Everyone has a woman in the unit, and my two women in our unit are also in the sky, and Yang Hao is one of them. Yang Wei is 34 years old. Although it is not a top beautiful, it is very tasteful, very resistant, and is extremely good, 163 cm, 101 pounds, small breasts, weak waist, slender legs, people can’t help others I have a challenge, and the penis will be moved. But Yang Yanyheng is proud, it is not easy to close, but the more like this, I will think about Yang.

Yang Wei and I am not a department, but Yang Hao has our wet. On this day, I am willing to look at Yang Lan’s account. Suddenly I am surprised. It turns out that Yang Wei has made a fake account, which is more than 10,000 yuan. After the shock, I am also happy, this cold beauty, I finally grab your handle, see what you do.

I copied the book once and then said to Yang. Yang Wei was scared to have a lot of color, and he looked at me with a cold and cold beauty. I just said: “If you want me not to say it, go to the opposite XX hotel open a room, put the room number Tell me. “

For a long time, my mobile phone finally rang, “1012 rooms …” Yang Hao’s voice is hard to hear.

I bought a beer and snacks to the room, the door didn’t lock, Yang Wei sat on the chair of the window, Yang Lanzhao chased the yellow hair, the upper body wearing a white width sling, hidden energy See the silhouette of the cream, the bottom of the knee is the soft silk green skirt, showing the double-legged calf, enough is a pair of black tall heels, lining 163 cm body more difficult.

The perfect melon face is not surrounded by the fat, because the heart is heavy, but it has deviated out extraordinarily.

Drinking in the east, I am not anxious to Yang, anyway, all the prey, I have to enjoy Yang Yu. It’s almost two hours, and the wine is almost almost, my lust is also swelling a little bit.

I put my hand in Yang Yu’s white and delicate hands, Yang Wei was shocked, hurriedly took the hand, but was tightly tightened.

“Yang Wei, in fact, I like you for a long time, you promised to let me once, I will guarantee you to keep it secret.”

I taking advantage of wine.

“Little Nie, forget, I have my husband, I must think about it back …” Yang Wei lowered.

“Everything is here, you may not understand what I want to do?” I squeezed into Yang Gui, grabbing Yang Yu’s small shoulders.

Yang Wei twisted into my body to get rid of me, but I put the bodies of Yang Yu, put the top of the penis that has begun in the past.

“I promised me once again, I didn’t tell you” I smell Yang Yu’s fascinating fascinating body fragrance, I am willing to pull Yang Yu’s head, and kiss Yang. I don’t care about Yang Hao’s resistance, kiss her scent, open her teeth with tongue, and go in. Yang Wei’s mouth is like alan, and there is a very fragrant taste of warm temperature wet, “gave me the tongue” I order. Yang Wei was forced to put the incense into the mouth, I suck it, stirring with Yang Yu’s fragrant tongue, put the smear to her mouth, let her eat.

Looking at Yang Yan became blush and cheek because of shame, I seem to be in the dream. I have an emotion of the chest, relax as much as possible, and the clothes are separated on the Yanglun soft breasts, and the soft, soft and textured breasts make my body’s blood. I feel greedy, put the penis into the buttocks of Yang Lan, because Yang Guo took a bra, I couldn’t find Yang Hao’s nipple, I will put it in her clothes, reach into the breast, play Yang Yanya made a full-hearted breast milk, like kneading the dough, and enjoying the full feeling.

Yang Wei wants to speak, but the tongue is being tangled by me, only a few “um …


I took the soft waist of Yang Wei, and finally pressed Yang Yu’s soft slim body in bed. I hotly expanded the penis in the top of Yang Yu’s soft flat belly.

I am in a hurry to open the cream of Yang Lan, take the shirt from her head, Yang Yue Xue white breasts immediately exposed to my eyes, towering breasts, a pair of red compact nipples with my breasts Holding a mature woman’s unique body fragrance …

I swear to kill the boiling of Yang Yu’s soft breasts, pinch the red nipple, and another player can’t wait to extend to Yang Wei’s lower body, I opened the thin skirt, squatting Yang Yu’s Yin, Yang In a pink underwear, it is seductive, I pulled down her underwear, and the hand stretched into her mysterious generic.

Yang Yun’s weak body is all exposed to my eyes, beautiful curve, exquisite body, exposure. The thin waist, abdomen, slender thighs, born children’s body not only did not wait, but more mature, more attractive, Yang Wei’s breast towering, and full of soft, two legs and tender, with age Growth, Yang Wei’s body, more full of mature women’s charm. Yang Hao’s lips are very dry. Because there is no little prostitute, my fingers don’t leave into her vagina, I just feel that it is tight and dry, a hot fantic finger.

Since the closed vagina has been suddenly inserted into a finger, Yang Wei is ashamed and hurt, the body is staggered forward, but because I was pressed closely, she naturally couldn’t break away my fingers, mouth “Hey … …” The pleadings of “…”

My fingers began to flush back and forth in the vagina of Yang, from time to time, and slowly drain the ladle. Slowly, the vagina began to wet, and there was an indiastry to make my fingers on a smooth.

At this time, my penis is already hard to the limits. I want to be more and more strong, and I don’t know what you have pity. go.

As Yang’s scream, Yang Hao’s body was quite quite striking, and his hands were weak.

I separate Yang Yan clamping thigh, holding her slender waist, feeling she is sobbing, but I hold the penis with my hand, move my butt, regardless of my penis to her vagina With the vibration of Yang Yan’s body and her pear flowers, I kept pumping with a strong pleasure.

At the same day, Yang Hao, I found that Yang Lan’s batch is so comfortable, smooth, soft and warm, the insequence, the sense of rubbing, and the lubrication are all advised. Although Yang Hao’s vagina gave birth to a child, it was loose, but it was soft, very warm, very moist, very lubricated, inserted very comfortable. I only thought that Yang Hao’s vagina took my penis to take a way, and I can’t say it.

I feel clearly the soft body of Yang Hao, I feel that Yang Wei’s vagina is constantly caught, sucking my penis. My glans felt Yang Yulin’s hot tight sensation in the depth of 15 cm in Yang Lan’s body, where the penis was wrapped around the penis and hot-hot vaginal cavity meat, comfortable, as if there is no longer there It is true that only the hot and soft attraction comes from that place is true.

The desire of my whole body has been brought by this. Yang Hao’s vagina is very tight. I only feel that Yang Wei’s vagina is packaged in my penis. It is very wet, very warm, clamping the penis, bringing me quite pleasure, I I don’t have to put it inserted.

“Ah … ah … good pain … Tap … ask you to lightly …” Yang Wei called. Yang Hao’s eyes closed, frown wrinkled, his mouth was talented, and the face was unhappy. I never thought that this usual style, cold and cold beauty, today in me The stem is so poor, this brings me unlimited pleasure, I have a more powerful, and Yang Yu, who is in the day, dead.

I divided Yang Yu’s legs to the most, and put it on, put Yang Yuli to the prosthetic V-shaped, who brought to the most open, I squatted in the two legs of Yang Wei, plugged the thick penis to The deepest.

Yang Wei’s hair is closed, and the slightly lips makes poor 呻吟, Yang Yu two white and tender thighs are raised by me, the white flesh is shaking with my buttocks.

I made the yin of Yang Wei to make a stamping action in again, and put it on the front and rear, and sometimes the coarse masks into the vagina, then twisted the butt, let the penis in Yang Yu vagina. It is a half-rotating stir-hit …

Yang Wei’s lower body has been completely under my control, I have stirred up, Yang Hao issued a string “Ah … ah … good pain … light …” The pleading sound, soft body is not autonomous The spasm, and I put all the nerves in the squeezing of the glans with Yang Yu vaginal wall, each of the thrust, and the thrust breath and extremely enjoyed the thrill. Although Yang Lan has born children, it is still quite comfortable, and the muscles in the vaginal muscles are good, the touch is excellent. My glans is in the uterus of Yang Yu vagina, so that this is unbearable.

I looked down at my day Yang Lan, Yang Wei’s laboray, with my flipping, my penis was also invaded by Yang Wei’s obscenity, and Yang Hao’s breasts were constantly shaking, Yang The neat hair is also messy, all kinds of situations, let me be more excited, I have more powerful day, Yang Wei …

“Ah … pain … Tight … I beg you …” Listening to Yang Wei’s pleading voice, I get together, I have exhausted the penis, every time I have a day to the uterus. Deep, Yang Wei’s reaction is also more and more strong. She grabs my shoulders, squatting … I was caught like Yang Wei, but I happened, I used to be, and I used to be hard. Pointed her nipple.

“Ah … good pain …” With the scream of Yang Lan’s almost sorrow, my penis is also hard to the extreme, watching Yang Xiaojiao twisted, neat hair is messy, the pain, humiliation Yang Hao’s breasts have been turned out of hard and rudely, and the lower body is even more shaking. I strongly, and the big movement has gains the bed.

Yang Hao began to have a few screams of intermittently. Later, he only kept screaming, screaming, a high, I accumulated a few weeks of wisdom, all of them, rudely Impressed her delicate body, Yang Wei was almost fainted almost too late.

My rough penis is deeply deep in the vagina. Yang Wei’s red vaginal mouth flipped with my penis, flourishing out of the vagina, the milky white shining lascivious water, has been covered with both sides of the ass …

When I got, Yang Yu sent a “blade, blade”, my penis was covered with Yang Len Jingying’s obscenity, shining, and took Yang Yun’s tender meat, and heavyweight. Send it back, Yang Yufeng’s double peak also jumped, and the long hair of Wufeng blocked Yang Yan’s beautiful face …

I adjusted the posture, and the legs of Yang Yanyu were still inserted and turned back and forth. “Ah … ah … ah …”, Yang Wei once again.

Really can’t help but go! I bite my teeth, and then make it more than ten, a feeling of ejaculation to the glans, the blood is full of brains, the penis is bigger to the most, Yang Wei seems to feel “Don’t … don’t Shooting inside … Ask you … Ah … “At this time, I got these, I killed Yang Yu’s floral waist, do my best to do her …

A hot fine is finally sprayed, and a shares will shoot to Yang Wei’s depths. I only feel that the penis has a twitching, and the glans is hot like a volcano, spraying the fine semen.

“No … ah …” Yang Wei screamed, twisted his body, desperately wanted to get rid of me, glanced on his eyes, looked at me, obviously, Yang Hao knows that the penis in her body is ejaculation She pushed me desperately, and the tears spread from the beautiful eyes. I screamed, and all the semen were all shrouded in the depths of the vagina in Yang. At this moment, Yang Yu tears flow, the whole body falsified, two hands tightly grasp the quilt, the calf is shaking, the pussy is in the sputum, humiliation is helpless absorbed the semen I shot in. I jumped on a walk in the deep jumping of Yang Yan’s narrow vagina. Yang Yan tightens the body, crying …

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