My girlfriend named Xu Na, just 25 years old this year, is a gynecologist. The people are of course very beautiful, like models, in my opinion, as you are as cute and fascinating like the beauty of Japanese cartoon cartoon. Now, although I haven’t married but have already been together. The two sexual desires are very strong, so I have been sailed together, I am really happier in us. And I have learned that I often go to her hospital to find her, and I will have more time to go with their colleagues. Everyone will not mind that I will stay alone in her clinic. When I arrived in her clinic, I found a big white coat of a big husband, so I didn’t know what I thought I was also here. This avoids the patient’s doubts and saves a lot of unnecessary trouble. And this also has a benefit, that is, you can treat the patient with her to see a doctor, satisfying my obscenegy. Of course, I know that my heart is gratifying that she is not angry with me. She knows that her position in my heart is irreplaceable, so it will make me cooperate with her without hindrance. Let me touch the patient’s inside. In this way, I also have a little gynecological knowledge, sometimes under her pointing, can also give patients to the patient. I went to find her again this day, because I didn’t see me in the afternoon, no one saw me. When I was in, she found that she was fighting in her own clinic. I decided to scare her. I slowly came to her, I found that because the weather is hot, she only wears a bra and short skirt inside, this is the good opportunity I started. I gently extended her short skirt and started to gently knead her legs secret zone. It’s so hot, so soft, I just smashed, I want to see what she will react. Suddenly she seems to be awakened as being scared, she screamed his eyes, when she saw it, I went down again. “The big wolf, people don’t let go of the time for people in lunch break?” She said with my shoulders and gently played a punch. “Haha, how can it be such a beautiful beauty?” I said that I didn’t stop it, but accelerated the jitter of my fingers, Xu Na closed my eyes, the chest couldn’t live, the bottom is also Gradually become moist. At this time, I took my mouth near her cheek and took her lips with the tongue. Xua horses used her incense to welcome my tongue, and the feeling is so gentle and sweet. I further wrapped her little underwear, touch her two soft “little lips”, fingers slipped in her lips, Xu Na began to make a slight scream, the following is like small The stream is a common flow of love. At this time, Xu Na put his hand to my legs, and I was hard to have hard, she was skilled to open my trousers, and grip my thick and hard branching in hand. Her movement makes me more excited, I surely reach the fingers into her moist lips, slit and tinted in it, and pick out the finger. The thumbles hold her peas, with the action of my middle fingers, this is the top of her peas, this is my good play, Xu Na’s breathing is more urgent, more forceful sets of my own Framed, I know she is coming to reach the climax. So I accelerate the finger’s stuff, and my fingers in her vagina turned again and smashed her pleasure. I didn’t have two minutes, Xu Na hugged me tightly, my fingers can feel a burst of contractions in her vague. She took me for a long time, I slowly let go, and suddenly I took a bite on my face, gentle and then shy: “Yu, I love you!” I was touched to say can’t come, just I brought her into his arms and kissed her deeply. At this point, my big face is just in her lower belly, she doesn’t hesitate to hold it, and continue to give me a set. Suddenly, the door came to knock on the door. “Xu Na, Cori inform you to go to the meeting room, hurry up.” Hand, I am sorry to watch me say: “There is no way, I will go to meet, wait for me to come back and play with you?” “You go, don’t because I influence, I am waiting for you here. Come back. “” You are so good, I went. “Said she got on my forehead, and then left. After Xu Na left, I saw the house, just a doctor’s big coat, so I put it on it again, then sat on the table and looked at her medicine book, and took this time waiting for her. The door of the clinic is still open, and a 20-year-old young girl explored the head and asked: “Do you want to do a doctor?” “Oh. I … Of course, are you going to see a doctor? I originally want to say that I am not, but I am so embarrassed to make this affirmative answer, let alone that is a very beautiful girl. The girl has some shy walks, put the case and registration strips on my table, sitting on the chair next to my table. Shi, she looked at me and hurriedly went down. I have a letter to ask her name and age. She has a very nice name called Xiao Ya, this year is only 21 years old. When I asked her, she is more shy. She said with me will be able to hear: “I will have my stomach in those days a month. These two months have hurt more, so I want to see it today.

“It doesn’t matter, the dysmenorrhea is a lot of young girls, it is not a big disease, but still have to check it, determine the cause of the disease, now ask the lady to lying on the bed, take off the underwear and underwear , Open the legs. “Xiao Ya Ya is shy, but still doing it. She is lying on the bed, picks up the skirt, the underwear is also taken off, and the white jade leg is slightly opened. I came to the bed, I can’t help but look forward to her legs. There is a charming flesh, it is pink, two labs closely closes, which seems to be mysterious and cute. At that point, the following is the same color chrysanthemum, where the color is really shallow, it is shallower than the color of my girlfriend, it looks very clean and healthy. I strongly inhibit my heart, touch her two labips with your fingers. I just touched her tense, and the body also shocked. “Don’t be so nervous, will not hurt, I will be very soft to check you, come to relax yourself.” Under my encouragement she started to try to relax. My finger is not lost in her labipings, and I will have a love liquid that she exits her finger. The girl is lying there immediately, and the breathing gradually became rush. I have seen it almost gently separated her labony, and the fresh and pink intercourse is now in front of my eyes, letting me can’t help but swallow the mouth. When I continued to scrape with her inner cloud, I asked: “The hymen has been damaged. Is there any experience?” “Well ….” Xiao Yuya very very small voice my question. “I have to check your cervix now, don’t be nervous, keep such a relaxation?” Said that I gently stretched my fingers to her, and it was very hot in it. As my finger is inserted, the girl is singing out. Soon my fingertips touched her heart, where gently rotates and slid, the girl’s voice gradually became sexy and rushing. I checked her, and asked some questions like a real doctor. When I asked those very embarrassing questions, she always used a small voice to answer me, that is very cute. At this time, I also started to fight her with my fingers. She was very small, and she didn’t stand out at all, it seems that I have not been blot. My stimulus apparently made her feel excited and shy. She began to open their mouths and gasped, and the body also began to steep the shake. In the face of the question, she started to answer whispered, but as my finger moves accelerate, she was completely immersed in this kind of stimulus, until a long screaming she reached a climax in the examination . Xiao Ya, Xiao Ya, is more shy and embarrassing after the climax. I know that she is very shy, she is comfortable: “It doesn’t matter, there is a lot of situations when the doctor check, there will be a young woman, let alone are you, this is normal.” I heard me This is very grateful, whispered: “Thank you for your doctor, you are so good. I am very afraid to go to the hospital. I am very happy today.” “Thank you, you can say this, to the patient is to lift the pain is us The doctor’s responsibility, please also click on my next check. ” “Yes, just check the collar, now check your uterus, see if the location is not right, this may be the main reason for your dysmenorrhea, it is also very important to check.” “Oh, is it like it just now? ? “Xiao Ya Ya is a little shy. “It’s not just like this, this time you have to check from the anus behind you.” “Ah! Is that going to enter my anus? No … don’t you check it? . “But this is a very important check, you don’t have the relationship, I will still check you like just now, I will not hurt, ok?” Seeing me, Xiao Ya, finally nodded. She lie once again, this time I put her legs on the bracket and opened the bracket to make a bigger, so her small anus can be more clear. I set it up again on the medical glove, reach out the finger to touch her anus. When the finger just met her anus, she was sensitive to the self-contraction. “Relaxing your anus, just like this, I promise not to be hurt, please believe me?” I said that she continued on her anus. This time she really started relaxing, and the tightened muscles began to relax. Down. I started to apply lubricant on her anus, which may be a cool lubricant. She couldn’t help but shouted, her face was red, closed his eyes, and then cute simply could not describe. My finger continued to make her anal edge, gradually, she had a feeling, showing very comfortable look. I met the time mature, gently put your fingers into her small anus. “Oh” she was stimulated by my fingers, and I looked told. “How, don’t hurt?” My voice is tender, I feel strange, I don’t seem to speak like Xu Na in my memory. “Well, no … no pain.” Xiao Ya’s voice took some enjoyment in the shy. Her anus is really tight, when I just entered in my finger, her anal muscles still refused my invasion, but because of the lubricant, my fingers still extended the most inside.

My finger began to hit and gently rotate in her, and the fingertip kept inside her, and also gently started. Such actions have never had a comfortable voice that has never been excited by an anus. Of course, she still should be lowered as much as possible. It seems that she seems to have to resist the pleasure of the anus, but my outstanding finger moves with me for such a long time, Xu Na is unable to resist, let alone girls who have never been stimulated like this? Gradually her butt begins not by the autonomy, with my fingers, the front vagina has also flowed out of love. I couldn’t help but use another hand with another hand to put her little peas. This is the action I gave your girlfriend, it is what she likes. # 2 ※ | JKF Czech Forum … don’t … don’t … don’t like this … Oh … “At this time, Xiao Ya Ya is completely immersed in pleasure. Now she completely opened her legs, but the ass to meet my movements, that is like my girlfriend, it is very cute. Just as I watched her lower body, when I was immersed in the excitement, Xiao Ya had reached another climax in a long scream. I have to stop my action and gently pull out the fingers in her anus. “Good Miss, you can wear clothes.” I put Xiao Ya’s legs from the shelf, and in the end, I finally peeked about her under her body, it was a beautiful place. Xiao Ya rose red face, hurriedly wore underwear, put down the short skirt, returned to my table, then asked: “Doctor, what there is anything there?” “Through my test, You have a very good life, there is no ectopic or malformation, it seems that it is caused by endocrine. I will give you some medicine. “Because the time to stay with my girlfriend is not short, so I Mimic Xu Na’s note opened a prescription. Xiao Yuya looked at me quietly. When she saw me, the “Moon Shu” granule said whisper to me: “Doctor, I have eaten this medicine, but I don’t think How to manage, is there any other medicine? I am not willing to take a needle. I just don’t want to eat this medicine again, and I don’t care. “” But there is nothing in the oral medicine. “This is a difficult Because I know this medicine. Looking at Xiao Ya’s poor eyes, I suddenly remembered the advertisement “Shu Jing” when I was sitting in the bus, was it not to cook a pain? Yes, use this. I thought that I said to her: “There is not much medicine for treating dysmenorrhea, now there is a new medicine, called” Shu Jing Tie “I will give you a try?” “” Well, that take a few times a day. What? “The girl is a little bit of the pen in the hand. “Miss, that is a suppository, put it in the rectum.” “Ah! That … but I … I won’t use it.” The girl is shy low. “That is a small mini, it is possible to put it in the depth of the anus. It is a relatively convenient medicine.” “But … I never got it. I am afraid I will hurt. Xiao Wei, Xiao Yu, said with his head. I looked at her shy and suddenly thought of a good idea. I turned my head to her: “If Miss believes in me, if you come to me after taking medicine, I will teach you how to get medicine, you can give yourself a medicine, you are optimistic?” “Oh, you Is it to give me a medicine? ” “This is nothing, is our responsibility for the patient?” I laughed and said. “That’s okay, I will take medicine first. I will come to you again.” Xiao Ya’s face revealed a bright smile. “Ok, I am waiting for you, go.” Said that I handed her to my prescription, and delivered her to the clinic. Didn’t you have to come back, holding the “Shu Jing” that has just been collected from the pharmacy in his hand. She put her medicine on my table, ashamed: “Doctor, I will come back.” “Ok, still go to bed, just take off underwear, then kneel in bed, pick up your ass, Put the legs, don’t be nervous, not hurt. ” . But she likes to be seen by this “male doctor” from my heart, and even like this “male doctor”, I don’t know why she didn’t know why she didn’t know why, I just obeyed it. Take off your own underwear, tall pants, a little butt is waiting. I have already opened the medicine box at this time, take out the medicine. Seeing that she has been prepared, she walked to the bed and reached out and touched her sexy small anus. This time she is no longer as feared as just now, and the chrysanthemum shrinks, and then opened again, it seems to be a touch and insertion of my fingers again. I took the injection of the medicine to her. “You see, just put the little medicine in your own anus. You look, first put the medicine in this pipe, then gently put this In your own anus, the finger is pushed back to this piston until the end, the drug plot will enter. “I said to give her a demonstration, Xiao Yu, quietly, shy and smoked.

“Let me give Miss a medicine, let Miss people feel good?” “Well, good, thank you for your doctor.” Xiao Ya Ya said very small. So I once touched her cute little anus. This time she didn’t shrink this time, but the legs greater open. I can’t help but I can’t help, so I gently insert my finger. Xiao Ya was slightly snorted and did not oppose it. Because I just painted the lubricant, now there is still slippery, so it is very good. I turned it inside, while looking for an excuse for myself: “If it is very nervous, it is very tight, but I try to go in this, so it can be a little bit.” “” “Well … … “Xiao Yu’s soft call, and I don’t know if I hear it. “You can also press it here to help.” I said that I will press the finger on her little peasate, gently shake and press 揉, let her experience a stronger pleasure. “Ah … so comfortable … Oh …” Seeing her reaction, I also sell more, and the fingers in her anus also increased the action, sometimes spinning, and timely, this action is only given before Xu Na made. “Ah … comfortable to die … I am so comfortable … Oh … um …” The girl is bigger this time. In this way, Xiao Yu Jie was won the third climax in a crazy scream. The girl after the climax looks very exhausted, and the chest is not upset, the whole body is also relaxed. “Doctor.” Xiao Yu Ya shouted me. “Well?” “Is this like other patients?” I was asked by her, looking at her beautiful eyes, I have to admit: “I am just like you.” The girl is exposed on the face. Splendly smile, she looked at me: “I just look very shameful, very ugly?” “Nothing, you are a very beautiful girl, you just like the most I have seen. Beautiful. “” Really? In fact, I am not a bad girl. I really don’t help it. “” “I know, I just said that this is often, who will, who You will not treat you as a bad girl, you are a beautiful and lovely girl in my eyes. “” Thank you for your doctor, I am really happy today. “The girl glanced in the eyes. Looking at my girl whispered: “Doctor, I like you.” I was said to be a little fluttering, I couldn’t help it in her thigh, “You are a lovely girl.” Just when I was thinking, the door was suddenly opened, my girlfriend Quina came in. Xiao Yu Jia scared the “ah”, hurriedly grabbed his lower body with his hand. I also scared a jump, hurriedly sorted out my emotions, try to do it very calm look: “Xu Dafu, I am giving the patient to see a doctor, please come in.” Then I turn my head to Xiao Ya: ” Miss please try to relax, now I will give you medicine. “” Well. “Xiao Ya Ya has seen more people in the house, although it is also a woman, but still feel more shy. But she is still a slow handle to take it from my lower body. On the vaginal port after the climax, there is still a love liquid just flowing. I noticed that Xu Na’s eyes looked at her, and her face was obviously not very good. At this time, I also cared so much. I came to Xiao Ya ‘s back, I deliberately increased a little voice: “Good Miss, relax there, I will give you medicine.” I finished using one Hand gently separate her small anus on both sides, and the other hand pushes the injection of the drug plugged into her anus, then push the piston to put the drug in her body. During this period, Xiao Yuya’s soft “Well” is still a feeling of this stimulus. After the end of the medicine, I let her wear clothes and told her some medication, and then tell her that I can leave. At this time, Xu Na seems to sit on the sofa that I don’t care, I can only see my back from her.趁 This opportunity Xiao Ya quickly wrote a small note to put into my hand, then put it very grateful voice: “Thank you for your doctor, I know, I will be good, I’ve gone. After I finished her, she did a ghost face and hurried out of the door. I don’t ban her back, afraid of the charming affair just now. “Still look at it, people are gone, are you still following it?” Xu Na was very unhappy. I suddenly remembered that there was a girlfriend after I came. So I quickly returned to her side. The girl is young and beautiful, how is it, very good with your appetite? “Xu Na didn’t worry about my words. “Don’t be like this, isn’t it good?” “” How do I, just very good, just haven’t seen it too much! “Xu Na said with the white coat of me, hard and ethogue I pushed out. Under the helplessness, I have to go back home, ready to wait for my loved girlfriend to come back and lose money. In the evening, Xu Na finally returned home, but there was no smile on his face, and I talk to her, she is also ignorant. After dinner, I took a bath alone, and I started watching the bored series, I didn’t seem to look at my football. But who told me to reason? Under the helplessness, I have to continue to endure. When the 3 episodes have finished 11 o’clock in the night, she ignored me, I was lying on the bed.

I opened the head of the bed, and I followed my bed and gently hugged her back, kissed her neck. She pushed away and said, “Go, I am too lazy to get careful, find your little beauty, what do you do?” “I am not all you, is my favorite little girl, today my little beauty I am angry, I must make her happy. “I said that I took her again. This time she didn’t push me again, but I turned into me. My hand stretched out from the gap of her bathrobe, smashed her breasts from below. This trick is really useful, she didn’t reject me again, but I stunned: “Go, I don’t care about me.” “How can I, you are my favorite little beauty.” I said soft. I pulled out the bath towel wrapped in her, Xu Na’s beautiful sexy jade body presented in front of my eyes. I didn’t talk, but turned over, Zhang mouth included her nipple on the left, and the right hand was smashed on the other side of the breast. Today, I am particularly selling, sucking, squatting, playing, squatting, biting, can use the tricks, and I will react with my Dunna. She keeps breathing, the body is also more stretched. I took this opportunity to put your fingers to her, attracted her very well. My finger keeps shaking, picking up and rubbing on her labony, there is not a few things that she began to wet, and the sound of comfort is also issued. Then my finger is inserted into her vagina, and the thumbs should be pressed at the same time. Xu Na has fully entered the role under my stimulus. At this time, I put the tongue into her mouth, I didn’t expect that she pretended to be angry and gently biting me. I have a pain to quickly retract my tongue, change her nipple, gently bite with my teeth on her nipple. “Oh … don’t … oh …” Xu Xue white Yufeng is standing, the two nipples have already become hard, and their hands are tightly grabbed, and she is very excited. At this time, I also insert the second finger into her vagina. I combined with the fingers of the fingers, I didn’t forget the extraction of the extravagant, such a stimuli made Xu Xun’s “咿咿 咿咿” Called up, the love flowing out of the vagina made my fingers wet. My thumb followed the movements of the neutral finger and index finger, keeping her bean beans tangled up. Her breathing is more urgent with my movements, I know that my Nana has come to a climax. Just a moment she arrived at a climax, I quickly inserted her chrysanthemum with a little thumb. “Ah …………….” Xu Na shouted out, put my finger tightly in an instant. After the climax, Xu Na is soft in bed, and the legs are large. I asked with her black and black, I asked: “Dear, feel comfortable?” “The thing is to play, I am” 呦 “and hurry with your hand. Because this is very sudden, I have a soft on me. I was crying there, I said: “I am no longer like it, but what is it? What should I do this here? If you don’t want me this later?” Xu Na is listening to it. Some panic, hurry Dip my hand: “Is it? Let me see.” She looked at my soft penis, frowned: “See if I can let it hard.” Said low heads The finger gently supports the lower part of my penis, and the opening of the mouth slowly contains it in imported, and starts to blow it for me. Her dexterous little tongue puts my next squat and itchy, very comfortable, so that I can’t know it. She is taking this time, suddenly inserted into my anus with a finger, I was called out of the “oh”. In fact, my anus has already been inserted by her, but it is the finger that I used to be wetted. It is still the first time like today, let me feel more stimulation. And my penis is really changing, and it is still a standing in her mouth. At this time, my hand also touched her anus because she was blowing me, so the anus is just open. When she saw me again, she came back to naughty say: “The big wolf, today give that Xiao Ya very comfortable?” “Nothing, she is just a dysmenorrhea, I just gave her to check it.” “Deceptive, her water flows to the sheets, when I can’t see it? Tell me how you check it? Otherwise, don’t do it with you tonight.” “Then you come to be my patient.” , I also check it to you? “” I hate, who is rare big wolf to check. “Although she said this, but still lying on the bed, the legs are also bigger and waiting for me. I am sitting up and tapping her labi: “Where is the lady uncomfortable?” “Where is it uncomfortable, what do you do?” Is it? Then let’s check it out. “I said that my two fingers entered her vagina. Since the love liquid after the climax has not been dried, it is not expensive when entering. Xu Na’s “oh” closed his eyes and listened to me. My finger is still like a swing and pumping like just now, the thumb is still in the *, and she has already flooded there. I used another finger to touch her love, evenly painted on her chrysanthemum, and started to gently press it. Xu Na also began to make a comfortable snoring. After a while, I inserted the two fingers into her anus. It may be a quick point to enter, and Xu Na, who is painful: “Hey, are you light?

“I don’t talk, but I use all my fingers to start my fingers in her two caves, soon she also got another climax. Looking at the girlfriend in the bed, her beauty and cute simply unable to use the language, I can’t help but kiss her deeply, whispered in her ear: “Dear, I love you!” She looked at me with a happy smile: “I also love you Dear!” Said she grabbed me, support my big meat stick in my vagina, “I want you to dear , I want you. “I tightly grabbed her, with her jade peak, in her neck and her shoulders, no-stop, the waist is gently power, a big meat stick from her two labiars It is squeezed between. “Oh …” Xu Na also grabbed me, standing with the abdomen, let my meat stick can insert a deeper. So I started the rhythm, and I used the “Dise-Down” way of “Dise” from time to time. “Oh … Dear … I am so comfortable … you are a good … Oh ……………………………………………………………………………………. Stopping the delivery, but with my waist, bounce the big meat stick in her, sliding on the inner wall of her vagina, and grinding the heart. My girlfriend “is um huh,” the hands of my hands, I have gropked in my back. I put my tongue into her mouth, she immediately wrapped with his tongue, and the sweetness of love passed between our mouth and the lower body. I gradually recovered the delivery, this time gradually increased, and finally, every time, she had a deepest place in her heart. “Oh … Dear, you are a good thing … I have to kill you … I can’t stand it … ah ……………” In the scream of my girlfriend, I feel inside the vagina. A burst of contraction, the clip, my penis is awkward, can’t help out the semen. After the climax, we hugged each other, my meat stick left in her body, enjoy the remainder of the climax. “Dear, you can make me feel comfortable every time, I want to make you always hold.” “” I certainly want to hug you, not only always hold you, my big meat stick Always stay in you, is it good? “” Don’t let you stay inside. “Xu Na said with a backward, my penis slid out of her body. “Good wow, see if you dare to escape.” I said to turn her body over and gently patted her white tender little butt, and the house was full of laughter. My girlfriend deliberately twisted my little butt to tempted me, I can give up such a good opportunity. So I suddenly opened her two little butt, leained out of the tongue to her chrysanthemum, and the tip of the tongue was deep into her chrysanthemum hole. “Oh …” The girlfriend excitedly shouted, in order to make me better, she changed to the pose, put the little ass taller. I separated her two little butt, the tongue came from the outside, and I suddenly rotated, and I suddenly took it, I was tapping, and my girlfriend was excited with my tongue. At this time, I started to scratch her in front of her label, and I gently inserted her chrysanthemum in two fingers, rotating, digging and jitter, let my Nana are almost mad. I got a while I started to open my fingers in her chrysanthemum hole, and the support of her is almost almost four fingers. “Oh … good pain … ask you … don’t like this … oh …” Xu Na is obviously a bit hurt, where the muscles are desperate to clamp my finger. “This is a punishment that I have just misunderstood, I don’t have to do it once?” I asked gentle. “If you are bad, always think about being there.” “You don’t want to, that’s time, I don’t do it today.” I deliberately put it out of payment, from her two cave Take a finger. “Don’t you dear, I want you.” Xu Na hit my neck, said. “Is it, do you really want? Then how do you say you want me?” I deliberately dismused her. “No, dear, it is very difficult.” Xu Nahong said. “I like to look at you, if you don’t want to do it with you.” “Nasty big wolf.” Dunna said this, but it still turned to be good, put the little ass Tallful, while you use your hands to separate your anus, try to make the chrysanthemum holes open. At the same time, I still said: “Dear, I don’t want to give it to me.” I wanted. “I coated her love to someone as a lubricant without using a dedicated lubricant like it. The purpose is to increase the thrill of exciting. I used my hand to hold my big meat stick, top on her anus, she nervously contracted an anus, although they have been done many times, but it seems that she is still somewhat nervous. I can’t take much, my waist is gently moving forward, and the big meat stick is slowly squeezed into Xu Na’s anus. “Oh … lightly dear … you are too thick … Oh …” I heard her voice, knowing that her excitement is greater than pain, but I have pity and jade, so I still slowed down. . At this time, my big meat stick has also inserted her the deepest place, and Xu Na supports her body with her hand, and squats in the bed. I slowly started the movement of the delivery. Since the anus took a lot over the front, I didn’t dare to move too fast, otherwise it would be shot quickly.

I support Xu Na’s waist. I will pick up before and after, I am inserting Xu Na’s “咿咿.” The hands of the hands, the beautiful face is excited to rise. At this time, I gradually accelerated the movement of the driver, and her voice became more and better. I reached my fingers to her genital squatting, every time I stimulated, she would make her more stimulating climax, including the climax in the anus. Sure enough, this trick was once again active, my girlfriend loudly came: “Ah … Dear, I have to do it … um … I have to go wrong with my back … Oh …… Plug me hard …… ah ……………. 」I can’t help but I can’t help but I can’t help it. The hot concentrate is turned out of the urethra, all in the anus of your girlfriend. Exhausted we embracing each other is lying in bed, she is holding my shoulders, I hold her hips, and I can hear our heavy breath after the climax. “Dear.” Xu Na asked me with a delicate voice. “Well?” “Do you say that I am beautiful?” “How do I not know in the eyes of others, but you are the most beautiful in my eyes.” “Then you will marry me, always love me like today. ? “I looked up her chin and looked at the beautiful eyes of her clean water. I said with my heart:” Nana, I will love you more than one day, never separated from you! “Xu Na Xing I buried my head on my chest, her tears hot wet my chest, I extended her arms tightly hugged her in his arms, and we hug together. ※ | JKF Czech Forum

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