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Text police Huang Yang Yang naked (01-02)

Word Count: 2265 (1) Sitting in the Office of the Program Public Security Sitting at this time, I am I and my love wife and Han Yangyang also have the Criminal Police 2 team captain Ma Yue, I have been a team captain for three years, last year’s police The bureau set up a secret department, named the bait team, which was putted from the interior of the bureau.

My wife Han Yangyang has always been recognized in the police, one meter seven-five, white skin, the mystery of the mystery, when I know that I set up a bait team, I will move the bait team from my deputy, to be responsible for the population The case of buying and selling, prostitution, etc., is responsible, in fact, is responsible for the bait, to master the evidence of the first-hand crime, with the whole police to solve the case, when entering the bait team, their body belongs to the global public resources, In order to solve the case, we must sacrifice self, sometimes even the body, Han Yangyang has asked my opinion before the application, but I watched her firm and expectant me to encourage my eyes, but I couldn’t bear to refuse, I had to express her support. And she is not expensive, and helping the Police Forces break a few cases, most of them are with our team. For a time, our husband and wife are infinitely in the police, and they also recruit a lot of people.

The Director is sitting behind me and his wife Han Yangyang Shen Sheng: “This multinational tuning case has sent people, the suspect is the brain and village of the Eurasian Crime Group. But relative danger and personal sacrifice It is also definitely different from that, from the perspective of solving the case, the police officers determine that the experience is more abundant and more prominent, and the bait of this action. I don’t know how Han Yangyang comments and comments. “

“Resolutely implement all the tasks and requirements of the Police Sales.” Wife is a firm answer.

I will clearly go to school with my wife. She is a person who is extremely impressive and principled. The outstanding appearance and body have obtained the pursuit of countless official two-generation rich second generation, never colors, but it looks. I am a silly child in the countryside, I ask her why? But tell me like my blue |? | ??

Really, I don’t want those people who are arrogant.

“What is Yang Captain? After all, this action is a big sacrifice that can make Yangyang, you have the right to oppose this action as her husband.” The Secretary has deeply forgot me to sigh.

Before going to talk, we have seen this task, and the Medium Village Group has become the enormous umbrella of the criminal activities with the military slave as a female slave, and the Yangyang is as a bait. My husband is indeed unacceptable, but I think that the exquisite pixin under the wife’s police skirt is lighted, but I can’t help but I can’t help but I am full of my wife. I hope that I will support my support, I I bite my teeth and focused on the head. “I fully support the police decision!”

Without waiting for the Secretary to ask the horse to actively expose the arrangement of the bureau, and expressed certain efforts to solve the case.

I looked at him with my wife. The horses are also the classmates of our police school. The father is the province’s Yuanyuan. I also pursued Han Yangyang’s team, but my wife has never given him a good face. After graduation, I was divided into the police officer at the same time. I was difficult to have a hate that I was refused by my wife and had a difficult task between my ability to work, and after the wife’s transfer, every time I had suspected obscenity case, I was in Yangyang. To act as a bait, give her some extremely exposed costumes to take the machine, but as the public resources of the Police, Yangyang is also inversely, remember to arrest a big brother, and the tips are deliberate to the last moment. It caused Yangyang no time to change clothes, only to take off the pair of Ma Xia and the other two male colleagues on the police car, and the brunette is too small, and a bug is sticky on the nipple of Yangyang. During the period, Yangyang’s body is ubiquitous, let the three people watch, and finally let Yang Yang wear exposed clothing to seduce the big 佬, after the arrest success, I also take all the credits all in myself, and Yangyang The sacrifice is not mentioned. To this end, our couple two people are respectable.

“Ok, since everyone has no opinion, I will introduce you to a person.” Said that it is called into a middle-aged man wearing a deep gray suit from the door. “I will introduce you. This is our professional tutor we invited Japan. Honda. I will introduce you.”

When I said the teacher, my wife’s face couldn’t help but replaced it immediately. With the introduction of the Secretary, the wife elegant stood up and fell? 23 generous and Honda handshake, and simple self Introduced.

As everyone was alive, the Secretary specially arranged Honda to sit next to Han Yangyang. Honda’s Chinese is very good. When you don’t stop the wife, you can’t stop the wife, the wife is beautiful, and today she is wearing a standard policewoman uniform. It’s both beautiful and dynamic. A pair of chests seem to have to come out from the neck of the police, some tight short skirts are tightly put on the two flats, showing the contour of the peach ass, the skirt is put, two The slender legs are covered with a transparent meat crystal stockings, so that the legs look more smooth and sexy, step on a pair of seven-scale high heels under the foot, so that the overall figure looks more tall. Indeed, the wife’s figure is as long as it falls into the sight of the person, and people can’t take it out.

When all the preparations are properly prepared, they will start the distribution of people, and the director said: “Since the village is cautious, considering that Yangyang has never received this knowledge, the next time has Honda responsible for the specific training, by Yang captain When making a reviewer, it is responsible for the review of the final training results. The captain of the Maternal is responsible for coordinating all aspects. Do you have any opinions? “

After listening to the director’s arrangement, the face immediately exposed a dissatisfaction look, thinking about it, he stood up and said: “Director, I have comments!”

The director said: “What is wrong, say.

Ma Yue said: “Yang Wei is Han Yangyang’s husband, I am worried that the relationship between them will affect our actions.”

I immediately stood up: “Director, I assure you that I will never affect my affected problem.”

The Secretary did not speak, and the expression was slightly thought about me and Ma.

Han Yang Yang Road: “Director, I believe that Yang Wei can complete this mission, this is not because he is my husband, I am helping him talk, I just believe that Yang Wei has the ability to do this.”

Honda said: “If Yang Captain, as a husband of Han Yangyang, it is really not suitable for the auditor of tuning results, and the village is a very careful person. If you want to get his recognition, I am extreme, I am extreme. Han police officer as a female slave during this mission, is completely obedient to me, this is a kind of test, I am worried that Yang Captain will make mistakes because of personal feelings. “

When I said that the female slave, I obviously felt that my wife’s breath was heavy, and the long double legs under the short skirt slightly double-mutually friction, but the eyes never shaken.

Ma Yue heard the time: “Director, I agree to Honda’s view, and I personally understand Han Yangyang, I can fully determine whether Han Yangyang is successful, please let me do this auditor!”

I heard this immediately, I want to let Que, the wife, the wife, I don’t know what it will be?

Just prepared to oppose the director’s handle: “Well, Honda and Ma Yue said that there is reason to say, the case of the village can not be lost, specifically tangled? Ahref = ‘/ qitaleibie / situ /’ target = ‘_ blank’> Situ  碓 碓 映  穑 穑  镒魑  跣 跣 镏 镏         正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正

My wife is looking at it, nodded helpless.

When I left the door, the horse stopped his wife and me, said: “Yang captain, Han Yang Yang police officer, I can’t help, I am also for the needs of the mission, please don’t care. Yes, Yang Yang, Ming Yang I have to look at your light butt all day long. “I don’t wait until I have a laugh, and I will go.

Yangyang pulled the more troublesome to rush to find horses, thinking that tomorrow may have to be insulted, said to me: “For the husband, everything is for the task, just hope that you don’t want to give up me.”

Looking at the wife’s affection, I can only sigh: “How can I disappear, I am afraid that Ma Yue is privately envited, when you suffer you!”

The wife heard that I said that it was encouraged, and my heart was in a very half. I hugged me tightly with a slender arms.

(2) The stroke of everyone will call the Mashawei, and the Secretary and I also have a policeman who participated in the action of this action. I thought this kind of training. The secret is secret, can you know that the brilliance is discussed with Honda, I feel that the tun is not only to do this, but it is necessary to force the two words from my heart. It can be a true beginning. The reason why we call us, the Secretary wants to be tuned by Han Yangyang, and the heart is also a moving, but there is no refusal, and it is pleasant to agree.

At this point, the tables and chairs in the conference room were put on both sides, and the seats were vacated in the scene, and we were sitting below the seat, and Han Yangyang was standing in the scenery of Honda and the two people. A wife of a police uniform looks particularly bright. At this time, I said to everyone: “A grid of female slave, first to listen to people, secondly to completely abandon the two words, in order to let Han policemen adapt to the role of the female slave, I hope everyone can match us, one It may have some instructions to Han police officers, and the stimulation of words, I also hope that everyone can understand, all this is to complete the task. “

This bastard deliberately aggravated the words on the four words of the task, is it to humiliate my wife? After finishing the microphone to standing on a side of a wretched horse: “Let’s give it to the horse leader, I will guide it.”

On this time, I gave a note to Han Yangyang, let Han Yangyang read: “My Han Yangyang, the XX Municipal Public Security Bureau work, due to work needs, the more people who believe in horses during the training, no matter whether they listen to the training during the training Everything in the horses, obeying any requirements, including … naked … body, accept … Sexual intercourse, bundle, abuse, etc., here, Han Yangyang is oath! “

Although most police officers know that this time I came to the conference room, I heard Han Yangyang said that it was a bit surprised, and the bottom is awkward!

At this time, the director coughed and said: “This time Yang Yang makes huge sacrifices for the police, everything is to fight crime, if you are not allowed to chew the tongue, you are quiet! Mahayue, continue!”

This took the confusion of the atmosphere, and everyone looked quietly to the three people on the seat. I look forward to what will happen next.

“Yes!” Ma Yue side, a serious answer, the director, one side, changed his mouth to his wife to: “From today, go to the training, you are my slave, and you must call me as a person, understand? police officer?”

“Understand!” The wife reputable.

The wife just heard it! One, the horses don’t know where to take out a tertiary whip, take the honey hips in Yangyang, and jump in Yangyang!

Ma Yue is said: “I don’t understand you, you have to answer people! Understand?”

The wife is not light, so many people under the stage are not happy to think about the butt, and the eyes contain tears: “understand! People!”

up to date????

Ma Yue is satisfied, slowly around his wife, takes a small step, and you will lose his wife’s tall body. It is full of wretches, “Okay, slaves don’t need clothes, now all! “

Although I and Han Yangyang will be asked to be naked, but I didn’t expect that the bastard of Ma Yue is called my wife. This police flower, the police team is proud, on the seat, this to promote the fair and justice in the world, in the place of so many People’s face removal of the police uniform, and it is not easy to hang!

I feel that the evil is rising by the lower abdomen. Most of the criminal police are men, and the team here has a team of a series of police officers, but also men, they all look forward to Han Yangyang, this is called a nephew The beauty, this usual high-tall police figure imagine his wife’s brush clothes, imagine the color of his wife’s nipple, the shape of the labony can be in the bottom of the fund, can be used as a capital that will be discussed with other players. Every one is excited.

I saw this, I feel very angry! However, the evil fire in the lower abdomen is also like detonated explosives, I can’t stop it, I found me hard, and hard pain!

Han Yangyang heard this order obviously, and the eyes flashed in a struggle, but he immediately was firmly replaced. Before we started to go home to the bath, there was a unrecognizable start to take off the clothes, and the kung fu for a while The panties stockings and shoes are clean, neat stacking, and then they were closed on the side of Honda, and then took out a pair of almost eight-inch high-heeled shoes to let the wife who don’t hang.

Han Yangyang was originally a month of seventy-five, and she put on this pair of shoes directly to break through one meter eight. It is better than two sides. 3? | Honda and Maple are high, a pair of naked legs.

At this time, the wife is not hanging, and the sturdy body is being swept away, and the handsome protective a pair of towering breasts and two legs, the scenery is colleague and leaders, everyone is well, only one is not hanging Being attacked by everyone, the depression of my heart is only known.

But the horses are not intended to let her, and the horses understand Yang Yang’s personality, and also know the importance of this task. He has the reason for the emperor to play with this old goddess in the next day. Think of yourself, you can say how to play! After he slowly transferred to Han Yang Yang, he looked at Yangyang two tight honey hips, and slapped a slap in the face!大 吼: “Han police officer, who let you block, let your hand, let everyone look at your big breast and small points!”

Feel the hips and spicy stinging, the wife quickly put his hand on both sides, the wife, a very straight-out D cup, the breast lost the arms, Yangyang was married to me 22 years old, marriage has passed For five years, due to the relationship between the work, we have never had a child, a pair of breasts, and the more wearing a full of full, light red nipples slightly, a small laxative is evenly distributed around the nipple, slender The waist is flat, and the inverted triangle of the small hand is also finally letting you can see her mystery.

A pair of peaches is a pair of jade columns, and it is tightly tightly cultivated. This exquisite sexy body is now exudes a young woman’s extreme charm! Even when I take off the clothes every wife, I can’t pull someone else.

The Secretary was also shocked by the scenery of the eyes, but as a leader, he always had the dignity of leaders, wrinkled and frowned. Should you pay attention? What big milk and a small hole are messy?

The embarrassment of the face of the face with the director: “Yes! Yes! I will pay attention later, I will pay attention later.”

It’s still not waiting for the end of the end of Miao, I have been standing on the side of the silent: “Director, I am a technical guidance, I have said before, I have to teach a slant slave, at least let the village will not doubt The female slave, first let this female slave forget the shame, but must trample to her dignity, so it is not only the humiliation on the speech, and there must be a physical contact. Please allow me to talk about it. Effective, let the female slave feel more and better! Time is not much, we must follow this principle to complete the task, so please don’t blame the captain, this is my request for him! “

Listening to the depth of “Oh” after the end of this Nata, the face suddenly realized: “Oh …

It turned out to be the case, I said how it is no insert, good, the captain, I am wrong, let’s let go! “Get the head of the Secretary, the body flashed in the eyes, after the body is tight, after the body of Han Yangyang, the two hands extend from the wife’s back and gently dragged a full-full breast, sway it in hand. Shake, with the shaking of Ma Yue, Yangyang’s breasts set off a burst of milk waves to feel the softness, the lower body is already hard, I want to directly put Yangyang, but I want it. If you want to follow, there is a chance to put the evil spirits in your heart. Is to task! “

I am in my heart, relying on! Others don’t know if you are Maxi, can I still know? Dictionary is the guise of the task, satisfying the king of his own excitement, but it is indeed a task need, I can only look at this bastard to play with my wife.

The Han police officials have been married, but they are all known, but they are like a girl from the Han police officer’s breasts. In order to fully stimulate the servant of Han police officers, please queue up. People touch the breasts of Han police officers, and have to focus on this position. “Said that the fingertips constantly rub the wife’s delicate milk tip with the fingertips.

At this time, the Secretary Heavy cough, see everyone’s attention from Han Yangyang’s breasts finally turned to yourself. “Is it necessary? Honda?”

After finishing, I vote from Honda.

“Some! Director, please forget to forget your identity, just in the purpose of humiliation, Han police officer, it is best to praise the children’s tits, you can achieve the best results!” Honda Liangran Say.

“Oh! This, that’s okay, I will take the lead, everyone is not ashamed, come with me! This is the order!”

After the director’s order, everyone was in the director. I was also crowded in the team. I was confusing in my brain. I looked at the first director put a pair of slight shaking hands in my wife’s breast. I took it up, my wife touched the chest by my old leadership, I feel the dry palm of the chest, there is a taste in my heart, and Han Yangyang’s body is very sensitive. I feel that I am actually touched by the director. I feel, ashamed, I can’t get in touch with anyone’s eyes, I can only have a chest, let the director knead. The Secretary looked at a pair of stunned white rabbits in his hand. He said that he said to Han Yangyang: “Xiao Han, thank you for this huge contribution to this mission, for this task, I can’t do it. Yeah! You will not mind? “

Said that I looked up, I’m looking at Han Yang Yang, who was almost half a half, although I said, but I didn’t mean it under my hand, but I also used my index finger and thumb up the nipple of Han Yangyang. Pull, look at Han Yangyang’s expression while pulling.

The wife is stimulating the red ear, but the leadership is not able to listen, and they will not be able to listen to the heart of the heart: “Nothing … It doesn’t matter, it is to fight crime, please don’t have a welcome ! “

The Secretary looked at Han Yangyang every time she was stimulated to the face of the poor face, and I felt the rise of the rise in the finger smile and said: “Well, this is good, so this task I can give you peace of mind. “

It is said that the fingers have bounced a hard-hard, and the wife suddenly suffered from this stimulus. He smiled: “Okay, I am almost, right, I almost forgot to praise you, small The Korean breast is really great. If this task can be completed smoothly, this pair of small white rabbits should be large! “

Said that you are ready to get along.

“Wait.” At this time, the bureau is called.

“How is Ma Captain?” The Secretary seems to have a very good mood, and laughing and smiling.

Ma Yue slammed from the side of Han Yangyang, he said that Han Yangyang made himself thinking about it. Touch me very comfortable! Understand? “

The wife’s bike stood on the seat, patted a bunch of people waiting for her own Mimi, and his honey buttocks were also caught in the past, and was also required to be touched by everyone. Thanks to each other, but also to praise the other party to touch it very comfortable, this is a strong shame, let himself almost faint, Yangyang finally understands how many humiliations have been taught, and all this is only one Start. I don’t know if this is a shame or because of the stimulation of the director, the lower body is slowly humid, and a trace of unspeakable water is slowly sliding down the legs.

“Yes! I understand people!” The wife bite his lips.

“Forgive you this time, you will be punished next time!”

“Yes, understand people! Thank you for your briefing.

The Secretary put a swing to express it, and he will return to one side and change the police.

All this is very not a taste in my eyes, and the spirit is so fascinated, and the sex of the wife is not hung by the sexive wife, I have been touched by a colleague of one by one. There is also a bitter expression that endures this humiliation and pleasure, I don’t know how much is it to sacrifice?

When I was going to me, I was pulled by a person behind him, “Yang team.” I saw Xiao Zhang and Xiao Wang on our team. Because I have been embarrassed, I didn’t pay attention to it. What kind of person is rolled behind. These two kids followed me, from the players slowly drove to the captain, and the best relationship with me, before Yang Yang did not adjust the bait team, it was also in the relationship with him, always put them as Look. It’s okay to come to get off work, I will come to my home and I have a delicious meal for Yangyang. I have a drink, I have seen Yangyang, I always call it short, sometimes we are really like a family.

At this point, the two people looked at me, “Yang team, I didn’t dare to touch it with Xiao Wang …, but the director’s death command, we can’t help you, see you also row The team, we will come, I am sorry, Yang team. “

I don’t know what to say, I am sorry to look at me, I see these two big boys, the age of twenty, can’t help but think of their young, watching them from time to time. A woman who is not hanging on the stage, and the continuously deformed beauty of the person, the heart is helpless. Reallorate and patted their shoulders, “It’s okay, hey, it’s for the task, you will be told to the nephew!”

Seeing my encouragement, the two recovered a little bit of gods, and the two people were guaranteed to be never difficult, I didn’t pay attention to them.

Looking up to the naked body of the naked body, I was so touching slightly, my wife’s eyes were blurred, I know that her sensitive is not bad now, I have heard others. To praise it can only be mechanically in accordance with the requirements of Mahayue. And all of this starter, Maxi, stood in the side of his wife, looking at this, one hand has been firmly grabbing on his wife’s smooth hip, five fingers, watching his angle, seemed There are a few fingers that have already touched the wife’s chrysanthemum.

Finally, I saw it, my wife saw it, it seems that I have recovered a clear clearing from the blur, looking at me is full, I saw my wife, I can’t help it in my heart, but I know, I have to stand at this time. At her side, she supported her, then sent her a encouraged look, my wife received my encouragement, and I also got my eyes and nodded, I didn’t expect to me again.

“Touching Yang Captain, is it touched for a few years? The brothers can be very enjoyable!”

At this time, Ma Yue’s sharp voice called again, saying that he also took the way to grab his wife’s hipgard, and his wife suddenly received this stimulus. He is unstable, and it is almost here. Fall, but then adjust the center of gravity immediately and stood straight.

“Hey, the station is really stable, this is the iron heart to make everyone touched enough?” Ma Xue said to the laughter of the police who have already touched the police: “The brothers have just touched How do you feel? “

“Han’s Mimi is different.”

“Yes! I don’t get tired!”

“The brothers are right, the horse team doesn’t hide this time, let the brothers touch more.”

I am cold and cold, I’m going to be a troops, and they have been mixed out of the team before, and I don’t know how to get the relationship to the police, usually to me and Yangyang. Due to it very respect, I can listen to my players in private, I have long coveted in Yangyang. This time, it’s a good job of humiliation Yangyang.

I didn’t take care of them again. Since I stand in front of my wife, I always have to touch, my hands are in my heart, my heart, I am surprised, although I have just been touched by more than a dozen people, but my wife The breast is still snowy fragrant. When the two teams of the 2 teams have touched, they can don’t have less hands, I will see Yangyang’s breasts, and the fingers are deeply trapped. During the fleam, there is still a bastard, and the old high, like a leather strip, then let go, then let go, until the back of the people can’t see him, smashing, can The nipple is still a shallow pink at this moment. I feel with my fingers. As my touch is still slowly hard.

I am relieved, my wife is not hurt, and I put it softly patted my wife’s beauty. I encouraged me to go, but my wife still mechanically replied: “Thank you for your praise, you are very Comfortable.”

Didn’t wait in my wife’s baby’s breasts, Jacoui jumped up with two hands from behind, hugged her with her wife’s breasts, and the compact nipple was sent by him. Purple, I saw that my wife was hurt, I won my ability to rush, but Yangyang kept crying with the happening of the happening: “I am wrong! People I am wrong! Please forgive me Let me! “

I instantly calm down, I understand that this is the need for the mission. I haven’t rushed over. I still heard the horses. I took her down, but I still hugged Yangyang from behind the back, died Dead catching a pair of beautiful milk, roaring: “Others didn’t praise you who teach you to thank others? Hey!”

“Yes, slaves, please punish slaves.”

“Sturing it, I will leave you next to the legs to be separated from the shoulder, so that everyone can see you.”

At this time, the wife, Han Yangyang, was nearly prosperous. The honey points were filled with honey sauces secreted because they excited, and the two legs were tightened. If they were separated by everyone, they did not know how to retain. After all, there is a naked, and it is also possible to say that it is a sacrifice made for the task. But the stripping clothes are humiliated. If someone will suspect that it is not metamorphosis! Herd of hesitation does not dare to separate your legs. “What’s wrong? Do you forget your vow? What is your vow? This is just the beginning I want to repent?” Horses said, but the hands kept stimulating Yangyang’s milk tip.

I heard the horse, so, Yangyang’s tightly, the line of defense is shaken, yes! If you can’t stand the humiliation of your eyes, how to accept the horse, this metamorphosis is getting more and more shameless, how to complete the task?

Yangyang slowly opened the legs, first separated a pair of beautiful glazed calves, and then slowly opened with the knee, the honey pot that has been closed and the honey that has not been stored. The juice flows smoothly with the thigh root and the honey. The splash is everywhere. A beautiful and lustful picture appears in the eyes of all people in the scene, I saw a white skin. The body is a beautiful beauty, naked naked stand in a group of men in the police, separated, two hands on both sides, the beautiful woman is full of fat, and observed behind him. People, hip, meat, splashing on the vulva, the dust from the vagina, the brown ass will shrink, and the drops fall to the drops, like being injected into a needle liquid.

The eyes of the horse were shining, and quickly extended his hands in the honey pot of Yangyang’s legs. He looked at the love liquid in his hand. Multi-water. “

It is said that the tips received by the hand are said to everyone, and everyone is watching, and they have discuss it, and they look at Yangyang’s eyes weird.

With everyone who read the honey juice in the hands of Horses, after his fingertips, he squatted in Yangyang honey buttocks, put a palm directly on the labips. Feel the slippery, Yangyang heard the humiliation of Ma Yue and everyone’s discussion, the cheeks blusted, and felt that the squats from the lower body, only to turn the head to one side, did not dare to see everyone’s eyes, heart A donkey.

I haven’t waited for it, Yangyang felt that a pair of hands on her chest, and then opened his eyes. It turned out that Xiao Zhang stood in front of himself, and touched his chest, stronger The shame feeling, Xiao Zhang seems to be embarrassed to see Yangyang’s face, only self-touching a pair of beautiful milk, heavy and soft and flexible hand feelings to grass The little Zhang Zhang is in the past, and the hands slowly climbed the peak, Xiao Zhang closed his eyes, feel the soft milk tip of the goddess that he has never dare to slap in his palm and fingers, friction Another plenant that is generated when it is generated.

At this time, I have been in the back of my wife’s honey hips, I strolled my wife’s hole, I said to Xiao Zhang: “Xiao Zhang, your Korean is really the best, I thought that the big milk is enough for my life, I didn’t expect this. The small hole is even beautiful. “Said that the two hands use two hands to pull Yang Yang’s fat hips, carefully evaluate it.

The bunch of the 2 team is also lie in the horses.

The horse called two buddies, and helped him to separate Yang Yang’s hip flap, so that he succeeded, said to Yangyang’s lower body finger: “This is the legendary front line. , You see, two big lips are tightly covered with small holes, the small labia is very short, and it can’t be leaked at all. “Said to separate the two large lips of Yangyang with his fingers,” Oh, it is what I imagine. Pink, look at this more and more bright colors, and this clitoris is also powdered, it is a very beautiful slave, I am a little envious of the village. “Said that he kept turning with Yangyang with his fingers.

It was originally stimulated by the chest, and it took off for a long time. Suddenly the sensitive belt of the lower body was stimulated again. Yangyang suddenly felt a burst of contractions in his vagina, I know me. Wife is sensitive physique, I don’t dare to touch her clitoris every time I do love, as long as I have been stimulated, I can’t use a few climax, and it is still a crazy climax.

Ma Yue also felt the changes in Yangyang body, attached to the palm of the vaginal mouth, was tightly sucked, a surprise, her old goddess never gave him a good face, but today played, It can make her climax in her hand, I have a sense of accomplishment, I am busy plugging a finger in Yangyang’s vagina, quickly push up, a lot of honey juice a lot of honey On the fingers of the horse, the fingers that pick funny clip are also accelerated.

Yangyang felt the upcoming climax, but it was unable to stop, “don’t! Don’t! Don’t!” Xiao Zhang in the chest, I don’t know how to knead two nipples. Yangyang finally reached an unprecedented climax in a scream, and it was in the public …

I don’t know if it is ashamed to face everyone, or this is the ultimate pleasure, Yangyang straight back in the embrace of Ma Yue, and the horse is holding Yangyang naked body, and the other is fainting And the two legs opened in Yangyang honey pot, with the finger’s spot check, the fainted Yangyang is still twitching with the frequency of the finger.

Looking at the two people hugging on the ground, especially my love wife is lying down in the arms of the horses, a pair of beautiful legs lost awareness, and a finger of Ma is from Yangyang’s buttocks The pressure of the pressure stretched out and buckled in the honey in Yangyang.

I can’t help but attack, “Yue! You have not finished? Yang Yang has been fainted, do you still have to humiliate her? Then your hand is not from ….!”

“Well, I will take it.” Said that the horse took the one hand held Yangyang, Yangyang’s situation was behind the side of Ma, and Ma Shi seems to be deliberate, buckled honey. The hand lifted the Yangyang obliquely on the ground, so that a pair of beautiful legs were greatly separated, but the ass faced everyone, everyone can see the honey of the Yue’s fingers. middle.

“What do you mean? How to put your fingers there!” I rushed over the past, but I was pulled down by several police officers around us.

“Hey, don’t be angry, my Yang Dadager, I am not a brother, I don’t want to take the fingers, but the nephew doesn’t have a brother, don’t believe you!”

It is said that the fingers are tightly mentioned, but Yangyang’s labello is tightly wrapped with the fingers of the horse. As a result, it seems that it is refused to make an exit, one is one-in-one, one stock The honey sauce has flowed outwards.

“You rogue! You are just a fake publicarate to humiliate our two couples!” Said that I have to break away from several police officers.

The director has been standing aside. At this time, I am afraid that I have impulsive things, stand up and say: “Good Ma Yue, Han Yangyang comrades have been fainted, and there is no need to humiliate, there is something waiting for her to wake up Again. “

See the Director’s words, Ma Yue did not dare to continue to be confused, and the fingers took two times, it seems to be looking for a look, and the sound of the 啵 pulled out, with his finger with his fingers, taking a passage, The hibishes left the fingers in the fingers in the bare thorn in the butt, looked at me, looked at me while I didn’t touch Yangyang. Maxi, burst of hip waves firmly attract everyone’s eye.

I can’t help but go, I said: “You can do it today, what else should you do?”

The director sinked: “This is going to see Ma Yue and Honda Meaning.” Said that all police officers who have been watching the onlookers are scattered.

The meeting room was only left at this time, Honda, Ma Xia and I still have Yangyang, which is still unpisped, I originally planned to take off the warner to Yangyang, but by this Anta, most of the time to teach. Naked, I have to hab it as soon as possible.

Honda saw that people walked almost said: “Well, this time the tuning is very successful, the Han police officer is also very popular.” Said that I looked at me and frowned: “I personally suggest, during training Less to make Yang police officer and Han police officer, or may affect the final training result. “

I wrinkled frown and didn’t pick up.

Honda said: “Today, today’s Masha captain and Han police officers, I suggest that the next week, Han Yangyang as the private slave of the Major, with the leader of the horse, and the policeman must match the horse team leader. Teaching work. “

Honda said that the director’s statement did not have a problem. Although I was unwilling, I could only agree with the respect for the task. Some specific matters will be said, such as can’t cause harm to Han Yangyang and other people outside the people other than the people in Han Yang, although I can do it to Ma.

My wife has opinion, but it is finally only for the first few days of initial training. I also understand that in order to completely tune, sexual relationship may not be avoided, this point I and Yangyang have also had a mental preparation.

It’s almost the same, the director said that he is reluctant to Horses: “The horse leader remember to report to the results of the education.” “Yes!”

“Well! That is scattered.”

“Good!” Ma Xue said that it put on the horizontally fainted Yangyang, just like a sack, and Yangyang did not hang on the shoulders of the horse, the body is behind the buttock Before the front, you can see my wife’s full bare buttocks.

Ma Yue is going to take a few a few my wife’s buttocks. Injury. Haha … “

The wife’s hips are pair, the honey between the two hip flasks is also a lot, and I think that my wife will fall in the next few days, and I have to accept my most annoying people. I have to teach, my heart Just a mistake. I have to say hello to him.

The jum of the face is proud of his face, and he is not forgotten from the bare buttocks of his wife.

I am sending a naked wife with a naked wife, my wife is a pair of jade arms in the back of Ma Yue, and a beautiful long hair is also revealing the charming jade back because she is behind the Moon. It is gradually The two have disappeared from my sight.

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