Article VIII rules and regulations: The school is strictly prohibited homosexuality, bestiality, incest mother and father and daughter, both men and women; by three or more teachers and students to testify after eviction campus.

What? I am shocked to hear these words on the spot, to find a most now see eye girls from yesterday? Ah … let me think.

it is good! Yes, that is her! Yesterday, in the above two classes will deny me raise my girls! Li Jiaying!

So, I went Li Jiaying, she was reading a book on the seat.

“That … students? Now if only u were in class reading yo.” I smiled to Li Jiaying, and her two “girlfriends” said.

“No it? Is there something wrong?” I turned around and asked Li Jiaying.

“… The teacher said that u want to bother to go to the back.” I was a bit shy to say.

Li Jiaying looked at me dripping wet, just finished plug Yiyi, a little semi-rigid lower body, said: “?? What can trouble the teacher told me to do.”

“Teacher ~” I turned around and shouted a voice teacher.

“Xiaomin students, just like you from yesterday Jiaying students do not see eye is it?” The teacher came up.

“Ah, but now she seems unwilling to go back …” I said.

“Jiaying students, the trouble to look back to u.” The teacher said.

“Oh.” She got up when it stared at me, it seems to express very dissatisfied look.

“Come, have yet to find a good target?” The teacher facing the back of five pairs of students said.

“Yes …” Li Jiaying said weakly.

“Well, then please take them as boys just your favorite subject, he began having sex with her!” Under the direction of teacher.

“Clam ~ ?!” five pairs of men and women in unison.

“Hey! There you do this foreplay? Come on to touch people lower body is what?” Assen companion loudly denounced, he seems to choose a tigress … Oh.

Look carefully at the front of Li Jiaying, she found that her condition is not really bad, over the shoulder long hair, facial features, pleasant, gentle and graceful willows Duoliaoyifen than arrogance. Part of the body, chest and almost reluctant, waist and buttocks finer than the willows. But she was reluctant to higher … much higher than the high of 10 centimeters of it.

“Why do I think so? Teacher told you not to do it? You do quickly Ah.” Li Jiaying not care to say.

“Oh.” I replied. In fact, I am the person is very good at rhetoric, so often, can only express my opinion with action.

I first went around behind her, gently massaging her shoulders to help her relax.

“Why do it soon … do … you … like this,” said Jiaying am not convinced.

“But hey, guarded Well … not so strong … to relax before the show is not part of massage do?” I replied.


She did not see much of a fight then, I slowly massaged her upper arm, lower arm to the fingers.

At this point I rested his chin on her shoulder, she turned around and looked at me, and back to face the front.

I gently kissed her cheek, and then withhold her hands from behind her hands, look, back stroking her upper body.

She does not seem like someone to kiss her, do not face over the side.

At this point we are still standing on the cushion, so I suggested that we sit down. She nodded, after Enliaoyisheng sat down, no one thought would sit on my lap, she seemed like a scared, rushed to move a seat, I said okay, sit on my lap.

“There is no other man u touched it?” I whispered in her ear. In fact, I have noticed that she was yesterday, that is, first day of school is the show of hands was a virgin.

“No.” Sure enough, as I expected the calm answer.

“That want to try?” At this point I have no hands on the rules of the bimodal ask her, gently kneading.

“Ah do not want to have to think … Oh!” Jiaying bit helpless answer. Later I learned that she was sent to her mother came to this school, girls’ schools of reading from an early age, she went to high school, the school the next day suddenly to accept a man’s touch, thinks highly of her, how can accept Woolen cloth.

“That we do not guard against heart so heavy, try to accept how each other?” I gently in her ear carefully said.

“Can you?” Her answer is still cold. “No … huh ~” At this time, my hands have been covered in her thigh, gently come to pick up her thigh, just don’t touch her peach blossom.


“What?” I know.

“There …” her face is red, and it is obviously.


“It’s … the following … is not very comfortable …”

“Where is it uncomfortable? How is it uncomfortable?”

“Itch … I can 揉?”

“Teacher, Jia Ying wants masturbation, can you?”

“No 喔 ~ Although there is no rule that you can’t keep masturbation, this is an unstext, who is going to make a masturbation above, but it is necessary to punish boys or girls. But there is an exception, such as boys or girls are not moving. If you come out or a climax, it can be masturbated, but you will deduct points when you score. “The teacher explained next to it.

“Who tells you that I have to be mated? I am itchy, do you want to kneel?” Jia Ying said uncomfortable.

“I am a masturbation! Isn’t it? Um ~” In order to avoid her argument, I kissed her mouth.

“Well! What are you doing!” She said that I launched my head.

“Kissing! What can you do?” I have just replied.

“You … my first kiss is to leave some people … you …” She said with anxious, tears are all in my eyes.

“Then I don’t have it in your heart?”

“Which one you are in the heart! Don’t kiss me!”

At this point, I turned her whole person and was pair in me, the big chicken is on her hole. Continuous grinding, smashing, smashing …

“I hate … You don’t want this … I want to plug it quickly …” Jia Ying is anxious.

“Hey … so, then I will respect, it is better to … drink! From your life!”

I can’t think of her lonely princess, the flower of Gaoling, there is already wet in the honey hole!

“A! Pain! You are a little bit!” She tapped my head, then saw my bloody meat stick, suddenly I didn’t know how it was good.

“The military law has a cloud, a drum is gone, then decline, three is exhausted! Just after the first time I have hurt, I will not be so painful! Oh!” I said to the literature.

“I hate, who is talking to you with a cloud … um … call …” Jia Ying’s face is red, and it is still in the mouth.

“Is it still painful?” I learned later that the melodes sat in the man’s body were actually a painful way. The general woman was lying, and the man slowly entered it from above, and the melon way to every woman dreams of.

“Um … still a little stinging …” She whispered. It’s just a pleasant feeling in the deep breath, so that she has to pursue this pleasure.

“Can I speed up the speed?” I asked.

“If so, will it slowly come?” She said.

“Oh, baby, all.” Seeing her painful look, the brow wrinkled into a Sichuan character, I also didn’t want to think too much.

“Who is your baby … um …” Jia Ying wants to keep calm, but her under the body seems to be sold.

At this point, I have a lighter to see the group.

Arsen has already started to be thrown. They used the back position. I saw that Arsen’s mask was crazy in the mother’s tiger’s body. ! It’s so cool!

Agua is a follow-up teacher, it seems that he has a love teacher … I like old women. Just he was shot by the teacher, but even the teacher was also surprised that he seems to be able to shoot again, the hardness is not reduced. Teacher found that I was watching her, I have reported my news.

The other two boys are flat, there is nothing special place, one is the normal place under the men’s women, one is the ride of ride in men in men.

“Baby, can we change your posture?” I looked a little clumsy twisted Jiaying, proposing.

“? What kind of posture you want?” She asked.

“Let’s change it, it’s good. Is the male in the man, it is relatively easy.

“Hey.” She did not refuse, did not promise, when she agreed! I put her up and lying on the cushion, then … coldly kissed her mouth!

“Um …!” She immediately opened me, then said: “Why do you kiss me!”

“I am unsolved! Ha ha ~” I am picking up.

“Who is unsatisfactory … A … A …” She began to embrace, it seems that my big cock is effective in pairs.

“A … um … … …” Jia Ying continued.

“Call … 妳 … just … 呻 吟?” I am going to do so, I am not satisfying me when I am embarrassed.

“Ha … there …. Otherwise … you have … people … how …?”

“I do … is it cool?”

“There is a little … … um …”

“What?” I asked. In fact, I have always been shallow inserted her. I just saw that my chicken is too thick, and I dare not sit down hard, so I can only insert a half of it.

“Hey ……… I have arrived ……… I am so uncomfortable …” The feeling of the first time, let her not adapt.

“Um … life is first … Top, what … I don’t think?” I asked.

Although my dick is very thick, but the glans is only slightly bigger than the average person, so the uterus of the general girl should take my glans or very easy, and the sensitive point is only more than the glans, so her vast women palace When I stayed in my mouth, I almost I got it.

“A … I have … What … I feel … um …” Jia Ying said that.

“Hey … Sao … put me … this is tight, will there be … I am thinking …” Well? “I asked.

“How to have …

“Hey … Tian A … so cool …” I realized that I was comfortable with Yi Yi, but I used to compare with her, but the first time was relatively loop, there is no hoop. . Perhaps this is the first time that she will have a relationship with her first time?

“You … you … hurry … Ejaculation …” Jia Ying seems a bit tired.

“Um … Yes … I am shot to you … don’t worry … Hey …” I will then put a burst of the homes of Jiaying, shooting out the second Yuanyang today.

“A … A … so full, so hot ~” She seems to be very satisfied.

I found that after this school, I found that I seem to be a little premature ejaculation, maybe because I like the type of favorite – Yiyi, and Jiaying’s woman!

At this time, other groups are still doing, only I am holding Jia Ying, enjoying the remaining rhyme.

“Walk away … Don’t hold me …” Jia Ying pushed me.

“What’s wrong? What is it very enjoyable?” I asked.

“Who! Who is enjoyed!” She didn’t forgive people on their mouths.

“A … A … dry!” Arsen yelled!

“A … I lost … shot it in … … a lot …!” Mother tiger said.

“吼 … … …, so tired!”

After the Arsen was raised, the bell was prepared in the next course.

“Okay, it is over! Go back to the seat, everyone.” Mu Ru Ying pushed the Anguang classmate who was still working hard on her, got up.

After returning to the seat, the teacher went to the podium and then said.

“Now I summarize the next half – I can’t see the results of the people who don’t have to eye. First, I will review the classmates, the students are quite high, and those who don’t like them will use massage to relax the other party’s emotions, and With a love, let the other party relax. And the second ejaculation speed is almost the same as the first time! This is very rare! It seems that there is a feeling of tomorrow’s star! Small people! “The teacher is likely to compare me.

“Then,” said the part of the Arsen’s classmates, Arsen and her accompanying start although the mouth is mixed, but in the end, it is also a quite rare part. It is recommended to increase the abundance of the foreplay. Come on Arsen! “

“As for the Anguang classmate … just asked me?” After seeing Anguo desperately, she then said, “The most people who don’t don’t have the eyes are me … I am afraid I can’t do any more.. Mu Ru Ying said that the teacher said the focus. The face of the Anguang students suddenly became down … “Hehe ~ Kidday!” The teacher will follow. “Part of Anguang students, it is also very good, just excellent in different places, he actually can shoot 3 times in 1 hour, and finally, it will not be weak, quite powerful!”

“Ok, then today’s homework is … record a photo of your masturbating video to everyone! Limited 15 points! Go home to do homework!”

“Hey …” I believe that no one hears the job will be happy.

Get a person information: Li Jiaying, 170 cm 52kg Sanfu: 85 (d) 5686

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