At the beginning of October, the autumn is high in late night; the autumn night makes people feel cool; today is a time in the second day of the holiday, the morning of Sunday, I am sitting at the living room sofa looking at TV, no I often look at the watch, I am selfless: “Wow!” How to get home yet, I really don’t know when the hospital moves busy? “

I am “!”, Sigh!

Today, my wife was temporarily called to tell me that she may be a little time for a few hours or may not need to be class, and an uncertain tone tells me. Because his wife’s night colleague Xu Zhili said to go to the new hospital first, he will return to the old hospital. And Zi Li is my wife’s best colleague, pure and beautiful long, small and white lips and petite body, although I am happy, I am refined, the eyes, but Zhi Li is also a beautiful emerald embryo, in the hospital The internal medical staff will pass this sentence to slip [nine disease housing, I want to take my sister, no money is not idle, I have to go home to play myself! 】; I can imagine that my bright wife is an incitement. The Si Li is currently working in the Psychiatry of the Psychiatry, and the Dr. Liu has a look, like a very TV episode and ancient books in the movie. I often nickname him called “Xiao Liu”. And I am also a friend who is deep; sometimes we often travel outside. As for how to meet with Xiao Liu? It is the introduction of my wife, so I will justice. And my name is Zhang Shaoyang is a nutritionist. At present, I have a hospital in a medical university, and my wife is in her specialist internship. From then, we have begun to interact, and in the end, we decided to get married, live together to live together. In fact, I used to call my wife to resign in this regional small hospital, but my wife always has “get along with people”, “the big hospital is busy can’t be opened”, in fact, his wife is beautiful, This is full of arrogance in front of everyone, but the inner is obviously an uneasy consciousness.

As for my wife, Li Yijing is a nursingist. We have been married for five years. At present, no child, the wife is 170cm, the weight is 58kg legs, the length of the legs, the three sizes are: 32D, 23, 34, obviously the body is uniform, The ideal weight range. My wife’s chest is quite big, but the butt is round; still keeps a migramid figure. Recently, their hospitals are going to relocate, they will come back late every night, because every night is going to work, so I am not happy with my wife, in fact, I don’t worry about my wife, I will have sex or sexual harassment, wife The sexy figure and the crystal gorgeous posture, as a nurse’s position has pursuitists and love people, although it has already been married for the upper and lower colleagues and patients, but they still can’t get rid of the abundance of the wife and request a night. Don’t mention it to occasionally intentionally or deliberately, the law cannot be sinned, that kind of sexual infringement? ……I think! Who dares to boldly engage in criminal behavior.

It is already two in the morning, the wife has not come back yet. Occasionally, the wife will go home later, but it is the late time tonight. I think it is not busy yet! Take a look at the time is more than two points, the wife still doesn’t step into the house, even the phone does not hit home, worrying! So I decided to go to the hospital to find her.

It has been almost three o’clock in the morning, due to the relocation of the hospital, the rest of the ward is not migrated, maybe the pre-work of the pre-work is not completed, so the wife is very late. I certainly understand the hard work as the white angel, so I have to bring the night, I have seen a ward’s light, I think my wife is definitely there! I took a pleasant mood to go upstairs, and I didn’t come to the care station. I thought it would be a patrol! I look at all around you, curiously look at all ward rooms, I think: “How can I not have a patient? I have two diseases, people are so small! Is it a hospital to relocate the disease first transfer?”

“First turn …” These words have passed in the mind, and it seems that the director who went to work in front of the front. “” “The turf hospital moved! The patient turned in, we have to go to death!” At this time, I finally fuse the understanding of the understanding of the understanding of the director in the statement.

I quietly walked to the door of the corridor, the door of the “930 room”, looking away from the door, the wife is in the inside! There is also a male doctor who lying in bed and a boy who takes care of his. The wife is low, and the male disease is puzzled. The male disease is like a rogue that is mixed with the black.

I shouted in my heart: “Wow!” I can’t help but take three feet, a burst of coolness from the heart of the heart, I thought: “The man is full of tattoo, the sorrow is not good; look at his mouth and smirk I hope that there is nothing to happen! “Let me drink more than this, the little boy who takes care of his little boy looks slightly simple, and even boldly holds the mirror under my wife nurse skirt, eyes obscene I didn’t swink straight into the mirror. The wife actually didn’t know if it is still low, and the men’s disease with evil light is very raped, and the eyes are well-known from the slim waist The legs, blowing the broken skin, watching to the fascinating double peaks and deep cleans, and strong and full of chest, the slender skin is flawless, and in the fragrant hips The bad boy is also awkward, a fertile hip, and a man who wants to touch the hips, the moon-filled female curve, the front convex warp is softer; there is also a woman’s hormone to lure the man’s beast’s fascinating Although the wife wearing a nurse to cover the young flesh, the wife is low, and the nurses have taken the outline of underwear, and they are chaling the man’s thoughts. At this time, the man gained his wife’s Yi Jing Pang has passed half, saying that my wife is soothing with a pair of dolls, the big eyes of the water spirit, the roll long eyelashes are small and stand up, micro-lips plus And the straight hair, cutting a doll head, dyed a light brown, there is a golden color, such a post, I will also look straight. At this moment, the man who stabbed the gums with evil light, if there is nothing wrong, quietly move the hand to my wife’s chest to go up and down. My wife stood up at this time, I stood up and said: “Dang! When !!” finally declares over! ” Sorry! I have a rest, I should rest, good night! “

The man suddenly took his wife’s slender jade hand, a sigh: “Wait … Miss nurse, I am so stuffy! Chat with me.”

I was quietly brought to the hand, and it seems that it seems a bit frightened and said, “I still have a bunch of doing a lot of money, no way! Long brother.”

That a greenery of the joky, smiled, and the laughs did not give up: “How do you know that I am a dragon brother!” I was quietly returned to the little boy who took care of his little boy and smiled. : “Your brother is often called you like this, listening to the habit! Not can’t flour in the front of my wife.

At this moment, the Dragon Brother’s eyes looked at my wife’s chest, the famous brand continued to smile: “It turned out that Li Yijing.”

My wife took the line of sight along the dragon brother, and I looked at the famous names of my name: “Oh! What to do! Leak.”

Dragon Brother “Oh … Oh …” smiles! The tone of ridicule again is asking: “You should not marry yet!”

The wife’s face floated and the smile said: “There is a big time!” I know that the puppy running and going, ha! Ha! Only you don’t know. “

Dragon brother is surprised upside down my beautiful nurse wife …

“I can’t see it! How old is it?”

“Don’t bother, the economy is not enough!”

Dragon brother’s heart is calculated, the smile plus that suddenly become obscene, said: “How is the nurse’s body! I can’t get married. You can really happiness!” After that, Dragon brother reached your hand. I have a little bit of myself, “How long does your man do it once? Tonight is there?”

Yi Jing is scared “Hey! A sound.

At this time, Longge made a eye on the younger brother, and the mouth of the mouth revealed that the peep promptly, the people’s fantasy body and the charm were very awkward. My wife took a few steps, and the bad boy arms quickly pressed my wife’s shoulder. The atmosphere became a sunrise. Said: “Miss nurse, where it is itch tight? Give me the boss, okay?”

At this time, let me don’t want to happen, it may appear in front of me! I saw that the boy shouted in another bed in an instant, excitedly shouted: “Long Ge, finally can do this!” The wife was scared in bed, and said a word come out.

At this time, the Longge got up from the bed and said, “” Laozi, I want to do you in the opening of the hospital! Today is the best time. Leap, first, let her get back! “

“Boss, I haven’t played nurse in this life! Can you change my cool?”

Dragon brother returned to the smile: “OK! Of course you can … Yes! Oh …”

Yijing continued to make a long-awaited shocking, “Don’t! Don’t do this …” My wife continues to resist but meaningless twisting the body is only more fascinating, a slightly light floating boy put my wife in bed, hip hip hip The curve is touched up, stroking her sexy scapula and white neck.

I went in my heart and drunk “the hateful man! I saw this scenery, I am shocked, anger.

How can his wife do this with the boy? When you suddenly have an indignant, anger is also born; so I pushed the door to walk into the door, I couldn’t help but knew the three horns and drunk. “Let’s let go of my wife!”

I was quietly saw that I sent a pleading: “Help! … Husband … Save me! Old …


Dragon brother walked into me and watches up and wrinkled and frowning. “You are her husband wow!”

“Yes, let go!”

“Take a discussion, borrow me to play tonight! Many sweat tomorrow is still you, what do you say?”

I loudly said: “No! She is my wife … don’t borrow!”

Long brother’s face is not pleasing to smile: “Then, talk, don’t talk!” The sound of the whimper beggers: “Don’t do this! Don’t hit my husband … don’t …”

I didn’t have the strength of the contest. I was tied by the rope prepared by Dragon Brother in the bed, and the mouth was prepared in advance, and my heart was dark: “After he seems to plan this matter for a long time. That … 静 … will be … “

Thinking of this, I can’t help but feel sad but the feeling of acetylate, I actually produced excitement in this grief in emotion. My eyes look at the scene of the wife being pressed in the bed; the boy seems to know my current mood, I feel smell my wife’s taste and look at me. “Your wife is good! Oh … milk is also very big Soft! “A pair began to gently care for the breast, and lick the breast to show half a white full of chest, making my wife can’t stop the waist, whispered, wronged hand, the meaning of the hand, the best, said: “Hey … don’t … ㄚㄚ …. Put ……………………….

… ㄚㄚ … 放 … 开 … 龙 哥 站 端 端 端 我 我 我 我 满 身 身 身 神 神 身 神 神 神 神 神 神 神 神 神 神 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身 身Things, I am busy saying that the younger brother: “Small!”

Xiaocheng, the love of the breast, look at the dragon brother: “What is the boss? Is it going to take over!”

“No! You continue.”

Xiao Yucheng is proud of saying: “Boss! What is going on, don’t bother me … Oh … I am … in happiness.”

I was tied to my wife and boy, and the white nurse in the upper body was stripped to show the beautiful arc, and the struggled crisp is also covered with the slider dropped white bra. I heard it far away “Hey … don’t … Hey … 喔 喔 … put me … …” The wife took a deep breath, and the eyebrows were constantly chapted. The soft long hair is elegant, and the cheeks of the beautiful face are flizzled. With a slightly relaxed bad boy, the pain of this shooting is itchy, so that itching is constantly forming in the body, slowly eroding his wife’s reason , Still resisting the caress of strange men. I keep shout in my heart: “My wife must support it! I have the opportunity to escape! Don’t be teasing, escape …

Dragon brother has been alarming me and my wife, “Xiaucheng, where are you? “

“Boss, in my pocket.”

Dragon brother looked at Yili and said: “Small to grasp her, so let me feed the beautiful nurse Miss medicine, hehe! Wait really, I don’t know what happened.”

My wife heard his head and refused, and I pleaded and asked: “No … don’t … spare me … don’t …. This!”

I raised my ears to hear “spring medicine! “Two words, it brushed from my mind …, I was awakened by the two characters, I was constantly thought about:” “This is not wonderful! Usually play a Spring medicine plot at home, actually I staged the real bullet in front of me, and my beloved wife. Hey! Bad, wife is fleeing! … Effus! A film of the actress fled, but the spring medicine was sent to the people, any woman fled. Keep estrus; don’t say you! Love my wife, you should … let the two people play, don’t! Wife has the opportunity to escape … Escape … “Thinking here, in fact, the heart floats another kind of me I can’t believe in the idea, I actually want to see my wife’s expression, I want to see the wife’s happiness; I want to see the scene of my wife, and the wife will not hold? When I think this, the stem of soft is gradually bloated; how can I be erect and pleasant? The inner heart has a feeling of acetate, and the emotion of tragery is full of conflict psychology. I feel that another indignant psychological appearance, I have to let my wife gave the two villains, and who is the penis thickness? Whose penis is big? Who will do it? Who is strong? The mood presents all kinds of complicated thoughts, and a glimpse of his wife’s step in the man’s step, the mind is full of pain, love and can’t bear the two rough men’s rudely treat my beloved wife. I have been playing again and hopes that my wife will be played by others. I hope they should treat my wife too much, and there is … Also reflected in the womb. Various complicated thinking is intersive, sad, sad, distressed, heartache, joy, excitement, sexual impulse and helplessness and despair, invading my heart over and over again! I struggled to break freely tied to my rope in bed, I trembled my body from time to time, my hands were trying to struggle but I turned around; I wanted to drink two “贱” and further confront my wife. Towels in the mouth block, “ㄨ … ㄨ ………………………………………….. Dragon brother saw my expression, smiled: “What? I want to save my wife!” At this time, I took out the medicine box for his medicine, “sand … sand …” Pharmaceutical impact in my ear Come, Dragon brother reached out my cheeks and cheeks and said: “Your wife is going to be done, are you sad? Is it excited? Still want to hit me?”

At this time, the dragon brother came down on my lower body, excitedly said: “Hello! Hijing, the husband’s old two has been tall.”

I’m listening carefully when listening to the spoken language said! Slightly stagnation does not resist small into a sustained touch.

Small into a very embarrassing question: “Is it true?”

Dragon brother “Hey! “Two pairs of small columns, exclusive for me:” Truth, fuck, guilty! “And then looked at me and said:” The man! You also want to be letting us do! I finish you. wish.”

When I finish, I taught up a pill, struggling to open the rare under the mouth! I have a secret payment in my heart: “It’s over! I dare not imagine the living Spring Palace to be staged.”

静 “呸! A spring medicine that spit out your mouth …

Xiao Cheng stunned, grabbed the pill of Yi Jing, I was asked, “” What should I do! She doesn’t want to spit out! “

This, Long Ge said from the pocket to pick up the needle: “It doesn’t matter! Don’t feed her again.”

At this moment, Xiao Cheng is compressed, and the dragon brother helped the refuse to see the sideways and said: “Is it in the art!

“Don’t … I am playing away … I don’t … don’t … don’t … don’t … don’t …”

Dragon Ge will not pay attention to it: “&. #.%., Its full name is #% [email protected] $$ acid * & ^ $$ ## (Sorry !! With garbled)”

“II, 妳 是 护 护 护 得 它 得 它!”

Dragon brother touched the cheeks of the cheeks and said: “Forgot to tell you, I have read the pharmacology department, because they were transferred to control drugs in school, so they were arrested! Ha … You will wait for the medicine to attack and enjoy the sex of the fairy. “

Xiaoxing Gao Liquan Qi Dong: “Boss, you really! I can’t see you.”

Dragon brother is very forgotten: “Don’t understand more, how to take your group of younger brother!” And then said: “Small!”

“What is the boss?”

Dragon brother looked at the festiveness, and her innocence said, “You can let go of her! She is now our toys, don’t let her escape at the door.”

Xiaocheng struggled to push the wife in bed, it seems that long-lasting wish can be relieved once, “” Your woman, every time you go to work, use your body to tease me, big milk round buttocks in front of me Go, let me think about the pistol every day!………………………………………………………………………………………………. At the moment, I really hope that this scene is not true. The wife is weak, and it is slightly smoking in my next door bed. It is not the same as the struggle. It is like a lamb to be slammed, and the expression is sluggish, and it is struggling. Hair, as well as the disturbed sheets, I don’t know what Ingred, “#% [email protected] $$ acid * & ^ $$ ## (sorry !! With garbled)” What is rations, but watching his wife’s current defeat face I know that one is one of them. I asked himself, if I didn’t come to the hospital for my wife, would the situation happen? If you are not coming … Wife is like a greedy, I am probably being mixed in the bottom of the bone, and the vinegar should not be as strong as it is so strong; if the wife is smashed, I dare to talk to my wife, after the wife, how to love my wife It is something else to collapse. How do you know that other men have smashed two labs, how to know the wife, I have been to play, I really hope that this scene is not true! When Dragon, I was close to my wife. I took a hand on my wife’s slim waist buttocks: “Is the little beauty, feel it?” Yijing pushed away, and his eyes held the dragon brother and said: “The bastard is far away, far away from me!” “Don’t anger! This will accelerate the drug action time, huh, …”

Dragon brother reminds me: “You die! You are good at bed.”

I can’t help but laugh and say: “Today your woman is us! I will help you deal with hungry wife, I should thank me! Ha … ha ….”

“Good to enjoy your wife and gradually turn the face! Also almost a spring medicine to attack, no noisy you watch the play! I am going to accompany your wife!”

Dragon brother gradually walked into the front and said softly: “Little beauty, I don’t want to make love!”

I looked at my wife far away, I feel that her inner rationality and fire will continue to fight, I want to resist but meaningless twisting my body is just more fascinating. At this time, the lower body has begun to be uneasy, and it seems to have an inexplicable. The bustling. The emperor’s expression is flourishing gently smile, and I said, “I … I am hot …”

The eyes of my eyes, heard the dragon brother, called her, his eyes were slightly talented, and the whole person was sluggish. Some people were a little smile and said: “Oh … … Take … there is … “It seems that the body is getting more and more hot, the whole person seems to be burning, the mind is also fascinating, and when the hand is light, there is no strength, and the body gradually starts to have a physiological response. The face is red, unconscious, and a burst of “… 喔 …” is 呻; Looking at the wife, the soul is not going to work, the lower body is wearing the transparent stockings to repair the long-awaited legs, and it is not possible to stop the itching of the drug. It can’t stop the waist. The whole body is like a fire There is an inexplicable but itch, from the body, twisting the body to alleviate this feeling, white tender wearing the stockings and repairing a well-known legs, it is immediately exposed, not from the autonomous destination, the hand from the pink two legs Touching it; smoothly, it is slowly exposed to the white underwear with transparent stockings, can’t restrain the drug-controlled desire, expressing the spring love, stroking the ribbowned white The underwear is outside, and it is constantly grinding yourself, and the tempting lips make a charming.

The drug continues to attack, slowly penetrates the highest peak in the spring medicine to release the drug effect, just started to attack this kind of scene, you can imagine that the scene should be the wine pool meat, my eyes look at the wife, I still feel empty, my legs Stop the grinding body to twist her good body. As the pharmacodynamic effect has been role, the wife’s spirit begins to disorderly, it seems that it is desirable to find an itch item! Sensual eyes are looking for any items that can meet the privacy of inert itching. At this time, I saw the wife’s hunger hunger and thirst, sitting on the bed along the bed, picking up the nurse skirt twisting the snow white hips, accepted the private part in the transparent stockings and silky white underwear, and the labipings were close to the bed. The mouth has not been able to close, can only be dripped on the bed, and send a comfortable embarrassment “ㄚㄚ …. … ㄚㄚ … 喔 …. ㄚㄚ …”, a pair began to gently caress The crisp chest, her breasts began to care for caressing; as if they feel that the wife wants to die, it is very charming expression, it seems very enjoyable.

Xiao Cheng didn’t know when to ran from the door to Longcho, and Long Ge was standing in the distance. My wife was so good. The dragon brother laughed: “Small, the camera is ready?” “Obed from her. It’s put on the bedside table again! “

“Hey! Good.”

Dragon Brother took the laughter of the prostitutes in front of it: “Little beauty, want me to help?”

The breathing of the Yi Yi, a hurry, “Ah ~~ 喔 ~” is called. Stained a little awareness and residual ingredients, breathing into these words from the mouth: “Oh ~ Ah ~ you … walk away ~ 喔 ~ not … you want to see”

“It’s best to ask me! You should not come to me, but you can’t stop me!” Then the prostitute’s tone said: “Little beauty, you are rare in this life. Two waiting! It is still a stranger! Oh ~ Oh ~ “

The wife’s illness listened to the Dragon brother, and his breathing breathed the weakness of the weak, and the eyes of the gratitude, in fact, in the heart is a team to be angry, even if it is accepted in vivo.

At this time, Xiaomheng put his wife in bed, and his hands and long-awaited legs into “M-shaped”, stretching with the nose and smelling the private parts in stockings and underwear, the position of the odor , The feet of the feet is constantly champion, and I will take a look at “Ah ~~ 喔 ~” The delicious squatting, the big big breast, with her breathing, the hands are weak and weak, and even struggled The strength is not waiting for anyone to put it.

“Boss, her lips wet, even the underwear is wet, oh ~ Oh ~ I can smell the somato!”

“Boss! Boss! Familiar taste, the original nurses also have the same smell like a prostitute!”


“Don’t play with her first, hey … Waiting for her to do her.”

Xiaocheng seems to understand the good suggestions of Longge and leave the festive, standing around the Dragon brother, waiting for my wife to stop can’t stop. This kind of practice, sometimes I will use my wife to caress, dear wife caress to hinger, I can’t want to insert it, this kind of beggar, desire, compassion and even hope, it makes people’s appetite, I also heard that this way will improve sexual desire, but why … is someone else to deal my wife? Why have this ending? why? In fact, I was shocked by the elderly wife, and I was excited than just more sour and jealous and inexplicably scattered; I continued to erect! Continuously being obstructed by the obscenity in the ward, inspiring the impulse of sexual love. At this time, I saw the wife like only a lascivious bitch, squatted in the bed to make a burst of emotions, stockings and white silkwear have already been faded by themselves, and the yukin is ostensibrotic. Moisturizing the pussy, the other hand keeps coming to pick up the tips and touch the nipple, play with a plump double milk masturbation, in order to get more pleasure, twist your hips to let the hips to get more stimulation. The wife hooks the dragon brother with a charming eye, and the mouth of the mouth sounded softly: “Dragon brother … Come over! Dragon brother …”

“What is it to do?” Some unreasonable attitudes.

The soft and charming spoons said: “Hey! Dragon … brother … Come over! You just don’t … say … Do you want … Do you want me?”

“Don’t you say it? If you want, you will get over and ask me!” Dragon brother’s expression of obscene.

After watching his wife, after listening to Dragon Brother, it is extremely needed to get a satisfaction from the bed, and climbed the appearance of a very estrous bitch slowly climbed Near Dragon Brother.

Double-handed breasts kept back and returned to the thighs of the Dragon brother, shake the white hips in the white; when the show, the hair was shocked, and sometimes it couldn’t help them; It has been unable to close, can only be dripped on the ground, and the pity and pity of Samuy: “I beg you to do it, I want … I want to be dried … I can use anything can be ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. I can’t stand it … fast …. “

“Rely, she is super Sao, I can’t help it! Look at her way to do anything … It is quick to shoot.”

It is said that the lust of the underwear is left.

“Want to be fed?” Dragon Gang stroted my wife’s head, and the momentum touched my wife’s gentle hair, and his eyes looked at the eyes of Yi.

“Think …” Yijing was forced to be in the heart of the sexual desire to go to tears.

Dragon brother pointed at me, the sorrowful grin and smiled: “That’s going to ask your husband!”

Suddenly, the wife’s entire young and white floating rolls, the thighs of the dragon brother are close to the ground, the fingers continue to care in their own teats, private parts, the other hand, but I can’t think about it, hunger Thirsty holding the penis of the Dragon Brother, the slender jade hand is smashed with the big glans, the skilled jacket, the old two of the dragon brother; this charming and confused pity look into me, spoil asking Tell me to me: “Old … public … old … public … I want … I want to be … they do … Ah … ah” I “ㄨ … ㄨ … the ground”, I want to say loudly: “No With others! Help me take a towel! How to return to the towel! “

“Little beauty, my husband didn’t say it!”

The wife continued to use a charming and confused and puzzling the gods.公 … I … I can’t help … Ah … ah … “

“Ah … ah … old … public … 对 … don’t …

“Little beautiful, husband agreed?”

The wife’s beautiful eyes looked at the dragon brother, reached out to Dragon brother’s clothing, and gasped in the mouth and spit out these words in the mouth: “Ah … ah … hurry … he … he … promised … Ah … ah … hurry … Dry me …. “At the same time, Xiao Cheng is getting off his wife’s nurse; young girl naked in the face of three men, the lower abdomen flat tight Like a girl’s general; a plump buttocks and deep cleansing and a fascinating double peak, there is already a strong nipple that has been challenged, from time to time, “Ah … ah …” called spring voice In the ward, the sensuality of the whole body continues to have a flesh. It is not allowed to be well-known, and the pink labie is still wet, waiting for the penis to insert the relaxation. Ren was smashing her hand on her, and smashed the most precious private parts of his wife, showing a thick shame, which was covered with her petite shame, but they were wet. So Xiao Cheng reached out to her slender waist, smooth the body, support the white and flawless legs, the fingers are hard to get in her yukuclear, and the other hand over her little labiely peeking and squatting, I widened my eyes and stared at the wife’s chest. The towering double peak, the plump and charming beautiful curved shape, the two pink grapes that will jitter on the tip of the milk.

Suddenly smashed into the vagina, “Ah … …”, “Ah … 喔 …” The wife of the scattered hair is straight, and the pumping is always “! ! The lascivious sound came out, and the fingers had a lot of crystal juice, followed by Xiaocheng, turned back to the palm, and the obscenity has been in a one-to-have, and the small beachable said: “Only I can Static look!, 平 看 看 老 老 想 干 干 干.. 水 泉 如 泉 泉 如 泉 泉 泉 泉 如 如 如 到 到 到 到 到The wife’s legs kept trembling, the body continued to save; the mouth could not curb the sky, and the wife’s swang spring sound, the wife was screaming: “Hey … Hey … I want ……………………………………… Continue … It’s itching … ah … ah … fast … help me itch … 噢 … … 好 舒 … ” The breath of the lips is 呻吟 “Ah … ah … 噢 … … ah … ah …”, the mouth also hangs a smeared water. The two white tendons were swayed in the left and right swings, and the wife was swinging, the snow, the tender hips were shocked, but the movement made the wife like a mother-in-law, and I didn’t expect the aphrodisiac. The wife has become such a proactive, although I will take the initiative to take the initiative, but now, my wife has already become a strange woman I don’t know, this active requirement Any human love is the first time I have sent to the first time after marriage. I think anyone will rape her, she, I can fuck, I can fight with her, my wife will not resist anyone, it seems to be more people, The more men, the more the more the penis is more exciting, and now there is no matter how high and fat, the man is tall and thin. It will not refuse, even the old man who is old is nothing to do, because the wife only wants the penis, Just want more penis filled with her prostitute, eager for her sexual intercourse for her to stop the inexplicable sheducery Just want to do it well! If the penar is dry, it doesn’t matter, as long as you get a moment! The pussy is hurt, and it will be broken later.

Xiao Cheng Gao has started to pick up a small carcass, his wife, the low-headed mouth, the mouth, the closed eyes, the happy, the cherry blossoms did not respond too much; later, smashing two hands, hugging his wife, tongue food The lips of the humiliating, sucking the pussy, sucking the sound of “Qi Sheng Ji …” in the position of the position. Xiao Cheng sucks and says: “The boss, fucking is slippery and wet! Salty, real fucking!”

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