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The following plots, the characters are purely fictitious, if there is a match, they are coincident, please forgive me.

Actress [1]: Weng Yan Autumn [Year 25 years old]

Female support [two]: Wang Li Chun [23 years old]

Male protagonist [1]: Li Yong [28 years old]

Men’s support [2]: Tang Xing [25 years old]

Belid: This plot is to ask a grateful text to learn, and do not seek things. All day will be found, and the heroine will thus produce a slutty memoir that meets all kinds of romantic history.

Li Weiyong is a famous god singer and adult cartoon family, and the home is a single child and the only hobby is a fishing.

Every time I meet beautiful women, I have to get my hand.

Weng Yanqiu is a blessing from a small growth in a tough, but has not yet resurgent, but the young rebellion is driven down, often go to the “MTV” store to see the yellow shadow, and it is often self-reliant, so The shadow is very strong.

Wang Lichun is a foreign maid of the Dou Yu, an ordinary appearance, but the sexual power is very powerful.

Li and Weng’s two are the world, and two hours is also Qingmeizhu Ma, but Li Jiazhi is a lot of business, and the lucky child will move to Japan. I can draw a piece of kung fu. He also has a quite interest in poetry, so Li Father hired some masters to teach him, thus creating him in this regard.

Callo Yong is very strong, so his song, poetry, painting is full of color, and the young generation of Japan regards the lucky achievements as their spokesperson, so it is very supported by young people, and It became their idol.

One day he saw the photo of a child, and a little girl who took him with a photo, she recalled the Qingmei bamboo horse in the past, so they would be determined to go back to Taiwan.

Come and more are in listening to falling, and finally, the emperor is not worried by him. She took a gift in the morning. She came to Weng family. The Qiu Qiu family also went to Japan to find Li Qi, the family is only Yan Qiu and Yumi Chun Two people.

The photo of the child when I took out the photo of Xiaoqiu, and Yan Qiu did not see it with him for twenty years. The father didn’t, I didn’t dare to confirm with him. I don’t have to take a test.

She also thought that Li Weiyong is the idol of Japanese students, lovers, people are happy, singing, and she doesn’t believe that he is a personal call “talented”, she said from the nose: “Picking the flower thief. Look at you Blending big, I dare to blame handsome guys, self-proclaimed songs, poetry, painting, you will take out those who have given me. “

He said that she had to take him to learn to laughed and said, “You are also a good person! We are a pair of natural pairs of underground, people say” talented people “, I still have a pedicure to teach you for life. “

I can’t stand it again. Yan Qiu took him a wrinkle and said: “If you are really a child, I will marry you, otherwise ……..” Dao Yong said: “You don’t have to doubt, I First sing the song, the first poem, I will listen to you and then painted a picture to see if it is true. “

The lucky love is not busy singing “The Carnival of Sex”, Yan Qiusi is like a drunk, the face is also a little red, the pain is over, stopped and said: “I am a charming place for you. Be a poem. “

This thing is true, Shuangfeng, a creek, the spring, the dripping, the whole grass, the water, the fish is difficult to raise the bird, the bird can habit a thousand gold, non-easy to learn more people, “

Yan Qiu listened to the whisper: “Good drop embryos, the dog is really long, I can’t come out.” I also smeared him.

Miss Yanqiu stopped and destroyed him: “Your” sex song “and” prostitute “I have heard, your painting, I want to see it.”

It turned into the willow the waist to put the powder and hips, he would bring him to paint. He has no choice but to play with Tang Xixing to give him paper paper. He smiled and said to Yan Qiu: ” Golden Toy Yushu, do you see it? “

Yan Qiu said: “Less 啰唆! With you, you can.” Yong Yong was immediately painted to see her with his fast painting. “

Yan Qiu is watching him, I saw the golden girl’s portrait, and the golden girl painted like a lucky brave, then the jade girl didn’t hang it, and a little pinched, a bold, two eyes, glaring She is sitting in the arms and glance, two hands, dialing the pussy is facing the thick black big cock, and she is looking into the way. Yan Qiu looked at the powder face, screaming: “You are necrosis …………….”

A drape-like, hugged Yan Qiu, and said: “If you leave it, even the essence of my marriage for you.”

The Qiu Qiu’s mouth is one, and in his iron rod, he said: “This meat is shining.” He smiled in the bed, and the dragon-like is coming with the past, Lu Mountain’s claws travel to Yan Autumn, and finally, the autumn of her pussy is a great finger, and the lips that are touched. They are shaking. I don’t know where it is good. It is oral to be angry, and the throat is very dry, can’t come out, the body is trembled, indicating that I took off her clothes. The vignette is a piece of brightening dress, first by a fresh dress, I saw the swearing peak, faintly in the underwear in sexy tulle silk, and the fine white meat is so beautiful. And noble, the more desires, the stronger, so I took off the dress of Yanqiu, and Yan Yong looked at Yan Qiqi is so well, and wearing a very mini-small transparent but jings, there is a high convexity Plenty of pussy ………… Thinking here, so the sexy lingerie on the autumn, suddenly white thoughts, soft and smooth, round buttons, red, In the middle, a piece of seam is revealed, and the flesh of the red ribbed, like a flowers of the flower race, is in his eyes. He has a lot of color, and you will hold the big mask in the heart. White buttocks are shaking. Semi-autumn slings: “Ah! Li Ge ………… Dear ………… 饶 …….. Rao …….. The sky is waiting …….. Quickly insert it …….. No …………. “

He listened to the two white thighs, let the small hole as possible, let the small hole, come to a hungry tiger, and put the thick and black big mask toward her swell. The pussy of Bib is inserted. When the Yinqi is a pussy, the prostitute is already in the yinhou, so there is a total of the sound of the sound “唰!”.

Yanqiu is unreasonable. This is the first, this coarse chicken is really awkward, and now it is inserted by a large size, straight to the heart, it is equal to the special prize, it is really I am afraid that I am afraid that it is done to do it. …….. Hi finally waited until this big prize. Soon the pain of the pussy disappeared. Uh huh, the waves of the bismuth, the fans are only a silk, but also half hidden, the sound is 唉唉, the wonderful, another kind of sound rhyme, very moving, great Listening to the color, it is also big, the heavy, the weight is not allowed, just heard a series of shackles of yumping sounds, B & T rang, more increasing latte.

Now the mood of the two is not stealing, nor is the destroy of the Commission, but the heart is anger. Lang did not intentionally, so he did two of her two rhymes, and specially selling hard, making the other person to satisfy. Her eyes have been detained like a seam, the thin waist is more urgent, the two hypertrophy! Once one closed, I took the coarse iron stick.

The vigorous heart is drunk, like a mad wild horse, in the wilderness, can not stand the up and one high, the next is that the weight is straight, and the second is so urgent to play, Gradually slowly the spirit is more and more nervous, the meat column is getting more and more hard, the blood of the body has been boiling, wants to be fired to Ding. The body of the two people is about to explode.

There is only a breathing of the reef, and the survival of the reef is hitting the reef. “Ah, …. I can’t help …. Suitable …. I have to lose … . Fast …. Dry …. Pupil …. Fast turns …. Mastering … lost …. To …. lost …. …. Fast Grass …. lost ….. “Finally, the lucky gang smashed a breath, holding her, the big glans kissed the heartbeat, jumped, a string of hot rolling Skilly avatar is like a depression of the bead into the uterus. She seems to have the jade liquid Joan clamped the full pussy, and she will not let it flow outside, so that she suffocated, she is also satisfied. The soul is fluttering. After the passing of the doubles, the lucky love is still not letting the autumn, and the cock jumped in the hole.

The two have a rest and warmth, and the brands are separated from her pair of jade legs. It is gently extracted the mask of the iron rod. It is only to see “Falling in Yin Yin Hong Man”, it is: “In the past, Pukou spent was sent to the River and sent it to the Yangtze River.” He wiped her carefully with her two or two people dreamed of black sweet hometown.

He is in the two or three days of Weng family, and Miss Yan Qiu destroys him to Conghua to say that he is willing to have a long life. When the night two people are more beautiful, they are more giving, and the beginning of the three more men’s love, you send me to bay you, and I don’t know how many times I lost, I will send him out of the door by Yan Qiu. I will go back to the house again.

The next morning, I would like to have a beautiful Chinese Miss Xie Tianxiang. I just had to change the clothes. I feel that my stomach is a bit pain. Who knows that I will be more powerful, my pain is lying in bed, I call it. After a few Tang Xing didn’t see it, this obviously he is not at home, the lucky and painful and angry. I am only afraid that the bed is called: “The dog slaves Tang Xing, the king of the king eight eggs will go to death. Hey! Oh ….” He can’t help but scream, but it is alarmed Miss Qiu’s foreign woman La Lichun, she ran in and asked him what is going on? Didn’t understand what she said, only hurting the treeping angle sweating, the hands of the hands, Lichun looked at his face, the same, as soon as the king was, it was also scared by him. Doctors have forgotten to please.

She looks straight to him, I feel sad in my heart, how can I get a disease? I can’t even say that I can’t say it. How do you treat it with Miss. Her people were more sad, climbed to the bed for him. At this time, there was a fainted, and she surely took his clothes and took off his clothes. Nothing, no redness, She reached out and touched his belly. I only thought it was hot, and I smashed it under my stomach. Hey! That place is more hot, it is more hot than the stomach, and it is hard to massage. She knows that this is what his fatal pathology is here.

However, those heat did not have to decrease, but the strange thing is that the lucky beauty also seems to be a bit better? But still didn’t wake up, her hand kept massage in his small belly, gradually touched by the same thing, starting soft, unimpeder maybe because she saved people, did not pay attention, now The iron rod that gangled, and it was hot and the flame. When a heart, he jumped into the face, and his hands were shaking, and then the brother’s face was also very good. Just gently scream, then it is very painful. She thought: “This is not a way to be a rule? Still have to ask him to see him.”

But what do you want to ask the doctor? Otherwise I will try it with my hometown. But if you think that I can treat his disease, I will not dare to say that Miss Weng will not say that at least in this life is not a problem.

So this lascivious foreign worker is also a spring dream, and the backhand will quietly climb the room from the new custom, she is more sure, and the heart is also happy to be smiled.

Originally, a lot of hardships have been pushed, and they have been a little better. Who knows that she will stop so long and deepen, and the sound of the voice is also big, and the faint disappears can not live with cold sweat. It was not touched by her.

So Lichun took all all the clothes of the lucky clothes, she is so strange that the future of this future is such a good fool white meat? Compared to yourself, you have to be tender! No wonder my lady like this, I have to play all night every day?

Li Chun has pushed in his belly, and suddenly the massage, but every time you stroke it under the small belly, the draggy’s voice will stop, and she will leave the place. It’s so embarrassed, now she knows how to treat his strange disease, she also takes off her clothes, and the defect strip is not hanging, and he puts his two legs and let himself sit up. On the place where his small belly is high, it is the jungle of the grung, and the one who is not majestigious and soft, gently pinch, set, only feel That is hot.

Yong Yong was holding a piece of kneading. The painful voice stopped completely, and the heart of the bra was slightly breathed. When she finishes it, she has accelerated, and she is still taking some obscene guys from time to time. It is also strange! The Saoshui on her body is more favorable than Jade Qoqi, which is more fast than the modern doctor, don’t believe you! This play is jumped in Lichun, and it is easy to jump. Lichun did not expect this game to become so fast, the long hard and hot gluten skyrocket! She is already holding one hand.

Li Chun seeing the spring intention, and he came to get around, and put the cherry little mouth, soared as much as possible, and slowly rising the long and hot gluten, slowly swallowed, Lichun’s The mouth, soft soft, tightly sucking the big mask, then she took the tongue toward the glans small hole, one, so that the luckyness seems to be straight to the bone marrow and Dantian, the itch is really beautiful, he The painful 呻吟 is getting smaller and smaller.

This kind of pitched spring has long eaten this kind of meat strip, the Tang Xing, but there is no strong strike! At this time, she wanted to fire, and then the poetry cave, like to strike a nest ant, there is more tens of millions of crawling biting to make her up and down, so she holds The masher has set a few times, it will stand upright, it hits her place, she gently! A bit bite two thin lips, close eyes, two hands stitch the thick flesh, the waist is swaying, in the midth of the mid, I saw Momo Li Chun, and the white buttocks were shaking.

She then cross the heart of the matter, did not even hum hum, the character is more divided thighs wide open, so that my Hongnen Zhang wide open, the two share more open labia hypertrophy, it a trace of a point of sinking, Oh! The next-inch deep, so thick and long and hard and because a hot sticks, every entered a little, ah hum Ponceau they cry, and when this rough and dark sticks inserted into every inch, feeling a sense legislation Ma, this thick dick really make too much for her, give her a piece of fat finally sew nothing left to eat, but also stuffed the glans four weeks drums chug have kissed flower children, the fear of accidentally worked as head dry arrived in the uterus, some wearing …., heart happy, and she was gently replaced a long breath, and then they show moving stature slender snake-like swinging, swinging Buttocks was very very anxious whirlwind turn, grinding, two Total fat labia sheet die followed turn, thick and an addition of drain gurgling Meng outwardly, downwardly along Flanagan cock. He made it wet on the beach a large belly bulge, then a friction like a soap bubble, but only to hear a string of cloudy water stains stains sound, pitapat Chad Chad ringing, more and more gas to increase sensuality Finland . Ponceau now just felt it was a king, a special prize equal in human treasure not like it in this world full of people there did not matter, if the woman has had a future if it did not it was sad than death mile! Very hot hard into the inside, so that the whole pussy sour itch more sad, more comfortable, and that is more pathetic eat off dead. Ponceau frantically set off with Meng Meng Luanyao chaotic pendulum. There are no fewer than a thousand times, she waves were really fragrant perspiration dripping Jiao blow.

Oh! This way to really OK, “playing into the meat stick Law” was much better than a quack, medical history in China now have one medical law. Li Zhen Yong was that she burst throughput massage, really a lengthy woke up, stumbled to where they feel there is better, then opened his eyes to look at their naked red slip in bed Ponceau this show ㄚ头 naked body naked ah. Sitting in his little stomach set on the Rouzhu straight from the straight sets Mercedes-Benz, and she pretty down a bit leisurely black skin is also very delicate, but this time to see her share of work in bed really quite serious, bulging belly bulge under that piece fat, suddenly before suddenly fluctuated after swaying, hands to the back of the head of a release, the breasts get very high that two mast towering breasts shaking it up and down the rolling, it is truly beautiful great, even take her to make those fascinating look flirtatious light throwing his mouth whispered shouted: “Li Gongzi, elder brother, your sister died of Coke …. …. shabu shabu ….”

Chen Yong no good impression on her this, but now he’s sick misstep here, but has not healed, mentally nor very clear, that kind of animal would attack it, so he hands clasped to her breast hypertrophy Meng Meng rub squeeze, ruthless ruthless twist grip, immediately appear green one red one came.

Hi! This kid really cruel, no Lianxiangxiyu little meaning, that stuff is even more furious, was very high and knocked deeper pierce bother to go down under, but this show ㄚ头 do not care, really too cheap cell, just the opposite blazing like these stimuli, he lit it is great “nature” of the fire, stood by her rough disgusting action, so the scene for a moment, helpless Ponceau saw she was riding squatting wolf their lives a red Nenxue kept filling up and down to get the sets, a pair of pole wave form, really kinky state absolutely shattered, and now it seems the storm-like fornication hunger, sexual secretion which makes Ponceau pussy like cliffs, waterfalls, spring’s anger rose , sexual secretion DC, waves his mouth and shouted: “Oh my God …. …….. Wu Wu Mei dead …. well …. elder brother …. comfortable …. …. ah …. ah ha dry dead …. pussy was dry out and die …. ah ……… “

Chen Yong swing sound caused by the animal, up top and shoved the penis, the glans big hole on the hard grinding mill around in circles. Ponceau by large penis in the hole wall friction, on the hook at the top, a fry meat wave moving forward cried: “Ah …. itchy itch …. point …. dead … . lifesaving Li Gege fast …. …. …. do not wear quick-drying heavy dry pussy …. …. …. to you …. heavy dry …. ….. “

“Ah …. really beautiful …. very comfortable …. …. can point on the day it …. Well …. ah …. Yo …. happy dead …. the …. really …. …. will be inserted at every call I made waves …. ah …. I love you ….. “

“I can not help ah Yo …… …… …… very comfortable to lose …. fast dry …. fiercely pro …… fathers …. fast forward .. violently lost ground …. …. …. to lose ground …….. …… sub fast …. lost ……… “so Chen Yong straight until the disease is completely healed. She also escape the general thick thick white pulp filling a whole body relaxed his wits.

She also refused to rely on him down, stroked his delicate skin, affectionate cried: “Chen Yong Ge, I’ll give you cure the disease, how you should repay me, He wanted to take her away, suddenly he heard her say, they startled hesitated just my stomach pain was going to die, how she suddenly began to climb on me to that thing?

She lewd chuckle a few times, a curl one’s lip children, he said: “? As long as you do not mind my words, the future need me despite the orders soon as you can, given my best to pay, pack your straightforward, it really okay.”

Since then, there will be a lot of sophisticated objects.

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