My daughter is a model. From the high school era, I started part-time job. After graduation, I was selected as a summer propaganda girl in a sports drink, and later became the image spokesperson of this company. Work is very busy, but it is specially wearing swimming to do publicity.… Continue Reading When model daughter’s sex history

In the hands of the group, I took the a film borrowed with my colleagues, hurried into the room to open the computer, can’t wait to play, reflecting the eyes of my daughter. She is happy and male performance. Only a thin white shirt on the body, the milk tip… Continue Reading My daughter is AV female excellent

I used to play when I was young before, I met a girl who gave birth to play, and two people didn’t have long been developed to the last step. At that time, I didn’t know what contraception. Two young people were addicted to the flesh, often found opportunities to… Continue Reading Impress my daughter in masturbation