It is said that the part-time teacher is also a lot of money. For the sake of life, it is difficult to use, then there will be no longer done. It is not a qualified teacher, and the students have no church, but they gave the students in their own class.

And Xiao Jing doesn’t remember which year, it seems to be around 12 years. At that time, the wolf is taking note of the meeting (also on the registered accountant), people, the experience will grow, that stage, the officially born wolf desperately climbs, I originally studied the school, not during school After studying, the diploma didn’t get smoothly. Finally, I sent a lot of money. After a few years, the wolf came to the second-tier city that made me a family, and I spend myself in a small company. The admission will improve himself. At that time, the salary was very low, what was the exam, it took a lot of money, and the wolf will find a part-time job. There are several accounting schools in the city, and they are some two three schools. After the total of a friend, I plan to engage in a training course, specializing in helping those students through the accounting exam, at the time, at the time, local class, local The tube is not strict, and I am born to me (although I don’t study hard), I have actual experience. The training effect is OK. Started in the training center’s class, class time fees are basically earned by the school, contact a few students who often listen to our class, starting to rent in the house, the cost is less than the school, I myself There are also many earnings, so I have made a tenth individual small class at home and began to make money.

Xiao Jing is also one of the students I belled. I have three years old. I want to test a qualification certificate first. In fact, I am very simple. She is occasionally listening to the class, I will give her a speech. Xiaoyi with a eye, usually a proud look, no one can see, people are not bad, just 8 points, but her proud looks make people can’t stand, I always feel better than others. I am quite impatient to Xiao Jing, I still don’t look at the face of money, give her something, often hit me, say that I will not, that kind of can’t, I will endure.

Xiao Jing is not high, 1 meter more than 6 more, chest absolute bust, 36b, sometimes I don’t want to see two eyes.

That is summer, there are not many people in class, and there are several pieces of zero scatter. After they are finished, I will give Xiao Jing some actual exercises, Xiaoyi wear a small sling, that actual exercise She has not been there, I talked many times, she still didn’t understand, we have two more and more, the shoulders are touched together, the test is more focused, I have finished, Xiao Jing himself I found out that we were close to us.

I secretly looked at the quiet clothes, the round breasts wanted to come out, Xiao Jing did not bring a bra, there is a small dress, watching me too much, smelling her body, I am old It’s nothing to do.

After a while, I’m going to get out of class, others left, and stayed there to do that set of simulation exercises. I went to the back of Xiao Jing, asked her how to do, don’t be noisy, Xiao Jing one The dead face turned over. It doesn’t matter, I will eat you today. Xiao Jing is doing a serious question, I sit down from behind, sitting next to Xiao Jing, slowly touched her back, Xiao Jing is quite alert, one to fight my hand, calendar Tao, what are you doing! ! I immediately turned into a flower, Xiao Jing, I like you, from you, I will start like you ………… (Don’t laugh, you want to strong, you want to be strong, What I want to say, I want to be tough and stronger. People are interested in you, and I am scared by you. It is the best way to install the flower, I can’t put it naturally, and the girl will not take you. How, the top is not in contact, not only the way to guarantee success, but also to protect your own way). Xiao Jing was spoofed by me, I don’t know what to do, I will continue to be bold, hug, and touch the chest. This is annoyed here, Xiao Jing firmly pushes me, I will continue to hug, Xiao Jing, shout, what do you want to do, I am alarm! If you put it before, you shouted, I took off your mouth, but I was not the same at that time, I already had a clear life goal, I don’t want to live there. I don’t think there is no play, don’t eat it in your mouth, fall down, I have no longer use strong, let go of Xiaoying. When Xiao Jing arrived, I didn’t scaren, and I got out of my house.

I took a smoke, took off the top in the room, I was bored in the room, less than fifteen minutes, I heard the knock on the door, I got up to open the door, yes, Xiao Jing actually came back! Xiaoyang said straight, my phone pulled you here, I will find mobile phones! Do you find a fart, just don’t have a mobile phone to be alarm? I didn’t take care of her, Xiao Jing came in, I found it everywhere, I saw that Xiaodi’s waist is looking for something, the jeans tightly, small, but also said not to send it, you I didn’t understand these 90s. If I mean to me, I have been there from me, if I don’t want to me, I will run back to send a gun! !

I am also very polite, I have to start touching from behind, Xiao Jing doesn’t resist, but I don’t match it. It is soft in my arms. I hang down my hands. I started to play with her breasts. After the long hair of Xiao Jing, the long hair of the horsema was scattered behind him. After a little fine, kissed the neck of the small and quiet, the young body couldn’t stand in my arms, gently squatting, body Soft and cotton, my hands out of the clothes, caught the breasts, feel the vitality of the young girl, and the hands of the hands continue to go upstream, let the nipples can’t hold the palm. I flipped the young and hugs to kiss in my arms. Xiao Jing also had an emotion, a fierce meeting, a pair of beautiful milk close to my chest. I kissed it for a while, I put Xiao Jing on the sofa, start taking her pants, Xiao Jing very well, I took off the top, Xiao Yan ly on the sofa, divide the retreat into M-shaped, stand on the sofa , Slowly get in.

Xiao Jing tightly bit his lips, sprouting, and endured my huge. Although there are some water, it is still not very good, I use the old two, rubbed the mouth and down, the little quiet, close the eyes, tightly bit the lips, um, um Squat.

The slutty wire of the hole is left, and there is a silver line between the hole and my old two, which is more obscene. Xiao Jing still doesn’t blink, just silently enduring, or a kind of enjoyment, I moved the quiet legs, put her into M sex, the old two, I can’t hold it, I feel almost the same, quite Grab the thorn.

“Ah ……….” Xiao Jingyu, screaming, one hand, grabbing the sofa, grabbing my arm. I feel that the old two is very tight, the hole is like a needle eye, the hoop, my old two hurts, I’m going to this point, I can’t put the gun, I can only hard my scalp.

I won the little and quiet breasts, and the little silent breasts have 36, the nipple shape is round, like a small pearl, in my supper, flourish with pink. This seems to be transferred to the attention of Xiao Jing, and Xiao Jing’s hand touched my hair and touched my head softly. I will continue to suck her grandmother, and the other hand touchs another beauty, holding it in hand.

“Hey ……….” Xiao Jing seems to be very enjoyable, delicate and shallow. I watched the young body relaxed, the old two below increased the force and started the impact. I have a waist, the young face is wrinkled, and it is strong, and it is, it is the last person, it is tight, it is hard! No matter what it is, the cannon is sent to the eyes. Is it possible to return, I will continue to strengthen and impact it inside.

“Oh ……….” Xiao Jing’s snoring changed a cavity, from inside to hear the crunchy honey, I came in, Xiao Jing didn’t hurt.

The hole is tight, it is actually big, the whole hole is soft and slippery, the glans have entered the cavity, feel the gentle package, but the roots of the old two are tightly clamped. After you feel decreasing different tastes. I slowly add a few times and feel this stimulus.

“Oly ……….” In my plug, Xiaoshou face the flush, “Xiaoshi, comfortable …” I asked in the verge of the veins, Xiaodi face colors, white, white, “Don’t talk to me …”, I am really not looking for, Xiao Jing, you hate me more.

All right! The spirit is driving, I straight, pull the waist, one leg of the quiet, hug, began to sprint, Xiao Jing is a little can’t stand it, the body’s ability is behind, I can let you run Drop, I hugged a young thigh, and another hand grab the waist of the waist, I went to the top, while my quiet body fell back, put this stimulus to the biggest.

Xiao Jing’s bed and others are different. Most women call the beds, “ah”, the sound of the sound, Xiao Jing does “”, the mouth, the sound is tender, but it is incomplete, you will It feels that Xiao Jing is specially in the body. Especially Xiao Jing, now this face, the scattered hair hangs on the side of the cheek, the neat bangs are hit by sweat, and the round rolls along the tall nose rolling, don’t want other women. The big loud sound is shouting, and the beauty of the young Sichun is a type O, the snoring is not big, sweet but stimulates, a black frame glasses makes the end with, also known, and lascivious.

It has been doing more than 20 minutes, Xiao Jing is also getting better, one hand holding the sofa back, put your little waist, let me enter the deep, the other hand touch my own beauty, Slowly take off your breasts, is there any helper (Xiao Jing is very powerful, do not wear glasses).

In the face of such a beautiful scene, I insisted that I have seen more than 20 minutes and actually no time. I picked up the waist of the waist and sat on the couch, and Xiao Jing sat on my leg. Xiao Jing hands hold the sofa back, the whole back form a bow shape, show the charming curve, the double peaks move forward, all are coming to my face. I have a small butt of the little hands and follow it. Xiao Jing is also a master, just a change in posture, I will know how to move, I can’t hold the waist, I should focus on my knees, and I can work on my legs. I feel the ups and downs of Xiao Jing in me. My hand starts from my hips. I rub with my hands in the small hips, feel the smoothness of her skin, when I do it down, I will also make it hard. Grab the small buttocks and squeeze her bothatics in me. My hands slipped on the back of the beautiful unit curve. On the back of the small backbone, I will pick up, Xiao Jing’s body is thin, except for a grandmother, other places are very thin.

I finalized the little and naked, I opened a beautiful milk in front of my eyes, and my hands were separated from the quiet hips, and the slippery thighs came to Xiao Jing. Xiao Jing’s feet is just right, don’t want some people who are too big, look like malformation, touch it is very, the bones of Xiaodi’s bare are very small, very comfortable, the skin of the feet is also very refined White, I can’t help but play.

Xiao Jing didn’t call at the top of it, she made a series of urgent breathing, which seems to be fatigue and excitement. I picked up the quiet, I didn’t pull it out, and I took a small back to the bedroom with my somewhere. Come to the bed in the bedroom, I put the little quietly on the bed, my hands with the little legs, put the young legs, sitting in bed, and struggling to do it again.

Xiao Jing Kong is tight, I am very enjoyable, the little quiet hole is tight, it is not tight, and it is warm water, and the woman is doing it. Xiao Jing is very popular in bed, and I don’t see the kind of arrogance, and the aromation is connected. Especially when I do it, I also wear glasses. That kind of knowledge and wandering are mixed together, very taste. It’s not addicted on the sofa. I hugged Xiaodi to bed, put it on the bed, and I broke out in a small calm thermal cavity, I broke out.

Behind the relationship between this artillery, Xiao Jing never took the initiative, I just asked her, she did not refuse, but as long as she didn’t go to bed, all the arrogant is a proud photo, there are several times I invite her to eat, I want to do something, who knows by her, what the restaurant is, I won’t let the food, relying on, Laozi is still not waiting, from there, I will directly regard Xiao Jing as a professional gun friend . However, it is the poor, in addition to a good skin, and there is nothing.

After giving Xiao Jing, the relationship between me and she is more smooth, I contact her, even the hotel does not have to open, directly come to the house, all kinds of dry, various positions, blowjob Yes, but I asked her to do it, she didn’t refuse, that is, the gel is too powerful, not comfortable, I don’t let her blow when you tease her. As for anal sex, what is enough, the wolf did not hobby this age, I estimate that if I said, Xiao Jing will agree.

I don’t know that Xiao Jing is like this person, or likes to make love with me. She never said that I love my love, I sent a message to the gun, she only asked the time, there is no extra, there is One at noon, I just stopped the financial audit of several small companies. I was very happy. I sent a message to her, let her come to my room to make love, she should be in class, not half an hour, she took it directly. After the bedroom, I didn’t ask, I started to take off, I was lying in bed. I thought I did a inflatable doll. Who knows that I touched her, I immediately turned into the spirit, yang, and passion, we Always fight from noon to the afternoon.

Xiao Jing is a boyfriend. It is the university class. I saw the photos of her boyfriend on her mobile phone. I have seen it once. I have a short and short, I heard that it is a bureaucrat. It is not good for Xiao Jing.

Once, it is a Valentine’s Day. I want to catch Xiao Jing, send a treaty gun information, Xiaosheng usually a versatile look, it is uncomfortable, I want to catch it. After the information is issued, less than 1 hour, Xiao Jing appeared in front of me, Xiao Jing was taking off the clothes, her phone louned, and the young woman didn’t worry about her boyfriend. Big, what you are not annoying, my things don’t need you, what restaurants say, the hotel is booked, the number is prepared, the little static batch is a training, I let you prepare? , What do you prepare for these people, Xiao Jing’s mouth is amazing. When they called, Xiao Jing was not idle, but they could continue to take off her clothes. Even the underwear took off, I could certainly couldn’t be idle. They got my mouth, I started kissing Xiao Jing’s grandmother. Hand buckle her small hole, it is deducted from the water, and the lesson of Xiao Jing also does not change color, is amazing! I still have humanity, when the small quiet call is just buckle touch, no inserted, the phone is hanging, I will drive straight, and I have a small feeling. The relationship between and Xiao Jing has been maintained for half a year. During this period, I also found a girlfriend. Sometimes I am stimulating with Xiao Jing. I feel more exciting. Xiao Jing has never spent me a penny. I feel that my heart is not going, and it will be promoted. I bought an apple for Xiao Jing, remember that there were more than 5,000 times, Xiao Jing directly received it, even thank you, maybe she is such a person, then my position is high, the career is also big, I forgot Xiao Xiao.

Advise everyone, people don’t feel anything, when your career, achievement, eye, experience in a certain position, however, in the past is a cloud smoke, you will have a bigger goal and direction, nothing can’t be put, no forgotten. I have been mixed, I have been playing, grabbing a wife, I have passed the minor, and I have had my own career, and I have my own family. There are many stages of my family. There is nothing to complain, and I have a good experience. Just like Xiao Jing, every time you do love only your own flesh and desire, feelings and souls only leave themselves.

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