After a long summer vacation, I finally started! However, in addition to registration today, there is no other thing, so staying with roommates in the bedroom.

“Small Zhao, you have bet with us in May, you have to pay any one of the three flowers during the summer vacation. What hangs? I owe our Beethoven, there is KTV, when will you honor ??” It is Wu Wei Xiong, and it is already in the same bedroom with me.

Under the chamber friend, I took a diary, turned over, finally opened. “You don’t want to be so monketed !! Let me slowly come!”

The whole bedroom is filling among bursts of tea, everyone drinks tea, listen to me, tell me the adventure of my summer vacation …

First time

One night in early May …

“203 room Chen Yuan Zhao phone!”

strangeness? In the ghost where this bird doesn’t have an egg, I didn’t know any more eyebrows, how could I have my phone? I don’t fight early, I don’t fight late, I am playing when I write a letter to my pen.

“Hey, I Chen Yuanzhao!”

“Hey, I am Xiao Fang!”

Xiaofang is a friend of the motor communication department. Sometimes I think about it, a big man is nicknamed so that she is so good, it is really uncomfortable …

“I don’t know which beauty is called Xiaofang’s Yeah …” Hey! I deliberately joking with you!

“I don’t have a joke with you! Right, tomorrow night in the Newbus hall, we have a dance party yeah! And, we have a girl who invited Fengcheng Master! And free Yea! You Do you want to participate? “

I want to think about it, I am idle tomorrow, it is better to find a chance there. “Well! Then I will go see it tomorrow!”

“Yes! You are also called no tail bear! Bye!”

The tail bear (Wu Wei Xiong) is my roommate, not only the same class, but also the same community. Every time I have a good job, I will call him together. However, there is a thing I always can’t let go. He seems to have a woman’s edge, and people are handsome, and they are cheerful. For girls, it is a typical magnet. Ugh! Although my mother didn’t have a handsome, I didn’t have a handsome, but it was not bad! Why don’t I have this kind of encounter? Every time I travel, I can only “sell laughs” next to it, the girl always goes to “10,000 people”, oh …

After the tail beam came back to the night, I told him that Xiao Fang called, and called him to go tomorrow. Every time I have good Kang, I will report him, I don’t know if he also treats me as a brother? Looking at him sleeping, “Hey! You have a woman’s edge, I still continue to write to Xia Jia!”

second round

The next afternoon, when I was dreaming around Zhou Gong, I was bombarded by Xiao Fang …

“Hey, feed it !! How do you call me so early?”

“Some sleep! Go with me to the New Generation to help!”

In the newborn hall, what? Is this big hall sweep? I am … “I said Xiaoyang! People are also hungry, can you steal the dessert next to it?”

“Still stealing? Fast sweep!”

Hey! Put me to do hard work, don’t give things to eat, no matter where he, steal a dessert, Xiaofang can I do?

When I arrived at six o’clock, the people who participated in the ball will arrive in the joints of the dance. How did a group I think strange girls gather in the corner of the hall? “Small Zhao, those are the girls, you can say it!”

I slowly walked to them, “Do you have a man?” They nodded.

“Welcome to the first university of Fengcheng, do you have used dinner?” A few of them haven’t eaten dinner, “I am so good, there is still half an hour from the dance, I will take you to Go! “They stood up!

呜 … I regret this sentence … When they stood up, I found that these girls were wearing high heels, they heard me almost (me 175cm) … Although these girls’ image is good, this is high …呜 … I want to use “Dwarf” …

After they dine, the dance will begin soon. The proportion of men and women of this ball, ah! About one more, a big school in the wind city, a big school, a big school, this is really a rare, and the color is still taught. It seems that I am going to dance this time.

At this time, I stole a few students I met, almost all of them were in the beautiful women, but the school’s girls, there were also many seniors who stared at the tigers … what! After I summarized the results, the eyes of the school girls were roughly fallen on three flowers.

The appearance is full of hair, with a long hair, belonging to the “height is like Yan” type is a large-scale flower, named Chen Kaiyue. She is famous in Fengcheng, although she is still called the school, when a flower is more than enough. Unfortunately, I am not interested in her! Not because she is not beautiful, but there are two reasons: first, her voice is not good, every time she sings, she must be resistant to hear; second, she has too many people in “standing post”, So I think this is probably no hope … Another look is very lively, and it is a small flower department of the computer, and her name is Li Manting. Her voice is the girl I know, singing best, plus pretty short hair, cute face, many seniors’ eyes almost in her body.

There is also a very fullness, visually inspired, at least 34, belonging to a wetty type, in fact, in these three girls, her appearance, personality, the body is multiplied in three people, however There is a fatal injury – older than me …呜 … Unfortunately, her height is short than the current school, otherwise the school flower is not knowing! My eyes were deeply attracted by her … Mom, why don’t you born me in a few months …呜 … She is called another classmate in another class, and there are “two flowers of business”. The beautiful embryo is a freshman in the business science department, named Chen Shiling, and smart, her with Li Manting with a bedroom. If there is any bedroom and the room, it must be very happy … I secretly aimed at the classmates next to it, many people were watching her, but unfortunately, chatting with her is her straightforward, everyone has never been looking for her dancing …

I decided to go to Kayue to seek Kay, in fact, there is another reason, that is, I want to hang the appetite of the tail beach, because she is a friend of the tail … laugh…

“Hey? The people in your class have not come?”

“You look at the door of the lobby, sometimes I have been can’t be can’t stand it! Why do you often use this method, I don’t like this!”

I looked at the door of the lobby, and there were a few people to go … horrible…

“Hey … How do you deal with?”

“Sometimes I am really very angry, but everyone is classmates with class, torn face!”

“Well … what you said,” I am deeply sighed, “In fact, even our boys don’t like this method!”

I still remember that in the coal candle dance, she suddenly thought, with my dancing edge of the dance pool, the result was just returning to the original place, and the people who have the department came to her invitation dance, and Hyley gave me face. It is refused to dance, let me send her back to the girl’s dormitory. Later, when the community event came out of the team, the classmates looked at her next to her.

I glanced at the tail bear. He seems to want to find a Herit Yue Yue, so I will send her back to the seat. Tell, sorry!

After I returned to the seat, I also saw the poetry, I always think that her direct school is so … Don’t let people … Later, it was probably he had to go to the bathroom, and finally found the opportunity to chat with her.

“Hey! Poetry, why no one is looking for you to dance?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t like the dance meeting.”

“Since you don’t like dance, then why would you want to join?”

“Many students ask me not to come, I am embarrassed to refuse …”

When I still want to talk to her, I have a boy to invite her to dance, I have to leave. If you want to find her, I have been exhausted, but I was invited.

Unchained melody’s music is around the dance pool, and I can only have a small eye with a few friends who have fallen. Just after the tail bear, I also returned to me after jumping with Hyatt. “Now Li Manting is in order! How do you not find her?”

I thought about it, with it is “the wall”, it is better to go to her chat, so I will slowly go to her. “Can I ask you to dance?” She nodded to the classmates next to him, got up and got up with me to the dance pool. Unlike the school, her girl is different, her raising is quite bold, not only for sensitive topics, I will take my hand back to the seat after jump.

“Li Manting, I think you … very special!”

“Hey! Small Zhao, calling me Xiaoman, told me with surname, always feel that Wen is …”

“Hey? How do you know my name?”

“Oh … do you have a computer to choose a friend?”

Li Manting … Oh! On the list of my computer, she ranked second. I didn’t expect that she still remembers me. I haven’t waited for the god, and she interrupted my thoughts …

“Say, I am not afraid of you, I have learned a lot of dance steps, this is the first time I used. If I was pulled by Xiao Fang, I won’t come. However, I can’t know you!” ” I can’t see that you are honest, and you will talk very much! “

Suddenly, Poetry walked to us, looking for Xiaoman to return to the dormitory, watching their back, I always feel some desolate …

After the dance is over, I bought something with the tail bear to the department store. “Small Zhao, which is your interested?”

“Well … I am not very clear …”

“Look at you, you can’t give your girlfriend. Really, if you like people, you have to put it into action!”


After returning to the bedroom, we talk about this.

“Small Zhao, see you, it is impossible to make them!” The Magic Suddenly said.

The color devil is another roommate, and people have a high handsome handsome, but the speech is a bit low. He has experience in this regard, so I often have been smiled!

“Otherwise Xiao Zhao, let’s fight, if you can make any one of the three women before the end of the summer vacation, we lose you for a fate, and take a month. If you can’t do it, You have to ask us to pay a baby, and we have to sing KTV! “

“Is there such a strange gambling?”

“Otherwise, we will lose you a piece of space!”

These people know that I love to play Game and actually make such a gamble. “Forget it! It is unlucky, gambling!”

“There is no tail, waiting for the next semester to eat Beethoven! Ha …”

Looking at them out of the bedroom, I decided to let you look at it. Not for the gambling, but for my reputation of Chen Yuanzhao …

Third round

One month later …

June is the time of the sun, the people playing on the courts clearly, on the one hand, because the weather is too hot, many people prefer to sleep in the bedroom, and on the other hand because the final test is coming.

Since I met the three flowers, my life was full of brilliance, sometimes even dreaming, dreams, they smiled to me. However, in reality, they always invite them every time they will watch movies or eat late at night. Who told them so popular?

“Don’t be a tail, have you written in the end of the period?”

“Not yet! But first prepare for the end of the test! I think I can only find time copy, or go to the classmate copy.”

I continued to prepare the subject of the final test, but I have my phone, told me to meet the “small brother to the camp”. “Yes! The students of the three flowers are too tight, I have no chance to find them. More sickly, I am looking for Li Mantang’s next day, it is actually a signature” mixed magic light ” The classmates are intimidated. If you don’t want to go to her, otherwise I have to be unfavorable to me. I have always respected the classmates of the information system, and even fill in the information system as the first volunteer, but I was intimidated by the classmate. It is really the world.

“To Xiao Zhao, you are calling that there is no tail bear responsible for the people to participate in the Cales team, you are responsible for the activity design.”

Responsible to pull people? My thoughts are turned, as long as I take the three flowers of the male classmates to participate, plus female students with positive, poetry, and the three schools, will enable those male students to transfer the target. And I can only take a “rounded island tour” in the temple in the summer vacation.

“I said Xiaofangfang, I don’t design activities, or let me be responsible for the people, ok?”

“Well! Then you said with the tail bear, to design the event tomorrow night, call him to the community. Also, here is the registration list, which is responsible for you!”

When I got the registration, I really won the treasure, so I prepared only the news to the information system, the geological engineering system and business department, 嘿 … Go do tomorrow!

Fourth back

The next day, I worships me in the three series of friends, I am responsible for registration, and one hundred and twenty registration forms in my hand, leaving only twenty-four in the hands, and gives other more than a dozen department. Under the strong help of those classmates, a few “opponents” I worried were designated by “Please enter the”.

“Small Zhao, how is it almost all of them?”

“It is probably a more interested interest in Nash, like I ask Mathematics, the Department of Chemistry, no one wants to participate. However, there are many people registered, only two days!”

Xiaofang is excited to the registration fee, I am excited to think how to chase three flowers …

Suddenly thought, “Right, if they also go to the Cales, then don’t you give up your strength?”

It is not easy to say, hurry up and find small stars. The little stars are my only “female friend”, she is a friendly friend of Shiling …

“Hey, small stars?” “Xiao Zhao, you are so space, why don’t you call Shiling?”

“Don’t raise you! Yes, do you know that there is a wild to ask for a boss, it seems to be fun, are you interested?”

“Then it is best to find a few girls together, is it?”

“This is the second, but many people should take some people, isn’t it?”

“Okay! I know! I will go to Shi Ling asked, but Hyatt and Manning will not have already full, I am uncertain!”

“Hey! That is not tight, I will find someone else to play together!”

In fact, the little stars and poetry are dead, since the little stars have been moved by me, then the poetry is probably no problem! What I am worried is that Manting personality is more followed, as long as people go to her, she usually does not refuse, and Hyatt has been inviting her after the class has participated in the class. I have to contact them as soon as possible.

Fifth back

It is a coincidence. When I arrived at the girl’s dormitory, I saw Hyatt chatting with a classmate at the door. The strange thing is that from the Hyatt’s face, it can be seen very clearly that she doesn’t want to see that classmate. Looking at her barely squeezing a little smile, in fact, I think she is bother!

When I said, I hate those girls who saw girls, just like flies staring at the boy who died in the people, but my recent act is nothing to do with these flies.? Although I really want to go to Hyatt, since she doesn’t like people to die, I still know, don’t bother her for the time being.

On the way back to the bedroom, I feel that I lost a chance, I feel some kind, but maybe it is good to meet each other, and I will be embarrassed later.

Going back to the bedroom, I thought about half a day. “I am just betting with my classmates, although I am very good for them, but I really like her? If I just chase them in order to win the card, and again After chasing the hand, I alienate, then I am not a person! Chen Yuanzhao! You look at yourself, before you, you can’t worry, although you don’t do things all day, just sitting in your computer, at least Don’t commit river water with others, the result is now? The whole soul is not going to work, and there is a person who has provoked the information system. Who told you to diless the tongue? You, I am too lazy to say you! “

I have walked to the computer desk, I think every step is as heavy, why? Why will I have this kind of uneasiness?

Open the computer, is preparing to do the end of the report, but in my heart, I have been recalling things in this month. What’s wrong with me?

“203 room Chen Yuan Zhao phone!” Suddenly I called me to pick up the phone. It turned out to be the magic devil. When he was with me, he suddenly told me, “Women! It seems that I am going to prepare a piece of Sakara!”

female? It seems that Xiaosheng has news, I don’t know how many can they participate in the wild?

“Hey! I am Chen Yuanzhao!”

“Small Zhao! Who is you waiting in front of the girl’s dormitory?”

I am stunned. This is not a small star’s voice! So, who is this voice?

“Hey! You don’t know me? So you guess who I am!”

Although my ability is a bad rot, but my sense of action is first class. “Hyatt? How can you want to call?”

“Do you just want to find me?”

“Hey …” What should I say yes?

“Hey! I just had something to find a classmate. When I came back, I would like to touch my luck. I can see you can touch you …”

“Hey? Then you don’t have to see me, why, don’t you like me?”

Hyatt’s tone aggressive, let me feel that there is no fight, I really feel that hundreds of mouths are unable …

“In fact, I really want to say hello to you, but you are chatting with your classmates, I don’t want to interrupt your conversation. But I have something to say to you …”


“I looked at the poster of the wild, I felt very fun, I hope you can invite you to participate.”

“But … I have already given me … Sorry, I will go out with you in the future!”

“It doesn’t matter … You are so good, I wish you a happy summer vacation!”

“Thank you! Small Zhao … Say really, I think you are really good … Unfortunately, we know too late …”

Hyatt said that this sentence does this mean? Is it perfunctory to me or is it?

“Hyatt, in fact, you are not bad! People come and gentle, and have a good look, everyone is willing to be with you … So, do we go to watch the movie together tomorrow?” “I have a look … I have time tomorrow, okay!”

After the place of Hyley, we have a goodbye to each other.

“Small Zhao, you are a big white !! She just asked you if she didn’t like her, that is, hint you to step up, she is interested in you …” After returning to the bedroom, I have been being called “spiritual training”, side I said that I didn’t understand the style. strangeness? Is it what I want to chase? ? Sixth time

The next afternoon, I will go to the girl’s dormitory before waiting for Hyatt. I looked at the classmates and walked through the woman. I laughed at me. I don’t know how to laugh at me.

After about ten minutes, I finally waited for her. She is wearing a white dress, the edge of the lace is more showed, plus the long hair of gently floating, really let me be stupid …

“Hey! Small Zhao, you are a colorful wolf, staring at people for so long?”

“I have never seen you to wear such a dress, really beautiful …”

“Walk! The movie is going to start!”

This is the first time I am walking so close to the girl. I tried her hand, and the result was contracted back by her. It is probably because we don’t know!

“You see, people do their hands in hand!”

“You are smell! Who is a couple with you?” She dressed up to me, really cute …

I have been in the cinema for two hours, my hand is still trying to hold her hand. She finally did not avoid it, let me hold it …

At this time, I looked at her on my head. Her breathing seems to be very urgent, and her hands gradually hot …

This film has a little lyrical, and we didn’t think that this film would have such bold sex lenses. Although there is a spray effect, it is still a bloody. However, it is blushing, not sex lenses, but the act of abandoning everything, only for true love …

After the movie spread, she asked me now. “Do you believe this world is true?”

This problem is really hard to open for people who have not tasted love.

“Honestly, I don’t know, but I hope this world has true love!”

She looked at me, I don’t know if I don’t think about it, I said to me, “Hey! Anyway, you are really a stumps …”

“Now the sky is early, we went to the candle lake!”

She nodded. So I held her hand to sit down to the grass next to the candle lake.

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