Friday is the happiest day of many office workers, because this day has come to the weekend. Like the hourly needle of the monotonous day, the loop is turned around five days along the same track, and finally can be suspended, and the remaining two days is completely controlled. From the office, it is already a good friends who have already found it to eat together, go to play in the Three Kingdoms on Saturday, anyway, anyway, on Friday is the beginning of the mind and mind begins to relax.

It is not the case to Wu Night. On the contrary, he does not feel the relaxing feeling of the arrival of the weekends now, because it is already ten o’clock on Friday, and the company only keeps him in front of the company. The company has recently achieved good performance, the latest development management software successfully sold several large enterprises, which is very nice to the company.

It can be said to Wu’s night. Instead, the better the performance, the more it is going to pay. The software modification of those enterprises reflected back is neither simple, time is tight, so Wu Night does not pay the code he is responsible before Monday, and he may face the continued constraint. The days.

So he has to desperately, even if it is in the eyes of others, you can start a break after Jesus resurrected, and he has to lose Saturday and Sunday, just for this poor mini salary.

It’s really like a worker bee, which is carrying pollen every day, just for feeding the fierce herb …

… etc., In fact, Wu Night is not there, or says that he is expelled by the mother. In the last month, in love with the girlfriend of the three years, her reason is that her reason is to have a marriage in his family, and Wu’s wages can only give the rent and other food fees, the left Nothing. In fact, Wu Night knows, she breaks up because a person who is more money than him looks on her beauty, and she finally chose to kick off the night.

“The so-called innocent love in the university is a dog fart!” Wu Night hated authentic. The girlfriend is her teacher who knows in most. He has always thought that he finally took the hand of the favorite person in the last campus era, who knew that after her graduation, he could not entangle with her boss.

Although she asked her to meet each time, she arrived in the third year, her commemorative gift was asking for breakup, but her new boyfriend was the boss, they were already more than half a year …

To put it, his ex-girlfriend did the secretary of the guy, and finally, it turned into his second milk. Wu Night hates, in front of money, love is just a joke. And the people who do this are not just his girlfriend, and the small secret of their company’s general manager seems to be such a person.

This secretary called Zou Na is very fascinating, just like today, a black professional dress does not know that it is more savvy, it is better than the fox. Wu Night Pauses the work on his hand, starting to rewrite her black OL set under the white shirt clothing on the upper two buttons. If the mimi is hidden, and the leg is a thin layer of black stockings, The legs are uniform and uniform, especially in the side of the thigh root lace, seems to have a hanging strap to the upper inside. …

These are not to say, the most interesting is the pair of black high heels, put Zou Na’s double-footed like water Qingli, although delicate and holy, smooth foot face in stockings hidden and high heels to put down, such as a black Jade blocks. Too fucking temptation. Wu Night thought here, the work on the hand will no longer be done, simply open the ** forum, turn up the stockings, the high-hearted version.

However, Na’s charming eyes are still constantly flashing in front of them, with thousands of style, let Wu Night will keep talking: “Is this girl really owed?” Wu Night is so powerful, No matter how many map stickers are opened, it’s Zou Na.

To say that Zou Na is a hurry, it is complete, at least Wu Night knows her and the general manager is one leg. Zou Na’s work is before the general manager’s office, and Wu Night’s desk is just a diagonal. Therefore, Zou Na entered the general manager’s office latter door for more than half an hour, then the intermittent came out, he all know. As a result, he hated Zou Na, this is forced, it is really abandoning his ex-girlfriend.

Although it is said that the column is the reflection of the most real ideas. Now it, because Wu Night’s association is hard, supporting Wu Night’s crotch drum. Wu Ning also couldn’t rely on a few color pictures to vent the desire. He pulled the trousers, and liberated the little brother who was hard like the iron block. He stroked its hot skin, and finally felt a lot of comfort.

But this is still not completely released in the desire of Wu Night, and his mind is flashing in Zou Na’s face. He imagined how Zou Na made love in the general manager and the general manager, the scene is not a general stimulus. Wu Naiso leaving his seat, sitting on the blue office chair in Zou Na’s position, starting to quickly pick your little brother. Wu Ning imagined that Zou Na and the general manager also took the prostitutes and was in this office chair, and the heart was more excited. His “five guns Yu Lin Jun” is holding his hot sun, through the set of stimulating its epidermis, nerves to vent the desire of Zou Na. Now, Wu Night’s mind is more than just a smile of Zou Na’s deputy owed exercise, and her thin black silk, black high, and even her red envelope handbag can also increase Wu Night’s interest.

Yes, that is, that is the beautiful, Wu Night, I think that I can pick up Zou Na’s high-heeled sole, it is also very satisfied … I don’t think, Wu Night reaches the highest point, the mask of the palm of the palm Turning, spray a thick white semen, directly shot on the desktop of Zou Na.

Wu Night felt an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an anime, of course, it also clipped with unlimited satisfaction. He rely on the back of Zou Na, afraid that the most exciting thing is the most exciting thing.

Suddenly, there were some people who opened the door outside outside the office hall. No way? Someone else came back so late? Wu Ning has a little unknown, hurriedly packed his guys, and the semen just shouted on the desk of Zou Na didn’t come, and had to cover a few paper. I can only hope that the guy can not find that after leaving. Clean up.

Wu Night quickly left Zou Na’s office chair back to his position, convergeng and breathed himself normal. Wu Night turns off the color of the color forum. It is the same as the way to continue to write code, and interested in probes to look at it. I want to see who is coming so late. Who is it?

This glance made Wu Night shocked at the time. It is the master of the place he just masturbates – Zou Na. Under the shine in the office hall, she still wearing the dress that I just imagined when Wu Night’s handshakes, came from the door to my position.

“Ah, where are you working overtime?” Zou Na saw Wu Night, “Fighting” before the computer, asked a smile with fox.

“Ah, yes, the work of the hand is not finished.” Wu Ning is a bit hard to cope, just still imagine the obscenity object, now the same dress is in front of himself, he quickly cleared the throat, Zhending asked: “Are you still coming back so late? Isn’t it going back?” “I didn’t go back, I just accompanied Cui to go out and the customer, Cui made me back to get the document, stay with him in Sunday. “Zou Na should talk, did not return to his desk, but to the general manager office, which let Wu Night comfortably tone.

Fortunately, she just returned to the boss’s office. If you find that the blast on her desk, what should I do? Wu Night is still a little plentiful.

Zou Na opened the light of the general manager’s office, it seems to be looking for something. And Wu Night is holding the dangers outside.

In less than two minutes, Zou Na came out.

“Is it found? What is found?” Wu Night asked two sentences, I really hope that she can disappear immediately.

“No, I look at my desk.” Zou Na replied and came back to her desk.

Not good, she will see it. Wu Night is very panic, but can’t stop her from walking.

Zou Na did not discover the changes in the laying of the desk, directly kneel down to open the drawer. Wu Night is still tone.

“Nor isn’t it in the drawer. 咦, originally here.” Wu Night used the paper to cover his semen, it is the document found by Zou Na.

“Don’t!” Wu Ning almost shouted to stop him, but he didn’t scream and move, Zou Na has picked up the document and found the following sticky things … Zou Na’s suspicion looked at this group. She is very familiar. Things, the top is also with fresh smell. She turned her head, and her eyebrows looked at Wu Night. She certainly doubts that this guy who has just seems to look.

“Since this point, I can’t hide, then I …” Wu Night simply out, he knew that the unable explanation could not cover up this obvious fact, in this case, he is not as good as this opportunity to open his weekdays The desire to be treated in a long time, and it is really satisfied.

Wu Night, stepped away, went to Zou Na, reach out of his arms, a bear hug, put Zou Na’s real, and then took a hand, covering a scared Zou Na’s mouth, preventing her yelling out. “You … what …” Zou Na quickly spit a few words from his mouth, the body did not give up struggle, but in front of Wu Night, there is too big in the body, it does not work.

“Dynasty … you are trying …” Wu Night talked about his thoughts directly, it’s right, he never wants to restrain yourself, just want to put all the unhappiness to this charm to make him jealous. Woman body.

Not? Just relying on your own posture, there is no real thing, but you get such a high salary. All day around the boss, such as the butterfly, but it is even more difficult to leave yourself and become a prostate of the boss.

Moreover, even the goods like Zou Na, even if it is two-hand goods, I don’t know how many men in the world still want … “You … Break … Let me go!” Zou Na shook his head hard, so it is not easy to break it a little. The night palm called loudly.

“Retraun, I will be welcome to you again!” Wu Night immediately grabbed Zou Na’s mouth again.

“You are also useless, this time no one is in this building!” But this is not a long time, Zou Na has not given up struggle, although only painful “唔”, let Wu Night It is difficult to control it. I have to find something to block her mouth. But what? Wu Night can’t let go of Zou Na to return to his desk.

Because Zou Na’s struggle, her magenta bag has dropped on the floor, and the debris inside will smash it, zero disorder. Wu Night glanced on Zou Na’s bag and saw a half-shaped half cover half covered in the tissue napkin.

It turned out to be a sanitary napkin for women! It is said that the woman’s bag hides countless secrets, this is one of the secrets. Zou Na is still struggling in vain. “Okay! You are a woman. See I let you say it.” Wu Night said, when using one arm to vigorously take a sharp place, quickly bending the sanitary napkin.

“Let you call it again!” Wu Nightre opened the packaging of the sanitary napkin, pulled out two white sanitary napkins, and stuffed into Zou Na’s small mouth. The last sorrow of Zou Na will stop! Zou Na did not think that Wu Night would block his own sanitary napkin to block his own help, both feel helpless, more embarrassing humiliation!

Now Zou Na even “唔唔” can not be sent, only the limbs are unnecessary struggle, but every time it is struggling to be strong, Wu Night is easy to go back. But this is not a way. Do you have such a arms all night? What is the meaning?

Wu Night wants to do, still have to act … “嘿嘿 …” Wu Ning is like smiling from the teeth in the teeth. I saw him in the stationery tube of Zou Na’s work desk, retrieves a paper cutter. Zou Na was afraid that she was afraid that Wu Ning’s nerve was disorder, really want to intend to murdere.

However, she didn’t do anything. She just came back to see Wu Night, then found the disgusting mucus, is it really violated?

Wu Night did not take this paper to hurt Zou Na’s intentions. What he wants to do is actually very simple.

Wu Night with a cutter in Zou Na’s belly neck, threatened: “Give me a quiet point, rush!” Zou Na did not dare to struggle, and did not want to yell. She was afraid that Wu Night urged, then The knife is really drawn, and it is afraid that it is a small life.

Wu Night saw Zou Na, who had just twisted, turned into a little white rabbit, and one hand rushed to Zou Na’s skirt, opened the corner of the skirt, and pulled Zou Na left thigh root on the black stockings on the left thigh root. Wu Night used the body to press Zou Na, pulled her left leg, and the paper cutting knife was drafted down from the thigh root, “咝咝”, the thin black stockings were drawn, and Go to the bottom, there is no trace of traces in the smooth legs of Zou Na. Wu Night didn’t carefully took the black high heel of Zou Na, put the whole stockings down.

Wu Night licked this black stockings that cracked, and felt that the air was filled with Zou Na’s skin.

He sniffed the stockings under the nose, this is the savory taste of the fox. Zou Na’s face is full of red, but there is no way, in addition to the hands of both Wu Night’s mastery, there is no effect.

Wu Night put Zou Na’s hands on the back, biting a broken stockings with a tooth, and tighten Zou Na’s hands and then rolled a few turns, completely sealed the hands of Zou Na! In this way, Wu Night does not have to spend so much strength to control him, he finally let go of his own desire! “You have a rush, you and the boss are all known, I know that you are doing every noon every day.” Although Zou Na is a woman who is unimper, Wu Night is The cold discourse is straight and cold, she actually blush.

“I will let you go to the boss today, but this time is not the boss to do you, haha!”

Wu Ning said, a slim body that took Zou Na’s slim, and easily took her to the general manager.

Zou Na is completely under the mastery of Wu Night. I don’t know why. This absolute control is actually evokes her secret satisfaction. She has always used her body to exchange money, to get protection, I thought it was a woman who sold out what she had sold, what man did not pretend obey in her eyes, did not have any feelings. Now, Wu Night’s ordinary small staff have hidden such a powerful momentum, Zou Na feels that she actually seems to have a desire to be conquered.

Wu Night can’t manage Zou Na’s subtle psychological changes. He only wants to do it now, and you will be able to rape her with a male meaning of the male meaning. Wu Night dragged Zou Na to the general manager desk, using his hand on her back spine, forced her to go to the general manager’s desk, and a plump buttocks, the night, I have already rushed again after masturbation.间 阳物 阳.

I can’t manage so much, and Wu Night suppressed and finally collapsed. He used his hand to pick up Zou Na’s black skirt, in the same black lace underwear, the white tender ear is presented in front of Wu Night. Wu Night fixed the skirt, reached out to pull the lace black small panties, Zou Na’s abalone is completely seen in Wu Night!

Don’t look at Zou Na’s appearance looks very slim, her abalone is fat and gay! In the two hip meats, it is the meat that is about to spur, although there have been so many temperings, but still saves a fresh white appearance, more lovely is that it seems to be slightly brought. Ruddy. This fatty abalone is a thick wool, and the white skin is commemorated.

Zou Na’s abalone seems to be swallowing something, tremble with slightly. Wu Ning settled his eyes, it has been forced to have an indulgence, and the whole vulva has been wet. It seems that Zou Na also got a pleasure in the rebel, although there is still a sense of resistance, but her body has not heard her command!

“You are so much, is you wet first?” Wu’s night bruises, and put the idle out of the middle pointed to the abalone, with a transparent mucus. “Oh, it’s really wet, I want to fuck you so soon.” Wu Night looked at the prostitutes who did not fight first, very proud. He licked his fingers on his tongue, and he knew a strong smell, but this flavor is not the best proactive agent? Wu Night sucks his fingers and completely absorb the 醮 淫.

Although Zou Na did not move on the desk, he knew that Wu Night did what, his secreted prostitute was eaten by this person who had to rape him, and her heart couldn’t help but rush. The thrill of being pressed, she feels that she is slowly yet …

Wu Night’s proud expression is very embarrassing, live off a beast of a meat. He didn’t even have time to solve the leather belt, and the zipper of the trousers was directly liberated. The hungry lion was liberated, and the old lion roared, to eat the poor broiler in front of him.

“Dry you!” Wu Night scared, putting this meat skeptic to Zou Na’s flesh poke a poke, did not expect it to go straight! .

It turned out that Zou Na’s permanential capital was in the inside and outside, and he couldn’t wait for him to insert. “Well…

… “It seems that the mouth blocked from the sanitary napkin has emitted.

Wu Night’s male goods felt very comfortable in Zou Na’s slippery meat. He successfully broke this proud woman’s defense, more like a dog peeing into the prosperity, and fell to the place where his boss had occupied.

But in this way, I still can’t meet Wu Night. I saw him to explore the chest to Zou Na. The chest was in the chest. He directly explored it directly from the white shirt. It turned out that this Zou Na didn’t worry! Since the owner’s door has not closed, Wu Night is not polite, and pinching Zou Na’s peaks.

Zou Nana breast is even bigger than the visual, may be C cup, Wu night is this judgment. He mastered live with the whole hand half of the breast, which began to pick up two fingers Zou Nana’s nipple, making her feel something uncomfortable, whole body felt weak, want to beg for mercy, but can not speak out. “I want to talk?” Wu night even Daihatsu kindness, the mouth of sanitary napkins Zou Nana dig out. Is he afraid of her again for help it?

But Zou Nana did not even cry, she just used a contradictory oblique eyes staring at Wu night, teeth biting the lower lip. She is angry, or is in a state of wanting it?

Obviously the latter. Because she has begun to take the initiative before and after shaking ass, try it yourself to Taonong Wu night cock, his hot cock badly, but on the inside does not move, that she was uncomfortable!

At the same time, she even gave a groan “ah …… ah ……”, and nothing like being raped, but is offered to the!

Wu night while pinching her breast, the other side began to come alive, and he come out of the pedicle above have all this Yinnv of the Saoshui. Now, he once again pointed at a white piece of sewing the labia middle piece of gloomy ditch, a plug in the end!

Zou Nana swallowed saliva, Wu night This lever meat gun suddenly, but the most people. She had forgotten his identity as victim, now in her mind, just I want a thick and hard cock tickled to death to eliminate her pussy …… “ah …… ah ……” Wu night has begun pumping back and forth, and the Nana Zou has been turned into slaves sensual, very good enough moan issued under Wu night attack.

Strange to say, Zou Nana is not just trying to help, to resist it? How to start now fully surrendered?

This is probably the kind of human psychology sad it: When you can not change the oppressed in case you have to accept this reality and begin to seek some poor little fun. So, if you can not resist rape, you enjoy rape.

Wu night not only put all the focus on his nerves concentrated in the pedicle, the combination of the above, it is his many years down the accumulation of resentment and discontent. He is jealous of this than with the body in exchange for his return for higher wages and status of a woman with a brain, he has lost himself on the youth to return to work and can not get enough of dissatisfaction with the company, as well as money, his girlfriend left him, made a mistress of the rich. All this focus on firepower to Zou Nana injection.

Zou Nana collectors all his hatred.

Wu night forcefully speaking in sexual secretion dashing Zou Nana, all leading to the impact of every flower, which gives Zou Nana is brought near the vagina tearing pain, but she does not mind, because there is a greater joy yet.

She has completely enjoy this state of absolute strength of rape, more importantly, Wu night cock really be coarser than the man she had ever tasted, more wild.

Zou Nana grief, screaming, she was not in distress, but pleasure in this release about the infinite impact of the outbreak. Her feet still standing on high heels, which made her such a swagger in the rain stray, seek pleasure in being torn swaying in the wind and rain.

The body of her blouse also struggling exposing half the shoulders, the palm Wu night still playing with her fairy peak, and a group was playing was enough, Wu began to rub night another group rounded up. Moreover, Wu night with her fingers clamped grapes, leaving her acid unbearable.

She longed for more.

Wu night but also not willing to simply get away to rape her, he really enjoyed Zou Nana Rouxue, but in his eyes, there is a vacant hole is really an eyesore …… In two shining white ass, Wu night cock wearing a flower of willow in Zou Nana flooding Saoxue years, in which two ass is cute rocket abnormal chrysanthemums.

In the light of the mapping, chrysanthemum While this is a very clean, maybe the source of the peach do not have pre-empted by others of it.

It does not matter, Wu night the woman of his own to conquer approach. I saw him lean over, general manager of the pen in a catch and remove the general manager of the pen, and then facing child Zou asshole Nana gestures.

Is …… Zou Wu night Nana aware of what to do, although she did enjoy, but she could not entirely acceptable range.

Too late. Wu night already wet with Zou Nana sexual secretion, general manager of the pen, the two broke Zou Nana ass, to dig into the chrysanthemum heart go!

Zou Nana feel the pain of the anus is opened, issued only tragic cry “Oh”, there is no sound, paralysis lying on the desk glass.

And Wu Nei is almost alleviating in the same manner, with the general manager’s pen to pull out inserted in her ass. He arrived in this perverted venting, he finally revented all the people through all the fierce rape: his boss, this small secret, and his girlfriend … “Zhang Yingmei, I fuck your mother ! “Wu Niang screamed, he has retained his ex-girlfriend in this shackle sexual situation, Zhang Yingmei.

Wu Night’s body shakes, he knows that he is shot, so he immediately took the stem, “嗤”, a milky whitening fine liquid shot in the root of the thigh, not torn well, non-destructive stockings.

Wu Night’s revenge has been completed.

He picked up the sanitary napkin of Zou Na’s saliva, erased the semen shot on her thigh, and then used these semen to the face of Zou Na, who had been weak.

Zou Na has also leaked it, and he is in the office of general manager. She also wore a whole set of clothes, squatted on the office desk, but also in the buttock, the abalone after the abuse, still in one, seems to be afraid to have the storm that just now … She is already Falling up this man who is not eye-catching. This is the case, a prostitute can also fall in love with a rape, as long as this rape is brought to her enough to satisfy.

“If I am alarm, then you will finish tomorrow.” Zou Na looked at Wu Night, and said weakly.

She certainly doesn’t do this, she has become a slave of Wu Night in her heart.

Wu Night has already packed his guys. At this time, he has just been violent, as if he has already washed all his troubles. He picked up a pack of smoke on the table, took a one, ignited, sucked a bite, and spit this smoke before going to the floor. Smoke is filled, he admires the night view of this sinful city.

The night color of Shanghai, the monster, the light is like a day, just don’t know the false bright light, but also buried how many dirty sins.

Tomorrow? Go to the mom tomorrow. Who can manage it? Even if there is no thrilling night, his tomorrow is just the day before the end of the world …

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