The exchange is from one week ago, secret, quiet, moisturizing, silent, a bit of a taste. However, when I found this secret when I and Zhu Lin, as if the tranquil lake was suddenly thrown a big stone, “”, life and hermetons are chaotic, let us feel a bit surprised, and a little panic I don’t know what it is.

In fact, then, things just have just got a head, just like the spring bamboo shoots after the rain, slightly stamp the thin and wet loose soil, and be careful to explore a little bit of pointers. If it is not a carefulness of Zhu Lin, we can’t find this fine change at all.

The first to exchange is toenail, I found it is completely accidental. I and Zhu Lin work in a private hospital office. I am Director, she is a clerk, in fact, the office only has two people, accounting for two tables in the small space, sitting on face all day. The hospital is not booming, there are not many things, a few newspapers, a cup of tea, even if you have sent a day, there is a bit of mixing life.

Zhu Lin is different. She has the appearance of beautiful youth, and the curves of the concave and concave, and where they are all, they can attract a large number of men’s eyes. As the exchange of beautiful value, she is willing to climb a golden branch – the number of people in this city, the Board of Directors of the Wind, Zhang Jin, the only son of Zhang Jin, who are about to become a lot of grandmother.

The newly married days will be within three weeks. So, this is the last week of her, after this week, she will leave here. Think about it, there is such a husband, who will come back to work again?

This is our colleague in the last week, my heart has a bit of sour, I did five years of colleagues with Zhu Lin. At that time, she was a college graduate, I was recruited. This process is very similar to the blind date. When she came in, I suddenly took her, like a love at first, I don’t have to consider the second candidate. I didn’t hesitate to throw other people’s resume into the waste paper.

Zhu Lin has a kind of enthusiastic, like a red rose in a wind, only the eyes of the deep lake, it is not too slow, you can make some soul suffocation. I didn’t think about her, like me for more than 30 years of bachelor, unless it is eunuch or Liu Xianhui, such a big beauty sat opposite all day, less than two meters away, there is no reason not to be worried.

But with the lapse of the days, I gradually understand a truth, work, love belongs, she is a woman in my mind, but I am not her man. “New Water Tower First Self-winning” This is not completely correct. It is necessary to look at the building, water, and the month is not matching. I have a personality, the appearance is quiet, full of books, not what she wants. She is a hundred percent of a substance girl, I hope the man has money, open a car, lives the villa, and wants to be handsome, will flirt, bring her excitement, it seems that she is equipped with her beautiful. I don’t have it, there is no, so I have to die. This is said that the heart is not so easy to die, I have to put it in my heart, but the more I want, the more painful, the more I infer.

These Zhu Lin didn’t know that she had a good personality, she was very good to me, she didn’t say anything, even her feelings. In the past five years, our work has been quite tacit. She once joked with me that she used me as a secret. I was happy on my surface, but my heart was like overturned five flavor bottles, sweet and bitter, what tastes. I really want to be her man, not what is dead, she is intimate, but I feel unusually depressed. The more she didn’t fight against me, the more I don’t say anything, the more I explain that I am not a man in her mind. Whenever someone opened the BMW Mercedes-Benz, when I got her, I could only bury myself in the office chair, but she did that she had to ask her for her love military division and made a shortcomings for her future.

Her future is there, but I am?

Now, she is finally going, married. My five-year fantasy has also reached the head.

She simply said that I feel comforted, she said that she can’t go, she could not help me this good colleague, good leader. I don’t know if she is from the heart or says, but no matter what, I am still very touched, I don’t know how to answer it in a time. Just when this is moved, Juanlin suddenly smiled, and I made me inexplicably.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. She is not saying, I am somewhat angry, thinking that she is in the past, see me really grid, but she has received a smile, but she can’t help but smile, “Look at your toe.” She hinted I.

“What happened to the toe?” I looked down in my head, because I was in the early autumn, I still wore a summer sandals, look down at it, a glimpse, God! I almost look at the stitch into the slit.

My ten toe flask is bright, like petals, and is actually painted with rose toena.

“Director, I still don’t know if you have this good.” Zhu Lin smiled quickly and tears. “No, it’s not what you think.” I am busy, “I must have someone to take me when I sleep.”

“Don’t distort, you don’t have a girlfriend, it is a person living, who will have a leisurely to tease you? Can you help you. “She said while laughing.

“I don’t tell you, I have to wash this.” I secretly looked at no one in the hallway, as a thief, Iron into the end of the corridor, bow the feet into the faucet.

It’s hard to get rid of the red toe, I am relieved, but I look at the right left, I always feel that there is something wrong, this ten toenails are thin, small, repair very smooth, showing good look Pink, unlike my toenails.

Don’t get what toenic disease? I am in my heart, go back to the office. Zhu Lin also wanted to open me joke, but was drunk by me, this is related to my man’s dignity, can’t just joke. She is a smart girl. I saw my expression, I turned back and stopped. I no longer mentioned.

This morning, I think of this strange thing, my face will send red and hot, what is going on, is I dreamed of toena? Terrible. Ok, no one in the morning, I have to lose this face.

After a while, I ride a motorcycle back to the dormitory with a smoky, and I look for a spider mart. It can be cheapped in every corner in the room, and the so-called toen ole is not found. It is really a ghost.

Just when I was sitting on the bed, when I watched the weird toes, the phone rang, I was actually Zhu Lin called. She is very panic, like me, let me immediately go to her dormitory.

Go, her dormitory is in my upstairs, very close. In fact, this is only a temporary small nest for her afternoon, and I have already lived in the chatest of her golden turtle in the evening.

“What is it?” I knocked on her door. She is fearful, see no one, I pulled it in, and then start taking her taking her tempting black stockings, like peeling a white and tender slender legs.

I panic at once, my heart jumped to the noise, my blush is like the public, this is too sudden? I have not psychologically prepared.

“Lin, this … this is not very good?” I told Barbani.

She knocked on my head: “Where have you been going? I let you see this.” She said to me.

Nothing is wrong? Yu Shu Ling, there is a bamboo shoot.

“You look at it, take a closer look.” She said yet.

I looked at her, slowly squatted and went to the toes carefully. To be honest, for so many years, I still observed a girl’s toe in the first time, my heart is panic, there is a bit of red ear, my heart always thinks about what “I would rather spend down, do ghosts also” saying.

“What is it coming?”

A bit of a little strange, but I can’t say anything.

Exchange (2)

“You are really stupid, no girl doesn’t like you.” Zhu Lin hurried, just said that I am angry about her.

“This toenails are not mine.” She said.

“Not you, who is that?” I laughed.

“You.” I didn’t expect her to answer.

I looked at her toenails and looked at my toenails and seriously. Sitting on her side, take off the sandals, and her feet.

Sure enough, I recognized, the toenails on her toes were really mine, and my toenails, it was her. Because it is wrong, the two feet are very uncoordinated.

This is really big, it is really big, it’s rough, don’t you know, it’s obvious, it’s not good.

“Do you still remember the rose toenail painted in your toenails? That is what I just went last night, I can’t think of these toenails, I will run to your feet.” Zhu Lin said.

“This, what is going on?” I also shocked.

“Hey -” Zhu Lin covered.

I only persuade her not to be afraid, there will be a way, maybe it is the illusion of two people, or may also have tolea. Besides, the toenails are not very dense. No one can see it in the shoes, even if it is in the morning, hidden in the stockings, and it will be more difficult to see if someone will pay attention. “But what should I do in the summer?” I told me that she finally wiped her tears, but asked.

I am a sprint, yeah, what should I do? I don’t know.

Why don’t we think of it, this is just a beginning, just like a rocket has started, I want to stop, I can’t do it.

I returned to the dormitory, jumping on the bed like a cat, holding legs, staring in toe, if this is Zhu Lin’s toenail, what should I do? No wonder they look so good. I can’t help but touch this little ten pieces, there is a kind of incitement in my heart. It seems that there is a kind of power to connect me with her, which is not available separately with money and appearance.

In the afternoon, Zhu Lin sneaked with me, she spent a noon time to repair my stinky toenails, now they are so beautiful. “Can you let me see?” I asked. “Go, ghosts let you see.” She fell to me. “Take a look, this is my toenails.” I said my hidden face. She thought about it, “I can only look at this, I will let you have oil enough at noon.” She took off the white high heels, reached out, separated from the stockings, did not see clearly, but they found that they were painted with toenails Oil.

“I suddenly feel that they are really happy in your feet.” I said.

“You still have a smile, in fact, I feel that my toenails are quite pitiful, and I have to be grind, I have to wear a mask, and finally squeeze into the pointed shoe. I original toenails, you want Protect them well. “

“Yes, I must care for them like a treasure, as long as I don’t let me pick anlene,” I nodded.

“Who let you apply it?” She laughed, “Making a man is good, don’t do these annoying work.”

“Still do a woman, so many interesting idle lives can be done.” My old fairy is committed, likes to lift her.

“If I am you, I will go out to go out, I will not waste my life here.” She said.

“If I am you …” I suddenly speechless, if I am her, what can I? ” She already has a high-quality woman should have everything, and I am a man, it is really no longer possible.

Zhu Lin said seriously: “Director, not me said you, this hospital is already in the mountains, maybe you can flourish, close, you will not be a way, you should think about it. “

Why don’t I know this, but I have been lazy in these years, there is no courage to face new careers, new units. Lin said it is good. She is really sincere, I should think about it, or don’t rely on two thousand income for this month, how do I marry my wife?

“What is the thing of the toenails is the secret of our two, can you say to any of the third person, or I will kill you.” Before get off work, she told me.

The toenails seem to have contacted her with her with her, tightly, and even a feeling of feelings. Of course, I will not tell anyone, even if I say, others will definitely treat me as a neuropathy.

This night, I made a dream of mixing, a dream, dreaming of Zhu Lin, dreaming of toenails and dancing. When I woke up, I was still three o’clock in the morning, and I didn’t light it yet. I turned on the light, and I was fascinated to the toilet.

When I pulled out the stuff from the shorts, I felt a bit wrong – it was a touch, the pointed nails scratched the penis, there is a different pleasure, let it suddenly. I didn’t feel wrong, it was a pointed nail, and I usually don’t stay a long nail. When I looked down, I almost scared – my nails actually scared and long, transparent and exquisite, shiny, smooth, as crystal, and a few pink peach blossoms were embedded.

Not an illusion, really cut, this is not my nails, Zhu Lin, this no doubt, yesterday she also showed it to me, it is the proud of her before the flower nail shop.

My heart is crazy, and it is shrunk and turns back. I also changed with her nails! This is how to do?

I ran to the lamp, I looked at it again, put it pinched my own thigh, and I didn’t have a dream, so I got the phone, I was able to grab the phone on the table, press her number. However, the finger stopped at the dial button. When I am still sleeping here? This is a matter, I have to wake her, but I think that she is sleeping next to the golden turtle, I hesitate, this three more and a few nights, a man called her, not good for her, but In the morning, she found that her nails became dirty and crude overnight, and they mad. I have to let her have psychological preparations, which must not let her of the golden turtle.

I found a pair of cotton jackets that haven’t passed through, I have been in the room, hurried to the office, call her, and I will often have an urgent matter in the hospital. Who is not a doctor, but sometimes I have to deal with some emergency accidents.

She took the phone and was confused.

“Hey, there is a medical accident in the hospital. The dean said to let us come right away.” I only have a false hustle.

“What accident?” She asked.

“There is a personal finger to open the wrong knife. You listen to me, don’t worry, don’t be afraid, don’t yell. Now, look at your fingers.”

The phone is silent. After a while, I hang up the machine.

Will n’t she scared? I am worried, but I don’t dare to call her again. I am sitting under the lamp, take off my gloves, and I will see the fingernails over and over again.

After half an hour, Zhu Lin finally appeared in front of me.

“This is not accidental, there must be something happening.” She said, pulling out the black silk gloves, extending the hand to me. ” Sure enough, my nails gave her fingers, now I can recognize my nails at a glance, see some dirty things in the nail, my face is not red.

Exchange (3) Author: Li Ni, Zhu Lin did not panic like I imagined, so I also secretly awkward. She grabbed my hand and looked at the uncoordinated nails and smiled again.

“You still have a heart smile?” This time I said to me.

“Which of our gods will be sinned.” She said, “You recall, we have said something bad, God is punishing us.”

“This do you believe?” I am an atheist, “I have a god, which is definitely a naughty child God, will make this naive joke.”

“Hey, you are talking again.” Zhu Lin interrupted me, “Do you still remember what day when we came to work?”

I thought about it, shake your head, let’s chat every day, who will remember the content of chat.

“We argue in men and women. Just talk to us in the afternoon.” She said.

After such a reminder, I also remember, we are discussing a man is good or doing a woman, Zhu Lin said that a man is good, you can have a sense of accomplishment, do a big career, life value will be more realistic than women. I said to be a woman, don’t use a man so tired, especially like her beautiful woman, just find a good husband, don’t strive, everything. In fact, it is not all in the mouth, it is bored.

“You don’t understand women. You know why women like people with career hearts, people like successful men? Not because they have money, there is a status, but because they regard men as another one, women can not be realized, Through husbands, they will become their projections, so they are willing to stand behind men, take care of their families, do a good job in a woman and wife, silently support their career. Their success is also their success. If You think I am a complete material girl, then you don’t know me. “At that time, Zhu Lin said, in fact, she said that the intention is for me, she knows that I like her, but she doesn’t like me, So I will advise me in this topic.

But I didn’t understand her at the time, saying: “It’s really standing, if you change to you, you don’t see how good, change it into me is you, this will also say.”

“Hey, if I am you, I will definitely make a big career.” She was thrown up. Oh, say big words, knowing that impossible things, how to say it. Your chest and brainless beauty, lost the advantage of beauty, what else can you do. I am laughing in my heart. Of course, this is just angry, I can’t eat the meaning of grapes saying grapes.

“Director, you think about it, is it that we say this, sinned the gods?” She said.

I suddenly thought of a thing, and I flipped to the table and turned the drawer and finally found that thing. This thing is a beautiful woman who has died in the hospital a few days ago. It is a delicate little person. Because I was very careful to the grandmother, I helped her a lot, so she stuffed it to my hand day before dying. Say this is that she brought back from Thailand, very well, can achieve a person’s wish, but only once. Moreover, it is also particularly special, and must be exchanged, such as love. I don’t believe this, I was unbelievable, and I received it, I forgot in the drawer. I took some even, telling this story to Zhu Lin, she was scared at the time. “You are really confused, why don’t you believe? Now you are willing to go out, what should I do? Is it true that I really want to …”

“Get it into you ?!” We almost exclaimed, just like the collapse, and the hand was helpless.

I have been committed to the palm of your hand, and I am praying in the ground. If you exchange love, as long as I love her, she will love me much, then my dream is not realized? It’s a fool.

There is no response.

The only way to find crack now is to find the crack. We have checked this person, but the sky is bright, there is no information, and the Apo has also passed, and the source of the doll has become a mystery.

“Forget it, don’t look for it.” Zhu Lin sighed, a butt was sitting on the sofa in the office.

“However, we can’t make this development. Now is a hand-on nail, and I don’t know which part will exchange.” I said, look at her wonderful body, I can’t help but red. “

“Do the worst plan. You have to think about your nails, will you see people, or wear a glove during the day?”

What is said, this can be a real problem under the eyes. Close to work, I have to handle this nail, I reach out. Lin looked at my nails, but unfortunately: “This is a half-day time I do my own hand.” She took a set of tools from the bag, we have been busy.

She is in the manicure, I cut the art-like crystal armor, and then scrape and grind, I finally dropped the above crystal oil. And my nails in her hands were also getting better, and finally painted pink nail polish.

It is also considered a customs, it is not fine, it will not be discovered.

“You come in the middle of the night, your husband will not have opinions?” I finished, I asked her.

“He went to the United States in the United States in half a month, did not live at home.” She said.

“What?” I didn’t say it early. I hamited my bile last night. I went around to talk to her.

I have spent a day in an uneasiness, and I have not happened. Another evening passed, I woken up, jumping with naked naked to the mirror, and bowed in front of the front and back, I didn’t see anything. Asked Zhu Lin, she did not find any changes. We are all relieved, maybe this, the exchange will not continue.

Thank you! How do we live or life? The problem of nails is small things, no nature.

In this way, we have felt new anomalies. I dinked at the cafeteria that day, we accidentally found that I didn’t know how to eat the other food. We immediately felt wrong, after dinner, Zhu Lin asked my feelings on the left side of the stomach, I said a bit slight pain.

“This is right, this is my old fairy for more than ten years, from the era of girls.” She said red face. I don’t know this privacy, but I am not interested in her privacy now, but a terrible guess – the sky, how many days we changed the internal organs?

In order to confirm this terrible guess, we have done a physical examination, and the conclusions are expected, but we still make us feel extremely shocked. My gastric lung liver and other organs are obvious, and the blood type has changed. Originally, the Type A is now an O-type. Her inspection is just the opposite. It is not used, these organs and blood are exchanged with Lin. But amazing is that we have not feel any discomfort.

But it didn’t feel completely changed. On the afternoon, I found some obvious changes, the biggest change is the lung capacity, because the elevator is powered down, the office is on the eighth floor, when I take the stairs, I obviously feel that the lung capacity is much smaller than the original. , The strength is not enough, go to the office, it has been panting. And Zhu Lin has been waiting for me there.

“I am sorry, my physical fitness is very bad.” Zhu Lin looked at me and said, “However, your internal organs are better than I imagine, I seem to be full of strength, people also become spiritually This feels good. “” Of course, now I have changed me now? I am not as you think, I just insisted on the long run every day. “I smiled.

My heart is still jumping, this is the heart of Zhu Lin, I think of this, I have a feeling of dizziness. Experience how to be happy with a woman’s heart, the deer is changing, this is a kind of strange. At this moment, I suddenly played a sputum, a burning acid gas flooded from the esophagus, I can’t help but hide the mouth.

“Sorry, my stomach is sometimes this hairy, the stomach acid is too much, I should eat this medicine.” Zhu Lin said, take a bottle of medicine from the drawer to give me, “stomach and sour”!

“Heaven, how many diseases do you have?” I asked surprised that under the beautiful appearance of Zhu Lin youth, it was not as healthy as I thought.

“It’s a small problem, it won’t let you die.” She glanced at me.

Exchange (4) Author: Ri Ni really, a “small problem” that makes us both appear on the next day. After I wake up, I used it to bow. I feel that the anus is so different. It is not like it. It is a bit painful. I still feel that there is something to take off, reach a hand, actually a green bean, small granules. After the row, the grains slipped back into the anus.

My blush, I thought about it, I ran to bed and took the ass to take the mirror, all body is nervous. My anus is very clear and clean. The problem is clean, it’s too clean, there is no hair in the anal, this is not my anus, my anal has a black short hair, this is Zhu Lin’s “chrysanthemum”, I and her The anus and intestines are exchanged!

I can’t see the internal organs, but also, the private parts such as the anus can be brought very different. I found that there is a small sesame black orchid in the left of the left side of the anus. I can’t help but touch it. It seems that there is a current from the anus. I can’t stop it, I can’t stop it. This touch is not tightened, my penis is like a spring.

I can’t help but look at this chrysanthemum from the mirror, and play a plane. I think about it, this is Zhu Lin’s little ass, although growing in my ass ditch, but still so cute sexy. I have never had a girlfriend, and I have never seen any true flesh of any woman, just downloaded some erotic pictures and av, a person hit a plane. I extended my fingers on the side of the chrysanthemum, and the fucking comfortable, it was a bloody, less than a minute, it was shot, and it was full of semen, and I never had so much.

After shooting, I suddenly had a sinful, flustered, and then I received a call from Zhu Lin.

“Do you find it?” She also panicked at the phone.

“What is found?” I deliberately teasing her.


“What?” I fake.

“You are really disgusting.” She finally said.

“I have a lot of Mao, but I have no sores. Every day, I’m going to be very good. You are harming me. I spent ten minutes before pulling out.” I said.

“I don’t tell you.” She hangs on the phone angrily, but then, I am not so embarrassed, telling such a girl, it is really a bit.

That morning, Zhu Lin’s last time I went to work, we face it, silent, I don’t know what she thinks, but the huge clouds are covered in our head, the lower the lower, and it is almost pressed. . Because the fate makes us have to reconsider an unacceptable reality. If the exchange continues to go on the existing law, we will change in the appearance, I can’t imagine what kind of thing happens. But we have no way to stop this disaster. If the exchange is in the end, then I will become her, she will become me. For this change, we have not made psychological preparations at all, and it is impossible to accept. Another more terrible possibility is half of the exchange, maybe we will become a monster who doesn’t know anyone, the man does not have a monster, which will be the worst end.

Now there are only two roads in front of us, one is to make a changing, until finally, then we only have to change your identity life, think of this, our heart is confusing, I can’t imagine, I become Zhu Lin What will life? Second, find a way, let the exchange reversal, we revert it to “We own”.

“No, we can’t sit, you must do something.” Zhu Lin seems to be calm than me, which makes me look at her, maybe I really don’t know her, she is not a big brain bottle. She proposed that since the doll is the old woman who has passed the world, maybe my wife’s loved ones know the people’s origin, we may wish to start here. It’s a good way, we immediately checked the relevant information in the hospital, found her only daughter. It turned out that his wife had always lived in Thailand’s hill village Antan, which was a very famous Chinese witch. Later, her daughter married to China before she took her back to China. But her daughter is completely unaware of this person, and she has never heard of it.

“It seems that we have to go to Thailand.” She said.

“But what should the hospital work?” I said, “You are resigned, I have no, the office is not alone, the dean certainly does not agree with me.”

Zhu Lin hurriedly, took my forehead: “I said you, how do you say you? When you are now, you still have a mother, not like a man.”

I am angry, if it is usually like this, I am just a smile, but now I am talking about it, as if I have a ridicule. My internal organs become a woman, I want to say that I am a man, I really have to make a question mark, say it back, you can’t count one hundred percent women.

“However, if we disappear, others will be suspicious. This way, in the first half of the year, the eagle has worked for Thailand for me. Now I have not expired, I don’t have to do the formalities, it is very convenient, now the eagle Still in the United States, I will go to the village to investigate. If you wait for your procedure, I am afraid that things have been ripe, and the dust will be settled. “She thought about it. Her dense thinking and the courage to make me surprised, but I didn’t have ideas.

Everything listens to her.

“Then you are careful.” On the third day, I sent her to the plane. The exchange of these two days is not too obvious, still can’t see it on the appearance, only our mind – our teeth and tongues are exchanged. The new teeth and tongues make us very uncomfortable. It seems that even talking. Fortunately, our vocal cord hasn’t exchanged, but we all know that this is late.

Switch (5) Author: 丽妮 “My mobile phone 24 hours open, keep in touch at any time.” At the entrance of the security check, she shook the little man in his hand even, smiling and said. At this time she will laugh, I really admire this woman. But her laugh is still so fascinating, intoxicating, making my mood becomes better.

The plane took off, she left, I lost my home, there was a little soul. For the mirror, the mouth is observed, and the pearly pearl is in front of you, the pink stranger seems to hide in the nest. I extended the tongue fine, then licked the lips, it seems that the full mouth is born, and the sweet taste. This saliva is definitely her.

This seems to be kissed with her, and it is twenty-four hours, never intermittent. Although I am afraid, I like this saliva, I like this feeling, I don’t even have an impulse impulse.

What is the next exchange? My curiosity gradually hook, the initial fear has passed, I seem to have been accustomed to daily surprise. I don’t know what I think, but my inner heart seems to have a different idea. This idea is like the magic stone, I am even looking forward to the results of the exchange.

No, I can’t think so, this is evil. I struggled in my heart.

At 11 o’clock in the evening, I received her text message, she went to Bangkok, live in a four-star hotel, I have already accepted the specific location of Antan, ready to go there tomorrow morning. I returned to a text message, and she was careful, because a girl’s home was in an exotic country, it was really a heart.

The exchange did not stop our threshold, the next morning, in Monday, the alarm clock woke up me. I got up, habitually touched the glasses on the table, I glanced, the room shaking, dizzy, even busy picking up the glasses, but I have to be clear than I wear glasses. Following my twenty years of myopia actually gone overnight, my eyesight recovered normal.

I am more happy, but soon it dawned on me that this is just me and Lynn swapped eye. I ran to the front of the mirror – that eye, that eye like a lake like clear, black and white, juicy people get love and affection. My God, how can this do? Lynn wake up in Bangkok, as some five miles into the fog, can not see anything. Me five Baidu myopia may be for her life. Sure enough, soon the phone rang, Zhu Lin, I cursed my meal at a thousand miles away, I said this is what the eye, just let her into a blind man. Fortunately, there is an optical shop nearby, coupled with the glasses, to get her not to move an inch. “My point is this wrong, is not a big deal, others certainly no problem.” I have to say.

“Ghost know it.” She said.

Before going to work, I had to go to the optical shop, go with dark glasses, a plain, blocking it for distinct eye, to deceive the public.

There are several colleagues noticed that my teeth white down, and I have only just use ultrasonic cleaning teeth in dentistry to stall.

This day in the evening, Zhu Lin also received the message, she said, has come to the Aten village, this is a closed small village, very backward. She asked to be the village there is a witch, ready to go and visit.

I suddenly feel that they are useless, but she was weak girl to do such a dangerous exotic investigation. Lin is right, that he did not like a man. Is there really some kind of God? Doll is to punish me? Or to reward me?

Back to the dormitory after get off work, I dialed the phone Zhu Lin, but the phone unreasonable, I uneasy, for fear her what had happened. To the ten forty, the phone finally rang, her calling.

“Tell you a good news, I have to find out from where the witch a method to stop the transformation.”

She said that the original doll is God believes in local transactions, people worship it is designed to allow business better. The old lady gave me the doll may be applied to it a witchcraft, it can be exchanged more things, including human flesh. But there is no way the witch’s spell lifted, giving way to a just alternative. Because the exchange happens when two people sleep, as long as the two do not go to bed at the same time, a sleep, a wake, the exchange will not happen.

“Well, starting tomorrow, 23:00 to 7:00, this is your sleep time, I promise to wake up at this time, the exchange rate is holding the first say. That witch is a good man, I told her good and live in her house, so she wants to be a way to break the spell. “she suggested.

“Then you can not do anything.”

“However, a few days you will quit it, follow the above procedures to Thailand, I am here waiting for you.” She said.

There is no other way to think, but also will have to do.

The next morning, sure enough there is no change in her approach fulfilled. The next several days, have not changed. I, as she said, handed his resignation letter to the Department of the hospital, in fact, the resignation is much simpler than I thought, Dean has long been my candidate for the alternative, which makes me somewhat sad.

Back home, I feel very relaxed. Center asked to act in some cases to go to Thailand, and made me perplexing, since a military coup in Thailand, political instability, are all new visa postponed, such as notification said above. It seems, a time to get away. I had to tell the news Zhu Lin.

“Just our luck, a double whammy ah.” She sighed, “worth mentioning, then you stay in the country, improvise it.”

May at this afternoon, a fortuitous event we finally broke the grasp of balance, and completely upset our previous lives. I was bored, stepping stool enchant a broken bulb, but a not got the idea, fell down from the bench, a black eyes, actually fainted. So when I woke up, it is already late afternoon.

Exchange (6) Author: Rini phone constantly called in my pocket, my head reeling, did not see, to pick up the phone. Phone actually heard a man roar.

“What do you want?” He said.

“Who are you?” My head is not yet awake, listening to the voice of this man very familiar, but I just can not remember who it was.

“I do not let you sleep during the day, but why you sleep, is not an ulterior motive?” He said.

I suddenly woke up, like being poured cold water, ice from the beginning to the feet.

“Are you Lin?” I asked, and immediately felt right voice, the sound is also very familiar with, but a female voice, female voice with a bit squeamish, Zhu Lin’s voice. Finished, just in a coma, our vocal cords exchanged.

This can be more troublesome, a big man makes this sound, is it disgusting? I quickly explain, but she does not believe it at all. “I believe me, I really don’t deliberately, what should I do now?” I almost cried.

The phone is silent for a while, saying: “After a few days, the eagle will come back from the United States. I can’t lose myself without reason, and he will call me on time every night, I can’t use this voice. Talk to him, you should pay attention to him for me. “

“How is this?” I am so busy refused.

“If you are not ready, I will not be able to tell you his phone, then at 8 o’clock in the evening, you took the initiative to call him, saying that the mobile phone is lost, this is a new number. So he avoids him, after the resignation It is very bored, you have a few good friends to travel to Yunnan, take a week. “

“You have to get married for more than two weeks.” I said.

“I can only take a step, can I marry him this kind of voice?” She said, some sad.

Yes, the bride opens this male voice, and it is not allowed to ride the groom and the guest.

Also, for her, I have to do hard.

“Remember, you have to call him husband, don’t reveal the horse.” She explained.

I want to call a strange man husband, it is really dizzy, I will not do it in us, I will kill, but now I am catching up, for Zhu Lin’s happiness, not called.

I looked at the table, pinch the phone, looked at the alarm clock and left 8 o’clock in one minute. According to the agreement with Lin, 8 points difference is 10 points, I have to dial this number.

My heart is very fast, but is this my heart? This is the heart of Zhu Lin. Since the heart exchanges, I feel that my character is slow.

I finally dialed this number and put the phone in my ear.

“Hello, who?” The phone came to the young male voice.

“I …” At the moment, I suddenly panicked, I was busy sucking.

“Who are you looking for?”

“Husband.” I gave courage and finally spit out these two words.

“Wife? Dear, how do you have this number?” He asked, did not hear any exception.

I am busy, I have said a lot of lying words, and he has not suspicious. But I heard that I have to go to Yunnan, I put forward against opinions, saying that the big marriage is to prepare, there are many things to prepare, this time is not suitable, it is better to take me to Europe. Honeymoon.

Zhu Lin immediately expected to say this, she got me, must insist, it would be very easy to spoiler, the heart of the eagle is very soft.

“No, people have already said that I have already said with a few old classmates. They have time these days, can you sweep our happiness. Let the sisters jokes my husband to see my wife.” I follow Lin teaches me.

The woman’s spoiled fruit is very powerful. He immediately is soft, promised, and I want to take care of myself.

“I can’t wait to come back, my wife, I really miss you.” He began to say sweet words. If these words can be seen in the woman, it may be sweet than eating honey, but I lost the chicken skin. Lin let me talk less, take more ways to go, I just want to prepare your baggage, don’t talk.

“I also miss you, my husband, good night.” I hurriedly hanged the phone, I found that my face was hot, and I was sweating.

In a short while, Lin called and asked the results, I told her everything. She smiled again, but I feel very strange, like another I am laughing.

“You can take half an hour to take half an hour later.” She said, “This is a daunting task.”

“But, how can you? Do you never appear? Do you want to hide him for a lifetime, or have you chat with him forever?” I said.

The phone is silent, deep silence, and then, the pendant hang up.

In a few days, I didn’t contact Juline. Every night, Zhang Eagle will call on time, he is very humorous, at least than me, give me a lot of interesting things that happen in the United States. He said, wait for a junction, take me to the Paris honeymoon, go to fashion capital, eat French meals … I don’t have some longings in my heart. But I also have some self-knowledge, such a life belongs to Juanlin, then say, I want to go to Paris with a man, what is romantic and passion? It’s nausea. If you change to a beautiful woman, you are still almost. The exchange seems to stop, but I didn’t dare to go out, I have rented a remote house since I have a few days ago, I have rented a remote house, go to the convenience store to buy a lot of instant noodles and food, and put yourself in the room miles.

The only thing that allows me to send time, it is to look at the part that has been exchanged. In fact, I am a very kind man, but it is good, but I have never touched the real woman. For so many years, I have been solving physiological problems. I understand why I don’t dare to pursue a girl, maybe it is a deep inferiority in my heart.

Now, I can’t figure it out that my body is a woman belonging to a woman, a few percent of a man. Most of my internal organs and blood have been exchanged with Zhu Lin, but the shape has not changed. At this time, my heart, it seems to slowly send a different kind of emotion, quietly changing my thoughts. In addition to taste change, psychology and habits are also slowly changed.

I have become a clean, I start like to organize things, and violence computer games are not so attractive, and some mild games are chatted online. And I found out that I didn’t know, I actually applied for a new QQ number, took a very female name, called Sydney, actually used female avatar in the game. I even started attracting the sweet words of the boys in the chat room, chatting with them, chatting in the middle of the night.

Chatting from text, then chat, I almost more and more deep, my sweet voice makes many boys crazy, which makes me experience an unprecedented satisfaction, and those boys send me all kinds of treasures in the game. Don’t think about it before. But I didn’t dare to open a video, and I opened a video. Gradually, I am a little willing to chat with Zhang Eagle, and sometimes, I have more than half an hour. In order not to reveal the horse foot, I only browse the information from the online tour of Yunnan every day, then weave the story to deceive him, I am surprised to find that the ability to compile my compaction is so strong, even if Zhang Eagle is doubting, I can also Well payable. Zhang Eagle has come back from the United States. He probably can’t think of it. Every day, it is a big man who is only a few streets separated from his villa.

But I didn’t feel proud because I was successfully deceived, but I hang up my mobile phone every time, I will be afraid. In this way, maybe I will become a gay! Zhu Lin still can’t contact, I am anxious and afraid, almost want to go to the report, and I will not believe this.

Just when I hesitate, the exchange started again, like a happiness in the middle of a song, or a break in a party, I woke up, when I put on the slippers, I felt that the slippers were wrong, it became bigger , Then look, not slippers becomes bigger, but my feet becomes smaller. I quickly smoke the foot from the slippers and almost fainted. This feet is white and white, bamboo shoots are like, there is no half of hair, and it is seamless with the heavens that have been exchanged.

Exchange (7) Author: Li Ni This is the most obvious change in the shape since the exchange. This shows that she didn’t have something, but what happened? My heart is nervous and scared, but I am panic and horrified, but I am a little excited and curious. Our internal exchange is completely completed, and now I am afraid that I have already turned out.

What kind of people will I become?

I was awake, I found out that my hand and she exchanged, the fiber-optic jade finger, the hardship, and the enthusiasm, this aroused my fanaticism, with this little hand holding hard like iron rod, up and down There are a few times, and he can’t hold yourself, spray it out. After the event, I deeply blamed, I feel very embarrassed, put the little hand in the water and washed it.

On the third day after the arrival, my two legs disappeared, replaced by a round and smooth beautiful woman leg. Exchange seems to be carried out in the way acceleration, almost makes it easy to contact, and cannot be credited. On the fourth day, I actually had a solarky snow-white big ass, it’s too incredible, I touched the soft buttocks, enjoy the perfect hip curve, let my penis are almost standing all day. On the fifth day, my waist became thin, and the firm waist had made my lower body look completely like a woman. However, the penis and eggs are still, which makes me look like a personal demon, but I understand that they have no time. I can’t help but regret it. I am still a man. Is it a deprivation of me to be a man’s right? I really want to take it when I haven’t exchanged it, I will find a girl in the street to play, even if it is a prostitute, but at this moment, I am afraid I will scare all people. On the sixth day, my arm was also exchanged. Although I didn’t have much muscles, but at least there were some types, but now the arm looks like two flour, one pinch, soft and tender, one thing is not worth it. . In the seventh day, my lower abdomen became flat, soft and slippery as if the silk cotton is general, the navel eye is changing, and even the shape and color of the hairy have changed. On the eighth day, Zhang Ying called to remind, ask me how I still don’t go home, I only have a tugger, there is a lady who is sick, I have to accompany her, I can go back in a few days. On this day, I have a pair of proud “pride”, and the feeling of breasts is so different, as if there is a new life, the heavy weight, the feeling of the shake, and the two of the sensitive red The small “grape” made me deeply realize that I am already a woman, although there is still that. In the ninth day, my torso turned completely, and the shoulders were thin. The back is narrow, except for a male skull and representative male genital, I can’t find the original shadow. Zhu Lin is a sexy woman, height and I am almost, put it in a pile of women, and it is a born. But in the face of this curve, the white and soft new body, but I feel very uncomfortable, my mind is blank, there is no thinking ability, as if it is scared. Woke up in the morning, I am no longer “I”, because I saw it in the mirror, it is a new face, not Zhu Lin, is not the original, but she is me again, it is The face of the combination of two is both familiar with strange. I took a closer look, I found out that my five senses were exchanged with her, the only thing did not change is a face and head shape. I am a national character face, Julie is a silky duck egg circle. Despite this, now I seem to be full of women, bending, rich and sexy lips, and tall tits, tits, and wearing ear holes …

I have already possible to cope with Zhang Eagle’s doubt in the phone. The divorce is only five days. He is ready for all the details of the wedding. Some want to fly over, I really want to take the phone. At this time, I accidentally received the call from Zhu Lin from Thailand, and of course it is my voice.

“Where have you been for more than ten days? Why do you turn off your mobile phone?” I asked anglely.

“Sorry.” She said on the phone.

“What exactly is going on?”

“Sorry, please forgive my selfishness.” She said.

“Do you deliberate?” I almost don’t believe in my ears.

“This is no way. Last you are right, I can’t lie to the eagle for a lifetime. I love him, I can’t let him lose his wife on the eve of the newly married. We have already riding a tiger, the only way, only to continue to exchange, In this way, you can temporarily do my arrangement, I can also find a way to find cracks here. When appropriate, let the exchange reverses. “She said.

“What do you mean?” I am angry for her self-propeller.

“The witch is helping me find a way, she said, this exchange can be reversed, after five or six days, she has a way. And the final exchange is the conversion of the yin and yang core, that is, the exchange of our exchange “She is sorry to say, I certainly understand what” that “refers to, and also red.

“As long as you have retained this core, find a way, you can change back to yourself.” She said, “, please be sure to help me, do my alive, do the wedding, as long as you should pay for a few days.”

“No, let me get married with a man? This is too crazy, you better kill me.” I really want to hang up the phone.

“But is you a man now?” She asked.

I am a sprint, yeah, in addition to keeping a chicken chicken, which is some of the part of a man?

“Even if I beg you. This is because of you, you will be responsible for me.” He said.

“But, what do he finds my truth?” I have a bit soft. “You hide well, he won’t find it. If he wants that, you will say that these days have fallen. If there is any problem, I will call me, I will help you solve.” She said.

“That’s okay, you have to find ways, this day will make me crazy.” I finally nodded.

“Okay, now you do it according to my words. In the morning and in the afternoon, we will go to bed, so you will complete the head and the exchange of hair, then …” She gave a lot of things with me, it turned out that she had already planned.

Exchange (8) Author: Li Ni exchange in the sleeping time of the agreed time, after waking up, my first reaction is before the mirror, it is simply incredible, the mirror appears, it is Zhu Lin, the elegant On the shoulders, the big wavy brown curly waterfall, let me feel the same peace in this deep autumn, in this brown wavy, showing the beautiful melon face, white and red skin, exquisite facial features The carved natural jade, the pair can seduce the blurred big eyes and sexy red lips, no charming charm of mature women. I touched my face, in the mirror fine, my heart is 湃. Yes, I like this face, I like this body, and now “her” is me, I don’t understand who I am, we have no distance, I am “her”, “she” is me, We are real “fit”, which makes me a sexual dizziness, but at the same time, there is a greater confusion and confusion, I don’t know where to go.

On this evening, I accidentally received an international express parcel from Thailand, disassemble it, it is actually the air box carried by Zhu Lin travel. The inside stacked her belt’s licensed clothing and cosmetics, even if I sent it back. This guy, it turned out that after that disappearance, he went this to take this step.

“Now, I should call you Lin, you have everything I have. These things, I can’t use it for the time being, you are in a hurry.” Zhu Lin came to the phone, ridicule.

“This feeling is really bad.” I said.

“Is there so bad in my body?” She said unhappy. I don’t know what she is “she” now, or “he”.

“It’s not your body, but my own feeling, now I feel like a metamorphosis.” I said.

“Sorry, this is really difficult for you, but you have to do it, even if you compensate to me.” She said.

what to do? Actually let me enter her role, wear her favorite clothing, and let her like makeup, do her favorite hair style, learn her movements and habits.

“You only have time to adapt one night. You open your computer now, I will guide you on QQ.” She said.

Can she go online? After hanging up the phone, I quickly opened QQ, and a video request immediately jumped out, and it was her.

I have accepted it, and there is a person on the window. I feel very weird – it is me, but I am not controlled, I feel like I am watching a video.

He also saw me in the window, and he was close to the camera, and he was not comfortable.

“I am now in a Chinese Internet cafe.” He knocked on the word in QQ, I can’t use “her” this word. ” Look at the background, there is not much different from our Internet cafe, but he only wore a fashionable men’s T-shirt, it seems to be summer. I have never passed this T-shirt, but I saw it on the camera, it seems to make the original dull, I suddenly became lively, and I also noticed that his new glasses were also very new, hair was also repaired. After that, I can’t think of my image can be so fashionable. Why can’t I do it? If I have earlier, I may attract the girl, and there is a kind of embarrassment and unwillingness in my heart. This feels, as if the same clothes, it is so typeless, wearing it in me, there is no temperament, and it is very humble.

“You can rest assured, I will be kind to your body, you have to care for my body, just temporarily keep it, you can’t do what you want, what damage, I have to ask you.” He said.

I can’t help but red face, in fact, I can’t damage it, but I have used her body to secretly do some down, I can’t let him know.

“How do you feel now?” I asked.

“Your body is very good, I guess why you have always been a lot of colorful? I think my energy is very powerful, all body is uncomfortable.”

To be honest, in addition to myopia, my body is good, I am most proud, I have never been sick, hit the mountain, and it is not going to. It’s just that my up is not strong, I like to be confused. On the contrary, since he moved from Zhu Lin, my energy decreased than one day, and the power was also rapidly weakened. Now, the whole body is a little lazy, soft, although it feels a lot of body, but there is no original energy. The seed is in the body. Those small harsh also torture me, let me be somewhat uncomfortable. I don’t know if this is the difference between men and women, or Zhu Lin’s individual characteristics. “My body is easy to tired, you will understand some. Women, it is a little golden.” He seems to guess my thoughts.

This is not here, in his request, I opened the box, remove the pink Dianfen lace small trip pants, wear it, although I have a little familiar with her body, the flexible snow white hips, drum Drums, very flesh, sitting on the bench is soft, but when she put on her flexible personal pants, the smooth feeling of tightly packaged, still makes me very excited, I don’t consciously Drums.

“This can not be.” She saw it on the camera and immediately hit a line. “You must hide it.” After taught me a way, let me put the penis back, then pull the trousers, Ma Ma Tiger can hide, but it is difficult to have to live. She taught me how to wear a bra correctly, let me choose the pink butterfly noodles with the panties, he said, this is the favorite underwear of Zhangying. When I said Zhang Eagle, I will feel very uncomfortable, my heart is riding.

Zhu Lin is a d cup, although it is strong, but the long-scale trend is obvious. In these days, I suddenly had more meat in front of my chest, let my breathing are not smooth, sleep flat at night, I always feel that there are two water packs to press the chest. The beauty of the woman’s chest is not so comfortable in addition to the man’s chest to enhance confidence. Maybe a woman is a little bit of girls, and I have been used to the weight of the breast, and I am suddenly experienced, so I am not used to this feeling. It is a new experience to me. I am a bit stupid. According to Zhu Lin, put the arm through the shoulder strap, put the body slightly, let the breasts are naturally hanging, and the two cups are gently supported. The two groups flesh and then buckle with the button behind. In accordance with her guidance, put the meat under the armpits into the cup.

“How, feel more?” He asked. Indeed, with a bra, a lot of drooping and heavy feelings are light, like a pair of gentle big hands to hold the breast, and you can see between the two regiments of the towering snowy hills. Deep cleavage of people. I can’t help but red face.

“Director, no, Lin, in fact, I think you are fit, it is suitable for girls.” He smiled.

“What are you talking about?” I glanced at him.

“Don’t feel the feeling of doing a girl, in a few days, we have changed,” he said.

“The sooner the better! I don’t want this woman’s body.” We bought it again.

He also let me wear a white pile of collar sheep, velvet black tight pantyhose, outer match, a set of blue Korean version of the princess hair, small coat, bag hip slim short skirt, a pair of high heel diamond brown Kraft boots, let me turn over before the mirror.

I can’t help but stay, a temperament is refined and sentimentally sexy Julin appears in the mirror. Hill-like boobs, fine round small waist, tall figure, short skirt, wrapped in the short skirt, slender legs, people are fascinating. The elastic tight stockings even made me a tight pleasure.

Switch (9) Author: Li Ni “Woman quadruple, six points. Now you know why women love shopping online?” He said.

Then he taught me makeup, the entire set of cosmetics and tools were sent back, because Zhu Lin took the eyebrow, so the eyebrows were saved, she was born, she didn’t apply thick. Powder, only wiped a little white powder cream on the face, it looks extra white tender, then wipes the pearl crystal lip gloss, playing a faint pink eye shadow, and the whole face is more fascinating.

The original woman’s makeup is not so complicated, it is very simple. It may be that Zhu Lin is too beautiful, even if the top of the sky is also a beautiful embryo. Of course, you don’t have to use too much cosmetics to hide the defect, which can save my strength and trouble.

Spraying a few french perfumes in the ear, my weeks filled the faint woman’s fragrance, let me feel refreshed, seem to be in gentle hometown.

There is also a jewelry, he has not forgotten, I am stupid to wear the big circle, don’t go on a diamond butterfly hairpin, there is a string of jade heart shaped hanging to the front chest, and a wedge diamond fashion woman surface. He said that this form is Zhangying to send her birthday gift, remember to wear it. Finally, let me notice a diamond ring in the unknown, this is a engagement ring with Zhang Eagle. In the wedding, Zhangying will take a bigger and more value-made wedding diamond ring to my unknown, harm I have a feeling that I can’t say in my heart. God is really unfair, why Zhang Eagle This is like this, with a rich old man, there is a car, and the drill ring and the famous watch are generous, you can hold a beautiful person, and I am a poor boy. Struggling for so many years, there is no place to live in a place. I looked at Zhu Lin from a young university girl in five years, Zhu Lin and Zhangying took two years. I didn’t have officially met him because I face my own ideas. “Love the enemy”, there is a deep inferiority in my heart, deliberately avoiding, there are several times, he is about our colleagues, I have borrowed the resignation. I only saw him in the distance, I opened a red Mercedes-Benz run car to pick Zhu Lin. Zhu Lin said that this sports car is Zhang Eagle, especially for her, saying that my heart is sour, and I am a child.

To be honest, I especially like the car, I took a driver’s license early, and I had a chance to borrow someone else’s car. And this sports car is very handsome, my dream also has a girlfriend, I feel very great. Everything is only a dream, I am playing money under the work of a lifetime, I am afraid that there are four tires.

After the unknown diamond ring, Zhu Lin made me turn on the body before the camera.

“It’s too perfect.” He didn’t seem to smile well, “Now, you should be on the formal.”

She actually asked me to call Zhang Eagle, and said that I will return to the plane tomorrow morning, let him drive to the airport, then let me pull the air box in advance waiting, pretending to look forward to the plane.

“So you are going to build room, my big beauty. But I can warn you, if you don’t pay attention to my body.” Zhu Lin is still so ghost, the bad idea of ​​full belly.

“Hey, who is rare your body. You have gratifying the way over there, I can’t do a woman.” Although it is said, I don’t know why, I have suddenly have a emotion of this body, love emotion . Maybe this is the transfer of Julin’s love, but it is a bit different, just like wearing a gorgeous clothes, after the initial adaptation period, take off, there is a bit of love.

Although I was a week with Zhang Eagle, I have given me a lot of story, character, habits, and his past, privacy, and him and her. Anti-I will pay for it. It seems that he is also a old acquaintance, but I think that I will meet him with a woman tomorrow, my heart is still can’t walk, very nervous, even feel a bit humiliated.

Finally, the courage gave him this call. Zhang Eagu was very happy. I said that I was busy, because this grand wedding preparation could not be, many links were asking me to decide.

I have spent a night in tension and uneasiness, but I hope and curiosity. It’s been as sufficient to sleep at 3 o’clock in the morning.

When I woke up, I have been awakened from the dream hometown. It is about 9 o’clock from Zhang Eagle. I have to go to the airport early for half an hour, otherwise I will be dessert. I hurriedly got up, I worked on the old suit. However, I wake up, I wake up, the suits were funny in my body, and it was very like empty – I was already a woman’s body, chest The double peak is not reminded me. I am busy offering the suit, replacing Zhu Lin last night, the woman wearing the woman wear, sorting a good air box just wants to go out, and I remembered that I didn’t dress up. The woman is really trouble, I realize the woman’s mood, and I will put it before the mirror, I have a precipitation, and I comb your long curly hair, with the butterfly drill clip. I have lost some in front of the mirror, there is no flaw, and I have hated the baggage to go out.

Exchange (10) Author: Li Ni walks into the street, I suddenly found that an unprecedented power is coming to me, don’t have to say that the tights pantyhose brings me the closeness of the nakedness, nor does it need to say black short The skirt is wrapped in a round hip, that can’t be a big step, and the shame of the unconsciously twisted butt, you don’t have to say that the towering breast is wondering when walking, all this I feel suffocating fresh and panic. Fortunately, in order to cause the impression of tourism, wearing a flat boots, not to walk away, but the biggest impact is from others, there is a lot of pedestrians on the street. I have a shame that the male dress is exposed to the sky, I feel that I am very Abnormal, I feel that everyone looks at me with a different eye, it seems to know my details. I hurriedly went to the street, greeted a taxi, put a lot of luggage, like a thief, and go in, go straight.

I frequently lift your wrist and see Julina only diamond name, time is already very tight. One to the airport, I threw a hundred yuan, I didn’t look for it, I went to the baggage box until the exit of the exit, and I forgot my identity, many people couldn’t help but side. It is really indecent in a beautiful woman.

I finally ran to the exit, there was a large group of people picking up the plane at the exit, I still can’t hold, dizzy, my eyes, my feet have soft, one butt, sitting next to the seat, halfway, but God Come.

Zhu Lin, Zhu Lin, what is your body? If you change it into the original, run so much, you won’t be astishing, I can’t help but blame this body.

“! How do you sit here?” A familiar voice sounded in front of him, shocked me, looked up, my heart must jump to my eyes – Yemagi, I sent my leather clip in Zhu Lin. I have seen him with her wedding dress, I will recognize it. But in the reality, I can’t help but self-defeating: he not only has money, but also tall and fierce, there is a meter of eight or so, and Zhu Lin, a tall figure of one meter, is really matching. As a male with Zhu Lin, I think it is, it is simply, I want to eat swan meat.

“I, I am waiting for you for a long time.” I had to live.

“I am not late, is it a plane?” He looked at the table and shook his head, and stared at me. “Wife, how is your face so ugly? Is it sick?”

“I am a bit uncomfortable.” I said, “” Maybe it is too tired of this day, and just take a break. “

“Go home and sleep well.” He reached out to my armpits, helping me, powerful big hands, a male power passed, I was shouted. When he tightly held my waist, pulled his suitcase and walked outside the airport. The physical contact of the limb made me suddenly produced an inexplicable incitement, as if not from my male brain, but the blood from the whole body. I want to break away from his control, but I can’t do it in action. Only let him like this, go out of the gate.

At a glance, I saw the red Mercedes-Benz SLK sports car in the parking lot. This is the latest in 2009, and the shiny shines in the autumn sun, especially the eye. For me this car, this is a fatal temptation. It is usually on the Internet. In the magic of magazine, it suddenly became a reality, just like dreaming.

My spirit also got up. When Zhang Ying was letting the baggage, I went to the front of the car, and I couldn’t help but pull the driving position of the driving position.

“Lin, when did you learn to drive?” Zhang Eagle went to the door and laughed.

I remembered that Zhu Lin did not take a test. She said that she is not very interested in driving, because the old people will open a small difference, afraid of a car accident.

“I really want to open this car in the morning.” I explained awkwardly, and in love, I was reluctant from the driver’s seat, sitting on the seat.

“I advise you to take a driver’s license, but you always say that you are not willing, saying that it is afraid to drive, now how suddenly change the sex, love driving?” He laughed.

All the way, basically he is talking, only if you ask me, I will answer. Don’t be passionate about cold, telling you to think about it. I enjoy a huge impact on the luxury car, I can’t help but let him see him.

This is a very masculous man. I heard that only 27 years old, only two years older than Zhu Lin, count, male, I can grow four years to him, but I feel that he is much more mature than I have. Such a man is in front of any girl, I am afraid it will be the best choice. If I change it to me, I will not hesitate. When I thought I thought, I suddenly realized that I was not this girl now, I couldn’t help but put it on my face, red to the ear.

Since the start of the exchange, with the body a little change, I found that my character has changed slowly and became passionate. He is very familiar with him, and I am very familiar with me. After meeting, I started to put it down, I feel very safe. After half an hour, the car entered a closed high-end community and stopped outside a villa. I woke up from the villain, I know that I have arrived “home.”

Exchange (11) Author: Li Ni has a forty year old aunt runs out from the door, attentive brickbox, is the babysitter Chen Han. My head is a little dizzy, and I will enter the door in Zhang Eagle. At that moment, I almost widened my eyes. The furnishings in this family were too luxurious, and very fashionable, it seems to be in my heart, I like this “home”. Later I learned that most of this new house is mostly Zhu Lin’s idea. Maybe people’s soul is not only in the brain, I have gradually been affected by Zhu Lin’s character, preferences, this subtlety change, I originally Nor did it find out.

He helped me into the second floor of the bedroom, the bedroom was very warm, and there was a precious Simmon bed in the wall.

There are only two people left in the bedroom.

“Baby, you are tired, first sleep well.” He looked at me said that the first time and his close-to-distance eyes, I can’t help but panic.

“Well.” I promised.

However, I can’t just let go of the bed. Zhu Lin is a clean woman. She is over, I have just take a bath, just like a woman. However, in the face of Zhang Ying, I can’t do it.

“You go to do things first.” I said to him.

“I want to accompany you, take a look at you, this month, I am thinking of you every day, looking forward to it now.” He said affectionately.

“But …” I haven’t opened it yet, Zhang Eagle hurts me, hot lips are pressed on my lips. I feel very disgusting, I want to push him, but I think of Zhu Lin’s repeated manner, I must not resist the kiss, because it is too easy to cause Zhang Eagle’s suspicion, but also to put it very enjoyable.

Forget it, go out, for your happiness. I closed my eyes and let him kiss. He seems to know that I have a little resistance, and I didn’t make further deep kissing, I let me go.

“Sorry, I am really tired.” I said.

“Baby, I am too impulsive, you first raise the spirit.” He said that he thought that I was troubled by the sisters of the sister, so apologized.

I am brave, and I will gently kiss on his face, so that he can eliminate his uneasiness and doubts. He went out, I am relieved.

In the wardrobe found Zhu Lin’s underwear and a set of pink cotton pajamas, entered the bathroom.

The bathroom can be spacious, in addition to having a tolerance, the medical device company has arranged a facility in a five-star hotel, which is the second time.

In order to cover the eyes, I haven’t take a shower in a week. Now I feel itchy, but I don’t dare to enjoy it. I am afraid that Zhang Ying will come back to hit the lower body I haven’t exchanged. I have a shower, blow dry hair, just Wear a set of black three-point underwear, wrapped in pajamas into the quilt.

So warm, so comfortable, I think it is easy.

Look around, I am hiding in the quilt, and I quickly file Zhu Lin, telling her that I have succeeded in a nest. He also told me a good news. The witch will immediately find the crack method, let me be sure to hold, after exchange, she will make compensation.

Just hanging the phone, the door opened, I quickly installed that I slept, closed my eyes. I know that he came in. He sat on the bed and looked at me. After a long time, he didn’t leave, then, the mouth was printed with a few hot prints on my cheek, and gently touch my hair.

Zhu Lin is really a happy woman who can find such a rich man who loves her. I am dark in my heart. This kind of happiness seems to have also affected me, I seem to feel like a baby, safe, peace, and feel weak, need some people in the eyes of my father’s loving eyes. Why do there be such a feeling? I am confused.

I slept in bed, lying for two hours, in these two hours, I think a lot. I thought of my original self, I thought about Zhu Lin, I thought about how to face Zhang Eagle and the next few days.

In the next few days, this should be a woman’s happiest, but now I have to experience her experience, which is a little incredible.

The Chinese is very rich. Zhang Ying specially called Chen Wei, all of Zhu Lin likes. And my war is very dreating, because men and women’s habitual movements are very different, such as eating, sitting, speech, etc. Fortunately, I was a five-year experience with Zhu Lin, and I sat relatively every day. Some habits and talks about her habitual movements were still quite aware. I deliberately imitated her, not to say that it was 100% in place, reaching a percentage of six hundred percent Still no problem. In the afternoon, Zhang Eagle discussed the details of the wedding with me, only three days from that day, and no longer have to come. I have read the list of guests that Zhu Lin has invited. There are many colleagues in the hospital, most of them are female colleagues, but the name “I” is also in column. I have been discussed in the evening, I finally finally finalized a set of plans for the design of the wedding company.

Once it is determined, everything is handed over to the wedding company to take care. “You do your new lady in Mei Mei.” He tally, I took a sharp chin. “

It’s so thin!

But the more thin thing is still behind, it is my most fearful time, finally still arrived – from tonight, I have to share with this man with this man, which makes me think of a chicken skin. I know more about men, their desires are like fire, once ignited, not burn you. It is only a temporary method of menstruation or physical uncomfortable only, as Zhu Lin’s avatar, a quasi-bride, you can’t let the groom in the sky without reason, and go to bed. Moreover, they have not met in recent months. The firewood is fire, one thing.

Exchange (12) Author: Li Ni to avoid, I will ignore it early, I want to install him to escape him. But even if I follow Zhu Lin’s instructions, gave him a vaccination, saying that I have fallen in these days, I am not intimate. But after he drilling into the bed, he immediately posted it. Relying on, there is no wear, and naked hugs me. A hard thing that is hard-driven, my ass, I understand what it is, my heart is a disgust, as if I have a homosexuality. A hot gas came from the ear, pick up, his face passed, in my ear, slowly kissed, lick, wet, itch, itch, itch. I have never experienced this kind of experience, my heart is fast, although I feel very meat is very disgusting, but there is a strong sense of stimulus, which is so fresh and comfortable. I just wanted to avoid the head stopped, let his wet and hot lip tongue, after licking my ear, licked my back neck, licked my cheek, finally, falling to me Cherry lips. At the same time, his hand is not honest, actually picked up my cotton nightdress, touched from my flat belly, in the moment of his hand, I suddenly felt a strong current from the small abdomen into themselves In the brain, there is no self-ban, and the penis does not listen to the resource. Why is this this? I feel extremely panic, why is my body not governed by me? I am clearly dislike, but I can’t help but attract this kind of caress. Is it the seeds of gay? Just inspired by him?

I am trying to pinch the Ruffles in the mouth, and I am afraid that he is touched by him. The body still continues to react from autonomously, seem to respond to his caress. I suddenly thought that when I was exchanged with Zhu Lin, even her sexy belt and physical feelings were inherited. I realized it now, it is her feeling, my brain is male, but the whole body The skin, in addition to the private part, it is all women.

The woman’s body is really different from the man, so I have been touched by him, I also feel a great pleasure.

His hand slowed down my abdomen, and suddenly pushed my bra, my 80D breast is like a small rabbit that has been bonded for a long time, “” jumped out, fell to his big hand On, he was caught, played, and squat.

A excitement that has never been ever paralyzed my brain, so I can’t think about it. I can’t help but I will feel it hard to believe in myself, a strong shame and more and more strong and more and more powerful, but drowned the original nausea and resisting, the whole body is like a fire, let me The judgment of the judgment becomes blurred.

Women are really emotional animals, their body sells themselves. I really understood this sentence at this time.

I don’t know when, I have been lying on his side to his side, everything seems to be solemn, he is squatting on me, a tongue is like a flexible snake to open my lips, drill. Come in, with my tongue, stir into a group. Our lips are closely stuck, grind, his heat and I have gone together, I can’t help but swallow a few mouthfuls. This feels almost let me suffocate.

Is this a so-called kiss? I think, if I have already pushed him to the toilet to vomiting, but now, the original disgust is strange, and it is extremely pleasant. Is Zhu Lin’s body affected my brain, or I have some reaction? I am also confused, and I can’t think, I only make a blurry sow in my throat. Finally, that is the suffocating deep kiss, but he didn’t leave from me, but I looked at me in my top, I was close to me. We stared at each other, as if not, I never never It is close to anyone’s face, including men and women, I can even clearly feel that his heavy breath is sprayed on my face. His eyes are deeply affectionate, just look at me, see me panic.

“Wife, you are really sexy.” He said in my ear. Pick up, starting from my ear, I started to kiss, itchy and crisp, I can’t help but laugh. “No, no. Don’t do this!” I said, but he didn’t listen, still kissed it, then kissed it down, one side, I knew it up, I know what he wants to do, just want to make protests, The sleeping skirt is taking off from the head with a mask in a skilled manner. I suddenly got naked in front of him, and I don’t want this. His head buried, my left nipple was tight, was included in his mouth, a pleasure of hanging up, spreading my whole body, couldn’t help but call it out. He sucks, licks, and uses the tongue to turn on my red grape nipple. I feel that the whole breast seems to launch itch, it is uncomfortable, and his kneading seems to be a good party, so I can’t reject, let me addict.

One of his hand came out, touched down, I suddenly got it, before this, I was clinically clipped his legs, and I didn’t let the hard to expose it, but his hand It is not hiding. I quickly grabbed his hand and put it back to my chest.

“Dirty.” I said.

He will laugh, take my hand down, I suddenly encountered his hot penis, like the instinct of the carbon, and returned.

“What happened?” He asked.

“Nothing, just feel a little sudden.” I said.

“Wife, I think you are a little different today.”

“Where is it different?” My heart tightened.

“You seem to be particularly shy, as if it returns to the will we just get along.” He said.

“Is this not good? We haven’t got married yet.” I have to take his attention else.

“You shy look, let me be more excited.” He smiled.

No, how wouldn’t this?

“I want to leave the best stay in the newly married night.” I said, “I slept at night, I am a bit tired.”

“You will really get people.” He kissed his kiss again, “That is fixed, the newly married night, you want me to satisfy.”

“Don’t worry.” I said, in fact, there is no bottom in my heart. When I went to the day, will I exchange it back with Zhu Lin? If you don’t swap, what should I do?

Close the bedside lamp, Zhang Eagle hugged me to sleep. My head is curved in his arm, but I don’t dare to sleep, I am afraid that he found him after sleeping. The sexual desire gradually calm down and recovered calm. Listening to his uniform breathing, my heart is up. Thinking of the scene that I just lingering with this man, I feel that I have a good metamorphosis. Why is it clear that it should be disgusted, but it is not from autonomous to intoxication? He seems to activate some kind of sleeping thing I hidden in my heart, giving me a huge pleasure that I have never had, this faster, I can make my soul tremble. I looked at the man in my sleep. He is no longer as strange, no longer disgusting, but let me feel kind, cute, sexy. In the long-lasting gaze, our soul seems to have a mysterious communication. I am like a molt butterfly. I have been easily captured by him. Since leaving your parents alone to this city, I have never had a sense of security like this moment, but I can rely on the feeling, just like a drifting boat, I have returned to the harbor, and the parsley returned to his hometown. I couldn’t help him close to him, snuggling in his wide and warm chest, like only a small bird.

Why is so fast, then it is unable to prevent it, so incredible, let me love a man? Zhu Lin, Zhu Lin, is your body’s magic? Or is my own fall? In the dark, I can’t help but shed tears.

Exchange (13) Author: Lien gets up the next day, I looked at Zhangying in the room, my heart like a five-flavored bottle, what tastes. I remembered that last night, my face was still hot. On this day, I have to go to the wedding store to try on the scheduled wedding dress, dress up, 8:30, bridesmaid. The bridesmaid, I know, it is a small nurse in our hospital – Yang Yizhen, a youthful and simple girl, for a while, I saw that Zhu Lin did not hope, I took her to drag, but it was only limited to the hand, the time is not long. Just because of the poor, it is too goodbye to break up. But she is a good friend of Zhu Lin. I just took her with her, and Zhu Lin was pulled from the middle.

I saw her at first, I immediately gone.

“What happened? To marry, reverse it?” She didn’t have a heartbeat, Le Le laughed, and took my arm and took the car to Zhang Eagle.

When I arrived in Taiwan’s wedding store, I was dazzling. I don’t know what, since I looked at Zhang Eagle last night, after a night’s thoughts, I suddenly became interested in women, these beautiful wedding dresses actually Like a magic, attracting my attention. However, the wedding dress is a book in Zhu Lin in a month, so there is no chance to let me try again. A beautiful woman serving, actually said that my heart is beautiful. She took a big bag from the back, took out to see, my eyes were bright, and the beautiful white wedding dress.

Yang Yuzhen accompanied me to the dressing room to try on the wedding dress. I have a little embarrassment in front of her. If she knows, this is even her former boyfriend in front of her, I don’t know what to react. Think so, I feel very interesting.

This is the high-end white tube top long tail wedding dress in Europe and the United States. It is very good to wear, and Yang Hao is helping me pull the chain behind it. The front of the steel trocard, drums, extruded a deep cleansing Very attractive.

“It’s so beautiful, I have to don’t help but touch it.” Yang Hao was reached out of my breasts.

“Female rogue.” I played her hand.

It turned around in the big mirror, I was also silly eyes, the distinction in the mirror is a white dress, the temperament is noble, the long skirt of the wedding dress is sprinkled on the ground, and the slimness, as if the hibiscus.

“I really envy you, you are the most beautiful bride, is also the happiest woman.” Yang Yizhen tidy the skirt at one while, while saying.

“You are not bad, is there a good Lang Jun?” I asked.

“You don’t know, after breaking up with him, I have always been alone.”

“Why are you breaking up with him? Just because of your character?” I was curious, that time, she took the initiative to break up with me, saying that it was a personality, which gave me another blow.

“In fact, he is very good, but I always feel that there is something on the man’s body.” Yang Yu sighed.

I am speechless, Zhu Lin has reminded me many times, I am not a matter, it seems that I seem to have a man in the eyes of the girls.

“What happened? It seems unhappy.” She asked.

“Nothing. So, do you like him? If he is coming back to pursue you, will you consider?”

Yang Yizhen thought about it. I nodded. I was very happy. If I reform “I”, I must pursue her again. This time, I finally understand what kind of man who likes girls like. I think of me before, I really don’t really have a chest, and there is no big as a question.

“Right, since you left, he suddenly resigned from the hospital, lost, do you know where he is? I am worried about him” she asked.

“I don’t know.” I replied, there is a warm current in my heart.

“I know, his favorite person is actually you, you marry, it is very strong to him.” She said.

“No, which thing. You don’t want to think about it.” I quickly said. In fact, she knew that these weeks, we have experienced the physical and mental giants of others, and she worried about “I”, now standing in front of her, became her best female friend.

For her, I have to go back to my body. My male consciousness is looking up. The beautiful woman in the mirror does not let me intoxication, and even feel metapy. I just want to take off the wedding dress, the phone in the bag rang.

I took out and saw that Zhu Lin’s international long distance.

I walked to a secluded corner and pressed the call button.

“I want to call you.” I said, “Do you think of a way?” “It’s alive, what did you have last night? He doubt it?” He asked.

Revelling last night, my face was red: “I barely hide, this day will go, I will go crazy.”

“He is you intimate?” He said.

“You are still very embarrassed. It is really embarrassed.”

“You have to bear it again, as long as you don’t expose, what is the request, try to meet him. Do you know? We will play a lot of patterns, if you change, he will suspect.”

“What kind of trick?” I haven’t understood it for a while.

“You will understand sooner or later. Random strain, right, hurry your documents. I can’t do it here.” He said.

In the afternoon, I returned to the rental room and sent my documents to him. Looking at a poor space in the house, I think about the dream of the villa, I hesitate. Continue to make a poor boy? Still do a rich wife? In my heart like two devil struggles. From time to night, I and Zhang Eagu were lying again in the high bed of the high-level villa.

Exchange (14) Author: Li Ni once experienced the drunk caress last night, I am like sucking poisonous, knowing that it is harmful, disgusting, but when his hand holds on my breast, When his lip sticker is in my ear, when his powerful arm holds me, I will lose my body again. It is gradually blurred for Yang Hao to change back to the man’s consciousness. Under his requirements and guidance, I took him more than me as much as the penis, I turned into the mouth, and even as a popsicle, Tianjin taste it, every corner of it. I actually took the initiative to play with his two eggs. Finally, I used my huge breast to make a breasts for him. I looked at this 阳 具 like a fascinating spirit. I pushed the clever ditch. Under the package, the nourishing a little bit of stamping, until the end, a hot gas semen, sprayed to my face.

As a man’s self-esteem, I was squatted like a flood, and the awareness of a woman quickly accounted for a strike. The disaster disappeared, now there is a great sense of happiness than last night. An almost let me crazy evil, I love Zhu Lin, just love her body, now her body is mine, I want to replace Zhu Lin, I want to be her body, have her body, complete complete The whole owned. Has her life, her love, her future …

The day after tomorrow is the day of marriage. According to the tradition of us, I have to return to my mother in these two days, and then wait Zhang Eagle to marry. This is a challenge to me, because I have never been to Zhu Lin’s home, I have never seen her family, I only know that she is a single girl, the teacher of the teacher.

I discussed with Zhu Lin in the phone, I set a plan, I went back to my mother, and I didn’t have a joke. The mother is very busy, and the atmosphere of the big joy is. There are not many people who have to cope, except her parents, they are a few relatives visiting Hexi. At this time, I am normal, because my daughter wants to marry, in addition to being happy, there will be a little sad. Somehow, this home, this for parents, although I have never seen it before, but there is a very familiar feeling, just like going back to the past. I don’t have to play hard, everything seems to be natural. Needless to say, this is definitely Zhu Lin’s memory, the memory can also be stored in the blood in the body. I understand why I will have feelings with Zhang Eagle. Her body has deeply affected my brain. How long does it take? My brain may be completely female.

I learned about this reason, I don’t know if it is happy or sorrow. It is her body to love the man, not me, this is too evil, I feel like a poisonous. I remembered my parents, I remembered my teenager’s dream, I remembered that I was looking forward to it as a man, I remembered everything … these two days, I didn’t meet Zhang Eagle, it seems awake a lot, completely replaced Zhu Lin. The idea is also denied.

I will marry Zhang Eagle as a woman tomorrow.

This is not what I want, I have to do it back, re-do a good man with a career. I should marry my wife, not the opposite.

I took out the phone and dialed Zhu Lin’s phone, and called: “You let the witch hit us back, I can’t stand it, I will commit suicide.”

“She has found the way.” Julin said.

“What?” I ate it.

“In fact, we are very stupid.” He said, “If you think about it, as long as we keep swaping, what is the last exchange?” “Private parts?” I said.

“No, it is a brain.” He said, “The brain exchanged, the soul does not change back to his body?”

I suddenly realized that this is just the joke of the person, I’m going to the end, I am still me, she is still her. I don’t have to use so many things.

“However, there is a condition that in the process of exchange, there is no other individual cells to mix, otherwise the exchange will be permanently stopped.”

This is of course impossible, exchange only on our two, how can it be mixed into third-party cells?

“So tonight, we will exchange the last second time.” She said. I understand what the last second refers to, it is the private part that has been retained. After this, I can say it is a complete woman from essentially.

My heart jumps, this is the most representative key part, like a lofty ritual. Exciting, fresh, and expectation.

With my thirty years of chicks, is it really going to go to me tonally? Before going to sleep, I stroked it, it seems like a baby who wants to borrow, love is reluctant. Fortunately, I can see it again.

I caught it, I did a lot of dreams, dreaming of my own past, dreaming of Zhu Lin, dreaming for a while, dreaming of Yang Yu, there are many familiar and strange people, but even dreams It is a little girl who is on the stage. In the early morning of the next day, I didn’t have bright days, I was woke up by my mother.

Exchange (15) Author: Li I found that my hand is still in the mouth, but the hand has no familiar meat stem. I reached a hand, I have touched a package of slightly bulge furry soft meat, exchanged except, it happened – this is Zhu Lin’s pussy, along with the invisible inner genitals that lead to the belly. A urine will make me rush to the toilet. I can’t stand in the hand, I can only sit in the hand like a woman. I feel a bit different from the man. I am relaxed, the urine is from “mountain” Spray it, Shasha sounds, 叮叮 咚 in the toilet. There are a few dead times to my hip tip, I have to dry them with toilet paper. When the hand paper wiped the genitals, the same feeling made my hand stopped, I bowed, but I can’t see anything, it is flat, there is only a small black black hairy, as if I was castrated. But the mysterious gap made me curious, I used my fingers to slid in, a little damp, and a little sensitive. Zhu Lin’s big lips are very rich, drums, tight clips, almost covering the small labians. I used to be so small from the erotic website. It is called “steamedrops”. It is said that women with this genitals are very keen on sexual love, and can make men souls. If she can’t think of her, I really can calculate it. Born in the world, Zhang Eagle This child is really blessing.

I don’t know why, after I really completed the conversion, my sexual impulse is not as strong as it is, except for a little curious, it is surprisingly calm, as if everything is normal.

“Lilin, what are you doing? Faster, the time is coming.” Mom urged the hand.

I have married the rules of marry. When I have a good provision, I will worship the ancestors, then, in the bridesmaid, I will dress up the wedding store makeup, go home, wait for the groom’s team to marry. Not long after, four or five bridesmaids will continue to continue, they are good friends of Zhu Lin, Yang Yuzhen is also, my side is a pile of women, I have a laughter, I will also open me joke. With their company, I took the hair in the wedding store, and picked the bride’s makeup, put on the whole set of white wedding dresses, with a long white-head yarn, and also equipped with silver glossy princess hairpin. Long sapphire earrings, as well as flowing Sauce platinum necklace, set on the lace long glove, a pair of pointed white high heels.

“You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. After the makeup, the styling teacher praised, I believe that he is telling the truth, because I also surprised my beauty, even Zhu Lin, I have never seen her. So beautiful. People say that the newly married this day is the most beautiful moment of women, it is very reasonable.

Going home, it’s almost noon, just wait Zhang Eagle to marry the team. The bridesmaids and relatives are not stopping the intersection of Zhangwang, only I am sitting on the sofa of the living room, handsome.

“Do you seem to have any trouble.” Yang Yu Yu sat next to me.

“Just suddenly a bit sad.” I said.

“Silly girl, big days, should be happy to be happy.” Everyone will advise me.

I nodded. In fact, my heart thought is something else. After tonight, I will go back to the original body. I am awakened, I am in other hometown, or the poor boy, or not everything, always Some worry is afraid. To be honest, the stable feeling of the Zhangying Bay is really great, let me unable to cut. Zhang Eagle’s team finally came, and the mighty, all world-class car, very big, simply gave Zhu Lin parents’ face. He took a bunch of flowers, surrounded by friends, and walked to my house. There are a few relatives and friends who take the opportunity to “extort” on the road, and they are also flattened.

He walked into my house, single knee, with flowers, affectionately: “Marry me.”

I hesitated, and finally reached out and took the flowers. He stood up and hugged me, gave me a deep long kiss. I feel dizzy, I only heard the laughter and applause around.

Wedding is Western-style, because Julin and Zhang Eagle believe in Christianity, so put it in the church. When he took my hand, under the eyes of the friends and relatives, stepped on the red carpet, and walked to the priest, it seems to be the final test.

“Mr. Zhang Ying, are you willing to marry Zhu Lin as a wife?”

“I am willing.”

“Miss Zhu Lin, are you willing to marry Mr. Zhangying?”

I looked at him and saw that he was using it, and he didn’t think about me. I didn’t think about three words: “I am willing.”

“Well, now I announce that you have officially joined a couple, under the care of God, no matter how poverty, rich, disease, disaster, never leave, always love.”

We swear to God.

When he put the huge wedding diamond rings that Zhu Lin said in my unknown, I was almost immediately attracted to it. It’s so beautiful! How many women’s dreams are this.

The wedding is over, according to the practice, when I leave the church, I will throw the flowers to the unmarried female guest guest, and it is good, it is, Yang Yuzhu. I haven’t waited for me to return to God, my body suddenly was light, I was huddled by Zhang Eagle, in the rocker of everyone, hugged into the wedding car.

On the evening banquet, I changed a set of elegant violet hanging neck and evening, and Zhang Eagle shuttled between the banquet, toasting the guest relatives. The show is very rich, Zhang Ying even invited the famous program host to be said, and a well-known singer also sang us, wine tower, big cake, rose rain, a surprise that took one, hit it … Water banquet After that, the busy wedding finally came to an end, my dizzy, still in a strong happiness, because on this day, I am the focus, almost no one is not boasting my beauty, this is also gave it. Zhang Eagle is very satisfied. In the end, I almost forgot my past, forgot who I am, forget that I will go back to the original body tomorrow, completely put into the role of the bride. Until he hugged me, ran into the villa, kicked the door to the bedroom, throwing me into the wedding bed, until the room was left in the room, I just wake up like a dream.

This is just a phantom, I woke up tomorrow morning, I still have the original one.

Switch (16) Author: “” My Niang, now give you your promise? “He rushed over, pressed in me, look like, he has extremely excited, maybe he is also from my bridal makeup Beautiful gods forth down.

“What is promise?” I haven’t respond yet.

“You said, to put the best stay in the newly married night.” He said, “You have forgotten it. Tonight, I have to punish you.” He smiled badly.

I still don’t know what he meant. A few days ago, the temporary detention language had already thrown it outside the cloud. He got up, opened the romantic dance music in the CD, suddenly, gently spoke and beautiful music in the bedroom. I looked at him, I don’t know what medicine sold in his gourd.

“Can you wear a wedding dress for me?” He asked.

This requirement is not too much, I can’t reject him. Take off the evening dress, replace it with an inconvenient but very precious and beautiful white wedding dress. He is gently helping me with the back and said in my ear.

“When I was young, my family was still very poor. At that time, I fantasically liked the bride like you like you, now, my dream is finally come true. On the wedding, your beauty is everyone But now, you belong to me alone. “He said.

He said very sincerity, so that I have a touch. At the two days of the family, the male soul almost occupied my brain. I am determined to resist the temptation, do it back to the original man, a honest man, come back and pursue still like my Yang Yu, This experience is a dream, a growing process. However, today as the deep experience of the bride and makes my decision become blurred. Since the exchange of Zhu Lin’s completion, I suddenly felt that I was physically and mentally aneited. Today’s performance is unexpected, as if I am a natural woman. This is not true, it is Zhu Lin’s body influenced me, changed me! I am shouting in my heart. I suddenly felt that this is a terrible thing, can a person really change his ideas? It can even easily span a gap like a man to a woman.

His kiss came. At first, it was a sporadic kiss. In my amount, the buccal side, the next is like a heavy rain, so that I can hardly block, our tongue is on a piece, saliva is mixed together, I am already familiar with this taste and feel. He hugged me tightly, in the kiss, I gradually became sexual desire, and I didn’t seem to have the feeling of penis erection. I was shocked. I took the gaute, but it was flat, but I didn’t touch the penis. Going back God, now I am already a female organ, the erection feeling may just be a male illusion left, or because of the erection of the clitoris. I am very incredible, there is a bit tight, fever, there is a feeling of itching, after a while, it seems to have a bit of hot things. Is this a woman’s love? The strong shame of the chicken is to strengthen my excitement, which is a very strange psychology.

“Wife, let me see your sister, I love there.” He said, slowly squatting in front of me.

“What do you want to do?” I remembered Zhu Lin said, they both love to play the pattern, I saw his misconduct, and he was vigilant. Knightly he picked up my lotus leaf-like mop, and even the whole person drilled in.

His hand is tensile to the hip, and suddenly pulled my stockings and red triangle underwear. I think my patented, I have been fully exposed to his eyelids.

“God, don’t this way.” I feel a sense of shame, but I feel greatly stimulated.

“My bride, just like this, don’t move. I am a little bee, I have to pick your nectar.” He said in my skirt.

He took off my stockings and underwear, then gently carefully compiled my two jade legs, like a piece of art.

“It’s too metamorphosis.” I thought. However, he did not move, because this stroke made me feel very comfortable, when his hand spent inside my thigh, I can’t help but play, I can’t help but stand, I have to help Dressing table.

He used his tongue to circularly circled inside my thigh, let me guess what word wrote. I said that I can’t guess.

“I want you.” He said these words, saying that I was shocked. Suddenly, I felt a hot finger touched my neutrical department, and gently pressed in my erection.

“Well …” I can’t help but send a snoring. Although I can’t see it, I have never experienced it, but I know that there is a so-called clitoris. My abundant legs played a tremble, almost instinctively clamped the legs.

“Don’t …” I beg.

However, he did not expenstrate my legs. I nervously trembled, and the lower body was cold. The tightly hypertrophic lips were gently pinned by his fingers, and woven on both sides, just like opening a Door. I can imagine that he is carefully staring, staring at the mysterious wind spots I have never seen, I have not retained exposure to him, there is a feeling of being humiliated. But I can’t move, an incitement, there seems to be something in the body, and the flow is not being controlled by my control, just like an entered.

“You have flowed a lot of water.” He said excitedly. I really feel that my body is wet, and I was dipped by his fingers. It has become very slippery, his fingers are flexible in the middle of my middle, and I will knead it in a while, I can make me feel extremely pleasant. My mind is confused, my whole body is soft and itch, I can’t stand it. When he licking me with a wet and soft tongue, I couldn’t stand it again, squat on the dressing table, I made a huge snoring.

Zhu Lin, Zhu Lin, why are you so sensual? I can’t resist it, I can’t like this body. This is really a thing!

Exchange (17) Author: 丽妮 – “fast … Quick stop … husband … this will die, I will die …” I can’t help myself under his flexible tongue. He seems to be deliberate, sending a wet, like what delicious. After a while, I will pick my sensitive crisp and tender little ladle. I will use the lips to suck my clitoris. I will try to use the tongue into my small hole in the very sensitive vaginal mouth. The huge pleasure made me almost stiff, I couldn’t hurt, and the breath of breath. The obscenity is flooded, and it has been flowing down in the thigh. At the same time, I first obviously felt the existence of the cavity. This is the vagina. It seems that it has been automatically expanded. There is an extreme emperor, it is eager to return the owner, come to fill it Its emptiness.

No, what are I thinking? I am a man. My psychology struggles. I have to have a strong penis, I have to have a chicken, I want to care about a woman like this, and then I want to die, not the opposite.

However, the sensitive body has sold me again, I feel a bit of fear, this flesh seems to be mad, I can’t control it at all. This very happy pleasure is that I have never experienced when I am a man, let me take a drug addiction. In order to let him touch the few natures I want most, I even started to take the initiative to twist the ass, put private parts to his mouth.

“Husband, I … I want …” I whisper, I almost can’t believe it, I actually said that this is so shameless from my mouth.

“What do you want?” He didn’t seem to make me, deliberately asked. Seeing that I don’t answer, but stronger the offensive. I am almost screaming, the empty sense and crisp feelings in the vagina are getting stronger and strong, almost let me endure.

In this way, I really will die! I am squatting on the dressing table, tipping.

“What do you want? Wife.”

“Want … I want your big dick.” I have been a long time, I finally spit out this sentence that is difficult to teeth.

“I want to punish you, I don’t give you.” He said, still increase the intensity of blowjob.

“I beg you … I beg you … Dear husband …” My mind is no longer able to think about it, what man’s dignity, what Yang Yu, what Zhu Lin is thrown into Java, some is just at this moment, I need He, I need it more.

“What should I do with my big cock?”

“Please plug … Insert me … small points.” I have already put down, a little broken tissue crashed.

“Okay, I will give you this.” He said, from the bottom of my skirt, did not prevent my legs and lifted my legs. I was shocked and hurriedly used the hand to grab the two sides of the dressing table.

“You, what do you do?” I was shocked. The upper body is attached to the stage, and the lower body has hanging empty, but he daresters hand, I am afraid to fall.

My dress was copied by him, piled in the waist, the lower body is a bit cold, I know, my lower body is exposed in the air. He stood in the middle of my legs, took off his trousers, like the two sleeve of the hand, and the mysterious zone is completely exposed to him.

This moment is coming to make me nervous and excited, although Zhu Lin is no longer a woman, but it is the first time.

Will it be painful? I heard that women will be very painful for the first time. This problem flashed in the brain, and I still have time to think about it, the answer has been announced.

A hot meat stick took two times on my rich buttocks, and then went down on the wet 胯 间 溜 下 下 下, top, “唧”, I feel It was quickly opened by a hot stick, and then rubbed my meat, and went to the most inside. At the same time, a huge sex and satisfaction that has never experienced, like the wavy, as if it has been caught, suddenly being scratched, and it is like a hunger. Xiao Miao, suddenly ganneling. There is no pain, some are just a pleasant tremble, too much.

I am “huh”, called it. The original woman is not intentionally called. When I saw a film, I always thought that they were so happy for the Bo man, deliberately screaming so petite, now, finally, this is from instinct, it is completely unprocated control. He began slowly, pulling the penis on the side of the vaginal mouth, and he hit it again. Every time I pull out, I have a feeling that I was smoked by the soul, I look forward to it nextmost stronger enrichment. He is very deep, there is no root every time, then stay inside, let me feel it in my belly. I bite the lips, trying to make myself not sending the bed, but I don’t work hard, when he is deeply inserted, I still can’t help but make the soul of the soul. This kind of look that wants to return, but also aroused Zhang Eagle’s male hormone, he began to speed up the speed. Every hit, the drooping scrotum is slammed into my hills, makes obscene sounds, mix with the vaginal pumping sound, and dance music, play chic music. I looked up, I saw the face in the dressing mirror, the pretty little face was treated with excitement, blurred, cherry blunt, the good bride was somewhat scattered, and they fell down, it is slightly There is a wild beauty in front of the tip of the sweat. I looked at Zhangying in the mirror, because the wedding shielded, I could only see his upper body, he wore a gentleman dress, staring at my face in the mirror, seems to be appreciating my expression, like a knight It is like Ying Wei pride. With his throduction, my body is shocked, and the two breasts in the wedding dress are hidden in the wedding table, very attractive.

Exchange (18) Author: Li Ni may be this posture a bit tired, he put down my legs, hugged my waist, sitting back, sitting in the big bed. I couldn’t help but sit back and sat in his thighs, and I was deeply inserted as an alcohol.

“Oh! Ah -” The new posture made me suddenly realized a new pleasure. I saw my idiot’s idiot in the mirror, no longer a noble and ice bride, completely like an av. I can’t see him from the mirror. I saw it from my two sides of the armpits, I came to touch the front of my chest, then scratch the lace of the top, pull down, my two white flowers The breasts played immediately. Lost relying on the breasts were held in your hands, like two big balls like playing, the chest stimulus made me feel a different kind of emotional, inserted on the lower body of Zhangying’s penis, could not help but worse. .

“Dear, move.” He said.

I thought God, he wants me to take the initiative, because this postage is a female active. I tried to mention the ass, sitting back, there is a kind of conquerory charity, there is a bit of fresh, and I will get up, gradually, the skills of the action, I can’t get it. In order to reduce my fatigue, he holds my waist with his hand, helping me to get up and down, the frequency is getting faster and faster, and the 啾 声. My breast is like a water wave, swaying, letting me fully understand its weight, I’m too light, I suddenly suddenly, affect my whole upper body, so that my female self-awareness is completely flying.

He opened the zipper of the wedding dress behind me, and then helped me let me get rid of the cumbersome but beautiful wedding dress, and then he also took off the suit and shirt, we have naked. He kissed my naked back, then took me on the bed, but the penis still didn’t leave my vagina, tightly together. He lifted my leg, attacking me from the side, this hand bypass my knee, and touch my breast. We are all sweating, the whole body is slippery. But this integration feeling has made me deeply fall in love with him, and rational has been drowned by happiness and sex.

He let me squat, tall high-level fat butt, then pumin out from the back of the back. I used to see this method in the book, and I have been speaking that one day can be used in a woman, but now I will experience the thrill of this nine shallow. He gently smoked it in my vagina, and then always had a feeling of emptiness in my internal savings. It’s too incredible, every time I have a feeling of floating outwards. When he wants to pull out, I can’t help but shrink the vaginal and sphincardous muscles, and I want to keep this baby.

I turned into the breasts and rocking before and after, in front of me, I felt that I was like an estrus bitch. From time to time, he kneaded them. When he stopped in me, he would pinch the two granules of grape shaking, so that the breast is like a swing, giving me a strong new excitement. Then, a new round of thrust is started again.

I have already lost my gods, I have sent several spasm, this is a happy happiness. Is this a woman’s climax?

“Wife, you are so great, my brother is about to be sucked up by you.” At the time of the soul, he suddenly pulled out the penis and said.

Why do you want to leave? I feel extremely empty in my little hole. “My sister wants your brother … I want … My husband, give it to me.” I don’t want to be shameful, and the waves.

“I am a little tired.” He lie down, I thought God, climbed to him, holding his penis, holding the glans in the pussy, looking for a few, looking for the location of the hole, nourishing Sit down.

First, you will be up and down, but don’t have much, I feel some tired, I also found experience. I only need to move the penis before and after it can slide inside.

“Come, touch your own milk.” He asked.

I looked up at the hand and touched it. The brain has a self-touched girl in the AV film. I feel that I am not too much. In a short while, I am completely investment, send a high like a bed.

“Wife, you are particularly great tonight!” He sat up again, holding me tightly, and I have a deep kiss again, I contained my nipples, after it, moved to the bed.

“What tricks do you have to play?” I asked in his ear.

Exchange (19) Author: Li Ni does not talk, use your ass, suddenly stand up. I can hook his waist with my legs. He actually hugged me. He shrewd away, I was scared to hold his neck, but the lower body was directly inserted to the deepest place because of the inertia of the plaque.

“Ah!” I almost kneadly jumped, the next wonderful impact came again, it seems to have to disappear my soul. In this way, he hugged me and returned a few laps in the bedroom. I saw myself, I saw myself, like a slut, the hair was completely scattered, the whole body was red, the face is now Sensual look, being a strong Zhangyi like a playful Turkon rolling butt, the lower body is connected together.

Finally, he put me back into bed, but the posture did not change, he lifted my legs talried, she was in his wide shoulder, and then inserted deeply.

A wave of pleasure is like a wavy hurt, I have forgotten myself, I can’t identify where it is, as if it is floating in the cloud, it is like a roller coaster, amazed. His throduction is getting faster and faster, and once more powerful, it seems to hit the bottom of my small hole, and it seems to hit the deepest place in my soul.

“I am going to shoot.” His face has a painful look, “Dear … Now, do we want children?” He asked.

I called a little soul from the bliss world. His question made me alert, Zhu Lin said that in the exchange process, there must be a third-party cell. We didn’t think that the man’s sperm is the most likely third part.

Don’t let him ejaculate in my body, I will return to the original body early tomorrow, I will return to the original life. And this life is Zhu Lin, I can’t grab her happiness. However, I am a woman now, although only three weeks, from the body to my thoughts, it’s all a woman, especially the new wedding night, let me deeply fall in love with this life, fall in love with This flesh, also in love with the man who presses on me. I have even feel strange and horrible on the original man’s state.

How can I choose? Do you have a rich wife? Still do a poor child?

This is the final choice. He is still on me, but I know that he can’t hold it, I have to make a choice.

I looked at the gorgeous ceilings, I remembered the villa name, I remembered the life and worry-free life, I remembered the pleasant pleasant, but let me be reluctant, the man in front of it. He made me experienced the happiness that I have never experienced in this life. I have a strong impulse. I belong to him. He conquered me, I would like to be his woman in a lifetime.

Sorry, Lin, not my deliberate, I can’t force it. I have no bigity and open, and the woman’s selfish and material looks up.

Forgive me, Lin! Forgive me, give birth to my parents! Forgive me, euphemism, not I don’t love you, but I have fallen in love with him. I will find a way to repay you!

“Do we want children? Dear wife.” His question called me back from the painful soul.

Exchange (20) Author: LI I recalled a little soul from the bliss world, his question made me alert, Zhu Lin said that during the exchange process, there must be a third-party cell, we didn’t think of the sperm of men. It is the most likely third party.

Don’t let him ejaculate in my body, I will return to the original body early tomorrow, I will return to the original life. And this life is Zhu Lin, I can’t grab her happiness. However, I am a woman now, although only three weeks, from the body to my thoughts, it’s all a woman, especially the new wedding night, let me deeply fall in love with this life, fall in love with This flesh, also in love with the man who presses on me. I have even feel strange and horrible on the original man’s state. How can I choose? Do you have a rich wife? Still do a poor child?

This is the final choice. He is still on me, but I know that he can’t hold it, I have to make a choice.

I looked at the gorgeous ceilings, I remembered the villa name, I remembered the life and worry-free life, I remembered the pleasant pleasant, but let me be reluctant, the man in front of it. He made me experienced the happiness that I have never experienced in this life. I have a strong impulse. I belong to him. He conquered me, I would like to be his woman in a lifetime.

Sorry, Lin, not my deliberate, I can’t force it. I have no bigity and open, and the woman’s selfish and material looks up.

Forgive me, Lin! Forgive me, give birth to my parents! Forgive me, euphemism, not I don’t love you, but I have fallen in love with him. I will find a way to repay you!

“Do you want children? Wife.” His question took me back.

I looked at him and finally nodded.

His face revealed a smile, then, another deep insert, re-concentrated my attention to the top of sex.

This is a man who may have to live with me. Although I didn’t have successful fertilization tonight, I still returned to the man’s body tomorrow, but no matter what, I got another love. But I can’t give up this opportunity, I want to be a woman, be a woman.

“Come on, dear, I want your sperm, I want to be pregnant for you, I want to have a big fat son for you.” I said that I didn’t take care of it.

He sent a call, and took the penis into my deepest place. At the same time, I was also brought to the peak of sex, very straight, the vagina and the uterus were strongly contracted, and his things were gripped. , The legs on his shoulders are also tightened. The whole body is stiff, and the time seems to be solidified. The brain is a blank because of the violent attack of sexual or climax. At this moment, I really realize what is “lost” “When I saw AV film, the AV girls like to say” I lost “, I didn’t understand it. Now I realized that it is really” lost “, I lost my soul. It is completely found, like floating in the cloud, melting, the ear seems to be the most wonderful music. A hot semen sprayed in, my sensitive cervix can feel its power.

The hot semen took a shares, although it was just a few seconds, but I didn’t feel a long time. Finally, he was in me, but did not pull his penis, I feel The lovely thing is so hard, and I really already like it. Just, recall the original baby, there is always a loss in my heart, I don’t know if it will be so powerful? But no matter what, I think that Zhu Lin’s “sister” is better than them, I can’t use the language to describe, simply can’t say. It makes me never regret my choice.

“Wife, you are awesome, I am not so cool in this life. This ejaculation is the most, it seems that our baby has hope.” He said affectionately, kissed me gently.

For a while, we will move. He slowly extracted a soft penis, my vagina is a bit numb, hot, empty, I really want it to leave. I just had to sit up, but he pressed me. I stuffed two pillows under my butt, let me raise my butt, but also let me raise my legs, holding my own knee, I can’t see it. he.

“I read the book saying, if you want to be high in pregnancy, women must raise your ass, don’t let the semen flow out, these are my best baby, can’t waste. We have to have a smart baby. “He said with a smirk.

“You are really bad!” In this lascivious posture in his eyes, I seem to feel that the large number of semen in my body is like a striker, and all into the depths of my body, I can’t help but shame. .

The night is deep, he has slept, I will pill him a solid arm, snuggle in his generous arms, the corners of the eye have flowed tears.

Exchange (21) Author: Lini next day, I woke up from exhaustion, the body a little sore, I can not open my eyes, he opened his eyes for fear that I will become his former self. For a moment, I dare to slowly hand to touch their breasts – breasts! Breasts! Soft breast, warm breasts! Lovely breasts! Gosh, it here! So true here! It belongs to me! I suddenly sat up like a spring-like, long hair drooping down like a waterfall, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was a woman, also in the new room, or Zhu Lin, and he was lying peacefully sleeping beside it.

My heart like a spilled bottle of flavors, what it’s like there, I do not know whether to laugh or cry.

A moment later, the phone rang, it really is Zhu Lin called, I quickly ran into the bathroom locked the door, pick up the phone.

“What did you do last night?!” Over the phone, he angrily asked.

“I had sex with him …….” I have to tell the truth.

“You even let him ejaculate in your body?” He asked in surprise.

I acquiesced. Silent for a long time.

“You are not intentional?” He asked.

“I’m sorry.” I finally squeezed these three words.

“Do not say anything, take your woman right, take care of the eagle. From then on, when you’re not my people.” He then said something only street, hung up the phone.

When I was back in the past, he has been shut down.

My heart sour, I feel very sorry for him. I was deprived of her right to make a woman happy and bright future. I walked out of the bathroom, Zhang Ying asked me who is playing in the bed, I said, pushing an old classmate, to bless my wedding.

That morning, we did it again to love. After the third day back home, he took me to the honeymoon in Paris, this is the time I will never forget the honeymoon. A month later, I came the first morning sickness, morning sickness is very strong, almost tortured me half to death. But Zhang Ying are pleased to be like a jackpot, treat me like a treasure like protection, belly up big day, the breast becomes bigger, reaching E cup, just a little black nipple, no original so Nenhong look good, but Zhang Ying said, it is the most beautiful. Gradually, I have been fully integrated into role of women, I realized that trouble, distress and happiness as a woman, like all the women that love thing, get used to all the things that a woman of the habit, also reported a pregnant yoga classes the face of beautiful women also feel very natural, not at all unnatural. Very pregnant, I often feel back pain, swollen shoulder, even sleep sleep well, but fortunately there is take care of Zhang Ying, Wan Wan and other companions will often see me, accompany me happy. I would ask “his” whereabouts, but no one knows. In order to give the baby a Hong Kong account, Zhang Ying took me to settle in Hong Kong, left the city.

Ten months later, I was in the hospital birth to a daughter, her daughter is very beautiful, very much like me. Watching her daughter’s little face like the sun, I finally realized that the mother’s well-being and as a woman complete satisfaction.

After the birth of your daughter, although Zhang is wanted son to inherit incense, Zhang Ying is because three generations of a single pass, somewhat regret, but he and I have been feeling gluey. I have thirty years to make a man of experience, he knows what men want most, know how to coax them. Especially in bed, sex is very natural harmony, we can always keep it fresh, like a duck. And he did not know that his wife is long overdue for a soul, and sometimes I feel a little sorry for him, therefore, to redouble his tenderness to compensate him. Fast forward three years later, the little girl went to kindergarten, and I became a Hong Kong your graceful young woman, a careful and considerate wife and mother. With the passage of time, I have slowly forgotten things in the past, and focus on their role, just missing him feel deeply guilty.

Exchange (22) [finale] Author: Rini I was looking for his whereabouts, even personally been to Thailand, and found the village witch, we still have no clue. But there is a message made me stunned, said the witch, in fact, Zhu Lin knew, fertilization is a permanent way to stop the exchange, but she did not say in advance. For the ultimate soul exchange does not take place, she did not sleep that night. The reason is simple, because she always wanted to be a man.

“This is how could that be? She was so woman, how could a man want?” I repeatedly shook his head.

“I do not know.” Said the witch.

God, I just confused – she is premeditated. Zhu Zhu Lin Lin ah, you even let me guilty in vain for so many years!

At this moment, I received a wedding invitation in Hong Kong, which was actually the marriage of Yang Yu. This girl is finally married. I have a sigh of the sang in the sea. I can wait for me to open, I will have my heart, one I used to jump into the eye – the name of the groom above, it is me, it is the original me! The location of the banquet is actually the super luxury five-star hotel I married. In that city, it is rich in this hotel. Yang Hao, told me in the conviction. Director is not the original man who does not think, he is missing for three years. It turned out that a trading company was founded in Thailand, and soon became the fastest growing multinational company in the local area. He went home last year. When I met her again, I made a love relationship and renew the lead. Now, his career is formed, and it is especially careful and gentle, knowing the woman’s mind, it is a good man who is hard to find a lantern! Zhu Lin, Zhu Lin, I can’t imagine what I can’t imagine, you have done it with my body! I have a letter, I have a long time.

“Wife, who is a joy?” Zhang Eagle went to my back and asked.

“Oh, it is graceful.”

“Who is the groom?”

“It is the original director I originally.” I replied.

“We can’t go?”

I got down and said, “Of course, it is my best sister, how can we not go?”

Yes, I must see him! I remembered that I will go back to the mainland and he will meet, my heart is rushing, I want to solve the mystery he left at the time, go see what he has made my body. Maybe I will also fan a slap in the face, but I have to thank him, telling this “big” man, I am particularly happy now, is a happy “small” woman.

“They are getting married, how are we come again?” Zhang Eagle’s hand did not hit hard in my ass. After giving birth to the child, I recovered very well, my waist is still small, but the breast is even greater, but the butt is more rounded, more mature charm.

“What are you doing? Baby sleep.” I looked at the daughter sleeping in bed and knocked out his hand.

“Mrs., you still owe me a big fat son, see I don’t punish you.” His hand has set off my denim dress and explored my patent.

“Well …” My body can’t hold it, I haven’t been touched by him, the water came out.

“Let’s go on the balcony.” He said badly in my ear.


From here you overlook the beautiful night scenes of Hong Kong, in such beautiful scenery, you don’t have fun.

When he is familiar with meat sticks, when he comes in, hot, firm, accompanied by a cool breeze, I can’t help but have a happy happiness.

“Husband, I want … this time, I must have a big fat son for you.” I looked at the car flowing down, and said.

Dear, I am willing to be your three-generation little woman!

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