On the way after the relics, I will always go to a supermarket outside my family, buy some snacks. However, true reasons are of course not buying things! At that time, the temporary salesperson of the work, most of them are a beautiful spicy girl, this is my goal, and Jingyi is the latest one … Jing Yi is twenty-year this year, only in the last week to work . Although her mind is a bit simple, but beautiful sexy, it is a bit like a star Zhong Lizhen, the body is more popular! The height is 165 cm, which weighs about 48 kilograms, and the three are attractive 35, 23, 35. No wonder people often say that the beauty is simple, and the limbs are developed. When the babes are working, there are often someone chasing. Love books, gifts, constantly sent to her, but most of them are some seventeen, eight-year-old small furhead, with me, the 28-year-old mature design department of the Armani coat, but the Tianyuan don’t ! I know that Yan Yi has already paid attention to me, which is stopped in the latest BMW site of BMW outside. For example, in the invitation of my first opening, Jingyi immediately agreed. That night, she did not pay off, I went to the shadow building to cover her. After we use a candlelight dinner in a senior Greek restaurant, we should go to KTV to sing. Although the light in the village is dim, it can’t cover the whole body. Not just a face, her chest, back, thighs are white than the average girl, is born! After Siyi sat down, the microphone did not urgently stayed, and sang Fan Xiaoyu’s health song. She is wearing a slightly exposed red dress tonight. When her body is slightly, the hanging spotlight is just right, I can clearly see her low pink low-chest underwear. She sang songs while shaking her body, half-peaks outside the lace underwear, are not chanting, so nor charm! My little treasure immediately raised his head and greater bigger. I seem to feel the elasticity of the double grandmother, smooth and tender, you will definitely stimulate my touch sense! I boldly rely on the past, and my hands were lighter. She did not push the reaction, which made me further start the testistic strokes, and getting more and more bold, and the hand is not honest by the waist to her chest, and the two buttons are unnipled. Dressing into the clothes. Although Jingyi continues her singing, the breathing is not very smooth. Her body is also slowly hot. After I spent a while, I brought it to the underwear, and the fingers were pressed against her nipple. It may be that my finger is in the pressing underwear, she is not comfortable, Jing Yi is gently in front of the chest, the whole underwear is released, and the two big breasts that loses the rings of the underwear also follow the bounce. However, keep shaking. Jing Yi actually put down the microphone in his hand, and quickly tried to cover the big breast with both hands. This move has aroused my inexplicable excitement. I crossed her hand with her wrist. After mandatory, after it went to her brain, she had to be high, and the huge breast was tall and straight. . I immediately greeted them with the tongue, and slammed it, biting it hard to get a small finger-like tender nipple. The silence of the mouth also took a fine lascivious embarrassment, and constantly twisted the upper body. It seems that I want to crowd the whole grandmother into my mouth. “Ah … um, um … um …” I carefully carefully lying on the sofa of the room at this time, and gently start touching each of her body, and putting the lips close. Holding a quiet mouth, her wet tongue also boldly buckled my tongue, and kept swinging in the mouth of each other, there was a flourish between the mouth of the mouth … I have a hand Then, the mutage of the quiet, the other void’s hand was moved to her lower body, pulled high her skirt, and pulled it slightly with the small strip and had already wetned underwear. I rubbed in the gap of the labipings, and the mile of 蚌 is already wet, I am very easy to insert into her vagina, and began to push it hard … “” Um … ah Ah … ah, ah … “Jingyi semi-closed eyes, breathing is increasing, and it is more increasingly shouting. At this time, the body is like a snake. Just as I want to pull down my trousers to do that directly sprint, suddenly open the door, we all jumped. Silently standing up and puts your clothes while standing. I settled the god, I originally a young service sister who just came in, was holding a fruit plate. She saw this scene of spring, first and then retired a few steps, but I got a big eyes and stared at us.

The big mouth opened, but there is no sentence spit out! “Well! Ugly people, let’s go …” At this time, Yan Yi said in my ear. So I took out several banknotes to put into the service sister’s hand, and called her to pay, and the remaining was taken as a small fee, and the pressure was shocked. Then I walked out of the hand of Jingyi … Although I was swept out, I will send her home soon! I quickly opened the BMW to half the mountain, I came to a park that had only had to be a couple. I parked the car next to a corner of the mountain, from there, I hope to go to the city night scene under the mountain. When the car stopped, the surrounded silence, only the subtle pests sounded around. With cool, the night wind is blowing us. “Jing Yi … is it cold? Want me to pull the o’clock?” I asked at a heart. “I am engraving the body is burning! Um … hot is hot, then it will be cold!” Jing Yi looked at me, and said delicate. I don’t want to waste time again. I first helped the clothes to take the clothes, leaving only underwear. Then take off your clothes. During this slow undressing, we have already been very excited, and the lower body has a little love. I looked at Jingyi’s rich body that didn’t have the spring heart, can’t live, I really want to taste her taste. I didn’t expect Yan Yi, I will take the initiative first. She pulled my underwear and put my entire big old second to the entrance, so that the force sucking …! This touch invaded my nerve, making it can’t help but hit a few trembows. Jing Yi took my meat stick and sucking, making it wet and slipping, hard and rising. I am not idle, and I put it into the underwear of Jingyi. I can’t think of a child’s sudden mutation, and it turned out to come. When the rain hit me, there was a pleasing pleasure. I also simply didn’t pull the car, and Rain is flying in our half-naked body. Although the rain is very large, but stronger my pleasure, the rain drops to my body, as if there is a feeling of being touched. In order to make a further feeling, take off the only panties on the body, and the rain is playing on my glans, it is not smooth! Jingyi also dried down the buckle of the underwear, took the underwear, and enjoy the natural feeling of wild land as the whole body. The rain is on her big breasts, and then she falls with her navel, and then goes to her labial gap. Jingyi also seems to be the same as the love of nature. At this time, my BMW sports car was wetted by heavy rain. However, the slippery leather seat is sticker with naked skin feelings, and there is some magic effect, and the sexual desires of our two are reminded to the highest point. I think this is why ill-treatment is love to put on the leather underwear to make love! Jing Yi reached out to touch my skin, then hold me like to evaporate the hot steam stick in the rain, keep going to pumping. I have a burst of pleasure, and the glans is excited to rise, and they are constantly shaking. Jing Yi is also uncomfortable, lying on the chair seat, masturbating … Jing Yiyi shakes my meat stick, and poke your own wet. The rain continues to play on my face, but I can’t let me want to fire. I just appreciate the lascivious expressions of the face of the face like the three-level film. After a while, I also joined this script, slowly launched the huge breasts of Yiyi. I have never been so urgent, while enjoying the pleasure brought by Jingyi fingers, I violently squatted the twilight of the blood, and stretched the tongue into the nipple. Not long after, my fingers have stumped in the vocal cavity of Jingyi, and her private parts are thin and out of the layer of strong sticky lascivious water. I was happy and excited to raise the seat, moved to the momentum, and I went down and lick the moist meat. We suck this to each other and lazy Jing Yi is soft, she can’t stand the emulsion. I saw she stopped all caress, and took off my hand on her, the whole person was moved, moved to my body, and was like a female promise of spring, looked at me in the eyes, then squatting Falling on my lower body. Yan You grasped my penis while guiding it in the shackles that they had wet. When the pussy contains the whole glans, she is crazy to swing up and down. I also grasp her fine waist, with her movements, constantly twisted their strong and powerful ass. I don’t know how long, the rain stopped. However, we still continue to have the original posture, keep your waist, constantly swaying your ass, the whole body is wet; I don’t know if it is the rain of rain? Is it still the effluent of sweat? The physical fitness of ourseli is also very great, but it can still maintain such long-term difficult physical fitness. When I have a long time, she can control the speed and make the climax feel more depressed and accumulated.

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