Part 1

In July, the Taipei, with a 30 degree afternoon, I am sweating.

In fact, if the Rachel hit the inexplicable call, I should be comfortable, blowing cold, drinking ice black tea, looking at the wonderful cable TV. It’s really …., but it is good, the opportunity to wait for a long time is today. I touched the pocket. The small bottle of medicine seems to be out of the unlimited benefit, raise the soldiers, and use a soldier, maybe you will play. I can’t help but smile, I don’t seem to be hot for a while.

The walkie-talkie passes the richel ripe and sexy sound, and then she opened the door to let me go in. The building of her house is located in the high-end residential area of ​​Nair Lake. The entire appearance and public areas are watching through the famous family.

Luxury, not keen, very style. She lives in the highest fourteen floor of the building, regardless of living space or vision landscape, is the general urban residents dream of. Out of the elevator, I saw her door is already unscrupulous; with the iron door and wooden door, but I can’t see her in the living room.

“Steve, you take a look, I will come down.”

The sound is a bit breathing, it is probably the gym in the upstairs, is it? In fact, her body is already the best in the woman I have ever seen. I really don’t understand why she still spends so much time. Sports, maybe this is the reason why she has such standards ?! I will go to the piano of the living room, play it with the hometown; a ratmatic hometown is over, and I came from behind the stadium.

“It’s good to play, but the endding place seems to have a little strange …”

Rachel wore a rhythm and slowly walked downstairs, and a long-selling, revealing a junk, slight sweating on the forehead, and she rubbed with the towel around the neck. I can’t help but swallow the water.

“Really ?! You have given it to me again!”

She smiled and nodded and sat on me. I know her for so long, this is the first time to sit so close. I feel that her body has passed the vague scent, and the heat after the movement is almost almost melt me. Her slender fingers flying on the piano.

“The three lords here should not be consumed, and you will be able to bring it.”

She looked at me seriously. I laughed and nodded:

“Yes, the big sister is less learned, and it will be improved in the future.”

“Don’t you really eat n ?! What do you want to drink?”

“Is there a Coke?”

“Sure, I’ll BE Right Back.”

Her age is two years older than I am two years old, so my big sister will not suffer at all. Looking at the back of her into the kitchen, it is a good masterpiece !! The standard modern female body, slender, not too thin, well-known three, especially the low thoracotrane wearing today, if the ditch is hidden, old God !! I seem to have to explode.

“Sit, I will change clothes.”

She has two cups of coffee in the living room, laughing and telling me.

I sat on the sofa and looked at her again and went upstairs. The woman is the biggest difference between the girl is a woman’s move. It is always slow, and the unique elegant is very exciting, the little girl is always jumping, it seems that it is not the same. Drinking a mouth, suddenly thinking, isn’t this a long time? I took out the small medicine bottle in the pocket, dripping the five drops of medicines into her cup, slightly shaking the cup, completely seeing Traces of hands and feet. This bottle of medicine is the classified advertisement purchase, never experiment, I don’t know if it is really like the “three-minute effect” in the advertisement?

She changed a set of long T-shirts, wide and loose home clothes, sitting on my opposite. A good woman is going to do everything, and the double peak is on a thin dress. As her movement is, it is really impossible to say the sexy.

“Is it busy recently? I haven’t contacted it.” She put her head and said.

“Fortunately, I just came back from the United States a few days ago.”

“I see you simply do american, running to the United States day until you come.” She smiled and said.

“There is no way, the customer always specifies to talk to me, otherwise I am really tired.”

“I have a friend who has opened a trading company, which is very important to have this kind of person. Are you interested?”

It turns out that this is the topic today. In fact, the company is good for me, work is quite full, I have no intention to hop in a time. But the opportunity is always a chance, you can talk.

“Okay! You can talk about it! Even if I can’t do it, I may introduce someone.”

“Great, I will talk to the other party tomorrow, do you talk about it?”

“Sure, trouble you.”

She has fun and drinks a lot.

“No problem. I have been worried that you don’t want to talk about you!”

I drank a bite, she didn’t seem to find anything different. How long will I seize? I am in my heart.

“What is the problem?” I smiled.

She laughs, sweet, suddenly brows wrinkle:

“Strange, is a little dizziness, is it too much?” The body slowly returned to the chair.

Effective! I carefully observe her expression:

“What’s wrong? Do you want to be tight?” “It doesn’t matter, it will take a rest.”

“I will help you to rest. Is it really nothing?”

“Really. Sorry, trouble you.”

Gently put her, I met her body for the first time! I feel so good. Before going to the stairs, I found that she had already can’t stand, the weight of the whole body was on my body, I just said:

“Rachel! Rachel!”

no answer. I simply took her up, I went upstairs into her bedroom, put her on her bed. Although she lives alone, it is visible to the attitude of life quality, and the even bed is large. Looking at her is lazy, my brow is slightly wrinkled, I started to do her arms. Take off her t-shirt, in front of my eyes, she only wore a white meat, a round thigh, a flat belly, and my mashed underwear, my hood is hard. Gently touched her, unlock her bra, and then turned over and fade her underwear, she is naked.

Part 2

It’s really a little bit! It seems like a statue of a well-known body proportion, and the bright red nipple stands on the round breast. It is not a giant halver. It is just the one; there is a grungy hair between the two legs, dense Covering the important part, I am separated by her feet to the biggest, and her ecstasy is not reserved in front of the eye; her laborary is very young, very sexy, gently separated, it is her vaginal mouth. NS. The entire Yin Department presents pink tones, I can’t help but doubt, is she still a woman? Anyway, I will know. I took my clothes on my two and three, and I gently climbed her body. I started kissing her nipple, one hand, one hand included, then lick from her neck to her lower abdomen, she started breathing It’s time to make “um” sound, I will continue to go down, pose the tip of the tip of the tongue, picked with a few times, her body has shaken with my movements. From the vagina, there is an obvious, and the jerk is also obvious.

I saw the opportunity to mature, pressed into her body, grabbed the mask, rub her pussy with the glans, her movement is getting bigger and bigger, the sound is getting bigger and big, the apricot seems to open, but it seems still not very

Wake up, I can’t bear it again, and I am sure about her vagina and gently send my mashipry. Slowly send it to the bottom, no obstacles. I couldn’t help but excitedly in her body; the thermal baked vagina contained my mask, so comfortable feeling, I quietly tasted the happiest feeling in this world.

“Well …. Ste … Steve …. Steve …..” Her consciousness is slowly recovering, but there is no meaning of a little resistance. I kissed her gentle:

“Rachel, are you comfortable?”

“Steve … good … comfortable ….. Good .. Comfortable …”

I can’t help it again, I started to take my hand and slow down; I will come back to the end several times. She can’t help but twist her slim waist like a snake, with my action. After a few minutes of pumping, she issued a nasalnone:

“Ah ……… um ……. Steve … Steve …”

With the sound of “. .. ..” from the Yin and Yang Monitor, her bed sound is so moving, I can’t help but vent it.

“Ah … rachel …” I slept, shot to her uterus.

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at it on her; I said that I said to her, she suddenly made a hot lip to my lips. I stayed, looked at her twice, with her lips and enjoy her enthusiasm. Two people tongue in your mouth restless churning, long time, and they parted, both gasped.

I slowly out of my penis, lying sideways on her side; she also immersed in the joy of just finish, gradually, her back to his senses, she opened her eyes, whispered to me:

“Steve, you …….”

“Rachel, I can not help …. You too attracted to me.”

She slowly closed his eyes and sighed softly:

“I’m so sleepy, lie down with me, okay?”

I brought her into your arms and gently kissed her forehead, cheeks, her hands, I also held me naturally. Gradually, her breathing was very urgent, my lips found her lips, and kissed his passion; her lips were hot, I know she is ready for the second round. This time she is completely awake, I want to give her a perfect happiness; my hand began to attack her breasts, gently pinch her nipple, and touch her little abdomen all the way to her. The index finger finds her yukin, slowly stimulates her most sensitive part. She began to whisper, the body could not be trembled by the autonomy, my fingers felt warm obscenities gradually flowed out; simply using the index finger and refers to her vagina. She snorted, tightened me, I tightly took her hand to my hiang, I also moved it, she held my mask, gently put it and down, my baby is like her. One, soon, I’ve gotten up again, ready to give her a good time. I got up and pressed on her, rubbed her inside of her thigh, even on her labipings, and her groa was getting more and more loud, especially when she met her genitals; she suddenly I hugged my name, called my name:

“Steve …….”

I know that she is already needed, but I know if you tease her more, she will be more satisfied, I put the mask flat on her yin, affectionately kiss her, and tease her with my tongue; her The body is hot, the tongue cooperates with my moves, and the body is not instant to twisting; I said to her:

“You take me in …”

She gently clamped my glans using her hand, brought to her vaginal mouth, slowly plugged into the meat hole; I can feel that the roots from the glans are slowly covered by her wet hot walls. . She is satisfied, I decided to change the tactics. I have to complete her for a short time; I took the mask to only the slam left, and then rushed once, this way is the so-called “so-called” Hair, “I started to save, every time I got it, she was crazy, and the show was full of face, and the two hands were shaking the wrinkles of the sheets. I was inserted once. Shouting:

“Ah … ah …. ah ….. …”

Her pleasing sound made me couldn’t help but ejaculate; I quickly used my mouth to make her mouth, didn’t let her make a sound, she still can’t help but send a rhythm:

“Oh …. 唔 …. 唔 …”

Her lower body cooperates with the rhythm. I have a lot of comfort. I saw that she was immersed in the sea, I slammed the ten, and finally I had to eat.

“Ah …. Steve … ah …. I … I can’t …”

A strong thrill of a sputum is straight, and the hot semen will shoot into her body. She can’t move, the forehead and the body are squatting, the genitals are moist, and her prostitute mixes some exquisite semen, which constitutes a moving landscape painting. I looked at the side of the bed and gently wiped her body. She opened their eyes.

Watching me deeply, grabbing my hand gently:

“Steve, I am so tired …. Hold me?”

I put her gently; I know that I have got her heart.

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