I am a lawyer, which happened before a few months. That afternoon, I went to the square, but I accidentally found that the open-air café on the side of the square is actually sitting a beautiful beauty, big eyes, high nose, curve, and wearing a lot of milk white professional sleeves. The slender legs are elegantly tied. This kind of temperament, the girl is my favorite type, especially her pair of legs, and straight, I can’t help but imagine my own mask plug-in to the beautiful two legs. The most beautiful fragrant scene, I don’t know, I have a hard pants. I can’t wait to rape her right away.

I think of a good way. So I went to her, politely said to her: “Miss Hello, I am a police.”

She looked at me and showed a doubtful look. I took out the forged police officer to quickly looked up in front of her (sometimes for the convenience of evidence, we will carry this forged documents with you, and the average person will not pay too much).

I said: “There are a few questions I want to ask you, please tell me to a bureau, I will not delay you for a long time.”

She is not awesome, but she still agreed, I got my car. When driving, I still sneak her legs from time to time, and the narrow skirt wrapped her abdomen and hooked a very sexy line. She asked me at this time: “Is it a very serious thing?”

I said that I said: “Wait until the bureau will say it again.” Then she will no longer speak.

I am going to bring her to a villa in Pudong. It is a real estate of my client Li, and he often takes the woman to night. We are iron buddies, so I also have the keys there. I parked the car at the door of the villa. I opened the door to ask her. She found that it was not the police station. I realized that it was cheated, it was struggling to go in, and I still hooked there. I surely hose her, throw it into the bed of the bedroom, and then put her down her body.

Her beautiful big eyes are full of horror, she said: “What do you want to do?”

I put my hand into her narrow skirt, stroking her, said to her: “I want to fuck you.”

She is hard to ask me, began to struggle, and push me out. I took the fruit knife to her white neck, threatened her: “I dare to cut your throat.”

She is afraid, I don’t dare to move again, I’m shaking. I slammed her milk, said to her: “I have to blame you to blame you too character, I like you, see you want to furtink you.” Then I ordered her to stand up, I was cold. Coldly said: “Take off the clothes.”

She took her tears and took off their skirts, leaving only white milk and underwear left, her double-arm shouted in the chest, saying that he refused to continue again. I won’t worry about her hand, I pulled out her milk, and two fresh breasts were bonded away, and I was jitter in front of my eyes. Her breast shape is really beautiful, round, full, firmer. I immediately held two tits in one hand, and I took again. My mouth first is greedily licking all the beautiful faces, lips and neck, then concentrated on her tits, I have a nipple sucking her, with my teeth, gently bite the milk tip, the other hand in her The other side is squeezed on the breast.

I turned the attention to her, two jade legs were like a flawless beauty, showing a dazzling light. I slammed the beautiful panties and separated her legs to both sides. The banned fruit of the beauty is in front of him. I have already wanted to fire. I can’t help it, and the hard-tested mask is inserted into the vagina that is still slightly dry.

The beauty hurts, and I am sinking me. Beauty is a beautiful woman, even the sound is very sexy, which is not only able to treat her with pity, but more stimulating my beast, so I have been more vigorous to do a more vigilance. Every time I put it, I only leave half a glans in the vaginal mouth, and then I will complete the whole root in the end, two hands knead her abdomen. Such venting methods have got a super pleasure, and the beauty of my husband was also carried out continuously, and DC.

I shot a deep semen in the vagina, I quickly smashed the 阳 具 精 精 软 软 软 软 软 满 是 是 是 是 棒 棒 棒 棒 棒 棒 棒 棒 棒 棒 棒 在 棒 在 在 棒 在 在open.”

She seeing that I want her to blow, hit her mouth, and hurt his head. I pinch her nose with my hand. She will not breathe, I can’t breathe, I have opened my mouth, I immediately put the meat stick into her sexy noise. The beautiful girl is full of meat, I have to use the tongue to pick it up. Although there are women who have paid for me before, but never feel so cool today, a sexy sexy beauty is blowing for me under my forced, her expression is so unhappy. I feel that the meat stick is like a big rose in her warm oral, I even slowly pumped up in her mouth, fully enjoying her stuffy tongue and my meat stick tightly wrapped the wonderful touch. One of my hands holds her, her breast is like a cotton shot, and the shape is constantly changing in my hands. ※ JKforum.net | JKF Czech Forum I quickly shot in her mouth, white semen spilled out from her mouth. At this time, her look is really a wolf and sexy. I played another two tits, and I got up and put my clothes. I opened the beautiful girl’s bag, found her ID card, the beautiful woman named Yang Qian, 26 years old, than I was one year old. I found her mobile phone and wrote her phone number. At this time, the beautiful girl lying in bed, the beautiful big eyes looked at the ceiling, the tears of the eyes were still visible, the sweat wavy waves were messy after the brain, the two stunned milk is full. My teeth print and handprint, the bed under the body is single and wet.

I took her face and said, “You can put on your clothes, go to the door.”

Beauty is somewhat exhausted, I am sitting quietly. Her milk was pulled by me, I can’t wear it again. I took her underwear, and there may be my semen, she asked me to give her panties.

I said to her: “What is afraid of, there will be no one to reach your head into your skirt.”

This woman is not like a strange man who has been raped, and the posture when wearing a skirt is still so elegant. And from the color of her expression and the expression of the lab, her sexual experience, which makes me feel more excited, and then beautiful women have been played by many men, it will inevitably disappoint. Such a wonderful woman, I will never let her escape my palm.

I pinched her hip peak in her ear. “Baby, wait for my phone.” Then I looked at her sexy back gradually disappeared in the night.

After this, I am busy with a case about inheriting disputes, I have never found her. Until one night I accompanied by a restaurant with customers in Pudong, and later I went to Lee’s villa to overnight. I saw the white milk cover and underwear who left the beautiful woman in the bedroom. I went to my milk in front of the nose. It seems that there is still a beautiful milk in the top, I took her underwear and rubbed the mask, looked at erection I can’t wait to put into her vagina soon.

The next morning, I dialed Yang Qian’s phone. She later said that it was extremely angry: “You have a rogue, what else, I want to go to the Public Security Bureau.”

I easily smiled and said, “What do you have anything, do you have evidence?”

Yang Qian didn’t talk, I will continue to say: “I want you again, see it in the door of CCB after 5:00 pm.”

Yang Qian said: “I won’t go, don’t dream.”

I said: “You can’t let you go, I will not let you have a good time.” I hang up the phone.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, I drove to the door of CCB. I didn’t have to see Yang Qian. She is wearing a white silk shirt today, a black short skirt, a black high heels, making 1 meter 70 she looks more tall. Of course, it is still the most beautiful legs that exudes a dazzling sexy light. She saw that I didn’t speak, but I opened the door in the position of the car.

I held a steering wheel in one hand, and the other hand didn’t idle, but opened the beautiful short skirt and touched her thigh. Yang Qian wanted to move the leg to avoid my harassment. I used to hold down to let her lose it. She can’t help but only let my hand on her thigh. I took a while in my smooth and delicate thigh, I slowly touched her inside of her thigh, and then the whole palm wrapped the beauty of the private part. She said that she said: “Stinky.”

I took her to the villa, like a handle on her, hugged it, threw it on the bed of the bedroom. I quickly took off my clothes, and I had a high-quality hierarchy, although she was still trying to resist, but she was soon being pulled out of the shirt and skirt, just when I was ready to pull her small panties. She actually took out a condom to let me wear it, it seems that she is ready to prepare. I don’t like to use this, I will throw the condom and say: “Do you use this, then say how enough.” I put her legs and put it on my shoulder, canavel.com let her small hole Overhead. My glans gently rubbed on the edge of the small hole, not anxious to enter, while stroking her legs and said: “Baby, I have to go in.”

Yang Qian is close to his eyes, watching her expression seems to endure great pain. I will get rid of painful masks deeply inserted into her small points, narrow and tight, it is really cool. I am in her vagina, and two hands grabbed her breasts, and squeezed and pinched like grabbed the grip. Yang Qian began to endure the sound of ourselves, and later did not blame it. After inserting a few tens of times, I turned over the beautiful body side, and she looked up with her legs, and put the mask into it. This posture plugged in a little hard, but it can be very convenient to play her milk and buttock. Every time I plug it, I use it hard to take her abdomen, and I have been inserted too much, I finally shot out.

I am in Yang Qian, she is also panting. I bite her earlobe, one hand playing her tits. I said in her ear: “You are so beautiful, I want you to come with me every day.”

Yang Qian said: “What did you do? How can I open Audi A4 police.” I said: “I am a lawyer.”

She disdains: “You are still a lawyer. Why are you shameless, do you have a girlfriend?”

I kissed her lips and said, “You do my girlfriend, I love you.”

She said: “You go to death, hooligan.”

I insert two fingers into her vagina, stir slowly, say: “What are you doing, so beautiful.”

She said: “In XX (China Famous Communication Company) company to do customer managers.”

I 揶揄 She said: “Is the customer manager not to be senior three?”

She said anger: “I am not that kind of person.”

At this time, I just took a slightly reacted again, I will take Yang Qian’s jade hand, let her hold the mask. This time she is very obedient, not only holding my mask, but also understands the top. Soon the mask is raised in her hand, I let her go back to the bed, put the butt high, I will go in. Every time I will make a clear impact, her big white butt is hit by me. I took her two tits from behind, and I pinched the nipple with my fingers. I hugged her beautiful butt, I used it hard to do it, and I took it at once.

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