I am tired.

I dreamed that I was in a bar, I was in a blue junk dress, I was drinking wine, at this time, a man came over with me, I turned to see it, it turned out to be a football star C Ronal to me. Ride.

I am happy in my heart, but I still have a little bit of a little bit to accept him.

Then he sat next to me, chatted with me, talked about it, he said that the ball is very good. I said that I don’t believe it, then he said to bet with me. Whoever lost, I have to win, I am. I chose my comparative hike.

Then he took me to his exclusive box, there are only two people and a hiket station.

As a result, as he said, he even hit the ball, and looked at my score and he was more far away. I had to make my big trick.

I took it down in the underwear and underwear in the dress, and then deliberately squatted on his opposite table, half-eyed, let him distract.

Because of my teasing heart, he gradually started to go into the ball, and I still hit him while hitting the ball, I kneel on the table with the hit the ball, let him faintly see the chest in my dress in my dress. NS.

Looking at my score, catching up with him, he frowned: Unfair, you make me distracted.

I laughed back to him: This is not a foul, who told you to distract!

After I finished, I didn’t expect that he immediately stood up and took off his top to show his fish line laidmium.

I stared at his fish line. As a result, the ball hit the ball, and he smiled.

Looking at him smiling, when he took the club to hit, I suddenly took off the dress, the whole body naked stood in front of him, he was shocked to slam the ball.

I laughed after laughing, I was proud to stand in front of him, and then he was squat on the table, and he was high at the butt.

I know this posture now, he stood behind me to see my meat, thinking about thinking about the meat wet below.

After hitting a ball, I was proud to turn around and laughed with him. As a result, he suddenly took off his pants to show hard meat sticks.

I am surprised and excited about his meat stick and excited, my meat is getting wet.

I turned my head and I had to hit this ball, because the last goal left, I just won him.

Just as I kneel on the table, I used a wet meat to facing him. When I was about to hit, he suddenly passed to me, his meat rod slipped over the wet meat, on my clitoris.

His posted in my ear and said: If this ball is not in, I will go into the wet meat of the following.

A hard meat stick is on my clitoris, and my moist meat is holding the outer ring of the meat stick. This stimulus makes me accidentally put the ball, the result is the motherball bag.

I know that I have lost it, I know that I will be inserted by his meat stick.

I would like to give the clothes on the table, my hands are on the table, open their legs and pull the butt, with the meat stick behind the prostitute, I am waiting for the thick meat stick behind it. Pierced my already wet meat.

One hand suddenly pressed my back, like fixed my body, and like it is not in the forefront, when the front end of the glans touched the bottle, my body is still the implantation. The body is a tension that is ready to be taken.

The round head slowly opened the barley mouth, slowly slipped into the meat hole in the prostitution, and the meat is constantly opened. I can’t help but make a swearing: um … it’s big … 喔 …

Slowly feel that the meat is very fast, and the mushroom head of the glans is still moving to my meat, although it is slow to open the meat, but I have gradually feel that the meat is supported. I hurt, I want to put my body, then I found that I was completely pressed on the table, I didn’t tell the law forward, and the pain of the meat, I couldn’t stand it with one hand and pushed his belly. Then use the tone of begging: pain …

Behind him has already wants fire, his body is still constantly pressing my ass, and the glans continue to support the meat.

I hurt my head and screaming: painful …

As a result, I turned to discover that my head is not C Luo with the glans! On my back, I used the glans to be a fat man, and I also wear a glasses, a house.

I pushed his sashimi to say: Who are you? He said to me: Hello! I am “Ager”!

I heard the words “Ajie”, I suddenly cooled, he was already violent …. Ajie !!!!!

At this time, I felt that the glans who opened my meat, but it was cold …

The cold glans slowly supported my meat acupuncture.

I am tensioned to push his squid with your hand: pain … Ajie … Unplug it?

Ajie looked at me with innocent expressions: But only one thing left …

I said with the expression of for mercy: No … I will die …

Ajie said with a disappointment expression: Ok!

It is said that the gantry of Ajie has finally quits a little.

When I feel that the meat acupoints have a little less, the body is relaxing.

Ajie suddenly grabbed my hips, then force the whole glans into my meat.

I couldn’t help but wrinkled out “喔” in my meat.

The coarse glans completely caught in my body, the sump of the meat walls in the meat, the hustle and hurt of the uterus, made my body shake.

Ajie is still proud to say: it is so warm, so comfortable!

I hurt my tears, and Ajun is a distressed say: Do you cry?

After saying that Ajie is going to pull his glans out, but his mushroom fan hooks the wall of the meat, so that I feel hurt again.

I flock on tears to catch Ajie’s hand: Don’t move! Pain …

When Ah heard, he stopped the action. Two of us kept such a posture. After about five minutes, I didn’t feel it.

At this time, Ajie said: Can I move?

The swelling of my meat has been supported, and I want to endure the Ah, so I closed my eyes.

Ajie grabbed my hips with hands, then slowly put his glans into the meat.

I feel that the glans in the meat is constantly innecting to my body, I am surprised: Isn’t it going to take it?

Ajie continued to come in and said: all inserted it, how can it be inserted?

My meat is the swelling of the glans, but there is a little bit of meat, my heart is contradictory, I want him to pick up or go deep into my body?

At this time, my butt suddenly felt a cold touch. It turned out that Ajie had already inserted his meat stick into my body. I thought: “Although Ajie’s glans is very large, but the meat stick is really not very long.”

Ajie is satisfied: the original meat stick is covered by the meat wall is this feeling.

I frowned to say: Your glans, I am swollen and ice, can you pick it up?

Ajie slowly smoked his meat stick.

Ajun slowly pulled out, let me more obviously feel that the meat wall in the meat is blown by his mushroom fan.

This kind of feeling makes me crisp, I can’t help but come out: um … 喔 …

Ajie finally pumped his mushrooms and fans to the meat, I feel that the tightly hooked the mushroom fan in my meat, and then I feel that the prostitution in the meat is already shaved. Going down.

Ajede said: Wow! A lot of prostitution flows out, is very excited?

I know that my thigh is my prostitute, I didn’t tell the way to refute, only shy some nodded.

Ager said: Let you be more comfortable.

After saying that Ajie slowly put the glans into my body.

I am surprised: I can’t stand it! I will not stand ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

The huge ice glans go deep into my meat, this feeling makes me spoke and comfortable: um … um …

When Ajun put it, I immediately smoked it immediately, and I have already had a meat, and then I feel the prostitutes secreted in the meat, and the prostitutes on the thigh have flowed to the calf.

Ajie saw that I have been excited, he began to slowly increase the speed, but the stimulus of the crispy made me start obscenity: um ~~~ This ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Good comfort ~~~ um ~~~ Jen continued to plug me: This is the feeling of love, so cool. I am screaming: 喔 ~~~ Make a little bit ~~~ um ~~~ So cool ~~~ Aje suddenly accelerates the speed: This is too cool, no! I …. 喔 ~~~ then I Suddenly I feel that a cold liquid rushed into my feverful meat, and the cold feels makes my meat uncomfortable.

Such a special feeling makes me also reached the slutty of the climax: 喔 ~~~ good ice ~~~ um ~~~ Good strange ~~~ feel ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Final Ager will enjoy behind me The pleasure of ejaculation, and I also closes my eyes, and I feel the special feeling of the cold liquid injects the ice liquid in the table.

Ajun suddenly hugged me from behind, like a pose of the baby’s urine, and the following meat sticks still inserted in the meat.

Ajie took me on the ground and then grabbed my feet to turn my body to face him. At the same time, I feel that the glans turned in my meat, so I feel that I can’t help but hurt. Called: 喔 ~~~ After turning forward, I turned into the Aberdess, I held the squid of Ajie to watch Ajie, and I saw his face clearly.

I think in my heart: “Ajie really pays a house, no wonder there is no girlfriend?”

Ager looks straight to him, and the question says: How?

I have questionable: Is I dreaming?

Ajun smiled nodded: Yes! This is in the dream.

I am angry: Why do you come in to destroy my dreams with C Luo!

Aji said: This is not your dream, this is my dream, my dream is to constantly do love with you.

I am angry: Who wants to do love with you?

Then I pushed his squid to get up. At this time, I suddenly found that I couldn’t move, and I watched my hands and two feet were locked.

Ager laughed and said: This is my dream, how do I think?

I looked at Ajie’s breath and said: Let me go!!

Ajun looked at me: I just don’t be very cool? I will make your climax, I am not just like a normal boys, can you feel that my meat stick is still very hard?

I disdainted tone: Not long enough, how can it be soft?

Ager looked at me: Good! Let you see it!

Then I started to feel the meat sticks in the meat, and the huge glans slowly went deep into my meat, and I was surprised to watch Ajie.

The glans constantly drilled in the inside, until the glans came to my uterine mouth, I was nervous: stop!

At this time, the glans stopped in my uterus.

Akou is asked: What happened?

I frowned: Top to the uterus.

Ajun suddenly moved his waist, the glans also followed my uterus, I wrinkled with a brow called: Hey!

Ager laughed: How? Is this long enough? Not enough I can extend again.

I am nervous: Don’t! Don’t grow longer!

Ager laughed: Is the uterus be able to be sensitive?

After that, Ajie suddenly grabbed my waist, and then started with his waist to top me, every time they were topped to my uterus.

This feeling makes me screaming again: 喔 ~~~ pain ~~~ um ~~~ Soa ~~~ Ajede said: Comfortable sophisticated?

Ajun continues to go up, the uterus has been thrown by the top, the feeling of pain is so excited, I will be overwhelmed, I started to call: 喔 ~~~ can ~~~ um ~~~ It’s so cool ~~~ 喔 ~~~ My meat has been turned out of the top of the prostitute, plus the semen of Ajie, and the moist meat and the plug of the meat rods continue to make 啪.

I am sitting on Ajie’s body, I am talking about it. It’s constant soaking: um ~~~ Good ~~~ 喔 ~~~ The top of the uterus is cool ~~~ 喔 ~~~ With the top of Ajie, I am more exciting, and gradually a little bit of pain, but the feelings of the meat are more comfortable, I still have a constant kink: 喔 ~~~ The uterus should be hit ~~~ Well ~~~ Constant thrust makes me more exciting, and I feel that the uterus is getting more and more painful. I still lose the reason to be called: 喔 ~~~ top ~~~ um ~~~ I want Before the ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Plus ~~~ Suddenly a hit, the glans passed through the uterus mouth, the whole glans joined my uterus, the uterus was squeezed into the huge glans to make my climax ~~~ Go in ~~~ 喔 ~~~ At this time, Ajie also felt that the glans came into my uterus, and the homework was tightly absorbed his glans. He also excitedly grabbed my waist. Too cool ~~~ then feeling a cold liquid in my uterus, feeling like a firefighter holding water into the uterus to fire, the uterus is so cold in the uterus. Filling, such a pleasure made my constant spasm jitter. After a while, Ajie didn’t breathe at the climax: Your uterus did not add my glans!

I frowned and said: Too long! The glans are entirely inserted into the uterus.

Ajee said: You are not too cool to the uterus, holding the gap with the ganglion.

I won’t know how to refute my face low.

At this time, I didn’t see my handcuffs and the ankle, and Ajie took me to stand as a trainer, and the meat stick in the meat did not be soft, the glans still in my uterus.

I quickly called his head with my hands: the glans still in the uterus …

He hugged my hips and then started to put me up and down. I just gave a climax. I was topped by the glans. I screamed: 喔 ~~~ Don’t ~~~ um ~~~ Ager Holding me and put it on the side, I was smashed, I was inserted: 喔 ~~~ Don’t move again ~~~ 喔 ~~~ The womb is ~~~ um ~~~ insert ~~~ A Jie suddenly smoked out, the glans’s mushrooms were hookped with my homes and hook out. This feeling made me hurt again: 喔 ~~~, then, Ajie, come back to the top, I was squeezed in the hooded of the outer hook to open, so that the thrilling pleasure made me insurgered: 喔 ~~~ Into ~~~ 喔 ~~~ uterus ~~~ Jie took my homaghot as a granular hole, and constantly put my homework with the glans, and I can’t stand it, I can’t stand the conception: um ~~~ uterus ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Self-cool ~ ~~ Well ~~~ Can not stand it ~~~ The thrilling pleasure of the glans will finally make me unable to get the climax, and I will continue to spurt the prostitution in the vagina, my body is also too excited and constantly shaking pumping Hey, the uterine mouth is also contracted by the climax, and the glans in the uterus is tightly absorbed by my uterine mouth.

Ajie is called: The homing mouth is too cool to take the glans! I can’t stand it! Oh ~~ After another cold liquid rushed into the uterus of me.

Ajie took me a few times, I said that I am so weak: I have no strength, let me down …

Then Adger holding me back and sat down, because Adger cock did not soften, sit on the floor when they were in utero at the top of the glans, my whole body shake and Yinjiao cry: Oh Ah ~ ~ ~ Jay hand touched the back of my lower abdomen proud to say: you have belly bump on the inside you are filled with my semen.

And I’m still sitting Adger who continue to smoke climax with ‘A’, while Adger cock still stiff standing plugged in my body.

Adger At this time I will suddenly pulled forward, then hands hugged me, and then I suddenly felt my chrysanthemum cold cave there are stars in a circle above his head.

I strained to look back, the result was a Adger appeared behind me, and his hand leaning on huge penis against my chrysanthemum points.

The following Adger then proud to say: multi-p is my long-awaited dream.

Having Adger opened up my pockets with both hands in the back of a daisy, then slowly put his penis squeeze my chrysanthemum points.

I have pain while struggling side, saying: pain … do not ….

Adger back no matter what I have been shouting pain, he continued to try to squeeze his penis my chrysanthemum points.

Because Adger glans too, have not been identified to squeeze chrysanthemum Cave law, holding my Adger suddenly they said: Is not too dry?

Adger back after listening to the glans pulled my chrysanthemum hole, then holding the cock began to masturbate them.

There is no long before the front end of the glans, the transparent semen, then the cold semen continues to spray my chrysanthemum. When I feel that the chrysanthemum is cool, the latter Aje is still holding the ejaculation’s glans in the chrysanthemum, and then uses force.

I frowned and screamed, and the huge glans took the lubricated semen into my chrysanthemum.

The next Ajie is called: the chrysanthemum is tightening than the meat, cool ~ The following A Jie is also excited: after the chrysanthemum is plugged in, the previous meat is tightened.

Then, Ajie will grab my hip to pump.

I beg for for mercycle: 喔 ~~~ Don’t move ~~~ um ~~~ The stomach is expanding ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Two ~~~ um ~~~ will not be able to stand ~~~ 喔 ~~~ back Ajie no matter my commemoration, I grabbed my hips, the faster, and it is getting deeper.

I gradually feel that the gantry in the rectum will continue to reach the insertion, like a snake is constantly drilling in my rectum, my stomach is getting more and more bloating, I can’t stand the lax: 喔 ~~ ~ Don’t get long again ~~~ um ~~~ The stomach is swollen ~~~ 喔 ~~~ The back of Ajie is inserted while inserting: The original can be inserted so deep, it seems to be endless.

The following, Ajie, also excited: I can feel that you can put down in the back, so cool, I also want to move.

The following A Jie also started to go up.

I can’t stand the loudness: 喔 ~~~ two simultaneous ~~~ um ~~~ No ~~~ 喔 ~~~ The stomach is expanding ~~~ um ~~~ Can not stand it ~~~ This time suddenly A glans jutched into my mouth, I contracted the meat sticks to look up, and there was a lot of Ajie in front of me.

Half Ajie grabbed my head, and then began to push it in my mouth.

The faster, the faster, and the meat stick in the chrysanthemum is still more and more, it feels fast to my stomach, and it has a feeling of vomiting.

When I opened the throat, I immediately made the front of the glans in my throat, and the front of the glans became a long to my throat.

The three-way simultaneous stimuli makes me excited, I finally got a climax at their quick pumping.

When I was tight in my climax, three Ajie also called: I was shot! Oh ~~~ Then in the end of the uterus, in the rectum, the throat feels continuously with ice cooling.

After the three people were short, it was like it to say that it was also pulled out at the same time. The stimuli that pulled out made my excitement, the meat is constantly spurting, and my body is constantly pumping.

When Ajie put me in the ground, three people stood together and looked at the meat stick.

The front Ajun said: The throat is not deep, but it is very cool.

The following A Jack followed: The relatively deep meat, especially the glans inserted into the uterus.

The latter Ajee said: Chrysanthemum is the deepest, you see that my meat stick is more than 30 cm! It can be deeper!

I looked at the three Ajie who had no longer looked at the ground, and I felt that I was so angry, and I fell asleep.

When I opened my eyes, I was already bright, I felt a long night, I was a bit tired but I feel comfortable.

At this time, I suddenly felt swelling below, I found out that I was swelling all my stomach, like pregnancy, and then I feel that there is something in the chrysanthemum and the cave.

I reached out to the bed, I found that the original plastic cylinder was still plugged in the meat, so I will swell in this way.

I quickly ran to the toilet. After sitting in the toilet, I pulled it out later, my body is like the liberation from the meat hole and the chrysanthemum constantly flowing out of liquid.

I looked at the transparent liquid that didn’t come out, I thought: “I am really raped by ghosts!”

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