In the fourth day, I continued to work, just opened the store, I was still cleaned in the store, I suddenly opened the door.

I turned to face the door and shouted: Hello!

As a result, it was a little boy who was shorter than my little, and I walked in with a uniform. It should be a minor?

We used the same surprised eyes to look at each other, and then he shy turned to see the fun supplies in the store, and I was embarrassed to continue to sweep.

While sneaking the little boy, I thought about the little boy, I thought: “Is he adult? What would he want to buy?”

After sweeping, I started wiped the counter, then secretly reflected the little boy through the mirror.

As a result, the little boy walked to the plane. The masturbation area suddenly stopped, and then his eyes stared at the plane cup but did not dare to take it.

Looking at the little boy wanted to see the action, I secretly smiled: “Brother! Are you not full of 18? My sister can’t sell it!”

I didn’t expect that when I think so, the little boy turned out later, and then picked up the plane cup quickly stuffed into his school bag. (Little age actually steals Dongxi !!!)

Then the little boy walked at the door of a self-calendered expression, I quickly turned back to the little boy: my brother! The things in your school bag have not paid!

The little boy was scared by my words and turned to look at me. As a result, he was turned around when he turned his body. He accidentally knocked down the lubricant on the ground.

The little boy snapped up the lubricating fluid on the ground, the bottle mouth of the lubricating liquid was opened, and the lubricating fluid inside was flowed.

I quickly ran over and picked the lubricant. At this time, the lubrication has flown away three points. Look at the liquid of the semen in the ground, I picked up the bottle, I know that it is “simulating” semen lubrication, and the little boy is staying Standing at me in place, I looked at me.

After I launched a half bottle of lubricating liquid, then said to the little boy: Brother, you put it back in your bag, my sister can be more than.

The little boy turned right away to put the plane cup back in place.

Then I took a half bottle of lubricant and said to the little boy: However, the younger brother, you can pay it!

The little boy exposed the nervous expression: Sister … I didn’t have money … (What! No money!)

I looked at the little boy. I was very afraid. I tried to chat with him: Brother, why do you want to take a plane cup?

The little boy is afraid that I will call the police, so he will tell me when he is very real: because the students say that the aircraft cup is very cool …

At this time, I carefully observed this little boy, I found that he was fierce, his fear of the expression would want to hold him in his arms.

I suddenly got a bad idea, I smiled and asked the little boy: my brother, do you want to try a plane cup?

The little boy looks at me some head.

I went in the counter took a plane cup show and the remaining two-third lubricant, then pulled the little boy’s hand into the toilet.

After entering the toilet, I want a little boy to sit on the toilet, then I actually boldly squat in the little boy, say: take off the pants and underwear!

I didn’t expect to be a little boy and shy and shy. I said: Pulling in front of the beautiful sister … I will be embarrassed …

Looking at the more shy expression of the little boy, the more I want to bully his feelings. (Do I have the potential of s?)

I hugged his mentality and reached out to unlock the little boy’s trousers. Maybe this is the first time by the girl who is so bold to take off his pants. His shy expression stare at me.

When I took the pants and underwear, the little boy’s meat stick was very bounced out.

I looked at the little boy’s meat stick found that the ladle of the little boy actually went to the whole glans, and looked at the bag that was wrapped, let me feel super cute.

I first saw the wrapped glans, I was curious and gently touched, I didn’t expect my fingers to touch the meat stick, the little boy’s meat stick followed the excitement, such interaction let me Not only novel and excited.

I took the whole meat stick in my hand and looked at the little boy, and the little boy looked at me with both excited and nervous expressions.

Holding the little boy’s meat stick looks at his nervous expression, I actually feel that he is bullied to make me particular excitement. I still look at him with a shy expression, and then slowly wrapped the glans in the hands.

When I pulled the skin, the little boy suddenly frowned: …

I seem to have hurt him. After I saw the lubricating liquid on the ground, I thought some moisturizing is not to hurt him?

I will put it on the lubrication on the ground, and then touch the half-glans he wrapped with your fingers, and then support the uppermost small lips of the glans.

I took the lubricant of the imitation liquid slowly dripped into the small lips that was opened on the glans, and looked at the white liquid was shot from the inside, but in the outside, the picture made me feel special excitement.

This seems that there is no discovery to put the liquid into the meat stick, and the simulation semen will flow from the little lips. The whole meat stick is covered with simulation semen.

The little boy’s meat stick is like obsceneous appearance of the fine, and I have been excited to be wet.

My finger holds the meat sticks filled with simulation semen back and down back, and the foreskin that wraps the glans will slow down with the lubricating fluid, and the little boy’s glans is slowly liberated.

When the little boy’s entire glans came out, my nose followed the “men taste”, which didn’t make me feel disgusting, but I feel particularly excited.

Looking at the little boy’s meat stick has not developed mature, the little meat sticks makes me feel super cute, I feel like the Japanese cartoon “Fangji mushroom”.

I curiously hold the little boy’s meat stick, I don’t know that such a move will make the little boy can’t stand it.

The little boy suddenly took my hand and took my hand and shy: Sister … this will be shot …

I laughed and looked at the little boy and said: Is it not good?

The little boy looks like I didn’t speak.

I smiled and said: Are you afraid to shoot on your face?

Little boy is shy nodding. (The little boy is intimate, I think I feel good.)

I picked up the plane cup on the ground and said to the little boy: Do you shoot it with a plane cup?

Little boy nodded.

After I put the simulation semen into the plane cup, I went to the “Fangji” head, and then slowly inserted the glazing of the full lubrication into the aircraft cup filler.

Looking at the glans slowly disappeared in the aircloth, this feeling like the glans inserted into the wet honey, while the palm of the plane was blocked by the meat stick. Warm temperature.

When I put the whole meat stick into the plane cup, the plane cup packs the whole meat stick, the little boy follows the frowning to make a comfortable snoring: 喔 …

I looked at the little boy like a woman like a woman, so cute looks made me think more “hurt” love him.

After the meat stick is inserted, I started slowly put the plane cup, and the meat stick slowly was smoked.

When I was tightly gripped, I could clearly felt that the palm of the palm of the glans was constantly scratching the wrinkles in the plane cup. This feeling is like the glans in scratching the meat wall in the honey point.

When I took the whole meat stick from the plane cup, when the whole glans came out, the gantry of the glans also scraped the lubrication in the aircraft cup.

The meat stick is covered with white simulation semen, and the aircraft’s mouth has flowed out many obscene pictures of simulation semen. In addition, the aircraft cup came from the punctuus, such as the stimulation of the double sensory, let me excite the whole below. Wet.

Now I have to take off your pants, then use my honey hole instead of the aircraft cup, then insert the meat stick that is filled with simulation semen into your honey.

But I know that this is too dangerous. The little boy’s meat stick is a whole root into the plane. It is like an outbreak. If you put it into my honey, it will not be “really” The semen is fully raised to my honey, which is likely to be pregnant.

I want to mind, in the end, I am still excited to insert the little boy’s meat stick into the plane cup in the hand, and I am afraid I can’t stand the temptation.

Then I took the plane cup as a honey bowl, and then started with excitement, I thought that the plane is the honey, quickly plugging, let me excite the moment. As a result, I didn’t expect it to say that the little boy can’t stand the snoring: 喔 ~~~ I used the plane cup to pick the little boy’s meat stick, and then looked at the little boy and said: Is it comfortable?

The little boy exposes comfortable expressions: So comfortable … 喔 …

I use my hands to hold the plane cup, then continue to go up and down, the little boy is soothing: You are inserting your sister’s small hole!

I will hold my hands more hard to grasp the plane cup, so that the grump of the meat stick can feel wrinkled in the plane cup.

The little boy is excited: my sister … Your small hole is tight … so comfortable …

I have an excitement of the plane cup to make a lascivious call: 喔 ~~~ Your meat stick ~~~ um ~~~ Top sister ~~~ 喔 ~~~ Good comfort ~~~ um ~~~ Little boy suddenly excited Called: Sister … I want to shoot …

I am adding the speed of the hand swinging, I am screaming: 喔 ~~~ shot ~~~ um ~~~ full shot into my sister ~~~ 喔 ~~~ small hole ~~~ um ~~~~ Little boy The foot is suddenly straight, then I feel that the glans in the aircraft cup continue to shake, I guess the boy’s meat stick should be poured into the plane in the plane cup?

I stopped the action of my hands tightly holding the glans in the plane. This is the first time I first use my hands to feel the jitter, such jitter makes me excited.

I have been going to the meat stick in the aircraft’s cup slightly, I carefully pull the little boy’s meat stick out the plane cup.

When this time, the meat stick was quickly covered with the real semen, and the aircraft cup also had a strong semen flavor.

The plane of the hand is heavy, I am curious, I want to know how many semen shooting in the little boy.

I looked at the lubricating fluid on the upper half can I climbed the bottle of the aircraft in the mouth of the lubricating liquid, and the semen in the plane was slowly slid into the lubricating tank.

Looking at the lubricant of the half cans slowly filled, I knew that the little boy took so much! The lubricating liquid tank was filled out to my hand.

I picked up the lid and covered the lubricating liquid tank, then picked up, the real semen and the simulation semen were completely mixed together, it couldn’t see it all.

I think: “This can simulation semen now turns” really “semen, if you don’t know, you don’t know if you will be pregnant.”

At this time, the ringtone of the store rang, and then heard the Boker shouted in the store: Little sister! Is there?

I was shocked and the little boy was shocked. I quickly lubricated the corner of the ground, then picked up the toilet paper to help the little boy, helping the little boy, I quickly rinse the plane cup, by the way, the semen in the hand Rushing.

When the little boy puts a pants, I went out of the door.

Boer looked at me and took a little boy from the toilet. He asked me to show me: he is ….

I quickly replied: He is my brother, he is dirty, so I took him to wash your hands.

The little boy does not speak from the head to the end, I don’t care about my hand to go to the door.

I opened the little boy’s ear after opening the store: This is our secret, I don’t want to tell others!

The little boy nodded and got to say goodbye.

After the little boy went out, I got the door, and Bobao said to me: I thought it was your boyfriend, it turned out to be your brother!

I think: “Even if my boyfriend is not your business!”

I still barely reveal my smile asking Ask: Boke, what do you want to buy today?

Bobo reveals the lungeic face: I want to buy a medicine that makes the girl will send spring!

I know that there are medicines who sell girls in the store, but they are unfortunately: “Is Boke won’t take a lie girl?”

I smiled and asked Uber, said: Bo, you can’t lie to the girl to eat that medicine!

Boke is next to me, then tell me with a very obscene expression: I like the appearance of girls to spring!

Bo Bo rely too much, I feel very uncomfortable, so I flashed up to the medicine, and the result is the back of me. Because those pharmaceuticals are relatively low, I naturally go to the waist forward, just as I want back to ask how much money is going to buy.

I found that Bo Bo’s eyes were staring at the underwear under my short skirt. At this time, I remembered that my underwear was just wet, and the uncle behind him didn’t clearly saw the meat in the middle of my wet underwear. Slit?

I quickly pulled the short skirt down to cover the underwear, and then said to Boke, how much did you buy?

Boke is still staring at my hips: Pick the most effective! It doesn’t matter!

I have been staring at my hips with a good look, I think: “I will give you the most expensive little!”

Just as I bending the waist and reached the most expensive medicine of the bottle, Bobo suddenly slammed up from behind my hips, and the Boke hit a great great, and vigorously felt a hard-hard strip. I feel on the hip, I am surprised to call out: ah!

I took the bottle and quickly turned it, and I was angry with Bobo said: Bo Bo!

Bo Bo is overdone, saying: Who told your little peach to sway me in front of me?

Boke said that I suddenly wanted to kiss me with my mouth, I was scared to take him with the elbow.

I panicked in my heart: “Is Boke will not be too bold! Is it because no one? Who is coming to save me!”

At this time, the ringtone of the store suddenly sounded, and a girl came in, and Boke’s talents left me.

However, when Boke found that the woman’s growth was very cute, Boke started staring at her with a good look.

That girl watched the eager supplies next to Bobo.

I think: “Boker is too good! I just want to kiss me, now staring at other girls!”

I took a bottle to sway in front of Boker: Bo Bo! Is this can?

At this time, the number of thousands of dollar bills was taken at this time. After I finished the money, I immediately called Bobo: Bo Bo! You bought it, have you gone?

I don’t wait for Boke, I’m hard to send Bobo out of the store.

When the Boke went out to close the door, I walked over the girl and said: Sorry, that is whim.

That girl smiled and said: I just passed the store door, I saw that Bobo seems to infringe your feelings, so I only opened the door.

I show your grateful expression: Thank you! You just saved me!

Then I polite self-introduction: Hello! My name is Xin Chung!

The girl also laughed back: Hello! I am called coco!

I laughed and said: Coco, what kind of sex you want to buy?

Can be red and shy: Actually … I don’t know what to buy!

I am smile and ask: Do you have a boyfriend?

Coco a smile: no! Actually …

I can watch it in confusion.

It can continue to say that you will continue to say: In fact, I am afraid that the boys are below … that, thinking that it is afraid to insert into the body.

I can be able to say like a teacher: If you encounter a favorite boys, you will not be afraid!

Can be shy to me: I heard that the first time is very painful …

I laughed and replied: If the other party is very gentle, plus you below the following, then you will enjoy the pleasure of hihood!

Can be shy to me: Xin, I feel that you have experience, can you teach me?

I laughed and replied: I am a girl, how do I teach you?

Cocoaic eyes suddenly look at the wearable simulation mask of the fun supplies.

I saw it after wearing a mask, and then surprised to say: But this is your first time!

I can watch me with a pleasant look. However, I want to try the feeling of pumping.

I thought, I took a wearable iglasia to it. Can you have to buy this?

I can take the head and take the bag to pay.

After I finished the money, I took the wearable hiang to pull it in toilet. After entering the toilet, I will take out the whole body’s clothes, and then naked, you can say: Today you are boys!

Obstantic noddles, then quickly touched her clothes.

I can’t help but praise it, I can’t help but praise: Coco! You are good!

Cocoa can cover the little bit shy: You are staring at me, I will be shy.

I closed my eyes and smiled and said: Can I close my eyes?

Can I still be shy to me: Can you turn it?

I am afraid that it can be shy, I have to turn around and keep it.

Can you ask me behind me: Next?

I guided like a teacher: You imagine it is a boys, then tease me.

Can be suddenly affixed to my ear with the tip of your ears, and I am using the chicken skin.

I grabbed my ear with my hand and said: This is too straightforward, I have to pick it up, first stroke my body!

Can you listen to me, start with your hands gently touch my back, but you can touch it while saying: Xin, your skin is so smooth!

I enjoy the feeling of being stroked: Coco, your hand is also tender, so you feel so comfortable!

Can touch me back, slowly touch from the top of the spine, so soft stroke makes me feel so comfortable, plus our two are naked, my body is gradually exciting.

As a girl, you can know where a woman is sensitive, plus cocoa fingers always slide me, but it is deliberately flashing.

This kind of expectation and tension, I am gradually exciting, my fingers can go deep into my mysterious zone.

Can I suddenly come back to my back, and my whole person is tilted in the toilet.

Can be extended from the back to my chest from the back, and the soft two meat of her chest is also attached to my back.

Coco smooth skin is posted on my back, the girl’s skin is not like a boys, so that skin contact makes me feel so comfortable, especially she uses the chest to grind my feelings behind me.

One hand suddenly reached directly into my mysterious zone, then the fingers slipped into my honey point. At this time, I learned that my honey pointed is already wet.

When you slip into my honey point, I am excited: 喔 …

Cocoa’s fingers are very thin, so the two fingers are easily inserted into my hg, so although very excited, but cocoa nails have been shaved to my meat.

I screamed while I screaming: 喔 … Coco … um … your nails … 喔 … will be scraped …

After you can hear it, you quickly smoked your fingers, and my wet honey is itchy. I want to call it with the simulation of simming the simulation.

Suddenly a warm liquid drops on my back, then you can use the palm to paint the warm liquid on my back.

I guess the warm liquid should be a cocoa smear? Imagine that my back is full of cocoa, it is not excited.

Can be applied to me with her saliva, it can be opened by my hips, and then use the finger to support my moist honey.

When you can exhaust the warm air blown into my honey, I know that my honey hole has been opened throughout.

Suddenly a warm liquid drops into my open honey point, I excitedly trembled, and then the warm liquid continued to flow in my honey, and I have been filled with my entire honey.

Think of cocoa, thinking of cocoa, but even some of the uterus, imagine that the picture is not excited.

At this time, you can stick to my ear and say: Xin, you are so sensual! I want to plug you!

I am comfortable: 喔 … Coco … um … I plug me … 喔 … I want …

Come can climb up to start wearing simulation masks, and the liquid in my honey is constantly flowing out.

I feel that I have been wear it, I am also ready to be ready, but I can not be inserted in it. I can’t stand it. As a result, I saw a can of lubricating liquid on her fake mask. At this time, I thought about it, how can I have a lubrication?

That can not …

I am surprised to see the can I just put in the corner “Really” semen lubrication, I really don’t see it !!!

I turned to see that I can hold the can “Really” semen, the remaining semen is fully coated on her fake mask.

I think: “The can I have finished!? Is it just all my body, and I fill my honey, or even the warm liquid in the uterus is not cocoa, but the real semen !!!

After applying the whole fake mask to the semen, then hold the fake matrix of “true” semen to my honey hole.

I am surprised to stop can’t: cocoa … 喔 ~~~ Cocoa, I haven’t waited for me to finish the 整 阳 具 全 进 进 进 穴 穴 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进

Can be excited to say to me: Xin, is it very comfortable?

Feeling the fake mask more than just extrusioning the semen in the honey, and many semen are all squeezed into my uterus.

I am nervous, I can call it: Coco … first smoked … 喔 ~~~ Can be excited to hold me to start pushing, hi-fake 阳 具 具 抽 抽 抽 让 让 叫 叫 叫 叫 叫 让 叫 叫 叫 出 叫 叫 叫 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 叫 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 淫 出 出 淫 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 淫 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 出~~~ Stop first ~~~ Well ~~~ Coco ~~~ Cocoa can hold my lumbar, say: Xin, this is so excited, my waist can’t stop.

Can be excited to stop her waist, she doesn’t know how deep the fake mask under her, but she is constantly more and more, and her fake hood glans will slowly join my uterus. The mouth, the uterine mouth has been slowly hit, I am full of mellow, I can’t stand the lascivious call: 喔 ~~~ too deep ~~~ um ~~~ hit the uterine mouth ~~~ 喔 ~ ~~ As a woman, you can know that I want to be climax, she began to push up, and put the false maneupping.

When the front of the fake mask hit my homework by the lubrication of the semen, I also brought the whole body like an electric shock to a climax.

At the same time, I can also be excited at the same time, and we have arrived at climax almost at the same time, and we have two orgasm trembling.

My honey pockets, the fake tiles are constantly sucking, although I know that the fake mask will not shoot the semen, but it feels that the uterus has been in the past a bunch of semen …

After waiting for us to be excited, it can be smoked slowly. Sensitive sophisticated: 喔 ~~~

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