My name is Xin, it is a college student. I have passed the academicori in high school and I tasted the ban. In the end, because of the pressure and graduation of the course, we will break up naturally.

After promoting the university, he moved to the university and the female classcies shared a small suite of a two-bedroom. Because the family had an appointment, the conditions for renting the house are not boyfriend, as long as I find that I will pay my boyfriend. I went back to the dormitory of the school, so I didn’t pay my boyfriend after entering the university. Although I also wanted to pay my boyfriend, I wouldn’t help to live outside.

My roommate Xiaoyi is good. Her family didn’t care so strict. She didn’t solely to leave her home, and she immediately interacted with a senior.

Although we are about three chapters, saying that we have a simple two women, do not want to have boys to our home, but Xiaoyi will often use her no lesson, and I am going home with my boyfriend when I am in class, because the small suit is very poor, sometimes I will listen to Xiaoyi with my boyfriend, I have complained with Xiaoyi, but Xiaoyi is always apologizing, and then constantly commit, I am unable to hold the room, I don’t want to lose me. The freedom gets, I have to turn off one.

I can’t sleep this night, so I opened the computer to catch the progress of “You from the stars”. I didn’t know that I saw the lattice sound of the next door. It is Xiaoyi and the seniors in the lingering sound. I thought: Xiao Na is too much! It turned out to let the students stay overnight, still lingering at night, and she also knows that the sound insulation here is, isn’t it afraid to wake me?

I am angry, but the sound of Xiaoyi’s soul is still constantly taking the heart of my heart, the body is hot, I feel that the body is also wet, the body’s ability is issued ….. I also want to make love!

Pressing the desire of the body, so I opened the erotic chat room and wanted to find the vented pipe.

I took a ID “lost ~ sleep”. After the online, I will continue to secretly secretly, I want to love, I want to video .. More direct approach is going to carry me.

I just want to vent your heart, but I don’t want to love or video with strange users, don’t want to make love with strange netizens, there is too much danger.

After a pile of 亵 洗, then there is a ID “just want you to feel comfortable” and ask the normal problem.

Just want you to feel comfortable: Why is you insomnia? Do you have a heart?

Lost ~ sleep: Because the cat is called the spring to wake me.

Just want you to be comfortable: That is the instinct of animals, don’t blame it.

Lost ~ sleep: I know> // <Just want you to comfort: Oh! You do this kitten also want to call Spring?

Lost ~ sleep: That is the instinum of animals!

After a pile of electric love, the harassment of the video, gradually no one secretly, only I left my conversation.

Our conversations are more salty and salty, and chatting from your mouth to each other’s love posture. The more you talk, the more salty and the wet, and your body is getting hotter and hot. When you can’t do it, he finally couldn’t help but I want to call. I was teased by his speech. When I lost my reason, I scored the slutty of the next door Xiaoyi, Xiao Na should be with the school leader to climax. Is it?

Sudden silence made me replied to the reason. I quickly turned off the chat window. When I was turned off the computer, I sat in the chair and looked at the mirror. I thought: Xin Chung! What are you doing!? You are playing!

After turning off the light, close your eyes and lying on the bed, but the brain continues to have a variety of love postures just talked, and it is so comfortable that it is so comfortable.

Demon nights as you sleep all over the morning, open your computer to broadcast “you from the stars”, although the next door has not passed the kinky, but the mind is still thinking about yesterday’s picture.

I can’t stand the fire, and then I have closed the Korean drama, then I will go on the same chat room, and still the same ID “lost ~ sleep”.

I am in a chat room, it is a pile of wolf’s wash, and suddenly a familiar ID “I just want you to comfort”. “

Just want you to comfort: waiting for you for a long time!

Lost ~ sleep: Are you waiting for me?

Just want you to feel comfortable: you are harm me yesterday!

Lost ~ sleep: will insomnia will be infected?

Just want you to be comfortable: Ye! Yesterday you suddenly disappeared, I had to go online to see a film!

Lost ~ sleep: Do you have a solution?

Just want you to be comfortable: Of course!

Lost ~ sleep: that … Can you give me an URL, I need to vent it. Just want you to be comfortable: Of course! I have a special one to find some pieces to share with you.

Lost ~ sleep: Really? Hard you.

After that, I opened his A film website, and then I jumped to a few seconds of film, then said this is his favorite posture, then jump to a few seconds, I said this is me. Favorite posture.

Just want you to be comfortable: I just looked at the picture to do love with you with these actions.

Lost ~ sleep:> // <Look at the expression of AV female enjoyment in the film, I also want to be like this, the heart is in the heart and it is touched again.

After reading the second, three movies, my whole person is already excited, and below is also wet.

Just want you to comfort: Can you listen to your voice today?

I am excited, I can’t help but have repeatedly requested.

Lost ~ sleep: Can you use Skype?

Just want you to be comfortable: Of course, everything is in your own, what you said is good.

After I gave the Skype account, I jumped to chat with the other side.

Just want you to feel comfortable: Why didn’t you put a big head?

Lost ~ sleep: You have not yet! Is that important?

Just want you to comfort: not important, the sound is more important!

Lost ~ sleep: Is the sound important?

Just want you to feel comfortable: Turn off the lights!

Lost ~ sleep: Is it so low?

Just want you to comfort: male born insects, there is a hole insert!

Lost ~ sleep: Then I am just a hole?

Just want you to be comfortable: No, you are a sound plane!

Lost ~ sleep: Do you want to listen to the sound first?

After saying that he is going to broadcast the voice, then get a speech.

I hesitated, but I want to tease him, but I want to make it more excited, so I still connected my voice.

Lost ~ sleep: “Will such a voice accept?”

Just want you to feel comfortable: “Good cute voice, much better than I imagine!”

Lost ~ sleep: “Thank you for your praise.”

Just want you to be comfortable: “Can the aircraft cup can be called a few times?”

Lost ~ sleep: “No! Roommate will hear!”

After that, he continued to tease me with a speech, guided me to take off the shirt and underwear, I want to touch the following with my fingers, and finally I still can’t bear to excite the excitement.

When I was excited, he suddenly hit it with video. I immediately turned off Skype. I now open my feet now, and I am sitting on the chair. If I accidentally pressed the video, it is not all being seen Light, scared, I immediately turned off the computer.

Then fell asleep with excitement and frightening …

The two days of desire is constantly stacked, I want to bother to bother, I have completely don’t think it is in the classroom of Friday, it is hard to support the get out of class. After returning home, I heard the scream of Xiaoyi and the seniors, I can’t find someone. Come to make love!

After opening the computer, you will enter the erotic chat room.

Just want you to be comfortable: How come today, go online?

Lost ~ sleep: because the cat is called spring!

Just want you to be comfortable: Yesterday I listened to a cat, I couldn’t help but shoot once.

Lost ~ sleep: Are you shooting every day?

Just want you to be comfortable: it will be very uncomfortable without venting, it will always want to do it.

Lost ~ sleep: Well, no vent is always wanted.

Just want you to feel comfortable: So do you want to be my plane cup?

Lost ~ sleep: Can you use your mouth? Insert me, I will be afraid ..

Just want you to be comfortable: Everything listens to you, look at my ID! I just want you to be comfortable.

Two days of desire fire has made me lose rationality, plus Xia Nai’s comfortable and obscene, let me go to liberate.

I finally couldn’t help but worry about it. I wore a long jeans. I thought about this less to protect myself. Before the big business, I suddenly thought of or bought a box of safety cases to prevent it. . After walking out of the store, I saw a strong boys sat on the locomotive, because he wore a hard hat, I saw his face, I carefully walked to him, said: You just want you to be comfortable?

He turned his head and looked at me, and he didn’t talk.

I thought I made a wrong person, I will be sorry now.

At this time, he suddenly took off his hard hat. His appetite was full of acne, and his hair was scattered.

He suddenly said: You are …. Insomnia?

I nodded.

He said with a surprised expression: It turned out to be your sister?

I smiled and said: Do you think that will be Kong Longmei?

He smiled and said: The sound is so good, people are correct!

I barely smiled: Thank you, praise.

He smiled and said: What do you think I?

I am half joke: Turn off the light.

In fact, I saw that he wanted to go, but I didn’t know how to refuse him. At this time, he suddenly took another hard hat to me, indicating that I have to sit up, I have to put on the hard hat is not willing to sit. Locomotive.

After sitting on the locomotive, he added to the end, quickly in the car, scared, I held him tightly, less than ten minutes, he has already rushed to a motel.

I am surprised to watch him say: ㄟ …

He turned back to me: Do you have to be comfortable?

I didn’t tell the way to refute him, I had to be embarrassed.

He immediately selected a room to ride to the garage and stopped, and immediately pulled my hand to go upstairs.

When he went to the room, he immediately put the water of the bathtub, then started to take off his clothes, then took off his pants, I was nervous to stop him saying: Don’t you say that it is good to use your mouth?

He looked at me: I have to take a bath, otherwise it is smelly, afraid that you don’t like it.

I just smelled the smoke and sweat taste after he was sitting behind him. The same taste is really not good, I have to nod to allow him to take her pants.

After he took off his underwear, he revealed his hard meat stick. His meat rod is really as he said on the Internet.

Looking at him hard meat stick, I am embarrassed to low.

He said: You have to take off your clothes!

I am surprised: Why?

He smiled and said: How to make you feel comfortably, and you have to take a shower, this is a courteous.

After listening to him, I am embarrassed to perform the undressing show in front of him. After taking the clothes, I still use the hand to cover the chest and below. He suddenly went to me, I was surprised to watch him, and he grabbed him. Holding my clothes: He washed first, but I am afraid that I will run, clothes he keep it.

Then he took me with his clothes into the shower, then started to take a bath, I went out less than five minutes, I really doubt that he is washed clean?

After washing, he opened the door and said to me: Ok! Go in! I will help you take a shower!

I hesitated him.

He then said to me: I will help you take a bath very comfortable.

After that he came out and took my hand.

I looked at him tightly meat sticks: Let’s only use the mouth, no to insert.

He pulled me and said: Ok, all according to you.

Go to the shower, he began to rush me with warm water, then shower the milk in the hand, stand behind me to stroke my body, his hand slipped, my back, slowly touched me. Waist, then touch my hips, then touch my thigh, finish the right foot to change the left foot, after the left foot, his hand suddenly wants to touch my hole, I am nervous with my hands. Blocking him, at this time, he will put me the situation, then use his hands to grab my chest, I am surprised.

He didn’t plan to let go, anyway, using his hands in his chest, I feel that the meat stick behind the hard border is close to my divide, I don’t dare to let go of the hands of the hole, I am afraid that he is inserted into my body. .

I had the chest, I have to let him go, after a period of time, he finally satisfied his hands and started to rinse my body with water. After the water, he took me directly with the bride. He walked in the position of my bed. He said, hello! You will have a long time for your most sensitive train.

I stressfully reiterated with him again: Something I only use my mouth today ..

He then said: Don’t be inserted? I know!

When he finished, he let me kneel on the bed, then turn on the TV to a tablet, listen to the prostitution sent out of the TV, my face quickly red.

Then he began to touch my body, from the back to the waist, so gently stroke made my body comfortable, slowly touching my body as soon as taking a shower, then start with my mouth kissed me, I was licking The comfortable has been a stencil.

After kissing for a while, he turned away, and my hands were still tightly protecting me the hole below. He suddenly squatted on my body, I was like a shock, my mouth I can’t help but scream.

He heard my name made him more exciting to smash my chest, and his hands continue to touch me.

I slowly was taking a sound of the voice. At this time, he knew that I was already excited. He began to move slowly with his tongue. When I was pubic, I suddenly wanted to use my hand to Dial, I nervous I don’t want it.

He moved his body up and said his mouth in my ear.

After that, he moved his thick glans to me: it is a glans, what do you want to choose?

I suddenly saw his thick glans pillar in front of my eyes, I was ashamed.

He saw that I didn’t respond to him. He suddenly took the body down, then supported his hard glans hit me to cover my back.

Then he said: You don’t decide, I will help you decide, hit your hand with the glans.

My hand was hit a little pain. After listening to him, I immediately answered him immediately: don’t be a glans!

He proudly said: That is with his finger and tongue?

After that, he gently opened my hand, I said that I can only use my finger and my tongue!

It has been said that he has opened my hands on my protective points. At this time, I have been completely exposed in front of him.

He didn’t rush to put his tongue into my hole, but he was constantly winding around my hole. This feeling made me look forward to his tongue inserted into my hole.

After he licked it around, he suddenly licked my peas in the middle. I scared: ah ~~ After he suddenly use his mouth to absorb my peas, constantly use the tongue to make my peas This feeling makes me screaming: ㄣ ~~ Next, after slipping with my finger, I will insert my meat.

Peas is constantly licking with his tongue, plus the meat rows, I am excited to call out: 喔 ~~ He constantly tied with his fingers to make the meat wall inside the meat, my sexual desire More and more strong, I started excited, I was so excited: 喔 ~~ um ~~ he listened to my voice and the clinks of the meat, he knew that I am going to a climax, suddenly the nameless fingers also inserted into My meat, then hook my G point continuously twitch.

I have been quickly challenge G point, I am excited and hurt: ㄣ ~~ I can’t do it ~~ 喔 ~~ I got a climax, then clamped his hand tightly with your hands.

He pulled out his hand, holding his meat stick to my meat, I saw that the nervous use of his hand and push him say: Don’t!

He grabbed the meat and said: You go to the climax, how is my meat stick? It’s hard!

Although my meat, I really want to have a meat stick, but I am a reason to push him straight.

He didn’t tell the law, so he said: Otherwise you use your mouth, or now the glans can’t stand it.

I looked at the head below, if I didn’t let it vent, then he will hard insert my meat, I have to nod to promise.

When he saw me nodded, he lied in bed and helped his meat stick. I climbed to him, gently holding his meat with his hand, his meat stick is not only hard, but also hot , I think he must not vent it? My hand started to slide her meat stick, when I looked at his meat stick, I found that his meat is really growing and thick, looking at the glossy glans. In front of me, my body is constantly hot, I feel that the following meat caves are getting wet.

After I used my hand, I started to use my mouth small mouth to absorb the glans.

At this time, he suddenly grabbed my legs, grabbed my lower body to his head, then insert your fingers into my meat and licked my peas with my tongue.

Hard meat sticks have made me excited in front of me. Now the following meats are teasing again, I should be very fast, it is teasing to climax, when you come … can’t! I have to quickly shoot his meat stick. Row.

I started to open the mouth of the mouth, and his glans, I have to be completely opened, and the meat is constantly challenged. I launched his glans while I started using it. The tongue is inserted into my meat, and the soft tongue is inserted into my chopping. I am so comfortable.

The deeper his tongue inserted into my meat, the deeper the meat stick, sometimes it is too deep to get to my throat, let me almost evil, there is one-third of the top to the throat The meat stick is outside.

His tongue continues to slide in the meat, I am more exciting by him, I absorb the speed of the meat stick, the more absolutely absorbed, and finally I still have to reach the climax, and the tide blows out, and he actually Zhang The mouth is hard to absorb my yin, I am embarrassed, and comfortable, I am so comfortable: 喔 ~~ ㄣ ~~ Finally, my climax to weak, he gasped, he climbed to me next to him The meat stick said: How to distinguish? I haven’t ejaculated yet!

I said while breathing, saying: Who told you to tease me!

He stood up and pulled my hand and said: Otherwise, we go to the massage to let you contain the meat stick.

Then we were sitting in the jacuzzi, then he turned to a tablet next to the TV, then sat in the ladder and looked at me with his meat stick, I bubble my body to his legs. In the middle, he grabbed his meat stick and started with your mouth, and he listened to the television of the TV, and enjoyed the look of my glans.

I have been working hard, just feel that the meat stick is very hard, there is no feeling of shooting, I have to put the meat stick and the deeper, and the glans will gradually habit after colliding with the throat. I decided to try me. Did you, I endured anti-evil feeling put the meat stick deep into my throat. When my meat stick is full of meat, I suddenly felt that he stepped up, and then the meat stick in the throat was suddenly Big bigger, and constantly shaking.

When I didn’t come back, I suddenly felt that a hot liquid shot into my throat. I scared to spit out the meat stick and spit only Legou. When he suddenly grabbed my head and said: You are now spit The meat stick, the semen will flow into the water, and the worm will run to you by water.

I was scared when I heard it, and I looked at him with a tumble.

He grabbed my head and then said: You have to suck the semen in the meat stick, otherwise the remaining still flow.

After I heard it, I had to absorb the glans until I feel that the glans will no longer have liquid flowing out, spit the glans.

Now my mouth and my throat are his semen. I want to climb up to spit it. As a result, he caught my head and didn’t let me say: I just put it out of your tide, so you should also I shot and spit it?

I shaken my head, but I didn’t plan to let me leave, I had to write the sperm in my mouth.

Then he proudly looked at me: How? What is the feeling of swallowing fluid?

I frowned: I am like a cooked egg yolk.

He proudly said: Is it very thick?

I stood my mouth.

After that he took me comfortably, I looked at the A piece in the bathtub.

Looking at the TV’s A piece and hot water, my cheek is red, and his hand keeps walking on me, my mind has always thought about swallowing the semen, the body is slow It feels excited.

His fingers suddenly extended to me below, inserted my meat, I feel humid inside, he smiled in my ear: How? I excited?

The body will not lying, I know that I will be wet below, I have to nod to the face.

He pulled up my body, leaving the bathtub and took a towel to dry my body, and then hugged me in bed with the bride.

He took the controller and said: Let’s play a game, that is, I am just looking for a table, and then we imitate their movements.

My body wants to feel more comfortable, I have to nod to the face.

He turned to a certain, the AV female in it was holding a massage stick, I looked at him in confusion: But I didn’t massage the stick!

He proudly said: Wait!

After that, he took the wallet to go downstairs, and didn’t take a massage stick and then gave me.

After I took a massage stick, I started to learn women like a massage stick, and he sat next to it and gave him a half-soft meat stick, and the female was able to insert a massage stick into her chute.

I took a massage stick and looked at him. He smiled nodded. I had to learn women. I slowly insert the massage stick into the meat. As the female movement and a boys stared at me, I am still better than the female. Excited to a climax.

When I lie in bed, I suddenly held him a little hard meat stick to stand in front of me. I looked at him in confused, and then saw the female excellence on TV. The original woman is now in the man. Before the excellent face, the mouth is doing a meat stick.

I understand what he meant, so I kneel in front of him, and Zhang opened his mouth to learn the same as his meat stick.

After a while, the man was shot in the mouth of the female mouth, although his meat stick became more and more hard, but there was no ejaculation.

The picture is jumped to the next scene, and now the female is sitting on the male, then goes to slide the meat stick in the side of the following acupoints. After he sees it, lying in the bed and indicates that I will sit.

I shook my head and said: This is easy to plug in!

He raised his fingers and swears: I promise not to plug in!

I hesitate to watch him say: At least wear a housing, otherwise the outside ejaculation will run in.

He looked at me: Everything is in you, you are ok.

After I finished, I took a box of safety case from the bag and took out one of them.

He smiled and said: Do you buy a fight? It turns out that you are going to do so many times with me?

After I finished, he opened the safety case, and then put the insurance cover and said: OK?

I stood his mouth and said: Is there a guilty for a set of glans?

His innocent expression said: My size is too large, and the set will not go in.

I don’t believe in using hands to try to put the safety case, but his meat stick is too big. It took a long time to put the insurance cover in the end, and the maintenance sleeve was tightly packaged, and I found it at this time. I didn’t pay attention to the insurance case style. I bought ultra-thin, and then his meat stick is full to complete the insurance set, and the mushroom ditch below the glans can clearly see.

After the sleeve was uncomfortable, he was uncomfortable to say: This is too tight, the meat stick will be uncomfortable.

I put my mouth and said: If you don’t wear it, you will not let you plug!

He listened and said: Ok! I wear!

I found it wrong at this time, I am nervous: I don’t give you, I will play with you.

He is happy to answer: Anyway, sitting on it.

Looking at his expression, I was so unassured, but I looked at the comfortable lascitation, let me want to be comfortable, I have to sit on him, then use my meat to slide his meat, In this way, the slide will feel the continuous stimulation of peas and meat, and I am gradually starting to squat.

When I closed my eyes, he suddenly pushed me into the bed, and then Zhang opened my legs to get my meat. I turned to see the screen. It turns out that the female excellent is also being licking, watching TV women are like me, especially close-up, is close to the picture of the meat. It feels like it is licking, I am excited: ㄣ ~~ 喔 ~~ just as I When you enjoy the meat hole, he stopped and suddenly felt a round head sticker with my vaginal.

I am nervous: What are you doing?

His innocent pointing at the television, and the television in the male actor was holding his cock slide Actress Rouxue in the mouth, and then he began to use his cock in my mouth Rouxue the slide, sometimes beating me with the glans beans bean. I heart there was a contradiction, afraid his cock jumped in, but it feels a little eager Rouxue be filled.

When my heart was struggling, I heard a very loud TV Actress Yinjiao heard, then felt my mouth Rouxue Roubi gradually being shoved, pushed me nervous after his body back to see the screen, turned out to be Actress male superior cock is inserted to go.

He pointed to the screen said: You see, they are inserted to go, I shook my head and said: No!

His innocent face, said: I just inserted the glans into the like?

I still shook his head.

He went on to say: that one-half of the glans?

I was again rejected, but listening to the TV actress is loud Yinjiao plug the male actor, I hesitate to expose expression.

He did not give up went on to say: that one-third of the glans?

I think he endured very hard to accept, but I was also like a comfortable Yinjiao, I had nodded.

He finished the first point I see a happy one third of the glans slowly squeeze my Rouxue, the Rouxue is slowly stretched, I am excited moan out.

After he heard me moan more exciting then the penis to squeeze inside, I felt his penis had one-half to squeeze my Rouxue, I quickly pushed with both hands, he said: you go deep in. I’ll leave Oh!

He heard immediately obediently stopped, then started to learn where A piece of the action, beginning with a half stars glans thrusts my Rouxue, glans sometimes will not Rouxue jacking up top to my Peas, this makes me feel dumb, I moan louder the more called.

After inserting a period of time, replaced Actress lying posture is stuck, and he will turn it over I lie in bed, then grabbed my ass, continue to use half stars glans thrusts forward to Rouxue mouth, and I comfortable to issue groan.

Rouxue mouth glans is constantly tight squeeze to open and then close, so I feel more and more excited, and my heart desires gradually I started a little longing for him to insert the entire glans, but he worried that I fell like leave, glans can not then deeper inside me.

In other words this time lying in bed in the TV male actor, and actress leaning male superior cock directly into the male superior and straddled him, and he lay down on the bed and looked at me, meaning to move into my own.

I sat down across his body, holding his cock, the glans against Rouxue slowly sit down, the tip of the glans slowly opened up my flesh bi slowly into the one-third, and then further one-half into the next, but the desires of the tease I do not feel satisfied.

I’m his hands on his stomach, and then the body slowly down, two-thirds of the glans slowly squeeze Rouxue, feeling the rear end of the glans is also growing, my stay was Rouxue great start to feel a little pain.

When I hang on until the limit of Rouxue feeling splitting, suddenly feeling Rouxue mouth to within a tight, Rouxue completely sucked in the whole pieces of the glans Rouxue, whole pieces of the glans completely squeezed my Rouxue years, feeling Rouxue tightly wrapped in whole pieces of the glans, I frowned and called out: Oh ~~~~~ he proudly looked at me: you Rouxue so small, tight like a virgin to the same.

I frowned and said: your penis is too big now!

I frowned and put up with the glans distraction I feel Rouxue Roubi, etc. Rouxue gradually got used to the feeling, the body then began to slowly up, slowly pull the glans.

This time feeling Rouxue tightly wrapped in the glans penis backend mushrooms ditch tightly intertwined with Roubi Rouxue, like you want the whole I Rouxue pull it out when to pull out, pull out the penis when the whole teeth mouth Rouxue Shihai issued a “Boo” is heard, the same issue as me relief: Oh ~ ~ ~ he looked at me and said: your Rouxue sucking my penis tightly.

I grumbles angry and said: My Rouxue was quickly pulled out of the penis too!

After the finish I looked down at his penis, surprised his penis is really big, the insertion is not easy, not easy to pull out, but I like this feeling, I held his glans penis will want to plug into my Rouxue.

Once again, I will slowly glans deep in my Rouxue, although the second comparison easier, but the feeling when entering the bottom of the glans Rouxue still excites me.

This time, I want the glans to go deep into my body. After the glans are squeezed into the meat, I will continue to slow down, and the front end of the glans will slowly push the meat walls in the deep side. The trench is constantly scratching the meat wall in my meat, so that I feel the frown of my meat, I will send a skins: ㄣ ~~~ 喔 ~~~ When I greedde, I want to take the glans to more deep Suddenly I feel that the front end of the glans will not go in. I can’t go in. I am surprised to see, no! The meat stick has a quarter. I gladly looked at him, I saw him looking at me.

I slowly slowly until his glans left my meat, I looked at the three-quarters of the mulberry sticks and saying: So long! My little hole did not tell the whole plug in!

He is confident that I said: Yes, wait until you habits you can put it in.

I am stunned: You are lie, I will kill me!

He smiled and said: Do you want to try it?

I shook him with him.

He smiled and said: Then I first insert a quarter.

Then he pointed at the TV: It seems that we have to rush, stand up and squat on the wall.

I am watching TV. It turns out that the female is half a half squats on the wall, and the male is half-inserted from the back.

Then he took my hand to the wall, let me kneel on the wall with a half-squat, and then do my butt, one holds the meat stick.

I looked at him with my eyes to see him saying: Can you do not insert too deep?

He said excited: I try to do it.

After I finished, he pulled half of the meat stick into my body. The meat rog was plugged in. I was comfortable. I was so comfortable: 喔 ~~~ After he started using half of the meat stick in my body slowly twitch The glans constantly scrapes the meat wall in the meat, I feel so comfortable: ㄣ ~~~ Good ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Good comfort ~~~ His up and down a few times, feel the meat After very moist, I started accelerating the speed of his twitching. I am getting bigger and bigger with his speed: 喔 ~~~ This ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ Good comfort ~~~ After a period of time, I feel that the meat rog has been used to the meat stick. He began to put the meat stick, the more you smashed, I was so comfortable: 喔 ~~~ Good ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ I will ~~~ 喔 ~~~ I can’t stand it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ Suddenly his meat rod is top to my meat, I am hurting: ah!

Then the body naturally pulls out the meat stick.

I touched the little hole to go to the ground, I said that I was angry to him: insert too deep!

He looked at me innocently: Sorry, I can’t help.

I am angry: I don’t let you insert it again.

He is in our hands with your hand: I have not guaranteed it!

Then he watched TV, the female squatted to the bed, and the height butt was plugged, he took me to bed, then let me kneel in my butt, then use my hands to open my meat.

I turned my head to frown and said: I don’t want to give me again … 喔 ~~ I didn’t finish it, he put the meat stick into my body, and started to catch my hips, I was inserted. I can only comfortable: 喔 ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ He sidedly with my hips, I was so comfortable: ㄣ ~~~ Good comfort ~~~ 喔 ~~ ~ After a period of time, he began to change the intersection. After plugging three, pull the meat stick, then inserted, this kind of interstitial method makes me very excited, especially every meat stick is pulled out, I will let me I can’t help the loud sound: 喔 ~~~ He will take out my prostitute to take out the mulberry rod, and the prostitutes flowing out have wet from the inside of my thigh to the bed. He looked at the gullet of the meat stick. White prostitute, he knows that I am fully excited.

After he pulled out the meat stick, he suddenly turned my body. He opened my thigh with his hand. He squatted in the middle of my meat stick, and then squatted on me, one hand took my chest, and again The mouth bite me another chest, and I still have me to draw me with a meat stick.

I have been biting because of exciting and hard, I am like electric shock, I am excited, I am excited: ㄣ ~~~ small hole is so comfortable ~~~ 喔 ~~~ The chest is also comfortable ~~~ he started The more intense, the more powerful, the more powerful, the more exciting, the stimulation of the upper and lower makes me excited to the high tide, start the chaos of the chaos: 喔 ~~~ Good comfort ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ vigorous ~~~ 喔 ~ ~~ Deep a little ~~~ He feels that I am going to a climax, so I will add the speed of the meat stick, but also put the meat stick deeper, but I am afraid that I will hurt too much, so he will go behind, so he will go behind, such a hit Let me have a constant before and after: I feel that the meat stick hits the depths of the meat, although there will be a little bit of pain, but the feeling of the top is more crushed, I was so hush, I was called: ㄣ ~ ~~ Top ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Good deep ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Stroish ~~~ He feels that I am alive, so speed up the pumping speed, I am plugged in can’t be hurt: 喔~~~ So cool ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ Can not stand it ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ No ~~~ 喔 ~~~ I am plunked to the climax, the feet naturally clamp his thigh, then use the hand His head hugs in my chest. He lies in my chest and waiting for my climax to take a break.

I bordered my head and I bordered my head and said: Well.

He broke away from my hand and climbed it: But I still have no climax, the safety case is too tight, uncomfortable, can you take it?

I am panting back: no.

He listened to me, holding me, and the meat rod still in my body, then pulling my hand hosted his neck, pulling my foot hook, then hugging me standing.

I am nervous: Do you want to use the train? I just finished it, I can’t stand it!

He tightly grabbed my thighs and said: You said that you can’t stand this posture, I will try it?

After that, he took the pace and took me with a train. I started to walk forward. His gently wipes my peas every step, and I feel that the meat stick is pushed in the meat, I am excited to stand, I want to let go. Down, but a relaxation of the heart, I feel that the meat stick is inserted, I have to hug him tight.

I beg my tone, saying next to his ear, said: 喔 ~~~ This will not be can’t stand it ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ Rao ~~~ He listens to me to make a big move, holding me, walking upside down Move, I just gave a climax, so excited that I excitedly called: ㄣ ~~~ I don’t want to move any more ~~~ 喔 ~~~ He suddenly squat, then hugged me quickly to push him quickly The meat stick, I am fierce inserted: 喔 ~~~ don’t ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ 动 so fast ~~~ 喔 ~~~ No ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ I want ~~~ 喔 ~ ~~ His a climax ~~~ He feels that the meat stick is tightly clamped again, he knows my climax, but he doesn’t plan to stop, holding me to continue playing with me.

In the climax, it is still inserted. My climax will blow it out, and the body is holding him.

He felt that it was hot and hot, and I knew that I blow, he finally stopped and sat in bed.

Then I said to my chest: Can you take a set? Otherwise, I will want to insert you all the way.

I shake my head.

He suddenly took me up, then started fiercely, I can’t stand the lax: 喔 ~~~ don’t ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ I will be crazy ~~~ He ignored me Still fast swing, I am plugged into the tide blow, the body constantly shaking the slutty: ㄣ ~~~ This will be crazy ~~~ 喔 ~~~ He listens to my laozon, no To stop, my hand is getting more and more powerful, the body is getting down, I feel that the meat stick is more and more deep, and the painful feelings make me lose my sense of obscene: 喔 ~~~ will hurt ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ Soah ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ I am going crazy ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Finally, my climax can’t stand the loss of exciting.

The eyes are slow, the head feels empty, and suddenly it feels a bit painful, and there is a liquid go out, I look down, how is my hamper to be shaved? How to touch the meat hole How to stick , Reach out and smell, it is fine !!!

He suddenly came out of the bathroom, smiled and said to me: Are you awake?

I looked at him in my eyes: You gave me inside?

He proudly said: Because you fainted, I haven’t identified the figures, so take off the set, then …

I am angry: Why should I shave my hair?

He smiled and said: This can clearly see your meat, and you can also see the meat stick insertion. When I was fainted, I was not shaved by the internal shot, and I was angry, I got up to wear clothes to walk.

At this time, he said to me: You have to go?

I am angry: I said that I don’t insert it, you still shoot inside, shave my hair!

He tested to say: Don’t you be afraid that I will put your nude photos, and the picture of the exit exit of the side is placed on the Internet?

I am afraid to watch him say: you …

He went to bed to lying on me: What? You are my plane cup now.

I doubt it to see him.

He suddenly loudly: come over!

I am afraid to sit next to him.

He said with the tone of the command: aircraft cup, including my meat stick!

I am not willing to have a half-soft meat stick, and he is in the brain.

I haven’t had a meat stick, and the meat stick is hard.

Then he told the tone of the command: the plane cup, sitting on the card.

I am afraid to look at him.

He is angry and said: Go!

I am not willing to cross him, then put the meat stick into my body, because there is a semen in the meat, so the meat stick will slide into the meat.

When I insert the meat stick into half, he suddenly grabbed my waist to put it up and down, I scared: ah!

He is angry: You are a plane cup now, what is it?

I am afraid to close my mouth and then keep whisper.

He is more and more intense, and the more it is, and suddenly he grabs my waist. I am inserting the whole meat stick into my meat. I was called out, my body naturally went to the meat Three quarters are up.

He caught my waist and did not let me run, and asked with angry:?

I looked at him nodded with my eyes.

He said with the tone of the command: Then you have slowly insert my meat stick in the end, I am inserted into the bottom.

I am afraid that he will press me in the end, I have to sit down slowly, slowly go down until I feel that the glans will be stopped.

He looked at his meat and said: You see it and go in, plug it, you can completely insert it.

After that, he reached out and touched my peas. The other hand slammed my chest to pose me. I was teasing to scream: 喔 ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ I slowly taught by him The following glans are tightly topped on my uterus, gradually, I was teasing to teach the slutty: ㄣ ~~~ 喔 ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ No ~~~ He takes me with my climax, meat When I continued to absorb his glans, I suddenly put the meat stick into my meat, I called: 喔 ~~~ He looked at me to say: Finally insert the whole into the plane cup.

I looked at him with a brow.

He began to stroke me and said, wait, wait for your meat to meet, wait until it will hurt.

When he knead his chest, stroked me one hand, and the meat hole was slowly adapted to the length of the meat, I gradually feel comfortable, I started comfortable: 喔 ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ he looks My expression began to become an expression. He began to go up and down me, I was so comfortable: ㄣ ~~~ Good comfort ~~~ 喔 ~~~ top ~~~ he I took my hand and pulled me to him. He grabbed my hips to insert me. I excitedly called: 喔 ~~~ I can’t stand it ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ No ~~~ I am in his body, because of the climax, the following meat is constantly absorbing the meat stick.

He suddenly turned over, and his hands pressed my legs in my chest. The meat stick was aligned with the meat. I was inserted by the top, I was inserted out: 喔 ~~~ he proud Say: I am placing a plane cup on the bed, then inserting like this.

After the end, he began to pull the meat stick out and then inserted, and every suddenly inserted and vigorous.

I am inserted by: 喔 ~~~ This ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ Airplane cup ~~~ 喔 ~~~ will be broken ~~~ ㄣ ~~~ He proudly said: This is called human meat Hole machine!

Then he would start quickly after the cock is inserted in the end of the upper and lower vibration. I’m excited Yinjiao with: ㄣ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Oh ~~~ hole is fast cock to ~ ~ ~ ~ ㄣ broke ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Oh I was shaking cock to a climax and Squirt out.

He put my foot down, hand clutching my waist, then began thrusting me.

I Yinjiao the climax: Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ㄣ pause ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I will not stand while he stuck me aside and said: Do you want me to shoot it in the mouth or the uterus??

I Yinjiao the climax: Oh ㄣ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ not ~ uterus after listening to his cock pull out, get up and stand next to say: I sucked it up kneeling shot!

I climbed panting on the ground, his knees began sucking his cock will continue his cock deep in his mouth to suck.

After absorbing some time, he suddenly speak: with the mouth or compare Rouxue, Rouxue can suck in the end the entire root.

Then he pulled me up lying on the wall, softened Rouxue all of a sudden turn the whole root cock jumped in, and then hand grabbed my waist and I began to quickly insert, has continued climax to the whole body sensitive I, every top up top is like the feeling of flying is up, I am excited licentious and shouted: Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ㄣ top death of me ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ fly up thrusting a while after the time I went to stop Squirt orgasm, he suddenly said: I decided to shoot well in the womb.

After saying I will be forced to forward a, I was the top to the forward fell to the ground, cock slid off my Rouxue, I was afraid to shoot him in my womb, I was nervous weakness to lie on the floor to run away before.

He suddenly one grabbed my waist, one hand on the cock, with a squat posture down by the homeopathic into my Rouxue on, just to run away again inserted my Yinjiao cry: Oh ~ ~ ~ he grabbed my waist mad stuck says: this posture better feeling glans hit feeling the uterus.

Kneeling lying posture to make cock inserted deeper, each and all of the cervix hit me, so I feel pains and hemp, I hit the promiscuous shouted: Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ㄣ the top of the uterus after crashing ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ uterus will be mad that he put a lot of down, took my hand suddenly pull back the bow up my body, then forced forward against me say: I want to light comes into your womb!

I was shaking his head with Yinjiao: Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Do not ㄣ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Oh ~ Do not fired into the womb of his strong will suddenly crashed into the whole root cock in my Rouxue, while the glans tightly is against my cervix, then a surge of hot semen rushed into my womb, I also to a climax.

As he ejaculate while uncomfortable, said: thrilled, I feel the whole cock was Rouxue constantly sucking, uterus constantly sucked my semen, which is much better than cool aircraft Cup!

And because I climax, instinctive shrinking of the uterus, will continue until semen semen sucked fill my womb …

To call the help desk before we check out, the two of us have been lying in bed, I lie on his body, and his stiff cock has been inserted in my Rouxue years.

He looked at me following Rouxue said: my cock all go, you Rouxue I have been completely turned into the shape of a cock!

I’m tired of lying on his body did not respond.

He will forward the cock out of my body, the glans when I leave my Rouxue Yinjiao out: Oh ~ ~ ~ he said with a smile: So you rebid of ecstasy, would harm I want to plug it.

I nervously hand over his mouth, dilating eyes afraid to look at him.

At this time the uterus thick semen flow out slowly, constantly flowing to Rouxue mouth on his cock.

He smiled and said: Well, another day, your uterus has been filled with me, I hold to Rouxue also not close up.

Finally, we get dressed, he was riding a motorcycle sending me to convenience stores, and then I was finally home after a full home sleeping all day.

The next day he passed a message.

Just want to make you comfortable: Yeah, my family has not identified the aircraft cup method to meet me.

– sleep loss: I did not shrink back pussy too!

Just want to make you comfortable: again about your pussy filled out, how?

~ Sleep loss:! Do my womb now it will be painful!

Just want to make you comfortable: your Rouxue have become accustomed to my cock, and the next time it will not!

~ Lost sleep: you shoot said in the womb how to distinguish pregnant!?

Just want you to be comfortable: I will marry me, you, I can! Lost ~ sleep: Then I will be killed first by you first> <.

Just want you to be comfortable: Ha!

Next episode: The exclusive slave of roommates

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