1 She is back to the table, the hips are slightly tight, I excitedly took off the blue soft silky underwear, and I thought about this is the baby daughter, my lower body is very good. Then there is not much predecessor, and also take care of gentle treatment. It will help the glans to explore the hole mouth, and the way is inserted and inserted into her dry narrow vaginal.

“This is my daughter, now in the college book.” The woman is open to the daughter of the bedside. She looks beautiful, with a bright big eyeball and long straight hair, wearing a simple T-shirt and hot pants, because crowded in a narrow companion chair, she can’t hide the slender legs, I have to put it in front of me. Her hot pants are short to show her ass.

She smiles to me because she is sleeping suddenly, her eyes are not too neat, and it is a bit wolf.

“Auntie, you are very good! Daughter is still taking care of you.” I said.

“No spicy! My husband may not be fake today, temporarily invite her to help.” The woman explained.

Ms. Shen, 56 years old, in the past, because the kidney function is gradually deteriorating, but it has been reluctant to wash the kidneys, and now, because of the lung edema caused by the lungs, it is subject to the family to admission from the emergency department. I was bored in the afternoon, because of her arrival, it became more interesting, of course, I am interested: how to seduce her daughter.

“We will try to try with diuretics. If you look at the urine, if you have a lot of urine, aunt, you will consider the kidney!” I explained this. Because I feel that she is still reluctant to accept the kidneys, she has discharged a lot of urine in the emergency department, which allows her to prevent some, and she thinks that she rely on drugs and supports it.

“It’s good, first use the drug.” The woman is laminated, of course, the heart is sure to hold a lucky mind, and did not consider the trouble of washing the kidneys.

“Don’t you use lessons today?” I took the opportunity to take a roll with her daughter.

“She is temporarily removing with the school.” The woman said for her daughter. Her daughter is a little bit of laughing, it may be shy, not willing to talk.

“Let’s wait for blood to track my mother’s blood pigment, because her kidney function is not good, it will be prone to anemia. At the same time, there will be blood, if the blood pigment is not high, I will help my mother lose blood.” I face my daughter. ” Said, but also didn’t forget to look back with the woman. “” This blood transfusion consent should ask for help to sign it. “I explained some of the possible risks of blood transfusion, let her sign the name above. And add her mobile phone number.

Calling Hu Joe! Very beautiful name.

I think that I have to get her body anyway, I can’t make it possible to bunch up, so I will hide the doctor’s robe, otherwise it will be embarrassed.

The woman is very understanding that her daughter’s youth flesh has an infinite charm. If you want to introduce my daughter, I also spend my age, where is it.

Before you have, you don’t forget to remind the target of the daily check-up time. Although the first time, the green pure daughter made me love at first sight, although I was reluctant, but I was left to leave, so as to avoid the horse foot.

For the mature road of physicians, they are full of hardships, except for continuous learning, working hours are long, have to sacrifice many families and private times. Many people have therefore insulated with love, may come to find a personal blind date, or to find a single object around you, or even a lifetime.

In the stage of the rookie physician, in addition to cumulative knowledge and experience, it is usually the case of being cheap labor, helping the attending physician to handle clinical business. (Do not look at the salary, with the work hours, it is far below statutory basic salary)

Sometimes a problem, you can only download an adult movie, you will hide yourself in the dark lacquered room, then self-defense. Fast and convenient, it is also very in line with the efficiency of the hospital, but gradually, masturbating can no longer meet my needs, I want a true woman, the real woman’s body, in addition to the object I like, you can also use men and women That’s a waste of timeless operation, it is best to replace it, avoid loss of freshness.

So, I think that the hospital uses the hospital as my source. I will contact countless people. I must have the goal of in line with my needs. I just use the average person to do not understand the advanced medical treatment, from neutralizing my object, waiting She hooks, becomes my sex slave.

As long as you wish, no one is noticed, there is no hurt. This is the secret of my music.

After get off work, I took off the white robe and put it on the simple casual clothes and get off work. No first to my single school boy dormitory, change the motorcycle, and go to one of my customers. Said is my customer, in fact, one of my sex slaves: a single mother.

Ms., twenty-eight years old, petite exterior, with a long hair, the appearance looks thin and thin, but the heart is very strong. Because I accidentally pregnant, my boyfriend ran, and I didn’t come in with my home. I insisted that one of myself gave birth to it, and I worked alone.

咚咚! I pressed the bell of her house.

“You are coming! Dr. Cai.” Her cheerful smile came from the door, the sound was bright and powerful.

“I bother.” I politely said.

She is wearing white shirts and black narrow skirts, there are two legs wrapped in stockings, wearing slippers on their feet, and go back to the kitchen.

I am proficiently put the pickled shoes on the door, replace the lightweight slippers on the shoe cabinet.

“What about Axiang?” I asked forget.

“He left him today to self – study, because he didn’t have a mathematics in the last time.” She said with a distracted perspective.

“In fact, as long as Cai doctor, you will teach him, he will definitely make progress.” She said on the table on the table.

“Ha! But the country’s mathematics, I have forgotten it.” I pivoted, lestally, it is unnecessary, if you really have a good time, the cost of payment is bigger, but it is not cost-effective. .

I am not only a slander, why should I toss myself? I am in my heart.

I was sitting in the table, looking around for four weeks, I would like to observe her, delicate and exquisite body. I can’t wait to take off her outerwear immediately, directly slammed her obscene DC, but unfortunately this is not my style, there is a successful order, patience waiting, can enjoy delicious food.

“Is the new job ok?” I asked.

She hurriedly put the ultimate cauldron soup on the table and put two bowls of rice, put on the chopsticks and followed the seat.

“It’s still busy, but now the workplace is really friendly. And the supervisor also likes to eat girl tofu, very annoying.” She said she said.

As long as it is a man, it should be died! It’s just that they can’t get it, I can only sneak some sweets, my heart.

Let’s chat with a meal, anyway, I have time, I don’t hurry.

Finally, she started to clean up the tableware and took them to the work station. I first pretend to look at the TV show, and he would help to help hold the plate to go to the kitchen.

“You can place it next to it.” She said.

I am very obedient to put the plate. Then, a sliding step behind her, two hands reached out and hug her, and both palmated packed her double peak.

“Ah!” She scared screaming: “Dr. Cai …” Let’s go down the bowl, she does not know where the body is shock, the wet answer is not known to the coming.

“Is it today? Just like it last time …” I asked, although the mouth is asked, but both hands have begun to knead her breasts, and with her hips with protrusions.

“Are you … every time you have?” She pleaded with asking, the words are meaningful to persuade my non-division.

“I know that this is not good, but I am really big in the hospital, I am busy don’t have to be opened every day, and I haven’t given my girlfriend …” I am going to start my emotion.

She is still unwilling to use the elbow to hold my hand, holding my unregulated hands to her hand. (Posted in Katino Forum)

“I have to help the sneak …” I deliberately spend it with a flat tone.

“Dr. Cai …” Her body was chilled, and finally she launched the original clamping elbow, and I would like to relax my unity. When I saw the opportunity mature, I immediately solved her top, and I took my hand directly to the two group meat bomb covered under the bra, although it is not big, but the better proportion is also the best.

“When I took medicine today, I was hit by people.” I said it was a grievance.

“Really!?” Gao Ms. said, it seems that I want to turn around to face me, but I don’t follow, lest she peeks my evil expression. I still maintain this posture, the lower body is on her, and the hands don’t care about her bra and release her fine milk. I am rudely, her breasts, the lower body is also coming to her narrow skirt.

“Ah … ah Ah … ah …” She couldn’t help but respond soft. It is really a thin mother.

“I will want to think …” I excitedly breathed her ear: “We still don’t meet again?”

“Ah … Tsai … you … ah ah …” I touched her two little points, you can touch her teaps standing.

“But Axiang’s medicine …” She was full of blushing, and her hair covered her shy expression, the whole carcass became very warm, let me wait for more intimate contact with her.

“I am discovered, but even doctors are not yet!” I said that I said. At this moment, I have set off her narrow skirt, I found that she did done her stockings, and the two fingers extended can care about her private parts, and feel her abalone has begun, and the taste is warm.

“Please let you … ah, ah …” She was teased could not speak smoothly, the air did not breathe: “Don’t …”

I heard the keyword “Don’t”, stopped the hand, and the whole person retired halfway.

“Don’t do anything?” I asked coldly.

“Hey?” She couldn’t understand my problem, showing red ears and confused side faces, and it is weak to rest in the pedestal.

“The meaning is to” I don’t get close again “?” I pretended to ask for severe geology.

“No … I mean …” She has a little panic, the reaction is slow and half shot.

“Then we don’t do it again!” I have to turn around.

She grabbed my hand: “I don’t mean this! I really don’t mean this!” She explained loudly, and the tears of the beans suddenly pulled from her cheeks in a moment.

She hurts me to go, close to my arms, because of the height, innocent double 瞳 瞧 着 我 表 表, 我 我 的 的 的 的 是 是 是 是,,, She, taking her to speculate my mood.

She is like a spoiled cat, and I am so lighter my chest, like appeal. “You don’t want to be angry”, then pillow your forehead in my chest.

Then her hands began to touch my chest, my waist, finally slipped to my trousers, and pulled my zipper, reached out and played my baby.

I am very satisfied, but I still have to play anger, waiting for her to offer more attentive.

She has a rough finger, and she is coming back to make my penis. Because of her hips earlier, I have already got some micro-juice. After her pick, slowly expand it, the gratitude is angry, the glans is in the direction of her uterus, as if it indicates a fight against it.

Everyone is an adult, which should be less than the ceremony. Especially the ceremony between adults, she must deeply understand the esk of Olympics. (Posted in Katino Forum)

She didn’t look up again, the momentum is soft, and my internal and outer pants, then serve my erect penis on her face.

She used the flexible tongue to help me. First, the whole, then sucking before and after, and the tongue is mixed in the head, washing the sorrow of my full work, I don’t forget to use my right hand to rub my scrotum, the left hand takes my butt meat, Don’t let me move.

I am finely relying on the wall, let it be placed.

I really envy her little boyfriend, in terms of it, should be her former boyfriend. Imagine a difficult youthful estrus, if you can get up every morning, you will add this obscenity little goods. How happy you are. It is also no wonder that people will accidentally let her get pregnant, if I do it, I must make her live four, five children, don’t get together.

“啵啵. 啵啵.” She worked hard to absorb the mixture of juice and saliva.

“Ah … So comfortable …” I forgot to shout.

She seems to be incentive by my satisfaction, more effort to lane my meat stick, like a child, thirsty to the juice, the descendant of the inside.

It’s a small saga. I really can’t help but harass by workplace! I am.

I can’t help her mouth firmly friction, accumulating the hot concentrate in which two days unselected. I didn’t make a speech. When she was noticeable, she was surprised to open his mouth, and then some hanging on her mouth, and others were sticking to her nose and her face. However, the priest is behind. My angry meat stick did not discharge because of the ejaculation, but it was more straight to the front of her.

She looked up helplessly, my head didn’t have a magic, like a dog who had to ask the owner, so it is a grievances, and it seems to say: Is this enough?

Of course, it is not enough! Without inserting her small hole, I will take a special place to get off work. The report to be prepared tomorrow morning is another page, it is ready to be full, then pick the night battle, there is no power, how do you cope with such troubled work?

I pulled her from the ground, and her legs had been weak and weak, so I had some distressed. I took the way to my favorite single sofa and let her sit down.

Take advantage of her face, pull her narrow skirt to the waist, separate her legs, sitting on the armrests on both sides. This looks out of her face, she completely understands: I must go to her, otherwise I will not do it.

She is wearing a sexy tits pants on the black bottom purple ripple lace, pulling the underwear, and the finger is gently passed through the curl on her abalone. She hurts the eyes, I don’t dare to see me. I didn’t hesitate to use the index finger to fly with the meat. I took the finger into the hole. I found a few times, the warm and humid touch, representing a good environment, it seems that the body of the actress is ready to accept the uterus. The collision.

It is a bit incredible. In addition to the smell, her secretion has a sweet flavor of a fermented fruit, so that the people who have been smelling, as if the feeling of alcohol is slight.

I support the glans with my hand, and I have been properly pre-employed, and I have to shoot.

“Wait, wait!” She suddenly shouted, and both hands brought my chest and stopped me.

I originally thought that she didn’t know how to tell her, and then not such a thing. She jumped from the sofa chair, and the small shredded to the next to the cabinet, opened some debris from the inside, took out a square box inside, it appeared to be carefully hidden in advance, and wrapped out the painted plastic membrane.

It is a safe sleeve.

I am laughing in my heart, I don’t know if the external expression has become distorted, but this woman is really too much. She has prepared the safety sleeve in advance, waiting for me to use, is it forced to be forced to be, or she is looking forward to raped by me?

Oh … this little goods.

I observed her clothes and didn’t come. I helped me to put on the set, then climbed back to the sofa chair. Automatically open your legs to reply to the posture of just now, and hold your double eye with your hands. Wait for my next step. I am exactly.

“I want to go in!”

“Hey …” She said: “Ah … ah …”

Do you ask me to help her steal? That is just to give her son to eat “oral antibiotics”, but the general pharmacy cannot be purchased, it is necessary to pass the doctor prescription. Her son has allergic physique, often respiratory infection, 擤 黄 浓

And in my deliberation, if you repeat the nose, it may be sinusitis. Time will become chronic. It is not easy to cure; and our sinus is in the brain, so the sinus infection is terrible, serious or even It will become meningitis, producing neurological symptoms, not good, will leave the sequelae of a lifetime.

So she got into the heart to treat her antibiotics to treat her sonitis, the more the physicians did not, but they all antiomine gave her. Borrow, I will recommend the plan from the hospital, turn her into a total of guidelines.

But in fact, only she is guilty. Because my medicine is not stolen, it is actually the clinic of me and chronic hospitals. The reason can be changed to the cold medicine, the reason can be changed, one while a while, next time I have a foreign injury infection, or dress Branch tracheal pneumonia.

Do not fake the hand of others, there is no crime, and then unexpectedly. There is no better thing again.

“Ah, ah …” She whispered. I am on her, and the chest is close to her chest. I trapped in the sofa chair with her, then the feet is big, and I work hard to sway my hips. As my ass, I will squeeze my meat. Her produce road.

“Ah!” She screams: “Small power …” I occasionally, I will intentionally violently, like it is to break the toy. “Why do you like me?” I asked, I asked, I deliberately asked an evil problem.

“Small Point.” She replied. But I deliberately stride her, and I have moved a few cents after the sofa chair.

“I don’t understand what you mean …”

“Don’t be too strong … ah! Ah, ah …” she said that she was disconnected, because I deliberately made the penis to her deepest, and her thoracked, there was no vibration, and she could not breathe.

“Is it gentle?”

“Ah, ah … is a little gentle.” She said that I am well-behaved, and I am ambiguous.

“What is the gentle point?”

“Wen soft point … Ah! Ah! Don’t … I am going to be broken …” She asked for Rao.

“I want to say it clearly, I know what to do, what do I do?”

“Gentle … gentle … Ah, ah …”

“What is it gentle?” I continued to ask, and the flourifier frequency gradually increased.

“Gentle … insert me … insert me …” She said: “Ah … ah!”

“What to use?”

“Use …” She is too pure, the head can’t find the words for a while, and I am smashed. She may be embarrassed to use the penis. Direct name.

“Meat stick?”

“Ah … ah … with your meat stick … Do you … ah … do it …”

“Very good, so I understand.” My waist is tired, take the opportunity to slow down, and take a break.

“Do you like me like this?” I dial her face before, I started kissing her lips, or it was a strong kiss, because she could not open his mouth, I could only wipe the mouth on her face. .

“I … 唔 …” 趁 She opened, I took the tongue into her mouth, entangled her tongue: “唔 …”

Then take the opportunity to take a few times, and forced her to worship a few times.

“Hey … Hey!” She wrinkled her brow, full of sweat: “Ah, …”

Yes, this is more interesting than a general sexual intercourse. She is not my girlfriend, but a young hot mother of a child, let me put her, let me show her obscene words.

“Don’t you like it?”

“I … 唔 …” she carefully wanted to answer, it is too cute: “Like …”

“what do you like?”

“Like … you plug me … ah, ah … with meat stick …”

Unconsciously, I took the ejaculation. I stop the action. After the hip, I will clean up the last semen, then pull out the penis and refund the safety case. She helped me throw it into the trash.

I took a few sanitary paper wipe the lower body.

She immediately sat up and quickly tailored her own, her hair was dial, her underwear put on the shirt, and the underwear dropped, pulled down the narrow skirt, adjusted to the initial state.

I saw her face full of red, and her face was blamed.

“This is Axiang’s medicine.” I took out a small bag from the official package, and I put a few capsules.

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome.” I responded.

“Do you want to go back?” She saw me standing up.

“I want to drink the water.”

She immediately went to the kitchen to pour a glass of boiling water, handed it to me.

“I have to go.” I said, put the drinking cup on the table.

“Well,” she accompanied me to piring: “Goodbye.”


“Well?” She doesn’t understand what I mean.

“I …” I said: “I sometimes I can’t help …”

“It doesn’t matter,” she squeezed out fake smile: “I know that you are very busy, have the opportunity to pay a girlfriend!”

“Good. But I may not find the object …”

“How could it be!” She patted my shoulders: “Now I have to marry a lot of doctors.” “Haha. Doctor is now very spicy!” I said, I opened the door and went out.

“Bai.” She said like this. She is clear, and she is full of herbs, I am enough for me to make a fine.

It seems that tomorrow’s report will be smooth. Hey-hey.

I went to the road of black paint, cross my locomotive, and I went.

Ms. Shen’s condition is not very optimistic. Although it is in an emergency, the amount of urine has come out, but after the ward is worse, the amount of urine per day is not enough for the five hundred West West, and the surge will gradually increase.

But she still refuses to wash the kidneys and requires only drug treatment.

The attending physician Mo Nen, I can’t force her to wash the kidneys. She is not willing to tie her to wash the kidneys. They can only be able to support her, see when it will compromise, really don’t see the coffin. Such a patient is not in a small number.

“Give her lasix puree to Run! Otherwise, there is no way.” The attending physician shook his head, we stepped out of the ward and continued to move toward the next ward.

However, in a few days, the husband of Shen Shen is accompanied by the bedside, which is very disappointed. I haven’t seen her people, I have never seen her in the evening, but I can’t find her.

Now, I finally let me think of the magazine.

I walked back to the care station, dialing the phone that can be exported, and quickly press several numbers.

… …

“Hello?” The sound of a reply back came.

“Hello, here is the XX Hospital, may I ask the family of Shen ○○?” I asked in the body.

“Yes, I am her daughter.” Hu Qiao replied, her voice is very small, and the sound of men inquiry.

who is it? The man asked.

It is a call to the hospital! Hu Qiao explains the man on the side. There is no brother, and the man next to him may be her university little boyfriend.

I think that she actually has a man, my heart is not a taste. But if she can betray her boyfriend to make love, she is not a good thing, she probably does not dare to file this incident with anyone.

I raised my mouth and went to her plan.

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