My high school good sister Baoer is getting married!

To marry the Aizhi of our high school classmates, she only invited me to be her bridesmaid, and the groom invited six as his companion, one is my boyfriend Xiaojie.

Other five are also our high school class class (big branch, house male, pistol king, allergie, color old man), which are the outer number of high school.

I will know that these are not kind, I especially hate them in high school. They always like to chat with A tablets and women, and often steal the girl’s chest, and the new groom Azhi high school often follow them. Mixed together, Xiaojie is more unfamiliar with them because Baby is inviting me to be her bridesmaid, so by the way that my boyfriend is a little brother.

Because the quasi-new groom and the quasi-bride moved to the middle, we drive to the middle of this day, we have been driving to the middle, we found a motel decided to live for one night.

On the evening, the new groom called all the companionship to the old man, saying that it is going to talk tomorrow morning.

Twelve o’clock to Xiaojie has not come back, I am worried that Xiaojie is sleepy, and I will drive it tomorrow, so I call Xiaojie.

Xiao Jie picks up the phone, speaks like being drunk: Xin Jian! You haven’t slept yet?

I am worried about: Xiaojie you drink? I am waiting for you!

Xiaojie is ambiguous: Azhi please ask everyone to drink, I will go back soon …

Then the phone was put on the side, but the little is drunk to forget the mobile phone, the mobile phone came from the TV A slogan. They should be a while to see a piece of wine?

I am angry with Xiaojie, but my voice is covered with the A side of the A.

Suddenly I heard Ambus Speech: Xiaojie! Today I am the groom, my biggest, not drunk can’t go back, come! Cup!

Then I heard a group of men shouted together: Cup!

At this time, the old man said: Azhi! You are the husband of others tomorrow, what is your wish?

Azhi said: I hope to play a girl with my wife outside, then shoot!

The old man responded: The best is! Now I am looking for girls to play with you? I also give you a tread!

The old man is then said: Xiaojie! What about you? If you are groom tomorrow, what do you want?

Xiaojie drunk answered: I hope to see that Xin Chung is dried!

The big branch is surprised: Really fake? Xiner is the class flower of our class, how many people envy you!

The otaku has followed: Yes! How many boys in our class are in the evenings. If the object is a pistol, if you add those quantities, don’t know how many times?

I heard that I suddenly felt that my body was hot, I don’t know because I have been listening to their TV’s bed or their conversation.

Xiaojie replied: Xin Jian is too like a saint, we only dare to use traditional postures, I have never seen a climax.

The old man says: No! If Xin is my girlfriend, I will use all kinds of sex to pick her to climax.

The otaku said: My wish is relatively small, I want to ask her to contain my meat stick, then put it in her cherry mouth.

The metamorphosis said: That is too pediatric department, I will pull her anus, then insert her, let her know the feeling of anal climax.

The big branch said: I am not too easy to eat. She has been inserted by me to ask for mercy. If it is Xin, I will insert all postures in a film to her beg for.

The old man said: You are so big, not being blamed by you. Hand gun king! Don’t look at the a piece of pistol in front of us?

The hand of the pistol: I didn’t have sex, I think it is still a more cool.

The old man said: It is best, as long as it is a man, the last thing you want ….

All people answer: middle out!

Listening to their dialogue is getting more salty and salty, and the object of discussion is still me, I heard my whole body is hot, I can’t do it below, I have to rush into the bathroom and take a bath.

After washing, the body is still very hot, now I can’t wait to be by my side, and then use the way to say in their mouth.

I have been calling Xiaojie on the phone, but Xiaojie has never responded to me, so I decided to put on the light clothes to the old man’s room to find Xiaojie, the old man didn’t have it, I just went straight to go. To the second floor. When the door, I heard the wine, and then heard the shot of the TV came out, the pistol king sat in front of the TV and looked at the A piece of a piece of meat stick, I saw it hitting it immediately, The pistol king still focused on his A piece did not see me.

After turning your head, I saw a group of boys around a table, and Xiaojie took a drunken downside.

宅 男 看 我 我 叫: 儿!

The old man is not cut back: It is best to be Xin, if she appears in front of me, I immediately take off her clothes to teas her!

Aizhi then said: Xin Jian! How come you?

At this time, everyone turned to see me, and the pistol king still looked at his A piece in the pistol.

I got the head and said: I am coming to picking up young, it is too late.

After I finished, I just smashed Xiaojie, but how did I shake Xiaojie, Xiaojie did not respond.

At this time, I suddenly found that the people around the surrounded me, I saw myself, I realized that I just took a shower, I took a t-shirt and a sports shorts, I didn’t wear underwear and underwear. I am squatting forward, the front of the people just saw the snow whitening chest in my t-shirt, from the back, I saw my crisp in the middle of my legs, maybe I saw my sports shorts. There is a little bit of water.

I saw that everyone is staring at me with a color, I immediately cover the chest with one hand, one hand covers the following.

The house man swallowed a sip of water and said: Xin Jian! You are so fragrant, just took a shower is the most attractive, color old! What did you just say?

The old man will follow: I can’t stand it!

When I finish the color, I will pull me down, and then quickly pull my sports shorts, then pull my leg, just use my tongue to pick up my meat.

I am surprised to push the head of the old man called: ah! Color old man is doing! Open me!

The old man ignores me, continues to lick my yukuclear and meat, and my strength is too small to push the old man, others use the good color to stare straight to me.

I have already been full of fire. Now I have been using my tongue in my meat, I can’t stand it slowly.

Dioguitar23.net_hey-019 [07-15-30] .jpg I looked at Azhi: Aizhi! … um … 叫 老头 住 … … 喔 … oh … ok …

At this time, Azhi looked at me and didn’t talk, and the underlying crotch was obviously convex.

The old man continued to use the tongue, I was taking the comfortable slutty: 喔 ~~ Don’t lick it any more ~~ Um ~~ I will not be able to stand ~~ 喔 ~~ I was can’t stand it, I can’t stand it. After the climax, the double feet climbed the head of the old man.

After passing, I released my legs. I looked at me on the old man and wet and wet. I said: Xin Jian! How? Comfortable?

I shy my face, then the old man called the otaku grabbed me one hand and a feet, and two people pulled my whole leg, and I was completely exposed to them. In front of you.

The old man looked at Azhi: Azhi! You don’t want to find a girl to do a gun and injective before marriage? Now there is one, and it is our class Huixin!

After Azhi died, took off his pants, holding his hard meat stick, and then put my chute with the glans.

I shook my head: Azhi! I am a good sister for your wife, you can’t do this!

Azhi listened to the body, his expression was a bit hesitant.

I went to say: Today you are getting married, you are the groom of others, you are going to track this!

A Zhi listened to his meat stick, and suddenly put into my meat, I called: ah: Ah, the meat stick in Aizhi plugged into my meat, and then said to me: at least now I’m not.

After saying that Azhi started to teach his waist, I was already in the wood, I was so excited: 喔 ~~ Good ~~ Um ~~ I will not stand ~~ 喔 ~~ other The boys now rush all the clothes, and the eyes look at the meat sticks of Azhi. Pull in my meat, and the hand is constantly ignorant.

After a period of time, I suddenly started to speed up the speed, I was also inserted into the highlighity of the slutty: 喔 ~~ so fast ~~ um ~~ I can’t stand it ~~ 喔 ~~ At my waist, I feel that a hot stream is rushing into my meat, and I am excited to climax. After a while, Azhi pulled the meat stick, and then the semen of the Aizhi came out of my meat, and other boys saw it together: Oh !!!

110113-468-carib-low [07-14-38] .jpg otaku at this time: I can’t stand it, I am going to shoot in her mouth!

Then the otaku stuffed the meat stick into my mouth, and then quickly twisted the waist, I am calling the meat sticks of the otaku.

After my mouth was inserted in my mouth, he suddenly put the meat stick in my mouth, then called: Xin Jian! Let my semen eat all!

After I finished, I felt a strong smell rushed to my nose. Then a hot liquid continued to spray my throat, the meat stick was on my mouth, I didn’t tell the way, I had to swallow up. .

After the house males were filled, the meat stick was taken from my mouth, and I turned to the ground to do evil on the ground.

At this time, the metamorphous man suddenly squatted behind me, one hand pressed my back, then use another semen that flowed out in his meat, then put my asshole with hand, slowly The glans squeezed into my anus, I hurt, I have been called: pain! Don’t! Ah!

Abnormal male ignores me, continue to squeeze the glans into my anus until the whole glans fall into my anus, I am pulled up, I am relieved.

The metamorphous male is slowly inserting the meat stick into my anus, then slowly and says: Xin Jian! At the beginning, it will be comfortable.

The metamorphous male began to speed up the speed, I hurt: 喔 ~ ~ pain ~~ um ~~ Good ~~ 喔 ~~ 110113-468-carib-low [07-13-01] .jpg metamorphosis male sudden Soon, then call: Xin children! No! Your anus is too tight! Oh!

The abnormal male force presses my back, then put the meat stick to the deepest, I was inserted to have been screaming, and I felt that there was a hot flow of hot stomach.

After the metamorphous male took his meat stick, the big branch will all correctly correct me, pull my legs, hand holding the super meat sticks below to plug in, this time, the old man suddenly pushed him, say: you are so big If you are inserted, you will be loosened by you. You are final!

The big branch looks at other people constantly nod, he has to stand in silently to the side set to make his meat stick.

The old man then took out the vibrating massage stick in my jerk, I was teasing to scream: um ~~ Soao ~~ 喔 ~~ 宅 男 好 奇 问 老头: How do you have a massage stick and an electric electric阳 具?

The old man is laughing and answering: just bought it, there is vending machine in the garage.

After the color of the old man, I will put the massage stick in my jerotic. One hand rubs my chest, then look at me: Xin Jian! How? Is comfortable?

I was teased by massage sticks: 喔 ~ ~ comfortable ~~ um ~~ can be numb ~~ 110113-468-carib-low [07-09-47]. The vibration on the yin nuclei makes me very fast. The climax, my climax is called: 喔 ~~ No ~~ 喔 ~~ The old man sees my climax, immediately insert your fingers into my meat, with your fingers, keep me G point, I was colored old The finger head is blowing out, the old head of the prostitute is all.

041912-998-Carib-Whole [07-26-23] .jpg Other people have seen the exclamation.

The old man reached out his hand, put him with my obscenity hand in front of my eyes: Xin Jian! I didn’t expect you to be so sensual, and I will blow it!

I turned his face and turned his face.

The old man then took out the electric mask to sway in front of me: High school, I don’t know how many nights, I am fantasy to put the electric mask inserted to your climax!

When the old man said, put the electric mask into my meat, then grabbed the end of the tail, I was can’t stand it: 喔 ~~ slow a little ~~ um ~~ Xiaoli ~~ After the old man was inserted for a while, I suddenly started the switch, and the electric mask was shocked and rotated in my meat. I comforted the obscenity: 喔 ~~ can ~~~~~~ 不 ~~~~~~~ ~ Color old man plug electric mask to feel that I want to go to the climax, suddenly pull the electric mask out, then lying next to me: I don’t want to gain a climax? I have to sit on the climax! I am excited. The climax, I naturally stepped into the old man, holding the meat stick directly, and then keeping the waist before and after, holding your own chest to make my own hancestral: 喔 ~~ fast ~~ Top me ~~ um ~~ Let me climax ~~ The old man suddenly grabs my waist at this time, and then quickly goes up, and suddenly, I suddenly crashed my waist, and then fully raised the semen Go to my body.

The old man looked at me was shot and frowned. He said: I don’t know how long it is waiting for this picture!

The big branch looks at the old age, and I am eager to say: Is it?

When the old man turned me next to him, Zhang opened my thigh and looked at his semen came out from my meat, and then standing next to the pistol. Wang said: Pistol king! You want to shoot no ?

The pistol king set with the meat stick.

The old man is then said: Shooting is to shoot in the Xin children, or you will be a claws.

After saying that the big bang stopped to the king of the hand, the pistol king is not willing to help his meat stick before my meat, the glans did not dare to plug in my meat, this time the big branch is behind him. A foot, his whole body squatted to me, and the meat stick inserted into my meat, we also called out: 喔 ~~ then shook the pistol king, original him inserted After that, his meat rod suddenly was covered by the meat, so that I never feels that he is cool to ejaculate.

110113-468-carib-low [07-11-22] .jpg color old man looks at the pistol king: How? Inserting it is more comfortable than the pistol.

The pistol king is lying on me.

The old man and the pistol king were in my meat, but I haven’t got to be climax, I am eager to be inserted and climax, so I have twisted the waist and hope that the pistol king will continue to push me, but only feel the meat stick in the meat. The smaller, I think the slitty of the climax: insert me … let me climax …

At this time, the big branch suddenly took the hand of the pistol, and then held his huge meat stick into my meat, and suddenly filled with my meat stick, I met the soleno. : 喔 ~~ Good ~~ Um ~~ Good ~~ Big bonkeys picked up my legs, directly put me into the train, and then quickly pumped me.

The big meat stick is thick and long. Every time he has to come to my homework, the top of my crispy lascitation: um ~ ~ so cool ~~ 喔 ~~ kill me ~~ um ~~ The big branch hugs, the sperm in the meat is inserted out, and the homework has been being topped by the glans. I am a climax.

But the big branch is not going to stop, still holding me inserted, I can’t be caught by: 喔 ~~ can’t do it ~~ Um ~~ Let me down ~~ 喔 ~~ I will be crazy ~~ Well ~~ The big support takes me to the drunken Xiaojie said: You talk to Xiaojie, the big meat stick is bigger than Xiaojie! The big meat stick is more cool!

I shook his head, and the big branch began to smoke his meat stick. I screamed: 喔 ~~ don’t ~~ um ~ ~ stop ~~ Um ~ ~ big branch hug me inserted, then ask me: Then what do you want to say?

I was can’t stand it by the big meat stick, and I went to the sideline: 喔 ~~ The meat stick ~~ um ~~ More than Xiao Jie ~~ 喔 ~~ Big meat stick ~~ um ~ ~ More than Xiao Jie ~~ 喔 ~~ Rao ~~ The big branch is proud to put me in bed, and then start transforming various postures to insert me, I was plugged into the constant climax and tide.

After inserted 30 minutes, the big branch finally couldn’t stand it. I cruel it in bed, then grabbed my hands and pulled it, and finally put the glans in the deepest, and opened my uterine. I was in the uterus. I was also big. The essence of the sperm is shot to the climax and blow.

Dioguitar23.net_hey-019 [07-17-19] .jpg At this time, the big branch is close to my meat, and then the whole body is behind me, and I am also the preserved of sweat. At the end, the big puff this time said: only 30 minutes, in the past at least one hour, all the strange meats are too cool, the sound is still so fast, I will be so fast. When I slowly started, I looked at the other people around us, and the meat sticks in them were all hard.

The pistol king said: Look at the scene A is more exciting, and the meat of Xin is so cool, this time I want to do it like a big branch.

The metamorphosis man said: Xin Jian began to change the immersive, and then anal sex will let her cool.

The old man said: I guess her very sensuality, let me transfer, will be a sensuality.

The otaku said: I also want to plug in the meat! I have to insert her to listen to her prostitution.

Aizhi sighed and said: I really hope that I want to marry Xin, can I change people?

Others smiled and said: No! Xin is mine!

The five people have turned me all night, and the continuous shooting in my body, I have been going to sleep, and some people continue to fall asleep.

The sky is bright, and I am squatting with the meat sticks with Azhi, and the following meat is constantly flowing out of five semen.

Dioguitar23.net_hey-019 [07-15-46] .jpg Aizhi looked at my face said: Tian is bright, Xin children! Are you marry me? I don’t want to marry Baoer.

I have a meat stick to shook my head in my mouth.

Aizhi sighed and said: Ok! You are squatting, I want to shoot in your body.

I stood up and squatted on the wall. The arrogant, Azhi grabbed my butt, I cached, then handed my face kissed me, kissed my face, I started to speed up, I am too excited. Skinate: um ~ ~ husband ~~ 喔 ~~ Wife is quickly you ~~ um ~ ~ kill ~~ Aizhi finally grabbed my waist and shouted: shot in! Wife!

110113-468-carib-low [07-14-20] .jpg we have gave a climax together.

Xiao Jie suddenly moved, Aizhi quickly pulled out the meat stick and lie on the ground, I quickly grabbed the clothes and wear it, and then squatted next to Xiaojie, Xiao Jie Zhang opened my eyes, surprised: Xin Lian !Why are you here?

I laughed and said to Xiaojie: It’s bright, you still have to carry me to Baoer!

Xiaojie is surprised to say: Pairing! I will wear you immediately after brushing your teeth.

After Xiaojie got up, he lied his bare body everywhere, and then looked at me.

I low my lower words: I am here when I come over.

Xiaojie covered my eyes and quickly pulled me out of the room.

Finally arrived in everyone, groom and companion arrived at the door, changed my bridesmaid.

Everyone saw me in the clothes of the bridesmaid and said: Xin Chung, you are more beautiful.

I am shy answer: Don’t think so like this, I will let you go!

I have issued the first condition, I have to give up the groom and the companionship to stand up and stand up. As a result, the groom didn’t do it in five, and the groom was not going to the ground, and the media was still laughing next to the groom. The physical strength is too bad. How will the bride happier?

Next, the companion starts to help, and everyone can’t do it in five times. The media is shaking his head and saying: Now the young man is too bad!

I am proud to look at each of them, and I can’t help it, I finally made a good job.

I have also want to play, as a result, the media is important, I have to say that the last condition is to give 9999999 yuan.

Everyone heard the same voice: I have already gave it, and more than a lot of times!

I know what they mean, I shy low, and Xiaojie blossomed.

Then I said: Don’t open the door, all the consequences you have to bear …

I am afraid that Azhi will pick up what I want to say, so I have to open the door.

Xiaojie is responsible for opening a groom, I can’t sit in the same car with the bride, so everyone grabbed him to take his car, and finally, everyone guess, the result is the most unwanted big branch guess, everyone uses envious The eyes looked at the big branch, and finally the car opened, and the big support opened. After a long time, I will open the car into the motel, then tell me: Xin children! You are still beautiful than the bride, I really want to do it again.

I am angry and shake his head and say: This will be late, don’t make trouble.

The big branch smiled and said: I am not a groom, if you don’t do it again, then I will talk to Xiao Jie, saying that you are inserted all night, it is entirely shot.

I am afraid that the big bonus says, I have to follow the second floor in the second floor. After the second floor, the big support, I wore the bridesmaid dress, pulling the undergarment, inserting my meat, looking at me The eyebrows are called, and then happy: Who told you that you have to bully us, let us embarrass, then you will ask for mercy, I will not let you …

The big branch is inserted in this way for more than an hour.

After the big branch is satisfied, I put me back, Xiao Jie saw me nervous: You go there, how have you been?

I am angry, I said that the big branch said: all is him! He went around the road.

Xiao Jie saw me and he was in peace, and the hand took me into the groom home, and I feel that the semen in the meat is slowly moving from the thigh …

After that, he is withdeen to marry, and it is specified that I have to be with Xiaojie and bridesmaid. Xiaojie doesn’t understand why, I really want to refuse, but I am afraid that they say it, I have to continue as their bridesmaid .. .

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