Recently, many girls have many girls in Linyu City, and the task force decided to use the bait after discussion, and finally selected a young policeman as a bait. But unexpected things happened, in the process of arrest, but instead of being able to successfully introduce the suspect, it is the mysterious disappearance of young female police officers as a bait. Since leaders at all levels in the province are concerned about this, there is a large-scale investigation event in Linglin missing.

My name is called money, and I am 23 years old and is an ordinary police officer of the police station in the jurisdiction. At the time of the incident, this search action was arranged. Although I was selected, it was just a state of standby, and I didn’t rush into the first line. For a girl, it is a good thing to be nature, but for me, I am more eager to express my opportunity.

My family lived in the staff dormitory of Linyu City Old Bulb Factory, the building is the old-style prefabricated board structure, and the old is old. At the end of the 1990s, with the central government proposed “three years of active state-owned enterprises”, a large number of state-owned enterprises closed, the light bulb factory where the parents’ lives is one of them. Then, thousands of workers were laid off. Because parents learned from the factory, they were not outdated, and these people’s survival became extremely difficult.

At that time, many laid-off workers chose the whole family to commit suicide due to life problems.

My parents are not good, plus the techniques learned in the bulb factory now, and the possibility of employment is not high, and the life of our family is facing a big problem. My parents have been looking for me, I finally found a porter, riding a three-wheeled shipping, but also loading unloading, four seasons a year, shining rain. Although there is money to maintain survival, many problems have also fallen for so many years.

Last month, my father was hospitalized because of more illness. As a single economic source of home, I have the poor salary of the police, and I can’t afford to be astronomical medical expenses. Every time I returned home, I think of these things, I can’t let such emotions affect my mother, because my mother’s body is very poor. Every time I go home, I have nothing to do, I can only silently silently in the middle of the night.

The case is deeply led by leadership. If I can have a job in this case, I can receive a lot of enthusiasm for help, then Dad’s illness is saved. I think of this, I am inexplicable. But how do I work again? After all, there is no clue.

The only thing I can think is to follow the similar cases that Linyu City have experienced in recent years. After all, Lin Yumu is not big, and the security is very good, the criminal case is not numbered, and such a volume is even less. After looked at it, there was no special suspicious. On the contrary, I remembered a thing that happened at the time.

Taoxin Village, 50 kilometers away from Linyu City, has happened a girl who was raped, and the victim girl is the 16-year-old girl in the village. In the evening, I went home and went home and was pulled into the nearby cornfield.

The suspicion of the suspicious object has the Li’s three brothers in Taoxin Village, but the incident did not find any useful clues. In addition, the biting is that the girl’s family infringed by Li’s three brothers suddenly changed, so the case will delay, and then Then I can’t get it.

Li’s three brothers have lived from the mother to life from the small family. The brothers are not high, but they are strong, only the third school is reading the secondary school, regarding the cultural people in the family. In the past year, the mother of the three brothers was killed by the rich family of Bao Ma. The woman not only didn’t apologize, but also cursed their mothers in front of the three brothers, and was hit by it. The three people just want to do it, stopped by the police.

Finally, it lost more than 200,000, grass.

In order to prevent the brothers to lose these money, they proposed to contract the mountains of the mountains, follow others of peach trees. Finally, the old three completed the two brothers and worked together. In just three years this year, the brothers’ three Taoyuan first saw the scale. In the same year, three brothers made back this money, and also earned tens of thousands of dollars, and then changed a two-story building on the hill of the contract. There is a bamboo bar outside their Taoyuan. In addition, the reputation of this family is not very good, and there is no relative and friend, so no one has entered their Taoyuan.

“If you look at this situation, the victims of the girls changed the potion, because they accepted the sealing fees of the three brothers, so they were private. If this is the case, then these three brothers are likely to be committed again, so Said, they did a big suspicion. “

I suddenly realized that I immediately packed up, bring my own pistol, and opened the police car in the bureau. After all, Tao Xincun is not far away, even if there is no harvest, there will be no more things will be made back. Dusk, is a moment of the sunset to pull down the night, the sun is like a sad mother who does not want to leave his child, try to use the last Yao Hui warm land, so always give people a loneliness. I am driving on the country road, but I am very happy to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the window, I want to go to Taixin Village. Dusk gives people a lost desirable, but it will give some excitement and expectations, because the beautiful night is coming.

Since Tainexin Village is also a small tourist place nearby, there are a lot of tourists, and there are a lot of buildings in the village. I found a special parking space, after stopping the car, I began to ask the locals asking Li’s three brothers. After you know that they lived in the hillside of the village, they also guarded the night road, and they took the mobile phone as the front of the flashlight. I saw a house on the mountainside on the mountainside on the mountainside.

There is only one way to the house to the mountain, there is a door on the foot of the mountain, obviously do not want people to enter their Taoyuan. I walked at the small road to the house, I saw the iron door of the house, I took a deep breath, took out the pistol, and slowly touched the house. After all, I can’t judge whether it is a San brother of Li’s three brothers. In addition, I didn’t have a regular procedure of the search, so the choice to play in front of me is only secret sneak, and then the choice will be done afterwards.

Why did I turn a circle? I don’t have a lock between a whole house behind the house, and there is no iron fence, I quietly turned in. The structure of the house and most farmers are almost in the room.

There is no light downstairs, and you can hear the sound of TV upstairs. I think they should all go upstairs, first try to search on the first floor. But I haven’t waited for me to go out, I waited until someone came upstairs upstairs.

“Mom, the last toilet must grab, it is really egg!”

I immediately found a corner, and the man was ready to go back to the toilet. I called it because I didn’t have dinner. I have been finished, I have to find it!

The man went to me in this direction, and I have to pay for a fight. When he was approaching, he ran him in the whole debris coming in. Because it is too dark, add too much flustered, I actually kicked a thing and fell directly on the ground. The man chased me with an arrow, immediately put me on the ground.

“Big Brother I, I’m going down, my thief is coming!”

Two men immediately ran from the upstairs, and when I opened the light, they were very surprised when I was a girl.

“What do you have to do with our family? Is it going to steal things?”

The man pressed on me asked me.

“I am a policeman, I am just checking the case?”

“What case is checked? We have no breakdown, why do you want to check us?”

The man on the side is slightly talking about panic. Later, I also knew that he was the boss in the three brothers, the one of the one is the old two, the one pressed on me is the old three.

Suddenly, they had a suspect with gang rape, I naturally caused their nervousness.

I just doubt, so I decided to come in and see. It seems that I have made it wrong, you have no problem, just misunderstanding, just misunderstanding. “After the boss said a few whispers with the old two, the second is walking, and the boss will follow.

“Before you don’t figure it out, we will not let you go first.”

“I haven’t waited for me to figure out.” When he said this sentence, he saw that the old two took a rope to come over. I don’t say two words, I started to tied me with the boss. After the hands were fired behind, the feet were tied together.

“Do you doubt me? You can turn the police officer of me. I am really a policeman. Please put me immediately, just a misunderstanding.”

After they turned out my ID card and the police officer certificate, they opened my hair with the photo comparison on the documents, and then found a pistol on my waist.

“The boss is true, she is really a police!” The old three said on the boss.

I heard the words of the third sentence, my heart is much easier.

“I said that I am a policeman, I can put me now.”

They didn’t answer. After silence, the three people actually ran while discussing. I don’t know what they are talking, I only have a small argument. After about ten minutes, they came back. If you don’t say two words, you have to take me upstairs. Their move made me very nervous and started to twist the body as a resistance. The boss directly killed my neck.

“Kidnap the police, but again.”

“Don’t move, and then kill you!”

His evil eyes and fierce tone shocked me, suddenly lost the courage to struggle.

They lifted me into the second floor, put me in bed and started to take off my clothes. I have been finished, it seems that their purpose is also obvious, just want to rape me! It is my big idea. They have been suspected of criminal suspects. In addition, I have a sudden intrinsic intrusion of the police. The most important thing is that as the top ten police flowers of Linyu City last year, there is a good external condition. .

I have a height of 172 cm, 94 pounds weighing, the body is tall and fine, and the five senses are also standard, and the girl is a class of Royal sister. As a country person, these three brothers estimate that they will find my girls, plus my policewoman identity and their criminal suspects, so they choose kidnapped me. But look at them to start gang rape, I can calm down, start bitterness.

“I beg you, let me go!”

They solve the rope on my feet, take off my pants, and the top has been torn by them. Only underwear and underwear are still on. I heard this kind of pleading, a heavy plate of a heavy slap in my ass. That is a pain, and the eyes are full of tears.

“Just ask you!”

Take me with a crying, seeing them did not let me mean, I started trying to scare them.

“Wait for other policemen to find me, you will end this.”

“Who is scared? Here you can see the road to enter the village, you will come in a car, where is it?”

Actually, they actually gave me the words, I suddenly felt despair.

They took off my underwear under my body, my 34D proud chest shell she took her husband, and the brothers have reached out and slammed.

“This is very big!”

“I want to drink milk when I see this tits.”

“If you are squeezing, you may have a milk.”

Their moves are very rude, and I have a very painful. Plus the humiliation on their speech, my tears will take them directly.

“Just ask you, let me …”

My voice is like a mosquito, and no one can be quite clear.

They turned it over, suddenly a few pieces hated hate in my ass. I am like a frightened cat, screaming in panic.

They naturally don’t want me to be noisy, put the underwear from me into a group, stuffed into my mouth.

At this time, there was already between my two legs, and I started to touch my underbound. The sense of violation made me have to try to resist, but they didn’t make up.

From the small family, I have not talked from love, I don’t say sex. The parents of the skin are affected by the “chastity”. I am very difficult to accept from the small first time.

“Actually a woman!”

The boss said.

“No way.”

The brothers can’t believe that I am beautiful in the city, actually a woman.

“Then I will still don’t let it, I have to give me this kind of thing.”

As a boss of a few brothers, others naturally listen to the pro.

But let me haven’t thought of it, they have taken out their guys. I didn’t be scared by this size for the first time. I haven’t waited for me to come back, the boss has been inserted into my lower body. I have been trying to take my body to shrink, but the boss pulls me my leg, let me not escape now.

I dare not look, but it is afraid to go back to see what he is doing. He holds the thing after grinding the things on my labie, a force, inserted into my body. At that moment, I almost fainted, and a torn pain. I have thought of being a feeling of being broken, but I was coming so suddenly, my first time was taken. He didn’t stay, started to sit in my vagina. Along with the insertion of a time, I have a tear again. At this time, the pleadings have been meaningless, and I can only silently sobny.

The second and third sides were sitting on my sides, touched my body. I don’t know how long it took, as a heat flowed into the uterus, the boss took his things from me. I am very clear in my heart, he shoots the semen into it, this is to be pregnant. Thinking of this, tears will come out again.

After the end of the boss, after the old second, I can’t wait until I arrived, I inserted his thing into my lower body. I still know how to resist, I have to lying quietly, let them play my body. After a wave, it was a wave, nor did you know that he was taken several times, and he was finally ended.

Subsequently, they used the rope to bundle me tied me, and I slept in all walks of life. I was very tired and I didn’t know.

I woke up again, I was awakened. When I was asleep, I got me again. I was inserted by his guys, and I woke up directly from my sleep. I didn’t respond to confused, I only hope that he can be happy.

The rest were also awakened, surrounded me, I suddenly felt fear.

“Search, you will listen to it! As long as you are old, it is nothing to do. If you want to run or want to resist, we will kill you directly, buried behind the house, no one is found to find you. !Did you hear me?”

I looked at them and nodded. I heard their death threats, I was really panicked, and I dare to make it right with them, and I will definitely stay.

They took out the underwear in my mouth and started to ask me.

“Say, what are you doing here?”

I told them by one or five, and I know that I am alone, they are more assured. But for me, my chips are smaller, where this is almost isolated, I really call the way to the ground every day. I lost a beautiful police in the sky, and the three people were naturally happy. I pulled me again.

Subsequently, I spent a time in fear and tears. I have done some of the food left left on weekdays, and the size is lined with the pots. In a few days, I never stepped out of this room.

They also began to get more and more excessive, kissing, blowjob, anal, drinking urine and drinking, I am forced to do. It seems to be a “reward” for me, and they unlocked my rope when I gang rape. In this case, I still can’t confront three people with strong people, so I have to try to meet them as much as possible.

Suddenly one day, they used the dog’s collar to hold my neck, took me with iron chains, took me out of the house at night. Under a peach tree, they ordered me to raise their urine like a dog.

I touched my hands and wore a colony on my neck. After I heard it, I looked up, lifted on the foot, like urine on the tree.

“Hahaha, it is really a child … Haha.”

Three brothers saw that I was so listening, and I laughed, I didn’t know the sadness.

I was brought to the top of the mountain, I am squatting on the ground, facing the direction of Taoxin Village. The boss has inserted me behind me. When I was still tapping my ass, I started learning a dog, “Wang Wang … Wang Wang Wang …”. This is their order, I did it. In the evening, the rural areas are dark, plus almost every household, and the dog is very normal. But no one will know that the dogs from the mountains of the village are not from the dog, but a female police called!

I don’t know how long it has been, I seem to have completely become their sex slave, and I am from them.

They gradually relaxed to me, I found their negligence, breaking away their control, found my own pistol. I wake up like a dream, I played the spirit of the twelve, and I rushed to my room, let them stand into a row.

On the weekdays, they turned into a coward at this time, all of them pleaded with me.

“Let you let you? I am trying to give me the gang! Insults! Slaverans! Abuse! Insult! But I hesitated, I didn’t shoot. Because I don’t dare, I don’t want to kill people, I don’t want to be someone else’s sexual slaves. I proposed to reach an agreement with them, and a peaceful resolved this matter, they did not refuse.

The agreed content is two, the first point is no one to say this time, the second point is that they can’t bother my normal life in the future, otherwise I will kill them. I am full of angrily, I have said my own agreement. Where do they dare to say, let alone for them, as long as they don’t take the initiative, it is equivalent to me for free for a while for free.

After retrieving all of my items, wearing clothes, I returned to Taoxin Village from the mountain. The police car I opened was still parked on the parking space. In addition to the accumulation of gray, there is no different time. I feel like the world, I am actually free, I can’t help but cry on the steering wheel.

After the emotions, I launched the car to go to the city.

The mobile phone reboots, and many text messages have been passed in an instant. SMS sent by colleagues and parents, all asked me to fall, think of who he left parents, and suffering, tears could not help but go to down.

Suddenly, I saw a text message, immediately put the car and stopped on the road.

“Money, where are you? Your father is suffering from the disease, your mother is going to live around, accidentally being killed by the car! I am worried about you, so I have been calling you with your dad. It can always be connected, but it is only prompting to shut down, so I insist on hitting every day. “

SMS is a big aunt, I instantly blank. My parents are dead, they are dead! A person is crying, crying is tired, staying in the cab. I don’t know how long it takes, and the sky begins to be dim.

I finally slowly slammed my head, I didn’t have an hour, I was standing in front of the House of Li’s three brothers. Iron gate was locked, I knocked on the door, they were people, I naturally didn’t dare to open the door. Let me spend the words of me, they are not open, and the windows between the previous debris are also locked. At this time, I also can’t take care of other things, shoot the lock on the iron gate, I will go in. They hide the second floor, I want to jump to the building, I was stopped by me.

Three people saw that I took the gun, I was afraid that I was looking for them to revenge and hate, all of which hugged in the corner.

I ordered them standing into a row, facing me, I took a gun, and they scared the urine pants.

“You are afraid not afraid of death?”

I screamed loudly.

“I am afraid! I am afraid! Ask you, don’t …”

I haven’t waited for them to finish, I will buckle the trigger and put all the bullets in the pistol. So after I was like vented the dolls, I sat on the ground, bow my head, and began to sow.

The three brothers slowly stood up. When they shot, they were scared, and they also found that there was no bullet to hit them. They are very awkward, I don’t know what I have to do at this time.

“My mother is dead, my father is also dead, I have no family. I am you!”

I suddenly looked up and looked at them with a fierce look.

“It’s you, I lost everything! I really hate you! I want to kill you, because you do everything to me, because you lost my family.”

I low below.

“There is no parents, I want to face this unfair world, this dirty society, I feel so helpless, I don’t want to go back, I don’t want to face it everything. My parents I was gone, I was abandoned by this world. I don’t want to face those. And I know that the gang rape incident that happened here is relevant to you. So, before the date, I have to set up a new agreement with you. “

“What agreement?”

“As long as you promise me, no longer do this kind of hurt, I … I will be willing to be your mother’s bitch!”

I have my hands and continue to cry. They have heard it very convinced, but they don’t dare to act rash.

“As long as … as long as we promise you, are you willing to be our bitch?” The old three testism asked me.

I didn’t talk, just nodded. Three brothers saw that I have been crying, trying to slowly close me. I feel their approach, but I didn’t do any response. They first took away my pistol under my feet, seeing I didn’t respond, taking my hands in a very fast speed. Seeing that I have no threat to them, and I am still sobbing alone, I am relieved.

“Look at me!” The boss did not say a mouthful of mouth on my face.

I looked at him with tears. He smashed a slap, I still looked at him.

“Tell you to take a gun and point to us!”

“Call you!”

“See you still dare!”

Every time you say, you have to smash me a mouth.

“Don’t dare! I don’t dare!”

I cried back.

“What do you want to do?”

I took my hair and let me face him.

“I want to be a bitch.” I said.


He is screaming again, I am a slap.

“I want to be a mother!” I increase my volume.

“Large slum, you can’t hear it.”

It is a heavy slap.

After connecting several slaps, I shouted in hysterical.

“I want to be a mother!”

Seeing that I am this reaction, they began to slowly believe in incredible words that I said in my building, but I can’t fully understand the reasons I do.

The boss saw that I was so fragile, and I took out the cock and went to my mouth.

“Come, open your mouth.”

I did it, and Zhang said with his dick to his mouth. Full of tears, looking at the boss. They don’t know why I want to cry, and I still obey their commands like it. They see the peak back to the way, start to take off my top, and rub my tits.

“Enwaken, and to force.”

Boss shot in my mouth, I have a bit, swallow the semen in my mouth.

This time, I cried and saw that they turned me again.

The thrill of sexual or climax makes me seem to have a bliss space, completely forgetting the suffering from this world. Even if you give up the glory of the policewoman, give up the dignity of women, give up the most basic personality. Anyway, these things I haven’t found in this world, not as good as this simple and happy life.

After they finished a round, I said.

“The master, the mother wants to be traveled!”

They took me on the top of the mountain like it. I took the initiative to squat on the ground, or I was still facing Taoxin Village, then I came back, as if I was looking forward to it quickly from the body. Big cock quickly plugged into my rush, until my graceful cock began to pump, I just said to the three brothers around me.

“To be honest, I really hate you, hate you the harm to me, hate you indirectly killed my parents. But I don’t know why, hate you, the deeper you, I want to know that I hate you very much. But what is the feeling of being active for you. “

“Is there a experience in this?”

“Well. In fact, I can always escape from you, I have lived back to normal people’s life. Although I said that I am afraid to face loneliness and stress, but that is only a small part. The most important reason is that I have for your hatred has been I want to kill your extent, my reason tells me to kill you, but this time is tuned by you, let me hate you, but it is difficult to forget yourself by your illness. Brain The strange thing I thought I volunteered to be a bitch of the enemy, voluntarily gave you the picture, every time I thought I was overcome, but I was very excited, but I was so wet. I don’t want to try it. I have just realized it. I actually felt that something unprecedented is unprecedented because of this incomparable thing.

I am so afraid of this feeling, so afraid! So please rest assured, I will not ran again, I will be to be your bitch, because I hate you, the more you are comfortable, I am really down! “

“It turns out that this is the reason you want to run back to do our bitch.” The old man asked me.

“Yes master.” It’s really a big

“Thank you, the owner praises.”

The answer is over the two problems, instantly feels meat, not because of the big meat stick behind, but from the practice of doing myself. When I said, I turned back and started the dog at Taoxin Village.

“Wang Wang … Wang Wang play …”

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