At that time, I have been unforgettable. On a certain day last year, I was sent to the police station because of the bubble. A policeman put me “please” to the retriember, because the walls here are soundproof, so the house is extremely sultry, I am sitting on the seat, there is a big glass plate in front of the seat, sitting on the opposite side, just “send” I came to the police …

:What is your name?

“Zhang Long”

: How big?

“17 years old”

: Is going to school or work?

“Go to school”

: What school?

“Shenyang Seventy …”

Just as I said, his mobile phone rang, he picked up the phone out of the door, after a while, heard him said outside: “Yu Cream, I have something to do this, you will help me in and ask. “

“Well, then you have to come back, Zhang Chao is still looking for it.” A very nice female voice came, and then came in a female police for about twenty years old, she closed the door. I sat down in front of me.

Wow! I can’t help but admire her beautiful and mature, a white egg, a pair of eyes like a silk, but the thick police uniform protrudes two towering mountains, because the front of the glass wall has a table So I can’t see her below.

“What do you always do?” She said to me.

“The police sister, you are so beautiful!” I said from my heart, she was not angry, but laughed and said to me: “Yes?”

She laughed like a good squat … The silk eyes swept a few eyes, so charm … I looked at her towering chest and there was a response.

“What are you coming in?” She said to me.

“I also said that I don’t understand, anyway, I was stunned.” I said low.

“What is going on? You told me.” She said to me.

“Police sister, I really don’t understand! Please let me go.”

“No! You hurry to talk to me, or you will stay.” She finished, standing up to go to the table next to it, poured a glass of water, returned to my front, sitting in front of me. Down, my heart is really contradictory, I can’t tell me the woman and hit people, if I have passed to my school, then I have some faces.

I have been long-lasting, when she said, she looked at me, said, “I hurry to think about it, I don’t have so much time waiting for you, no more, you will蹲 室 室! “After that, she walked at the door and opened the door to go back to the phone.

“Hey, today I have to die here.” I wanted helplessly, I took my hand naturally, I suddenly touched a stick, I got it out, I originally bought it yesterday. “” (A thing similar to a spring medicine), I originally wanted to find a lady today to have this thing, I didn’t expect this, oh ~, unlucky! At this time, my mind suddenly emerged for the figure of the glamorous police, why not … can’t! Originally, this is troublesome enough, I have to have a seduce a policewoman, is I killed? But she is really beautiful ~ After the violent struggle of my thoughts, I still have the desire to look for the wind, I got up around the front glass wall, open the “obscenity” cover, slowly put the water inside In the cup, slowly swayed, quickly returned to the seat, constantly read: “Hanging, you can hang a beautiful woman, not how long, the female policeman When I came back, I sat in front of me. I said to me: “I don’t want to think about it? “Pick up the cup and drink a few mouthfuls, I secretly embarrassed, I said to her:” The police sister, I am being stamped, things are very complicated, I have to say it, can you believe me? ” “

She saw a few eyes and said, “You don’t say it, how do you know that I don’t believe in you? Say!”

I left my head, the equipment did what I thought, I haven’t seen it, I don’t see it, my heart wants: “Don’t this drug?”

Just then, I heard a piece of cloth friction, I looked up, I saw the female police face, the legs, the legs seem to be rubbed, and the two hands moved to the chest. It seems that this medicine is still very. I tried to ask: “The police sister, what happened?”

She didn’t speak, just the body twisted, the two hands did the uniform uniform, and it was a tight black sweater, and the two groups of huge meatballs were very tutilators. I have already touched myself. I quickly stood up and walked to her. I put her up and put it on the table. I saw her very thin. I didn’t expect to be so sinking. I am on her body. I slowly pressed the two regiments of the mountain, slowly squatting, she was very confused, there was a vagadable voice in his mouth: “” Ah ~~ What do you want to do ~~ Quick Open me ~~ Don’t let go ~~ Well ~~ Wait for a while, someone is coming back ~~ Um ~~ I see how you say ~~ “Her words I knocked me for a minute, yes! If someone will come back? Ah, but still desire to make me not think about it, what can I do? I still do it with her hands, I found out that she was wearing a strap body, the two The mountain peaks that make my blood are packed, let it make it more tempting, I also torn down her bra, a pair of snow-white big tits, the top of the towering mountain is Two brown red peas, exuded a mature smell, I used two hands to grab her on the big tits, put the hard …

※ | JKF Czech Forum She took her hand before my chest, my mouth came out of my weak voice: “You let me go ~~ You this rogue ~~ even the police also dare to touch ~~ I ~~ Let you enter prison ~~ I will never come ~~ Well ~~ Ah ~~ You let me go ~~ “

“Hahahaha! How is your love? I can go in front of you, you can come to you, and come, hahahaha!” I laughed.

I am more selling, I’m going to smoothing the big tits, and her hand slipped from me. I know that the drug has made her weak, and she will start with her chest, with her mouth. Live her tart beans at the top of her tits, vigorously absorb, slowly, she has risen to the tits, the two little peas are also congested, I lifted my head and took her pants. Until the two legs left, there is only one pants, her two white legs, non-stop, a shares of obscenity flows out from her small undergings, I use your hand to open her legs , Put the head on her small panties, use the tongue to go to the edge of the panties, and there is a smell of the soul, I am constantly touching her soft legs, with teeth Bite the zone in the middle of the underwear.

Her hand slammed my head, called: “Well ~~ Ah ~~ Let me go ~~ Ah ~~ Well ~~ Don’t lick ~~ um ~~”

I heard the sound of her crispy, the following is more hard, I put her small panty, and I went out of the flood, I will bother my mouth on top, with my tongue into the wet. In the gardens, the rich yin is on my face, the Sao and the taste are full of my whole nose, which is more stimulating me, I use the tongue in her, I will continue to fill the mixed. Spreading, making my face wet.

She received my thoughts and plus the stimulus of the medicine, and the sensuality, she waved: “Itchiness ~~ Ah ~~ Quickly insert me with your chicken ~~ I can’t stand it. ~~ I have flowed a lot of water in my sputum ~~ Come and fuck me ~~ Well ~~ ah ~~ “

I heard her waves, I immediately looked up, took out my hard big meat stick, and took the sophisticated rolling and pocket.

“Ah ~~ Strike ~~ make it strong ~~ ah ~~ um ~ ~ make me in the middle ~~ My Sao ~~” She is extremely exciting, I also hugged me, put her Stiping on the towering big tits.

I have also been tuned in her sputum, and the latte is constantly splashing. The big tits are not hit in my chest, I hold her, after a dramatic twitch, I shot the hot semen, It turned over her body, but she didn’t seem to have a climax. I kept the meat stick in my body. I have been hard, and I re-enrolled my meat. I turned over and said to her: “Xiao Zhen! Quickly pose your ass!”

She is very obedient to the table, put her round buttocks to me, I use my hand to open her two hip flaps, block her hot fart with the meat stick, first slowly Inserting and pulling it out, the shallow hair around the ass is very rich, there are several of my meat sticks when I am inserted, and I will extend my hands to her chest, from the bottom to catch her The big tits, she pinched, she didn’t wait for me to insert it, I was so moving, and I was still obscenity: “Ah ~~ Brother ~~ Come and fuck my little asshole ~~ Ah ~~ Um ~~ ~ Ah ~~ Express ~~ “

I grabbed her to the giant milk, squatting the meat stick in, I didn’t expect her ass, but the sauce, but it became me and her lubricant, I Crazy into and out of her ass. “Ah ~~ make it an energetic ~~ 对 ~~ like this ~~ That ~~ Ah ~~ Fuck my rush ~~ Ah ~~ Well ~~” Her waves are constantly echoing in my ear, my The meat stick is even more hard, and it is more powerful to put her tight asshole. The big tits are swayed before and after me. My hand is a bit can’t catch it. , Open her round lastrians, let her ass will make me plug in a good time.

“Ah ~~ Well ~~ Big Brother ~~ Hello ~~ My ass will be running with you ~~ um ~~ Ah ~~ So cool ~~” She can’t help itself The hand is smashed with the tits, from time to time, the mixed little peas, the black hair floats in a speed of movement, the obscene picture, if I bring the camera, I can’t help it. The left hand slipped to her two legs, plugged your fingers into her point to spray out the prostitute, where to go up, right hand moved to her narrow little hole, slowly using Xiaom Plug in and slowly plug.

“Ah ~~ Well ~~ Hello ~~ Well ~~ I have played this kind of figure ~~ Ah ~~ Well ~~ Don’t 抠 ~~ Let me fuck me ~~ My asshole ~~ So cool ~ “

She was attacked at the same time, and she was sinking in a pleasant, “Ah ~~ Well ~~ I can’t stand it ~~ I want to sprinkle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !!! “

Finally, I feel that there is a strong water flow from her Saozao deep, I quickly pulled the meat stick, and align her mouth, I continued to spray the farthered eyes of the milky, bite the lips next to it. I have two hands to grab her big butt, she keeps moving the body, the two legs are very tight, I have a hard to shoot the shallow extends, and I have a strong Sao. If the female essence, I was drunk. She was soft on the table. She pressed my head with her hand. I put the whole tongue into her asshole, looking for a few drops of prostitution, the stock The smell of the hood made me very excited, I looked up, I looked at her obscenity face after a climax, said: “Xiaowei! You don’t have a climax, now you have a climax, I don’t have you. What should I do? I finished pulling the meat stick into her mouth, her little tongue arrived at the top of my meat stick, very laborious, two lips clamped my big meat stick, up and down Creement, I have done it in her mouth, I finally, I also reached the top of desire, put all the hot semen in her mouth, white water flows from her mouth, she actually The obscene will swallow all the semen that have not yet flowed out. It is really too susceptible. I touched her dark hair, my heart has pouring an unprecedented pleasure …

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