It is an annoying rainy day. She is on the way home, and the drizzle of the silk is on her body. She can’t help but begin to hate Taiwan’s weather. She walked away, there is no one in the road, and there is no sound. I came to the smile between men and women, let her remember him.

I have known him for three years. She only has him from the university to today. She didn’t pay any boyfriend, she didn’t think about other boys. In fact, she couldn’t divide himself. He happened to have a relationship and then in love with him. After some, she will feel very embarrassing, I don’t know if I am doing love, I love sex; some, she is in love, I found that she loved him, but she had to communicate since with him. And the classmates in the class met, I got a boyfriend, lost my friends, and worth it? She doesn’t know, she is also confused.

I walked into the apartment and returned to the rental.

When I entered the door, I was hugged behind, the familiar lips, the familiar kiss, the familiar man is holding her.

“Are you cold?” He looked at her with affection. It is this passionate look that she lost herself. She shook his head and saw his face pale.

“Are you riding a car?”

“I will not be bitter!” He would talk so much, and he said that she pulled her into bed and smiled and said to her: “Come, let me help you change clothes!”

His hand is in an unique, saying that he wants to help her change clothes, but it is to help her take off. When I think about what he will do, let her lower abdomen pour a hot flow, slowly flowing into the arms, she knows, it is ridiculed. “You are not ok, how can you wet so soon!”

“Is it wet?”

“Okay, it is best to wet into bed!”

In the blink of an eye, she has no inherently, she is ashamed with two feet with two feet, watching him take off his clothes. His skin makes the sun, the wide shoulders let her see the fans, the warmth of the small abdomen is over.

He slowly slowed down and rose between her two feet. “Ah!” She called out, the electric shock-like pleasure shocked her along her clitoris. His hand is still gently teased her nipple and let her body produce a burst of convulsions.

He looked at her little labipings, put a few water drops in light pink, like blooming flowers under the dark lights, “Your little girl is so beautiful!” He climbed him, the whole person pressed in her. On the body; she is suffering from breathing, but in the suffocating oppression, she rushed to the safe feeling, she took him: “You have to remember this bed, you want to remember me forever. ! “

“Silly children, how can I forget you?” He gently kissed her nose, affectionate eyes melted her.

His passionate lips walked on her, she quickly forgot everything, as if there is no such world.

Her knee is hot, the hot swelling feels let her want to find something to try, “ah”, he still goes.

In the enthusiasm of the two, she has forgotten the shame, melting in his arms; the slippery lascivious water flows to the bed, the impact of his return is always so powerful, and her brain is blank; sudden A dizziness, she hugged him tightly, and the two static came down. She is lying in his arms, listening to his heartbeat, as if the world has stopped for her.

“Remember the days we just know?” He said.


“I have been three years since I have been three years, I have been so fast, I really hope to be together with you forever.”

“I also hope ..”

“If I have any accidents, you have to take care of yourself, don’t let me worry!”

“咦 .. 呸呸 呸, don’t say no glow.”

The phone sounded, she ran out, one end came from his mother’s voice, his mother told her, when he riding a car in the afternoon, it was dead.

“Aunt, you are laughing, it is possible! He is still here now! I told him to talk to you.”

She ran to the room, I saw the empty room, and the snow-white sheets also left the slopes, but there is his trace?

The rain outside the window is still under, and the three years is really fast, so fast.

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