Today, my boyfriend is sick in bed. I touched my boyfriend and found my boyfriend.

I want my boyfriend to see a doctor, but my boyfriend will stick to the rest.

I have to get the ice towel to help my boyfriend, and then fill the water to give him a drink.

The boyfriend took the warm water and smiled and said: You seem to be a small nurse!

I joked the gentleness to him: Xiaoyi, you have to drink more water, take a rest!

My boyfriend said like a child: Sister, sister, why didn’t you wear nurse clothes?

I watched my boyfriend and said: Do you want me to wear?

Boyfriend nodded and nodded.

I have to cooperate with the nurse clothes on my boyfriend.

When I changed the nurses, my boyfriend suddenly took off my clothes and always called: I am cold!!

I am angry with my boyfriend and laugh: Xiaoyi, cold remnant?

My boyfriend took off her clothes and hided to the cottage and said: Nurses sister, I am so cold, can you hold me?

Looking at the big man in front of me suddenly became like a little boy, I had to smile with him with him.

When I met my boyfriend, I was shocked, my boyfriend is now like a stove, the whole body is hot!

I am surprised to watch my boyfriend.

My boyfriend suddenly hugged me to his chest, I became a boyfriend on my boyfriend.

Boyfriend hugs: Sister, sister, your body is good! This is so comfortable.

I smiled and said: Xiaoyi is too hot in your body!

For today’s cold weather, I feel very comfortable with my boyfriend.

The boyfriend hugged me, his hand started to touch my body, and the hot hand slid on my ice, so that I feel particularly comfortable.

When your boyfriend is hot, I finally met my small hole, I knew that my holes were so comfortable to get out of prostitution.

I said to my boyfriend: I am not sick, I still don’t worry?

My boyfriend is like a child’s answer: I still want to be sick, can I help me?

I looked at my boyfriend like a child’s expression. I started kissing my boyfriend’s hot neck, then slowly squatted, my cold tongue slid on my boyfriend’s hot body.

When I got to my boyfriend, I found that my meat stick was very upright.

I naturally reached out and hold my meat stick. When I hold my boyfriend’s meat stick, I was shocked, and I held the meat stick in my hand, it would be so hot!!

I opened my mouth and slowly contacted my meat sticks in my mouth. At this time, my meat stick is like a hot dog just finished, and I have been hot in my mouth. I quickly use the mouth to keep the meat rod to cool down.

After a long time, I still can’t stand the hot meat stick.

My boyfriend looked at me said: How can I contain it?

I wrinkled with the brow: too hot!

My boyfriend smiled and said: But when you enter it, I feel that your mouth is ice, so the meat is super comfortable!

Listening to my boyfriend said that this will make him feel comfortable, I still open the mouth to put the hot meat stick into your mouth, but I haven’t spur it out.

I frowned to my boyfriend and said: No, still too hot!

The boyfriend smiled and took my body up, and then buried his head into my chest.

After your boyfriend licked, the beginning was satisfied: your chest is good, it is like a pudding.

I was boyfriend and I replied on the side of my boyfriend: um … it is you … too hot …

Maybe it is always held by my boyfriend, my body is gradually hot.

At this time, I feel that a hot glans will continue to slide outside my small hole, it seems to be looking for entrance.

Suddenly the glans slipped to my small hole, gotting to the small hole of the prostitute, and push the meat stick into my small hole.

Although my body is hot, my boyfriend is hot, my little hole is like a burning iron stick inserted. I can’t stand the loud prostitute: 喔 ~~~ Extreme hot …. No … ..

My boyfriend is a very enjoyable expression, and my hands are tightly pressing my ass, let me not tell the meat stick.

Boyfriend puts the whole roots in my body, enjoy the hot meat stick to the cold hole.

Only, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it: I am so hot …. The small hole can’t be too …. Can you pull it out … ..

My boyfriend looks like I frowned, and he used her hands to put my butt, and then smoked the whole meat stick.

My boyfriend got my ass, but his hot glans was still in front of my small hole, my prostitution also wets the whole meat stick.

My boyfriend distressed eyes look at me: very hot?

I wrinkled my brow.

My boyfriend said to me: But I inserted into your meat, and it is so comfortable!

I frowned and looked at my boyfriend and said: Is it very comfortable?

Boyfriend nodded like a child.

I stood his mouth: Then you still want to plug in?

The boyfriend is happy.

I bite my lips and thinking about it, and finally nod to allow my boyfriend to plug in.

My boyfriend saw me nod, I didn’t hesitate to let my butt on my butt, my body is naturally going down, the glans underneath will take my little hole, and I will put the whole meat stick into me. Small hole.

I was still hot, the meat stick was so hot: 喔 ~~~ Good hot ~~~ I didn’t stand the hot meat stick in the small hole, I started to twist my ass, with the drum stick, the body Excited pleasure gradually, I didn’t think so hot.

At this time, the hot meat stick is tuned in the hole, but I am more comfortable.

I started excited, ~~~ Good hot ~~~ um ~~~ Good comfort ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Boyfriend feels that I have been accustomed to the temperature of his meat, he also started to grab my chest.搓 揉, the lower body is also twitching with me.

My body is more and more adapted to my boyfriend, and exciting pleasure is getting stronger.

I am excited: 喔 ~~~ meat stick is hot ~~~ um ~~~ Good comfort ~~~ 喔 ~~~ I don’t know if it is a cause, my boyfriend will not be moved to me. Besides on the waist, and then began to pump.

I am inserted into the climax of the climax: 喔 ~~~ meat stick ~~~ um ~~~ bigger ~~~ 喔 ~~~ More hot ~~~ um ~~~ Boyfriend suddenly put me down Press, then the waist force is tighter, and the whole meat stick is tight in my uterine mouth, then spurting a hot semen.

The hot and thicker semen is like a magma, and it has been burst from the mountain mouth of the glans. I drown my entire uterus.

I am in the edge of the climax, I suddenly be shot in the uterus, I was scalled to the high school, I couldn’t be burn: 喔 ~~~ good hot ~~~ um ~~~ hot liquid ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Irrush into the uterus ~~~ 喔 ~~~ I am resting on the boyfriend like this, after a long time, I still feel that the uterus is still hot ….

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