bibibi …. MRT is about to close the voice forced me to rush at the last minute rushed to the car, today is New Year’s Eve, in order to see the fireworks of 101 people, overcrowded, always packed with crowds whenever this moment, so that everyone unable to move.

Fortunately, however, is standing in the corner back to me, I was less than half a step distance is about a 19-year-year-old freshman girl, beautiful oval face, height about 168, over the shoulder of black hair, white seeped red skin, miniskirt under a pair of slender legs, rounded Bottom, and that mouth-watering less there are C cup breasts.

“Powered Taipei Main Station ….” The crowd on the bus more, the more crowded the compartment, packed.

And I also because of this, the entire front close to the girl’s back and butt cheek.

But she did not seem to mind, such a crowded uncommon, still clutching his right hand grip, left hand holding the camera while looking at.

I am tall and 180, as close to her, full of looked down from her face, and then further uniform sweep, full of plump breasts and a looming pink nipples, my mind the idea of ​​evil.

(Ah well … and this little tart wearing a bra) close to the current rapid expansion of the second child of her hips, and she seems to have realized, his face appeared flushed, wildly instinct camera while holding down the left hand blocked off with while I want to escape from the hips forward against the second child.

But she kind of action, conflict in her soft hand on my huge dick, making me more excited, the second child and therefore more expansion.

Look around, other people happen to have back to us, so I took her hand and slowly pull the zipper of my jeans, I pop the expansion of her second child.

Blanching hand to touch my cock, she suddenly bowed his head afraid to speak …… I grabbed her hand on my waist, with the swing compartment, stick my cock in her thigh rounded down dawdling, my hands have not been idle.

Right hand holding her slender waist, his left hand from her uniform slowly toward the chest of homeopathic touch.

I thick palm around her whole breast, back and forth kneading, nipple clockwise around the index finger on her back and forth to stimulate the areola, nipple immediately hard up, “Haggai Haggai … … Haggai …” she gasped softly down …….

And I had on her thigh cock slide down very moment on, across her panties between her legs began to spread dawdle her pussy.

In such a stimulus, she closed her eyes seemed to begin to enjoy my cock will dawdle.

The high sex drive, I look around after determining the correct security, will simply slow down her panties, clutching her second child she had slowly stepped into a wet labia to the top, because the angle is difficult to Joe, and I A roof top can only be so.

“Haggai …. … Haggai. Haggai ….” She seemed to stand fast, and I would come dawdling cock now covered her slimy Yin Zhi, in the next MRT accelerated shaking her waist … I will slightly help up, so my cock slide smoothly into her pussy ….

Her pussy good tight good tight …. Necessarily only done once or twice, my cock and more than the previous expansion in it, great, but because too many crowds around, I only dare with a slight shake of the passenger compartment after coming Choucha … Poof Poof AIDS … AIDS …. thrusting continued ten minutes, a surge full of hot sperm shot in her pussy … I’m close to her also because she felt the smoke generated climax build … her feet almost soft ………. “xinpu station to …” I then will be covered with semen and sexual secretion cock back into crotch, rushed down the station, leaving the girl in the legs continue to MRT superior……

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