I feel that the round head begins to slowly open my meat, I am scared whether the hands and feet are still painful, hurry to escape the round head and climb it up, and I took out the small vest next to it. Shorts put it, no matter how inside did not wear underwear and underwear, I took the key and rushed out of the house.

I took the elevator to the first floor until I quickly walked to the management room to see the administrator, I just pulled a sigh of relief. At this time, I only wear a little cute and shorts, and then the whole body wet is constantly panicked.

The administrator asked me: Miss, what happened?

I replied with panic tone: administrator, I … it seems to have a clean thing.

The administrator asked me immediately: Are you a new climate in the XX floor?

I am surprised to look at the administrator nodded.

The administrator will then say: Don’t tell you, that is a murderer!

I am surprised: How do you say that it is a murder?

The administrator then said: It is the family of the landlord “Ajie” in live, he is a house man, except for buying, you rarely see him at other times.

I listened carefully to the administrator.

The administrator continued: As a result, he violently killed it half a year, listened to the firefighters, when he was broken, he sat in the computer, the computer also placed a film, while the hand held the meat rib in the chair, listening to fire The person said that his meat stick is still very straightforward. His meat stick is not long but the glans is big, maybe he can’t give your girlfriend?

I have a little hairy in my heart.

The administrator continued: After his parents, he brought the house directly, and each tenant said that this room has a lack of events. Similar to the computer will automatically broadcast a film at night, then there will often be unknown viscous liquids at home. Every houseker can’t stand it in less than half a month.

The administrator suddenly used the color of the eyes, and then stared at my thighs and wet shorts in the middle of my thigh and wet shorts. I quickly smoked the chest and shorts.

At this time, the administrator said with a light tone: like your seductive body with a beautiful face, don’t say that the normal man will want to do you, let alone is a color ghost?

After the administrator came to me, I quickly retreated to the elevator, press the elevator.

The administrator stands in the elevator says: Miss, if you encounter something, press the electric telle, I will go up to help you!

After the administrator used the eyes, the eyes were laughed.

I am awkward, thank you, turn off the door of the elevator.

The elevator opened to my door, I didn’t dare to go in the door, I was in my heart: “” Who can I go at this time? Go to the doctor? Still looking for netizens? But I am now wearing, no matter who is going to I would like to tease him, or find the administrator to accompany me? “

My mind suddenly flashed the manager of the administrator, I thought: “No! Let the administrator come in my home, isn’t it the wolf?”

I thought about: “Forget it! Rush to change your clothes, take the wallet!”

I carefully open the door, watching the movement inside, I have opened all the electric lights and curtains after I entered it, I saw the mucus of the chair in front of the computer, as well as the bathroom, and I have a good time. Going to the bedroom picking up clothes and pants, no matter what the window will be seen by others, directly take off the little cute and shorts, change clothes, change the clothes, hurry to take the bag, then take the elevator downstairs .

Riding a locomotive on the road, thinking about: “How to distinguish? That is going to sleep this evening? Yes! I can find the priest!”

Search on the Internet to find a special grasp of the Taoist, I took the address to the Taoist residence. After pressing the bell, I opened the door, and the Taoist saw me, I didn’t say anything, I would invite me. .

After entering the house, I looked around. In addition to surrounding the spell, this room has a spent on the middle.

The whole room only has me and the Taoist, the Taoist stared at my face and said: Miss, your Holden black, you encounter unca n’t clean.

I nodded and replied nervously: Well! Can Master help me?

The Taoist turned back to my back and said, say it! Say it! Say the situation you have encountered.

I replied: I moved to a new home, there is still something that is not clean.

The Taoist said slowly: That is the former household, telling it. I will answer: But he constantly harass me, and I still use my tongue before yesterday.

The Taoist slowly said: He licks you?

I shy whispered: He licks me below.

Taoist Question: Does he have inserted in your body?

I shy: Have … but soft, don’t know what?

The Taoist Taoism: Is you excited?

I whispered: There are Taoist Touching: So do you have a climax?

I nodded my face and said, um ….

The Taoist Taoism will then ask: Is that he is shooting inside?

I shy: Nothing …? But, he is shot in my mouth?

Taoist suddenly turned around and said to me: That must be a ghost!

I am nervous: Master, how is it?

The Tudu is looking at me, saying: You need to remove the dirty things in the body, but you have to trust me.

I nodded my nervous.

The Taoist squid took a bath towel to give me, then told me to take out the body clothes.

I took the bath towel and said: Do you have to take off in underwear?

Taoist said to me: Of course! I want to help you clear your dirty things.

After I nodded, I went in and took off all body clothes and shy it around the bath towel.

The Taoist pointed the middle desk said: ass sitting at the edge of the table and lie down.

After I lied up, the Taoist suddenly took a black cloth to cover my eyes.

The eyes suddenly covered, I am nervous: Master …

The Taoist slowly said: I will wait for you to drive the evil spirits, afraid that you will be scared.

After tie my eyes, the Taoist tied my right hand tied my right hand to the right table feet.

The Taoist felt that I was nervous, and he slowly said: Tout your hands and feet, wait for evil spirits to escape.

After the Taoist tied my hands, I suddenly pulled my legs, I scared the legs and legs.

Taoist Town said: Relax.

The Taoist said that I took my right foot, tied my right foot on the table, and then tied my left foot on the other side.

When the Taoist took my limbs on the table, I suddenly felt cool, I remembered that I didn’t wear underwear, my legs opened, my meat is not completely exposed, I am nervous Covering me below, I found out that my body was tiered at all.

At this time, the Taoist suddenly stood in the middle of my thigh, and thought that my meat hole was completely exposed to the princes, I shy my blush.

On the side of the Taoist, the spell was slowly close to my chopping, and finally the feeling of the Taoist’s face was very close. I feel that the Taoist’s mouth continues to spend my meat, the meat hole is obvious. The Taoist sputum is hot, so that I feel shy blush, and my body is very excited.

The Taoist has always thought about spitting hot air, my meat is gradually hot, and I feel slowly out of the meat.

Suddenly I felt a finger touched the prostitution of my meat, I was surprised to call: ah!

The Taoist said: The evil spirits in your body began to slow down.

The Taoist said suddenly pumped the bath towel on my body. I turned into a full bare open legs to be tied to the table. I am surprised: Master?

Taoist is back to me: I am going to draw a spell in you now.

After that, I started to feel a wet soft thing on my thigh, and then slid back and forth in my thighs, then slowly slipped into my meat, so I feel nervous And excited, and my meat is getting wet.

It suddenly flashed the wet meat, leaned over the inside of the thigh, like it is teasing me, let me nervous and afraid.

It slowly slipped to my abdomen. After a few turns around the navel, I started to go up, and then I slipped to my chest to my nipple, I couldn’t stand it out: um ~ ~~ It slides in my nipple, turned to another chest, the nipple slipped, at this time, my two nipples have been wet, and suddenly a hand, I have a hand, and I am surprised. Called out: 喔 ~~~ Wet soft things have left my nipple, heard the Taoist said: I have to take out your evil spirits on your body now. I learned that the wet thin thing was the tongue of the Taoist, I am uneasy: Master, but … 喔 ~~~ I haven’t finished it, the chest is suddenly covered by the whole mouth, and the other The palm is constantly ignorant to another chest, I can’t help but call it.

After a chest, the tongue of the Taoist tongue began to slip again. After driving the inside of the thigh to the already wet meat, the Taoist took the whole mouth, then reached into the tongue constantly put my obscene Going out, wet soft tongue constantly retrovating in my meat, I am excited to start obscene: 喔 ~~~ Master ~~~ um ~~~ This ~~~ 喔 ~~~ I I can’t stand it ~~~ Taoist does not care about my beggar, with my hands to put my meat, put the tongue in my meat.

I have been licking with the meat, and finally I can’t help but hit the butt, the waist is constantly shaking.

At this time, the master left my cross, went to my head, kissed directly to the constant gasping, and then reached into my mouth kissed my tongue.

After a tongue kick, the Taoist leaving my lips and said: I will help you with the evil spirits. Now I have to deep into your body in your body.

After the Taoist said, I pulled my body again. Let my head beyond the edge of the desk, and there is a round stick to join my mouth, and then began to pour in my mouth. Plug.

The more the round stick, the more deeper my mouth, the last round of the rounded head continues to go to my throat, and I am sadly spit, tears continue to flow.

Just when I was asphyxia, the stick in my mouth finally took out, I made a constant gasping.

Just when I was still gasping, the Taoist had already walked to my legs. Suddenly grabbed my waist to move my butt to the table edge, and then I felt that the following already wet meat was a round stick. I came in, I couldn’t help but call it: 喔 ~~~ The stick began to push up in my body, I can’t help it by the top: 喔 ~~~ master ~~~ um ~ ~~ slow ~~~ 喔 ~~~ This ha ~~~ um ~~~ will not stand ~~~ I said that the stick in the body is more fierce and deeper, the fierce shaking makes the table constantly sound, And I have been hit by a leech: um ~~~ master ~~~ 喔 ~~~ too deep ~~~ um ~~~ too fast ~~~ 喔 ~~~ I have to stand ~ ~~ Taoist said while breathing: I will bear it …

I have been brainted: 喔 ~~~ master ~~~ um ~~~ slow a little ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Other ~~~ I will not be able to stand ~~~ Taoist said while breathing: Calling loud … Evil is called out …

The more you got out of your life: um ~~~ Too comfortable ~~~ 喔 ~~~ I can’t help it ~~~ Taoist said while breathing: Fast … I want to put the artifact … The holy water is injected into it … Oh ~~ The Taoist said, suddenly inserted the stick in my meat, then I felt that the holy water injected in the uterus was injected. At this time, I also excited to call out: 喔 ~~ ~ Be hot ~~~ After the artifact injected in my body, the Taoist Taoist took the artifact out, and I was still angry.

Taoist suddenly took a round long, inserted into my meat, I was surprised to call: ah!

The Taoist said: I will help you with something, don’t let the holy water flow out.

After a while, the priest took the cloth on my eyes down, and then tied my hands and feet. At this time, I gave you the next bath towel to cover my body.

I carefully climb the table. At this time, I feel that the uterus is full of liquid. I touched the meat, I found a plastic circular base, and it connects the cylindrical object in my body.

Taoist said: Can’t pull out, the Holy Shui will flow out.

I frowned and touched the lower abdomen: but the following is swollen.

The Taoist said, then let the holy water stay in the body day, so the ghost does not dare to infringe you.

After listening to me, I can only point up, then hold the small broken step slowly into the clothes. I pulled the base with underwear, and then put it with the meat, so I won’t let the sacred water come out, I wore the clothes after my clothes.

I looked at the Taoist asked: Master, how much is it?

The Taoist is stable and said: don’t have money! But you have to come back to three to five times every week.

I am surprised to say: Three to five times!

The Taoist said: This guarantees that any ghosts don’t dare to get close to you.

Then I ride a locomotive back, the holy water in the uterus, and the holy water, which made me uncomfortable, sometimes hit the hole, the cylinder in the meat, and then add the Holy Shui Hui I have some, I will not care.

It’s hard to ride home, and the underwear is long wet, some liquids have flowed to the inside of the thigh, I looked at the locomotive seat cushion wet, shy thought: “I don’t know if it is a holy water or my prostitute?”

Go to the management room, the administrator looked in my flue-faced small chopping.

The manager of the administrator asked me: What happened? How did I suddenly go to the road so much?

I walked over his side down with a low head.

The administrator suddenly reached out my ass, but also intentionally pressed into my ass, and his finger pressed into the base of the meat, the meat is taped, I frowned. Called: 喔 ~~~ The administrator heard my kinky, and then looked at him after being wet.

My whole blush is not enough to quickly press the elevator, I don’t dare to see the administrator’s hurry.

When I got home, I felt very tired after I lie in bed. I quickly fell asleep, I have forgotten it.

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