Lily said: “Wei Shao, I don’t want to go to the nightclock again, you are called another one!”

I took Li Lili, and she yelled her: “You don’t sit on the stage, how can I pay for me ?! You have to take advantage of the students now, earn more money.”

At this time, a high-spirited woman appeared, the melon face, long hair shawl, wearing a purple dress, only to see her white calf; but from her about ten inch height estimates, she must have a pair of legs . I hope to her chest and speculate on her 36C size. From her face, John 3, four years old. This woman drinks me: “Do you do my student!” Although she said loudly to me, her voice is very nice, I am very interested in her.

I am talking to her: “” It turns out that Lily’s teacher, how do you call? “

The woman said: “My surname is Chen. You are almost, otherwise I call the police.”

I smiled and said, “Oh! It turned out to be Teacher Chen. Lily will be tested, I will test her test, she actually does not understand, I will teach her for these educators.” Then I used intimidation The tone is asked Lily: “Is it? Lily!”

Lily whispered: “Yes, yes!”

My teacher said: “I heard no! I asked her physiological common sense, the man’s cock cluck into the woman’s ass, the woman will there be a climax? Chen Teacher Chen, what?”

Teacher Chen is red, saying: “Eight! You talk about these underflow, I will call the police immediately.”

I looked at her whole body and said, “Okay, I am going. There is a meeting, Chen Teacher.” At this time, I have a plan of marriage of Teacher Chen.

I have a warehouse, I am sending or sending orders here, there will be dozens of men listen to my command. In my control, I don’t say it is that district), I manage all the Yellow, gambling, poisonous and murderous matters. During the warehouse, there is a bedroom, there is a big bed in the middle, there are many large blocks around you, so that I can appreciate the sexual partner from different angles when making love. There is a small cabinet next to the bed, there are many sex wearers. Opposite to the bed, there is a TV that can watch DVD, VCD and video tapes. Of course, this is used to see the four-level disc. More importantly, there are four very hidden camcorders, the switch is controlled by my voice, used to take countless fragments.

Three days later, I was sitting in the big bed, Lily is only under underwear, sitting next to me. “Oh, hey!” I heard the knock on the door, I know that my prey has come. Sure enough, my two men and two women and two men came in. Teacher Chen is wearing a white silk shirt, black short skirt, black stockings. Through her white-shirt, you can see her bra, which makes me very excited.

Teacher Chen said: “Some of Li Li, my students saw you under your hand, catching Lily.” She saw Lily only wearing underwear, screaming: “Lily, did he have a little more ? “

道 道: “No, I haven’t done it, I am waiting for it. I am called the hand to tell you that students know, let you find me.”

Teacher Chen said: “What do you want?”

I took two palms, and my other six men appeared under, eight, and caught a student every two. They pushed the other two female students to me.

My teacher said: “I think your student sister helps me out.”

Teacher Chen said: “You are gallbling, I will call.”

I smiled and said: “Ha … Teacher Chen, do you know what is” Mountain High Emperor “? We have a gun, and the police have not arrived yet.”

I took another two-way palm, I started to force the school uniforms of two female students under my hand, and I hit Lily, kiss her face.

Teacher Chen said loudly: “Stop!”

My teacher said: “Still? Do you call me to stay. Um … you do a teacher, you are for students. Ok, I will give you two options now: First, I will rape with me. After three student sisters, I went to walk; one, I licked me wholeheartedly tonight, helping me out, I called what I did. “

Teacher Chen said: “Crowne!”

I said: “You don’t choose, I just love self-love, let us gang rape three student sisters.” Then I will force Lieli’s bra and touch her lower body. And my hand continues to take off the clothes of the two student sisters.

Teacher Chen said loudly: “Stop!” I have been separated for a while, “I … I … I am willing to serve you, but you must put them first.”

I said: “I can’t hear it, I said something.” Teacher Chen lowered his head and said: “I am willing to serve you, but you must put them first.”

I said: “What do I do when I ask you?”

Teacher Chen took a while and said: “Yes.”

I said: “The whole sentence is talking, loud! Rise me!”

Teacher Chen looked up at me: “What do you want to do when you do it?”

I patted my bed and said to Mr. Chen: “Ok, sit next to me!”

Teacher Chen slowly walked to me. When I was sitting down, I suddenly pulled her into my arms and kissed her. How to know, this may be her first reaction, actually in front of my hand, I am slap. I am angry, take out my Lahetao knife from the waist, I am scared to her: “I am bold to resist me? Let me not believe in the face?”

Teacher Chen replied to me: “” You said that I will release my student. “

I angered: “Still talk to me? Let me teach the lesson.” I put my Lahetao knife on the top of the small cabinet, with the right hand, took the right foot of Mr. Chen, took off her shoes, And the left hand is touched by her feet, the thigh and skirt. When I touched my stockings, I laughed and said: “Teacher Chen, the inside of the thigh is slid, at the stockings! Waiting for the lower body. Now, I want to take off in front of you. Socks. “After you finish your right foot stockings. Then, according to the sample, take off her left leg stockings.

I threw a pair of stockings to two male students, saying to them: “Send you a stockings, is your teacher – Chen teacher.” I deliberately put the “teacher” two words and tone. Teacher Chen is embarrassed. After Mr. Chen passed my intimidation, they did not resist.

In fact, when I am enjoying a female carcass, I don’t like someone is rewarding, so I will send my hand to leave the room, and tell them to let go of the students, don’t be difficult. I told me like this, the purpose is just to take me like Teacher Chen.

“Now, there are only two people left.” I went to Teacher Chen. And this sentence has also opened my four speech controls.

Teacher Chen, but I went to say: “I … I can help you … I am fire, but you don’t engage in me, I want … I want to leave my future husband.”

I secretly said: “It turned out to be a woman.”

I went to her: “Then, it is repent, you promised that I called what I did, what did you do.”

She continued to ask me: “I ask you, I use … Help you solve it with your hand, ok?”

I asked her: “Is it also to help my boyfriend fire?”

She replied: “I haven’t been dragged yet.”

I am in my heart: “” This time I met a pure teacher, happily. “

I will continue to ask her: “I am thinking that there is any intimate behavior from never and men, such as kissing, or even tracing?” She nodded. I immediately shouted her: “I ask you, I will have to answer.” She rushed to answer: “Yes, I have not tried it and any male has intimate behavior.”

道: “Okay, then I will give you another one again, one is to open the thigh, wait for me to open it, but I just didn’t want; one, I used my mouth and tongue to serve my old Second; one is just like a bitch, so that I am from behind, but it will be very painful. Which is it? “

Teacher Chen headed down, separated, still not sound.

I went to her: “If you don’t want to say anything, I will choose the same. Ok, let me first poke the women’s film.” I have actions.

Teacher Chen immediately replied: “I … I use mouth.”

I asked her: “In addition to the mouth, what else? Is it used to do?”

She learned this, I replied loudly: “I use the mouth and the tongue, serve you.”

Then she pulled down the chain, took off her pants and underwear. I went to her: “Let me help you come to shirt, so I enjoy the tongue service while enjoying your thoughts.”

I took off her skirt, pulled stroking her thigh, and said: “u thighs slippery and slender, really beautifully!” When I untied her buttons, added: “u wear this white shirt looks beautiful, barely visible bra u, when u taught, students must u mood to listen to books, but hope u Guzhe chest “after take off her shirt, I went on to say:” u really bad body cut , very lines, often on weekdays certain fitness it! u would never have guessed, fitness was so hard, but it was cheap to me. ha ha ha! “I touched her bra homeopathy across the chest, her natural reaction to shrink back a shrink. I looked at the way she was wearing only underwear and her hands seem to be covering their chest, but also covered her nakedness; legs, tight and together, she was not used to see at a glance naked in front of outsiders.

I ride with both hands on her shoulders, forced by her down, she knelt in front of me, I said: “? MissChan, mayyou no hand, only allowed to use mouth to blow my dick,” I half-British half ridicule her. She looked down, his mouth with my mouth my dick, but close your eyes. I use high hand under her chin, she looked good oral sex for me the way, and said to her: “opened his eyes, with more and more imports which, under sip, downdraft, but also with one hand under the tongue licking touch my bladder, a hand touched my thigh. “she opened his eyes, and do according to my orders. I could feel her tongue quickly rotate.

I saw her trying to serve the way I thought of her as a teacher, the first object is to provide sexual services I even put my dick in her mouth, my mind naturally there will be a sense of conquest, Private Parts are then firm up. I pay close attention to her head, thrusting Kuangchou with my dick in her mouth, and said: “This virgin u oral sex for the first time, have extraordinary skills, really born Yinwa, oral sex if u genius prostitute You must make a killing u. u tongue was wet and slippery and flexible, cool! Ha, virgin teachers are not used to opening my lectures, but I suck dick strip, ha …… “

At this point, I ejaculate in her mouth. “I drink with all the semen, are not allowed to waste!” I ordered her. She worked hard to swallow my sperm, I again ordered her tongue for me lick her second child. Looked at her tongue stretched it out a spit licking my dick, I was excited. This time, I want to attack her at another woman earth.


I grew out of a cabinet and a paper cup of distilled water, pour a glass of water to Chen, she said: “for me oral sex finished, a cup of water it.” She did not consider fraud, drank a whole cup. In fact, I have this glass of water mixed aphrodisiac, about five to ten minutes will be effective.

She and I sit and half lying in bed, I said to her: “Now it u first kiss, I lose money more, take the initiative to kiss you, u do a good student, to learn, and so will still kiss me,” I We continue to kiss her face, ear, neck and Shenshe into her mouth to kiss her tongue and suck her tongue into my mouth.

Slowly, aphrodisiac effect begins to occur, she took the initiative and I came to a fierce wet kiss. After that, she also like me, kissed my face, ear, neck. My hands were not idle, left hand extends into her bra and touched her breasts and nipples that grain, right hand on the outside of her right thigh, and then said to her: “u now u slowly bent and your right foot let me u can touch the feet of the thigh. “I intended to follow her, bent and your right foot.

I looked at her slender legs in my hands slip past, it is really very aesthetic. When I held her feet, I ordered her straight, and my hands a turn position, so that I can touch her leg and thigh. I smiled to her mouth and said: “Now I did not touch you, but u take the initiative to touch my inner thigh with the hand, take advantage of me, little Yinwa teacher.” I said to her: “intimacy is to diversify and whom you want a hand touch my chest, a hand to masturbate for me. “she also, as I hope.

Now her mouth and tongue continued to kiss me, feet constantly shrinking straight to bent to touch me, touch my chest with one hand, a hand touch my dick, but she obviously do not understand masturbate, but she’s not It made me understand more sexual desire, because it proves that all services provided by her, and I are the first to enjoy.

My hands suddenly Moxiang roots of her thigh, across the underwear touching her lower body, she could not imagine eating aphrodisiac, there is still resistance, her tight and his legs, tucked my hand, and with a groan with point the voice said: “Please do not touch …… there.” I said: “this will not touch u get to wear a piece of film, do not worry.” she said: “I beg you, do not engage in there, somewhere will do you …… you touch me a chest, touched me on the right foot, “I said:” I feel u dick with my ass, go into ready now, “she said:?” in doing so, it not …… “I replied:” that is anal sex. “

Although she is unwilling, I don’t dare to oppose my suggestion. She turned her and then pressed her hands on the bed, and then touched his ass. I semi-her underwear, because her hand pressed in front of the underwear, so as not to expose the lower body. However, this is not important, as long as I can slap her butt. I took off her bra, hand on her pair of tits, my feet opened her thigh, and holding her head, facing a mirror in front, said to her: “Looking at the mirror, not closed Eyes, I can go through the mirror, I saw the expression of the first anal sex. “Then, my dick is coming next to her butt entrance, said:” 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go in! “But I didn’t insert it, appreciate her nervous reaction, she is all tight, biting his teeth. I said: “I am so nervous, I will laugh with you, how can I insert it into the eyes? Is there anything in the greed! I just kissed your back ridge.” Then I kissed her back ridge. But when she relaxed, I will drive straight, and the whole cock has entered.

She screamed, constantly making a painful cry, and the face is the painful expression. I took my right hand to pin her right, and the left hand wrist touched her chest left, and pulled her underwear to the knee again with the right hand. And my dick is still inserting behind her, and said: “Teacher, now I will enjoy the four-point sexual service: two milk, vaginal and butt. You only bud, you are really tight, Clean my chicken is quite comfortable; wow, a lot of sophisticated water flows out. I only kinky dogs. In this way, it is actually a cocktail to enjoy the climax. Don’t think I use my fingers into the vagina, 妳The hymen is nothing, don’t say it, my husband is not knowing. However, your tips in your mouth and kiss are too good. He will think that you have been fired for many men. “

When I moke her, I was ejaculated in her body. I took my dick, put it in her mouth: “Tonight is almost the same tonight. Finally, I will dry it with me, let it go.” She lick me, I took it back to my underwear, I Said: “This cock is just pulled out by the fart eyes. Is there a feeling of 自己 自己 自己? Hahaha! ……”

At this time, her tongue skills have been very sure, and I am very excited. I am dark in my heart. This night’s pressure is played, and I said to her: “Okay, wear back shirt skirt, let go.” She is quickly wearing a bra, wearing a shirt and a short skirt in front of me. Just when she wanted to wear her shoes, I rushed to take her, and the two pairs were in bed.


Teacher Chen yelled: “What do you do?” I only answer her with actions, I used her body to put her on the bed, and the right hand has already reached into her skirt. Although she tried to resist, she had a herd of herds, and she didn’t have any strength after blowing and anal. I ignored her double punch, tack her two calves with his left hand, so that her legs could not be opened, and the right hand touched the thigh, grabbed her underwear, and took off her underwear.

Teacher Chen is constantly being called, making me more conquering. I used my hands to catch her legs, said: “Open!” Then she left her legs, and then said: “A word horse!” Put her legs again. I spit in her lower body, said: “Rely, only one eight-character horse.” I play with her legs for a while, put the legs on my shoulder, then slowly flexing her body, kiss her while kissing her The calf, listening to her painful voice.

When my dicks can enter her vagina, I said: “Just try to serve the taste of the soft and hometown, now try the thrill of violent virgins. I will give you a high legs, just have to go deeper into the vagina, When you break, it is more painful, hahaha! “I said so much, the purpose is to appreciate her painful expression.

“Break!” After the end, I have successfully inserted her vagina.

She screamed, but I stopped moving until she said a little back, she said to her: “Insert it, now the tight vagina wrapped my cock and comfortable. I can’t think of there is so many sophisticated water. I miss you, I have been a long time, is it? Do you feel that it is very pleasant?

“Hey, there will be a pleasure.” I quickly pumped it quickly, while I said. She suddenly received the impact of my strong action, of course, painfully called, so that I can continue to tease her: “I said, I will sacrifice.”

Maybe because of her narrow vagina, or the conquest of the rape virgin, I will soon shoot in her body. I said on her: “There is countless sperm in the deep body, and the bath is also washed. I will never change this fact. And, maybe I will have a son for me, hahaha! … … “

Teacher Chen is lying on the bed, and there is no tear, and there is no saying. I took a break, and I played her two guns. She didn’t resist, so I made a little bites. Finally, I said to her: “It’s still the best to play, not a woman, it is not enough to play. When my husband is awkward, I will feel so cool.” After I wore clothes, I pressed the bed. Call the bell, for a while, Lily and the two men and two female students came in, standing next to the door. At this time, Teacher Chen finally had a reaction, covering his naked body with the quilt: “You said that they will go!”

Lily said: “We have been mixed with Wei, of course, left.”

I said: “They are my hand, and I ordered them to play, lie to serve me, and gave me raped.”

One of the male students Axiang said: “Teacher Chen, I just came to the stockings with Aqiang used yourself, the climax is particularly strong, thank you teacher!”

I went to the bed and said, “Axiang, Aqiang, I don’t want to do Teacher Chen? It is now now.” They said: “Okay, the boss, we think about it for a long time, finally …” Not finished, I saw them face panic expressions, I know some different, turned to see, Mr. Chen took the Laibao knife I put on the small cabinet, rushed to me, I stayed, I stayed. She has inserted my chest. I looked at her grievances, I only felt that my power was taken away, and I used to rape, unsolved, and even orally speaking, the cheap scene appeared in front of me. …

Now, I am a little ghost in hell. I said this, I don’t show yourself, just want to bring a message: Anyone has raped, indecent or sexual harassment, will arrive after death, I will reach this hell The night cross is treated only. They are about seven feet, reissue from three to four hundred pounds, and they are full of buddle, and they will continue to have a rotment. The most horrible is that they have two feet, thick and sophisticated penis, and the green thick semen of the source will flow into your mouth (if you have been forced to bother for you), sometimes very high temperature, sometimes It is very cold, but it is all bitter and stinky. If you have forced women anal sex, your ass is enough.

The hell ghost is advocated, if you don’t mind, in the future, continue to enjoy the joy of rape in the yang!

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