Today, it’s bad, suddenly drifting a small rain and then I forgot to bring umbrella, I wore a white small dress today, because the school left in the school, I want to say that I will go home with a small run. I can run. At half of the rain, the rain is heavy, and the whole body is wet, and the white small dress is a translucent shape because of the moisture, and the wet outer dress is tightly adhesive. My body curve becomes very obvious. , Not only clearly see my red underwear, even the red underwear of the lower body has become obvious, and I am like only a semi-naked state in underwear.

Although I want to take the bag to cover my half-naked body, but I am more afraid of sour rain, I have to put the bag on my head with half naked look and quickly run home.

It’s hard to get to the management room, when I stand at the door, I suddenly discovered that the administrator of our building was staring at me with a good color, I shy quickly using the bag to cover me down, this time The administrator’s eyes are staring at my chest with color tone: Little sister, you are wet, do you want to go backward behind the management room, I will give you a towel.

Looking at him, I barely smiled and refused him, and then quickly walked in, I went to halfway, I thought he was standing in the management room. I saw my butt, I only had a red face to enter the building elevator.

After entering the elevator, I picked up the bathroom and started to wipe the rain, wipe the face, hand and the rain on the neck. I found that the front chest is also rain, so I solved a button to start wipe the rain. After rubbing, I found that there was a monitor in the elevator, and the lens was still facing my chest. I quickly took the bag and smashing the chest. I thought about the color of the colored colored administration. At this time, I won’t be staring at the screen. Look at my chest.

I finally returned home, I lost the bag after the door, and then took off the wet out of the body, and then took the wet bra and threw it on the ground. Just as I rushed to the foot. When the ankle, the door of another female roommate Xiaoyi suddenly opened, and the opening door was a senior (boyfriend).

I hanged the underwear and the naked naked naked, after a sudden, I went back to God, I screamed a hand covered the chest, one hand covered the face full face red Entering the toilet, I think about it after the toilet: “It’s over! I have a naked look. It must be seen by the school, and the face is dead.> /// <."

I think: “Strange? Xiaoya today is not a whole day course? How do I have a long afternoon? I have destroyed the rule to stay in our home, it is Xiaoyi! Harm, I am gone, I am called me. How to face the seniors in the future! “

Forget it, it is impossible to kill the schoolmaster! Still don’t want it, hurry up! After taking a shower, I didn’t get clothes, and even wet underwear came outside, I Only the remaining towels can be surrounded by the body. After opening the door, I will rush to my room. When I turned to turn the door, I suddenly blocked the door with one hand, I tightly grabbed the scarf. Learning long.

The senior stared at me: Xin Jian! Sorry!

I am awkward and answer: the school leader, it doesn’t matter.

Suddenly, the students grabbed my shoulders and said: Really doesn’t matter?

I scared the tense answer: I really don’t matter! Search!

The seniors suddenly pulled my scarf, and then took me up with the way, and then went to the bed and put me in bed.

I have two hands to cover an important part: Search! Do you do?

The students ignore me and started to take off his own clothes. When he took off his meat stick, his meat stick was in front of me, clearly looked at the hard meat stick and surprised that the smell of the senior meat is so thick !! Especially the glans whole swelling It is also obviously seen that the green rods around the meat stick are obvious.

The seniors suddenly opened my feet, then supported his red glans near my meat, I quickly smoked my meat hole with a hand, and pushed the academic body, shouting in your mouth: Director, don’t!

At this time, I used one hand to take me the hand of the meat, and then touch my meat with another hand. After touching it, use the hand to push me on his chest. , Then proud to say: Don’t be wet, don’t you?

I quickly replied: That is a bath …. Well!

When I was talking about me, I suddenly opened my moist meat, and I put the meat stick into the meat, and I fill the meat rods in the meat. Fully, plus swelling glans suddenly came to the uterus, I wrinkled out: Well!

The seniors looked at me and said: Xin Jian! Sorry, I just watched the a piece of masturbation, my meat stick is hard, but you suddenly appear in front of me, I didn’t tell the way to stop my meat stick It tells me that it must be inserted into a pink meat! I wrinkled asking for merchandise: Secretary, your meat stick is rough and hard, I can’t stand it, can I pull it out?

The president of the school said to me: Xin Jian, your meat is very tight, the whole meat bag, my meat stick is so comfortable, I can’t get it.

I still wrinkle the brow saying: Secretary, I am a good friend of Xiaoyi, you are betrayal … Well ~~ The senior did not wait for me to finish, suddenly everyone hugged my head with my hand, The lower body began to be fiercely, and I was inserted by the hot meat stick to make a spoke: 喔 ~~~ Um ~~~ After moving, the seniors suddenly insert the meat stick into the meat hole, and then I feel the top of the uterus. The glans continuously in jitter, then a more hot liquid is constantly incorporated into the endior, I am shocked: “The academics should not ejaculate in my body?”

I am surprised to push the school, and I put it hard while I said: Search! Don’t! No! Come out!

The students ignored me, I also hugged me tightly, I was so felt that I was so angry, the strength of the senior, I made all the strength or push him, I can only feel the meat The meat stick is constantly shaking, and the uterus is hot in the uterus to the entire swelling.

Later, I had no strength to gradually, but I feel that the semen is still inserted into the uterus. Finally, after the meat is completely filled, the hot semen slowly flows from the meat, and the seniors are still tight. I don’t put it.

After a while, the senior mother finally released his hands, then left my body and pulling half soft meat sticks away from my meat. At this time, I finally made a breath, I almost gave it to suffocation.> <.

The expression of the senior exposed: too comfortable!

I am angry to the seniors: How can you shoot in my body? And still shoot …

I touched the hole with my hand, not only the acupoints were semen, but also in the shares, I raised the volume and then said: So many !!!

I said to me with sorry, I said to me: Because I promised Xiaoyi to ban a month, I just just a month, I would like to say that I want to be full of Shi Nai …

Forget it! Everything is already shot, I have to look at the seniors say: How do you tell us now?

The seniors suddenly took me with the bride, then smiled and said to me: I will help you wash!

After the speech, I took my head to the bathroom. After got off the door, let me stand in the bathtub. After skilled in the hot water, I started to take my meat with my fingers. I was so comfortable to get a comfortable voice: Um….

The seniors constantly put the semen in the meat, and the other started to stroking me in the top, and then my waist and then squatted my chest.

Although I want to stop my long, my skilled action makes me feel comfortable, I only have a chance of the academic leader, and then constantly embarrassing: um ….

Suddenly, I kneel down with my tongue, lick my meat, and constantly bite my clitoris, I am comfortable: um … um …

I am more exciting for my body’s skilled action, and I have been can’t stand the climax by the seniors.

The senior feels that my feet is constantly shaking. He knew that I reached the climax, then he stood up and said to me: Comfortable to the climax! Let me feel comfortable!

The seniors said that my body was pressed down. After I squatted down, the senior meat stick was just in front of me, the seniors of the senior meat were hard, but the glans did not just be so thick.

I have begun to be excited, and I have a meat stick who is holding the school. After a while, I feel that the senior meat stick has become thick again, and my body is getting more and more exciting, then I start opening the mouth Including, including a thick glans makes me feel more exciting, I am constantly, the deeper, the speed is getting faster and faster.

Suddenly, the seniors can’t stand it: I can’t stand it!

I suddenly heard the sound of the door of the living room, I stood up and stretched the door of the bathroom and listened to the door.

Then I heard Xiao Ni: Xin Jian! Are you at home?

I am nervous on the door: I am! Just wet, take a bath!

I had finished speaking seniors suddenly escorted from behind cock, all of a sudden it will be inserted into my wet Rouxue cock, the cock is inserted Rouxue all of a sudden go. I almost cried out, I quickly hand over my mouth, and then with the other hand to push the seniors behind, I turned to look with mercy for seniors and shook his head, thinking: “She was found in a small Chennai boyfriend being stuck me with his cock, how to explain useless! “but was not afraid like seniors, hands clutching my waist from behind, slow thrusts me.

Small Nye stood in the doorway and said to me:! Kinji thing I want to please you.

I was afraid of cock plug opening, with only nasal answer: ah?

I replied back with his eyes while mercy to seniors, but seniors completely ignored me, still clutching my waist constantly thrusting forward.

Small Chennai went on to say: Today is the birthday of seniors, I would like to be called seniors, fear that they will wake you up, can you go to a friend’s house one night?

I still cock stuck with a nasal voice answered: ah!

Seniors this time suddenly began to pick up speed, I’m more nervous watching seniors shook his head.

Small Chennai at the door happy to say:! Kinji you really are my best sister I know You’re the best!!

This time I have been completely regardless of seniors shaking his head, palms suddenly grabbed my ass with my Rouxue distraction, then squat posture began thrusting my speed.

I choked back Rouxue is quickly thrusting the cock, not to make a sound.

Small Chennai then happy to say: Actually, my gift is my own, tonight I want to seniors lingering a good night!

Seniors this time is not only faster, but also more top more vigorously.

I could not help but be excited inserted uttered: ah!

Small Chennai blithely say: I will let seniors have been to see A piece, and prohibit him a month are not allowed to ejaculate, tonight he must be very fierce!

My Rouxue distraction seniors continue to plug my violent.

I frowned constantly endured voice, thinking: “!! Really shoot a lot and really is very fierce.”

Small Chennai blithely say:! Kinji you’ve tried it a month without ejaculation cock, cock it would be hard and thick, and the amount of shot to another over many?!

Seniors this time suddenly forced up one, cock the whole root insert Rouxue, and then his hand clutching my waist.

Then I feel the uterus and continue to be poured into the hot semen, this time I also excitement to a climax, constantly twitching legs, mouth biting the lower lip afraid to call out the sound.

Small Chennai blithely say: That beasts in general, not to be two or three times is not going to stop, well, do not talk with you, I have to go back to class, breaking!!

Then he heard the voice of the living room door closes.

This time seniors was pulled semi-soft cock, and then I let go, I did not force the people climbed up on your feet on the ground continue to gasp, but within Rouxue and continuous outflow of white semen.

I lie on the top side breath thinking: “!!?? God Kinji you doing how you will be hitting the climax within her boyfriend in front of your friends.”

I took a break after pulling up my seniors, again helped me a bath.

After washing dry off, with seniors as a way to hold the bride a wonderful reflection of my room, I will hold onto the bed and then began stroking my hand.

I harbored feelings of guilt and said to seniors: seniors, so no, you are a small Chennai boyfriend.

Seniors side touched my side replied: Kinji, in fact, I like you, because you say you do not have a boyfriend, so I just stayed with a small cross Chennai, so we can be close to you.

I looked at seniors say: Even if you are like me, you can not do this to me, but also in the shot …

Seniors proudly answer: Do not you think your Rouxue very close with my cock it and you figure, looks, sounds kinky Chennai have won little too much?!

Having seniors and move my fingers began to tease me Rouxue.

I frowned and said to seniors: seniors, do not tease me, today is your birthday, Chennai distinguish night how small?

Seniors while teasing Rouxue while rubbing my chest saying: My birthday wish has been promised, the first one is can have sex with you, the second is the shot in your body, and the third is … .. put you into my sex slaves!

Said that the senior gradual integer insert my meat hole, then smashed my nipple with my mouth, I was teasing to start a snoring: Um … The seniors are teasing me: Xin, your name is really Good listening, hear tired.

After a period of time, the seniors suddenly lying on the bed, then flipped it into a 69 posture, and started with my tongue to pick my meat, watching the senior meat stick, I was taking the excitement, I also lick the seniors. The meat stick, the gravity of the school leader makes me more excited.

The deeper of the school, the deeper the tongue, the deeper the meat rod, and I have been caught by the seniors of the climax: 喔 … um …

The seniors knew that my climax, suddenly put me in bed, my hands opened my thigh, hand holding the meat stick into my meat, and then vigorously smashed me, I was inserted Not starting to make a swearing sound: 喔 ~~~ Good ~~~ um ~~~ Can not stand it ~~~ This fierce plugs let me excite the climax.

The seniors took me on the bed, and then hugged me kissed my tongue. After a while, I learned to look at it because the climax was full of red, I said: I didn’t say anything! Your meat and my meat stick It’s really good, you can make you feel comfortable.

I nodded my eyes.

After the seniors bowed my chest, I suddenly took me up, and then started to pose me with a trainer. My hand didn’t hug the school leader, so the heart of the meat rod is supported in the meat, such I feel that I can’t stand it soon, I can’t stand the laxation: um ~~~ No ~~~ 喔 ~~~ This ~~~ um ~~~ I will not stand ~~~ The seniors hug me to move to the living room, one side Take it, I excitedly can’t be ignored: 喔 ~~~ No ~~~ Um ~~~ I will want to have a urine ~~~ The senior is touched in the living room: That is urin!

I shook my head and shoked: I can’t do it ~~~ um ~~~ This living room ~~~ will be dirty ~~~ Student holds me more intense inserted: I don’t care, I have to plug it!

I will ask for a while, I am screaming: 喔 ~~~ Don’t ~~~ Well ~~~ Go to the bathroom ~~~ Please ~~~ Student smile and hold me into the bathroom, and then start fiercely. Me.

I was can’t stand the mink of the meat stick: 喔 ~~~ No ~~~ Well ~~~ I can’t stand it ~~~ Then I first heard the sound of the test, my climax was blown out, The hands are holding the constant jitter, and they are constantly embarrassed in the ears: 喔 ~~~ Um ~~~ After the acoustic sound of the school, I took me to go to the sofa of the living room, and then I am Say: I am tired, change you.

After I heard the doctor, I started to twist my waist before and after, and the seniors were open on the sofa. I like my grandfather, and I am like his sex slave, the meat is constantly Twisted waist and obscene: 喔 ~~~ um ~~~ Self-moving is easier to make the meat stick to my sensitive point, I will not be able to get the climax, the whole body is in the long-term pump Sticker.

I got my chin in my face, and I said that I am talking about full face. I can’t do it! The owner has not yet shot, how do you first go to a climax?

I stated that my seniors: I’m sorry ~~~ Master ~~~ The seniors are proud of: Hey! Now, go to the sofa, use your hands to hold the meat hole to make the owner from behind.

After listening to the school, I pulled out the meat stick, and then squatted on the sofa, then shy my meat across my meat, I still look very sensuality.

After the seniors were proud of looked at my lustful posture, I said that the meat stick was near the meat hole I opened, and I put the meat stick in.

After I stepped slowly, I slowly put the seniors’ glans squeezed into my meat, and my mouth was constantly squatting: um ~~~ Suddenly, the senior grabbed my ass. I suddenly insert the meat stick into the meat, I was called out of the top: 喔 ~~~ The seniors are excited: Your posture is too seductive, I can’t stand it!

It is said that the seniors will grab me in my waist. I am inserted. I am inserted: 喔 ~~~ master ~~~ um ~~~ Rao ~~~ The seniors suddenly grabbed my hand Pulling, then use the waist to vigorously, this kind of impact is deep and numb, I was hit by a chaos: 喔 ~~~ Good deep ~~~ um ~~~ Soah ~~~ The across the second Intense, it is getting bigger and bigger, and the hurting sound is getting bigger and loud, I also excitedly called: 喔 ~~~ I want to die ~~~ um ~~~ To be killed ~~~喔 ~~~~~~~ The last tightly pulled my body back, let the glans on the homotic mouth, and then spray the semen into the uterus.

I also reached the climax at the same time, and the chroma was continuously sucking the glans because of the climax.

After the senior semen left in the meat stick, the seniors finally turned his hand to the sofa, and I slept unconsciously.

Suddenly, I feel like it is in the boat, my body is constantly shaking, and I seem to have the root of the roots, I will open my eyes slowly, I turned out that I am squatting on the school, the following meat Also includes the smear sticks of the school, and the students continue to top me.

The seniors saw that I woke up, and he continued to move his waist to me: You finally woke up!

My miye said on the side, said to the seniors: Secretary ~~ Well ~~~ Happy birthday ~~~ Student smiled and said: My wishes are achieved.

Said that I am tightly grabbing my ass to accelerate me.

I can’t be caught by: 喔 ~~~ Good comfort ~~~ um ~~~ Students stopped the action smile and said: It seems that you have become my sex slave, immediately enter the situation.

My Mi smiled and said to the seniors: because it is comfortable ~ The school leader said: no time to shoot, wait Xiao Ni to come back, I am at least to give her.

I have twisted the waist and saying that I said that I happened ~~~ um ~~~ I still want ~~~ The seniors will hold me forward, while kissing my waist while I quickly twisted his waist, inserted for a while Stop the action to me: Insert it, I will stop, I will want to give your uterus fusion liquid.

After that, the senior senior will pull it out, then I will help it, and then get up and start to wear his clothes.

And I am sitting in bed with grinding eyes looking at him.

After the senior clothes worn, I left my head and I left my head and said: I will not lock the door in the future. I will always come over, Xiao Na is coming back, hey!

After that, the seniors often didn’t feel refined with Xiao Night, and then smashed into my room when they were half-night. Finally, all shot in my body. After a good period of time, I knew that the original senior did not wear a safe case, Hua Nai won’t let He plugs, so the seniors always like to shoot delicate solutions in my body.

That night, I didn’t stay at home. I had to go to the bar to watch the World Football. I didn’t know some wine in that night, and then ….

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