Xiao Yan is a classmate of our university. In the opportunity to drink drunkenness, I accidentally had a relationship with her, and I have a different feeling with her. In short, I really want to be on her every day, Xiao Yan It is a super-white girl, 161 cm, 46 kg chest, 33C, she is wearing very little girl, can go out in summer, and the focus is that she hates pants, so I see her every time. It is so sexy, and unfortunately, when she met her, she is a boyfriend, her boyfriend is two years old, then her boyfriend is already working, the monthly money earned money, it is given to him, it is there. The feeling of husband and wife, and live together in renting houses.

I have no difference, 180 centimeters 74 kg, the physical style is also OK, the most important thing is that the girls say that I have a big cock, it should be big, but after the arrival, I have always like it. Xiao Yan, in addition to encouraging me to grab her, now think about it, the process is super painful, because you start with him at first, I have to endure another boys, I feel that I am like a child. . I have been going to school together during the day, but I will go out in get out of class, but after taking her home, she is another person. She has never let me go to her place, and her boyfriend is called her, I can’t say a sound. .

I think I feel that I am idiot. I can’t do it again. I can’t do it again. I have put a lot of feelings for her. Later, I was discovered by her boyfriend. I have the existence of my characters. I must leave me. He tried to say to me. Have a few times, I hope to follow me as ordinary friends, I always please don’t, can’t let go, and I will lie to the hotel or my home, do her, may My bed kung fare is better than her boyfrierie, which can make her don’t make a while, but she then rationally defeats the sensibility, and I will want to leave me, I have been trying to let her boyfriend give up her first? Because I can’t help it, I am too hard.

Until a day after the day, I was riding her to the beach. This time, I came to the place far away. Xiaojuan said to go home before I said eight o’clock, because she wants to go back to boyfriend, I I have no problem with him, I have finished dinner, I took him to the sea and walked. At this time, he called, I didn’t know if it had a megaphone, or the sea is very quiet, I can actually hear the male voice. Male: “Baby, where are you!”

Xiao Yan: “I am shopping outside”

Male: “Who!”

Xiao Yan: “Follow another friend”

Male: “Is it! Where is it?”

With my position, I really hope that he quarreled with his boyfriend, noisy, it is best to break up, so I deliberately start singing songs: “About eight points will go back”

Male: “What is this sound, is it not going to with that person?

Xiao Yan: “En” 说 吱 男: “You will come back now.” Going back, I can see him is very careless, but my heart is stealing, I want to reach, because I returned to her home from the seas, I will go through my house, I am thinking about it, I can’t go back, I want to go back. Take it, I will say that my stomach is good with Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan also knows that I have gastroenteritis, saying that I can only go home to the toilet for five minutes, I promised, I returned home, I put her bag The bag is taken, and he is really waiting for me outside, and there is nothing outside. Xiao Yan has arrived many times, so she is not unfamiliar.

No one in the family, so I went to the toilet on the second floor. In fact, I entered the room to put the undergail and change the shorts. I would like to stop the little 小. After five minutes, I walked downstairs, small Sitting on the sofa of the living room, she saw me downstairs, so he got up and said! I said, wait, she is standing before the sofa, I am very unhappy, what happened, I said I said, I have to eat a medicine first, so he sat back on the couch, I went to the kitchen. Vitamin and a glass of water, walking out next to her, put the medicine and water in the coffee table, Xiao Yan said with me, you hurry! I can’t wait, I heard this sentence, I immediately overwhelmed Xiao Yan on the sofa, I kissed her, Xiao Yan has always played, opened my kiss: “What are you doing!” “

Xiao Yan: “You are like this, I have to go home I have”

I: “Is it not told me to see something? I still can’t wait.”

Xiao Yan: “I am not thinking so! I am called you to eat, not eating me.”

At this time, I did so much. This day, Xiaoyan is a small shoulder and short skirt wearing her love. I grasp the tits of Xiaoyan right away, and Xiao Yan is very strong to turn away from me. I stood up, I am going to get out of the gate, I hold her waist, let her sit on me, and stick it into the clothes, grab her tits, and tease her nipple, I saw him Swinging her body, trying to break away from me, but with her body twisting, I didn’t leave his tits, I have been poked Xiao Yan’s teat, slowly Xiaoyan’s body is not twisted so strong Xiao: “Don’t In this way, I can’t stand it, um! Well! “I found that the nipple was the sensitive belt of Xiao Yan. I saw that Xiao Yan began to make a lascivious sound. I thought it was a success, so my right hand left the chest, and I started to put into the Xiaoyan underwear. Putting her little hole, the left hand continues to touch her chest, the tongue licks her right ear, I saw Xiao Yan slowly start comfortable, but the ass started shaking, grinding my cock, I know Xiao Yan started Discumed, maybe I took my underwear, she especially feels today! Of course, I can’t let her down. I didn’t let her suck my dick, but directly put her pants, let her take her directly on the back of the sofa chair.

When I changed other postures, I saw the mobile phone in Xiaoyan bag, and my heart gave a bad idea, so I made Xiao Yan on the sofa, and my feet were kneeling on the ground, and I also kneel on the ground, inserted from behind She, I extended his left hand and pick up the small bag. Because the bag is behind me, Xiao Yan can’t see it. My dick is constantly impacting the ass. It turns into a sensuality woman, I am desperate, I picked up the phone, quickly find a call record, replay to her boyfriend: “Only, have you arrived?”

I: “I am with my boyfriend!”

I quickly bent down, and I grabbed the chest of Xiaoyan in my right hand. The left hand took the phone in Xiaoyan’s oblique rear. Xiao Yan: “Well! Well! Well! Of course you, I have been inserted every time you Soon

I: “I can’t hear it, you speak again.”

Xiao Yan: “Well! Well! Well! Your dicks are the biggest, I seem to be inserted by you every day, do it, force”

M: “Dry! What is the sound of the sound of the sound:” Who you want to play again “Xiao Yan looked back at me again, I was holding her mobile phone.” “Xiao Yan is really a saga, running every day My family gives me, Xiao Yan, you said yes! “

Male: “Operation, you are doing my horse! Dry, you have a kind of now give me now”

Xiao Yan: “Stop it, you have to play too much.”

I saw that Xiao Yan began to climb forward. When I left my cock, I certainly couldn’t give up, so I went to the front, my right hand slammed her hole, left hand put the phone on the sofa, and hit the left tits. I: “Do you really want me to stop? You are in my hands in my hand!”

I didn’t stop left and right, always keep the chicken bar hit the status of the little butt, Xiao Yan said a few seconds Xiao Xiao: “Well! Well! Well! Don’t let me go home!”

Me: “Do you really want me to stop? Then I have to pull it out!”

I have seen Xiaoyan and climax, say this sentence: “Well! Well! Hello! No, I want you to continue to plug me”

Xiao Yan: “Don’t leave me, I can’t you, A! A! A! It’s coming, A!”

Male: “Operation, I am a dead goods, actually give me a green hat”

Me: “Come, call him to listen, listen, when you are doing, do you have more cool?

Xiao Yan: “Um … um … um … so cool”

Male: “Dry! We break up!”

I: “Ha! Xiaoyu is very cool! What do you want to say!”

Xiao Yan: “That … just … divide ……

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