Secret mission policewoman

Secret mission text policewoman (01)

Word Count: 3432 ??? | The first chapter of the cool summer breeze through the rain water on the ground, waves from the slightest ripple. A pair of white canvas shoes to bypass the water stroll on the ground and the line, along a pair of canvas shoes and looked up wrapped in black stockings slender legs, tall chest, delicate face and both recounting beautiful girl .

Without warning a dove flying in from the side of the bamboo forest, scared off the tip of bamboo leaves that accumulate in raindrops.

“Ah!” Exclaimed the girls uttered, such as onion-like fingers stroking the back of a sudden attack of a chill, and it is fortunate to goddess delicate skin contact with water droplets.

Sunlight through the cracks scattered clouds thrown into the ground, the girl next to bamboo as if covered with a holy light. Eyesight is that two of the oldest old, helped each other slowly enjoy the profound feelings of the time.

To? Degree ◢? 3 “The beauty, can leave a phone number?”

The girl thought, against his eyes slightly shy boy who shook his head.

“Then you can put this pair of feet canvas shoes or stockings you sell me? I beg you!” The boys knees almost gave the girl a soft knees.

This time can phone suddenly rang, the girl Duqi thin lips, long, curved eyelashes trembling, my heart vent dissatisfaction, after a deep breath, or press the answer key.

“Li Meng, happy 23rd birthday, but the end of the vacation, the police immediately, a mission.”

“Oh I know.”

“Beauty, I beg you, I saw you from the first moment I started to feel in love with you!” The boys continue to struggle, and he did not want to give up such a world must be called beauty products.

Li Meng, who named the girl smiled, pointing to the crotch that boys hold up a large tent was very frustrating, said: “I often met people like you before, but you know what their fate is ?”

The boys did not give the opportunity to answer, Li Meng lifted Yuzu, a small firm that against the boys is kicked in the past, the boys make a huge impact throughout the body bent like a shrimp, etc. Li Meng canvas shoes again He kicked his foot when he had time to scream issued from his mouth.

But he did not cry continued, Li Meng canvas shoes have stepped on his face, that deep tread soles canvas gripped him slam, rounded the ankle led the delicate Yuzu grind on his face and moving. The front end of the canvas shoes kept rubbing lips boys.

“I still do, this will spare you, but remember, do not let me see you, or else you can most Δ new ◢ |??? 3 not so good luck, my feet are squeezed dry essence of the news that people can be a lot of balls, you are a not many! “

Then Li Meng forced stamped boys kick, leaving it still taste just stepped on by the goddess-like look of happiness and excitement of the boys sped away.

Director of the office, Li Meng will just read the top-secret files lit, facing the Secretary sweet smile, slightly more excited, he said: “!! Please be assured leaders must complete the task.”

Secretary sitting on a chair with a smile that always look at their own eyes the beauty, slender legs, perfect face, there was a bit stiff and slightly move the canvas shoes, are all filled with youthful vigor, Secretary for such people, Li Meng is the perfect subordinates.

Restrain live heart wants to pour into the arms of Li Meng good impulse to caress, director stood up and walked in front of Li Meng saddled with his hands, but his eyes have been intentionally or unintentionally glanced Li Meng legs and toes that restless twist canvas shoes.

“You look so cute on white canvas shoes? Degree?

How infected the dust? I’ll help you wipe. “I said the Secretary Li Meng will help prepare stoop that micro can not wipe a speck of dust on canvas shoes wiped by hand.

Li Meng panic towards two steps back, the little white face thrown flush, quickly swinging his hands saying: “No, Secretary, I’ll go prepare.”

“We are concerned about under these leaders should do, say, and you just graduated from college let you to perform such tasks actually let us do these leaders very assured ah!”

The Secretary also felt just a little too abrupt move, Li Meng said something to encourage that kind of thing to work after Li Meng watched out of his office, after Li Meng leaving the Secretary no longer bear it, he suddenly knelt down , facing the direction of Li Meng knock away the two ring head, then let out his tongue licking out where I have been stepped Limeng Fan shoes off, and his hand is his own that would have expanded small dig out, “Li Meng, I beg you to use your noble Yuzu walked me humble little of it, ah! I beg you.” “let me use your tongue to lick shoes it, Li Meng, I was your feet a pool of mud. “

Secretary Li Meng condescending imagine a plan themselves, with Yuzu kept playing his scenes. His mind now are full of Li Meng big pair of slender legs straight, how much he wanted turned into a pair of shoes at the foot of Li Meng, ah, can be as one pair of Yuzu trampling, it must be the most happy thing .

The Secretary of sight, Li Meng has been out of the office of his face did not just share shy, beautiful and a bit cold Qiaolian deadpan, just issue between micro breath can not check Lengheng.

“Ah !!, I confessed, I have to explain!”

When passing the interrogation room Li Meng heard screams coming from inside, the preparation home Li Meng mouth evoke a hint of strange arc, opened the door of the interrogation room.

A young man was handcuffed fixed on the chair, two years older than Liu Ling Ling Li Meng positive domineering side leakage his foot that wearing high heels in the man’s crotch, tiptoe hard grind of moving forward, his hands did not stop, alternating violently slap in the face. Crisp slap sound “Pa Pa Pa” is accompanied by the sound of the man’s mercy filled the room.

“Li Jie! What are you playing ah!” Li Meng hands behind marching bear cute little Scattered moved to the front of Lingling, weak weak asked.

Lingling rubbed his hands, the feet move down, picked up the cup drank, said: “!. Leia trial prisoners it, you are just graduated from university not know ah, later you will experience.”

“Liu sister, anyway, I’m fine today, or else I’ll help you review it!”

“Then you trouble sister, my hand just a little thing, I’ll go first.” Lingling did not decline, and Li Meng confessed after a few words out of the interrogation room, the way the door behind the backhand.

Men see their trial replaced Li Meng filled with such a youthful beauty, was secretly feel relieved. Such sentiment may not last a few minutes, he felt his own small press stampede uploaded to the waves of feeling!

“Well, now that I stay with you play, and ready for it?” Li Meng face with a strange smile, she is even more strange bird white canvas shoes positive step on two men between the legs, was wrapped in black stockings legs led the canvas shoes slowly trampling the little man!

“The beauty, your foot in my little Shang Hao comfortable ah! It is so stepped on, that’s it!” The man moaned in his mouth sound waves, indeed, if Li Meng want their feet to make a man cool, then it is very easy thing, but she wanted the man dead than alive, then it would be easier.

Li Meng not manage thin man speech, she will make a man pay the price. Yuzu delicate canvas shoes restless writhing, Li Meng canvas shoes complete front-end men’s small step on the heel part is on the chair, she slowly twisting about Yuzu, the man little slowly stepped to the stomach.

“You made what ah?”

“Little sister, brother, I do like the culprits?’D footwork you can really let my brother die happy ah! Otherwise Why do not you take me to unlock the handcuffs, brother, I accompany you to play a game more fun , ensure let you die happy! “the man more and more excited, the body is more wanton writhing upward bulging, with their own small to greet Li Meng canvas shoes.

Li Meng himself suddenly stepped on the little man pushed to the canvas shoes, lifted up, put on the man’s mouth, said coldly: “I feel good today, if you lick my shoes and I can consider you just spent a Egg, otherwise, alone, you just said those words, the result is I will castrate you! “

Li Meng men did not put the words of the parties, he leans over the nose Li Meng’s feet, took a deep breath and taste are full of Limeng Yu foot between the breath, the man of little more firm.

Suddenly, Li Meng’s feet move, she shoved down to the foot stamp, precise canvas shoes stepped on the little man, the man’s mouth issued a beast roar, he widened his eyes looking for? Please 2???

The Li Meng, he did not understand the seemingly soft, slender legs there could be such a powerful strength!

Then, Li Mengqi started his feet, and slammed the man who had been slammed by her. Under Li Mengyu’s foot, the man quickly asked for! “Beauty, you can’t do this, you It is a police! Ah! I beg you, I! I will give you shoes, ask you! Don’t! “” I have already given you a chance, you don’t cherish yourself! Enjoy your egg in me It’s a feeling of explosing the canvas sole!

That is a pain with a little bit of sputum and drilling heart, like someone who wants to pull the egg to pull down. The man holds Li Meng’s canvas shoes, I want to move the tempting and dangerous canvas shoes, but everything is futile. If he knows that Li Meng is provoked by his classmate because of his classmates, The egg is kicked, then he must not dare to be thin about Li Meng so words.

“Rao, I beg you, I haven’t got married, I don’t want it!” Suddenly, the man was trembling, a large stock of a large shaft suddenly sprayed out, he was squatting in his mouth, not Gu Gen stepped on himself Canvas shoes, a calf wrapped in black stockings.

“Slow out? Now I am so late, now I let you know the feeling of the explosion!”

The voice is just falling, and Li Meng’s feet have issued a sudden sound. The man’s egg is already stepped on her feet, but Li Meng did not let go of the man’s meaning, she continued to twist The ankle, canvas shoes keep stepping on the man who has been smashed.

The man is painful, and it is awakened by the feet of Li Meng. At the same time, a bloody essence has also sprayed from him Xiaoli.

The secret mission of the body female police (02)

Author: One person Number: 342 Chapter 2 Downtown hotel room, the naked Wang Yongxin stands, huge small little red, the low drooping children wrapped two unewed eggs .

A height-old girl wearing a black bikini, slender legs, a pair of white hanging stockings, the expression is a little hard to ask: “Wang Ge, is it really playing?”

“Of course! Hurry, you have to know, big brother, he likes this, likes to be squeezed by the beauty of the beauty, I see your legs is not bad, now you have test, if you satisfied, I will take you Recommend to the big brother, then you can change the phoenix! “

Wang Yong’s eyes did not consciously went to the girl’s leg. He was a big brother’s figure in the local area, but if he was more than that person, he was a bit not enough. He also knows the special hobby of the person in an opportunity, and he climbs the relationship with the girl who has found a condition for that person. He also likes it in this process. This game.

“Snapped! “The girl’s jade is directly kicked on his children’s grandchildren, and there is a sudden sound. Wang Yong watched the girl helpless, I thought about it, “Forget it, you can’t do it, just like this, you will follow me later.”

After that, Wang Yong turned and left, there is another girl waiting for him next door.

Open the door, first heard a burst of water, see that the girl named Li Meng is taking a bath. Then Wang Yong is not calm! Rendering in front of him is a pair of white canvas shoes and canvas shoes that should be replaced with black stockings.

Wang Yong is difficult to swallow the mouth, and the back hand put the door, squatting and picking up a canvas shoes, making it up to the nose. Suddenly, a little girl with a little girl’s unique flavor and canvas shoes is in his nose, that is already a little weak and strong!

“Good delicious taste!” Wang Yong said, ghost, the gods, he picked up the black stockings and wrapped his own packet, and then wrapped in black stockings, the small plug in the canvas shoes Slowly enjoy. His nose is also buried in another canvas shoes, greedy enjoy the gas’ point “B bit flavor in canvas shoes.

“Do you like it?” A soft and weak voice came from behind, Wang Yongmun saw a white bikini, smiling, smiling, Li Meng, more let him want to boil, Li Meng A perfect jade and wrapped with a pair of jade sunset white stockings.

“Well …! Sister, you can be beautiful …! Come, use your feet to make my brother my small service!”

Wang Yonglian stood up and pulled out that was also smaller by Li Meng’s black stockings, and went to Li Meng.

I unexpectedly, Li Meng was smiling, and then looked at Wang Yong said: “It’s not for you to use your little service, but you are in my feet, I am stepping on it!” “Hahaha, sister, good Ah! There is a queen, I like it, let my brother try your feet …

…… “

Wang Yong’s words have not finished Li Meng, exteging her tipped foot to Wang Yong’s mouth, stretching the tempting jade to Wang Yong’s mouth on his face? Latest? ◢? | 3 Gently touched it, you can see Li Meng’s foot and thin white stockings.

“Do you want to be 舔? Li Mengnai’s jade jade sleeve is long and round, and the pearl is like a might of being arranged. The foot thumb is oval, and the remaining three have different degrees, and the thumbs are close. Four jade toes, five jade toes together form a wonderful arc.

Wang Yong didn’t answer, he directly lying on the ground, said to Li Meng: “Sister, come, use your feet to step on the brother’s small bar! You let my brother, I will have your benefits, for a while Brother also makes you cool to the sky, you see that the brother is not very huge! “

Li Meng’s jade foot is looking for? Please?

Just a stronger curvature, although it is only to look at it smoothly.

The foot is very white, is the kind of seductive white and red, tender like drops of water. Can Wang Yong know that this is the beautiful jade foot to how many men’s life! How many men’s small break is under this pair of jade.

“Look at your little image is not like being stepped on the foot below the feet! Be careful that I took it into it.” Li Meng looked at Wang Yong, and stepped his own jade foot on the small, Slowly rub, slowly stepping on Wang Yong’s belly, the beautiful jade foot is rushing, slowly put Wang Yong’s little on his belly.

“Sister, your feet have been so comfortable!” Wang Yong didn’t know that the danger was coming. He is now completely immersed in the jade foot of Li Meng, and the shares came up. It is even more to let him stop, stand upright to welcome Li Meng’s jade foot.

Wang Yue is excited, she stroked Li Meng’s silky stockings, and the body is tall up.

“Let’s let go!” Li Meng is really anger. She never likes to let her feet, she feels that those who have stepped on the feet are not equipped, so they step on Wang Yong Xiaoyu suddenly squatted. The foot tip is striking, and Wang Yong wants to stop her with her hand, but she is more angry, she picked up the feet, and the other is also left the ground. Although Li Meng is very light body The weight is applied to the small or Wang Yong, I am unbearable.

What is more difficult to endure, Li Meng actually stepped on his small foot, and his feet twisted his body. Huge stress, Wang Yong felt his own egg and small capital was faster. NS!

“Li Meng! Forgive! Just ask you, spare me …, Li Meng!”

“It is necessary to teach you!” Li Meng did not rely on, but also in Wang Yong Xiaoyou, Wang Yong’s little longevity, only heard the “”, a large share of thick The essence is sprayed out in the foot of Li Meng.

The milky white hot essence sprayed into Li Meng’s foot is everywhere. Li Meng frightened frowned, according to the previous habits, this man’s small is to be slowly kicked by Li Meng’s ruthless play, can Li I didn’t do that, because she was a task this time.

Li Meng continued to get rid of his own beauty, stuck the small root of Wang Yong, and the round heel of the round, and pulled the king of the urethra, and then he took his little. Stepping on the belly, the perfect touch of stockings plus Li Meng, with his short contact with his short contact from Wang Yong Xiaoli.

Li Meng, a cold smile, looked at the one-in-law of the one in the feet? 2? | People, Li Meng lifted the jade, with the front foot and confused his little, the man is Like a male dog like her feet, I screaming, Li Meng did not accelerate the force of jade, in Li Meng’s feet, Wang Yong spurted a large share of essence.

“Hahaha, just like this, I like watching those men under my feet, I was in my feet.” After that, Li Meng didn’t care about the essence of the feet, and continued to use the feet to abuse Wang Yong’s small. She is to use this method to let Wang Yong will take her to the person.

The essence of Wang Yong’s body was squeezed out by Li Meng with his feet, until he was like a dog’s soft in Li Meng, the white stockings were full of Wang Yong’s essence, and seeing Wang Yong Dry, Li Meng also took the foot. In fact, if she still wants to extract the essence from the inside, Li Meng has a way, but now the situation is different, or complete the task of the superior account. Looking at the essence of his feet, Li Mengxiu eyebrows, she is very annoying her own jade foot is defiled by the essence of men, so she put the feet in front of Wang Yong, cold and coldly said: “! “

Wang Yong did not dare to reverse Li Meng’s meaning. After lecture out, Li Meng and gently licked the essence of Li Meng, some anti-stomach, wanted to vomit, and he saw Li Meng’s beautiful face. The cold expression is not hurting in his heart, so it is swallowed that the essence of Li Meng’s foot will be swallowed.

Li Meng looked at this man who licked his own jade, said coldly: “Your small or not!

I didn’t use your hard work. “

Wang Yongrui smiled, with a little invited to say: “I took you to see someone in a few days. He is really powerful, but I ask you something, but can you leave your shoes. I………”

In the villa of the suburbs, all guards are guarded. In the soft light, Li Meng wears a patent leather black Queen, the towering chest and perfect? ​​Most? The new 3 | The body is not reserved, the slender legs are spread to the bottom of the thigh, the ankle A pair of black high heel boots, up to 15 cm boots with the gloss of the metal, and thin and long, as if destroying all the power.

Li Meng fiber arm is a pair of white long gloves with lace, black hair is scattered in the waist, and the jade hand takes a dog chain, the set of the chain is on the neck of a man, the man is naked The limbs followed the footsteps of Li Meng, and if they carefully see, they will find that men are killed by a rope, and black blood vessels are full of men’s huge small.

未 未 未】】】】

The secret mission of the text female police (03)

Author: One person number: 33 *? Land? 2 degrees?

** The third chapter of the villa of the suburbs, surrounded by swearing. In the soft light, Li Meng wears a patent leather black Queen, the towering chest and the perfect body have not been reserved. The slender legs are spread to the bottom of the thigh, a pair of black and high black With the boots, the boots up to fifteen centimeters with the gloss of the metal, which is thin and long, as if to destroy everything.

Li Meng fiber arm is a pair of white long gloves with lace, black hair is scattered in the waist, and the jade hand takes a dog chain, the set of the chain is on the neck of a man, the man is naked The limbs followed the footsteps of Li Meng, and if they carefully see, they will find that men are killed by a rope, and black blood vessels are full of men’s huge small.

Like the goddess, Li Meng walked in front, the man devoutly stretched out the tongue on the ground, and the scene was in every place, this scene appeared.

It’s another sound of high-heeled boots, a woman wearing an angel mask is standing from Li Meng not far away, Li Meng really wants to peek through the face of the person through the mask, but she knows That is impossible. The woman came from the empty voice: “The life of this slave is yours, you can use any way to play with him, there is nothing, as long as you have fun.”


After that, the woman walked slowly into another room. Li Meng’s chest was strongly up and dressed. This task is far more difficult than she believes. She didn’t see the so-called black big brother, but it was brought to it. In this villa, her life is ruthless to play with men who are squatting at their feet. She has used their feet in this week, and her size is all When doing these men’s food.

And today, this man is very different. This person she knows that she is a classmate in the police school, named Wu Wen.

She didn’t know why Wu Wen was detained here. She didn’t know why Wu Wen became now.

Just when she was upset, Wu Wen suddenly climbed to her foot. The stretched the tongue licked her high-heeled boots. He lied asked him to see: “people, ask for people to use boots to pick slave, ask for people to reward Slave your noble gold holy water. “

Wu Wen’s eyes are full of desire, he holds Li Meng’s boots, actually uses his own strength to go to rub the high-heeled boots!

Li Meng saw that the wonderful doubts in his heart were completely angry, and the cold and cold in the heart was: “Since you seek Wu Wen, Wu Wen is full of compassion!” The voice just fell, Li Meng The high-heeled boots lifted it, then stepped under the feet, died of Wu Wentian’s little deadly, and the dark high-heeled boots were completely covered with Wu Wen’s small, but the sharp boots were stepped on. On the egg wrapped in the child’s grandchildren!

“People, ah …!” Wu Wen did not dare to move, he knows if he is slightly moving, he will be stepped on by Li Meng. The hot little is stressed by Li Mengzhi cold boots, and the ice-cold tempting high-heeled boots can be at any time.

Li Meng did not leave his ankle, she knew that there must be a pair of eyes in a place to look at themselves. She can only use the pain of these people to get their trust.

“Comfortable! People …! Just like this!” Wu Wen’s little has been slammed by Li Meng, and the high heel boots on Li Meng have already fell into Wu Wen’s children. Wu Wen is more excited, only from his eyes, you can only see deep desire!

Li Meng looked at Wu Wen’s hard and descending her to abuse himself. The corner of his mouth evoiled. She was not a good man to believe in a woman. There were many people who were in the student era by her jade foot. Some is that she asks for her to use her own, and some are caused to be born behind her.

Li Menghamediously opened the high heel boots on Wu Wenzhi, and looked at Wu Wen with a pleasant look of himself.

“People, beg you, Wu Wen wants to die at your feet!” Wu Wen can’t stand it, he was arrested to get tortured, and every day, all kinds of ways to please a variety of women, one is not Be careful will bring a punch to play, let him not endure, from the first day of being caught here, the golden holy water of these women will be eaten, but now he is already used to it, but he saw Li At that moment, he remembered his day before and her, and it was very good to die at her feet!

“The Wu Wen should not meet your wishes? .

The situation, Li Meng directly stepped on the face of Wu Wen, the deep pattern of the boots was constantly frivized on the face of Wu Wen, and Wu Wen’s servant was completely excited by Li Meng.舐 舐 李 萌 ‘s boots bottom.

“Human! It feels very good when I step on my feet is very good? That’s playing!”

Li Meng let Wu Wenping lay on the ground, and he stepped on the face of Wu Wen, and walked along Wu Wen’s face. When I arrived at Wu Wen, she didn’t move here, just swinging jade, using the front foot bow down, the whole boots covered Wu Wen Xiao.

“My boots step on your despread, I feel very good!” Li Meng said that he stepped on the foot on Wu Wenzhi, and he looked at Wu Wen in his foot. He continued Said: “Is it very excited to be very excited?”

Slowly, Li Meng’s feet have already lifted, and when a lot of premises, Wu Wen is uneasy, and it is, and Li Meng’s jade foot is in the air, and after a few times, Wen Xiao is down!

“Ah!” Wu Wewen screamed, Li Meng’s boots were directly inserted directly to his lower body, and the front of the boots were completely stepped under the foot, heard Wu Wen’s scream. , Li Meng’s appetite wrinkled, said cold and cold: “What is it? Are you not very comfortable?”

Li Meng’s jade is reduced to the pressing of Wu Wen Xiao, suddenly, Li Meng’s jade is twisted, directly serving Wu Wen’s low dramatic grandson, hard boots, I just came into contact with Wu Wen’s children. Wu Wen felt a burst of comfort, but the feeling of crisp was passed from the children and grandchild bags into the brain of Wu Wen. Li Meng Ling’s lucus twisted, and gently kicked Wu Wen, with the boots, and the feeling was simply unable to say.

“How? The people’s boots are abused, is it very cool?” Li Meng’s tone with a temptation, the movements of the foot gradually increased, Li Meng’s boots Some patterned edges, the same feeling frictions Wu Wen’s children’s grandchild bag, a shares accumulated in Li Meng’s boots.

Wu Wen’s mouth couldn’t help but send a burst of embarrassment, and he said: “See you.”

Li Meng did not laugh smile, stepped on another boot to Wu Wenzi, plugging in a little one, Li Meng’s jade foot, although it is small and exquisite, Wu Wen’s mouth can be packaged, Wu Wen I feel that my mouth is very upset. Li Meng also tried it after a meeting, just put the front foot part to Wu Wenzi, Wu Wenzheng, a tumbling. Looking at Wu Wen’s face slowly deformed, Li Meng’s bloodthirsty desire was stimulated, stepped on the jade foot of Wu Wenzhi, and suddenly, a large stock of a large stock was squeezed out. Directly sprayed out the bottom of Li Meng’s boots. Li Meng is just cold smile, lifting jade, and Wu Wen’s top of the essence is strong, Li Meng is a foot.

“Ah …!” Because of the unrecognizable foot, Wu Wen’s small is stepping on the belly, Li Meng’s high-heeled boots stated in the children of Wu Wen, Step on, the cold boots stimulates Wu Wen’s children’s grandchildren’s dramatic shrinkage, it is an essence sprayed out.

Wu Wen feels the unprecedented pleasure. His little is being destroyed by Li Meng’s high-heeled boots, but he is willing.

Li Meng smiled and laughed, the movement of the feet ????

◢2 has not stopped, she stepped on the high heel boots of Wu Wenzhi, and she fell in an instant.

“I didn’t let you get up!” Li Meng’s other high-heeled boots pair in the chest of Wu Wen, directly put Wu Wen, and then a feet In the small, it is repeated in the small, so repeated.

“Is it comfortable?” Li Meng stopped the stepping on Wu Wen, her high-heeled boots moved to Wu Wen’s small, gently rubbed Wu Wen’s small, just like it is to Wu Wen. Welfare is general.

At this time, Wu Wenmili has been shattered by Li Meng with high-heeled boots. Li Meng’s work is very powerful. If there is no touch, it will make a burst of merits, and the feelings of Wen, Li Meng’s high-heeled boots stepped on Wu Wen, just like a grinding disk, closing the needle, under this strong stimulation, Wu Wen sprayed the last silk essence in his body.

Wu Wenxiang looked at Li Meng. The lips were slightly said, and Li Meng did not know what he said is “killing me.” Li Meng sighed, put the high-heeled boots to Wu Wen’s neck, sharp boots, along with her jade twisting, did not enter the throat of Wu Wen.

Li Meng suddenly remembered what is like, a smile, another high-heeled boots followed by the children of Wu Wen. Wu Wen’s pain struggling, Li Meng’s high-heeled boots, ignored these, high-heeled high-heeled boots with long to ten cm, but he still got to die, smashed Li Meng.

“I will meet you!” Li Meng twisted another high-heeled boots, directly took the eggs of Wu Wen, at the same time, Wu Wen closed his eyes, and lished in Li. Meng’s high heel boots.

The secret mission of the body female police (04)

Author: One person Number: 329 Chapter 4 “I will meet you!” Li Meng twisted another high heel boots, directly put Wu Wen’s eggs on the feet, at the same time, Wu Wen also Closed his eyes, licking in Li Meng’s high-heeled boots.

The sunset sprinkled in the world, and the villa had three or two black people who were vigilant, and there were two sentences from time to time, and the content of the conversation was mostly related to the perfectness of their eyes.

“See her legs? It’s so beautiful! Especially after wearing a boots, people have the urge to lick!”

“舔? Then you are looking for it! Which of these days is not being able to die in her feet?”

“Hey! Sure enough, the more beautiful woman is, the more vicious!”

In the villa, the woman wearing an angel mask is elegant sitting on the sofa, and a slave, the slave’s head buried between her legs, and can hear the sound of sucking. Women’s legs are wearing and knee boots, two jade legs are tightly clamping slaves.

On the side of the ground, more than a dozen men, they all squatted with the limbs, and the neck was placed on the neck. I don’t dare to look at the beautiful scene in front of my eyes, but their small all-end is high, and some small front ends also seep out the silk liquid.

When Li Meng is standing in the back of the slavery. 2? | It is like a choice of goods as careful.

“Haven’t stayed yet …!” There is a slight snoring in his mouth with an angel mask, and the legs are like a python. It is nestled in the slave, and I looked at Li Meng. “They are also fed with our golden holy water, I looked disgusting.”

The woman smiled and continued to persuade: “Then you use their essence to make your own foot beauty, anyway, their small stay is not used, you will abolish them, then I will let people put them? 2?

Be adult, for other sisters to kill. “

“Then I will play!” Li Meng’s mouth hooked a cruel curvature, twisted his feet, the paint skin high heel boots on his feet, then suddenly kicked out, accurately kicked one of one Slave is small!

“Ah!” The slave mouth sent a snoring. When Xiaon took out a white extract, sprayed directly to Li Meng’s boots.

“My sister is good!” With the woman with an angel mask, I enjoyed the service of the slave tongue. I looked at Li Meng’s grinding slave, and the mask of Li Meng was deeply smiling. .

Li Meng rarely looked at the essence on his boots, and then looked at the slave and left the essence of the essence. He smiled coldly. The firm is on his belly, and slowly rub.

The floral pattern of the boots is stimulating the slave’s hot little. Li Meng’s foot technology has been greatly improved during this time. Especially when using the boots to destroy the slave, it is a pure, know how to transfer them. Maximize desires.

Li Meng’s jade foot first rubbed a few slaves, then force it to step on the slave, put the slaves on the belly, and continued to rub. Just listening to “”, a strong essence is sprayed out with Li Meng’s boots.

“Small, comfortable?” Li Meng looked at the essence on his boots, listening to the embarrassment of women in the angel mask in the ear, there is no feeling in my heart. I looked at the expression of the slave face enjoyed by my own boots. Li Menghamedi opened high heels, bending like it, slaves seem to realize what, but everything is too late.

The hard boots pointed straight to the slave’s little foot, kicking the slave’s children’s grandchildren, and then quickly collecting the feet, looking at the slave asked: “Comfortable?” ? “

“Comfortable …!” The slave didn’t know what to answer, only I feel that there is a feeling of stinging in the small.

“Since I am so comfortable, I will make you more comfortable!” Li Meng is kicking with a foot, this high-heeled boot has a sullen egg, and people feel that the egg hurts. The slaves screamed quickly.

“Uncomfortable, uncomfortable, ask you, don’t kick again!”

Li Meng’s mouth with a weird smile, ridicule: “I kick you so, you dare to say uncomfortable!

Let’s die! “The voice is just a foot. This feet pushed the eggs of the slave to kick, and the small also spurted an essence of a little blood, and sprayed directly to Li Meng’s high-heeled boots.

“Your essence is to give me high-heeled boots beauty, okay, you can don’t want it!” After I finished Li Meng, I took the jade foot, and the high-heeled boots were sharp. Following the slaves, the slave is directly, the sharp boots run through the slave, the slave, the slave’s small has been separated from his body to Li Meng’s high-heeled boots!

“My sister is so cruel, and I am not afraid of their blood, your clothes.” The woman with the mask is fascinated by the service of the slave, the slave is the tongue in her, and the stimulation is stimulating. Her desires, this cruel scene in front of me is more exciting her desire. She has gripped the head of the slave with her hands and dressed hard.

The slaves of the squatting on the ground, looked at Li Meng, watching her danger and tempting high-heeled boots, not a little inflation, one of which couldn’t help but spray it directly. .

Li Meng felt that it was odor, and the opening of the arrival: “You are playing the plane, who is slower, who will die.”

The slaves first came first, and then they came over, and quickly held their own lower body, started to go up and down, there was a slave mouth and a snoring of “um, um,”.

Li Mengxiu brow wrinkled, “Huo” stood up, slender beauty | kicked the leg with the wind moaning slaves, high-heeled boots with slaves directly through the throat, then forced to continue feet Li Meng, had knelt slaves on earth is she stepped on the floor, with high-heeled boots boots has been fully inserted into the neck of slaves, slave children did not have time to struggle, Li Meng has been out of his elegant high-heeled boots, |?? shoes keep dripping blood slaves.

“Yes, that to be so, but that is their sister, your feet slave only, ah ……!” Mask woman with angel finally could not resist, and after a while osteoclasts moan lower body gushing liquid directly spray to the slave kneeling at her crotch mouth.

This time I have been slaves to wear high-heeled boots Li Meng stepped on the throat lying on the ground clutching his throat with both hands began to struggle desperately to roll on the ground, the blood hole in the throat spray has a large share of blood flow, spray to those who are around slaves who hit the aircraft.

“Do not stop, do not make a sound, who is the last one, I let him die.” Li Meng did not bother being in front of this brutal scene, she was enjoying the attention of the slaves that fear brought her conquest of pleasure.

After a few minutes on the ground has been full of the essence of slaves, last erupted only a slave is already bathed in tears, fear of looking at who is smiling staring at his beauty.

“Stretch yourself out of something eat.” After Li Meng finish the sentence slaves hastened to prostrate on the ground to clean up their own essence.

“I beg you to give me another chance, I would certainly they fast.” Slave kneeling on the ground, his face full of fear, already tearful voice.

“Only one chance, you acknowledge your fate, in fact, I was able to play dead also several lifetimes to repair your blessing is not it.”


Li Meng slaves did not give any chance, kick kick him down to the ground, then lifted his foot heel high heels stepped into the joints of the limbs the boy, the boy’s arms and legs were spent, but has not given up slavery to survive desire, like a worm squirmed in general, looked frightened Li Meng, who want a beautiful girl can let yourself go.

This time the slaves who already enjoy tongue woman came over, looked at the smiling face of Li Meng said, “Sister, let us work together to play him!”

Then the woman lifted his high-heeled boots, with boots with hard against slaves and lower body erect, aligned with the hole in the lower body, holes in the top with a little residual essence of slavery. Direct a foot down, high-heeled boots boots slaves along the urethra directly to step down, the little direct kick slaves tatters, really rotten, rotten flesh and blood into a pool of.

“Hello Cruel sister ah!” Exclaimed Li Meng insincere.

“Your sister is not bad either!” The woman really think so.

The rest of the slaves kneeling on the ground shivering, watching the two girls while ruthless stampede on the ground while laughing slaves, but they really know for a while that two pairs of high-heeled boots will step on his body, except his heart panic in addition, the gall little with excitement!

“Desperately struggling now! Fast!”

On the soft carpet pair of slender legs like a boa generally a slave’s neck tightly clamped, white legs off even more attractive in the dark skin slaves, slaves with every breath that wrapped around his body legs to a clamping points.

Secret mission policewoman body (05)

Author: a man Word Count: 3255 Chapter V “desperate struggle it was quick!!”

On the soft carpet pair of slender legs like a python’s neck will generally be a slave to the latest death?

The death grip of 2, white legs off even more attractive in the dark skin slaves, slaves with every breath that wrapped around his body clamping legs on one point.

Weakness and desperate waving in the air, his face had no color. Angel woman wearing a mask mouth moaned, enjoying the slaves in his crotch struggle pleasure, a short while slaves eyes completely outstanding, is already not breathing.

Meet the release of slaves, with stunning Yuzu stroking the slave’s face, light, said: “useless too, which I play is dead?”

“Man, sir He wants to see you.” The room was not hear the sound, and an older woman fell down on the ground respectfully angel wearing masks against the woman she said.

Under the mysterious mask, a woman’s mouth slowly brought back a hint of sly? Ground level?

Different arcs, did he finally remember himself? The voices of the high-heeled boots in the HSI in the violi passage, and there was a iron cage in the room, a fifteen-year-old little boy huddled in the cage, heard the sound of the high-heeled boots Start up.

The woman wearing an angel mask wearing a patent leather red black dress, black leather pants put her the beautiful legs who had just killed the slave, black and knee high heel boots front end is five Centimeter crystal waterproof platform, up to fifteen cm boots with gloss of metal under the light.

Although she has already worn the mask, but the familiar feeling is still, the boy is crazy to climb to the iron cage, and she has stretched out, although I know is impossible, but he still wants to catch the pair of boots, Or I want to catch the person who is hidden under the mask.

“Ah …!” The pain commented on the palm of your boy couldn’t help but screamed. It turned out that the woman was killed with her own high-heeled boots. At the foot of the boys, the sharp boots have left. Ground, high-heeled boots accompanied by a woman’s feet slowly on the palm of the boy.

“Mom …! Rao …!” The boy’s tearful woman is pleasing to woman, but only from his point of view, I can only see a strange angel mask.

Women don’t say anything more, just put the foots, walk two steps forward, extend the high heel boots to the cage, the boy does not hesitate, and even busy climbing over to extend his tongue. The woman is funny to look at their son to kneel on the ground. Devoted my high-heeled boots, I feel that this feeling is not bad, then her eyes have gone to the boy’s firm small.

“Lite my feet so excited? It seems that they have already taught you very well, come, let mother come to see these days of tuning results!” The woman said with his hand opened the cage, boy Shun coming out, looking up at the woman, killing his hands and dying holding a woman’s high heel boots, reaching out the tongue forgetting.

“Xiao Tian, ​​my mother’s boots taste?” The woman asked very flat.

“Mom, I beg you, my son is wrong, I beg you to spare me! I am willing to become a play on your feet for a lifetime. I am willing to live in your feet for a lifetime, mother …!” Boy these days Under the tuning of other girls, I have become like to see the woman’s foot, just like going to lick, but fuck didn’t let others feed him with golden holy water, and the food in this time is a woman who is a woman. Afterwards.

The boy is dead, holding his mother’s high-heeled boots, please use the tongue to use the tongue, afraid to have a silk dirt, and use his face with a woman’s high-heeled boots, just like a puppy who is trying to discuss people. .

“How good! Don’t cry, no trouble, An An quietly became a mother’s pet.” Woman lovingly extending long white fingers, gently stroking the boy’s hair, enjoying the boy holding a “own boots She really likes that feeling. She used to step on the man’s Xiaoli with high heels boots, let them look up with their hands and hold their own boots and ask themselves, then she is in the man’s pleadings. Slowly stepping their small steps into the beach of your own feet!

The little boy is also accompanied by the inflation of him, and the woman is like the abyss average, the mask is early to wear everything.

“Mom, I am very uncomfortable! I beg you, I must do my mother’s feet after Xiao Tian, ​​my mother ~~, use your noble boots to stepping on Xiao Tian’s little, please The little sky contained tears, and the firm huntea of ​​time came into contact with the seductive high-heeled boots, the small front end was exuded out of the silk liquid.

“Since you ask me, then I will see you is my son’s share!” Women move the jade foot, slowly step on the front of the high-heeled boots to Xiao Tian, ​​the small, suddenly small There is a squat, “um ~~~” in the mouth.

Hard high-heeled boots are brought about Xiaotian’s small steps at your feet, jade, slowly rubbing, the deep pattern of the boots with unlimited temptation to heaven!

“Mom, that’s it! Good comfort ~~~.” Xiao Tian wanted to burn, he twisted his body to welcome the high heel boots of women.

“You really have your father, it seems that there is a good dog under my feet!” The beautiful face after the woman’s mask reveals a strange curvature, her jade is driving high-heeled boots non-stop friction. ‘Small, high-heeled boots, boots, slowly stepped on the child’s child!

The cold and dangerous boots he stepped on the small day ‘son head, the small world consciousness was trembled, and the hands were more tightly tightened. , Just pity 2? Looking at his mother, trying to see his mother’s peerless face through the cold mask.

“If the mother’s high-heeled boots are hard, then your children’s grandchildren will be slammed directly, do you want to try it?” Women continue to speak with their sons, and the strength of the feet do not feel a few point.

“Mother ~~ Stepping on the slaves who squatted at her foot died directly.

The woman smiled and smiled, and the high heel boots on the small sky were also shaken. Xiao Tian’s little boots have been stepped on a flat with a woman’s high-heeled boots, deeply in the belly, and at the same time, his children’s children will be stepped on by the woman’s boots!

Under the cold mask, the woman’s empty voice came: “Do you think I will not? Do you think you are? It seems that you still have to see your own situation! You have seen those who taught you in these days. The girl, they use the high-heeled boots to smash the small slave, how many slaves are suffering from their feet, and you know how many people don’t want to die, they can’t die! “

Xiao Tian’s breathing became more turbid under this stimulation, and women know that Xiao Tian is about to spurt the essence.

“Xiao Tian, ​​how is the little being stepped on the foot of the mother, is it really wanting to spray your essence in the mother’s foot?”

At this time, Xiao Tian’s small is completely wrapped in a burst of merits, and I just want to be cruel by a woman, I’m busy nodding. Then, the high heel boots on the small sky suddenly moved, and the stunned littleton is standing, the woman reached out, the five fingers all the small days, and the little shot of the red swelling. Tone.

“Your first sprayer mother will not make you so easy!”

It is said that the onion finger has gripped the little day, Xiao Tianzhi, a strong snoring, and the woman’s hands slowly drive the small sky of the small sky. Listening to Xiao Tian’s squatting, a woman’s eyes flashed.

“Ah ~~~~” Suddenly, Xiao Tian seems to be a struggle to scream. That is a woman’s hand holding his little force! Woman knows that men can’t stand this. In the past, she came out of the man.

“Mom, spare me ~~~.” Xiaotian struggled in the hands of women.

Women are fun looking at Xiao Tian, ​​enjoying the feeling of strong little smashing in their hands, asking: “What do you call me now?”

“People, you are my people ~~.”

I heard that Xiao Tian said, the woman knows that this son has been conquered by himself, and the last process is the final process. Woman loosen the small hand, wipe it with wipes 3 to find | Please ???

Wipe, raise the jade foot to the small heaven’s small steps: “Say, do you want to be in the high heel boots to step on the essence?”

The woman is the goddess that masters the right to kill the power, and Xiaotian is just a slave that she is in the foot offered.

“People, beg you, use your noble high-heeled boots to stepping on my despicable little!”

“See you so sincerely, I will satisfy you!” The voice just fell, the woman slammed on the front end of the high heel boots, and sometimes the direction, stimulated with high heels. The child’s children’s grandchildren, just in her high-heeled boots, in the moment of Xiao Yuzi’s grandchildren, a strong essence was sprayed out with the trembling of Xiao Tian, ​​sprayed with a woman’s noble boots. come out.

“Since then, you are the slaves of my feet!” Women raised high-heeled boots, moved to the mouth of Xiaotian, and he hesitantly hesitated, immediately extended his tongue.

“Swallow, this is a person to enjoy you, or let you know what is the feeling of being worn by my high-heeled boots!”

Although it feels humiliated, the hidden servility that is hidden in Xiaotian has been completely excited. He has forgotten his identity, and he is willing to become a slave.

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