I drank a little wine, I fell asleep, I didn’t know how long she slept, I was still sleeping, I suddenly felt it gently, I was tired, I didn’t open my eyes, and I know me. In the home of the boyfriend, I didn’t think too much.

That person hugged me to go, I thought that my boyfriend felt uncomfortable, so I went to bed to sleep?

That person put me on the bed. Just as I was comfortable to lying on the soft bed, I felt that there was a hand and softly unlocked my belt, and the other was only licking my breasts, so half a dream and half awake I am smothering, I feel very comfortable.

At this time, the hand that only unlocked my belt slowly moved down. When his finger touched my clitoris, I was sensitive to shaking, and then he felt that his fingers were constantly touched in my small hole.

I enjoyed the feeling of being teasing. I feel that my boyfriend is now my boyfriend, so I will put it on his teasing behavior.

At this time, my boyfriede suddenly kissed me, and I didn’t put sleep again. I closed my eyes directly to hold him. At first, my boyfriend was scared by my move, but then Immediately reach the tongue into my mouth kissed me.

Our two lips are tongue with tongue. I didn’t expect my boyfriend’s tongue! Dear, I was both excited and comfortable. The hole that was touched by the finger was gradually wet.

My boyfriend is too comfortable, I can’t help but send a snoring, just right, I want to praise him, I didn’t expect to open my eyes and saw it …. Small!!!

I quickly pushed him with your hand, let his tongue leave my lips.

I am surprised, said: “You … how are you?! Hurry to leave! My boyfriend is outside!”

I am angry to look at the small industry. At this time, I feel that the fingers that slide out of the small hole suddenly slide into my little point, and I will continue to put it, I quickly clamp his hand with the legs: “You … how do you still move? … you do this again, I really want to call people … Let me go! Don’t be too much! …… “

Small industries are like not heard, the more they are constantly, they are still talking to the small governments. This kind of smashing makes me more and more excited, I am nervous, say: “You have heard it?! …… Oh … I will take your hand! I really want to yell … ah ~~ Ah ~~ Let others see what to do? … After everyone … I will get along with you … I will take you as a friend. …… “

Small industry ignores me, but it is more intense, so that I will slowly get into the enemy’s pleasure, the small industry suddenly bite my breast, I am awaken from the thrill, then Loud call: “Ah! … save … 唔 … … …”

The small industry moves very fast, I just called a mouth to be held by the hand of the small industry.

Small industry suddenly passed to my face whisper: “Are you honest? Do you want to call everyone? Let them see you lying down, see my fingers in your wet, See your breasts just being bored with the tooth axes who have bored it? See you face the blushing lustful touch? Let your boyfriend sees you this look? How do he see you? If you want to call, now Call it! “

I heard the small industry, thinking in my heart: “If I have seen my present, I don’t know what he will think?”

At this time, my eyes suddenly saw someone on the sofa outside the door, the moonlight photos were on his face, that person is … .. my boyfriend!!!

It turned out that this scene he had already seen in his eyes, he didn’t come to save me, but also hide in that peeking!

I didn’t respond in small indices. He stepped on: “Look, this is right, 乖, cooperate with me, I guarantee that no one will know today.”

I looked at my boyfriend thought: “You still don’t come to save me! Ok! I will see when you can I do it?”

I pretend to be a compromise: “Well … I promise you … but … you have to promise me one thing …”

Small industry thought that I was compromised. He said that it was a victorious joy: “Okay, you said, as long as you agree, I can promise you.”

I put the shy expression: “Little industry me … or … still virgin … I want to leave my first time to my boyfriend … so … I will get better for a while … You like … I won’t rebel again … just don’t plug it in … I promise me? … there is left to him … Ah …… “

I said that these words actually want to provoke my boyfriend, see that he will hear it will not rush to save me. I didn’t expect not to introduce my boyfriend, but pick up the small industry, the small industry directly woven my legs, then embed the head between my legs, then directly use my mouth to kiss my little honey, honey Let me not call the waves.

Small industry is a few times and then excited: “Well … I promise you not to plug in, it is … Um … Xin … your pussy is beautiful … Honey is sweet … I really can’t think of you so beautiful. It is actually a place. “

When the small industry, put the tongue into my honey point, and continue to use the tip of the tongue, I am excited: “Um … ah … um …”

This kind of lichen quickly let me fall into the peak state, I can’t stand my legs, I want to hide, and my hands are swaying and wanting my boyfriend to save me.

And my boyfriend is still stupid to hide on the sofa outside the door.

At this time, the small industry suddenly stopped, and then climbed to me, then the legs were sitting on the side of my head, and his thick meat stick was very tall in front of me.

Small industry said: “Xin, you know? I am already paying attention to you when school, you are so beautiful … um … this is a man’s meat bar … come … Zhang open mouth, put It contains it. “

The small man’s meat stick is excited to be shaken before my eyes, I scared, said: “No … don’t … take it … it looks good, so disgusting …”

Small industry is unhappy expression, then put his finger into my wet honey hole, then said: “Do you just say that you want to cooperate with me? How to talk is not counted, if you don’t eat Go in, then I am inserted into it! You choose it, you have this time, what is the chastity! “

I feel tightly with my fingers, then look at the thick meat stick in front of you. I really want to imagine my honey pole to enter so big meat stick.

I have a nervous opening and ask for! “No! I don’t want to insert it! I ask you! I … listen to you … ask you … don’t … …”

I haven’t finished speaking, the small-sized glans suddenly entered my mouth, and a shack of 臊 臊 臊 到 ​​到.

I am uncomfortable to open your mouth: “Oh … … … 唔 唔 …”

Small industry is still constantly plugging my honey point, I gradually excited, I started sucking the small man’s meat stick to sound: “啾 … … … ……”

I didn’t expect my first blowjob, but also succumbing to the meat stick in front of my boyfriend. Every inch skin on my body should be boyfriend. I didn’t expect to play now, I feel like someone else. Let me have an inexplicable excitement, I have to suck the red-red meat stick in the mouth with faster speed.

Small industry suddenly excited with your hands quickly puffed and said: “Well … Your tongue is so smooth … ah … so comfortable … um … um ……”

Small industry’s glans constantly getting to my throat, I am uncomfortable to make a sound: “Hey … 唔 唔 … 唔 …”

The small industry pulled his meat stick and said: “Um … Xin Bian … you are so good … I am really good … I can’t … I’m going out … Oh … soon …… Fast … um, um … can’t … no … I have shot … … love you … Xin … oh … shot … “

Small industries suddenly crashed into my head, and then the small body trembled, followed by a whisper, a hot liquid rushed into my throat, the liquid deep in the throat made me Have to swallow.

The speed and quantity of the glans are far from the speed of me swallow, I was awkward: “Cough! … cough! ……”

The semen of the small modeo flows out with my cough, and the small industry suddenly pinned my nose and said: “Don’t cough up! All swallow! Do you want to swallow! Do you know ?!”

I have packed my nose for breathing, I have to swallow my mouth and sticky fine liquid in my mouth.

Small industries suddenly took out his meat stick, and then squatted to me, then grabbed my head crazy kisses and said: “Xin Bi, you are really beautiful …”

I opened my legs. Small industry was squatting on me, and his half-soft mincest stick with some semen continued to touch my hg, I am afraid that his semen will flow into my honey point. I am nervous, I want to open my boyfriend to save me, but my mouth is filled with the tongue of the small industry, I can only make a little voice: “Hey … 唔 … 唔 … … “Time for a minute, the boyfriend does not come in to save me, slowly, I gave up the idea to help my boyfriend, and I started to enjoy the feeling of small industry kisses. I also constantly issued a kiss to stimulate my boyfriend.

I don’t know what to think about now? Pain? Humiliation? Shame? Or more pleasure? His girlfriend is smashed by a man who has only seen a woman with his girlfriend every inch, kissed his body Every corner, even where he has never touched.

Tonight in his home, in your parents’ bed, the girlfriend is so like to play with a strange man, and from time to time, I will take out the voice of the downstream … I think that I will be wet.

On the small industry, I kissed me and said: “Xin, your lips are so beautiful … I know? I have wanted to kiss for a long time … … 啾 … 啾 ……”

Small industry kissed me, and I have always pay it attention to my boyfriend on the sofa outside. At this time, my boyfriend moved, and then saw his boyfriend carefully climbed to the door.

I know that my boyfriend is hiding behind the door, I am more active kissing the small industry wants gas boyfriend, unidentified small business excitement to touch my breast saying: “Hey … 唔唔 … your tongue … Slide …… It turns out … You will take the initiative … It seems … I have just left the semen … The taste is oh … … 啾 … Oh … Xin, your breast is also solid …… Touching so cool … You are really a good thing to be devil …… “

Just when I concentrated on my boyfriend after the door, the small business fingers suddenly inserted into my honey, I couldn’t help but squat: “Um … ah … ah, ah …”

At this time, I was hugged in the arms, and the cream had been removed. Less than a white cotton shirt left, the small daughter’s mouth swim in my double milk and lips, I wrinkled The brow is constantly praying for my boyfriend to save me, the nervous mood makes me have already sweel.

My trousers have already been taken off by small industries. Even my cute pink underwear is also faded at the right leg, and the small universal right hand is completely exposed to the next yin, and suddenly inserted. I continued to look at my boyfriend outside the door, but he slowly moved his way.

Small industry with mouth to enter my ear whispers: “Xin … I am so comfortable? Answer me …”

I use the tentative tone, watch my boyfriend will not rush to save me: “Well … ah … don’t … don’t … we don’t want it … um ……”

Small industry suddenly accelerated the speed of the finger: “Don’t do anything? Don’t you move? Still don’t stop? Also, I just asked you, do you get comfortable? Do you like it?”

Such stimuli makes my body a suddenly trembled. I want my boyfriend who my boyfriend, since I don’t want to save me, I want to see my girlfriend is teasing, then I will enjoy it to you: “Well … ah … ah … ah …… No … don’t … don’t … stop … don’t stop ………. This is very … very comfortable … itchy … itch … ask you … fast … 点 … “

At this time, my boyfriend is completely on the floor, and the door continues to move with the door with very slow speed, and I have been climbed under our bed, and his head is low, I don’t know if I have already found him climbed.

Xiaoye asked: “You said that your inside is itchy? Which one is itchy? Tell me to listen, I will help you bish!”

I know that my boyfriend will not hide in the bed, I can’t stop it. I deliberately put the excitement: “Just … that … inside … Your finger plug in … … … that place … … itchy … um um … ah … “

Small industry heard the sound of obscene, more exciting inserted: “Come, tell me, is it here?”

I am shy: “Um … ah … um …”

Small industry is more intense frequency and strength to say: “Then you tell me where it is here? Tell me, I will help you itch, ok?”

Although it is a boyfriend next to the gas bed, the happiness of the body is getting deeper. I started exciting: “Well … um … ah ~~ Ah ~~ Ah ~~ Ah ~~ I ~ ~ I don’t know ~~! I don’t know! Well ~~ ah ~~ Ah ~~ I … really … I don’t know … Ask you … Please save me … um um … um … ah ~~ “

Small industry feels excited. He continued to tease me with words: “Your holes are already very humid, look, it is still not willing to do it! Is it true very itchy? Then I am still a good person? It’s good … “The small industry said:” Well … Xin … you are really beautiful … You wait … I will stop itching … “

And I paid attention to my boyfriend’s movements, and I didn’t pay attention to the small industry at all.

At this time, I suddenly felt that my boyfriend suddenly rolled into the bed, and then carefully explored the head to look at the bed.

At this time, my boyfriend should see that my legs have been divided into M-shaped, hands around the small universal neck, puzzle the pussy in the water, rushing in his direction; back rushing his Xiaoye kneel in me, my wet purse should be exposed to him.

Just as I saw my boyfriend fell below me, Xiao Yao went to me, I feel a huge round head squeezed my pussy, and then a hot iron rod runs through my body, I The honey honey is now full of hot meat sticks, and it is stinging.

The lance on the hymen was smashed, and I didn’t want to call it, but my mouth was also filled with a small industry tongue.

I am completely unreasonable, I haven’t prepared it in my heart, my first time, I have taken it away by the small industry!

I didn’t expect the small industry to plug in. My chastity is like a man who is almost just a man who is close to my boyfriend. I don’t know what the heart is a taste … but other men’s mask Just inserted into my honey, this wonderful feeling is extremely huge, and the pockets below are not compromised in the small industrial meat stick.

After the small industry is inserted, there is no right to send it, but let his meat stick have not been in my honey, his tongue is still replanting in my mouth, like a painful feeling in appealing me.

Just as I slowly think that there is not so painful. When I started to move my tongue responded to the tongue of the small industry, suddenly the small industry suddenly could teat my penis, my obscene and virgin blood also scraped with the glazing, feeling honey Liquid in the hole was shaved.

Small industries suddenly inserted his penis, when the penis came to my homework, I couldn’t stand the low 啍 啍, then the whole body trembled, this suddenly feels so painful, But a burst of butt …

My honey has been filled with small industries again. The prostitutes in the honey have been squeezed out. Under the bright moonlight, I clearly see my boyfriend’s eyes on your sexual system.

Small industry began to slowly took out his penis. His thick and slightly curved penis was slowly extracted from my pussy. It was covered with the liquid in my pussy, and the surrounding smell came from Yan Sanzai. .

When the round-rolling glans took half, the small buttocks suddenly became a sink, quickly and more, and the tap of our crotch, sent a “”, my body is a tremble : “Um … um … um um … 唔 … um ~~”

In the case of my little mouth, I had to use a skelier with a skewers.

It is also an income, and the liquid that has been overflowing in the sensory connector connection has a few drops from my ass.

I will continue to keep inserted into a posture, I am pressing because my legs is smashed in the body, the pussy and the anus are completely upstairs. For the first time, this posture It is too stimulated that the penis that can feel small industries is completely inserted into the pocket. Nowadays, the small career peaches are tightly in my homework.

Small industry is continuously squeezed into the sorrow, I can respond to my ass, I hope I can get rid of the small cream stick to the intrusion and devastation of the lower body, I don’t know if this is more excited, the small industry is more exciting. When I quickly fell in my jealous, I was deeply thrown, and I was deeply punished. It was a punishment for me, and I made me obscenity splash, “啧」 」”

At this time, my ring was in the small industry. At this time, I was tightly grabbed. At this time, the small industry was only inserted for more than a dozen and stopped. The following honey points suddenly feel excited. So I fell vigorously from my hips.

Small industries still maintain the deep inserted posture, small industry seems to like this posture, and use this posture to take my first night, all happened in front of my boyfriend.

I have continuously trip my body, so that the small industry slides in the honey point, look at the expressions of the small and boyfriend, they seem to like what I twisted like this. I am aiming that my boyfriend suddenly reached out to some bed prostitutes, and then I smelled in the nose, and finally put it in my mouth!

I saw the expression of my boyfriend, and the hand stretched into his cross-down, I think he should be in the holder?

It turned out that his meat stick inserted into his girlfriend’s honey, even if you can’t look at the girlfriend, you are excited by others.

At this time, I thought about it, and the tongue in my mouth continued to be intertwined with the tongue of the small industry, but also a small industry has always kissed my mouth, or I will definitely call it. I will wake up other people.

Small industry tongue is really good, in his teasing, let me be more and more excited, the following honey points are more and more adapted to small and big meat sticks, I started to tear into the small man, the meat stick can bring me more Huge pleasure.

My honey hole has been wet, it is tightly enclosed in the small man’s meat stick. Small industry seems to feel it. He began to move, first in dozens of slow delivery, the second game, although the movement is slow, but it is also a stroke Seeing the bottom, every time I sent it, I am a thorn, I have sent a squat from time to time: “Oh … um ~~ 唔 唔 … um ~~ um ~~”

Maybe my vagina is too narrow. I feel that my small industry is on the way, and the small industry gradually accelerates the speed of the delivery, and the insertion is also increased. In this way, I was sluggish by meat sticks …

Looking at my boyfriend is posted under me, then keep up with his meat stick, and let the two men excited to make me have some sense of accomplishment.

“Oh … … … 唔 … …… um ~~” I was crazy by small industries and lapse, and the small butture was dropped every time, our joints will be issued “滋! 滋!”.

Overhead, the frequency and intensity of this sound is getting higher and higher … Suddenly, the small industry plugs my honey with a super fast speed.

This sudden excitement suddenly pushed me into the peak in the peak, I started to twist my waist with the movement of the small industry, but the ass also vigorously swayed, combined with the small crazy inserted action, Let the small generies can get to my homework every time.

Just when I went to the climax, the small industry suddenly took the first one, and I bored him: “Xin Chi … Xin … I have shot … I want to shoot …”

I really want to stop the small industry, but I haven’t come, I have a heavy waist after the small industry is finished, and I hurt my body and then shoot the first hot semen.

My homework was first sprayed in the first time, and the body suddenly came from the uterus from the uterus, and the pleasure came down along the body until the brain.

After the current is going into the brain, my whole body is like an electric to the same, the trembling of the whole body is shaking, and the following homes have received a climax, and the women’s fertility of the open son, the interior wall is constantly trembling with the thrill Contract, contracted uterus, constantly sucking the top of the palags in the homes. The glans took a strong semen, and the uterus continued to laid up until it fills the entire uterus …

The vaginal shrinkage clamps the stimuli of the meat stick and the uterus into the hot semen, my climax can’t be tightly holding the small industry, the pleasure of climax makes me call it, I quickly bite the small shoulder, afraid that I will The loud lascitation came out.

================================================================================================================================================================================================ = Suddenly I saw the reprinted “Enclose my girlfriend’s violent”, and the name of the heroine is just “Xin Lian”, so I will want to write this avatar and idea of ​​this heroine.

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