Awest is very depressed.

Because he is just a younger brother, it has enjoyed the level of the big brother.

And this treatment is not in the dining bureau and KTV, nor is it a big pass behind the brother. It is even more unfair to the autumn wave of the autumn wave, and the swords are bones.

He is sitting in the interrogation room of the H-city police station, not he is often in his heart, and it is always wearing a policewoman wearing uniforms in different postures, but 2 ordinary can’t fall into the heap. A male policeman who can’t find it.

At this moment, these two guys are smoking, and the landlords of the landlord are smoking.

While smoking, I looked at the landlord, and said to the Awei: “Brothers, I want to say it. You are in the boss of KB, your address, organization … You don’t say, you only have to continue this “

Both parties are ratio.

Aweixao: “The name of the superior, I know all the address, but that is the secret, I can’t tell you. Out, I said, I really said, I can live, I can live? Don’t be ignorant. “

Awei is a small head of KB, mainly responsible for looking for their “prey”. Although it is not the core, but in series, the upper and lower characters are not less.

The KB help is a gang in recent years in H. The big and small gang of the city, the gambling poison is operated.

The KB helped to make money on the yellow magazine and CD, although started late, but “market share” is later, the reason is special: franchise SM series. Among them, many QJ, LJ, bundled content are actually photographed.

KB helped the young woman, especially the flight attendant, nurses, OL and other uniforms, bundled QJ, after the shooting, some left the other films, some were sold to other regions to do sex slaves .

Although the KB has made a lot of cases, but due to its head of their head, the police have not docked in a series of cases of KB.

Until recently, a small honey of a senior official is also a model of a small famous gas, also disappeared, and there is a disc circulation in H, causing high levels. So, the elite police officer of the Provincial Special Police Squadron was sent to H, which was responsible for creating KB.

After the police officer has come to H, the police work really has great improvement, and Awei has become the first part of KB to help me.

At this moment, this police officer is meeting with the H City Police Leadership.

In the conference room, the big and small police officers were all staring at the police officers who came to the statement.

Cai Wei’s police uniform, the lower body and the knee skirt, the following exposed the slender calves wrapped in black stockings, black high heels to the curve of the calves, the lining.

She almost perfect body, bumps, with a good face, policewoman uniform, I don’t know how much color wolf dreams.

If it is not seen in your own eyes, the police in H will not believe that let their headache’s KB helpers, the police that the tweezer dripping will be arrested under her hosted.

Cai Xi stood in the conference room, the voice is pleasing, smile, confident: “I think, the general question will not have effect, so I decided to adopt the programs I have said, this is why I have not personally Participate in the reasons for the trial. “

A old police officer asked: “If you go to the end, will you be too dangerous?”

Cai Wei is firmly replied: “I have confidence in myself, but also prepare. Do you have a better way? If not, please press my program to do well. Base The less police, the less informed! Recall, action! “


H City Seventh Detention Center.

Outside the detention center, the medium-sized car for a special police parked at the door. Inside the car, wearing a high-grade Tibetan blue OL uniform, black stockings, black high heels, Cai Xi to the peers, said: “Yes, do it.”

Lao Chen of the peers, I got up and went to Cai’s back, and then tied the hands of Cai’s hands. He bundled very slow, looking at Cai’s back, looked at the rope in her wrist, he had a hidden feeling.

After the movement of the old Chen stopped, Cai Yan moved his hands to “too loose, old Chen.”

She said to the old Chen smile: “Our Lao Chen’s rope skills, in the province, it is very famous, how many fierce criminals are tied to the old Chen, almost cry. Now, this is so casually, it is too realistic. We are now not acting, every move, you must be true! “Her voice slowly seriously:” If there is any flaw, not only there is danger, we will pay the water! So, you want to treat Treat me as a real prisoner! “

Ye said that the finger was active, and he handed the rope to the old Chen: “The five flowers tied by you are good at it. Rope is tightened, the hand hangs!” Going to the old Chen, only waiting for the old Chen to tie.

Old Chen listened to her, if I thought it was.

Then expose a little strange to satisfy smile.

He pulled the rope, fold the rope, put it on Cai Xi neck, then passing through the arms, and wound a few laps on the arm.

This time, he tied very slow, but every circle will slammed the rope, let the rope deep into the arm of Cai’s arm.

The rope wrapped around the Cai’s wrist and knotted it behind, then worn from the rope at the neck.

Lao Chen left handed Cai Xi’s bundled wrist, the right hand pulled the rope through the neck rope ring, transported luck, then force it! At the same time, the left hand is lifted up!

Cai Wei only felt that the rope on his body could not be tight.

Although there is a clothes barrier, the rope is still deeply embedded in the sleeves of the clothes, and the wrist is even more sensitive to stop the cycle.

As the old Chen tightened the rope, she gently twisted, except for the finger, the hands of the finger. The hand of the wrist is almost in the back of the shoulders, and the chest also comes out with the bundle forward, and she shows her graceful figure.

She gently took a breath, suppressed the bursts of thrilling standing and turned to look at old Chen’s eyes. The two have been opposite for a while, and the old Chen will look away, look at the car around, and it seems a bit.

Cai Xi seems to have learned what, smiling at another special police in the same car, Xiao Huang, you. Xiao Huang did not hesitate to hesitate, pick up a pair, lock Cai Shen’s legs.

She bowed his head and looked at the feet, I feel satisfied, then shouted to cry.

Lao Chen is going to God, did not find Cai Xi told him, or Xiaohuang pushed him: “Hello, do it ?!” Lao Chen came back to God, turned to look at Cai.

Cai Xi looked at the old Chen, who was uns, laughed with him.

This laugh is as if it will pull the soul of the old Chen.

After she came to H, she silently admirmed her, long-term criminal police, so that he likes to bundle women.

He is more than once in the dream, bundling Cai Xi tightly, and uses a variety of penalties, then use various postures, and the death of Caiqi’s death.

Now, there is half of the situation in the dream to become a reality, the woman in the dream is just in front of him.

She looked at the old Chen again, so he moved his legs. The sound of the foot reminded him that his dreams achieved half. He smiled and somewhat embarrassed.

Cai Xi saw his embarrassment, smiled: “Is it thinking, what to block my mouth? Just use the KB help the magazine often use the mouth!” Lao Chen no longer god, but secretly grateful .

He picked up a hole with holes, plugged into the mouth of Cai, and then built the mouthful of the tape in her brain.

Cai Xun’s Shem’s pleasure hit is bundled. The saliva flows from the hole of the mouth, and I feel that I have some lascivious.

She put his head toward the door of the detention center, and he said to what 2 sentences.

Xiao Huang opened the door, and Lao Chen took Cai Xi to the car, then brought the rope to the rope, the mouth of the mouth, gagged to the detention center.


Awei is very strange, the police suddenly no longer happened like him, every day.

Although he is still strictly guarded in the detention center, it is no longer necessary to face two men’s policemen who have already visible every day. But he was detained, he was well guarded, and there was no other prisoner, but he also made him feel very lonely.

This day, the detention center is in addition to his first prisoner.

A beautiful woman is tiered tightly, and it has been drawn with his mouth. One OL’s uniform, black stockings, bundles, mouth … Awei almost thought it was in the KB help. Think of the happy days in KB, Awei: “My hot youth, free.”

Two special police fiercely pushed women, put her in the independent cell opposite Avi.

The door is closed, and the gay can not see the situation inside.

When guess, the door opened.

A Weiyi, the woman’s foot is wrapped, but it is still tied. This woman is facing Awei, he can see her face clearer.

A beautiful face, all women who have seen it in KB are outstanding.

She is very tired, the mouth is moving with the mouth of the mouth, and there is trace on the ground and clothes.

The legs wearing a black stockings are long without a little meat.

Sexy! Awei wants to see more, the young policeman came out from the door and closed the door.

Awei couldn’t help but sigh, disappointedly on the wall.

He suddenly found out that his own body is standing straight, hard rising pain.

“This woman really TMD is destined …”

Only Lao Chen and Cai Wei were left in the city. This is the instructions after Cai Xi just won the mouth.

Cai Xi looked at this single room, which is used to pay attention to the cell, secretness and sound insulation effect.

She saw that Lao Chen still looked at the mouth and smashed her mouth, and coughfully cough.

Old Chen, “Ah”, put his mouth on the side, hurriedly whispered to: “I will solve it.” Cai hid his hand of the rope, indicating that he was sitting in bed. Then looked quietly.

Lao Chen looked at the female police officer in front of him, I don’t know her intention, but I can’t help but look at her body tightly. I saw her turned and turned against him, and it seems to be deliberate to see the wrist tieted tightly high hanging.

He found that her hand has been purple, I am going to talk, I found that she has turned back and smiled at him. He was obsessed with her eyes and found that he was erection, and he was tall high, and he was surrounded by himself.

He is going to say something, but finding that Cai Wei squatted in front of him. Her eyes circulation, the sound is also flattering: “You tighten me” “

“This … I will give you a release.” Lao Chen sweats come out “Don’t, I know that you have long wanted to tied me!” Her voice is full of teasing “… um, yeah … ah! Is not Not “Lao Chen language is not laminated, and the helmet is discarded.

“Hehe”, she twisted the body left and right, “Don’t install it, I have seen it early, you want to tie me up, then do it?” “She said.

“Where do I dare … ah, no. I am not!” Lao Chen quickly covered his own under his body, but found that it became more and more, it was harder.

“You see, you have already sold yourself” “” she laughed, the voice turned very gentle “I was tied to this, only with you.”

“… -” Lao Chen didn’t know what to say, sighed.

“Oh, I know that you are a good person, I will help you.” Cai Xi said, with his teeth to open the zipper of the old Chen, and pulled his underwear, revealing the Yangshi, which has already been a column.

In front of the old Chen, Cai Wei bowed his hooded in, and his lips included his horman. He couldn’t stand it.

With the continuous in-depth and frequency of continuous acceleration, Lao Chen’s pleasure is getting stronger.

In less than 2 minutes, Lao Chen only felt that the whole body was full of straight, and the thick semen was sprayed, all shot into Cai’s mouth.

Old Chen halitly pulled the mask and worried. “sorry……”

Cai Yan did not speak, opened his mouth, some semen did not swallow, flowing out from her mouth, mix with the ground and mixed with the mouth, appeared in sexy. She smiled and said: “Help me to unlock the rope, put it up.”

Old Chen quickly unopened her rope, her hand could not move. He quickly helped her massage his wrist and saw a deep rope print on her wrist, and felt guilty and stimulus.

After a meeting, she said: “Put me, let’s go.”

He quietly put up with her twin handcuffs handcuffs, he walked out of the detention center. (4)

The next week, to Wei, although still in prison there, time is no longer tough. During the day, the opposite of beauty opens the door to chat with him. Although they are separated by a narrow walkways and cages, but very happy talk.

Wei looked at her handcuffed hands constantly gestures, silver handcuffs like a meteor across, leaving a bright trace.

From their conversation, Wei learned that she was a manager of the company, but it is actually a drug cartel party princes. This time she was arrested, they are outside the Group’s brothers kept running, take her to the rescue. So the police are very cautious, he saw her as a felon, but maybe later on shot.

“Drugs can play, are methodical and opportunities of people, your group brothers will definitely help you out!” While the two men met shortly, but suffered the same fate mentality and experience, had already been Wei threw himself stood her position, for her sake, believe her, to comfort her.

“I hope it.” She laughed helpless and sad, so sad Ah Wei bursts, she added: “And even if I go out, the group of people will no longer trust me, I do not know how to live.”

“If you do not mind, you may wish to look for my brother. They ……” Ah Wei burst of impulses.

“Hush! Do not say, listen carefully there!”

“Call -” Ah Wei can not help but shame for their own impulses, she is also a deeper trust in a minute.

Accompanied by beautiful women, affiliated feeling, Wei can not help but think this jail, and dream happy.

But the dream is to wake up.


Cai Zi is coming off the seventh day in the morning to the two special police took her away. Wei recognize, it is to come in her charge that two policemen.

Wei sitting alone inside his cell, but also anxious and worried. He has been looking at the direction of the door, but the door has been very quiet.

Until the evening.

? When the door opened! Wei hastily moved close to the aisle. He really was looking forward to coming in person, two policemen handcuffed and Cai Zi.

Cai Zi actually changed a dress, sleeveless dress, slashed the side of the leg and exposing the graceful curve of the same lap. Flesh-colored stockings, white high-heeled shoes will set off her temperament is very noble. Her hands were cuffed in front of two police officers escorted her on both sides.

Her face was very calm, but his eyes red, apparently crying. Her pace is no longer tempted to steady, go up even some reel.

“Hurry! Do not dawdle!” The young policeman pushed her a moment not prepared under this push, Cai Zi actually fell. She fell in front of Ah Wei.

“Do not touch me! I own it!” She turned around and anger toward the two policemen shouted.

Two policemen stopped to pull her up action. She wore handcuffs with both hands, leaning on the railings in front of Wei, struggling to try to stand up. Wei looked at all this, and angry and distressed.

He hurried to prop her hand, come into contact with her hand and found her hand skin smooth and delicate, but very cold. When the feeling of being thin, just to feel her stuffed something in his hands.

Wei surprised, quickly will be the thing to hang on. Look Cai Zi, he had stood up, locked up in his room. The only two police officers shut the door railings, wooden doors still open. One said: “Last night, what you eat, what requirements can be also mentioned.”

Cai Zi shook his head slowly, “You make me changed clothes, I have met, you go!”

Wei looked at the two policemen out of sight, quickly went to the nearest place from Cai Zi “What last night? How is it?”

“Tomorrow morning on the shot, I can not accompany you,” she poignant smile, paused, and said: “If you can go out, I hope you had a good” spoke, he hinted his hand.

Wei was shocked, wondering what to say. Dismay and anger occupy his mind until you see her implied, sober down. He stepped aside, open hand, Zhang found a little note.

Above scribbled, apparently hasty And: “to XXXX street, if someone can answer this poem is that our group of people, can help you a favor,” the North when the need for beauty, ingenious and independent, a topple the men of the city, then topple the men of the country ‘. “

In an instant, a warm current attacked Awei “She will be tomorrow …, still planning for me.” Awei closed his eyes, tears were still flowing. (6)

At the early morning, Awei was waking up between people in fascinating.

“Get up! Get up!” Awei’s half-awaited is more excited.

“What do you do?” Awei asked.

“Accompanied by interested!”

Awei woke up and immediately turned his eyes to opposite. Cai Wei has been finished, standing there, elevating and beautiful. Two people with masks are holding a rope, ready to bundle her.

Cai Xi is calm, and the hands of your hands are debristed. After the rope is pulled in her neck, starting around the arms. Cai Wei only felt that the rope was deeply trapped in his arm, and it was already numb.

The rope continues in her hand. As the wrist is tied, the hands are hanged on the back, knotted, bundled completed. This is the death penalty, because the arms are tightly pulled up from the back, the breasts are tall in front of the chest, and it seems to wear the cheongsam.

Bundled her police la la r, feel satisfied, and pick up a mouthful.

Cai Xi opened his mouth and let the police put the mouth into the mouth, and fastened after the brain.

Then, another policeman also bundled her feet ankle and left a short rope in the middle to let her walk.

With the rude push, the pain of the arms, and the eyes around a few police officers, Cai’s thinking began to confuse.

Pleasure along the rope, mixed with a shame and sensuality, feel all over the whole body, sensuality of her lower body, she feels that her phenoli has been wet, the saliva flows out from the mouth of the mouth, becomes a detailed line.

She couldn’t help but start gently, but she only had a sound. She was pushed out of the cell and struggled while struggling, struggling just for better feelings.

When I came out of the detention center, although she was only a few hundred meters, she was full of sweating, and she felt that she seems to be climax.

“I am so sensual.” She is a bit embarrassed, and I think “I heard that many female criminals will be bundled with QJ by the police. This time it seems to be a bit regrettable, and even hope to send the police brutally torn away her stockings. Insert.

Awei and Cai Wei were taken up a middle car, and the car saved outside the suburbs and the speed was slow.

It seems to be a secret handle, so the accompanying police have not much, only 2 people in the car are guarding them, plus 2 people inside the cab, a total of 4 people.

Awei is sitting on one side with the police, sitting opposite another policeman. The five flowers were tied to Cai, who was opposite the police in the car, and the head could not see the expression. She could only see the car floor under her mouth, and have been wet by her saliva.

Awei can only see that the rope is deeply trapped in her arm, can’t see it, and her arm is also divided into one section. Since the bundle is too tight, the hands are completely purple.

Awei felt that he was erect, and even the hands were covered in the mask. At one another look, the two policemen who found that the escort were also the same. 3 people look at each other, and then turn around to turn the head.

During the embarrassment, the car suddenly broke. The 2 police officers who were escorted and found that the left front party was broken.

“TMD, it is evil door, special police special tires will also puncture.”

“It is reflected in the top, and the Yokohama, the small Japanese is not working, and it is necessary to use the endurance!”

When several police officers were discussing, they only listened to a few times, fell on the ground.

Several masked people ran out from the night and surrounded the car. One of them also kicked several police officers who were lying on the ground, seeing no response. “OK.” He nodded. So they opened the door of the carriage. Inside is a five-flowered Cai Xi and a handcuffed Awest.

See a few masks, two people panic. Since Cai Xi is bundled on the ground for a long time, the whole body is numb, I can’t move. She looked up at the mask, and her body turned to struggle, and what I said in his mouth.

A masked person whisper: “There is a good person in the north, peerless and independent, take care of the city, and take care of the country. Cai Jie is not afraid.”

When he heard him, Cai Xi was relaxed. Masked people unopened her bondage, her arms were numb quickly, on their arms, on the wrist, the rope scratches on the back neck, and red, and blood. Two arms and hands have been blueders because they have been bundled too long. A masked man gently helped her massage arm and another opened a giant handcuffs. “Awei, we can have a common difficulty, don’t pass this, don’t care!” Cai Wei said to Awei, she thought, said: “I still send you a few steps.”

The two walked away from the car, and Cai Xi did his hands because of numbness, or behind the back, itchy is itchy. I only listened to her whispered in his ear. “I know you want me, but unfortunately this time there is no chance, or I really want to think.”

Awei almost doubt something wrong, watching Cai Xi, who opposed his hands, seems to be bundled, he is hard again. He settled Baba: “After …”

“What do I find you? I want to know how you have passed.” She is worried about him.

Awe is in her ear, quietly said: “Go to H City XX District, there are our brothers on the street. Of course, the KB help also have its own secret: Loli has three good: Volume, soft Body, easy to push; Royal sister has three good: beer, take a shower, eat a straw. Say this, the brothers will take you to find me. “

“Your secret number …”

“… … Today, the weather is so good … Miss Cai, you also take care. If you are covered there because this matter, you must come to me.”

“Then I am not a self-investment network?” She is charming smiles “Ok, you have to be ready, let me go” “

When the Awe is full of thrilling, Cai Yan will leave.

Several masked people discoveried: “Several of the brothers who are responsible for the underground is what?”

“Anesthesios bomb, I woke up now. We will ring around for 1 hour, then collections.”


It is a successful inspiring from Awei and has passed for 10 days.

After returning to the KB, because he did not disclose a word, this 10 days is very relaxed. On the one hand, the right to help him take a good rest, on the other hand, the police to the KB help, rhythm It seems to be slow.

So Awei relaxed thoroughly, but it was only a chapped figure in the mind.

When he looked at the CD-smashing disc, he often can’t help to abuse the abused woman. Looking at Cai …, he looked at it. He found that he couldn’t stand it, it would be fire.

He walked into the Dungeon of the KB, which was detained in some KB to kidnapped, leaving the beautiful woman who continued to shoot.

He looked at him in a time, and finally saw a woman wearing OL uniform, so he did not hesitate to go in. The woman has been tied to have a period of time. For a variety of QJ, abuse has been seen, so she doesn’t have much reaction to the arrival of Awei.

Awei grabbed the rope, tied her five flowers, then hanging a rope from the beam, attached to the place that bundled a woman. He continued to pull the rope and hanged her, and then bundled her on her feet and pulled it on both sides.

So the woman is facing down, and the legs wearing a flesh stockings are separated, the size of 90 degrees. Awei adjusted the height, so that her body is just consistent with his lower body.

Although the woman has been bundled many times, such a fanatical bundle is the first time. She saw the firing of the bears and endless desires from the man in front of the man. Just who want to ask this man why you are so interested, the mouth has been stuffed into the masculine. Then, the whip took a lower, and he fell on her back and on the leg.

“Hey … 呜 …” Awei is very hard to put a woman, she hurts constantly struggling, twist. But she was hang in the air, and the twist is also helid. After a while, her OL uniform has already shown a typographic, and her flesh stockings are not a way.

The whip finally stopped, and the cossured was also taken. She has a deep breath.

Awei’s desire, continuous expansion in the abuse, after he stood behind the woman, will have a preliminary mask, to the vagina of the woman, and plug in.

“Ah … Yeah, force! Ah …” The woman is called by dry, and the prostitution is not stopped from the vagina.

“Cai Wei, I want to do you! Dry you!” Awei closed his eyes, as if it was inserted by himself, it is the kind of woman who knows at the detention center, so he is divided into force. “Ah … no … I am dying …” The woman has already climped twice, and the ausposis of Awei is constantly accelerating, like a tight bow string, and the thick semen is shot into a woman’s vagina.

After the climax, Awei opened his eyes, and the woman was still a beautiful woman, but it was too much more than Cai.

He put the woman down “” Give me a clean! “

The woman has been dried, listening to him, reluctant to kneel up, covered him with semen and obscenity mask, put it in the mouth fine sucking.

Awei closed his eyes and enjoyed a woman’s service, muttered: “Cai Wei …”

Not of it, it is best to end.


When Awe is the big exhibition, H City XX District – that is, Awei told Cai’s KB help, an prey that made KB helped a few younger brother excited.

Sharp, 168cm height, tall, tall, slender legs, charming eyes … Absolutely preferred!

The younger brother’s brother has seen the other two younger brothers, and then the metrics of this month have a goal !! Bonus !! “3 people with Cai, all the way.

Cai Wei has long seen three rookies who followed their own, and the heart was secretly laughed for their poor skills. So she slowly visited a secluded alley.

When I came to the alley, I was blocked before and after. Three thirties from different directions, surrounded by Cai Xi.

“Oh”? What is the three this do you have? Her voice mature, let three small rogue ear itchy.

“Beautiful women walk more loneliness, accompany our brothers.” Three people are very old.

“Is it? It depends on whether you have the ability. Smile.

“Ah, you can’t stand the bird! I want to do her too!” The three people rushed to the saliva …

After 30 seconds, the three people who were defeated looked at Cai, more fear. Three people together, actually being knocked down soon, the woman in front of him, is amazed to exceed their imagination.

Since it is not sure if the three people are members of the KB help, Cai Wei did not let them get. After defeating them, she continued to stand in their middle. “If you grab me, how do you plan to put me?” Beautiful and innocent smile, let the three hate tooth.

“Of course, you want to die!” One person drove courage to answer.

“Well – really honest. But why do you catch me? People say loli has three good people: the dice, soft, easy to push down, I am not loli, don’t I seem to be pushing down? Royal sister has three good: Beer, Take a bath, eat a teenage, but I don’t seem to like to eat a teenage! “In order to determine the identity of the three people, she introduced the topic to the KB helper.

“Ah! How do you know that this help number ?!” Three people were shocked.

“Well, it seems that I didn’t find a wrong person!” She thought. In the eyes, there is an idea, “this help? What is your help?”

“Top of the KB help that is not changed, the three people don’t change the name!” Three people are obviously proud.

“Then I know your secret, I can be my own, do you still catch me?” She is full of temptation.

“Ah … Since it is my own person, of course … don’t catch the three people very helpless” our month’s indicators and soup. “

“Oh, it is not necessarily. I am looking for the Awei for your help. You take me to see him. Since it is my own person, I will not let you be difficult.” She gave three people throw a glance. “You It’s just like a woman who caught him, just like a woman who is going to catch other, your indicators are no problem. “

“We have less books, don’t lie to us!” The three people were obviously not prepared to the pie.

Cai Xi walked over, picking up a parcel who fell down in the fight, opened a look, it is really kidnapping special tools such as rope, worship. She handed the parcel to three, and then back to her hands: “I have a bundle of hand,” the tied, the plug, don’t teach you, do you teach you? “

The three people took the package hesitation “Fight!” They overlap the hands of Cai’s hands parallel to the back, then the rope wrought around, and wrapped around the double millet around a few turns, and then wrapped around a few turns. Her full double milk is tiered into 8 fonts.

She tried to move my body, then smiled: “My Kung Fu you can know, you can tie, don’t let me run.” The three people have listened and rushed, and hurriedly returned the rope. Once, until it was pulled up.

Cai Yi and other three people tied themselves and said: “I am now your captive, I will go back? Also, my mouth does not blocked, I don’t know when I will shout.”

Three people sweat, put the mouth into her mouth, and use the rope to wrap around her waist, and hit a big knife in some, then wrap it back, and then bundle it. This big knot tightened with the rope, just embedded in her vaginal. Then, they took out a collar to her, and they were on her eyes and pulled her forward.

Cai Wei was tightly bundled, the rope between the legs continued to rub the vagina with the continuous friction, let her have soft. The water is constantly moving, and the upper is wet.

The eyes are also covered, like pets, like prisoners, are sent by three small rogue to unknown places. I thought that unknown situations and possible sexual abuse, she naturally struggled, and then found that they were tight.

“Now I really have to dispose, come to gang rape!” She silently said to the three people, then found the rope of the vaginal mouth, has been wet.


Three people took Cai Xi to the headquarters of the KB helper, unlocked her blossom cloth and mouth. “You are here, let’s go find Awei.”

“No, you usually catch women how to deal with me, how to deal with me, or how do you share?”

“That is the best, it is grievance you.” They gave Cai to a naked upper, the strong man holding a whip. “This is new, this woman came to the Awei, very hot, followed give it to you.”

Cai Xi looked at the role of the strong man, I want to come to a good hand of SM, can’t help but look forward to. Zhuanghan pulled her rope on her circle and pulled her into a tonna.

Cai Xi looks at this room, iron chain, palipsis, candle, Trojan, Criminal rack, etc. SM utensils, think about it, it is an excitement.

The strong man will go to the middle of the room and remove her colony, but do not give her loose. He put a rope of the iron ring in the top of the room, bundled with the rope wrapped around her wrist, and then pressed her head forward, after the height of his horman, will bypass the iron ring The rope is fixed.

In this way, Cai Wei was hanging in the middle of the house and his ass talled. Then, the strong man found a 2-end stick with 2 buckles, wearing her black stockings legs, and buckled in the buckle, so her legs could not be collected.

After the bundle is stopped, the strong man looks at your work is very satisfied. Then, he picked up a leather asked Cai: “Do you know the Awei? What do you want to do?”

“I will only tell him myself, I will not tell you.” She watched the strongman couldad.

The strong man was obviously anger by her attitude: “The woman in this room, finally squatting in front of me, no one dares to answer my question!”

“Then you can tell me, but I don’t say it, I have to see your ability.” She continued to stimulate the strong man: “But see the middle of your legs, this is not too big? Haha”

This is really angry this time. He took the clothes of Cai Wei slammed on both sides, and was bundled into 8 words in the two sides – she did not wear underwear! Then, the whip rain in the strong man fell on her body. Hands, legs, back, breasts … Every time they are played!

“Ah! … ah !! … …” Cai Wei squinted under the role of the whip, she became the best aphrodisiac, and the meat sticks of the strong man roofed, waving the whip For power!

After a few minutes, her breast left a light red whip mark, and the black stockings were also whipped to have a mouthful of mouth, and the clothes that were messy by the strong man were pitiful, but they were very obscene. Amazing is more interested in the interesteness of Zhuanghan.

Strong Han took a candle, then pulled out her clothes, revealing round back shoulders. So, the wax of the candle is dropped on her shoulder. Every drop of wax will make Cai Xi shake. Seeing her look, Zhuanghan stopped the wax: “How, a little woman, now I will tell me now?” Cai Xi stopped breathing, lifting his head and smiling, although the sound is not big, but the smile As always: “Do you have this means?”

The strong man is anger, and 2 pieces of her black stockings, put the candle in the rope of her chest, pick up a harder whip, facing all the places that are exposed to her, do not stop.

“Ah … can you focus again? Soft eggs! … ah !! … Continue … Ah …” Cai Yizhen, teasing, chest’s candles out of the wax, have accumulated in her breasts A thick layer, the clothes have been broken by the whip, and the black stockings have become a few wrapping windows around the legs, all the places that expose the skin, are whipping.

She gasped while feeling the desire to grow in her body. She feels that her vagina is constantly flowing out of prostitution.

“I can’t hold it, I want to be qj” she thinks, “I want to wait for A Wensra, now this strong man can …”

She saw the strong man picked up 1 electric mask, so she yell. “Wait!”

Strong Han haha ​​lauga “You finally can’t stand it? My little beauty?”

“Hey! Is there a reason for this reason? What is a man who uses fake?”

“Oh? I can’t help it. I didn’t expect you to be so sensual!” Zhuanghan was very surprised, and immediately took off his trousers. Cai Xi saw his black big stick, and his heart itching. So she constantly twisted the body and relieves her desire to be inserted.

Strongly saw her appearance, have already had a bamboo. He walked to Cai Xi, the big rod is facing her cherry, but it is not inserted. “Do you want it? Please insert it! Haha”

Cai Wei moved to his meat stick, because of the hanging tied, the activity distance is limited, or not enough. She knows that the strong man is taking her, but she has a way. “It’s because it is too little confidence, huh, huh …” Her voice is very weak, but it is effective to irritate the big man.

He pinching her mouth and pulling the meat stick in. On the other hand, I pinch her double milk with my hand.

Cai Yan slippered the meat stick in the strong man, using the sexy lips and below the lips, and the tongue added to the glans and the scrotum. Her carvature of her blowjob will soon make the strong swing.

He pulled down the coagulated wax on the Cai breast, and pushed it in her mouth. Cai Xi shouted because of the pain of breast pain, because the mouth contained the meat stick in the mouth, became “…!” Sound.

“Hey … …” Cai’s whimper with the meat stick in the mouth and entered the voice of “哧 哧, 哧 哧”, let Zhuang Han cool to the extreme.

The throduction of the strong man is getting faster and faster, and finally he shouted, shooting a few times in her mouth, pulling it out again, and shot all the remaining semen on her face.

I saw Cai’s mouth, my face, all the semen, my face also satisfied the expression, breasts, shoulders and legs were traces of the wax, with the full body whip, rope, it seems that the sensuality is incomparable .

Strong Han only feels that he seems to be hard, it is going to think about another penalty, and suddenly heard that someone said “Yes.”


When the strong man turned, Awei stood at the door, and there was a brother holding DV. The sexual abuse of the strong man is investment, I don’t know how long they come in.

The good thing in the strong man is interrupted, plus Awei is also a small head, so he has to retreat to one side, but he is very unwilling. He looked at Cai Xi, which was hated, I thought I didn’t know when I had a chance to abuse this woman, she was really enough.

When I heard that there was a beautiful woman looking for him, the heart jumping suddenly accelerated. Is it Cai? He is almost the way to come to the tuning room of the strongman. When he arrived, the whipping of the strongman was going on.

Although the Awei’s heart has always been a man who is surprised by Cai, I have had a disturbance of her life, but when he saw this hot scene, he was buried in his heart by himself, as if ignited it.

Every time the strong man whipped, Cai Xi’s shouting made this fire of the fire. He found a younger brother, let him take this abuse process to take a DV, and plan to bring it back to the collection.

He walked to Cai Xi, which was hang, and his mood was very contradictory. She came to him, he saw this look, it felt very distressed; but, it was also to see her look, his desire is also torture himself. He is hesitating, do you want to unlock her? “You … come?” Awei didn’t know what to say.

Cai Xi looked at the face of the contradiction and his face and his standright, guess his ideas. The desire to abuse makes her decided to guide his ideas. “I was tied, now is your prisoner.

If you have any questions, let me torture, but I don’t necessarily answer you. Her voice is full of obscene colors. “I really have to be disposed now, don’t be soft. Do you have to take me up?”

When you hear this, he hesitated. Awei picked up some clips and clipped her nipples and breasts that had already protracted.

“Ah …” Cai Wei snorted and felt new stimulus. She also moved his body and looked like a weak struggle.

Awei took a rattan, and the double millet of the clip of Cai Wei was smoked.

“Ah !! … ah!” It seems to be a whipped whipped with Awei, and Cai will start struggle and screaming loudly. Sure enough, the woman’s symbolic resistance, helping the man’s prestige.

Awei’s rattan is like a poisonous snake, and the clip on her breast has been all flooded. The plump double breasts are full of whipping.

Awei played a while, but I still feel addicted, so I walked behind her, pulled up the left and right below her skirt, before the whipped Ol sleeve skirt, was pulled down by Awei, revealing the garter with black stockings . Awei is a heartbeat, and then look at – Cai Yan did not wear underwear, and the vaginal mouth has long been obscenity.

“See it?” Cai Wei breathed, while asked “My captive is also for your convenience, don’t you let me down?”

At her constant teasing, Awei is full of abuse desires. He screamed with a strong man who was the same as a column, launched the whip and whipped Cai.

Awei and Zhuanghan have used the whip crazy to pull Cai, 2 men determined to let her surrender. “Hey !!” “Hey !!!”

“Ah !! … 呜! … ah, ah … oh …” Cai Xi squuggted in this no gap whipped in the body, whispered. Pain and pleasure have made her collapse, she didn’t know if she was struggling, still caught.

Snapped! Snapped! …… A few whip, 2 men stopped. A Weiyi pulled the hair of Cai, pair her face to himself. On the perfect face of Cai, there is also traces of semen and sweat. The saliva is no longer controlled, and there is a straight line.

“What, Miss Cai?” Asked with Anti.

“Has you call … You don’t want this way? … call … What are you waiting for? People are tied … do it.” Cai Wei, the desire to be inserted is strong than any time.

Due to being hanging, the feet are also fixed separately, and the posture of Caijing at this time is to be prepared for insertion. Awei heard her words, throwing away whip, walked behind her, put his own painful mask, inserted the little hole that made his soul.

Cai Wei has been a few times, and it is very moist in the vagina. Awe’s meat stick plugged in, he felt that Cai’s vagina was tightly enacted his own meat stick, and every piece of thrust made him cool. So he sprint.

“Ah! Ah! …… 呜 …” Cai Yan called, enjoy the adultery of Awei. Her suspension, let the meat sticks in the strong man are tall. The strong man went to her, and put a O-shaped plug to Cai Yu.

Strong people stay in her mouth and saliva, immediately unstoppable flow. Because wearing an O-shaped plug, the strong man is very convenient to insert the meat stick into her mouth.

“Hey … …!!” The sound of her blankness became a vague whimper. The front and rear clamping of the Awei and Zhuanghan makes her brain a blank, only the thrill is flooded.

Exquisite and high high-end female police officers, they were bundled with 2 small hooligans, and they were died, and ruthless ropes were tightly bound, and they could not use the action to meet the flesh. Such a feeling, plus shame and sensuality, let Cai arrived at the peak.

Awei quickly shot, the semen brought the temple of Cai Xi, she only felt that the hot flow of it was burned. At the same time, the strong man also shot all the semen to her mouth, she even felt that there were many semen that had already arrived in the stomach. The taste of a smell is brought to her humiliation and alternative pleasure. At the end of the war, 2 men were taken on the side, they all consumed too much physical strength. Finally, someone moved, breaking the silence in the house.

Take DV’s younger brother, I have already been sexually abused, stimulating to keep back. But when he saw Cai Xi low, the semen slowly flowed from her mouth and the vaginal mouth, the mask could not help but start hard.

Cai Xi looked up and saw the appearance of the younger brother, so he turned to him, and he lowered the semen of the strongman. The younger brother couldn’t stand her inducement, walked over, without any preparation, insert the meat stick into the vagina that she was still flowing. His throduction quickly made Cai’s climax again.

“Hey! … ah …” her voice is unclear. The younger brother did the rise, and she went down her mouth and sprint in her body.

“Ah !! !! … hurry … Don’t … Continue … Don’t stop … ah! Fuck! … Fast …” Cai Wei, who took the squat, said that he had no words, full Enjoy a gang rape. Soon, the body of the younger brother shook, hot semen shot into Cai’s honey point.

As a result, only 3 men were not breathed, and the woman’s suspended groa was constantly upset.


Awe is already the next day, the excessive strenuous exercise before the day, made him very tired. After opening your eyes, I wanted to go to the room to visit Cai. When I thought, Cai Wei had pushed the door.

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum Resting Cai Hui recovered the amazing beauty, temporary clothes from KB to help, it is very appropriate – she is born is a hanger. Cai Xi is sitting on the bed and Awei, and the wrist is also revealed.

Seeing the Prinse of the wrist, she smiled and rolled the sleeve, and the arm can also see a red trace. “This is what you gave me, you can really worry!”

“I am really sorry … How do you get the KB helping?” Awei remembered that she was abused yesterday, and the heart was also seven on the top eight, afraid she remembered.

“Don’t tell you, how can you talk to people like this?” Her smile, let Al Wei have heart.

“Don’t make trouble, is your group something? Otherwise, how can we catch you?” He fell.

“I am from the network, so they caught me. So, I am caught, not your captive.” Her answer made him a little frustrated. She saw his look and smiled: “If you caught me, then I will dispose of you, you can use it torture me.”

“Penalty, disposal …”, these words appeared, Awei can’t help but think of yesterday, in the aftertaste, the small tent has been supported below. He got up to connect Yesterday’s DV, so the hot scene is now in front of it.

Cai Xi saw himself in the screen, every rope was tight, and the body was a trace of whipping. The man’s meat stick is simultaneously in the vagina and mouth, and the corner of the mouth is also exiting the semen. The sound of the sound is unpredictable, and the face is forgetting me to meet the expression … I can’t help but blush.

The film continues, the front and rear men ejaculate, the close-up of the vagina, the white semen slowly flows out; go to the face, she is abnormally fascinating and obscene.

The film saw 2 people sprouting. Awei stretched her, but she was kicked in bed by one foot.

“I said, unless you can catch me, you can let you dispose.” She said charming.

Awei looks, there is no tool in the room. When you are depressed, I saw her throwing a handcuffs. Awei took a hand to catch her, but he has been hiding by her dexterity. Two people chased in the room, the spring was boundless.

Cai Xi looked at the fire, and Awei had a bit no patience, so I stopped. A Weiyi, I didn’t know what to do.

She will carry her hands behind: “Picture, fool! Then I will go to trial” “

Awei is no longer hesitant, he will hear her, and she walked to the neighborhood …

Over the next few days of “torture”, the Cai Zi Wei that go back, immediately withdrew all rights group, also said she was a traitor to the group, to deal with her. Because she usually turned down a lot of erotic group, so no one to help her. Desperate to help her only to seek refuge KB Ah Wei. Every torture, Cai Wei Zi regarded tied up in various ways, but every time she had just tied up, Wei excitement was not, then did not spend every other ill-treatment to put the gun launched , destroy Huanglong.

No matter what clothes to wear, what gesture was tied intercourse, Cai Zi are with him, but she was very fond of his small earrings and a chic pair of black high heels, she was required Wei try to make them wearing battered.

Of course, gold is always shiny. A few days, the whole KB to help people know, Ah Wei surrounded by a unimaginable beauty.


After the excitement of the past few days, Wei began to think about the placement Cai Zi. He helped in KB status is not high, not arranged for her job, and can not let her go out with their own “hooking up” for the KB help find the target, let alone her as sex slaves, then go filming.

When it is thinking very hard, come a little brother “Ah Wei, the boss came back, to see Miss Choi.”

Cai Zi Yan name spread far and wide in KB to help, to help the boss after KB KB Lang back, listened to reports of men, Cai Zi played a strong curiosity.

Wei listened, had to Cai Zi “the boss wants to see you, do not know what he wants.” Brother to do long-term experience, making for KB Wei Lang is very afraid.

In his recollection, KB to help the boss is not only a master of sexual abuse, is also a very human means and forces. KB long-term help in the sex industry and done fast enough to explain the energy KB Lang.

SM chosen this starting point, he proved his hobby for abused women.

“Since I can not see, then let’s go.” She was very calm. She had learned mettle KB Lang, for the meeting, not only was not afraid, but very much looking forward. Although she is now in the past, only to become his prey, but she knew that one day, the hunter becomes the prey.

“We deal with a woman, but very powerful boss of the gang’s all women are afraid of him. Well ……” Wei explained scary KB preoccupied to Lang Cai Zi, then picked up the rope.

“It’s not going to see your boss what? You have to tie me to do?”

“Our boss’s rules, all to see his woman must have been tied up. And to be critical, we tie the loose will be punished.” Wei explained, while the rope to her wound.

And often bundled with different obediently before, Cai Zi the body of the rope shake down. “We just go, what could count on my head.” Cai Zi finished, come along to inform the younger brother went out. A strange, afraid of Wei reluctantly with out.

KB Lang sat behind his big desk, although have been to countless women, but due to the help of the rumors, making him for Cai Zi, there are still a bit of curiosity. Are imagining, I heard the door came the sound of a dispute. Followed by “pop!” “Oh!” And other fighting and shouting.

He frowned, just to be angry, the door has been pushed open. Indoor two personal bodyguards, also leaned over to KB Lang.

KB Lang filled with anger, actually it was in his first fight outside, then that someone broke into his own room, at the door of the two brother actually did not stop.

Close runaway KB Lang stared at the door, and then he stared, stunned look no style boss.

From the doorway of a woman every move reveals incomparable charm and style, long eyelashes, soft hair, perfect face, straight and slender legs wearing black mesh stockings, tall peaks …… boasted reading countless women KB Lang, both have not seen such a pure and lovely woman.

Cai Zi saw three men in the room looked at himself stunned, could not help but smile Puchi. This will be KB Lang and bodyguards back to reality. “You are Miss Cai?” Replied the boss demeanor KB Lang, there is a bit of momentum.


“Just now the door is how is it? Miss Choi did not know, Do you not know the rules yet?!” KB Lang turned to the younger brother with Cai Zi Wei and terrified. Under the plot Wei, Wei brother and teeth chattering, afraid to answer.

“The rule I know, I don’t blame them. The younger brother you don’t want to come in because I didn’t be tied, I had to come in.” Cai Yu took his words. “Miss Cai, you come to Awei, it is a guest of this help. But as the boss here, I broke the rules.” When KB Lang talking to her, there was a lot of soft, her short time. Two younger brothers at the door, deepened KB Lang’s curiosity to her.

“I heard that you like SM very much, especially like to bundle, so I think, can not let other men grabbed you the first time, huh, huh, her voice and the same sexy, and her answer, she The active strategy makes her a difference between KB Lang Xin.

Cai Xi has successfully made KB Lang has a strong interest in himself. She decided to continue to grasp the initiative. “And I heard that the man in the KB will fight, so I am very curious, the boss here will not be more than the younger. What is the difference? “She like a bullfighting, attracting the attention of the cattle, let the cattle angry.

Face, you must never lose your face. Regardless of the low status, how much money is rich, all men are like this. I heard the beauty in front of the beauty, KB Lang has long been could not stand. He stood up and took a rope next to a bodyguard, went to Cai.

She will back her hands back, waiting for KB Lang’s bundle. In the few days of the KB, she was tied to the Muwei, the straight arm … so she is also a few more expensive for KB Lang, I don’t know if there is any new trick.

KB Lang holds the rope, and strictly looked at the beauty in front of him, he is thinking about how to show his rope art. Finally, he was determined to start with a rope.

The bundle is complete, and the choice of KB Lang is not fresh, and the traditional Japanese style is bundled, and a stock rope is also made with a separate rope. Then, the rope bundles a few in her ankles, thighs, calf knees and other places, and bundles her with a spurting legs together.

Cai Xi is very strange. The bundle of KB Lang does not take it. It seems to be able to make her struggle, see the hope of getting up, but no matter how it can not open, it is like a cat caught the mouse, let the mouse escape The opportunity is always caught by a cat.

After the binding is completed, she has a sense of convinced, and this man captives himself with ordinary bundles.

After KB Lang tied to Cai, returned to the seat, raised the rope connected to the strand, and the strand embedded in the middle of Cai’s labia, and she quickly made her a desire.

With the KB Lang heavy one, the rope between the laborary is tight, she is “ah!”, So that ordinary torture, there is a strong abuse wish. She is like a real prisoner, squatting, kneeling KB Lang, waiting for his next step.

KB Lang looked at the beauty in front of him, and the passion of SM had already made his sweat vertical. But go straight to the theme, there is a lost boss.

He thought, there was an idea. “Miss Cai, you come to the Awei, indicating that your trust in this help, we are honored. However, you have to see that Awei is very difficult. He has no ability to place it in the help.” Side, while pulling the hands Rope in the rope.

“Ah …” Cai Wei relieved the pleasure from the lower body, “I have known Awest, but it is also arrested by your younger brother … I am now the captive of your KB, ah … now Tied into this, with … What do you do … I can’t resist … “

She is charming a few men in the house. KB Lang no longer pulling the rope, looking forward to ask: “The woman we here, can be the AV of the film, Miss Cai’s national color Tianxiang, do this too Is it committed? “

Cai Wei wiped a few times, looked up and looked at him. “You don’t install it. I am doing now. You are starting to shoot now, I can’t do it. I don’t have a few things, I am not like pity and jade. People. “

“Haha, refreshing! I like it!” KB Lang Zhiyi “You don’t let go of the beauty, I will never let go! I must take a SM movie I have collected by you! But you can rest assured, I will not Let this film out, good things, I want to stay! “

“What are you waiting for? Let’s take your hand! I have been tied here” “” Cai Xi smiled.

“Miss Cai is not a general woman, can you so casually? You can choose a plot, we have the props here!”


“We have flight sisters, nurses, female officers, female man, ol, policewoman, female criminal, student … all kinds of female abused plots are available, and various uniforms should also be all right. How is Miss Cai coming to uniforms? “KB Lang as the leader of KB help, for its products such as several families. “… Can you take me to see the uniform?” Cai Wei couldn’t help but laugh.

“Of course, you can let our brothers relax before,” KB Lang turned and went to the house “Do not do her, you solve it, then take her to choose clothes, see me.” go out.

Several people have long been tolerated, so they have begun to calm down on the bundle of squatting on the ground. Looking at them hard, Cai Yan is smiling: “Let me wait for you, you can only say that you can’t do it, don’t say it.”

She tried to turn, moved to a bodyguard, Zhang Dou hit his big mask into it …

After a few minutes, the face is a semen, and there is also a semen from the corner of the sperm. After a few men, they walked to another room.


About half an hour later, Cai Hui returned to the KB Lang’s room, and the clothes did not change KB Lang looked at Cai Xi, who was unwocked, could not help but angry. “Miss Cai really doesn’t know? Then I have to use it!”

“Help the Lord misunderstood, I have already selected clothes, just some details hope to talk to you.” Cai Xi replied. “I chose clothes, in Avili them, they are outside.”

“Awei, come in!” KB Lang shouted.

Awei and another few younger brother, came in, showing a set of women’s police uniforms with a short skirt to KB Lang.

“I chose the policewoman uniform, so I want to ask the help of the Lord, how is this plot?” Cai Wei smiled.

“Police alarm? It’s good.

“Then I have 2 requirements: First, all plots must be true. Waiting for your people to catch me, it will be like really caught a policewoman. I will try my best.

If you can’t catch this woman, you can’t shoot it, you can’t do it. “Cai Xi is talking about the face of people who are dissatisfied with men and even angry.

“Of course, if I was caught by you, I will follow you. You have grasped a policewoman, you have to use punishment.

Men think that her proposal is very exciting, and the honor of the big man is born. KB Lang also is very confident to her strength, so I promised “Good! Is there a requirement?”

“If you grab me, the one who bundles me must be a help.” Cai Yan looked at KB Lang, and said, “If you want you to rape me, the first one must be a help master.”

The second condition has undoubtedly passed.

“That finds a place to change clothes.” Cai Xi took the policewoman uniform, and the crowd said: “You have to prepare tools.” “

KB Lang opened a door next to it “This is a housing, you go in.”

Cai Xi went in and changed the uniform of the policewoman.

Take a look at the mirror, it is the unfolded police officer. She deliberately chooses the uniform of a policewoman, which is to completely relax, better.

The policewoman was taken by the gangsters and suffered from the gangsters, this is a wish before her, and now I can achieve it in the KB. The policewoman in the mirror, the uniforms fit, and her temperament highlights. The short skirt of the lower body is only above the knee, which is not effective at all.

A pair of sexy black tube stockings and high heels, but also to prevent the captured policewoman to better arouse the desire of men.

Cai Wei dialed the earrings that have been wearing the ears, high heels also combined with their hands and tapped on the ground, and the lips were silent, as if they were thinking.

I finally stopped the action, I took a deep breath “Yes, I want to start.” She said silently.

Then she pushed the door and went out, and several men who were straightforward again, the lower body also made a few men: “Let’s start.”


There is no one in the room in KB Lang, calmly demon.

The door was gently pushed, and a sexy female police came in. She walked to the KB Lang’s desk, looking for something. Suddenly, she touched the agency on the table and the alarm sounded.

The policewoman was shocked, and I quickly ran out in the house and wanted to return. After going out, I found that several KB helpers have already rushed.

There is no way to walk, they have to start fighting with the younger brothers. Although it is a person, it is not suitable for fighting, but she still does not fall. There have been several younger brothers being knocked down, and a few people rushed to surround her.

KB Lang looked at Cai Xi, who was fighting, although this is the plot of his arrangement, but Cai Yan’s outstanding performance, making KB Lang really joined, he felt his hand in a siege woman, with him The same plot is completely different, let himself think that she is a “policewoman”.

It is possible to take such a “policewoman” and bundle it.

Looking at her kicking legs, the curve of the black stockings outline is very sexy, KB Lang can’t wait. He was anxious to tell the younger brother.

In addition to being responsible for the younger brother, no one will use the current situation as a play.

Cai Xi has continuously cope with more and more younger brothers, and their shots are also different from half a half-half holiday.

Cai Wei knows that he can’t support it, although it is a plot that is scheduled, this is a true process, which has made her completely immersed it.

It seems that he is really like a plot, and then the KB helps investigate and then discovered that it is now besieged.

Once you are caught, wait for yourself will be a brutal bundle and endless abuse.

Think of the bundle and abuse, Cai Wei is almost intended to be horses, let these men captive themselves. She saw that Awei rushed up, so I just gave him a smooth person.

She fondted to the Awe, and she was shot and slow. It was easy to capture the arm behind the arm. After she played his body, she was also easily twisted.

2 men pressed her shoulders in one hand, and the other handed her arm twisted behind her, she was firmly left. Then, one man played a foot at her knee, she fell to the ground.

Finally caught it. This is the heart of everyone in the field.

I saw the KB Lang holding the rope and came up. I was reversed by my hands on the ground, captured humiliation and the bundled expectations intertwined in her heart. She symbolizes, showing an unyielding expression like a really captive.

KB Lang has been tied to many women, but this time it is bundled with Cai, but it is extraordinary. Everyone will cherish everything is not easy to wait.

Unlike the first bundled Cai Wei, this KB Lang uses the traditional five flowers. The lock shoulder, the rope is crossing the chest cross, each entanglement is divided into force until the rope is in the meat.

After the bundle is completed, the hands of Cai’s hands are in the back, and the arm is generally divided into a section. She earned it, the rope tightly tightened, smashed, it was the effect of her own.

She felt that she was weak, but her lower body was constantly fever. She gently gasped, groaning, enjoying the identity of his captive.

KB Lang succeeds his impulse, giving Cai Wei on a white web plug, and then told the younger brother “to go to my sentence!”

Several people were put on the KB Lang’s House. KB Lang refers to a triangular trumber in the room.

They bundled a rope that was hanging under the girder of the room. Then, the two people took force to pull the other end of the rope, and Cai Yan was hanging.

They opened her legs and sat in the triangle, which relaxed her rope, and then fixed in some place. Because the legs did not land, the whole body weight was concentrated in the Yulin of Cai, and the tip of the Trojan was immediately embedded in her honey.

In addition, the two younger brothers folded a pair of beautiful legs in black stockings, bundled together, then pulled the restrained belt on both sides of the Trojan. They pressed a unit, 2 with high rubber rods from the Trojans, inserted her hg and urethritis.

When they toss, Cai Wei has already happened.

The strict bundle made her moved, and the 2 he had a deep urethra and friction in a sensitive meat, and the love liquid gradually came out. She continued to pass the slutty. “Hey”, stimulating the nerves of men in the house. The salvation is not broken from the hole of the worm, plus the lower body love liquid, the back of the Trojans is already wet. “I didn’t expect Cai police officials so lascivious.” KB Lang took the whip “” only, it is wet, it seems that it is can’t wait? “

“Hey” “she twisted her body, which is waiting, and in the invitation.

The first whip fell on the thigh of Cai, and the black stockings immediately appeared a mouth. “Hey !! …” she painfully breathed.

“Sure enough!” KB Lang is interested, every time you put it! The leather rpse on the chest, the arm, the thigh … Her body is not wrapped out.

“Hey! … 呜! …” Cai Xi twisted the body that was hailed, and squatted with KB Lang’s whip. Her black stockings have been played full of mouth, exposed thighs and arms are dark red whip. The honey solution of saliva, sweat and lower body, flows along the Trojan.

The whip is a paragraph, and Cai Xizhen is weak. KB Lang pulled her hair, put her face, “Hey, Cai police officials must feel very comfortable?” Said that he won her squat, “If you know the words, you will master your police. The intelligence tells me. “

“Ah … 呸!” She breathed, and then spit it to KB Lang.

KB Lang is anger, picking up a knife, drawing a few knives in her policewoman uniform, then hard to break the uniform to break down. Under the tattered police uniform, there is a tempting body and a plump breast, let KB glow in a water. He picked up a few sawtooth clips and clipped on her breast.

Then KB Lang took the candle and started the wax.

“Ah! … ah …” Cai’s nipple, breast, thigh, arm, back … a drop of red wax. She is prisoned when they were sentenced to a few men who had already made a fire in the house.

After a while, she is covered with solidified wax. Seeing KB Lang stopped, she was half-eyed in his eyes “” Is it finished? The help of the Helper is almost like the younger brother … You don’t want to 躏 蹂? “

“Don’t worry, there is you behind you!” KB Lang dedicated a few men in the house gathered together “Her wax all!” Said that the clip on the breast is a whip.

“Hey! Hey !! Hey! …” whipped almost no gap.

“Ah !! … ah! …… Well! … ah! …” Cai Wei crazy in a few men, whipped loudly, violent struggles, enjoy the pleasure of being abused. And the rubber stick in the honey hole and the urethra, and she had already interpolated her climax.

“Ah! … can you die? … ah! … Continue …” She was smoked through the boss, the double peak print is full of whip, still in the man who is stimulating

The whip stopped again, KB Lang once again pulled her hair “how,? Is it?

“Seek for mercy? … Oh … You are too disappointed … don’t stop …” She deliberately looked at KB Lang, the sensual words continued to pull the desire of men.

“Ok, then let you taste something else.” KB Lang poured a lot of salt in a bucket of water, stirring a while. Then pick water and splaish to Cai.

“Ah !!” She screamed loudly. The whole body’s whip is unparalleled under the stimulation of saline.

KB Lang grabbed Cai’s hair, pulled her to raise her head, Cai Xi closed his eyes, pale pale, Zhang Xiao mouth, did not stop gasping, seeing the strength of talking.

“Hey, this is it?”

“Ah …” She answered her weakly “I still won’t say it … that … then what to tell me?”

“Waiting for you will let you ask me!” KB Lang said that the younger brother unlocked the restrained belt of fixed Cai’s legs, and took a rope at her ankle. When they pulled Cai’s horses, they found that the rubber sticks and Trojans on the wood were covered with Cai’s honey solution.

They also wrap the rope at the ankle and fixed the roof beam. Cai Yan hangs up, like laying on the ground, the legs M-shaped open, there is a honey liquid flowing out in honey points.

KB Lang also brought a bottle of aphrodisiac, and I fled her mouth. Then KB Lang put the two clauses with wires on the nipple of Cai, and took the switch to sway in front of Cai. “I will let you ask me.” He repeated. Then he opened the switch, and a wave of current began to attack Cai.

“Ah, ah !!!!!” Cai Xi’s loud kinky, showing messy, and the entire body is stressful. With the intermittent switch current, she has a climax several times. The eyes are also somewhat, and the body is full of desires.

“Square goods, cool? I didn’t expect you to be so sensual.” KB Lang deliberately stimulated her words.

“I am a lascivious policewoman … Come … Are you like a bundle of rape alert? ……” The last wink of Cai also served the desire. “Dry me … see how much you have …”

I have already inserted a honey hole that Cai Yong has already disasterly disasterly inserted into the honey that Cai Yong has already disaster. One plugged in, then starting crazy thrust.

“Ah !! … ah !! … Oh! ……” Cai Wei’s pumping in KB Lang, unprecedented pleasure from the lower body, double milk, etc. Want to die.

“Ah! … hard! … fuck … fuck me! …” She looked loudly, there was no time, and the voice was delicate.

“It’s too cool!” KB Lang accelerates the speed.

“Ah !!” She is a lot, and the whole body is trembled.

KB Lang retired, 2 younger brother can’t wait to fly, 2 and meat sticks into the mouth and honey points of Cai Wei.

“Hey! …! …” Before and after the clip, Cai Wei can only make a bit of choke, she already unknown in the climax, unknown how many times. “Hey !!! … !!! … !!! …” Her groceine is more sensual, and 2 men will shoot quickly.

Next, two men fill the gap, and they immediately insert the meat stick immediately.

“It’s too cool! This woman really TM is enough!” The men didn’t shoot it.

After 2, it is 2 … The unique conquest of the bundle of rape policewoman feels crazy, and Cai’s body seems to be a perfect sexual play, charming, and the striped is soft. Many people do it. Cai Wei can’t stand up until you don’t stand up.

In 2 hours, Cai Wei is completely lost in the pleasure, she keeps inserted, the waves of themselves, many of the brothers, let her completely fall into sensual carnival.

When she was put down to unlock the rope, the garrison was full of semen in the female police uniform that was torn into the cloth. She didn’t know how many semen, the mouth and the vaginal mouth were still flowing out, and the double milk was also filled with traces.

DV is over, it seems that all participating people are very satisfied.

“Such a cool woman, it’s a pity. Labor and capital will still be cool a few times … but it is necessary to change the day …” KB Lang has been soft, ready to go back to make up, rest. Turned to see Cai Xi lying on the ground, the wrist arm, the wrist arm, and the pin of the rope.

“You have to go now, I will run. I … but the elite police.” Cai Xi’s weak voice is full.

So he hang together with the hands of Cai Xi, only the feet reluctantly.

Cai Yan was tightly brought by the rope. Her pair of jade legs were tightly tied from the bottom of the rope, and the part of the two legs was tightened, so that Cai Wei became “” 1 “The shape is hanging there.

After the hang, he took a breath. “Laozi is really going to rest, exhausted.” He thought.

Just opened a step, suddenly there was a younger brother to hurry to come in “Boss !! We were surrounded by the brigade !!”


“What ?! They come so clever!” KB Lang was shocked.

I have always been in your way, and even the leadership of the help know when you will come here. I didn’t expect this time, I was blocked by the police.

Worse, because I have used too much strength to be used in Cai, he even fled. The soft-legged KB Lang and participated in the big film, the same legs have a soft helper, and it is easy to be taken away by the police. KB helps all the army, the police won the whole victory.

“Everyone carefully searches, the woman here may be kidnapped, to save it!” The old Chen took the lead in the mission, but he has been remembering Cai Wei.

He hurriedly searched the KB to help the people’s rooms, and finally found the Hang Cai in the housing of the KB Lang’s room.

I saw her hands were hanged in the top, and the whole body weight was concentrated in the foot tip and wrist.

A few tattered cloth strips, all body are traces such as semen, whipping. Lao Chen only felt a hidden desire to expand, and the hand of gun was excited to shake slightly.

He doesn’t know what to do. According to the responsibilities, of course, she immediately solves her; but she actually doesn’t want to do so, but I want to continue to abuse her.

During the struggle, there are several police officers. Old Chen hurriedly put the door of the sentence.

“Cough, you can search, everyone has worked hard, the team!” Seeing a few police officers did not pay attention to this 房, his heart is ecstatic. “You will go first, I check it carefully, see if there will be anything.”

A few minutes later, a large number of policemen took the KB help members, and some of the kidnapped beauty in the KB helped them were saved. With the big ticket police car whistling, the KB helpers only have a silence.

Strange, why didn’t you have a police to save yourself? After the noisy, the silence and the forgotten feel, making Cai Xi a little worried about his situation.

In the silence, the door of the execution room was pushed away. Cai Xi, was looked up to the door, but found that someone used the glare flashlight to take her eyes in the door, which made her dizziness. I haven’t waited for vision recovery, I heard the people in my ear, I came to myself, then, my eyes were blinded.

After the people were blind, they stopped their actions. Cai Yan heard his excited breathing, and felt a little familiar, recalling the rhythm of the first pace, and the previous police dialogue, she fell into practice.

She guessed who is coming.

The man stands for a while and finally can’t stand it. His hands began strokes in Cai’s almost naked body, non-shaking and rushing breathing, showing the excitement and nervousness of the person.

With the constant touch, the hands of the hand gradually becomes more stable, and it is very skilled. They have begun to constantly fall in her breasts, the lower body, etc., and still stroke on a pair of thighs. With the continuous stimulation of both hands, Cai’s body has gradually reacted. She gently twisted her body and gently groaned, responded.

Touching suddenly stopped. The man seems to take a thing.

“Hey!” Suddenly, a whip is on Cai Xizhuang.

“Ah!” She hurts out. The traces whipped before, the new whip started, and the whip fell on the old whip, brought double pain.

“Ah !! … ah !! …” Cai Yi called, violent struggle, trying to avoid whip, but she is bundled, but is the most whipped posture. Her struggle, which fierce the interest of the whipping. So the fall of the whip is more obscene.

Cai Wei feels that the whipping of the person is not as stimulating like a general SM. He many whips have fallen on her, and he seems to be really painful. “This person is a master of punishment, this is not sexually abuse, is a true torture.” She thought.

Continuous whipping, bringing pain, more stubbing the potential of Cai Xi. She called her whisper, catering the person whipping.



“Hey! Hey!”

“Ah, ah …”

More whipping, more struggles and waves. Cai Wei only felt that the lower body was hot, and the prostitute was flowed out, but she was a climax.

The whip is finally stopped, and that person will put her down. Cai Wei knows that he has not endured, and he can’t stand it, it is urgent to insert it.

The man stopped again, just standing in front of her, seems to be the final struggle.

“What are you waiting for? You tie me here flogged for so long, not that you want to rape me?” She said with a smile Mei, “Do not you worry about is the size too small?” “Since you are so bitchy, I ll give you …… “Cai Zi man single-handedly lifted his legs tied together twisted to one side, he took off his pants toward her Mixue striking force.

The man’s cock about to be inserted into the lubricating Cai Zi had very deep Mixue, the kind with a warm feeling of being tightly clamped body temperature, so that people feel very comfortable, so he vigorously Choucha NS.

“Ah! …… ah ……” Cai Zi with the pace of the quivering body, legs tied together, kept rubbing flexion, hands tied together constantly fist, separately.

“Ah! Ah …… …… …… hard,” she Yinjiao forward.

“Haha! I finally did to you!” The man proud smile, twitched the hot semen shot into Cai Zi Mixue. “Ah, too cool!”

Short period of time has been repeatedly gang-raped Cai Zi, whole body limp on the ground. She felt the whole body collapse, bones are scattered seems shelves.

Hear the man in the side stopped breathing, she said quietly, “untie me, Lao Chen.”


A speeding police car siren whining was particularly dynamic, but the car was silence.

Lao Chen while driving, while secretly watching sitting on the side of Cai Zi, he untied the rope tied to her after she was silent until now.

Her silence, so that Lao Chen disturbed mind endless. Apart from his own brigade act alone, also raped her. If she reported to their superiors that he may all over.

Thought of this, Lao Chen can not stand the inner torment, he stepped on the brakes, stop the car.

“Cai Zi, I’m sorry, I’m confused moment ah ……”

“You just whip confused me, but quite skill, not a little confused;? There you just rape me, so cool, not too little confused.” Her voice was flat did not get a little emotional.

“That was you too attractive …… …… I can not control myself.” Lao Chen also anxious “one person doing one when, frankly I would go back to the organization!”

“You see you, and you joke thing.” She replied usual style of thousands, aphrodisiac effect is also not completely in the past, so she’s exceptionally sultry voice, “I do not blame you, say to say …… you really quite powerful …… made me think of it now would like to do it again …… “

“Ah!” And suddenly feeling to Lao Chen stunned. Then he felt his pants zipper was opened, then his cock was playing softly.

Lao Chen Cai Zi stroking cock, cock soon feel has stood up straight.

Presbyterian breathing heavily, according to Cai Zi into the back seat. Just be prepared to insert, but she blocked.

“Wait, put this locator to win this thing and precision and squeamish, I have been worried that it’s broken.” Cai Zi said, will help her tied to the KB that time has been wearing the earrings taken down set aside.

“Say you first while Do not worry Well, I know you like this ……” she smiled Mei, a pair of handcuffs and handed the Presbyterian, Presbyterian and then turned his back on his hands together behind “Come.”

Lao Chen overjoyed, her twin handcuffs in the back, and then align her Mixue, lower body forced a ……

KB help case is the end, when the KB help headquarters was captured by the size of the leader, will face a different amount of the penalty. In addition to Wei.

Wei himself was somehow under the state police released.

The next two months, Wei has been in idle state. The end of the KB help, and for him, too fast, too sudden.

And even has the tail of the dragon head, but the boss KB Lang, police also caught behind. Wei this a lot of spare time, in addition to repeatedly guess KB to help out where the problem is repeated memories and Cai Zi together bit by bit.

Every time I think Cai Zi, he would imagine himself her tightly tied, torn variety of means exhausted, and then insert her. So Cai Zi body under mildly Yingti, 2 people die happy …… When can I see her?

Thinking is necessary to eat more is necessary. Wei nowhere to make a living, he wanted to return to prostitution.

Although KB help has been dissolved, but had some help KB kidnapped beauty trafficked to the entire gang is also quite a few long-term needs. Wei intends to find a willing cooperation, responsible for the kidnapping of a local gang, then retreated behind the scenes themselves, is only responsible for targeting prey, contact the buyer. So he started running around.

“Sure enough, Cai police officers expected, he began to find a way.” 2 tracking Wei police secretly admire ……

That day, A Weigang to the house, someone shot the door.

“Ah Wei ah, this month to pay the rent” “” landlord Granny’s voice “a penny stumped hero Han ah, MD!” Wei cursed in his heart “to do so on the Labor 2 pen, can no longer live this broken place! “while cursing in their hearts, while had opened the door, ready to humble Granny apologize.

The door opened and two men rushed in. Wei was then held down.

Wei see this person, two policemen in shock.

“Behave yourself!” Police Press and hold tightly Ah Wei. “Evidence of a crime before you are in our hands, you do not think of escape, we can always find you!”

“Yes yes yes ……” Wei nodded, “I must and police cooperation.”

“Do not want to go to jail, then it is a good cooperation. You go to this place tomorrow. Time and place in the top.” Ah Wei police and handed a piece of paper, and then sped away.

Wei looked helpless small pieces of paper in his hand, with only a time and an address, but because of their own future and reveals the infinite mystery.

The next day, Ah Wei shining piece of paper came to the address above. A very common cell, a block on the first floor.

Wei looked at these with a garage on the first floor, angrily walked in front of the house written on pieces of paper. Hesitated “no choice, alas ……” Then he pressed the doorbell.

The door opened, which turned out to be dreaming of Cai Wei Zi. Wei grew up in the mouth, long time not close down.

Cai Zi wearing, is truly her own policewoman uniforms, badges, alarm are sparkling. Lower body as is the man to make an instant erection long-barreled black stockings black high-heeled shoes. This is a dress, sexy and British Gas blend together, the Cai Zi charm to an extreme.

“What accident?” Cai Zi Wei will be pulled into the house “Actually I would have is the police, senior police officers.”

“…… that help KB things ……” Wei mind a mess.

“Yes, because I was, you was only Chengqin police in one fell swoop.” Cai Zi smile is full of temptations “Of course, you also have great credit oh.” “

“You …… You used me!” Ah Wei finally understand KB to help out where the problem, and that made him angry and unwilling, could not help waving to fight to Cai Zi.

“Popping” sound, Ah Wei’s hand was Cai Zi easily parried.

“Angry? Oh, do not worry Well, listen to me.” Cai Zi voice both gentle and ambiguous, “I know that you are now going to cooperate with other gangs, although I do not know the specific content, but I think, and help the original KB business relationship. However, once they know the KB help the police to destroy because of you, they will let you? “

“You …… despicable!” Wei momentum blew out, but the feeling of anger, but more profound.

“I think your only way out is to work with us. Otherwise, the police and the gang will not let you.” She continued analysis.

“I …… seems no other choice. How you want to do?” He dejected.

“You like to continue to contact them to determine a good buyer. Sourcing Well, I’ll give you.” She looked with confidence.

“You offer?! The police are also involved in the kidnapping trafficking?! Where are you going to find a woman?” Ah Wei feel that this program is really crazy.

“I, ah, I like how you think?” She was very calm.

“You thought it was to travel ah? Kidnapped to the woman, not being take to shoot A piece is made sex slaves. Are often tied, raped.” He getting more and more excited.

“Oh, and I meet in the KB help are not all the same?” Her voice became full of temptation, “Say, you guys do not like this it? You, too, right? So set you As long as we cooperate and take, there will be a lot of harvest, oh. “

Awei has nothing to say, but the feelings of people are placed, plus the anger that was deceived, could not vent, only bowed angry. Cai Xi walked over and took his face. “It seems that it is still angry? Then I apologize to you for the things you do, do you want to have any compensation?”

“Hey … I don’t expect the police to give me any compensation. This thing is not to find me again.” Awei said, the eyes are not coming to her pair of legs.

Cai Xi saw his eyes and secretly laughed. “Since you say this, then I am privately compensated, let you eliminate the gas.” She said.

Then she went to side, picking up a handcuffs and handed it to the Awest, then turned to back. “Come on, grab me, I will dispose of you with you.” The familiar lines, obvious lure.

Awei light car is rushing to take her, then finds the items used for ill-treatment.

Cai Wei walked to him, and gently touched his meat with his hands. She talked about him, while I said, “I can pass the garage under the bottom, there is something you want. I have passed.”

Awei is pushed to Cai, bringing her to the garage.

Cai Xi is inheriting in his near barbarium, deliberately walking, wants to meet, inspiring his desire to abuse.

When I arrived in the garage, Awei found this is a perfect hall of a facility.

The wall has a special sound insulation, and the walls are covered with all kinds of ropes, whip, electric masks, etc. There is also a camera that stands on the wall, used to watch the DV computer, etc. …

“It’s time, this is what I compensate for your things.” She laughed smiled “Put your angry in me.”

“The monks, if you are willing.” Awei pressed her on the ground and picked up the rope to start bundling.

Soon, the wind of the whip, the sound of all kinds of criminals, the woman who was sentenced to the prostitute, filled the entire garage.

I don’t know, a black shadow quietly stood at the entrance to the garage from the room. He listened to the various obscene sounds in the garage, and he was solemn that he did not let himself sound. At the same time, the right hand continued to bring his own meat … …

In the face of the fight against the black gang of the kidnapping trafficking in the police, the unknown tomorrow, Cai Xi and Awei have too many things that cannot be left.

Grasp to enjoy today.

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