Chrysanthemum is 12 years old. One day, she feels some pain in the chest, and when Mom and Dad don’t live at home, take off the coat, naked the upper body. I saw my breasts slightly there were some boys, and the halo seems to have a lot, and there is some pain at the nipple. She gently stroked her breasts and knew that she had begun to develop, and the heart was shy and excited. In the next few days, take care of getting into a getting big breast when taking a shower, and pull the mirror to the right, go to the round. Sunday, Chry Chrysanthemum has some faint pain in the lower abdomen. Suddenly I found that there were only one seam there, now there are two things that are like the lips. He was shocked and rushed to the medical book. It turned out to call the lips, so he gently took two lips. Suddenly, the mother of Chry Chrysanthemum went in, “Good wow! You a People are doing this kind of thing at home. “Chry Chrysanthemati raised his head, his face was unbearable red, heartless,” Mom, I just … “” I know, open your joke with you, come, mother Teach you. “After you finish, she also took off the whole body, sitting on the bed.方 爱 理 大 大 大 大 说 说 的 禁 给 不 不 不 不 不 不 教 给 教 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给 给Mom’s milk is big? “Chry Chrysanthemum fits to his eyes, I saw her two hands and full of two round-filled breasts. I can’t help but say:” Mom. Your tits are big! ” “You come to touch.” 方 爱 理 理 去 去 去 出 出 指 指 指 指 指 轻 轻 轻 轻 指 轻 理 轻 理 理 轻 轻 声 声 声 那 似 到 似 声 轻 轻 似 那 似 那 似 似 轻 似 似The trembled, tighten it. The entire breasts becomes a poor, like two hill peaks. “Mom, how can this be?” 方 爱 爱 不 不 不 不 不”Silly children, women are like this, you will also!” Suddenly I feel that my nipple seems to be clamped by a soft, warm temperature. Open your eyes, the original mother actually contains the nipples living in it. He gently licked the front end of the nipple and then sucking hard. Chrysanthemum is accompanied by an inexplicable feeling, and the nipple has become tightened. “It’s so comfortable!” 方 爱 爱 理 理 道 道 道 道. ^. ~ Mom brought a mirror and slept. Two hands pull the two legs and take the mirror.方 爱 理 说: “咦? Mom, how do you not with me? It’s so beautiful!” “Well, so comfortable, so soft!” Chryneu fits the left hand, and pinching its labians. Her mother screamed, trembling: “You open it to see. Extended a fragrant odorless smell, chrysanthemum loves to know this is the taste of a kitten, because her underwear is this taste. She suddenly found that the fingers of the two hands were wet, and the original mother was already wet. “Mom, how do you flow?” “When a woman thinks of yellow things, it is refluxed when it is very comfortable, this is called obscenity or called love liquid.” Chrysanthemum loves her mother explained, then rushed to chrysanthemum Folder smile, “Then you will clean them!” “Is it really ok?” Chrysanthemum. “Of course! I can’t wait. Hurry!” She said while using two hand to hips to expose the entire yin. Chrysanthemum loves down, the taste is getting more and more strong, his nose is tickle, I only see her two labips to wet by love. Chrysanthemum has stretched out his tongue and gently licked it on both lips, taking the silk white line, then taking finely tongue on his mother’s love. Salty, sour, don’t have a taste. So the stems took her vulva with their mouths. “Ah … this way, the tongue stretched out.” Chryneu felt his mother’s words, with the tongue gently licked two labians, drilling into the seam. “Ah … Jiener, I didn’t expect you to be so young, this is so short, but you reach it to you, then you will look at it, then look.” Chry Chrysanthemum loves the mother’s instructions, lift his head, licked Love liquid sticking around the lips. Extend the right hand in the right hand, inserted into the mother’s seam. “Yes, try to go to the depth, then you will be able to add it, you will hate. The more, the color is getting more turbid. Her movements also cooperate with the spot check of Christ Chrysanthemum, and the two breasts are shaking. Chrysanthemum loves only to see the mother’s two labians, close to their fingers, as friction is getting more and more red, just like two pieces of lippled lips.

Then my mother’s two hands stretched over, open the skin above the labia, revealing a far thing. “Hey, I know, this is called the clitoris.” A fun toy is the same. Chrysanthemum loves to see my mother, and the whole body seems to be fever, so the movements in the hand are getting faster and faster, the mother’s clitoris is also turned into bright red. Suddenly her clitoris began to twitch, follow the mother’s whole body, followed, the whole body followed the pumping of the finger and undulation. Then her two hands left the clitoris, pinned the two-piece lips, pulled it on both sides, “Jie children, I am so fast … I am looking for a cup … I am looking for a cup … mine The kitten bloated. Fast! “方 爱 理 理 忙 趴 下 床 床 床 下 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理I saw the convulsions of the Yini, and I gave it a feeling that I will get over at any time. Suddenly there were many liquids from two labs, and the mother sat up, and the mother was all flowing into the cup. “Water” from the kitten is getting out, less and less, the mother who loves to love is long, and when I am booth, I just just finished the marathon. Chrysanthemums love to raise a cup and have a lot of cups! Thickness, white, but also hot air. “Drink it., It is good for you.” “Mom, have you just a climax?” “Yes,” “I also want to be like a mother.” Do you know that there is a layer of hymen in your. You haven’t developed yet, if you break your skin, you will affect your development. “Mom, you are good to see again … I can be like you in the future?” Of course, you will drink this first, I will send you a gift. “Mom pointed to the cup and said.方 爱 理 理 把 把 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 法 理 理 方 方 理 理 理 方 理 方 方 方 理 理 方 方 理 方 方 理 方 理 方 爱 方 爱 理 爱 爱 爱 方 爱 方 爱 方…? “” Congratulations you to grow up, Mom deliberately bought you, you don’t have to wear a coat at home in the home, parents don’t meet strange. Come, wear should be suitable. “菊 爱 爱 爱 上Panties, no bigness is just right. “Listen to your fit, comfortable and good.” 方 爱 理 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 说, “咦? What is this?” 方 爱 爱 理 理 爱 爱 爱 自己 爱 拉 拉 拉 拉 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理Open, make your secret. Mom sat up, pulled down the zipper on the love of the panties, and pulse this secret, “Jie children, do you want to be like this?” “Of course.” “Then you have to carefully care,” she Open the chrysanthemum, gerbera, all the clitoris, “especially this, you have to care about it every night.” Lin Deconded to the clitoris, and suddenly the feeling of this comfort, “Mom, don’t stop , So comfortable. ” On, “I have to lubricate, otherwise hurt the body.” Chrysanthemum felt the handle on his point, suddenly felt that there was an unclear feeling from the lower body. “Yes, put it in turn, then put the kitten, clamp the middle finger. I want my mother just now. But don’t be too deep, because you have not been opened, you can feel comfortable. . 方 爱 爱 爱 照 着 着 爱 爱 爱 爱 自己 爱 爱 东 东 东 东 东 她 她 她 她 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 到 到 到 到 到 方 到I haven’t feeled. After a while, from the clitoris to a tightening pleasure, then the cloudy is a burst of convulsions. Every time she brings a huge pleasure, she finally flows out the silk liquid like her mother. It tasted the taste of the climax. “The second chapter did not know that it has been four years. In these four years, Chry Chrysanthemu has always been wearing the zipper underwear at home. One to night, she pulled the zipper, start masturbating This makes her body more and more feminine, 92cm bust, breast pointed, the top is inlaid with pink nipples. The lower body is usually only yellowed, but there is a small walnut when it is congestion. Two pieces The pink lip is tightly wrapped with the temptation. Even my mother also felt the sense of threat. Double-walking, Chry Chryneu, love to do homework at home, mother is washing clothes, suddenly think of a thing, “Jiener, come over, take clothes After I was sitting in the bed, I couldn’t hesitate to take her clothes without hesitation. It’s time to give you a blind. “” What is the opening? ” “Why is your own thing to play with others?” “Because it is very comfortable.” “Is it more comfortable than that?”

“At night, the dishes are particularly rich. In order to celebrate Chry Chrysanthemum, I also know this thing. In fact, he had already dull his daughter’s body, just in front of his wife. Today, she took the initiative to give her father to do it, how can people be unhappy? Early eating late, I entered the bedroom. Mom said to Chrysanthemum: “Don’t be nervous, I have a little pain at the beginning, but I will be good.” Chrysanthemum loves to understand the nodes. Dad sat on XX and said, “Chry Chry”, first let Dad appreciate it. Prabjecting the nipples in Chrysanthemum, “Very flexible. , Mother, you are also taken away, I am alive, I am sorry. “Mother first took off his trousers, revealing a full body, ※ | JKF Czech Forum” 方 爱方, you still I didn’t have a good time, I came, come down and carefully. The mother slowly pulled it down, and the chrysanthemum could see the “grass” as black and black, then saw a strange strange thing, like a fatty insect, the following is two balls, “咦? What is this this? “” It can make you want to die. ” Staying that “insect” said. I don’t pink it, I can’t do it. The things suddenly became more and more, and the chrysanthemum was so busy. When I blinked, the soft insect turned into a thick stick, and I jumped in front of the chrysanthemum, like it is demonstration. “How, let’s go.” Dad said. “Don’t be afraid,” my mother came over and caressing the head that was frightened. “This reason is like your clitoris will be hard, touch it.” Chry Chrysanthemati God, I took the live children in my father. This thing is in the hands of hot, take a closer look, it is divided into two, the front end is larger than the rear end, and there is a seam. Listening to my mother, I knew that the front end is called a glans, and the following two balls are called scrotts. Chrysanthemum is more than a ratio of your finger. Wow! There are three fingers, so long, a half-finger is so long, what kind of feeling will be sent there, think of it, the face starts to be hot, and it is not self-satisfied. “Mom, I am afraid, is it so big, is it going to go in? I must be very hurt.” “There will be a little pain, because the first time, don’t you want to become a woman?” “Think, but …” “Don’t do a demonstration first, let you know the whole process, two to make you wet.” “Ok, let’s do it.” So, “Battlefield” shift to bed. Because you want to make the chrysanthemum to see clearly, they are ready to do it once. First of all, my mother flies into the bed, then supports their own feet, so that my vulva is completely exposed, Dad doesn’t seem to want to put it immediately, and he opened the lips with his hand, clamped the clitoris, kept When playing, I will pull it. Mom seems to be very comfortable, gently scream, “Um … to … is there … um … fast … I am pinched … Ah … Just like this …

I just came yesterday, I want it today? ! The father of Dad also stretched up and played with size labians. Mom works with his movements and starts to “attack” for their two nipples. Chrysanthemum, she has never seen such a fierce scene, seeing her red ear, and the heartbeat is accelerated. After a while, the love liquid of my mother kittens has wets the sheets, the lab and clitoris have also become red. “Fast … ah … Come in, ask … I beg you, come in!” Mom has been “Baoqi”. “Where?” “Um … enter … Go to my.” When Chrysanthemum, I didn’t think of it, and the usual and elegant mother would be so exclaimed. The kitten also started to smelly. Mom opened her own, revealing red wall meat, which was covered with love liquid, shining the crystalline. Dad also stopped caressing, “Okay, I am coming.” Holding there, aiming at her little, I will go in, “Ah!” Mother bit slamed from the bed, and the lower body was shaken. “Yes, turn again, kill me!” Chry Chrysanthemum fits the eyes, Dad’s “stick” is completely incompetent in the vagina, I really want to be plugged by Dad, but I am afraid, such a big one Inserted into his own … Dad began a look, fast, slow, slowly, when you interrupted, you like a cry, the following love flows, the father is full, the father is full. Love liquid. Inserted for a while, my mother began to speak, “um … um … ah … don’t stop … I … my kitten is plugged in cool … Ah … ah … 对 … 是 … just here … fast … Quick … Ah … um … um … ah … I am fine, I … I have to lose … “So Dad pulled out the words, I saw a mother’s lips twitching, and there was a white, turbidity. “It’s really boring, it’s not so fast.” Dad said disappointed. “Leave your daughter.” Mom lying in bed and said weakly. Chrysanthemum’s love and mother’s position changed, and the chrysanthemum was lying down, but the mother became a bystander. Chrysanthemum has a legged legs in the mother’s look, making her two holes exposed to parents. Shame, I can’t stop her. Dad touched it, “Well, yes, it is already so wet.” “I know that she has this talent.” Mother is next to the road. “Well, no need to play, start directly.” Dad held the live children who didn’t fall through the fierce battle and still arrived. “Don’t, wait … Waiting for a while, Dad, don’t use too much.” 菊 爱 理 seems afraid. “Ok, I will be gentle as possible.”

Dad gently clawed Ju Fang Airi little cunt, go into the cock slowly, due to the Ju Fang Airi lost a lot of Aiye, so the start went smoothly, but did not go into the half of the glans encountered obstacles Dad is experienced, he knows this is the hymen, but had to break it, though painful, but long pain as short-term pain, the heart of a ruthless father, forced all of a sudden the top inside. Crisp sound, followed by piercing screams, “ah …… .. pain, hurts ah!” “Good, good, well, it will be OK.” Mom climb He came over to comfort her daughter. Father not daring to move for fear of hurting her daughter again, she saw earnest virgin blood dripping down the dick on the white sheets. Ju Fang Airi slowly waking up from the pain, tears of pain near the vaginal opening like Ye Hao a lot, but for the first time a foreign body had a deep vaginal slightest pleasure. “Jie Er, how, better?” Mom stroked Ju Fang Airi face. “Ah,” Ju Fang Airi nodded, then turned to my father, I am sorry to say: “Dad, you keep it,” my father saw Jieer been all right, so he began to advance, which erupted did not encounter any obstacles, a pole in the end. Ju Fang Airi although still feel a little pain, but the glans of friction on the walls of meat bring the thrill of victory far. Every cock out will cause Ju Fang Airi vagina twitch, Ju Fang Airi finally appreciate the joy of sexual intercourse. “Little bitch cunt really her mother’s tight, cool!” My father began to pick up speed. Ju Fang Airi unable to control their sound limit, continued to issue similar moaning sound. Two people immersed Choucha, next to the spectators to see the mother desires to rise. She turned, with butt folded Ju Fang Airi face, head towards the two men with the Department, looking at her daughter’s cunt cock in and out, “Jie Er, fast cunt licking my mother’s show.” Ju Fang had Airi eyes closed enjoying the pleasure of listening to a mother called, he opened his eyes and saw her mother’s cunt and asshole are completely exposed in front exudes the smell of Sao Sao. Ju Fang Airi quickly lick the labia open mother tongue, she was playing with wanton cunt. “Ah … to … to … asshole … have to get leave me, the whole fingers are inserted to … to … ah … ah … .. .. In this way, constantly have to insert …” Ju Fang Airi in their cunt by others inserted, while he again get others cunt, coupled with the father offensive wave after wave, only to find the body seems to disappear, finally my father forced one, Ju Fang Airi reached a climax, vaginal fits and starts strong tight, hot sex fluid outflow tempting to feel like a fly into the air. Dad also because Ju Fang Airi fits and starts tightening the vagina to reach orgasm, in that moment, he pulled out a cock, all the white Yang Jing shot in her mother’s face. Finally, my mother also experience the thrill of a second with the help of their own hands. Three spooned, Ju Fang Airi laughed, she knew, then she is a woman. The third chapter toy Ju party Airi finally become a woman, and fully appreciate the exciting climax, making love twice every week it became her most looking forward to things. But my father’s very busy and often can not spare the time. Dad has a business trip, Ju Fang Airi has not done more than a week, desires high but no place to vent. Mom saw thoughts Ju Fang Airi, and invited her to take a bath together. The bathrooms are large, as well as hand mirror floor. Ju Fang Airi and mom watching the television will go to the bathroom. Visit the water side, the two sides undressed, Ju Fang Airi turned, motioned her mother to help her bra off, my mother took off with the adroit way the bra, two hands will pinch the pop-up breasts, “Mom, do not Well anxious, “Ju Fang Airi himself took off his underwear, and serve my mother naked. Two naked women enjoying face to face, my mother has a mature charismatic figure, Ju Fang Airi, it has a vibrant full stature. “How do we play? Ah, let’s play a game of it, per person from the following uproot hair, long to see who would obey orders from anyone.” Then he pulled open the secret door, “there’s something casual use. “” wow, yes, will be very interesting. “then two people face to face sitting in the bath, clawed legs start looking hair. “I find one, Oh come on.” Ju Fang Airi pulled it down, this is my mother also find one, put them together, Ju Fang Airi long, long a little bit, “good daughter, long hair yet few in it longer than my mother, well, we have equality, you come first. “Ju Fang Airi to the secret door in it, there really a lot of things, some not seen before, some of the mothers masturbation is seen. Suddenly flashed a nasty thought, “I picked this fishing root of it.” Mom seemed aware of “what a bad idea it?” But she was the daughter of a free hand to any mercy. “That I polite.” Ju Fang Airi hand on her mother’s breast, with three fingers constantly fiddled with the nipples, while, the nipple will be hard up, into a small brown Peas. Ju side Airi immediately picked nipple, the fishing line tied other hand to the root of the teat, then hit a knot tightly, the two nipples are strapped, tied to the other end of the toes on their own, such a move will toes It affects two nipples. “Hurray, use this method to the whole mom, I also welcome myself, Oh come on,”

It turned out that the chrysanthemum could see the mother’s nipple soft, so he touched the line and made them hard. “Mom, you are so comfortable, is it very comfortable?” The second round started again. This time, it is a gentleman who loves to win. The two breasts have become a round sphere, all of which are concentrated on the front end, which makes the nipple become bigger and very sensitive, the foot pointing of the chrysanthemum is a little bit a bit, and some love liquid is out. The third round is a mother’s victory. She chose a spymother, and the chrysanthemum loves only to lift his feet. She stuffed it into her point, and then separated, the vaginal was exposed to the air, “the meat inside” Tender. “Mom couldn’t help but praise,” There is also a crystalline love liquid! “The fourth round is a chrysanthemum,” “Mom, where is the breast, what?” 方 爱 爱 理 理 理 脚 趾 趾 趾 趾 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理Ah, so comfortable, “sensitive nipple swells, it seems to be swelling,” the festival, spare me, I can’t stand it. “” I ask you, where is it? “” “” Should be here Let’s turn it off and take your ass.菊 爱 理 理 拍 拍,, 人 人 阴 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 摸 摸 轻 摸 摸 轻 摸 轻 轻 摸 摸 轻 轻 摸 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 轻 摸 摸 选 选 阴 选 选 阴 阴 去 进 进 去 去 去 去 去 去 去 去 去 去 去 去 去 去 去 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 好 去 好 好 好 好 好 好 好”This love liquid can also be controlled again, such as spring,” Insert it? “菊 爱 理 手 手, continue to tease mom” Ah … Pluate the mother’s … Mom Itch … itch dead … “” You call me to plume, I am biased. “Hand coated with love liquid on a false penis, dive in the mother anus. “Ah !!” A voice of the excitement, the fake penis has not been in a large half, I saw my mother’s embarrassed twitching, the thick yin slowly flowed out “” You can’t stand it, mom, you really Sensitive. “菊 爱 理 轻 轻 着 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴 阴”My prostitute, you can’t die, really cool!” “” The game is just just starting! “” This is unfair, this way, let’s come to the last time to win, how? “” Good wow, According to you. “The two began to find again, and the mother suddenly found a new lost paradise. It was” Haha, you finished this. “方 爱 爱 顺 眼 眼 看 看 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 理 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺 顺I only have six or seven centimeters in my hand, I want to lose. I saw that my mother was united, and “flooded” was broken. “Oh, it’s really a helpless!” Mom didn’t help whisper, “Daughter, my mother has to be all over.” “Method I haven’t thought about it, but I took a shower for me, but I didn’t use you. The hand, but use your lovely breast. “Chryneu genius and moved his toes. “Ah … Yes, obey the order.” Mom’s breast caused the blood of the blanket to make the blood in return to reflow, every time the touch will shake the mother. Mom first took the block soap to apply a piece of nipple, then two hands began to squat, the thrill of nipples made my mother indulge in it, and the hand is delayed, “Hey I am anxious, I will meet you. Mom’s face, a red cloud, so I started to help the chrysanthemum, after the soap, my mother’s lower body is flooding, then it is a shower, and the chrysanthemum will care for a shower: “Mom, you are washed. I see that you have so much water, first wash it first. “Mom heard the meaning of Chry Chrysanthemum, now there are so many love, and insert the lotus head directly. Huge enrichment makes the vagina again get satisfaction, tightly clamped, then start to swap, “Ah … so cool … Xiaimi is so comfortable … Ah … ah … um … I plug … how … how is it still in dirty water … 方 爱 理 理 拉 拉 拉 子 子 子 不 不 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉 拉Mom hands, dramatic pistons, pull out, plug in, and make two labians extreme congestion. “Ah … ah … I … fast … Come … you have to lose …” When your mother wants to reach the climax, Chry Chrysanthemum loves a gun over the lotus head, then picking up a double-headed masturbation, plugging into himself is also wet In the wet small hole, “Mom didn’t go to the climax, it is very empty, then I will meet you.” Chry Chrysanthemum loves the two hands of my mother, “嗤”, plug it to my mother, “Ah , So cool, daughter rape mother, right, fast, rape mother, mother likes to be trained by her daughter. “Chry Chrysanthemum did not listen to her, she pulled the masturbation out of the vagina, and then plugged again To the root, this is called rape, and my mother is not pulled down. Until the chrysanthemum is also reaching a climax, and when the mother didn’t know a few times.

The fourth chapter of the granary is not too good, so she wants her to help, her at the same table is called the sand, the pear sand is very beautiful, the hair is beautiful, the face is very beautiful and lively, and the chrysanthemum Two different types of beauty. The two breasts are not very big, but they also call small and exquisite, waist is very good, but the ass is still big. Chrysanthemum is a good friend, and the pear sand tells what kind of people love, like what, I came to my old friends today, I did a chaotic and seven talented dreams last night. Chry Chrysanthemum loves to tell her his experience, but always Didn’t find the opportunity. “Pear Sanda is in my school bag, you go to take it.” “谎 有 我 我 我 我 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友 朋友Root plastic fake penis. “Tell me, tell me.” The pear sand is eager to know the truth. Chrysanthemum is slowly taking out this thing. “Ah? What is this?” Pear sand saw this for the first time. “Hey, you still don’t know,” Chry Chrysanthemum loves to smile, then said in the ear of the pear sand, “This is to get to you there.” The powder face of the pear sand brush, When the eyes are, they have this thing, muttering whispers: “Hey? Is it so big, can you get in?” “Of course, it’s okay, don’t be shy, we are all women, tell you, so so comfortable . 方 爱 理 手 手 手 手 比 比 比 比 比 比 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 方 抽, “Yes, is it? Can you teach me.” The pear sand uses the eyes of begging. “This is right, let’s go to the toilet.” The pear sand nodded, she only felt that they were already wet. With a rushing ringtone, the pear sand finally waited until get out of class. Two people came to the toilet and found a “private room” drill into it. “Wait a minute, let me solve it.” It turned out that the pear sand was thinking about these things in class, excited to even urinate. “Ha, interesting, from the little, I only use the mirror to see my pee, this can be full of eyes.” “Go to you.” The pear sand red face picked the skirt, showing the pink triangle underwear, “Wow,” I am so cute, but I’m so good, even the outline can see one clear. “” What, after taking off, I don’t joke me. “” “Well, we are all women, all, what is the joke The pear sand slowly took off the trippe, tender and tender lips semi-hidden, surrounded, but the grass is not born, “I just look like someone, but I am …” “Wow, white tiger, you are the best Ah. “White Tiger?” “Yes, the white tiger is not long, the man is particularly like.” “Really? Men like a white tiger? But I am different from other women.” “What is the tightness Easy to observe! “方 爱 理 打 到,” Okay, urine is anxious, let’s diarrhea. ” In this way, the entire secret of the pear sand has been exposed, and the two big lips are clutched with a small door inside. The small door is the mysterious cave that is still open, and there is only half-capsules. , Pink, full of vibrant. The pear sand has been cultivated for a while, and a Qingquan came out from the small cave below the clitoris, so that the bincages on both sides did not stop, plus the relaxed feeling of relaxation, let the pear sand could not be closed. “Hey, this will make you like this, isn’t it to be sucked by others in the future?” Chrysanthemum loves from the side, but the pear sand doesn’t seem to listen. The distance of urine injection is getting closer, and finally along the lips will flow slowly. The pear sand is clinted a few times, and the residual urine is squeezed out. At this time, she remembers that the chrysanthemum love is next to it, Once, I was looking for peeing, I feel strange, I am so comfortable, “Ah” she suddenly remembered a thing, “forget to bring paper, this …” “Look at you, ok, I Let’s help you make a cleaning work. “Cleaning work? The pear sand is resigned, and the chrysanthemum is close to the pear sand. The nose is smelling. I feel that the lower body is a lot of feelings, it seems that it is in a soft thing, the original chrysanthemum, the tongue, the tongue, the tongue is attached to the pear sand, and the chrysanthemum loves to open the big labi and small labiaries. The corner, stimulating the sensitive zone of the pear sand, the pear sand has been high, how can I be so stimulated, the obscenity flow is not stopped, “Well, the water is a lot, you are this.”

The pear sand has been ashamed, and I picked up the upper clothes. I solved the mouth of the bra. I played my breasts. Although her breast is not very big, it is very sensitive. Usually, even the clothes are rubbed. . At this time, Chrysanthemums sent a strategic focus to that, the clitoris of the pear sand was like a generator, and the tongue of the chrysanthemum, which caused a current to make the pear sand. The pear sand can’t control your feelings. I can’t help but start the waves. “Ah … ah … comfortable … My kitten is secretly dead … um .. 方 爱 理 理 神 神 神 神 神 神 神 神 神 神 神 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理 理What to do, anxious, sorry, peel the pear sand, pink underwear, and put it into her mouth, she can only make an 呜. The pear sand is licking, and his mouth is stuffed with his underwear. It can’t be called it. Every breathing can only smell his smell, which makes her sternity, hands The frequency of playing with the breast is fast. Chrysanthemum loves to know that this is the sign of the climax, so I also combined with two fingers in her vague, “Hey .. 呜 ..” pear sand reached a trembling. The climax, the clitoris is erected, and the hot yin is full of nuts, but the chrysanthemum is still inserting. Every time it seems to be a climax, the pizza climax lasted two more ways until her yin Dragonfly, but she is still awkward, and it is still immersed in pleasure. After a long time, I will slowly recover.方 爱 爱 理 出 出, 精 了 了 精 精 精 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 精 不 不 不 屄 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便 便Seeing the clitoris has risen, the tribed pants have been wet, exudes a thick smell, and the chrysanthemum loves to smell the fingers, and taste it, “Well, it’s time, you have to look good. Hey, don’t cry. “I feel that my body is hindering. I have a refined light, then take it down, bow my legs, so that the pear sand will see it, the small walnam is like a climate. The small labipings have opened the large lips and exposed caves that do not stop flowing with love.

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