Our laboratory is very large, very many disciplines, everyone is separated. And there are not many laboratory people, especially at noon, more people. The door of the laboratory is the electronic door. It is not possible to open from the outside of this laboratory. I am sitting with her, but she is going through her position every time she rely on the door, every time I go out or enter the door. At the beginning, I took the opportunity to peek at her chest from the scene. Especially when I was thinner, especially in the summer, sometimes I can see it from above. There is also a cleavage to half breasts. In this way, the pure beauty is actually seen in such a slutty picture. Every time I get my JJ hard. I really want to use her cleret to give me a breasts, then shot on her pure face. Later, I gradually couldn’t satisfy this excitement, I began to pay attention to her personal items.

Her drawers seem to often do not lock, when I don’t lock, I can see the exact. In fact, there are not many things, all books, what is the paper, but every time I can always find the pouch’s instant coffee, it seems that she is a person who loves coffee. Although what can’t be found each time, this kind of peeping feels very stimulated, and each time you have a heartbeat. Later, I also found that in her physiology, there will be a sanitary napkin of the big bag or a small bag, which makes me feel unusually stimulated, and the girl is so privileged. Later, I had sneaked it. I got the male toilet, opened it, and I thought about her beautiful and pure face and smile. The side of the sanitary napkin should be the location of her vaginal mouth. The glans began masturbation, imagined his penis that was inserted into her vagina, and finally couldn’t help but shoot above, a lot of shot. Once, I am in the laboratory, I found that she opened the drawer to start turning things, and then took a group of things on white. Listening to her high heels, I immediately opened the drawer to open the drawer, and I found that there was a sanitary napkin in the bag. I know that her physiology is time, I am afraid I have to change sanitary napkins. So I immediately opened the door to go to the toilet, I am waiting for a male toilet.

Soon, I heard the sound of flushing, and then the sound of high heels and finally gradually. I will flash it out, I am in the door of the female toilet. Our postgraduate laboratory is in the 5th floor, people are not often coming, and our school’s teaching building structure is complex, and you stand in the door of the female toilet. You can only see you from the up and down the stairs. If you can’t see other directions, just determined no I didn’t have a problem without the footsteps of the upper and lower stairs. After waiting, I didn’t hear the voice inside. In order to prevent thousands of people, I still walked into the female toilet with normal footsteps, I walked straight to the most inside, and found that all partitioned doors showed. No one, the heart is queen. Then I just listened to the length of the footsteps of the toilet and the footsteps of the toilet, I judged that she should be in the place where she is. So I was separated from the partition, and I went in and saw the inside. I finally found a newly used sanitary napkin that was covered by a few natural paper in the partition. Holding it is actually a body temperature. I put the door and started a closer look at this baby. Her flow seems to be very large, there is a big group in the middle, and it feels very solid. I have smell my nose, there is a bloody taste and the smell of the girl, and my body is mixed. My penis is very hard. Liu Jia, I didn’t expect it, I usually pure and lovely, I will have seen such a dirty thing in this way. Later, I also found that the two wings of the sanitary napkin have a few her inclusions. I pulled them to my mouth. I feel like I am affectionate. Then put them in the pocket, just hand holding a sanitary napkin, and then only start masturbation, and finally reflected the strong refrared to her blood.

When I left, I didn’t throw a sanitary napkin back to the trash, but put it on the front of the kneeling. Any girl came in to see it, and it can clearly see the blood of the blood. On my semen, I hope that she can see this sanitary napkin. After that, I will find a chance to go out of the female toilet back to the laboratory. Seeing his boyfriend is standing next to her seat, and she is looking at the screen on the seat. I returned to the seat and took her hammer in my mouth, I put it on my lips, and I peeked at her pure face listening to her pleasure. And his boyfriend did not have a girlfriend. It is holding a stranger in your hand, which makes it particularly satisfied. Later, I started to have interest in her cup. She is not in the laboratory at night, so I start looking for a chance to use her cup with her coffee, shoot the semen into the cup, and touch the semen in the cup, especially I have more touch many times in the position she wants to drink. Then pour extra. In this way, there is a thin semen in the cup. The next day, she and her boyfriend came to the laboratory. His boyfriend reads a book next to him, and she started the soda coffee to be finely tasted coffee, and still laughed with her boyfriend. Looking at her thin lips, I took the part of my semen. I looked at the semen of my residual semen in front of my boyfriend. I was cool, I immediately got it to go to the male toilet. I used this way to meet myself in this way. However, there is a thing that happened in a lunch break changed this. At that time, it was a lunch break. After Liu Jia rushed to climb on the table, the face was not in the direction of me, I didn’t care, I didn’t know when she climbed my face to my direction. Pillow sleep. Looking at the beautiful face of her long eyelashes, I was hard, suddenly, I saw her head, she just rushed coffee, so … I also produced evil. I pretend to be a knot from her, I went back 2 times. Every time she is so whispered next to her, she carefully observed her reaction, listening to her breathing. Later I found that her breathing sound was very big, it should be asleep. I quietly walked next to her, I observed my own observation, I was already asleep, so I was careful to open my zipper, and I took it like a steel rod like the whisper. The height of her head is just right. Just in my lower position. My penis is not angry with her face. I started careful masturbation in front of her. This stimulus is not described in words. She wears very purely, white shirts today, is a cowboy skirt. Snow white thighs and calves are out of date. Today, she tied the hair into a horsetail and then equipped with her pure and beautiful face, I feel very cool. And she doesn’t know how the ugly penis is in the beautiful face. I am imagined with her mouth to help me feel anything, and the glans should be very smooth on her beautiful face. I will feel it soon. It feels fast, I will put the penis to the coffee cup in front of her, shot the rich and more semen, and look at the semen in the coffee in the coffee. I am still very worried, and then I will stir my fingers. After you will sink, I will leave. Later she woke up, I was nervous. She first came out to solve her hand, then packed up at the table. When she picked up the coffee cup with her hands, my heart had to jump out. I didn’t think she didn’t think it was, and I started to drink my mouth on the coffee cup. I have stopped it soon, I want to “know if I am drinking my semen?”. However, suddenly, she seems to have been caught, and put down the cup. I was scared. Then she wrapped in the mouth in the mouth, then she looked up, put his hand to the lips and used two heel fingers, then saw her handle slowly moved out, from her finger and lips, I saw Go to the white silk wire. I was shocked at the time, wasn’t that my semen? This is a slutty picture. Suddenly, the silk is broken, and it is rid of her fingers, and she falls on her chin. She immediately took a satellite paper, and av6k.com checked the semen in the hand and then wiped his lips and chin. During this time, she always had a mouthful of coffee to swallow. After she touched the semen on the toilet paper, she began to observe the toilet paper. At this moment, she suddenly turned his head and looked here, and I was obliquely peeking with her sight. I was immediately shocked and recovered. I used Yu Guang to find that she looked at me, turned her head, throwing the toilet paper in the paper. I thought she fell off the cup of coffee, but her move shocked me, she picked up the cup of coffee, continued to drink, and finally drunk. I turned the head and surprised to look at this scene, and after drinking, suddenly turned to me, I immediately turned back to the line of sight, but I left her face in my sight, I saw it from her face. To the silk smile …

After returning to the bedroom at night, I turned back to the opposite side, and I was thinking about her meaning of her smile. The next day, when I went to the laboratory, she was already in sitting. When I was next to her, she looked up at me, we were looking at it, I can feel that her eyes are all different. I can’t concentrate on the laboratory in the morning. Wait until noon, I went back to the laboratory. I saw her boyfriend, and she saw that I came in, I said to her boyfriend. “I slept in noon, I’m going to sleep. “Well, I will come, I saw her hand on her hand. I was very nervous at that time, I didn’t dare to look at her, I walked from her next to her, and I greeted his boyfriend and returned to the position. He is here, she rushed back, her boyfriend left. After she put her coffee, she looked at me and took the pillow to the table and started in the table, and the face of the face was still in me, the coffee cup was still in front of her. Isn’t this a sample yesterday? ? I feel very surprised. Is this that she is hintting me? But Wan Joh is what she wants to lure me, and I will tell me? I have passed soon like this, I don’t know what to do. She woke up, watching me, I started drinking coffee, I was finished, I saw me. Later, it was like this. I don’t dare to have anything. At noon after two weeks, I had a meal, I was stealing the yellow net, I found that she suddenly came back, still rushing the coffee and start climbing. I looked at her face, because I only watched the Huang Net, the worm, decided to explore it. I am still like the same day, I will go behind her, and then I will gently go to her, I find that she didn’t respond, I quietly opened the zipper, release the penis, or yesterday She masturbates in front of them. I stared at her face like this. Suddenly, her eyes moved, I was shocked, and my hand stopped the action, so she kept the penis to stand at her face. Later I, I can see her eyes rotate in the eyelid. Don’t I woke up her? If she should wake up, she should not sleep so early, she is going to sleep more than 40 minutes. If you are awake, I am hiding now, she can see the penis in front of the man in front of her eyes.

After still 2 minutes, I feel that she breathe is steady, I will be careful to start masturbation, and finally shoot the semen into the coffee cup, this time I plan to test her, let the semen stick the cup Floating on the surface, and finally put some of the semen left on the glans got her drink that she had to contact it. Then I returned to the seat, she was awake, after half an hour, she woke up. I pretend to play in the game, but use the aftertaste to observe her actions. She first looked at the quilt, then look at me, then picked up the cup, and bury his head carefully. I have a bit shaking when I have a bit shook at this time. Suddenly, she took the cup to her mouth and started to drink! I was in the time, surprised, have a delight, and doubtful, it is simply a sudden emergence. She is not drinking this time, and finally until I finished. After drinking, she looked at me again, letting the cup down. After that, she started watching the computer on the seat, and she didn’t have the same. I think this trial is successful. After almost a few days, I will masturbate in the afternoon, shoot the semen to the coffee cup, she will drink all every time.

Later, there were several times, I can feel obvious that she woke up, but she didn’t open my eyes. So I got a bigger. There is a time, after lunch, she and her boyfriend are in the laboratory. Later, she was sleeping, I found it in the coffee cup, I still put it a piece of cream small cake. I immediately felt very excited, so I took the semen directly to the cream of the cake after masturbation, and it can see the top of the top. Sure enough, after she woke up, I first saw the cake, and then she picked up the cake carefully. I looked at me and started picking up the very small two-fork plastic small fork. stand up. It seems that this beauty is good. Ha ha. One day, I arranged turning in the laboratory to talk to her, and later I took the opportunity to want her QQ, I was refused, she said that we interchange the mobile phone number, which is also convenient. So I am joy, thinking that when the appearance immediately began. But later, I received the news from her, of course, it is also a matter of sweeping personnel. Then I started chatting with her SMS, and I have been talking about it in a few days. The topic gradually released. When I took a joke, I took the reaction, she returned to the SMS. She discovered my business, but she said that she didn’t remember, sometimes I feel very excited, but her boyfriend is very good about her, she can’t betray my boyfriend. I told me back to understand.

After that, she said she actually woke up a few times in straight One is not hesitate to open their eyes, because her boyfriend had never seen her, they just kiss up to it, she said she wanted a boyfriend though and she asked that a relationship, but she refused, she said to wait for marriage, but the curiosity of the boys was quite heavy, but later because of shyness and fear do not open your eyes. She also said she had never eaten a man’s semen, I was the first One a. One I heard him say so, she felt very lucky ah. One such beautiful ingenue, but a virgin, even his boyfriend did picking, actually willing to eat a One and she did not have any relationship of human semen. I began to secretly think she’s a virgin and I can picking. Then I began the offensive message, continue to flirt with her. I told her when I masturbate at noon, she can open your eyes. I spent a long time she finally put down the burden. At noon that day, I’m still standing masturbate in front of her, she finally opened her eyes and looked after immediately One eye closed, cute little face suddenly flushed with shame. I feel very cute, very stimulating. I whispered, u touch, she hesitated for a few minutes, opened his eyes, his hand touched my penis under the One, I feel her hand cool, so cool Ah. I stop masturbation, removed his hand and let her hold. She is also the first hesitated One moment after her little hand held my penis hard and hot. I then had carried away, I do tell her I miss her mouth to help me oral sex. She listened, One immediately hand back, shaking his head. I repeatedly asked again after she still refused, then I will semen hitting the cup, she still drank. Night, I gave her text messages, I constantly advised her, her mouth across the United States, oral sex if she could help me I would find very interesting. Returned, she said, since she drank my semen, and I drink directly impinges in her mouth she also lacks distinction. She said she was under consideration, and now can not accept, because I feel so betrayed her boyfriend. A few days later I was constantly advised her, and began to shoot the semen does not give her a good gas gas her. Later, she finally agreed, but said not in the lab, Wan Yi was found would be finished. So I said it in the ladies room.

She agreed. The next day at noon, I was ready to let her go to the ladies room, if no one inside, give me a text message in which she said compartment. After she received a text message that the innermost compartment of the left, I immediately got up and went out, the toilet door began to wander ready to look for opportunities to enter the ladies room. This is also actually met during the Jane’s boyfriend, and offered a greeting to him, with the smoke point, so he came out to talk to him also point irrelevant days. This feeling damn cool, how could he know that his girlfriend is at this time the ladies room, and then one moment will follow oral sex in front of him talking to his men. I wish I could tell him, you are innocent girlfriend a little later will obediently with my cock, eat my sperm up. And, I chat with him, Liu Jia can hear in the female toilets inside. I do not know what mood she is now, ha ha ha. Then I finally identify opportunities slipped in, knocked at the innermost compartment, Liu Jia opened the compartment door. One case I would flash inside and found her head down, blushing, One I hugged her. She pushed me and said why I was so bad, but also to chat with her boyfriend.

I asked her to stimulate it? She looked down in silence, and then one moment, she whispered aloud grace. When she did not go back, I quickly unzipped, untied the belt, he took off his pants to hang on hooks on the bulkhead door. Lao Gao Qiao penis has been directed at her. I said Nixian squat down. She as I say, squatting down. Face but did not dare look at my penis. I said, or Nixian to touch it. Then her hand on my penis, she did not resist, then I let go, let her around Taonong. Her hand began to unfamiliar Taonong, One a girl so pure, so silky hand, any man can not stand. So I suddenly took her, and then one hugged her and began to walk in her mouth wanted to kiss her lips, but not her face to the One on One side, saying nothing parents and said, hickey on his face will be seen. One at a stalemate for a while I gave up and began to attack her lower body, first across the Bottom jeans touched her full round, then another One hand stroked her chest and waist. In the process, her hands never left my penis. Later, I said I die, u hips too sexy, I let her take off jeans. But she said no, only trouserleg touch. Later, no way, I will only trouserleg constantly touching her under the shade, pull the dig. I clearly feel that she came, so I said, u mouth it. I stroked her head bend over and apply the cock to her face, she did not hide, I was under the glans One ran into her lips. Feeling soft, I gripped the cock on her lips, rubbing back and forth a few times, then pulled out because of the excitement, the glans mucus out even between her lips and penis, I feel very lewd. I says you open your mouth latch onto her.

So, Liu Jia was very obedient, I opened my mouth again, I once again wrote the meat stick to her mouth. I feel like it is like a woman who is in the opening. However, this time is indeed a woman, and it is a virgin. I slowly went to her mouth slowly. After entering the point, I feel that there is a teeth. I said, try not to let the teeth encounter my penis, she quickly understood, Zhang Danedi. I held her head with her hands and started to enter her mouth. Start, I can’t put it, I will pick it up, then plug in. I looked down at her beautiful face, I felt her mouth in the mouth, hot touch. It feels like it is going to be ascended. After getting a break, I said myself to move. She then began to take the initiative to swim and swallow my meat stick. Looking at the sexy beauty, I feel that I am the emperor. Later, I couldn’t stand the stimulus, I took her head and started to put her mouth. And it is more than a second, and I have made her 呜呜, and I will come to the throat again and then smoke it. I can’t make cough and hamper. I have seen a long face. The saliva feels the pleasure of SM. Hey, I want to come to her boyfriend, I have such a beautiful girlfriend, I don’t know how to taste it, now I am open, I have put it into this. I hugged her head again, I started to put it inserted, I feel that it is shot, I suddenly put it very deeply, shoot the semen into Liu Jia’s mouth. I feel a lot, I will let the penis stay in her mouth for 5 minutes. I told her to open your mouth and let me see. She opened his mouth with red, I saw the white liquid inside the red oral, very satisfied. I told her to swallow. She hesitated, I would swallow. The experience of this exciting is over. After that, Liu Jia began to give me frequently. I am always looking for a chance to touch her yell, but she refuses. However, if she wears a skirt, I can only touch it. Later, she said that she was very cool, she almost gave me himself, but she still said. I also respect her. Later, I still touched her in her underwear, suddenly I used the fingers from the underwear, and it was simply wet. She felt that I immediately smoked my hand and said that I can’t do this, or I didn’t play. I have ruled some. Once I asked her her own masturbation, she said sometimes. Especially after playing with me, I have to masturbate. I said I want to see her masturbation, I want to see her below, but I was also refused. So I have some ideas, I tell her that she can try to use my semen masturbation, it will be very exciting. She listened at the time, surprised, and then hit me to say that I am bad. There are days, we are in the laboratory, she climbed me with my table. After I shot, I made her not swallow, but I took out the ready-to-small plastic bottle, I made her spit . I told her that she can use this masturbation. Her face is red, saying that she is not. Later, I killed hard, she closed the plastic bottle. I said that I started masturbation at night, gave me a message.

At 12:40 in the evening, I received her text message and said she started. I asked her that she didn’t use my semen, she said that she didn’t know how to use it. I said that I went to my hand, then I took it under my hand. After a meeting, she replied was very exciting. Then I asked her when she was masturbated, and she said that she was only pressed in the vaginal opening. I said that you can try not to insert too deep, just use the root finger to break the girl. She said she try. I told her to stick my fingers on my fingers. She is afraid of pregnancy, I said that the semen will not be pregnant in the front of the vaginal, is not so easy to pregnant, or there is so many infertility. She said she try. I haven’t returned the information for a long time. After about 20 minutes, she gave me a message, saying that she came to a climax. She inserted my fingers in my face in the vagina, I feel very excited, just like I am doing love with me. . At this point, I am also masturbation, I can’t control this text message, I also shot it. I told her, I also shot, I said that I left the semen and gave her next time. She said that I am bad, haha.

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