I am not a good student. I don’t remember when I started, I think it should be from the first grade, I will lose interest in learning. From primary school to high school, I have no formal exams, even if it is the lowest score.

Therefore, the family made a decision – just sent me to study abroad. So the one year of the 20th century, I took the flight to a city in Europe and flew a period of unknown for a while and later made my never forget the future.

Our school’s school site is very special, away from any one, is afraid of a small town. There is a very lonely life there.

Therefore, every boy girl there will be as crazy as the Spring with a dog in Spring soon. Of course, for boys, the original intention is always sex – men or downs to command the brain.

The school regulations are very strict, and men and girls must stay in the opposite sex dormitory after 10:30. But at night at every weekend, if you turn around in the school’s buildings, you will hear the sound of the beds called from many rooms.

Every time I will impulse, but when I tried to find a prey in the school next day, I found that there was no prey to reach my desire to be strong to erection. It’s so flat, and friends drinking Game for half a year.

The new semester begins, and a wonderful spring begins. Not only the scenery, the people are also the same. There are many new faces in the school, and there are many “fresh blood”.

There is a girl named in China in our new class. She is thin and high, long is not very perfect, but it is very attractive. I started chasing her.

After a night of more than a month, she finally kissed my lips. However, in the first night, we only looked with kissing. I didn’t reach it into her underwear. On the one hand, because I don’t know her bottom line, I am not so eager to get her. Some things will come slowly to mean …

Starting from a noon afred hour, our intimate began to upgrade. Every day, we have a break in about 50 minutes after you have a lunch. Because my dormitory is close to the school’s main teaching building, she always ran to me to sleep.

We wore clothes like this, then I looked at her in my bed. I was old and enjoyed the happiness of sleep. My roommate is not there. Under this atmosphere, my hand began to gradually beat. I slowly moved down, from behind her trousers, then slipped into the underwear and gently pinch her small and smooth buttocks.

Then my mask started slowly. – I know that she also felt this subtle change on my body, because her body also began to heat up slightly, and breathing gradually urged. She didn’t sleep, I thought. So I took her head with some, and then reached out and lick her ears. When my breathing was introduced into her ear, she couldn’t help but gently.

So I was unscrupulous and licking her ear pond and ear, until she couldn’t stop in my embrace because she couldn’t stand the stimulation. I simply pulled her from my arms, and she was flat on the bed, and her eyes looked at me kept breathed. She doesn’t know what I want – I don’t know what I want. I was silently paid for a while, and I finally got down and gently kissed her lips.

She really likes to kiss, but this time I have not given her lips too much, because I have to stimulate her other place. I took my mouth slowly on her lips, bite her neck like a gentle vampire, while using tongue between her neck and ear.

She can’t be self-made, the left hand grabbed the snow white sheet, and the right hand inserted into my hair. When I didn’t have idle to stop me, I put my hand into her shirt, opened her underwear button from behind.

She was like suddenly awakened, I was shocked by my move, and I watched my eyes and tried to reach out to stop my hand. I don’t think she is more intoxicating that she has no strength to interfere with my actions, so suddenly, sucking her junction between her ear and neck.

She really got out, then her hand weakly soft. I successfully solved the button of her shirt, I saw her breast.

If the breast is very small, just is the type I like (I hate “big dairy” type). Two uli are also small, but the color is not pink – obviously have been developed before I have developed.

I burned it in my chest, I only squeeze the tip of her, then use the teeth to light and quickly bite on top, and look at her reaction with your eyes. Seeing her head and standing back, his eyes closed, Zhang opened his mouth and breathed. I looked at the expression of her temptation, my mask has been coming out. However, when my hand stretched into her pants zipper, she woke up again, resolutely grabbed my hand, and didn’t let me do it again. I was thinking that when I was pressing on her nipple, I suddenly came to open the door in the key hole of the door … Hey, the evil Roommate, this destroyed the original noon …

From that day, the relationship between us is more intimate. I also know that her bottom line does not have that strict thinking, maybe she is also blaming my stupid. But no matter what, I am clear, I really fall in love with her …

The two people live in a double room, all have roommates, so I can’t find a hidden space that can make us exclusively.

So every day’s hot kiss and caressing are constantly giving me the fire, I often imagine with her love, while I will want her every other time …

There is a feature that we have a very expectation every semester. In the evening of this day, there will be different programs of various countries in a theater outside, and there will be a big meal, and you can eat food from all over the world.

All the students in this day wear a grand evening dress, the whole school hall is like a banquet in the fate. This year is finally arrived. In the afternoon, I gathered together with several friends to give a suggestion of the color of the shirt and tie.

After wearing it, standing in front of the mirror. I feel like a group of young and dampness. Most is a slim black suit, monochrome tie and shirt, or simply pulling out the tie, put it out … Taste to come to everyone is almost the same, huh, huh …

Just after the mutual ridicule, the young and the young and the young and the people went out to launch their own cars to pick up their own girlfriends. This kind of scene is really robbed – a group of “meninblack”

After jumping into a car stopped in front of the store, each waste of gasoline is desperately creating the noise of the engine to go :).

I went to the residence under such a hord, so I extended a lot of new finished or semi-finished evening hair style or a variety of color masks of various color masks from this window. It is really spectacular. The landscape is! However, there is no found face.

“Hey, the woman is going to trouble …” I think.

Pitted a PhillipMorris, giving a text message, then sitting in the car waiting for her.

When the cigarette is about to burn, see if he jumped into the stairs from the door of the dormitory. She worked in a black evening dress, the hair was also discred. The same girl wearing a flower butterfly compared to the other dressed, if it seems simple, there is no too much modification, but elegant and beautiful.

If it is not used to it, the high heel, so the posture of walking is ridiculous. She smiled and ran over, I also smiled and looked at her. When I saw her, I can’t stop my smile, because her look is really interesting, because I think about her every minute.

After she opened the door, she couldn’t wait to pull her over and kissed her lips. If you close your eyes, you are very emotional.

I don’t know how long, we finally be separated. I looked at her eyes and said: “Baby, you are really beautiful today!” She excitedly left a kiss on my neck.

The performances and dinners that night were very wonderful. If it is a very much like a lively girl. She likes to be a star in people who have more people – that day she really did it. She wrapped in a high body and elegant smile wrapped in a black skirt, attracting a lot of people’s eyes. I believe that many men stare at her tight hips that day …

That night, many people were looking for a photo together, and she was very excited. And I also started excited after a few glasses of champagne and Cognac. I started to count tonight’s plan …

After dinner, the school’s hall turned into a disco ballroom. Under the faint light, every person who is excited is enthusiastically shaking his body.

I and if I stand in a very black corner, I was twisted from behind her waist. Her ass is close to my penis, it seems to be deliberately rubbed on it. It didn’t take long before it got up, and the top is between her thighs, the glans is itchy. She laughed back and smiled badly, saying: “You are naughty!” Then I stretched over and hooked my neck.

I can’t help but kiss her lips, my left hand is not honest, and she pinch her ass. But her skirt is too long, there is no way to reach out from below. This will make my desire to fire getting higher and higher.

I finally put my mouth to her ear, whispered to her: “Let’s go!” I don’t know if she doesn’t understand my hint. In short, she nod, then dragging my hand away from outside.

After sitting in the car, I found that the oil volume pointer has point to the warning line. Oh … I originally planned to take her to a very remote corner and then spend one night in the car, now I seem to bubble.

I have to send her back to the dormitory …

She is also very disappointed, because everyone is not “happy” tonight. I stopped the car, turned off the fire, then pulled her hand into their dormitory building.

When I was ready to go on the stairs, she suddenly stopped, pulling my hand: “J, let’s not go up, take a while!”

I looked at her nodded and then took her on a row of hot waves on the wall. The lights in the hall are all extinguished, and she is like a kitten in my arms. The outer moonlight came in through the glass walls and glass gates and sprinkled in our body.

Yes, “Long night is long, no sleep” … such a good scenery, waste more!

I love to look at the side. Her hair has been a bit messing after so long. Among them, I scattered down and was splicing on the cheek by sweat. Her expression is very quiet, and the wild and seductive, which has just been dancing. I am thinking, what is she now expect?

I thought about it, I was not only excited. I looked at the chin, we were relative.

Her eyes are full of tenderness, I think of me, because I have never feeling so strong that I love a woman. I took her face, and we finally broke through the quiet kiss.

It is very passive. At this time, she always greeted and enjoy all my actions, but she would not reach out, even if I solve my butt. This combines my desire to conquer. I kissed her, put the tongue into her mouth and she entangled or sucked her tongue, and faded her side of the side of the nightclub, pulled down her bra, and then used one The index finger and thumb are gently clamping her nipple squeezed.

She completely closed her eyes to enjoy my sound. Then I changed the method, clamped her nipple gently with two hands. Her breathing slowly started to have emergency, exhaling, the tongue did not have the purpose of my tongue and lips.

I left her lips, starting slowly from her ear, using my tip of the tongue, softly licking her small nipple. At this time, she has completely thrown everything and concerns, and I am not afraid that someone will come in at any time (because we are in the hall!) The danger, looking up with his head and enjoying the stimulus from the nipple, from her slightly The sexy lips of the open sexy lips came out of the urgent breathing and snoring.

My left hand opened, the skirt, stretched forward, start slowly from the calf. Her legs are very long. When my hand approached her thigh root, when she touched her hair on both sides of her T-shaped underwear, she trembled slightly, and then tried to reach out to stop me. But this time she stopped and the previous time is completely different, it is unresolved, and there is no strength.

My hand didn’t let go, I said to her my ear: “You can’t stop me, I want you ba-by, iloveyou …”

She turned his head to see me a little weak, finally slowly letting her grasp my hand, let go of this last defense.

My mouth returned to her nipple and biting it, and my fingers reached into her underwear, and found that her underwear was so wet. So I separated her thigh, dial her underwear, and fingers continued to go, slipped to the hole of her meat, and rubbed back in the middle of her flesh. Soon my finger is covered with her prostitution.

She is the most don’t seem to be very habitual to open my thigh, but I am willing to add it in it. Love liquids have pouring out of her vagina, humid her big labians and flesh. Her head is still slightly, the eyes are still closed, the moonlight is sprinkled on her face … Everything is so beautiful … but at this time, the landing hall suddenly lit! It seems that someone wants to go downstairs. She panicched up her bra and evening shoulder strap, I also hurry up. Sure enough, some people come down, is a girl in South America and her boyfriend, it seems that they are going happy!

We stood up and stunned, smiled and greeted Sayhello, then I took her hand to go up. I still have her love in my hand, so when I got her hand, her face was red.

We slowly walked up the floor, no one didn’t speak, it seems to be the air who just got the obscenity. We went to the second floor. Students in each building are buffet laundry rooms in the stairs, the second floor is also the same. I suddenly picked her at this time, she called “Wes”, and suddenly understood what I want, just hugged my neck.

I am like a robber, holding her into the laundry room, turning back to the door. This is a very small room, there are two upper and lower overlapping washing machines and a wall-oriented bath, only about two square meters of space for activities. The whole room is very dark, only a little bit of light from the gates can make me see the outline of her body and a little expression.

After putting her, I hugged her and kissed it, she fiercely responded to me. I put my hand to the back and opened her evening gown, put down her hand, and faded the shoulder strap. In this independent and dark space, there is no last one. She looked at my neck like octopus, and the same frenzy responded to my kiss. We suck each other’s tip of each other and indulge breathing.

For this moment, I have been waiting for too long, so I don’t want to wait! I can’t wait to take off the evening, then unlocked her cream.

I didn’t stay on her small nipple for a long time. The tongue slowly slipped down, slipped over her navel, and then looked up her thigh licking her thigh. My tongue slowly moved into her thigh, dialing her underwear, biting her hamma.

If this time has lost his ability to think, just pressing the wall, trying to suppress his voice and squat.

I have been mature, so I put down her legs and slowly took off her already wet underwear. She was very cooperated with me, at this time, it was already a short.

I continued to lick her moist flesh, and took off my own pants. My meat stick is very hot, and it is unreliable.

Through the weak reflective reflective from the door, I saw that such a love liquid has flowed down in the roots of the thigh.

So I rudely took her up and put it on the wash pool, separated her thigh, then squatted to continue her meat.

It seems that the body’s smooth wet is not comfortable, she took the initiative to open her thighs and made me clearly saw that her slightly creep is exuded, and it is secreted. More and more loving small chops. This sensual action makes me your heart.

I suddenly rolled up my tongue into her vagina, and the rough tongue kept agitating in her warm and humid vagina. If I was called by my sudden “ah”.

It feels that her prostitute is getting more, so I attached to her mouth in her vaginal mouth, taste her and salty silicone love liquid. If you have a slightly crying, the meat hole and the anus are shaking slightly.

So my tongue began to swim in her entire area and constantly lick her anus and clitoris. I think, now there must be it itchy in her vagina, I hope I plug in! (I didn’t have too many experiences in there, otherwise I will first take her climax and plug her)

Everything in this dark environment varies extremely original. If you are getting more and more unscrupulous, she is like an extremely eager to have a shamefulness, but it is trying to restrain the same asthma, which makes her tone with a crying, but it is helpless and more. Desire.

I continued to lick her clitoris, while slowly inserting her meat in her meat. It is already very hot and wet in her vagina. Starting from my fingers, I started when she was in her vagina. If I suddenly started tight, I can feel that her vagina is slightly vibrating. When my fingers didn’t go in, she was “ah …”, then her vagina trembled, she kept on my finger, as I had to take it in, my face The expression is painful and pleasant.

I know that she has gone climax, but I deliberately want to play her. My tongue tip continued to lick her clitoris. She must feel the pleasant and itching from the lower body, because she holds my head and looks at my head, still pleading me: “J, ask for you … beg You … come in … hurry … “

The sachets flowing out of the slippery and the sophisticated efforts have made me unable to control my lick. I stood up, holding my hard and hot meat stick with hands, the glans separate her two wet big labiaries slowly inserted. When my glans sprint her compact vagina sprint, she told her head and rushing.

“Ah …” When my meat stick finally did not enter her meat, if they were satisfied, they were as if they were general, and I got into my heart. I didn’t hurry to twitch, just feel that she warmly wet, the wall surrounded my glans, and screened, I was very comfortable.

She still closed her eyes, she hored on the wall, and her mouth greatly seem to capture any remaining air and enjoy the long rhyme of the climax …

If you open your eyes. In the micro-light, we have a deep affection for a while, and suddenly an original lust breaks the tenderness of the pulse. We have a very tacit kiss, from gentle to madness, it seems that every inch of each other’s tongue is yours.

I pushed her away, and I grabbed her slight waist to push up, every time it makes it asthing. For example, a pair of long legs are interrupted on my waist, grabbing my neck, and then backwards, greeted me every impact. Her vagina has a more and more prostitutes, and the talls of each of our glans are not brought out, so the wet wets of our two people have changed.

We didn’t speak. Strong pleasure and stimuli in this semi-public place makes us forget all the existence of all the rest of the world. We breathed like two mating beasts and. I can invisibility to see the expression on my face, like it is very uncomfortable, and like wanting to die. This is more exciting my desire to conquer her.

With the voice of “, 唧 咕” sent from us, I put her head and bite her ear and snow white neck like her mouth.

If you have a groove, the meat hole is constantly clamped. “Ah … ah …” Her breathing is urgent. My glans felt a wave of trembling and twitching in the depths of the vagina, just like the suction cup.

“Ah … J … Ask you … I can’t …” She reached the peak of the pleasure, just like a swaying.

“Oh …” I couldn’t help. If the meat hole is strong, there is a contraction of the rhythm, which makes a strong thrill from the glans to my brain, and I feel dizzy. With this happiness, I looked up with my head, I sprayed a hot semen in such a body …

We have a heavy breathing, and the smell of a faint semen diffused throughout the small laundry room. The excitement of the climax has fallen, and we have forgotten the kiss.

Since that day, we faded all hypocritical veils. Every day, we love it, and you can bring us the most beautiful happiness. In the car, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the beach, on the lakeside in the morning, the two-way apartment on the second floor of the second floor of the street in the middle of the night … The traces of our two are left everywhere.

We use Webcamera to record our videos of our love, I am masturbating to her climax in Europe, she swallowed my semen on the yacht …

Every time she clamped my meat stick in the climax, she would forget me: “J, do you love me?”


“Will forever?”

“IPromise, forever …”

Then she will feel excited to continue to meet my sprint until we are exhausted. How much I believe in our vows at the time! However, after three years, I understand that the original Mountains have an oath, but it is just the morning dew. When the sun is coming out, I will fly smog … This is the first time I tried such a writing. Therefore, the writing is not good, everyone laughs. In fact, my biggest original intention is to record these pieces of this bit, because I really cherish this memory. Therefore, it is true, but I have happened to us in us, but I also wrote together for other time and place.

We have been separated for so long, I still love her, I can’t forget she. After she left me, I have also touched many women, but there is no feeling that can bring me like her.

On the constellation, Scorpio’s men are sexually judge how much love is alone, and they don’t know if they are fake. I know that I will never forget her, she will not forget me.

Because in the past three years, we have experienced too much too much. She made me feel that I am willing to pay everything for a person, but I can’t make Perform.

Seriously, if I give me another chance, I will use all my things to exchange her around me, the hand in which the hand, the child is old …

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