legs will surround the Warriors group with guns like Changchun vine, and the pair of non-stop, expecting the double dance, faint tango, snake’s eyes, the sly foot finger, hit the small soldiers of the sensibility Let Marshal’s true face, the Marshal’s conquest is rough, blow up the enemy’s land, leave red blood printing …

Since then, the teacher often patronize. I guess he did not play any girl. He had no sin and a little girl’s sexual intention. This room is a way out. After the weather turns cold, because we are playing around the class, we found that the top of the school will push a person’s function to the ultimate, imagine the people of the school, there is a pleasant pleasure, and toilet The delusion, let me have interest to the taste of the urine, only at this time, I think the toilet is cute, white jade sprinkles golden, like a cat, I am going to make a relatives like a yellow paw Action, as if we are the same class.

Maybe it’s been a long time, the teacher discovered his stupid, hooks the mother, did not expect a shot, two mating under the moon, got the blessing of the whole class, but they didn’t know this is a dirty trading.

So the three is a bed, both of which are slaves, and they are constantly being hired in the midnight of the midnight, and each scene in the body is squeezed, then invested in unlimited, death, silent air.

You can pay attention to this class of class, there are several people who really know that this kind of lonely, constantly swallowing, constantly tearing, constantly screaming, and finally fleeing is nothing, satisfying Not satisfied, I hope there is an answer.

The final point of the answer is irreplaceable. I dream of someone to share with me, that is, I actually sit in the next door, she is very far away from me, but the visual error makes us very close, we are in a hundred feet Outside the hand, the middle is deeply unpersurgery gap. When we got the agreed place, we jumped together, flying, I felt that she was as happy as me.

I miss here, I will go back, she doesn’t want, anyway, I know that her father has a special autocracy like her, and finally, her father will tear the bird, I want …

When I tell my father, I believe that his expression is hungry, but it is back to me, don’t say it, the next day, the bird is to be released, in the corner, the struggle Escape the desire of the beast. In this way, she stayed in our family’s first worship, under the loss of all other stimuli, enjoy the entertainment like the clouds, in the second release, the release of her soul As I know that she is a physical lover, the only thing is that she is different from my father’s eyes, I know when I eat, he is her father, not a lover. This is confused, I thought that Dad recognized that her is his second love, but he has three, this is a family, but it is not my own.

Before going out this day, I knew that Yayi was used as a role of production. Teacher and Yisi seem to be a real lover. I thought for a long time, I heard that Yayi’s father was looking for her, nor did it know that this is Do men and women, is it really long?

The flowers around the grass are gorgeous, and the bookstore that I have never been there before, and I also look for a boiling posture. A relaxed atmosphere, a person who knows, is a natural, a person who can’t understand, is a secret garden behind the door, swaying in the street a few years, never thinking that one day will hear them The heart, whispered in my heart. For a store in a store for a long time, I can’t understand the weeping, for my life. When I got home, I found a group of dead pork. The blood rolling blood wet the blossoms, the three passed the same, only the baby in the abdomen was torn, I looked as long as it was, I suddenly remembered me. Diary, holding flowers, looking for my love outside the door …

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