Since I do business in the Mainland, I have always been very comfortable. Many of the temptations of the northern little sister have not affected my loyalty to my wife. But since the appearance of Xiao Jing, I am completely betrayed that my wife in Hong Kong. I am in Shenzhen, I’m collecting her golden house, which is commonly known as “bag two milk.”

Xiao Jing is the female minister of the Senior Restaurant, the first time I saw her for the first time, because she was exactly the same as my old lover, even the pear whispered look.

She is very Si Wen, generous, and is gentle and body stickers. The old lover of my love is in front of this year. It may be the return to me God today!

I am loyal to me, I finally made something sorry, and I also tried the taste of love. She is not a north girl that is generally sold, she is a female student at the school gate, because she is very pure, we have developed very smooth.

When I first explained her clothes for her first time, I felt her shame, charming, and a fresh breath. I have a white and tender young, the impulsive is not allowed, and maybe the fragrance on her is fascinated, I kiss all the places all in her. At the same time, she also desperate her breasts. Her shame of her light.

I finally let my organs entered the little and narrow place. I just entered a small part, she has already appeared.

“Xiao Jing, is it very painful!”

Xiao quietly contains tears and said: “Oh! There is a little pain, but I like you!”

Her Mandarin is very nice, and the voiced breath, I am more excited, like a hot rod. I slowly advanced, she grabbed the bed, the upper lips bite the lower lips, I stopped, pity, jade kissed her.

“Xiao Jing, I also like you too!”


Finally, I was completely entering, and the expression of Xiao Jing also began to soothe, and the mentality of the meat was slowly relaxed. I looked at her as a silk, Xiao Xiao pear turning, pretty men could not resist.

I started to twitch, the narrow channel prompted me to swell faster, she also twisted her body to refill it.

“Ah!” She was painful by pain, maybe this is the must-have of every girl. But I am completely traded, and I am getting faster and faster. She is very stimulating.

“Ah! Four brother!”

“Xiao Jing, what do you feel?”

“Ah! Tour brother! I. No. Don’t be tight!”

I swelled very quickly, and I was too discouraged because Xiao Jing gave me the stimulus to have it before. I fell down, I saw the bed in the bed, I understood that Xiao Jing was the first time. I am grateful to kiss her, maybe this is a fate, a beautiful woman, actually fell in love with me this woman.

Since then, I am in this place, I am like a glue, I will throw my brain in Hong Kong’s wife. Every night, we are all inseparable from standing on the ground, gradually she knows how to be gentle, and the service is thoughtful.

I really like to kiss her, her mouth is beautiful, it is like a blue, it is really rare, and the small tongue is even more important. I have always given the north girl in the impression, it is a realistic, but I have no feelings, but Xiao Jing has never given money to me, really semi-confident. Is she true for me?

Once, I returned to our love nest between Hong Kong. Because I know that many “two milk” will use the time to return to Hong Kong everywhere. So I went back, I knew Xiao Jing to my affection, the door pushed away, the scene in the hall was unexpected.

Xiao Jing actually sat up, weaving a small sweater, her warmth, I moved again. I am happy to kiss her, she also catering me, kissing each other.

I pushed her to comb, pressed her, watching her face and said: “Xiao Jing, you are really awkward, I like you!”

Xiao Jing’s Wen Wenxiao, with a protected bird, I kissed her crazy. Although, she has kissed many times, but I still can’t let go, we can’t turn over the floor of the lobby. Roll over. She kissed me, I lied in the sky, she kissed my face, neck, ear beads, I feel a burst of pleasure from Dantian.

She is gently kissed, and the jade hand is careful for me, strokes, this is what I teach her, gradually, she began to understand the initiative, and the movements of strokes are also familiar than the first time.

The soft finger gently sealed my meat stem, and the rapid jump became very high. Her body retreats slightly, Xiao Tsui kissed my chest, and jade hand wanted my little bag, I also excited to pinch her breast.

Her fingers are very photographed, slow sweep, gently bombs, this situation is more than stroke. She is in my little belly, I know that she will stop every time this point, because she doesn’t like to swallow my little things. So, I don’t bare her. Every time I get here, I will cross the body, and I will finish the end of life. Who knows, this is unexpected, and she actually, the lower, and the stimulation makes me expand quickly. Then, she was willing to contain my glans. She gently squatted in my hard surface. Her little tongue was slowly squatting, but I was impulsive as a volcano is about to burst.

Her Tsui is very cute, she is so comfortable, looking at her tongue to circle on my glans, I have an unbearable excitement, although she has not yet included my things, but I am already satisfied. Because of her pure image, I am willing to be so embarrassing.

She opened Xiao Zaisui, slowly incorporating it, this taste is really good, she also poses casual burning thing to her powder face. At the end, I have been ecstatic. This is to describe my current situation, it is the most appropriate. I also embarrassed, to vent my inner excitement, but I am a strong impulse, enjoy this soul. She looked at me and kissed. Finally, she actually engulfed. She is the first time for more than two months, I am very excited, although she doesn’t know how to deal with, I have slowly twitch. The degree of excitement makes me unable to suppress, I have to vent!

“Xiao Jing, I want to spray, you!” I want to ask her to remove it, but she didn’t, but I can’t continue to endure, I will take it out, I am fully affected, but she completely .

She continued to succeed, until my glans did not be jumped in her small mouth, she was still tightly. I get the biggest enjoyment since my life.

“Xiao Jing. I love you, I will always love you!”

She will give me everything for me. She wrapped with a warm towel and wrapped in a place, this feeling is very good. She is like a bird, I am in my arm, I kiss her forehead and knead her long hair. Her mouth reveals the breath of my semen, but I have already kissed it.

Xiao Jing is not only sweet, but a long haired woman is not as good as she is clean and supple, I am caressing, really love is not released.

“Xiao Jing, you have not comfortable!”

“Tour brother, I love you, as long as you are comfortable, I am also comfortable.” Her speaking is not big, but soft is like listening to music, I like this girl.

Her thigh is gently looking at my body, the finger touches my waist, maybe I like Xiao Jing, I will take a break, I can’t hold her again, and she is also passionate about my four lips. Her little tongue smashed her mouth, I also desperately smashed her fragrance, very fast, and the drooping thing was hard, and it was more burning than the first time.

“Oh! You. You are so bad, so fast!” She pushed me away, gently turned, this kind of feeling that she wants to welcome, I am more crazy, more exciting. I fluttered with her, hard things tightly stuck her soft butt, and the hands were smashed with her soft and elastic breasts.

“Xiao Jing. I will give you comfortable.”

“Oh! You want to be cool, but also deceive people.” Her charming is very natural, not too much, there is also a feeling of flirting. My nervous kisses her ear beads, she moved my attack after tight.

“Ah!” She was born.

“Xiao Jing. You are really happy.”

“Tour brother. You. What do you want. You have just been out!”

“I. I want to swallow you.”

“Ah. How do you like it?”

I turned over, and the body climbed up. I gave me the body. I will rub her body in the bottom of her body. Tsuka is kissed her eyes. Her eyelashes. Her nose, the remaining hand all dials her chest.

quickly. Her breathing began to rapid. My hand began to explore her place, a sensitive place, she is very rhythmic. Her hob tongue is looking at the dry lips, she is looking for my tribe, she wants me to kiss her. Because she has such a need. But I am very picking up the fingers, she also sucks, I will take another hand of the other hand into the vagina that she hides, and slowly appreciate her desire to sublimation.

Because of my prelude, she is very enthusiastic, her face is red, her body is twisted, there is a feeling of marginality.

“Tour brother!”

“Oh! What to do!”

“Hey! You are bad! You know, you will have to get people.”

Yes, I know that she really needs, I need me to enrich her, but I am slow, I have a heart to take her. I said: “I don’t know what you want? You said.”

“You. You!” She didn’t say it as ashamed, but the jade hand desperately pressed my hips to squeeze her place, I still deliberately traveled near her.

“Tour brother, you go in!” She caves for me, moved to me.

Pity Xiang Xiang Yushen Summary I can’t bear to tease her, let alone her is my favorite woman. I took a deep breath, then I went straight to Huanglong, completely borrowed her deepest uterus. She frowned, her mouth half opened half, and her hands tightly grabbed my ass. This feeling is hard to describe, but I know that she has found a rich source in the margin of empty. Completely enriching her happy and satisfied.

I just sent it to go in, holding her soft body, but I don’t have a taste.

“Oh brother! Why don’t you move!”

“Xiao Jing. I am appreciating you!”

The small and quiet micro-tiles of the eyes were closed.

“Oh! Come on it. You are bad people.”

Hard things have helped her warm place, gently touched her pretty face and appreciate her Pendulum. This feeling is very good. Really there is another taste. It is very different from the feeling of ventilation, which is very different. This call is very enjoyable. Intermittent moves one or two, the quiet is more enthusiastic.

I kissed her, and my baby, I like it, I took her face and then bite her lips, really.

“Touch me.” I caught her hand down.

“Hey. Good hard!”

I have retired a little, and I have shown my greenery. She took the initiative to see my kiss. I know that she is most needed at this time. I started riding the horse. Start sprint. If her body is soft, I am crazy. The lipped symphony sounds sounds. The rhythm is slow. Her Arna’s lower limbs are catering, in capture, half-opening half of Xiaozui is squatting, low yelling, motivating my desire sublimation.

The climax has been connected, she is looking forward to the most rare moment, I am ready to go. The spray of 湃 is raging, and I hysterically hysteit, and I will completely transfer to her.

“Wow!” Xiao Jing also called, the warmth of the warmth is like a shell. Sweating is tightly hugging me, she seems to take me in it.

Strong and powerful launch, still beating, she hugs me more tight, her kiss is like a rain, this is a reward kiss! She got a good climax, I also poured in her arms, I gasped each other, I was alert, and I saw this unforgettable artistic conception.

I have retired! I am lying next to it, so as not to keep the lotus too heavy, I am absolutely hoped that she gets happiness. She slowly got up, takes warm towel, then apply this place for me, this is very comfortable.

Xiao Jing has completely entered my life, she is more important than my wife, not only in the sex of sex, not only the daily life is not yet. Everyone’s hobbies are also very identical. When we are idle, we will cook together to burn Cai, share dinner, and taste endless.

After dinner, we started to make love. He has been happy to sleep, and the warmth of the warmth is very happy. However, I can’t divorce my wife, and Xiaoshou. I don’t want to bear the crime of giving a wife, because I can’t lose the quiet, my wife is also very important in my life. Because she is a new couple who works with me.

I finally thought of a good way, I would like to let my wife also walked out of the small frame of couple sex, I would like to let her contact other men, so, even if you are, you will know that it is, you can’t get it. Too big wind wave. I admit that I still like my wife, but Xiao Jing is too tempting for me.

In a hotel in Thailand, my heartbeat is crazy, it may be the relationship between emotion! I pushed the door, and I walked to the bedside, and I cached see a wonderful figure. She is my wife that I have been coveted.

He Tailai is a beautiful woman, she once gone, and I wanted to be non-non-not. She is also the old lover I have been in love. Women who make my little quiet are also her. At that time, we have already contacted each other’s body, but they didn’t go to bed. Her parents are too poor, and how to marry her family environment, but now is now only a senior staff in my wife.

Now, I can embrace the beauty of this dream, I really have to be happy. I can’t wait to kiss the past, fragrant cherry, thin lips, and I have a good comfort.

She catering me, because she thought I was her husband, this way to steal the dragon turned the phoenix is ​​what I think, it is very exciting.

I always like Mrs. He. Her charm has long fascinated me. After a few times, I also like my wife. So, two men will come to a century agreement, implement new ideas, which is also a wife. But we are all afraid that the wife is not happy, so I have to implement secret exchange, borrow a trip to the name, change your wife.

First of all, our two couples participated in a tour group, deliberately chosen the hotel room next door to facilitate our further plan. There is also a feature of these two rooms that can be interoperable on the terrace.

During the day, everyone has played, and the name of the name, my eyes have stared at He Mrs, the fantasy looks at the midst of the night, and I can’t help excite the inexplicable.

Sure enough, our wives were sleeping, He Wen and I exchanged the room, we touched the other party from the terrace, making a wife in the dark, I don’t know, I don’t know.

Mrs. He is very attractive, watching her swaying body during the day, but now I can touch it. It turns out that Mrs. He is likes to sleep, because I have a touch of silk, so that the silk is immediately impulsive.

I don’t dare to say, because I am afraid that she finds that I am not her husband, I slowly kiss, slowly. I am so obsessed with my embassy, ​​and she is so exaggerated, I am happy to go in. She seems to be a little bit by me. Gently called “Hey! Oh!”

She leaned his legs, and she seems to be eager to send it in, but I deliberately pick it up, I want to get this little prostitute.

“Ah! Husband.” Her voice is so stimulating, she is screaming, the voice is a bit weird, but I have the impulse of the husband and wife, I can’t take much.

Since the time, I appreciate the two slender two legs, so I must sip, kiss the thighs, I am squatting between her legs, her sound is also screaming.

“Oh! Oh! Husband, come!”

I am also emotionally, the sword is pulled down, and I have to burst something to send it. He was finally invaded by me, this stimulation is difficult to describe, I’m taking, so that I will suffer from the old time. In the past, I can only think about her, now dreams come true, I am a confidant, I am going crazy, and she will do it once.

She also cacked the ground and I did it, maybe she thought I was her husband, so there is no doubt. At this time, my mask was deeply inserted in her body, and her fortress finally gave me completely occupied. This desire makes me want to live. I want to invest my most valuable things into He Mao’s body. To her most deep. I am selling hard to tick me like it is like it.

“Ah! Shoot! Shoot!” I excitedly shouting her waist on her vagina. Finally, I have vented it.

I still hold her tightly. He said: “Al Wen, how to do it tonight, you are cool, you still don’t let me get up for you.”

Said that she suddenly opened the light, under the soft light, I didn’t have anything even if I turned.

He was exclaimed: “Aunt, how can you be you!”

I quickly put a bath towel and said: “A Feng, your husband and I have an agreement, he is sleeping next door! I don’t believe me to take you in the past.”

He Tai Taichen also put on a bath towel and touched me from the terrace. I gently open the door, pull it with his wife’s hand, quietly walking to the bed.

At this time, the bed, the bed, my wife is forgetting me! The cloudy light, I saw the two overlapping people, but the masculine in my wife was inserted in my wife, and my wife sent out. Criteline is clear. I have a heart, let my wife know that she is in harmony with others, so I will open the light.

The two of the beds were shocked. Especially my wife found that her hocked man is not me, she eats his hands, and Zhang Big does not say anything.

I don’t say anything, just pull He Tai Tailai left the room, coming out of the original road.

Out of the door, I closed the door, then stopped, and Mrs. He said quietly at the door. I saw the man explained to my wife. Later, my wife seems to be accepted. So, He Wen rushed to my wife. His Yang has continued to pump in my wife’s vagina, my wife’s hand stretched into the bed, and the lamp in the house was extinguished.

I took He Tailai to the house, she took the door, this little action brought me infinite joy! This evening, I don’t know how my wife and what I have spent. However, Mrs. He has understood the truth of the couple, and her luxury and enthusiasm immediately, I can’t help me. Although she is married to He Wen in the stress of the family, I still don’t forget to me and her first love. There is a lover tonight, and it is natural to be happy and happy.

When I returned to Xiaooti, ​​I am still recalling Mrs. He. A Phoeni, which is naked, is more mature than the quiet, and the performance of my bed is not as good as she, at the last night at the journey, she almost completely Take a lot, I have a bit. Fortunately, I haven’t married him to be a wife, otherwise it will change people.

Xiao Jing and my wife are different. She will never ask any need, but he has heatedly accepts every time that I have a rain to her. My wife is never accepted. A Phoenix took her husband and my wife’s bed to go back to the house. I immediately finished my blow, and I had a few times a few times and I would finish. However, only Xiao Jing allows me to shoot in her mouth.

My life is finally known by Mrs. She asked Xia Jing, at that time, I and Xiao Jing were very nervous. However, when my wife has seen the quiet, I will allow me to continue. It turned out that my wife has already checked, I know that she is infertile, and the virtuous, she also thinks that I have a child, so she wants to be a small session.

Xiao Jing finally gave birth to a son, but I have also respectable guests from my wife and her.

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