Summer sunshine is always coming to soft, sprinkling from the window, almost let Qi Shen open! He saw the time six o’clock, thinking that I haven’t wake up yesterday, no wonder the daughter has not woke up, watching her daughter, her face, still having a girl’s childish, who imagines you What is the performance of obscenity last night?

When he gently opened his daughter’s quilty, he held his chin and started to appreciate his daughter’s body. This is his normal work. As long as he gets up early in the morning, he Will wait quietly to watch the daughter’s full carcass, Lina does not have any scars of snow white skin, and the long hair of the shoulders and the white neck, let him fascinate!

Especially the kind of little faint fragrance that I am scattered on her is even more crazy!

When Qidhen, I watched every part of the daughter. When his eyes came to the daughter’s breast, he suddenly found that the daughter’s breasts became bigger!

He wants to be because it is still growing, it is more fast!

But after a while, he thought that it may be because he often licks!

He can’t help but laugh!

Yes! Since the sexual relationship with the daughter incest, he almost licked his daughter’s breasts, no wonder the daughter’s breasts long!

Then his line of sight slowly moved down, soon, he was reflected in his eyes. The daughter was full of harsh hair, and there was a slightly wet-gridful pink little flesh, every time I saw it. The daughter’s slightly furious hairy makes the snow whitening Yinsheng more attractive!

He has helped sigh!

When I think that my daughter’s honey is open, I can’t help but I can’t help but can’t help it.

He sighed. For his own meat stick honest hard, he thinks of a year ago because of it, he and his daughter relationship should be just a father, but the daughter is still a little girl who doesn’t understand anything!

He remembers what happened that day, that is his wife died for more than a year, and that day he took a shower when he was watching the evening news, just when he washed it in the bathtub, his daughter came in. … “Dad! I am washed with you?”

“What?” Daughter’s proposal, it is really surprised!

In the past, when my wife was at the past, my daughter always washed with his wife. Otherwise she was washed, he didn’t expect her daughter to take the initiative to take a bath! He wants to be because his wife is dead, so daughter will want to take a shower with him!

Looking at the daughter back to take off his clothes on his body, he knew that he didn’t have time to refuse!

And there is no reason to refuse, but the daughter has been 14 years old. How can he take a bath with his daughter?

But then he thought that she was his daughter, and there should be no more strange. When he saw La, when he lifted his foot, he found that his daughter’s little butt seems to have become bigger, and it becomes more round, cleaned, and the crack between the two divisions is no longer only White, a faint red line penetrates a little girl with a little girl.

When Lina turned around, the feeling of the sense of Heaven made the feelings of the uniqueness, he looked at the daughter’s tender, slim body, the whole body did not have more fat, the breasts were obvious Increased, just that is silky or delicate, round navel, flat belly straight to the charming triangle area, full of yin is still inch, and a pink thin seam is directly inside, really make him endure I can’t help but admire.

But the father’s identity and the last line of reason remind him that Lina is his daughter. When Lina came to his father, when she looked at his father, she asked curious: “Dad! What are you doing?”

“No, no!”

Qishen looked up at the daughter’s whole body, he did not hang in front of him, and he was in front of him!

Lina Na pure face, a pity, watershed with a high nose and cherry, let Qiqi can’t help but swallow mouth water! He looked like her mother as her mother with a snow-white skin, but also made him feel the chest of Lina, who had just developed, because there is no extra fat, so that her breast seems to be general The same young girl is still big, the rounded half-shaped breasts are the same as the drops of drops, but more than her mother is more tender, especially the daughter’s breasts, two milk tips slightly upward The two pink uli is like a tender cherry, and the slim waist has a cute little navel that makes people can’t help it. I don’t know why Qi Shen’s heart is nervous, although he has always told him that the girl in front of him is his daughter, but the daughter seductive flesh or let him continue to look down, then he saw the daughter flat lower belly Have a full Yinfu, the top is long and delicate!

The full blink of a delicate pink crack is from the zone, making the whole pussy look like a temptation to emit a woman, and then the next is a pair of slender legs, but also makes the whole body look So perfect, then you think about a friend.

“Dad! You are strange!”

Larna didn’t care about his father’s weird eyes, and looked into the bathtub. She slowly sat down after her father’s leg, she sat on his hips on his father’s thigh, and the drizzle was close to his father’s chest. .

“Oh ~ so comfortable!”

From time to time, I smelted the fragrance of my daughter. His hands could not be able to stand like a place, and finally he had to put your hands next to the bathtub.

“Dad! What is your stay in your back! I have been going over me!”

After listening to Lina, Qidhen scared a jump, he quickly held his towel to cover himself, I didn’t know when it was hard, big meat stick!

But it still stopped the curious Lina turned, she put her hand into the towel covered with her father’s hard meat.

“喔 ~”

When the daughter’s little hand held his hard big meat stick, the Qi Shen couldn’t stand it.

“Wow! What is it? Such hard!”

Lina is curious to take a towel, when he saw his father’s hard meat stick, standing at that time, she swayed like a treasure: “Wow! Dad, how do you follow me? Same!”

Lina’s hands took the first after the first after the father’s huge hard meat stick, the hard and hot fresh tactile, Lunna’s hands couldn’t help but knead, and she held it. The daughter’s delicate little hand holds the thrill of the meat stick, so that the wonderful meat stick can’t help but shake! He found that his own meat stick is like a striker.

“Good hard, so thick! Dad, how come you is different from me?”

“Ah … because because Dad is … oh … is a man … oh … so don’t be the same … Oh …”

Lina’s curious hands kept pinching his father’s hard meat stick, her hand touched on his father’s glans, so that Qidhen’s meat rod is hard, even hard! He looked at the daughter, thinking that she is not his daughter but his wife, even other women.

“It’s so cute ~ It seems like a turtle will still shrink.”

After Larna’s hand played for a while, I found that the glans on my father’s meat rod will still shrink. She excitedly holding her father’s meat stick!

After a while, the Qidhen was really couldn’t help but!

Since the wife died, he has not contacted a woman in more than a year. Now that the meat stick makes the daughter’s hand so hard, so that the daughter will play, I am afraid I can’t help it, so he quickly climbed up. Go to the bath!

“Okay! Don’t play, come out, Dad help!”

“Oh ~”

After Lunna took the bathtub, it was rinsed with the bodies of the daughter. Then he asked her daughter to turn it, with some bathing milk coated on her back, he slowly scrub his daughter Smooth back.

“Dad! We seem to take a bath together!”

“Yes! I used to wash my mother and you!”

Since the height of her daughter and a little gap, Si Shen has had to squat, his hand came to the daughter’s little butt, looked at the daughter’s petite but strong little ass, Qi Shen couldn’t help but pinned, He slowly squatted. “Dad! Are you doing? How to wash so long!”

“No, no!”

After the end of the aden, the hands of his hands woned his daughter’s legs. After a while, after washing, he said to his daughter: “Okay! Turn over!”

The milk is beautiful, it is, more beautiful is that the nipple is so small, just look at Lina’s soft to the body, the girl, young breasts are just right against him, Larina’s faint pink isola, small nipple The pointed tips are in the snow white breast, so that Qi Shen can’t help but swallow the water!

He didn’t expect his daughter so fast, the breasts were more than the girl of the same age, and he stretched the trembled hand slowly washed down from the daughter’s neck, and his hand came to the daughter’s chest. When he gently held his daughter’s breasts, his hands immediately came to the softness and flexibility of the daughter’s breasts. This soft feeling is almost forgotten, his hands like a daughter, looking like a daughter. The breast was discovered on the top and bottom, and the daughter’s breasts were deformable as his hands, he couldn’t help but pinched. Suddenly his palm could make a little hard feeling!

His hearts can’t help but think that the 14-year-old daughter will have a pleasure? He looked up at his daughter, he couldn’t believe he saw, because he watched his daughter’s face did not know when he became red, and his breathing was slowly pushful.

After discovering this change, the Qindhen’s hand quickly left the daughter’s breast, although he wanted to continue, he afraid to continue the problem, will make something sorry for her daughter, then his hand quickly passed his daughter. The fine waist, came to the daughter flat lower abdomen, looked at the pink crack on the daughter, his heart did not know why jumping, the forehead was constantly sweating, the daughter’s beautiful crack Let him have just warned it!

He couldn’t control the crack of his daughter, and his hand continued to smoothing on the smoothing in the daughter.

“Dad! Are you doing? How to get sweating!”

“No … ok …”

The voice of her daughter made him wake up from the net, his hand was sophisticated, directly washed his daughter’s legs!

“Dad! Why didn’t you wash this! Mom said that a good girl must be washed here!”

“Yes … is right … Mom said right, but you will wash it!”

“喔 ~”

Qidhen stood up and turned to take the lotus head. When he turned over, just saw his daughter squatted with his hand gently washed his little honey, although it was very indecent, but it was full of obscene taste!

From above, he just saw the daughter’s honey hole, and he can clearly see the lips in the daughter’s honey! The delicate pink big lips make him inseparable from the line of sight, and the water rushing in the hand is constantly playing on the daughter!

“Dad! Wait a minute! I haven’t washed it yet, don’t flush it!”

Lina hit the father or kept the water on her, so she looked up his father. She looked at the father standing, she didn’t know what happened, but when she saw her father’s hard meat stick Her play is up again, and she holds her father’s long meat stick.

“Oh …” Qidhen looked at the daughter soft hand in his meat stick, and the cute face was significantly innocent expression.

The round-elastic small breasts are occasionally in the air, the young red honey, with a freshly dried pocket, and the Qidhen Fan, he seems to see his death beautiful wife is squatting Play his big meat stick below!

He can’t help but close your eyes and enjoy this beautiful pleasure!

“Ah … well … oh …”

Then La La’s live light, she stretched her head to his father’s mincest stick, she kissed his father’s huge glans, and then licking his father huge meat stick like licking.

“Ah … Xiao … What is Lar, don’t! Stop down!”

The warm tongue licking the fierce pleasure of the meat stick made the Qi Shenji, when he opened his eyes and found that the daughter squatted in the following, when he licked his hard meat stick with his tongue, he was shocked, strong morality Let him have to stop her daughter!

“Dad, why? I have seen my mother too much! And you still call your mother to force? In the entrance of the meat roll, especially the mouth of Lina can only barely stuff into his father’s huge glans and a small cutting stick.

“Oh … um … ah …”

After Larna contained her father’s meat stick, it seems that I understand the meat stick with my father, my little tongue in my mouth, I went around my father’s huge glans, and the hot meat is covered with a meat. I can’t help but I can’t care, I accidentally accidentally encountered the teeth of the meat stick, but more deeply, he felt that his own meat rod is fierce!

He couldn’t help but sit on the ground!

“Dad! Is it true for my mother?”

Looking at the daughter’s playful appearance, he can’t help but still!

He picked up his daughter, let his daughter’s legs across their own feet, and then let her daughter sit on his thigh.

“Larna! Dad can’t help it! Dad is so uncomfortable, let Dad love it?”

“Dad! What are you doing?”

When Qidhen Qu Zhang made her daughter’s body behind his legs, he stretched out his trembling hands from the daughter’s breasts, and he felt that her daughter’s breasts were small but It is full of softness and flexibility, he can’t help but hold the daughter’s breasts, fingers also pinch the daughter’s small pink nipples!

“Ah! Dad, what do you do? Hao hurt!”

Qishen hands holding her daughter’s double milk, not stopping, looking at the daughter two pink cherries, the tempting nipple is hidden, and he can’t help but the lower head Live in one of the nipples and gently lick the tongue.

“Ah … dad … don’t … so strange …”

Seeing his father with his nipple, it is afraid to push the father’s head, but so that the Qi Shen is more interesting, then he uses the teeth to gently bite the daughter’s milk tip, the tip of the tongue is around the daughter’s nipple The non-stop paint is licking. After his hand slipped into the daughter’s legs, the fingers stopped in the upper end of the daughter’s crack, when his fingertips exposed to the daughter’s small clitoris, Lina like electric shock The earthquake!

“Ah … dad … um … you got Lina, … 喔 …”

The Qidhen used the index finger to press the daughter’s clitoris, and the constant upper and lower, the middle finger did not stop the daughter’s tender hole crack, so that Li Na, who had this experience from the end, I don’t know how it is good, she keeps twisting Holding the body, avoiding his father’s mouth and hand!

“Dad … don’t get … ah … I am so strange …”

The wonderful feeling shocked, and she couldn’t help but push the father’s head. Looking at the daughter’s crimson’s face, I cute appearance, I couldn’t help but kissed my daughter’s lips to my daughter’s lips, when their father’s four lips closed, Lina The body’s stiff eye is great, she has never tasted this taste, and she felt that her father’s tongue drilled into her mouth, stirring with her tongue, suddenly, one The wonderful sweetness felt in the heart of Lina, let her close their eyes, forget the father’s hands and honey in her breasts and legs.

“Hey … um … um …”

The father’s kiss, let Lina have gradually feel weak, and her tongue is turning with his father’s tongue, even by his father to suck it, and when she is familiar, she knows that my father is doing? I thought that my father kissed her, and this is my first kiss, and her heart can’t help but play a slap.

“Um … … … um …”

Qidhen crazy kissed his daughter’s lips, desperately sucking her daughter’s mouth, tongue, stretched into the daughter’s mouth, search, retrofit her daughter’s tongue, even put her daughter’s tongue to suck your own Sucking in the mouth, the hand is constantly pinch on the daughter’s nipple, horp points.

“Dad ~ I … I feel so strange …”

“Larna! Do you feel comfortable?”

The Finger of the Qindhen still twisted her daughter’s nipple, the palm of her hand pressed her daughter’s little breast.

“Comfortable is comfortable! But it is very uncomfortable.”

“Dad makes it a more comfortable good?”

“how to do?”

Qidhen pointed to the edge of the bathtub: “Come! I am sitting here!” Lun standing from his father’s body, she was sitting on the bath, opening the legs, Looking at the father looking at her honey.

Qidhen looked at the daughter’s feet opened in front of him, the original closed pink honey hole was also slightly opened, the pink big laborary lips and the small female lipographic can’t be revealed in front of him, the small clouds slightly Highlighting on the crack of honey, Qishen really couldn’t help, he was in front of her daughter, after deeply sucking, buried his head into the hidden situation, slowly put his face in front of him Honey, he is hard to sniff the female fragrance from the daughter’s honey.

“Dad! What do you do, how to put your head to there?”

Looking at the daughter pink a little wet honey hole crack, she couldn’t stand the tongue, and he used the tip of the tongue to squat down on the daughter’s crack, let Lina sitting in the cylinder also followed Tremble!

“Ah … dad … um … how do you get there … ah … don’t … there is a dirty …”

I felt that my father was licking my honey with his tongue. Lina was chaotic, she was afraid to push his father with his hands, and wanted to push the father’s head, but his father didn’t leave, but hug her with her hand. The waist, push her to yourself.

“Dad … don’t … oh … so strange …”

After the Qidhen licked the daughter’s honey, I found that the daughter’s lives were slowly spread slowly in his mouth. I don’t know why he felt that the daughter’s taste is really beautiful! He stretched his tongue to his daughter’s honey, slowly licking on his daughter’s big lips.

“Ah … dad … Don’t get it … um … so itchy …”

I have never experienced this kind of Lina, I don’t know what my father is doing. But the honey makes the father so, let her feel that there is something like there in her honey! She wants to push the father, but I don’t want my father to leave.

“Um … dad … um … don’t …”

The Qindhen’s heart is licking her daughter soft labi, and even the fine Zou pleat on the labipings, then he pushed the daughter’s white smooth small labipings with the tip of the tongue, and the tip of the tongue continued Little laboy at daughter.

“Ah … don’t … Dad … um … I … I … so hard to … um … it seems to be used …”

For the first time, Lina’s honey got out of the sticky spicy juice, she couldn’t help with my legs to clamp my father’s head! But it still stopped can’t have a sticky love from her honey pockets, making Lina’s honey pockets began to wet. The honey sauce is excited, and he buries his head into his daughter’s legs, and the tongue is greedy to absorb the love liquid of the life daughter.

“Ah … Dad … don’t … ah … itchy … don’t lick it … Lina wants to urinate … um ……”

A strong thrill made Li Nan’s bow, and honey couldn’t consciously walked to his father’s face, so that Qidhen was more embarrassed. He tasted his daughter’s honey. Honey sauce, his mind is unhappy, and the minced meat stick can no longer rise again. Even the glans will rise, so he is sitting on the ground with his daughter, and he put his daughter’s legs. On your own thigh, the daughter leaned by his legs, he took the glans in the front of the meat to the delicate little hole.

“Dad! You make me so hard.”

“Larna! Come to Dad to make it comfortable!”

Qi Shen’s fingers separated the labip on the pink pockets, so that the daughter’s love is slow, and the other hand holds his own meat stick with the glans to fight her daughter’s honey hole, he uses the friction of the glans. Daughter’s lips. Looking at the father holding his own thick, the things that he kept slightly, although she didn’t know what his father did, but her labia had already wet, and the love that can’t stop can’t flow out from her honey, The father’s glans is wet, as if it is greeted her father.

“Dad … Don’t get … um … Larina is so strange …”

The father’s glans kept rubbing the lips, let Lina think that the honey constantly comes into irritating itch, can’t help but twist the waist, only how she doesn’t know how to distinguish, but the premature female instinct can make her honey A large amount of honey juice is poured in the hole, and the strong current on the labie makes her unhearel, and how is her heart constantly thinking about?

“Oh … dad … I am so sad … Ah … don’t get it …”

Qi Shen watched the love liquid in the honey point of the daughter, even after his glans was covered with the daughter’s wet, he thought it would be! Then he put the glans on his daughter’s small hole, then tall with the glans into the honey pocket of the daughter, when his glans inserted into a small and compact honey, he could feel the turtle tight bag. The feeling of the happening of the haired soft labiarh, making him excited to think that the daughter is only 14 years old, not only a woman, but the honey mature can be accommodated His thick and long meat sticks, he excited, let the meat stick continue to insert the daughter’s honey.


Larina’s throat made a misely called, she felt that her honey pointed to invade the huge things, making her narrow honey, as a torn pain, and she expanded. Push your father’s chest with hands, want to stop your father’s follow-up action.

“Don’t … good pain … ah …”

Qindhen slowly insert the meat stick into the daughter’s honey hole until the top of the glans on a layer of film, his intuition told him that this is a daughter’s female film, he didn’t expect his daughter’s first time to give him a father, But I immediately thought that he could get my father’s first time. He excitedly made a very strong waist, and he opened his thick meat stick and opened his daughter’s narrow flesh, inserted into the daughter’s honey hole!

“Ah … I am dying … Dad … I quickly smoked it …”

The tender-hole torn pain makes Lina to make my father’s chest with her hands, and I feel that she will be tears. She feels that her honey is inserted like a burned iron rod. It is like a rise, she wants to squeeze it out but not telling the law, and the thick things are not willing to go out, let her have no choice, can only put it like this!

“Lina! Sorry! Dad is too hard, it is dad, Dad is not moving, I will bear it for a while!”

Due to the pain and facial muscles, let Qidhen distressed, he hugged his daughter in his arms, and his hand was stall and took her back!

At the same time, I also feel that my daughter’s honey hole wrinkled tender meat is because the insertion of the meat stick is also welcome to the meat stick and the wisdom of the meat stick.

“Ah … I happened … Dad took it out … I don’t get it …”

Only the father keeps comforting, Larna only feels that his honey is like a painful pain, she gently cry, and I feel that I have a lot of things in my honey, and that is thick The whole thing of her entire honey pole is full of honey.

“啍, 啍 …”

The Qindin hugged his daughter comforted in the daughter’s ear, waiting until Lina’s crying, he let his daughter left his arms, he put Lina covered the hair on her face. Looking at the daughter crying, Qi Shen couldn’t help but kissed the tears of the daughter, he constantly kissed Larina’s face, and occasionally kissed his daughter’s lips, followed the left ear of her daughter, softly Biting it.

“Is it still painful?”

“a little bit!”

Lina said.

“Sorry! I blame Dad!”

“Dad! Do we do this?”


Qidhen did not expect his daughter to understand the matter between men and women! He didn’t know how to answer his daughter. When he thought that he took his daughter’s precious first time, I really felt that I can’t afford my daughter!

For a moment, he regretted it, and even why he is so impulsive!

“Dad ~!”

“Well! Lar! We are doing love, dad is sorry! Dad should not be loved! But Dad is too love! So I can’t help but do love! What do you forgive Dad?”

“I don’t blame my father! I also know! I can’t do love with my father. I have already asked my mother before, my mother told me a lot!”

“Larna! Don’t you blame Dad?”

I heard Lina said that I don’t know why I’m thinking is very peaceful!

“Well! And I also love Dad, I want to be a wife of my father!”


Although Qi Shen knows that every little girl will always say the father’s wife, he is still a true meaning of the daughter!

“Because my mother said, men will want to make love, so after I do my father’s wife, you can love it with Dad! Dad doesn’t have to bear it so hard!” Lina thoughtfully, let Qishen imagine!

But I think that the father and daughter incest are not social, and people know that not only harm daughters, even they are also miserable!

He couldn’t help but hug his daughter’s petite body, saying in her ear: “But I am a dad, if others know, it will harm you, and also …”

“Dad ~ As long as we don’t say, no one knows!”

Yes! No one knows! But how do he start your own conscience? Qi Shen can’t help but think so.

“Dad ~ I love you! You also love me like a mother?”

“Larna! Dad’s good children! Dad will love you! Dad guarantee to love!”

After that, after the end of the finish, the Qishen hands held Larina’s face, and he kissed Larna’s lips. Lina also took the initiative to meet his father’s kiss, and because of her experience, she slipped and soft tongue like small The snake reached into his father. Their father and daughter affectionately kissed, strong affection and surprising, letting their parents, let them start enjoying the fate and flesh integrity.

“Larna, still pain?”

Qi Shen cares.

“Um ~ not hurt, but a little acid, a bit rising.”

Qindhen’s hands closed his daughter, he got up on the ground, he made Lina legs opened flat on the ground, he bowed his head and daughter’s lower body that had been completely combined with his daughter, did not see his own meat stick, I saw that the daughter’s honey hole was opened by her meat stick. The two labips on the honey hole clamped his meat stick, he knew that his meat stick was completely inserted into the daughter’s honey hole. !

“That dad is moving!”


Qishen hands catch the knee joint of Larina legs, slowly pull back to the back, gently pull out the meat sticks in the daughter honey, his movements are gently soft, like poke daughter young The mucosa in the honey is gently extracts the meat stick.

“Well … Dad … ah … slow a little …”

Lina felt that he had a honey that had a flexible honey, and his own heart was pulled out as his father’s meat stick, and he felt that there was a kind of inexplicable emptiness. I don’t know why. It’s very eager to meet my inexplicable emptiness.

“Ah … dad … um … Lina is so uncomfortable … Oh … how to distinguish …”

“Larna! Do you safely, Dad will make comfort!”

I didn’t hear my daughter once again shouted the voice, so that I was relieved, and he slowly talld, put the thick meat stick into the compact honey, he bowed his meat stick slowly Inserting the daughter warm honey pocket closely, I don’t know why he feels unusually excited.

“Ah … ok … how will this … um … …”

With the father’s meat stick again, let Li Na feel that the heart of inexplicably empty defunction is full, and the honey feels also feels full, and her heart has a sense of satisfaction!

“Ah … Dad … um … Larina is so strange … ah …”

My daughter’s fat honey makes the wonderful meat sticks of the Qidhen, he can’t help but slowly pick the meat stick in the compact honey point of the daughter, and carefully enjoy the wonderful taste of his own meat stick. .

“Um … ah … Dad … 喔 … I am so uncomfortable …”

Looking at the daughter began a little breathing and smaller snoring, Qi Shen knew that her daughter began to enjoy fun, he didn’t expect his daughter so sensitive, the first time I did love!

Then he thought of his wife’s body is also very sensitive, perhaps it is a genetics!

He has to think so!

“Ah … 喔 … Dad … so strange … ah … I … um … ah …”

Narrow, compact girl tender hole is tightly covered with hot meat sticks, so that Qidhen can’t make fun like a long-playing wife, but the daughter warm and tight honey hole and his meat sticks have a bloody blood. The animal is a big hair, he forgot the commitment to the daughter, he put the daughter’s feet up and began to intensify.

“Lina, Dad love!”

“Pain … um … dad … Light … ah … good pain … um …”

Lina is light, and she opened her legs. The petite body seems to have completely tolerate the tall burly father crazy. Although she keeps calling for mercy, she is like not heard the same in her honey. Full of hard meat sticks.

“Ah … dad … you … oh … it’s big … ah … good pain … I can’t stand it …”

“Lina … um … I will bear it … ah … I will wait for it …”

Qi Shen mysterically, the movements of the meat sticks are getting more and more energetic. After a while, Lina felt that the pain was reduced, but he felt a burst of acid, and it was it, and she couldn’t help but twist the ass.

“Ah … 喔 … ah … dad … so strange feelings … ah … a sour … ah … itchy …”

“Lina … … comfortable … um … fast … Shake your ass … Ah … it will be more comfortable …”

Lina’s obedience quickly slammed her little butt, put the honey, catering his father’s meat stick, after a while, she feel that the honey is more like acid, like itch, it is itchy, a burst The comfortable feeling is straight.

“Ah … how will it be … ah … so comfortable … Dad … Why is this … 喔 … 喔 美 ……”

The movement of Qidhen’s movement is getting more and more rude. It is like it is to completely swallow the daughter’s pink body. The body is generally smoked with the meat stick in the daughter’s honey, let his meat stick once again insert the daughter’s honey hole. Let the bathroom ring “” sound in the bathroom.

“… Lina … um … Do Dad gets comfortable … ah … Dad’s meat stick is cool? … 喔 …”

“Oh … dad … you do it … so comfortable … Ah … you do … so cool … 喔 … how will it be ……”

The strong pleasure of honey, let Lina feel the whole body, she can’t help but hold her hands, holding her father’s waist, and she can’t stand her round butt, I can’t welcome my father hard meat stick. , I have gained a more intense pleasure.

“Dad … ah … I … um … so comfortable … ah … Why is it … ah … so comfortable … ah …” Too good … ah …… “

The honey sauce in Lina honey has not stopped, so that the wonderful meat stick is smoother, and the people in the honey, but also to cooperate with the actions of the Qidhen’s donkey, and suddenly Shallow tightening, the powerful force of tender meat, is deducted to be surprised.

“Lina … ah … 妳 妳 蜜 好 嫩 嫩 … … … … … 嫩 … 嫩 穴 穴 穴 好 好 好 嫩 好 干 干 干 干 干 干 干 … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

“Dad … ah … I am also so cool … 喔 … how can this … ah … so beautiful … ah … Dad … How to distinguish … I have to have urine … ah … “

Qi Shen knows that his daughter is alive, so he pushes Lina’s foot to the daughter’s body, while pressing the body, starting to smash the slam. “Oh … Lina … That is not to have urine … oh … that is called a discharge … ah … dad is also shot to you … um …” “Ah … Dad … 喔 …… Too comfortable … how to distinguish … ah … I want urine … urine … ah … I can’t help … Ah … ah … I have come out … “Lina’s hands tightly The father, the uterus spurting a share shallow, all poured on his father’s big talents, the pump of tender meat in the honey, and the pump of the meat is more like a toe, let the Qidhen’s meat sticks also tremble.

“Lina … ah … Dad wants to shoot it … ah …”

The Qin Shen Lina’s feet came down, and the whole man was squatted in Lina. After he was inserted several times, he put the meat stick into the daughter’s honey point, let the glans take the daughter’s homeware, I took a lot of thick thick semen to my daughter’s honey point. After a while, Qi Shen turned over, let his daughter lying on him, he looked at the daughter of the face of the flush red sweat dripping the daughter on him, and asked: “Is it still painful?”

Li Na did not answer his father, she just closed his eyes closed, and his face also exposed a satisfying look. When she was started, she really made her pain, but the feeling of followed It can’t be described.


“Um ~”

After listening to the daughter’s answer, the Qindhen’s heart was five flasks. His hand slipped with a daughter’s smooth room, came to the daughter’s butt, he gently careped his daughter’s ass, realized his daughter tight The small hole is clintered in the lock. He slowly soft meat stick. “I still want to think about it again later?”


After a nodded, Lina will hide in a wide chest.

Lina delicate face and two small soft breasts rely on the feel of the wide chest, plus the touch of the waist and round buttocks, so that the Qi Shen once again enthusiasts, but also in daughter The meat sticks that have gradually shrunk in the honey point are hard to hard.

“Um ~ Dad, your one is hard.”

“Didn’t tell the law! Is Lina too beautiful?”

Qidhen hands holding his daughter’s butt, just wanted to do his daughter again, I thought that my daughter was the first time, and I was afraid that her delicate body could not afford, so he thoughtfully picked up her daughter. !

“Come ~ Dad helps you clean!”

Qidhen hugged a daughter sitting on his legs, and at the same time looked at the daughter’s honey, he was opened by him. With his meat stick, the gheta of the semen was mixed with the mountain flood. It’s like flowing out, watching my daughter a little red labia, Qi Shen not only blames her own atrocities, but also thinking about it later. After the daughter was cleaned, Qi Shen nude brought his daughter back to bed. He leaned on the bedside table to let his daughter on his wide chest, hands with the daughter’s elegant back curve, slowly sliding the daughter Between the buttocks, he gently stroked, and Larina is lazy to enjoy the father’s caress, and the hand is also curious to play his father’s hard big meat stick until their father is tired!

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