Girl playing tennis is a very charming sport, especially looking at the pure girl wearing a charming tennis T-Shirts, and the short-to-don’t work, wearing a girl’s body, the ribbon is perfect curve, and has a long slender The legs are more showing. I am a university four-year life. Due to the less class less, I often use the extra time after class to see the tennis society of our school, the sisters there are really, watching them wearing tennis special Sportswear, all members of the white series of tennis costumes, the whole beauty, it is really a pen ink to describe.

Of course, the most important thing is the mini skirt with the right thigh. When these beautiful women, they are holding a racket, waiting for the other party to serve, while their beautiful butthal is high, but the buttocks are around you. Shake, let you still see the skirt, if you have a hidden trousers, 喔 … this feeling, it is really dark in your heart, this is why I like the reason for the tenosphere.

Because I graduated to face the issue of military service, I often run on the big playground in our school in the evening, so that I will exercise. After ten o’clock, the headlights of the playground will be all closed, and I always use this time to come to the school’s big playground. There is no lights in the big playground at night, and only bleak moonlights and roadside molt mercury lights shine on the runway of the playground.

Every run, I will feel some feelings, I feel that my bleak life is accompanied by my nearly 20 years, running in the top eight runway (outermost side), only the shadow is alone around me.

One night, I have to run half a circle, I suddenly saw a high-spirited figure is swaying in front of me, I am a bit surprised, after all, this time, I thought that I only enjoyed alone, I can’t think about it. Some people will choose this time.

That person runs on the inside of the playground, with me a big distance, and I pay attention to it for a long time after that person, I have been watching the back of the person, I want to say so late, I’m going to run, more than half of the boys, the more Today, I found that it was not like a boys. When I was surpassed, I turned my head. It was actually a young woman. I didn’t know the color of her clothes under the bleak street light. I only followed her in a brunette jacket. Match a mini skirt.

Short skirt …? ? ? ! ! ! I have a mistake, I started slowly to the inner runway, then I have already sure that she is wearing a short dress, but strictly said that it is not a mini skirt wearing a general girl, but a sports short skirt, her hair and The shoulder, the legs are well meticulous, can’t see the lines of athletes, choose this time running, let me really don’t think about any reason.

In such a few consecutive worships, she appeared in the school’s big exercise after ten o’clock in the evening, and her appearance made me a lot of curiosity.

On this day, she appeared again, I finally let me mention the courage to know her, quietly ran to her, “Classmates, I am good! Is it a school sports player ?!”

“No, I am just the members of the tennis.”

Tennis ! No wonder wear a sports short skirt.

“Hey! Hello, I often look at the run, like jogging ?!”

She has been a long time, finally replied: “Of course not, um! I see you often run, do you like Jogging ??

“Well! Strictly, not.”

“Just! Jogging is the most boring movement is not?”

“Listening to this, there is other reasons for this slow run!”

She nodded.

Looking at her solo, I didn’t ask, I can take the beautiful woman with such a beautiful woman. I don’t want to force her. I didn’t expect that she actually told me the reason, “Is it to lose weight!”

“lose weight?!”

This answer made me very surprised.

“No! I have a good thing!”

“No, I am too fat, I am forty-seven kilograms.”

“Forty-seven kilograms will be fat ?! What do I do ??!” I have already run walking with her with her, visually at least C cups in her chest, such a surrounding, such a body, let me think she It’s very embarrassed.

“You are a boys, so it doesn’t matter, but our president said that the girl is a 70-year-old girl, the standard weight is forty-five kilograms.”

“If you listen to the president, you will listen!”

“Of course, he is an idol of all social members of our tennis.” We all admire him. “It seems to be a blindly worshiped girl, like her beauty for her so-called idol, in such a deep night. The playground is running to lose weight. It seems that the President of this tennis society must be a kind of person who will be very handsome.

“It’s a very serious girl who can’t see it.”

“How do you say it ?!”

“Slowly run except for weight loss, it is actually training physical strength!”

“How do you know ?! Hone other words, I don’t want to be a member, I want to be a formal player.”

“Hey … guess! Because I am quite paying attention to the news of the Tennis, I know what games have been held recently.”

“It is a selection competition that is a formal player.”

“The ambition that can’t be seen is quite big, what is the student ?!”

“Foreign language, this year is three.”

“Hey! It turned out to be a school girl in the foreign language. It is no wonder that such a fresh and beautiful. I am a public line, I am four this year.”

“Good school!”

“Learning girl! I am very happy to know you.”

“I am also, the second!”

Since then, I will look forward to the “date” after ten o’clock in the evening. The whole playground is like just for me two people, and I used to “companion” jogging, turning into the blink of an eye ” I am willing to run. In this way, it is better to meet, I know this school girl. It turns out that her is Xiao Fang. It is a member of the school tennis, not only is very cute and temperament, and the figure is good.

In fact, after I saw Xiao Fang that day, I like her very much. I have become the gravity of my life. Every time we run around, I can take a look at her standing double peaks and go up and down. I’m hard to resist. For me, she will be a perfect lover, but she has already beloved.

*** The evening is the time of her group to practice, I will see her when I have time.

“Dear”! How come you come! “

“Have time! I want to see the tennis people of you.” (In fact, I am coming to see you.)

“Well! … don’t talk, I have to practice the ball, you will be free!”


Seeing Xiaofang with other members together, in front of the front of the small fangs, the speech seems to be the president of their tennis society. I used to come to the tennis agency just purely watching girls, I don’t know their president, now I have to see this society. Long, really people are very handsome, and the real image is a movie star. I saw that Xiao Fang stared at him with other members, and the eyes revealed that they were incomparable and desire. She finally understood why Xiaofang would listen to the president. Why did she want to be a formal player.

The day after the two worship, after ten o’clock in the evening, I just came to the big playground as usual. After running three, after four laps, I heard the sound of the command on the command of the sound. I also saw someone on the commander, curiosity, I got on the Command, I saw a woman who was sitting on the seats behind the commander.

“Xiaofang … is it 妳 ?!”

“Hey …”, I’ve been out, I didn’t have a formal player. “

I can’t say any deep comfort, I only know that she is sad at this moment.

“There is no relationship, Xiaofang …, will there be no next time this time!?”

“Next?! I have been big three, I want to wait until the time ?? Next year, I have to graduate. Do you still have to wait for a year?!”

Yes! Tallful that day, how to get black tennis society, is the favorite of this group of tennis sisters, is also their ideal lover, see Xiao Fang to work hard in order to be a formal player, not for the reason, That’s all the sacrifices that can cause his attention. It can only be said that I have no conditions for the ideal lover, the height, weight, the long phase is all unqualified, hehe … this is life!

That day, I have never seen her for a few days. I went to the community to find her in the evening. It seems that she is really sad! Those days, I recovered to a person running, and I often think of Xiaofan School.

After two weeks, she suddenly appeared on the playground. My heart was naturally followed, “I finally cheered.” “Yes!? I should be Created, because the Tennis Civic Mission has been injured in a few days ago, it takes a long time to cultivate, the official player’s vacancies are also there. Four days later, there will be a competition test on the tennis court, so I have to Plus hard. “

It turns out that I thought she had seen the thing, it turned out to be such a thing. In this case, I can only say some encouragement, “Yes, Xiaofang, I support you, do it, you must do it.”

“Thank you for your seniority, I may run very late these days, do you take me with me ?!”

“Of course! I have to spend more than a night, I am relieved! I don’t have anything else, I have a good physical strength. I must be trained to the day to test.”

In this way, she is in order to train the body, she is not absent, and I am in accordance with the fulfillment of the commitment, accompanying her. In order to be able to be selected as a formal player, the amount of training is twice as usual, it seems that she is really a great opportunity. Every time you run with her, I will run from the evening to 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. When I saw her a person at the tennis court during the day, I was practicing the wall. I will continue to participate in the community in the evening, three days She has been doing things that she is barely, in order to choose a formal player. Her things, I am looking at my eyes, I am very distressed, I am worried that her thin body will not bear.

*** The night before you want to test, she is still in the playground, when I see her face is not very good, my eyes are showing? God, the whole person is thin, and I am worried, I am worried. Asked: “Okay! Do you want to take a break, I don’t want to run today, so I can’t go to the upcoming game.”

She dead duck mouth is hard and authentic: “How is it, tomorrow is more than, I am not tired, I must try again.”

“It’s enough to work hard, keep some physical strength!”

“No! Not enough! I have to work hard, only this last chance is left, I have to grasp it …”

Said that she moved her eyes, her forehead, the whole person was already tired, and it was generally not felt.

“Xiaofang … !!!”

I hurriedly helped her, looked at her eyes slightly closed, the body kept twitching, the lips kept muttered: “Great school leader, I can be a formal player.”

It is also Weiwei … This guy is just a small white face, why do you forth your soul? ? ! Hey, he can’t see it again, yeah! I always saw the president of my heart, but I didn’t see the seniors of running, it seems that I will run so much as it is so many days, I’m full of thought, I will slowly like it. I, it seems that I am wrong, I don’t think there is such a day.

“伟 …”

She is still muttered. I started happing the two words that I didn’t forget her mouth. Plus I originally liked her, I picked up as a feathered, and I still didn’t return to God, and I was confused. Her attractive body fragrance is so close, and my left right hand touches her body, ringing room, my right hand holds less than a few centimeters from her chest, the left hand elbow V-intertency Leaning on her lower body private parts, and seeing her short mini white sports skirt, sleepless and distinguished thighs, let me have some colorful hearts, bring her to the rear of the command station. After that, I was still reluctant to put her down, and I was still hesitating with myself.

Although the playground is rare, the light is not sufficient, but it is still not concealed. At this time, I looked at the corner of the commander. On both sides, I had a concave area on both sides. According to the five stone steps, I can see a door that has been associated. The door is to the background, I will Xiaofang’s entire person hugged again, walked down the stone steps, after the last step, I sat down again, and then let Xiaofang put it down, and the whole child will give her, she is still halfway. Half closure, a small language from time to time.

In that narrow space, a stone step can only have to have a space of the next person, and I almost sitting on a sitting, looking at Xiaofang’s legs close up in a piece, in order to place her well The legs are tilted with the most beautiful angle, plus her fascinating tennis short skirt, can’t hold the fascinating triangle, I can’t suppress the desire of yourself, know that my emotions are suppressed. Ten thousand.

In this way, it is obsessed with your own desire. The hand has not consciously turned up her pure white sports skirt. The right hand index finger refers to the close to her private parts, and the left hand holds her back, and I have already Half sitting became half squatted, the whole stone stepped has always given Xiao Fu, the body is slightly moving in Xiaofang, and the hand slowly opens the thin liner in her lush, under the bleak light. I can’t clearly clear the color of her triangular panties, I can only taste it in the sideline of it, so that I am in the past, and the second also instantly rose. Looking at her, I haven’t returned to God, I know that she still doesn’t know that I have thought about her body’s desire, and her mouth continues to smash her the name of the seniors, there is no It is very good to feel the feeling of congest, and you will be ignored by her: “Xiaoyang! Now nothing is the great schoolmer, but me!”

I still don’t change the original intention, use my lips to Xiao Fang her tempting red lips, let her shut up, the right hand has opened the zipper of her jacket, and instantly spend the shift to her white sponsor On, in the perfect and standing double peaks.

When I kissed her lips to meet, I pulled the shirt, pull it up to her chest, and the bra tact with the lace is full of surroundment, my tip of your tongue has been tolerated. Can’t let go of the ditch constructed by her two big milk, and the perfect curved shape is drawn along the double peak, pull the bosses in her left, bite on her left pink bud, then Great sucking her breasts, didn’t leave her hands, constantly knead her soft crisp chest, and the right side of the symmetry did not let go, keep the left and right interchange, between her chest There is no self-extrication between the milk.

“Secretary …”

A weak shout made me surprised all the actions, I can’t think of her so soon, I am somewhat disappointed, hurry to stop her violation, when I didn’t happen.

In her eyes, I saw that she seems to have a signs, her body started to have a reaction, I can only get a helplessly replied: “What? …”

“Secretary …”

I saw her constantly shouting the words of the school, but I don’t know if I was still called him.

“Secretary … I want to play with you …”

It turned out that she is talking about another school, it seems that her whole heart is all in her president, and the name of the dream is him. But it is not really awake, but it is just a dream.

Even if she knows her mind, I still didn’t give up the thoughts of violation of her body. After all, this is a rare opportunity to go to her.

At this time, I found that her two legs were slightly swung in front of the ground. I don’t know why? ! I am very surprised. I only heard her mouth and muttered in my mouth: “I can, I must be, I am not tired … I can run, I must pass the test … I am looking at you. … “

It seems that she has reached a formal player, and has arrived at the stage of obsessed, and even half of the dreams are still thinking that they are running in their run. It seems that it is impossible, and it is possible in a moment.

I separately out of her legs, so that my body can be in the middle of her legs, at this time, my waist is clearly impressed by the inside of her thigh constantly swinging with rhythm. And constantly fro, and the sports skirt in this moment also shows a perfect scene because of her swing. I have to gain a nosebleed. It is too tempting. It is too tempting.

※ | JKF Czech Forum I pulled my sports long pants, took out the incomparable penis, directly drilling into her white sports skirt, and felt the fact that she was still moving, Return, one tight, I am excited, I am very excited, I realize this, I have to leave, because I know that I will not be excited about the glans.

I got up again, completely open her luminous trousers and panties, so that I can take Xiao Fang’s secret garden carefully. I found that there is some slight moist outside her vagina, and it is unclear. It is sweat or honey. I have been buried in the middle of her legs. I put it softly with her clitoris with my fingers. The tongue can’t help but lick her vagina. I have passed the tip of my tongue. Externally flow.

I have been mature, and I will directly support the meat sticks that can’t go straight. I have to go to Xiaofang’s vagina. Because she has kept swinging his legs, although the swing is not large, it still affects the air valve. The opening of the opening, constantly stimulating the sensitivity of the front end of the glans, making my little brother more excited, constantly secreting the moist secretions.

At the same time as it is going to go deep, Xiaofang she suddenly sounded, I temporarily hit, stop all the homework on the side, my penis is above the vaginal mouth of Xiaofang. “Secretary … Where are you ??! I can’t see you …”

“Students … You said that you have to spend with me!”

Is it talking about me? ? At this moment, I moved the head to the front of Xiaofang’s eyes. “School girl, I am here! I have been bother!”

It seems that she is really awake, mourning …

“Is it ??! Dear, you lie to me, how do I see a paint black, I should be on the school’s big exercise! And I can’t see you.”

I am surprised by her, how is the light? So I waved a few times in front of her, I found that she didn’t respond, good home.

But in order to prevent everyone, you still have to find a reason for the reason.

“Hey! Here is the fitness center near the school. He is tired to run, unwaken, I don’t want to wake up, so I will bring you here.”

“Yes!? But how can it be so dark here ?!”

“I just turned off the power on Taiwan! So I couldn’t see me, but now people are on a treadmill.”

“Yes! But I am not impressed.”

“It’s too tired, I am asleep, the school is not light, the mercury lamp on the outside road is also closed, and the impression of you is of course black. I think it is too tired! I don’t think I don’t think Ran!”

I could find that myself is getting more and more powerful.

“No, I can run it, I have to play, I only have this opportunity.”

Although I couldn’t clearly clearly, I didn’t wake up. However, I still said that I was not the reason, I continued to blink and said, “I am relieved, the senior students will run to the end, the seniors will always support 妳. “

“Thank you, senior!”

I started to worry, she has remarkably restored the consciousness, but her eyes may temporarily hypoxia, let her temporarily see the surroundings. But I care about it is not her eyes now, but now I can continue to have her body. I understand that I have already arrow in the string, I have to send, my meat stick is on Xiaofang’s vaginal mouth, and keeping the vaginal port in her open, it is ready to enter her vagina, but the front of the glans is similar. There is also an obstacle that has not been broken. It turns out that Xiaofang is still a woman, in front of her precious woman mask, let me be hesitant.

At this time, she suddenly twisted her body, and she seems to think of her, I quickly stopped her, my body and used her weight to fight her, and the glans was also trapped in her vagina.


“What kind of school girl ?!”

I know, “I don’t have anything … I think this treadmill is so strange ?!”

“How is a strange law ??!”

“I seem to be on the ground, and my waist seems to be bored, I can’t move, it seems that there is a power to push me down.”

She may feel that there is an obstacle in front, there is a feeling of time.

I quickly explained: “This is the latest treadmill. It emphasizes the humanized sport. The waist is tensioned. Let the feet of the feet will not hurt the knee. As for it, I said that there is a push down. Force, it is to train the muscle strength and pressure resistance. “

“Yes! It turns out that it seems that this treadmill is really a lot of functions.”


I am really messy to the sky, and all the questions all. It is not really really trying to play, just want to move to adjust your posture, and after my explanation, I am deeply confident that she is on a treadmill, and the legs still swing like just as jogging.

I was still in the case, everything is still in the control, so I canceled the thoughts of hesitation, first inserted it first, helping her waist, and holding her jitter with hand, holding her legs Slightly pull forward, put my body’s strength to force on my waist, slowly move forward, after all, she is sitting on the stone step, her back is a short ladder, if it is too much to wake up She, that all the best is to end.

When my penis intact sunk into her vagina, I then put down her legs, then her legs inwards against my waist, constantly up and down the original friction. Then I hold on to the waist surrounded Xiaofang, Xiaofang left hand supporting her buttocks, the back of his right hand attached to the top of the stone steps, and can let her back sitting on my right hand palm, so that I can take advantage of to do deeper insertion. When I adjust Xiaofang posture, body strength once again put downward into her vagina, she finally break through a layer of film, my cock and she obviously felt at this time the entire root deep inside, fully inserted Mixue into Xiaofang, Xiaofang at this time felt like it, “Eritrea …… ah …”

I now temporarily stopped the thrusts of action, care and said: “how the …”

“I do not know, I think my body is uncomfortable, I seem to be something underneath to the top, it hurts!”

She spoke her hand down would want to hurt her things away, I scared, she found the real situation, then we will have it, quickly stop and said: “No, Xiaofang, do not tamper with hand I finally tuned features a treadmill, be sure u do not touch. “


She just hand shrink back. I know it still can not eradicate her guard, he just came up with a set of rhetoric can be explained, “I see, Oh! This is a new feature of this treadmill is to enhance the u reluctantly endurance to face any u the game can bite the bullet, Xiaofang, pitted down will be very painful, not to whom you want to take a break, I see you high really run too tired. “

“No … I can not give up, I can run, I can reluctantly go on, I want to hold on.” “What about you want to hold on, because it will be painful, pain and called out, really can not, seniors in the side u ,do you know?!”


She is still looking to continue fooling teeth and carry on, keep the legs began to run before and after the swing, swing V \\ r also significantly increased.

I was seeing was a little lucky, Xiaofang fool, still do not know his mouth, vagina being of seniors within their vagina, in that case, I had to train hard, she would not let her down. My waist began slowly began to action, drawn out gently, then firmly downward, moist inside her vagina gradually rising, increasing the role of lubrication, and I accelerated slowly to her initial excavation kept by the personnel of the vagina.

“Ecuador ……………… ……… ah ah ah ………… …… ah … ah … ah … ah … it hurts … bitterly …”

“School girl, how the pain … you ??”

I still continue to pretend to care, but her lower body constantly onslaught Mixue, a direct attack on the deepest her vagina.

“Ah … ah … will not …, … not … be … ah … pain?! …… ah ah ah …”

“Oh … it is good …… ……… pain to take a break … know ……”

“Ah … ah … ah? …… seniors, ……? …? … I … was …? … not …? … is also ……? … in the run ah!”

“For ah! …… u are still in the running …… very hard, it does not matter, …… seniors will be at around u …”

“? …? … ah …? … That’s good … ah … ah …”

She seemed relieved to see, thought he was really on a treadmill, I continue to accelerate even more boldly thrusting her lower body, kept ramming her vagina hole, but in her warm moist vaginal wall, feeling to beat tight but the law is constantly channeling to burn, continually burning that point my burning desire, constantly attracted me constantly searching forward the outward front, when I discovered that my penis has not withstand when the stimulus, I hold on to her waist, doubling and pull out all the solution technique, accelerated to the highest point, after pressing her arms at her skirt kept swinging his legs, I pulled her legs up and the inner ring to hold her legs, narrow waist and hugged her, though she still thought he was still jogging, swinging his legs still in, but in my ring and hugged her legs under her swing arc \ \ r significant degree by the limitations, and I used his body to her legs forced forward zone in the final when Italy, she began to pain shouted: “ah ah ah ah ah …… bitterly pain …… Ah ah ah ah ah……”

I have found that forward to the limit, unable to go any further, quickly turned and began thrusting forward speed to strengthen the force, finally, to the top of my deepest her vagina, and quickly spray out of my semen shot into her full vagina, penis toward the front of the semen shot within her womb in, she loudly said: “ah ………”

When I found that the glans had stopped spraying liquid, I still didn’t want to leave Xiao Fang’s body, I have been deeply tightly hugging Xiaofang, compressing inward, afraid to lose her. In that moment, the sky turned into the body of Xiaofang, can’t let her. “… …”

When I heard the wheezing of Xiaofang, I left her legs. At this time, her legs also stopped swinging \\ r, naturally, in my two waist, I hug this moment. Live in Xiaofang, the body constantly pressed her lower body until my meat stick began to soften it.

Xiaofang was in this moment, and the whole body was weak. When I let her let her go on the side of the wall, and I put my penis contaminated liquid and her voyage with her sports Wipe it clean, and place her by my underwear and luminous pants, put her by my clothes and pulled bra well on Xiaofang, and pulling her zipper with her coat But everything is impossible to have happened like something, because her pure white sports short skirt, tights and water blue underwear have been blushing red, pure white skirts spread all over white skirt.

Look at the whole body is weak, I will help you, I am afraid that she will be cold, and then hold her tightly, and use the body to warm her body, and take her back and the hairpin. Contam with dust.

I looked down at her tender face. Close to my chest, I couldn’t help but wanted to kiss her soft lips. Finally, she opened her like a sleeping beauty, she realized that I am in her. The lips are wild, and it is not necessary to extract it quickly.

“Students, you … how can you …”

“Hey! Sorry, how to call you all the call, I am afraid of cold, I am hugging, I am because I can’t help but help, I hope I can forgive me this inadvertent kiss.”

My hot eyes were brought in her own borders, she shouted, bowed their minds, tired, and tiredly spread all the body, let her thin body bones almost rush, I will put her in the first time Latclocking, let her have rely, but the pain in her lower body is no longer stopped, and this is coming. She saw her pure white skirt is not clean, contaminated with a red blush, and she is not in the words. She is crying.

I know, I know: “Xiaoyang, what happened …”

“What happened ?! … Why is my tennis jacket to become like this?!”

“I don’t want to run away, don’t want to run ?? Hey, just because he is too reluctant to be hurt, you have hurt, I have a little blood, I will see!”

I will take a close look, and use the right hand in her pain. Her hand is surprised to touch her private parts, reach out, “Dear … you …”

“It’s okay, it doesn’t matter.”

She completely took my mind, I have to stop my hand has put down, I have to let me touch, I see her without rebellion, the left hand will bring her whole person into my chest.

“Will it still hurt ?!”

“Well! … a lot …”

“That’s good … I am more smashed …”

She didn’t refuse, tammed in my arms, I loved her lower body, and I walked softly to her: “Xiaofang, I am afraid that you will be hurt, don’t practice, you are enough to practice enough. I sent home to rest. “

Xiao Fang is embarrassed: “Well! …” Do you know where I am in my dormitory? “

I wanted to shook his head.

“Students! I am so tired, my body is weak, I have no strength to go home, go to you tonight?!”

“Of course!”

“Trouble you, senior!”

In this way, I have a tired little embarrassment back to my dormitory. At the same time as I carry Xiao Fu, she suddenly asked: “Some schoolmaster?! This is ??!”

I am fright, I am busy replying: “Hey !! This is the outside of the gym, we have already come out from the gym.”


Seeing that she didn’t return, it seems that she accepts my words again.

That night, I held her sleep, the next day, I have been sleeping until noon, Xiaofang also missed the opportunity to become a formal player.

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