Father’s Day is coming, I am in my heart, I have to send my father this year, and after the last time I pretend to my brother’s girlfriend, the relationship between the three people between my father and your brother has produced subtle changes.

Thinking of last time in the younger brother’s room was given … Thinking of this my cheek didn’t consciously rising red, I quickly swall like my hand, I would like to make my cheeks so hot.

I thought that my father was lasts like a lot of beasts, and my father didn’t seem to have a pipeline. However, of course, it is impossible to ask me again when my father expresses the pipeline? (Although though The last experience made me …> /// <, but ethics is absolutely not allowed to be!)

At this time, I suddenly thought of the young Dad, a young teacher, a few years old, and since the Xiaofou teacher divorced his ex-husband, he heard that there was no boyfriend now.

The young teacher is not very gorgeous, and it is not seen in the crowd, but her personality is very gentle, and the understanding is that she also rushed to chase him in the school, but I don’t know if it is divorced. The frustration makes the Progourts always refuse the pursuer outside the door.

Teacher Xiaofou teacher is very good to me, we sometimes play like a sister, and the little teacher will often buy something like our little girls. (If you really have to have a mother, I will hope that the young teacher is a mother, she will be like sisters like me.)

The heart is good to help my father to find a “good wife” as he followed the father’s day after this year, I started to implement my plan, I have to invite Xiaofu Teacher to go home, first let Dad and Xiaoli teacher meet Patent.

First of all, I first got to go home, on the one hand, pretend to be a teacher to help my papers, on the one hand, and the teacher together.

Teacher and I am discussing the papers, we are having fun looking for online searching items, then heard the sound of the living room door, listening to heavy footsteps, I know that Dad.

Dad saw my shoes, he will come to my room to say hello, really, after a long time, Dad will come to the door: Xin children! Are you coming back?

After I opened the door, the teacher also hurriedly stood up and greeted my dad. I quickly introduced the Professor Teacher, saying that the teacher has to help my paper recently, so I will often come to my house.

After my father is polite, I asked us that we have dinner. After I shook my head, my father said that he went to buy. By the way, the teacher bought it, and the teacher, please take the teacher to eat together in our home.

The teacher has to open a decline, I quickly say: Ok! Skumi teacher will take it! (I know that the teacher will go home and eat alone.)

The teacher did not tell the way, so I had to stay with us, and our family and the teacher were eaten in the living room. Such a family, sitting down, dinner is already a long time.

Looking at the eyes of Dad and the teacher, I know “I am in!” There is a hostess to let this home like a home.

Profile teacher agreed to our family a day before the day, but also to help us prepare a sumptuous dinner, but the younger brother suddenly told friends who went to the outside of the field and didn’t go home. Singing, taking this time to let Dad have the opportunity to have two people “Lonely men widow” together with Little Masters.

Looking at the watch is 9 o’clock, the typhoon gradually landed, the wind is getting bigger and bigger, friends are going home to hide, Father’s Day, do not know how the teacher is with Dad? Now I can only Go home to hide the typhoon.

After I returned home, I was silently opened the door, and I saw a lot of rich cuisine on the table, I secretly climped a piece of dish, I suddenly heard a slight snoring. That sound seems to be passed from Dad’s room.

I quietly walked to my father’s room with my foot. At this time, I found that the door of the dad room was half open, I was slowly climbed on the ground and saw it in the door.

I didn’t expect to see that the little teacher bare body is sitting in Dad’s body. It keeps moving with the waist: 喔 ~~~ Strong ~~~ um ~~~ Your meat stick ~~~ 喔 ~~~ good Hard ~~~ um ~~~ Good thick ~~~ 喔 ~~~ I am surprised to watch the little masculine stick with her honey with her honey, keep slipping. (The original gentle little teacher is so lascivious on the bed?)

Profile teachers screamed before and after the enthusiasm of Dad’s chest muscles: 喔 ~~~ No ~~~ Well ~~~ It is going to climax ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Next, the teacher’s legs are tight Clean your father’s waist, then the lower body constantly shaking twitch. (Moreover? It seems that this is not the first time to go to the climax!) The teachings of the teacher hit the body to tremble in Dad, Dad pulled out his still hard meat, and then climbed up The teacher lie on the bed slammed her next to the bed, and then held the hard patter of the teacher’s prostitution, and the pockets that were still moving slightly after the teacher’s climax. (I didn’t know the father’s meat stick. I only knew it very much. I finally saw the majestic meat stick!)

After Dad gave the rough meat stick to the honey hole of the Profile Teacher, he went to the teacher in the whole half, and then Zhang said that the teacher was excited to stand the nipple, and the teacher, the teacher, the teacher, sensitive, is so comfortable Sound: 喔 ~~~ Good comfort ~~~ um ~~~ Dad slowly slow down, hard meat stick slowly squeezed into the teacher’s honey point, the rough meat stick is like a teacher The honey got into the feeling of sucking in, and suddenly I sinked into the honey point of the teacher, the teacher showed the satisfaction of the expression: 喔 ~~~ I came in ~~~ um ~~~ You are so thick ~~~喔 ~~~ Good hard ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Look at Dad’s meat sticks into the teacher’s honey point, so close to the sex picture of the two sexual connections, let me feel hot, I don’t consciously use The finger extends to me to stroke, when the finger encounters the underwear, I know that my underwear is wet.

Dad slammed the teacher’s nipple, one hand, didn’t stop the teacher’s whitening crisp. The lower waist is still in front and then swinging the piston action. At this time, I suddenly found the meat stick just now, Dad. There is no completely inserted into the teacher’s honey. (Is it the way the teacher’s honey pointed to swall out the thick meat stick of Dad?)

The teacher can’t stand the teasing and pumping action like Dad. The teacher is close to the slutty of the climax: 喔 ~~~ This is not ~~~ um ~~~ I will go to the climax ~~~ 喔 ~~~ You are so fierce ~ ~~ Well ~~~ How can I not shoot ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Teacher is close to the climax, the hip catering to Dad’s plug-in action, there is still no obscene, but Dad still takes him. The rhythm is unhappy and slow. (At this time, my two fingers have been completely inserted into my own small points.)

The teacher finally couldn’t stand the brow with her hands tightly holding his father, and the body feels that the climax is like a stupid twitch. (Looking at the expression of the teacher’s continuous or climax, I don’t know why I am a little jealous.)

I thought about: “Why do I feel jealous? Is I hope that I am now in bed?”

I quickly shake your head remind yourself: “Xin children! What are you thinking! That is your life father! The last time is an accident, how can you … No! Never!!”

I shook my head. At this time, my body lost my balance. My body walked forward, I naturally reached out the wet hand in the pocket to help forward, and the result is like this. Come.

After the door was opened, Dad immediately turned to see me, and the little teacher is still closing his eyes, so she did not pay attention to me.

I will tell my father a few seconds. I quickly pulled the door quietly, and I went back to the door.

I walked back to my room quietly. After I closed my door, I lied to my bed. Dad’s meat stick plugged in other women’s body with my eyes, let me feel super, but my mind has been Stay in the pain in the dad of the dad.

The body is hot to make me feel tightly with another pillow with your legs. I am asleep in my mind like Dad and Progou.

I don’t know how long I have slept, I suddenly feel that someone is sitting next to the bed, so that I am gentle, I feel familiar, I must be Dad! I closed my eyes and continue to sleep.

Dad said while touching my long hair: You and Xiaodong are my heart of liver baby, you and Mommy did not accept soft soft, Dad won’t put her into the door …

The air is filled with some wine. It turns out that Dad has a little wine. It is no wonder that Dad has a bit sense today. Dad is full of love for me and my brother, saying that Dad will gently put my cotton. Covered, then quietly went to the door.

After Dad closed the door, I dared to open my eyes. At this time, my eyes were full of tears. (I know that Dad is willing to let us, so I will be willing to let myself alone. Dad is still deeply loved by my mother.) I am now fascinating, lying on the bed, I can’t sleep, watching our family The family photo, I suddenly flashed a thought.

I got up and turned over the wardrobe and found my mother’s clothes. After I put my mother’s clothes and skirts, then I took my mother’s favorite hair ring, and I learned my mother tied a horse, and then sprayed my mother. The favorite perfume.

I am proud to stand in front of the mirror, I am looking at my own dress. It is no wonder that my relatives always say that I am very young, now I am really similar to my mother!

I quietly walked to the living room, I found that the shoes of the young teacher were not there. Surely because the typhoon came, the Profile Teacher also went home early, I quietly opened the dad’s room.

After going in the dad, I learned that my father was sitting in bed, then reaching a gentle touching father’s motive, I touched my father, I still didn’t move, so I had to continue to touch, I hope to let my father. Wake up in a semi-drunk half-life situation.

My little hand is softly touching my father’s cheeks, but my father still doesn’t respond, I have to continue to go down, my fingertips is softly slippery over the neck of Dad, and then continue to reach into the quilt.

When my little hand put into the cotton, I found that Dad didn’t even wear clothes! My little hand touched him on his strong chest muscles. (I didn’t expect my father to be old, the chest muscles can still be so strong, so strong!)

I used my fingers to smash my father’s nipple, I woke him, I didn’t expect to drink wine, and my little hands had to continue in the cotton, suddenly touching a block of raised ridges. . (I didn’t expect Dad to have abdominal muscles !!!)

Go to touch with your hand, let me feel the strongest body of the cotton, so stroking my father, the body is actually getting hot up. (I have a kind of impulse that will be opened by the cotton.)

When I gave your hand, the more you constantly squatted to the cotton, I suddenly touched a clear depression. Is this the so-called person fish line? And mean that the father of the quilt is not all naked?

The body’s hot plus the heart of the heart, my hand slowly touched down, I just want to touch my father’s meat stick, see if it is in the hands? Is it true?

Just when I was ashamed, I suddenly opened my eyes and stared at me. I immediately stopped his hand, and I looked at Dad.

After the father opened the lamp with his hand, the half-drunken expression was looked at me, and my fingers were still touching his inclusions in the cotton. Dad suddenly said: Ting? (This is the name of Mom)

Although I think something different from me, I originally planned to touch my father’s hair, let Dad wake up, then, my father is still drunken, pretending to talk to him, but now my hand is placed in a little bit …

I quickly reached out to touch my father’s cheek, my mother’s tone is gentle, calling my father: Rong …

Dad didn’t dare to confuse me. After Dad stunned, then suddenly hugged me, then weeping in my arms and said: Ting … I did a long nightmare, dream You leave me away. (I have never seen my father crying, let me scare a big jump!)

I have learned my mother’s movements and tone to touch my father’s head and say: Rong, how can I leave you?

Dad continued in my arms like a child. I also got two children! My sister is called Xin, and I am as beautiful as you. The younger brother is Xiaodong, as as she is as she is as she is as she is as she is as she is as she is as she is as she is as she is as she is as she is as she is as she is as she is as she is as she is as she is like me!

I held my father’s head and said softly: Then do you like them?

Dad nodded like a child.

I gentlely said: Rong, if I am not there, I don’t want to see you alone, you must find another with you, I won’t blame you.

Dad said he hugged me: I as long as you, there is our child, let’s come with a child!

I am surprised to say:?

Dad suddenly hugged my head with hands, then passed the lips to my lips and kissed me. I scared didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know how to tell my father.

When my head is still thinking, my father’s tongue has already pushed my lips into my mouth. Dad’s tongue reached directly into my mouth, this is not a simple kiss between father and women. The inner moral sense of sin, let me want to quickly escape from Dad’s tongue, but Dad’s hand hugs me tightly, I will not tell me, and my father’s tongue will gradually make me feel comfortable. (The original younger brother’s kiss is inherited the genetic of Dad!)

Dad’s tongue kisses made my heart gradually sinking. Finally, I just thought just just a simple tongue, and I now replaced my mother’s identity. When I thought this, I suddenly found that my father’s hand has already reached into my clothes. My bra is taken off!

I reached out to my father’s arm, but my father’s tongue made me stronger, I didn’t expect Dad to take off my upper body, and I actually touch my underwear, I quickly protect my underwear with my hands.

I didn’t expect Dad suddenly opened his cotton, and then directly put me on the bed, then grabbed my hands with one hand, and then taking my skirt and underwear all over, then with the thigh Open my legs all over, my father skilled action plus kisses, I will be traged by him.

When Dad’s hot meat stick touched the inside of my thigh, I scared, I used to push my father’s body, my father’s tongue finally left my lips.

I was blocked by my father to face the chest and said: Wait a minute … (I think about what reason why I should use it in my heart)

Dad suddenly smiled and said to me: I know … (Know? What? I am foggy)

After the father, I got up my body, I thought that my father had to take a bath to take a bath to make the body clean, I shame to cover an important part of my body.

Dad climbed up and went to the wardrobe, then opened the wardrobe and took a box of boxes. (I remember that the box father and mother were not allowed to touch us. When I was young, I thought that I hid our toys inside.)

Dad opened the box, and the result was actually a bunch of fun supplies, there were handcuffs, feet and collars, and a bunch of nylon rope and massage bats and a wide variety of SM supplies.

Dad first took a ball to come to me, and then dad gentle the ball into my mouth in my mouth, and I just left my father on the bed. (The original parents have this hobby in bed !!!)

Then Dad took the handcuffs directly pulled my hands to the back, and there were less hands to cover my naked, and I was talking about my hands. I wanted to break free.

Dad is holding a nylon rope to me, and I think in my heart: “Is Dad have S tenden? And my mother also has the tendency to be M. No wonder I once saw my mother’s body with a rope!”

When the nylon rope slowly tightened into my skin, I scared, I went back and fell to stop my father, but my mouth was caught by the ball, I could only issue “… …”.

Dad is skilled, I can’t bind my naked, and my legs are also embedded by the M-shaped expression. It is tied to bundle with very shameful posture. As the rope, the rope is more tight, I The heartbeat is getting faster and faster, and the hole is slowly wet. (I don’t know if it is inherited the relationship between my mother gene, the body lost the right to be bundled, my body actually hot excited.)

Dad tighten my rope behind me, the nylon rope is firmly trapped in my skin, I feel that I have no distinctive movement, I actually make an excitement: …

Dad took me to the bed next to the bed, I appreciated the body I was bundled, so that the smoked hole was stared by Dad, I shamefully opened the mouth, I want to call my father to solve the rope, but the ball The stuffed mouth made me only a blurred low snoring, and the mouth of the mouth kept out of the mouth along the mouth next to the mouth.

The mouth of the mouth and the small hole flows out of the prostitute, and I will completely wet the sheets under my, I can only look at my father with a shy expression. (No! This is bundled with my body is getting hotter and hot, more exciting …)

Dad excitedly said: Wife, how is it just tied you? Your tender hole is already wet into this?

I was ashamed to watch my father didn’t know how to answer, but I feel that my little hole is really wet, so that I have been bundled, I will slowly feel that there is a Mumming pleasure. (My heart begins to solve the rope on my body, I feel that I have become more and more strange!)

Dad suddenly squatted into my legs, then put my finger next to my labipings, I went away from the small hole I went to the mouth, then directly licked the obscene honey outside the small hole with warm tongue. The bliss father went to fel away, and when I moved my body, I remembered that I didn’t tell the law. I only had a snoring that I can’t stand by my father: 呜 ~~~ Oh ~~~ (I wanted to call my father to stop, but the mouth can only make a sound) Dad’s tongue tongue with my slings, and then keep taking me excited to swelling the sump sprouts, Bundle to make my sexy belt are particularly sensitive, so that I can’t stand it, I can’t stand it: ~~~ ~~~ (Don’t be like this ~~~ This will not stand ~~~)

The body is given by Dad, plus the nylon rope in the skin, and the shame of the back, all the reasons make my body 心 心,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I can’t stand the climax.

My little hole was caught in the climax by my little dad. I am sensitive to the lower body, but the whole body is fixed with this, and my father has never stopped absorbing the prostitution of my climax. I twisted his hips to seek! Hey ~~~ ~~~ (喔 … climax … don’t lick … 喔 … 喔 sensitive …)

Dad has always been licking, I finally stopped when I started to tremble, my father was full of laughing and smiling and said: Wife, what are you so sensitive today? When I got a climax?

This is the first time I was bundled by SM, and I tied my object or a relative father, so that the shock of his back made me shamelessly arrived at a climax. (I just want to put my mother to persuade my father to accept the Profile Teacher, did not expect to evolve into the SM relationship with Dad.)

Dad suddenly took me up, then put me in a horizontal bar, put four hooks, my father hooks me to the nylon rope on my hands behind me, then two more Hook all my feet, I opened my legs throughout the person. (I always thought that it was the exercise of my father, I finally knew it true use)

There is a big mirror in front of the horizontal bar, I saw that I was hanging in the air through the mirror, my cheek done a shame of the red expression because of the just tide, and the upper half body was bundled with the nylon rope The relationship seems to be more convex, the lower body is large, the size of the M-shaped is hanging in half, and clearly see the honey of the small hole mixed with Dad’s saliva. Slow down.

The weight of the body rely on four hooks hooks the nylon rope, the weight of the body makes the nylon rope on the body, the longer it, with the nylon rope constantly fall into my skin, the heart is shame and the body The oppression actually makes me feel more and more exciting.

At this time, Dad suddenly stood behind me with one hand, holding my waist, one hand holding a vibration massage stick directly on my excitement to swelling the soy sprouts, when Dad turned the vibration massage stick switch, one The Trouse of the Tao Mason suddenly passed up from the small bean sprouts. I couldn’t be caught up immediately: ~~~ ~~~ (喔 ~~~ can ~~~ um ~~~)

The more excited to twist your body, the more the nylon rope on the body will fall into my skin, the body constantly contraced the plethy pleasure plus the soy gear sprouts, I can’t stand it very quickly. : ~~~ ~~~ (喔 ~~~ No ~~~ Um ~~~ Also ~~~ 喔 ~~~)

I crumpled in the mirror, and the body hanging in the air and kept shaking in the air, but the vibration massage stick on the soy sprouts still stopped quickly shaking the buds of the buddu, my whole body is spoilless, I can’t ask ~~~ 呜 ~~~ (喔 ~~~ stop ~~~ Um ~~~ This will ~~~ 喔 ~~~ urine ….)

I suddenly heard the water on the floor, I was surprised to watch my little hole in the mirror is like a fountain, and I can’t stand the tide. The massage sticks above the small governance and the hands of Dad are full of prostitution.

The bundled snorted feeling of sexually doubled, and let me have a continuous climax, and I am too excited to blow a whole place.

My tide blows a lot of dad to remove my little bean sprouts. At this time, my cheek has blown a sweat, and the naked that is bundled is also rolling and turning away. Sweat is hung in the air tremble.

It was tied to the nylon rope for a long time. I gradually felt some places in my body. At this time, I suddenly felt that my small hole was passed by a hot border. (The original other parts lost their feelings, but the feeling of sexy belt is double!) I looked at the mirror and found that my father was standing behind me, and my ankle actually highled out a coarse glans. It turned out that Dad The height of my hang is just to make my little hole hang in the height of Dad. (Dad’s genitals actually touch my genitals!)

Dad stood behind my back, then twitching before and after, and my wet-sensitive yukuclear was frozed through the meat sticks of my father to the whole hot, and Dad is even more non-stop. Crashed the small bean sprouts above my small hole.

The thick glans have been sliding outside the small hole, I am nervous in my heart: “Dad … No … I can’t plug in … I am not a mother … I am your daughter Xin children …”

Wet, no jerk, covered with Dad, the thick meat stick, rushed to the water, the sound of “滋”, the thrill of the lower body continues to pass to the brain, the meat wall in the small hole is excited to secretly secrete Honeymous honey, the mouth in the mouth is also very exciting to secrete saliva. (Finished! This is like making love, let me feel comfortable below, the feeling of the body makes me gradually sinking …)

My saliva does not stop dripping on my chest from the corner. The honey in the small hole also wesks the hard meat sticks in my dad, and I am can’t be red, I can’t bear the mirror reflection. Obscene picture. (Day! Hanging in half-air, being smoked in the small hole in the small hole, and I am too excited!)

The small hole is getting more and more humid, it seems to make Dad more exciting. Dad swinging the waist is getting faster and faster, but the body is thoroughly lost, but only knows that the yukin and the soy sprouts are frozen, such sex Let my nipples are excited to converge it. (No … Stop such dangerous thrust movement … The glans will slide in …)

At this time, Dad suddenly slammed my chest from behind, and also used his fingers to hold my rapid papike, so stimuli let the body’s pleasure quickly, I am like a vibration of vibration like an electric shock: 呜~~~ 呜 ~~~ (喔 ~~~ Don’t ~~~ um ~~~ This is so sensitive ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Dad finds that my whole body keeps trembling seems to go to the climax, so Dad is tight Catch my nipple, then the next half is quickly twisted with the waist to make the meat ribs out of the small hole, like a fierce hitting my hips before you want to shoot. (No … I will not tell the way, I have to go Orgasm…)

Bundled to the sexual feelings, like a true love to smoke, my whole body is screaming to the climax of the slutty: ~~~ ~~~ (喔 ~~~ no ~~~ um ~~~ The climax ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Dad feels that I have to go to the vertices of the climax, I can’t stop the big mouth, the saliva of the mouth is not distinguished from the clock, and the whole body is full, the whole body spasm It’s going to be twitching. Dad feels that I can’t stand it. He quickly stopped the action. (Moral bondage plus SM’s pleasure quickly consumes my body and mind.)

After a while, the body’s sputum feels gradually slowed down, and the body was brought to the nylon rope to anesthesia.

Dad felt a lot of calm care, he suddenly put his hands on my hips, then open my little hole, I thought that Dad will lick my small hole from behind.

Suddenly I felt a hot big round head in my little hole, I was scared to see, and I saw that Dad’s half-squatting posture held his meat stick to my little hole, I was nervous: 呜 ~ ~~ ~~~ (Dad! No! I am Xin Jian! Can’t plug in!)

Dad is slowly on the top of the top, the thick glans slowly squeezed my little hole, even though I used to clamp my little hole, the thick glans still kept the top of my small hole. Open. (No! Dad really wants to put the meat stick into my little hole!)

When my small hole is expanded to the fast limit, the thick glans suddenly slid into my small hole, and the coarse glans blocked my little hole. As Dad put my meat stick into my small hole. The air in the small gall is squeezed into the extrusion of the air to the outside. The sound of “滋 … 滋 滋”, Dad’s thick meat stick swells all the inner walls of my small hole, I can’t stand the kinky: Oh ~~~ ~~~ (喔 ~~~ No inserted ~~~ um ~~~ Good ~~~ 喔 ~~~)

After dad pluming half a meat stick into my little hole, then grabbed my hips in my hand and took the meat stick. When the glans took out, the mushroom umbrella also hooked my small hole. The sound of “啵” will take out. (My little hole is actually pushed into the loving voice by Dad, I want to use my hands to cover my face.) Dad doesn’t have a chance to retract to my small hole, followed by it. The air and the thick meat stick are fully squeezed into my little point, and my small hole is pustered by Dad’s meat stick to the sound of “滋 … 滋”.

Dad used his hard meat rod to repeat my little hole, listened to the holes and didn’t stop the sound, let me be ashamed, and the thrill of being scratched in the small hole is also getting deeper. (Don’t play with my little points like this, so I will not be able to stand …)

After a few times, Dad moved into the half-meat stick straight out and slowly, I finally couldn’t stand it with a small hole to put the half meat stick inserted into the slutty of the climax: 呜 ~~~ 呜 ~~~ (喔 ~~~ No ~~~ um ~~~ Can not stand it ~~~ 喔 ~~~)

I have been in the vertices of sexual pleasure, and my physical strength is quickly lost. My climax to the uniform haul is in the air, and I even have a slight shake.

Dad felt that my physical strength was not enough. He quickly pulled out his meat stick, then gently put my slightly shaking body in bed, and unlocked the handcuffs and mouth of my handcuffs and mouth let me breathe.

Finally, I left the feeling that I had only leaned by the rope, and my hands were finally free. My body was relaxed, but my next move was scared, but my father was jumped …

I actually fly like only cats to the edge of the bed, then reach out and hold the hard meat stick below the father, then hungry like a kitten licking the meat stick that is filled with me. (My sexual desire is completely ignited, what ethics have been broken, now I want to meet the sexual pleasure of can’t stop in the body!)

Dad was shocked by my move, but after a long time, I was excited to touch my head and said: I thought you can’t help it. I didn’t expect to let you rest, but you immediately climb it. Do you have so delicious?

Although Dad’s meat stick is very thick, I have already contracted half of the meat sticks in my mouth. I have a palm stick in the last half, and the mouth contains the first half of the meat sticks look at my father slightly.

Dad is like touching my little cat saying: Slowly, no one will grab you!

I have been trying to put my father’s whole meat stick into my mouth, but my father’s meat stick is really too thick, plus the front end’s glans is really too big! The thick glans is top to the throat makes me The evil is not stopped tears, but I still want to go in.

Dad looked at the tears or desperately wanted to put his meat stick to the mouth, he was distressed, took the meat stick from my mouth, then looked at me: The mouth didn’t tell the law, then I will use it. !

Dad gently pushed me into bed, and my legs still tied M-shaped type by nylon rope, and the body was in addition to their hands to restore, and other parts were still Ma Ma, but they felt my little hole. The mouth is moist and hot.

Dad took it on my body, then kissed my lips directly, I also took the initiative to hug my father’s tongue kissed, I was excited to absorb the saliva on the tip of my father. (We are now like newly married honeymoon feelings.)

Suddenly I felt that Dad’s pair was put on I was bundled to the raised chest, then Dad kept rubbing my excitement with her palms, Dad’s kiss, plus thick palm, my sexy belt Surprote, I am excited to send a snoring: 喔 … so comfortable …

There is only a sense of feeling of fullness, so the feeling of pleasure is also very strong. When I have been focusing on sensitive nipples, I suddenly felt that the small hole was reached by a hot glans, because of the angle Relationship, the glans is taking out from the moist small hole.

The thick glans slipped out from the small hole, and then collided up to my other sexy little bean sprouts, so that I am sensitive sophisticated: 喔 ~~~ Dad kisses me while kicking me My chest, and the lower body does not stop my small hole with the glans, but because of the angle, the small hole is slippery, so the thick glans never discern the way to hit my small hole in the middle. . (Such a hit makes my little hole itchy, I can’t wait to go into my small hole, I am in a hurry.)

Finally, I finally couldn’t stand it. I used my hand to take my meat stick to my little hole, and then my father took force forward. The thick glans did not bother directly into my small hole. Inserting the thick glans into the small hole, let me can’t stand the loudness: 喔 ~~~ insert ~~~ um ~~~ Good ~~~ 喔 ~~~ The thrill of whole body makes me excited Tightly hugged your father’s head, and Dad’s meat rod, with the pumping action, the more the inner wall gradually felt was filled with meat stick, and the meat inside did not stop the mushrooms of the glans The umbrella is scratched. At this time, I suddenly felt the depths of the small governments were hit, and I was like a current from the small hole. Dad’s glans came to my homework. I made my whole body’s messenger’s moment to the climax: 喔~~~ Top to the bottom ~~~ um ~~~ No ~~~ 喔 ~~~ I went ~~~ Um ~~~ My little hole went to the climax tight contraction with a rough meat stick in the body, the body arrived The trembling of the climax, I was holding my father’s head in my father and pulling my father.

Dad suddenly grabbed the rope behind me, I held me, and I stood on the floor and grabbed my rope, and then I started to continue.

Being pumped with a train with a train, I feel that my father’s meat stick has deeper, and every time I have to my homework, I finally can’t stand it, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand the father’s lips, I’m called: 喔 ~~ ~ Good ~~~ um ~~~ This is deep ~~~ 喔 ~~~ The climax is just in this way, and the full body of the whole body is a climax, I can’t stand it. After the removal: 喔 ~~~ No ~~~ Um ~~~ I went again ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Dad feels that I have to go to the climax, and the hole is tightly clamped with his meat stick and keeps shrinking. He will put it on the bed, then turn me over the bed, and the small hole in my climax constantly contracted slightly, I like my breath. Dad behind it.

I thought that my father would let me take a break after the consecutive climax, I didn’t expect to feel a pair of palms on my hips. I sent a “滋” in the next second. Dad’s meat stick is hard from me behind me. In the slightly open small hole, the continuous climax is sensitive to the small hole that is not filled with the meat, my meat is screaming: 喔 ~~~ From the back ~~~ Well ~~~ Good ~~~ Oh ~~~ Dad grabbed my hips and then rolled around, and then swayed before and after the reins of the reins, my father hard meat stick did not stop inserting my little hole. I am in the middle of the bed tightly grabbed the sheets. The lower body was pulled by his father and didn’t stop inserting. I squin on the pillow on the pillow. I didn’t stop the sorrow: 喔 ~~~ This ~~~ Well ~~~ I will not be able to stand ~~~ 喔 ~~ ~ No ~~~ um ~~~ Always talking ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Dad grabbed my rope on my body and didn’t stop pushing, and my general trend to the sputum, continuous climax, let my body I can’t get a lot, I am full of glutinousness, I feel that I feel happy in the past: 喔 ~~~ stop ~~~ um ~~~ This will die ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Dad find me seems to be can’t stand it I have to fainted, he quickly released the rope on his hand. I also poured forward in the bed, I didn’t stop flowing into the water, and the body was still uncontrolled. Convulsion.

Dad looked at my body and shaking, he worried about me, so I quickly declined all the nylon rope on me.

After unlocking the blood, the body of the body begins smoothly, and the body blood circulation plus just happened. My cheeks flowed with sweat, because I was bundled for a long time, I was tied everywhere. The pink raid marks, let me have a redness of the original skin.

Now I have completely don’t have anything to breathe in bed. In addition to the staggered pink rosa, the skin is still felt that the hot sweat is constantly slipping from my back. I am weak in bed. The body gradually cares down.

At this time, Dad suddenly squatted to my back, using the tip of the tongue, and the other hand, and gently stroked the traids on my back. Dad is a gentle move to make me feel comfortable.

Dad squatting me on my back. In addition to feeling the hot body of Dad, there is still a meat stick that is still hot on my hips.

Dad gentle and stroke made me gradually, I want my father to enter my body. I tighten my hips turned to the face of my father and daddy. I still want …

Dad heard my words and holding the meat stick to my hips, my father’s meat stick slowly squeezed into my small hole, so gentle insert, let me send a delicate snorker: 喔 …

Dad smashed with a slow speed while licking my back, so gentle movement was not as strong as before, but let me feel comfortable to send a seductive snoring: 喔 … um … 喔 … slow speed Slow inserting me more clearly feels the hard mushroom umbrella scratch the feeling of the meat wall, so that the feeling of meats makes me in the edge of the climax, I am comfortable to enjoy the buttocks. Pattling: 喔 … This is so comfortable … um …

Now, I don’t care about the relationship between my father and women. Now I just want to be a woman, like a little woman, like a feeling of being loved by a man in bed, enjoying the happiness of my body. Satisfaction …

This has been gentle and smoked, and I can’t stand the fire in my body. Finally, I finally got up, then turned to push my father on the bed, then directly across my father.

I helped my dad, the hard meat stick was right, and one hand was pressed in the chest of Dad, and I bite the lips and stared at my father and then slowly. Ass to down …

My ass will sit down to Dad, and my father is squeezed by my slippery hole. When I want to take the whole body to my father, I suddenly felt the meat stick. The front end glans hit my homework, I was called to be frowned: 喔 ~~~ At this time, I found that my father’s meat stick was very excited, not only changed, it also changed. , And long to my small hole, I don’t tell the whole root meat stick!

I didn’t tell the father’s whole meat stick in the end, I had to sit forward some of the meat sticks to let my father just get to my homework, then put your hands on your dad’s chest muscles, then start with a very sensual posture with a small hole. I caught the meat stick, express the pleasure of my body, let me swear: 喔 ~~~ Good comfort ~~~ um ~~~ Have a long ~~~ 喔 ~~~ uterus ~~~ um ~~~ I didn’t expect my father who didn’t shoot completely, I suddenly put the pair of palms on my hips, and then put my small hole more, and then started excited with the meat stick to go up my small hole.

I have twisted the meat stick to control the length of the meat stick to the uterus, but suddenly, the fierce, the father, but the more, the thick glans hits the uterus, the strength, both pain And the pleasure of melans, I can’t stand it, I can’t stand the hands and kneeling in my father’s body: 喔 ~~~ This is top ~~~ um ~~~ too deep ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Dad seems to feel soon, Grab my hips constantly inserting the whole meat stick into my small hole, the homework has been hit by the glans, let me hurt and numb, like current, I have been smashing my body, such a pleasure makes me can’t stand the crimples Crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy: 喔 ~~~ Plug ~~~ um ~~~ The uterus is ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Has hit it ~~~ um ~~~ This time Dad is already like Only the wild beast is uncontrolled, my hips violently, my father’s hands continue to press my butt, I feel that Dad is like to put the whole meat stick into my small hole, with the intense intense action Dad’s whole meat stick gradually joined my little point, the whole body’s crispy current pleasure made my small points gradually paralyzed, I tightly slammed the nipples to the climax crazy crazy, 喔 ~~~ can’t work ~~ ~ Well ~~~ The uterus should be broken ~~~ 喔 ~~~ I am going to be crazy ~~~ Um ~~~ Dad a few times of hard, I have already put the whole meat stick into my small hole, I am The hand is tight, and a hand is passed on the lower belly. I feel the hit uterus. My palm is clearly impressed by the impact of the rough and hard glans hits the hopper.

Just when I feel that the whole uterine mouth seems to be hit, I finally can’t stand the other unprecedented level, my small hole’s entire fast shrinkage clamped the finger of Dad, I arched a garden. Flowing in the mouth: 喔 ~~~ climax ~~~ 喔 ~~~ At this time, I suddenly felt that my father’s whole meat stick was inserted in my climax, and my palm was pressed. The beans hit the lower abdomen of the homework in the homework in the hood, and it clearly felt that the microphone was shaken. (Dad is also ejaculation ?!)

When the end of the uterus has gradually become hot and swelling, I really determine that Dad puts the whole meat stick into my small point, I finally broke out, the front end of the glans was hit by the front end of the glans In the uterine mouth, it takes a hot and thick semen.

My whole body orgasm is in my father, I cavity, now I am not worried about being pregnant, but constantly contraction, I want to complete the semen in my meat stick, put on the palm of the lower abdomen. The uterus inside is slowly filled with me feels satisfied.

The windy rain outside the outside seems to have gradually calmed down with our passion, and we have not lost to the rain, but I am sweaty with my father. The uterus is full of semen plus the constant climax, and I am satisfied with my body and my mind. I finally fell asleep in Dad’s body.

When I woke up, I found out that I have been sunny, I’m going to reply to Idea, I found that I actually naked my body on my father! (Day! I won’t be like this to lose my god in Dad yesterday. When you fall asleep?)

I quickly climb down and gently, I heard the father woken up. If Dad woke up, should I continue to pretend to be a mother? Will not come to a morning passion? Think Dad makes my cheeks more red and more red.

When Dad was still taking a long sleep, I quickly packed the original shape in the room. When I took the nylon rope, I saw that I hang in half an air, I actually remembered that I was bundled with my father yesterday. Intense picture. (No! This kind of sexual love can only be once again, no longer have next …)

After receiving something, I quickly returned to the bath, when I washed a shower, I plan to be a breakfast as a big meal as my father’s day. After washing, I took the hair and I took the hair and tied it to the horse. Go to the kitchen to start breakfast.

Maybe it’s the scent of the breakfast. When I turned back to the table, I was in front of the table, my father suddenly stood next to me and shouted: my wife!

I heard that my father called my wife, I suddenly thought that my father would not see my horse’s hair, I haven’t heard my father, Dad, you wake up. ?

Dad saw my face, but also called his dad, he stunned, said: Xin Lian?

I poured a drink and said to my father and said: Yes! What happened?

Dad pulled the chair and sat next to the table, and then frustrated: I dreamed of your mother last night.

I took a good drink to put it on the table and said to my father: Dad, it’s hard to you still want to Mom.

Dad picking up a drink, then smiling and said: Your mother is all the only thing for Dad.

When I was touched by my father, I suddenly felt that my small hole below had something to flow, I was surprised to pinned the thigh: ah!

Dad looked at me nervously. What happened?

I quickly shook my head and said: Nothing, just seem to see the cockroach climbing.

I thought: “Is Dad’s semen too thick? Or is it a relationship between the tits? How to come out now.”

Cross underwear is covered with Dad’s semen and slide, thinking about my little hole is still filled with Dad’s semen, my cheeks unconsciously shame.

Dad looked at me. I quickly transferred the topic to my father: Dad, in fact, I can accept Kimo teacher, I believe that Mom will definitely accept her!

Dad is surprised to watch me: Really?

I smiled nodded and said, um!

Dad showed an uneasy expression: I am still …

I suddenly bent and went to my father, and then made a refueling gesture smiled and said with my father: I am relieved! Come on! And … dad, I wish you a happy Father’s Day!

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