The college entrance examination is over, and the life of the ten-year cold window has also become a memory. The next day, our whole high school students have a carnival in the city, and after the carnival, a group of people in our class is from the hotel’s gate. We have a good capital, everyone goes to KTV to play with each other, each person makes some money, the next time we will live freely, about 8 o’clock in the KTV gate at 8 o’clock.

I have gone to the street with a few kind students, but the weather is too hot, and I have not been interested in it, we have returned home.

In a afternoon, I will check the information at home, and I have spent it in playing a computer. At 7:30 in the evening, I will return the electric car to the clothes.

At the door of the KTV, the female classmate responsible for contact notice has been waiting at the door, and the students who chatted with the station have greeted, then I will stop the car, we will go online.

Our box is on the third floor, is one of the largest, after all, we have a few people. When I entered the box, the deafening music sound immediately began to torture my fragile eardrum, and there was a roar of killing pigs, no way, after all, I rarely like this place.

We were sitting in a wide-ranging sofa with the first-come classmates, and talked while he was taking, and he was taking the five homoles of the two students who took the microphone. Next, the students have arrived, dozens of students are divided into three five piles, playing, pouring, shakes, and drinking, K songs.

I first got songs on the stage, although I didn’t have a good song, but some trebles also couldn’t go, but the at least five gods were not full, sang a few Jay Chou’s songs I loved, and the scorpion was also affected. Can’t, I will come down into the ranks of punching, but everyone don’t misunderstand, I don’t like to drink, so I am planning, drink with my partnership, oh.

However, I was still filled with some wine, my face is hot, and my head is somewhat halo. It’s hard to take off, I am sitting down on the rocking chair on the glass wall, rocking the chair and swing, hanging the double-sitting bamboo sofa, I will hide the scenery outside the window, I don’t help you. Slowly, the thoughts are floating, because I am a person who will be a lot.

“Sorry, can I sit down?” A nice female voice rang in the ear, did not wait for me to respond, I feel that I have a soft body by my side, of course, is a woman.

I don’t want to open my eyes, I looked at it. It turned out to be Chen Li, it is called Xiaoli here.

Xiaoli is a very cheerful, beautiful and generous girl, has a good result, and has a little bit of mature body with the 18-year-old girl, the male compatriots in the school have a temporary.

But I don’t know why, she is not necessarily, I see me. We have learned after the class in the middle of the class, and we have always been there. In the third half of the semester, we were bored in the front and rear tables, only a few days, she gave me a note, saying that I like me, now I can’t show me now.

I was also surprised at the time, because I was very low in the class, not very wind.

At that time, I didn’t think about what is going on in high school, not being tone, is my ideological understanding, although she is very beautiful.

So I could only implement the dramatics, there was a girl who had nothing to keep and her relationship. The girl who opened the sinus, I can’t hurt people, I’m so I am very entegir, I have no old.

It seems that she is now going to hurry to do something, because everyone is going to be separate.

I looked at her brown cheeks were bleeded by alcohol, and it was really attractive under a slightly dim light. I said: “Why don’t you see you to sing?”

She turned her head and took me around, I can read a little bit of grievances and said, “You don’t think, I don’t mean.”

Oh, it’s hard to accept beauty.

She said it is directly, I don’t know what to go, so I transfer the topic, say: “It’s time to watch time, play so late, are you tired?”

She squeezed my body, holding my arm, heading on my shoulder, said: “Don’t tired, I have motivation.”

I have a very charming electricity.

Although this posture makes me feel very comfortable, I feel good, but I am not very habit, then say, I decided not to accept her, so I was slightly moved, I want to pull it out, get rid of this kind of embarrassment posture.

But she looked at my attempt, immediately took the arms tightly, and I took my arm in the chest, but also used her eyes to attack me, said: “It’s going to be separated. Do you have anyone to rely on you? “I speechless, the two rounds of confrontation took place to defeat.

After a while, she is still tightly holding me, I feel a bit wrong, because of this posture, she is a feng full of stunning and soft breasts that are tightly squeezed with my arm, because I am a development A very normal big boys, a part of the horse raised significant changes.

In this way, I can’t continue to send me, I can only cover my embarrassment in the way, I asked her: “Cough … In fact, I have a problem, I have always want to ask you, I hope you don’t mind.”

She closed her eyes like only a little cat grinded with me, lazy response: “It doesn’t matter, you ask.”

“Then I will ask, um … this … I want to ask, why do you like me?”

“Because, you are very temperament, very personal, I don’t know how, I will attract it, but …”

I said that she sold a pendant.

I am very cooperated: “” And what? “

She made a very cute expression toward me, then said: “And, you are still good.”

Next, we have a chat, or I am in a daze of the window, and she is in a daze, there are some guys who come to me, do not rule out the suspect. Xiaoli is a cup of hot tea for my side. I am not good for drinking. When I have a cup of hot tea, I like it.

When the spread, the time is already two o’clock in the morning. Everyone bid farewell to the KTV door, and the task of sending Xiaoli home, naturally fell on me, and the female students from us have passed the show. There are also programs. What. I have not resigned, I don’t want Xiao Li too embarrassment.

On the way she got home, she hook my waist, tightly hugged, and the plump chest is more crowded on my back, and I don’t know how to protect.

When she went downstairs, she invited me to sit, she said that her family is not at home, often traveling. In fact, I am here at this time. The brain is very confused, and if you ride a bicycle, it is difficult to say that it will not have something, so I agree, go to the meeting.

Her family is quite big, on the 4th floor, double-layered, how much is the room, the living room is very spacious, the furniture is also very reasonable, comfortable.

She placed me on a soft sofa, because I was fainting, she didn’t help me, I still didn’t stay.

Then she gave me a wet towel to give me a forehead. I am very pleasant to rest on the sofa, listen to her soft light music, she also said lightly next to me, then, I am fascinated. It’s confused to sleep.

The sun will wake me through the eyelids, “Well …” I sprungly, this is the feeling after the hangover, the headache, although people wake, but consciousness is still not worth it.

“Good smell.” I gently sucked the nose, a bit of a light and pleasant fraece drilled into my nostril. Then, I feel that I am lying on a soft bed, and a soft jade warm body is in my arms, fragrant.

Looking at Xiaoli in my arms, I can feel that we are all light, and it is very cute, she is very cute, very moving, very moving, my face with a faint smile, one The happiness of the face, I have a doubt of my face, but I can’t bear to bother her.

Oh, I didn’t expect, this kind of illness happened to me, then Xiaoli was awake … Holding such a little beauty in his arms, and it is a man who is most wants to be the most in the morning, my At this time, it is very angry, and the top is on Xiaoli’s thigh.

I saw that Xiaoli’s eyes were slightly vibrated, and then opened her eyes. She saw that I was staring at her. The small face was immediately shamed, and the lower head was on my chest, but hugged my hands but Tight. I used her hand to comply with her soft hair, saying with a very soft tone: “Li, I will be responsible.” “No, I don’t want you to be responsible.” She said.

“I know that you can’t see me, I just want to remember me, I just have enough in your heart, it is enough.”

I used my finger to hook her chin, put her in my chest, I stared at her good eyes with my most soft look, then, I said softly: “Li, you Rest assured, I am not the same. “Next, I am very unhappy, so that the lips of our two people are stuck tight together, Xiao Lijiao snorted, immediately open his mouth to meet my invasion, we The tongue meets in her mouth, I gentlely tease her soft little tongue, sucking her sweet and sweet liquid, a long-awaited fire immediately.

I don’t stainless hands immediately climbed up, holding her full of soft peaks, kneading. She spoke, a pair of hands immediately pressed my magic hand, but it was so weak, I don’t know if I still encourage me?

Pie Xiao Liyan’s strong sheep fatty milk is pinched into different shapes. From time to time, the fingers are still teasing to press two hard and red buds. Xiaoli’s nose is getting heavy, and the body of the body is pressed down. An uneasy twist, the tender little tongue also fiercely begging to attack me.

Although my little brothers have begun to protest to me, I still have to press the steps. After all, Xiaoli will begin.

I will cover our thin, release the small tender tongue, transfer the small whitewater to kiss, sometimes kissing the flesh, and gently bite. The delicate nipples, and the little Lijia will breathe, and it is constantly.

“Well … kind … brother, don’t … again suck … Xiaoli … Well … so sad …”

After I kissed it, Xiaoli was covered with my mouth, delicate and slippery, crystal shining, looks particularly attractive.

I went down all the way, and Xiaoli flat-fashioned lower abdomen also gave me. Xiaoli saw that I actually kissed her, and she was consciously conscious from the shame of her, and she was consciously conscious, but she was so delicate at this time, so the power can be ignored.

I am not anxious to the direct attack, first with the tongue on her abundant thigh, Xiaoli’s skin crystal clear, and the sleek is soft, so I love not to release the mouth.

Slowly kiss the outside of her thigh, then I will transfer the position to the inside of the thigh, watching the triangle convergence, a small hairy, I am a bloody, and the kiss is not big.

“Ah … brother … I am really bad … Well … no … you want …”

Xiaoli is already weak, and the thighs of the merged thigh have been unable to open. I stop kissing, gently pull a pair of beautiful legs, a delicate flower immediately in front of me, delicate Pink, thin soft and sparsely distributed distribution around the petals, indeed very beautiful.

I can’t help but kissed it. Xiaoli is already shy to cover the small face. When my lips are gentle, when the little lips are gentle, Xiaoli is obviously trembled, shydy He said: “Ah … brother … don’t … dirty … …”

I don’t pay attention to it directly to express her protest, I extended out the tongue to explore the long wet petals, gentle sucking.

“Ah … so comfortable … oh … don’t … oh … brother …”

Xiaoli is dramatically shaking, and the hands must not cover the face, and press your strength to press my brain side, and the mouth is also awkward.

I saw that I used the tongue to squeeze into the vagina. The delicate meat also returned my tongue, and I also spit out a salty juice to show its excitement.

I am selling with soft meat, Xiaoli suddenly excited “ah …” yelled, hands tightly pressed my head to her share, tightened, loudly : “Ah … brother, I have urine … ah …”

Then, a hot soup liquid has poured out in the deep road, and it is swallowed in the belly. Looking at Xiaoli’s climax, it is a lazy appearance. I think my meat stick is going to explode, so I immediately take action, put the little thighs on the shoulder, so that her hips are floating, and the delicate petals is facing My little brother.

I first rub with a small red bean above the vaginal mouth, exchanged a few sunset protests. Then, I slowly squeezed into the vagina, and the pink tender meat surrounded by the vagina was pressed against the invader, and he did not lossed the woman who just opened.

When I insert half a glans, I took the gas, the waist fiercely went forward, suddenly, the whole meat stick Qigen did not enter the Xiaoli’s deep vagina, the glans also meat the top of the soft flower.

“Ah … pain … pain …” Xiaoli screamed, small hands pinched my arm, nail deep 抠 in my muscles, the extreme and the top of the upper body I got a sound. I also scared, when I just worked, I obviously felt that the little brother had encountered a thin hindrance, although it was slight, but it was indeed true.

“Xiao Li, last night we?” I asked in confused.

Xiaoli didn’t have this hurt, I saw her shame and said: “Last night … I just kissed people for a while, just … I slept, people thought … I thought …”

I pickedly kissed the little forehead and said softly: “It doesn’t matter, I will be good to you.”

At this time, I saw Xiao Li’s face red, and the lower body was also slightly creeping, and the soft meat in the vaginal was more like a baby’s little mouth, and the meat stick was sucking.

I know that she has already adapted, asked: “Li, how do you feel now?”

Xiaoli shy should be said: “People think … The following is a little uncomfortable …” I got a bad smile, starting with a slowly pumping of a volulted nine-shallow, pumping, “咕 唧 声 声 小 小 满 通 通 通 通 通.

But the feeling of Shu-cool, can’t help but squat: “Um … brother … people … good … comfortable … Oh …”

The gentle plug is slightly trembled, and the hip does not learn from the beginning to catering my flip, the thick meat stick is in the petals, the pink petals are squeezed to the two. Separate, I put the meat stick each with a half of the glans in the lip, and then slowly squeezed out, so, a wave of prostitutes and the pink frostile tender meat were brought out, then And with the insertion of the meat stick is brought.

So in this movement for nearly 5 minutes, Xiaoli’s snoring gradually promoted, a pair of hands came tightly pinned my arm, and the trending frequency of the body also increased.

“Ah … brother … I … so strange … Oh …”

I know that it is time, speed up the frequency and strength of the throduction, and the struggle of the meat is struggling, “啪 …” The meat will continue to ring.

The huge meat stick is struggling into the cavity in different angles, and the meat in the vagina is spicy, the glans grinds a lap on a soft flower, and then extract, and then insert.

Such a strong excitement, so that Xiaoli became crazy, the general lascitation, the snake waist dance, the show, the beautiful big eyes closed, the body is more vigorous.

“Ah … ah, oh … fierce … brother … ah …”

In order to make her feel more intense, I transferred my hands on her waist to her breast. Sign a little bit slightly, kneading this soft meat, making Xiaoli’s whole body, more pink.

Xiaoli’s scorpion became sharp at this time, I saw her full body and thorns, and the double-legged hooks my waist, and the bow is in tightly bending, and the meat in the cavity is even more vigorous. Grind my meat stick.

“Ah, ah … brother …”

A hot viscous lascapped out of my meat stick, more full of full vagina, then ejected out, as I continued violently, put our share of dampness, small Liying.

It’s improving, my desire is more straightforward, and the feeling of meat stick is also strong. In order to follow this feeling, I will continue to thrive. After the Xiaoli climax, the soft and delicate, I was very moving, and the wet hair was also turned over the waves.

Xiaolijiao is weak: “Ah … brother … too fierce ……………….”

Strong pleasure makes Xiaoli’s complete words can’t be said, can only continue to endure my attack.

Finally, after Xiaoli reached the second strong climax, under her delicate nuts, my pleasure has reached the peak.

I only feel that the tail ridge is numb, the back is a sour, and the strong injection is immediately flocked to the brain.

“Hey …” I squinted, the bear’s waist was struggling, the thick meat stick pushed the strong glans broke through the mouth of the flower, and most of the glans squeezed into the uterus of Xiaoli delicate, tender and smooth. The tender meat in the uterus is wrapped with the glans sensitive, so that my pleasure reaches the vertices, suddenly, a strong and hot concentrate broke out in Xiaoli’s hysterer.

“Ah, ah … ah, ah, ah …” Extremely strong sex caused Xiaoli cry. Originally sorry, the body is also extremely tight, and the whole waist is hung, empty, tapped with my body.

“Harmony …” I slowly breathed, so fierce sports, and I have continued for so long, it is really tired.

I turned into it, I took the soft and sweatheat that had been sleeping in the past, looked at her fragrant face, I gently touched her soft lips, so she held this She also fell asleep.

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