From the beginning, my daily fantasy object is Qi Qi. Her body is very beautiful, although the breast is not big, but as long as she is round, powder red face, big snow, the big, but a small and bright cherry, all men want to put her in bed A big one.

She has also been turned over by many people. I often can’t help but print her mouth … Today, I finally couldn’t help but decided to rapely there is a cute girl in this 10,000.

Qi Qi wearing a pure white school suit today. After a busy day, I saw she dragged the tired pace from the school to her home.

There is a quietly followed, I saw Qi Qi stopped in front of the house, opened the door with the key. Never let her close the door.

I am in my heart, I have rushed to Qiqi with high-speed speed, Qiqi said, I passed the footsteps and panicked.

At this time, I have rushed to her, and I was silent in Qiqi’s belly. I saw her pain almost even screaming. Only “嘤」 “, the whole person fell to the ground Pressing the belly, I grasp this opportunity and then dragging her into her room.

I put Qi Qi in bed, sealed her little mouth with tape, so as not to call my good thing.

I bullish her hands on the four-corner of the bed. Now this beautiful Qi Qi has moved, and the big character is lying on the bed, and the big eyes full of fear, I think I seem to be the same class. But this is useless, she has only look at how I will further deal with her.

I am not rushing to play with her, take out the camera that I bought specially bought special time for this action, rack Qi Qi on the bed.

Qi Qi said my report, my heart, my heart, in fact, I did have premeditated, today is the return of the bed, I am sitting on the bed, with hand caressing the small breasts.

Small! Touch only thirty-inch. I asked her, I don’t want to be me, right? I don’t want to rape, right? Qiqi is sealed, I have to tear.

It is said that the white skirt on Qi Qi is finished. I saw Qi Qi wearing a pure white girl, and the pure white girl underwear, and it was a banch. Qi Qi struggled, but it was in the hands and feet, and everything was not unbelieved. I broke her breasts with a knife and pulled down her underwear. I deeply sucked the body infected with her underwear.

I put Qi Qi’s underwear to leave the bag to remember. Naked Qi Qi has lived in front of you.

I took out the camera and didn’t stop taking pictures, and I took Qi Qi’s naked photo, Qi Qi continued to struggle.

I said to her: ” 妳 妳 扎,

Qi Qi gave up struggling, I went in bed, with her nose, pierce, and absorb her virgin.

I gently separated her two labips with my fingers, observed the inner environment, Qi Qi’s vagina was very narrow, only the coarse girl of the atomic pen, and there was a bloody film.

With the observation, I have been sure that Qi Qi is still a virgin. I asked her that I was in order to determine the answer. Qi Qi’s title is, I have the opportunity to perform my God’s work. I put the tongue into Qi Qi’s Taoyuan Cave, Qi Qi Tong Hall is one of them, I am constantly taking her yukuclear with the tip of the tongue, only Qi Qi is like a tide, soon spread out of the transparent love from the vagina Come.

I took my mouth to the pussy of Qi Qi, and I constantly sucked her love, think about the love liquid of Qi Qi, who was emerging, so excited. I saw that Qi Qi was not shaken by me, it seems that her body is quite sensitive.

I took off my clothes, unlocked Qi Qi’s feet, and saved Qiqi a pair of snow-sluggish thighs and separated from it, one side on my shoulder.

I grasp Qi Qi Xiaoxiao’s young breasts, biting her pink nipple with teeth, and tightly pressing the body of Qiqi, a young body. I didn’t say something, Qi Qi has clear my intentions, constantly making the final struggle, can be used, Qi Qi’s pair of jade legs have been told by me, the flesh is tight, there is no effort.

I am so struggled by Qi Qi, because Qi Qi has a more further stimulating my desire, and finally Qiqi gives up the rebellion, soft soft in bed, look at me with sorrowful eyes, eyes angle There is a tear, a pair of disposal.

I will insert a little penis into Qi Qi’s vagina, waiting for the moment to come.

I have a countdown, five, four, three, two, one, followed by the whole force, the dick put the vast female film in the thunder, insert the end of the vagina, Qi Qi’s vagina is the most beautiful girl I have encountered Netline, every time you enter the penis, bring it closely rubbed with the meat wall, even if you are faster. I am constantly flipping with a deep gesture in the brightestness. Qi Qi’s body quickly bowed to the realistic, flowing out a lot of love, supporting every one of my penis, and seeing your own flesh is raped so much like tide. Misciful Qiqi is not added, the pain of the opening, the psychological shadow of rape, the flesh to play, everywhere, 进 进 进 小 小 小, 不 争 的 身 身 玩 玩 如 如 玩 快 如 如 如 如 如 如 心The tide, Qi Qi times will hurt.

I know that Qi Qi’s body is sensitive, so double stimulating her sexy belt, ear bead, neck, nipple, waist, butt, inside, labia, and lips, I am playing with a lip and fingers.

Qi Qi has been excited to keep the whole body and keep moving. I immediately pulled the rubber cloth on her mouth, forcibly put the tongue into Qiqi’s mouth, and smoked Qi Qi’s stuffy tongue. Just got Qi Qijiao, “Yeah ~ Oh ~ Ah!” The incense tongue is made by me to play with it, Qi Qi’s meat is constantly contracted, squeezing my penis.

I said to Qi Qi, it is time to give you a souvenir, so that you will continue to vigorously thrush.

Qi Qi was also can’t help but breathless.

Just in the moment I will reach the climax, I found that Qi Qi had first reached a climax. I took her and put the penis into her uterus deep, said to her, I have to have my semen in my life, and I took the depression of Qiqi’s uterus.

Qi Qi is in powerless lying in bed, is it a happy feeling? I asked Qi Qi. For yourself be raped to reach the climax, Qi Qi is ashamedless, I will solve the rope on her hand, and I will walk along with the camera along with the camera.

I want Qi Qi to apply a bath liquid on my breast, then rubbish my whole body, the kind of pleasure makes God.

Immediately, she asked her to clean my dick, Qi Qi contained my penis, picking with the tip of the tongue, making me feel like tidal, soon it is in her mouth. I am sitting in the bathtub, drinking Qi Qi, sitting on me, ordered her criminal sitting under my penis.

Qiqi is forced to listen to my life.

We sat in a man in a man in a man, in the bathtub, sit in Guanyin, starting the second round. I have never lifted Qi Qi’s double peak, my fingers pinch her nipple, even the thorn stab, Qi Qi unconsciously twisted the waist, the pussy buckled my penis, picked up, pleasure, one waves, the mouth Still don’t stop: “Ah, oh, ah, ah …”

Qi Qi was in this case, accepted my third ejaculation, this bath foot washed for half an hour, I have to use the tongue to use the dried water. I dragged Qi Qi back to the bed, I have to stand on my feet, and the upper half is lying on the bed. I took her waist with her waist, and the dog was used as a third rape.

Qi Qi has been lost to the woman, but her vagina is still more narrow than a lot of women, and it is a natural beauty.

I don’t stop playing with her, Qi Qi has appeal to resist, let me play with her body. I quickly made the fourth ejaculation, watching Qi Qi’s beautiful flesh, the pussy is red and swollen by three rapes, and there is no longer playing in a short time, but unfortunately, my want fire is still not satisfied, still uses different The way of rape Qi Qi.

This night I made a total of three rape, one blow, two masturbation, one breast, a total of seven times, not only Qi Qi was so weak, I also had a soft feet.

I looked at Qi Qi full of my semen, quietly left.

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