Ya! Waiting for the last class, 咦 … and more … The next section is a boring national article? Hey … I am so sleepy, but there is a Chinese teacher of the chicken, who dares to sleep?

Speaking of the teacher, she is Chen Xiarong, in fact, it is still full, then there is also a CCUP for the big tits, although she didn’t speak her age, but I think it is about 25 years old! Usually wear a very conservative, wearing a pair of eyes, doing a one-on-one, when she saw her standing, the knee would be squatted, it looks like a wheeled look, every time I don’t think about her clothes.

Today, she wore a pair of high heels, but the ass, I decided, that is, today, I want to go to her!

“Lin Luovo! What are you doing? I have dare to listen to it in class?” Chen Xiarong suddenly rushed to me.

“If you are not, fucking is too bored, how can I sleep ?!” I thought she would surrequinked under my husband or later, suddenly fell into it.

“Ok, good, wait for it to go to the school!” She gave me a glance.

“Okay, don’t see it … no!” I smiled.

Soon, I will study, I follow her to the school, I will enter the school office, I deeply realize the words “Tian Tian help”, there is no teacher in the school office! It seems that you can come to the ground. … 嘿嘿 …

“Lin Luo Wen! What do you still do? Not will come to me!” Chen Xiaorong sat on the chair and saw that I stared at her with the eyes of, couldn’t help but broke.

嘿嘿 … It doesn’t matter … we can come slowly! Well … How do you play her? let me see……

I will take the door to the door and turn the door and lock it, and then lock all the windows, the curtains pull it.

“Lynn! Don’t want to give me a small means!”

“Teacher … I just feel cold, so I close the doors and windows …” I have innocently.

“It’s less installed, come over!” She said with anger.

I suddenly wrapped around her, she reached out, she reached out, she reached her, dry, and touch!

“Lynn! What are you doing!”

I watched her slap, I saw: “The odor! Laozi is not cool!” I suddenly took a knife from the pocket, angered: “Let me feel a little!”

Her expression turned from anger into fear, but she could not throw out the dignity of the teacher. “You, what do you want to do? Calm, have something to say.”

“Oh? I don’t think I didn’t think about it?” My hand brought her clothes in front of my clothes, I was taking her underwear. ” A chapter her teap.

She shook it, try to push my hand open, a little trembling: “Ah … no, no … Lin Luo … you let go!”

“Hey? If you want to destroy it?” My left hand stretched out from her clothes, holding a knife swaying in front of her eyes.

“No …” Her voice passed her fear.

I took her bra out from the clothes and turned her and took off her clothes. A pair of big tits will be played out, wow … I am beautiful! Her skin is very white, the nipple is already old. However, she did not resist, perhaps because I was afraid that I really took the knife from her face!

I didn’t leave my tits, she had been “um … um … ah …” whisper, it seems that I want to call it again.

I put my hand in her tights, wow … Her prostitute too much! I took the hand out, and the prostitute also dropped to the ground, “the smell of the scorpion, even if you were touched by the students, it was too susceptible!” I laughed, put your hand into her mouth, “How? Is the taste of obscene? Sale! “

“Hey …” She swayed her head while she was crying, but the more flowers were getting more.

I took off her pants with my underwear and she immediately clamped his legs.

I am willing to separate her legs and finally see her the most intimate place. Well, her haunting, I saw her yukuclear has been erected, poked with her hand, “Ah … um …” she groaned.

I took off my clothes and pants. My cock came out, I saw my diameter 3cm, nearly 20cm cock, Chen Xiaorong glarederted his eyes, staring at my cock. “Look enough? Dead!” I played her face with the cock.

I hugged her on the desk, a hand pinched her tits, and another hand love carested her obscene lips, and my mouth didn’t let her other nipples.

“Ah … ah …” she closed her eyes, her mouth was half.

“Shut up,.” I brought the dick to her prostitute and prepared to insert.

“Don’t!” She trembled and suddenly screamed.

I ignore her, continue to insert my dick into her prosthesis, so I can’t easily squeeze the glans, but I found that there is already a layer of film to block me, “Ah … good pain …” She hurts and she is crying, constantly Push me with hands.

“Mom, it is still a woman!” I took a shot of her ass, left hand stretched into the pocket to press the recorder’s switch.

“Please contact you … I am still a woman … don’t plug in …” She is not careless to cry in front of me.

“That’s just, Laozi has not done his virgin.” I smiled, took the cock out, she thought I would give it up, the body often thought down from the work desk, but she quickly knew her thoughts Wrong, because my dicks in the next second, I strongly moved into her small hole, and I broke her mirm, and my chicken felt a warmth.

“Ah !! Good pain … 呜 … pull out … Please … Ask you not to rape me …” She has collapsed, this is the result I want.

“If you want the guard, you can rush in and see that you can look at this morality.”

“Hey …” she really lowered the volume, it seems that she is still very guilty.

I caught her butt, press me, the body is also very forward, the dick is so in this whole, “Ah! Good pain … don’t …” She started screaming again, I am afraid that there is a guard or I also heard the student who was in the school, so I simply blocked her lips directly, my tongue agitated in her mouth, there was a sweet taste, she called … … 呜 … “

My dick began to draw in her lascivious points, from the beginning of the small flyer, slowly accelerate the speed, the more weathered, every time I retired, I’m going to the deepest place.

“Ah … ah … ah! Good strange feeling … um … fast … stop … don’t … ah!” I started talking with her mouth.

“Dead, can be so cool by students.” I continued to do her, old work desk.

“Ah … no, no … um … stop … stop … ah …” She closed her eyes and said.

I hugged her, her hand hit my shoulder, the feet touched my waist as a non-tail beam, this posture plugged in.

“Ah! Ah … ah … fast … fast … ah … um … Her strength …” Her head is on my shoulder, keeping up and down on me.

“Ah … so cool! I am dying! This lascivious she is stinking! The mother who is also cool by the student!” I kept humiliating her, and she listened, the more it was, the more it.

“Ah! Ammy … um … um … I … I want to urinate!” After the small hole, she is a burst, she climbs, but my dick is still very hard.

She whispered in my shoulders, the big tits were like this in my chest, I started to get her tits, “um … don’t … don’t!” She suddenly pushed me and ran to the sofa on the side. Shrill the body.

“Dry! I don’t care about me. Mom’s Laozi has not played enough!” After I finished, I got it on her.

“Ah !!! Don’t !!” She struggled, but her strength is not big, soon abandoned.

I am chaotic in her, her tits are squeezed into a variety of shapes, and the teat is also biting. I started to capture her mouth. When she has begun to be confused, I have to assign her cock to her small hole. Great inserted, crazy pumping, every one plugged into the heart, “Please … 呜 … no … um … to be strong … ah! Rape me … 呜 …” She has been crying to face. It is tangled.

“Ah … I am very cool?” I didn’t hear the movements of my lower body, and the faster, the faster, I couldn’t say it, I could have always “um … um … ah!” Is called.

About 30 minutes, I feel that I have already shot, I have started accelerating the speed, “the scorpion, don’t call so lascivious? Calling, I will shoot it again.” Don’t! ” Please don’t shoot it in … I will! Pregnant … Ah! “She heard my words began to fight.

“I want to shoot !!” After I finished her, I kissed her, and put the cock to the deepest, spray a deep concentrate.

I took it out of the chicken with the semen and the hypodermate, wiped clean with her clothes, wearing a pants, watching her sitting on the sofa, god, god, the body continued to tremble.

“Don’t … don’t rape me … don’t … don’t … don’t !!!” She suddenly made a crazy start scream.

“The odor! Quiet!” I booled her.

She is just crying, I see her spirit is a bit embarrassed, will help her wear clothes, thinking that tomorrow is not in the class, then hug her princess, bringing back to my house.

It has never been a gram-up in the vagina for a few weeks, and a lot of concentrates will be hoarded in the uterus every few days. After all, they are still being used to have a hybrid.

The teacher of the Chinese teacher has been in class two-month micro-convex pregnant abdomen, and the mobile phone received a message from the message. He looked at me over the instructions, and the sensitive vaginal and humiliation of the dirty lastrophic were humiliated.

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