In 2007, I and Huaqiang went back from the army to the place. We both are Shandong people. When I go to school, I have never seen a book, and the most seriously read a few books should be a slam dunk and sakura communications. The former may be very familiar, and there may be the necessary introduction to the future, that is, a Japanese H comic in China, the painting is good, the plot is also good. Our teenagers have spent the companionship of these 2 comics, and there may also be other things in the middle, and it is not clear. Why do you have to mention these 2? Because the former let us work hard to exercise the basis for action. The latter made us have the earliest sex to know, and everything will happen.

From the military transfer of the army, I came to Beijing. Although I still said in the home, we both felt that they were not free, so I chose our great motherland’s beautiful capital – Beijing we lease a three room in the east of Beijing. The house in one hall, I am in one house, I still have a house, ready to rent to single women, even if you can’t do anything, you can’t think of an eye addiction, I didn’t expect, good things really let us meet.

Because all the army returned, we can easily find a good job. After a relatively stable work, Huaqiang began to fight.

For a while, we learned a post on the Internet, and many single women saw 2 big men at a glance. But I believe that we will have to meet the right prey, because the community we live is not far away, is Beijing XX University, college students are a lot of renting a house.

Finally one day, the prey is on the door …

That night, I and Huaqiang were eating. I received a call. I took it, I listened to a very sweet voice in the microphone: “Do you have a house rental?”

That sound, the least two plus numbers … Even if the people grow like a pig, you can also cover your face, and the sound is estimated. I quickly said: “Yes, we have a house for rent.”

“Please live a few people now? Are you a man?”

Because the number of flying pigeons is too much, I now ask me to ask my girl usually not answer, so I said: “This house is very good, the rent is very cheap, mainly this rental room and other two The room is not behind, a large living room, you can come and see. “In order to find the right prey, I have discussed our house, the price of our house is more than the general same-type There must be less than 200 yuan in the rental house, mainly to attract the right little girl, and if it is a college student, it is nothing money, it is more suitable.

The other party obviously thought about it, then the sweet voice said to me: “Well, you tell me the specific location, we will pass it for a while.”

I listened to this, I suddenly became a lot, even if this is a beautiful woman, it has been taken away, and it is obviously going out with my boyfriend. I said to Huaqiang: “For a while, I will watch the house, I can pack it, put the jacket.”

After about 20 minutes, I look at the table, all 8 o’clock in the evening, just when I thought it won’t come, the door was ringing, I passed the door.

When I opened it, I saw a thin boy, about 1 meter 75. My emotions have almost lost to the extreme, I think this time hasn’t played again. With the opening of the door, my eyes saw an absolutely preferred beauty, absolutely the best prey, absolutely the best conquest object.

She probably 1 meter 65, the hair left to the shoulder position, the hairstyle is very suitable for her, let her face more attractive, because this time is summer, so she is wearing short-sleeved shirt and beige seven pants, A pair of sneakers below. From the exposed arm, she belongs to the type of microves, and the most favorite type, the same woman with a thin with Foodo, there is no play. She should wear the thin underwear, I see her chest is at least a D cup, the calf is very white, the shoes are not big, it is estimated that her little foot must be very cute.

That boy saw me, first toned, my face is still very traditional, and China is also unfire, and we are actually a type of human beast. Ha ha.

I didn’t talk, just said: “You are watching the house, first come in.” They walked into the house, Huaqiang has listened to me, I said, I didn’t move, my eyes I have been watching TV.

The house we rent is actually the pattern of 2 rooms. We lived in the 2 faculty bedrooms, a living room in the middle, the welcome door is right, is the original study, now we have changed it into one Bedroom, from the feeling, there is a distance from the two bedroom opposite.

I have a look at them, saying to them: “You see this room and bring a separate balcony, and the price is not expensive. If you need something, I can also find a way to help you. You are a student. Let’s take a look at me and say: Find a suitable house. How do you think this room? “

“Beijing here is generally compressed three, you know what you know.” I looked at the girl when I said this, and her expression told me that she was still difficult to this figure, so I immediately changed: ” But you are a student. If you can live more, I can give you cheap, I will pay one, I know this is very good, this condition is almost not found.

Sure enough, the girl moved, this time, Huaqiang, who heard the sound, also made it up, it is estimated that he is also conquered by this sweet voice.

That boy looks at Huaqiang and ask us: “You are all right to work?”

Huaqiang said: “Yes, we are all working hard, you can rest assured. If you have to live, there is no one during the day.”

That boy saw a watch, and also discussed a few words with the girl, the girl turned over and asked me: “Do you still have a reapoleum? We are still a student, there is no money.”

At this time, my brain is fast, I think I want to think, “” This price believes that you also know that it is very low, you will see other houses, with us, so cheap, is it? “

So the girl said: “You will be cheap, is it good?”

At this time, I saw Huaqiang. He would cope with me in this regard, so Huaqiang said to them: “The rent is no longer cheaper, because you should know that this is very cheap, if you have become friends later If we earn money, you don’t have to pay, the property and warmth are also finished, and you must not feel unsuitable. “

This kind of drama who wants to ignore it is much more, and two people have no social experience. Sure enough, the boy promised to say so, move tomorrow.

After they got, I was guilty of Hao Qiang, even if I couldn’t eat meat temporarily, I can see a beautiful woman walking at home.

Sure enough, they moved in the next day, in the first time, I and Huaqiang camouflage very well, get off work, buy the food, look at TV at home, go online, clean up the house, we Come back, give them a meal, then talk to the sky, they will watch TV because they have no computers temporarily, so watch TV in the outside house.

I and Huaqiang used QQ to discuss the little beauty of this flesh in their respective rooms. Because, after a few days, after a few days, the girl had a little released, only in the house, just in the room, looked at her fine foot and two meat, white tender thighs, My chicken is in countless morning, I will hurt me.

Slowly, we also know that the boy is called Huo Dongwei, the girl is called Huang Wei (sound yu). They all told me to call Dong Ge. Jin Huaqiang called Qiang brother.

After a relatively depressed waiting period, we finally waited for opportunities for a day. Dong Wei wants to go back to his hometown to see his sick grandmother, leave Huang Yu alone in the trap of our two color wolves.

The next day of Dongwei, I was pretend to go to work, in fact, I bought a lot of food, Hua Qiang bought some drugs and sex. Daytime Waiting is the long, at night, I and Huaqiang at the stairway set, looked at each other, thinking about the white beauty that I have to go, and the crotch immediately supported the tent.

Going upstairs, I deliberately made Huang Yu love to eat fish, and put a sufficient amount of drug in the fish. After everything is ready, I shouted Huang Yu to come out to eat. Huang Wei came out of her room. I saw that chicken is hard, she only sets a sleeping skirt, maybe it is really trustworthy. White thighs and fine neck, just sway in front of me.

Because I am very risking in the wine in the wine and very old, I put it in the fish, but I will not pay the effectiveness of the drug. So I kept Huang Wei to eat fish on the dinner table. Sure enough, she didn’t lie down on the table, finished, she said that she was a little sleepy, and she immediately returned to the room. I and Huaqiang wait hard in the door, I turned the door handle and walked into her room.

Huang Wei has already fell asleep on the bed. I see Huaqiang, his eyes have risen green light. We look at it, and Huaqiang’s hand has reached into the thigh of Huang Wei. He picked up Huang Wei and walked into our room. We have to conquer this woman in your own room. In order to ensure that she won’t wake up, we deliberately gave her a stable, which would be a big price to buy it. Now look at the beautiful college students in front of it, this money is worth it! !

※ | JKF Czech Forum Hua strong put her on the bed we were ready, I took three DVs, holding digital cameras, preparing for records. Huaqiang took himself a light. Looking at Huang Wei, sleeping on the bed, Huaqiang’s chicken is immediately standing. He first touched the back shoulder of Huang Wei, the kind of flesh slippery, then cut her sleep shoulder straps, slowly pulled down, revealing the full breasts wrapped in the thin underwear.

Underwear is pink, I quickly took pictures, my hand just finished the shutter, this underwear has been separated from the body of Huang Wei, which is exposed to the air. The little nipple, the pink isola, Dongwei, this is a certain impotence, see that the gap, knows that this girl has not experienced a climax.

Huaqiang looked at me, a handless in a talent of Huang Wei, I will continue to take pictures, my little brother has also hard pain. The other hand of Huaqiang, I got a leg of Huang Wei, I immediately attached the camera to the mysterious triangle of the girl, keep the shutter, the snow white small pants can’t stop the dense jungle, black dense If the forest is hidden.

The middle of the intermediate is the two small labips. Hua Qiang couldn’t help, his hand stretched into Huang Wei’s underwear, touched the hard hair, slipped through the hair, and his rough finger met a soft meat, that is Huang Wei. Developed labians. Huaqiang slowly switched along the lip in the lip, and took the fingers, looked at the bright light above, and did not hesitate to put your fingers in your mouth and start sucking.

Huang Wei’s underwear was taken by Huaqiang. I saw it in the camera’s camera. The lips of the tender pink were seen. The confined lips seem to be wared to us, calling our chicken hurry. We both looked at Huang Wei, which had already lighted, and our hands grabbed his chicken, began to hug, because the beauty in front of this, and we will slowly develop. In this way, our semen is shot on the top of the big tits. The girl’s little tap is on the bright semen, this photo is sent to the Internet to sell.

I gave Huang Wei and turned it over, and I touched her all over the body. Hua Qiang took pictures and didn’t leave my chicken. I said to him: “Intaled the point, or I haven’t played for a while.”

“Operation, today is taking medicine to eat death, I have to fuck her!” It seems that Huaqiang is really exported.

The buttise, the yellow, no one, the slider, the thin back, the thin waist and the towering double hip make up the perfect curve, and the little butt is tight, and from The butt is done, but I can’t see it. I can only see a curved meat. I can’t help but want to plug in.

My hands opened the two little butt of Huang Wei, Hua Qiang took the camera to Huang Wei’s buttocks took a few ass and small bursts. I took a lot of photos according to various sensuality postures. Finally, we both left one right, one shot outside the little lips of Huang Wei, a hole in the eyes of Huang Wei. During the entire video camera, I shot 2 times, Huaqiang fired 4 times. Mainly Huang Wei is too attractive to men, touching this tender meat, Huaqiang can shoot.

We have finished the last roll, and the whole body of Huang Wei has not known that we have touched us. Huaqiang grabs the printer to print out the supersyardrophotographic photo taken, I will finish DV. At the same time, I can’t afford a few mouthfuls in the tender meat of Huang Wei.

It’s all, we will throw it on the bed, smoke to the outside, look at the table, if you start at 9 o’clock in the night, we have already got 3 o’clock in the morning, calculating the medicine is too fast, The most important step in our sacred college students, in the future, our sexual blessings, all look at this step.

At about 4 o’clock, Huang woke up, when she just woke up, it was a bit confused. When she felt a short, she saw the DV shelf around him, and there were two black sticks with Huaqiang. She sat up at once, wrapped her body with the sheets, at the same time, looked at me and Huaqiang, did not speak. It seems that she can also feel that she has not been tarnished, at least, her lower body has no strange feelings.

“How do you want?” “It is about 5 minutes, and Huang Yao asked such a sentence.

As long as she speaks, the girl is afraid of not talking at this time. As long as you speak, I will know how to control her. “I didn’t want to see the photos we gave you first, and the angle was all good.” I said to her, the more you can’t afford it, the more you can’t take it.

Huaqiang threw a few tens of print photos to the side of Huang Wei, and closed his eyes as shame, it is estimated that she has seen her breast, thigh, genital and even asshers in this life.

After more than 3 minutes, Huang Wei reached out and picked up the photo, but it was buckled to the back, and he looked at me: “What do you think?”

It seems that she is really a smart girl, knowing that she has nothing else, and I have never eaten pork, I have always seen the pig run, even if I have not been raped, this story has always heard a lot. She may want to kill us, give her a chance. Unfortunately, we have long thought of this. So I said to her: “What do you think you should do for us?”

Huang Wei looks at me, and looks at Huaqiang, and it is not allowed to tighten the sheets in his hand. The tears began in the eyelids. She has already premedited the terrible thing, but she didn’t expect that we have to do, it is more than a hundred times more than the terrible tens of times than her imagination.

“You are a smart girl, if you really understand things, then you are standing now, you are not allowed to wrap your bed.” I said to her very serious. At this time, you must conquer her psychologically. The so-called attack is superior!

Huaqiang is on the side, looking at Huang Wei, raised the DV in his hand. Huang Wei looks at me, and looks at Huaqiang. When a drop of tears, I dripped out of my nest, dripping on the sheets in front of them.

“Stand up!” I saw the time, screaming, Huang Yuji, it is estimated that I have never seen me. She is tightly biting, slowly standing on the bed, I staring at her eyes, she also looked at me, her eyes are not very complicated, in addition to being shy, it is humiliating.

I reached out and grabbed the sheets wrapped in her delicate body. I used it slightly. However, I won’t pull my bed with my strength, so I won’t let this young flesh, the first thing is that she must own Loosen this sheet. Huang Wei insisted on a few seconds, his hands were loose, and the bed sheet slipped with her snow, and the beautiful double peak and mysterious Valley jumped into my eyes again.

Huang Yu looked at me, I also looked at her, I have to succumb to her bones, I want her to completely give up self-esteem, give up resistance, give up struggle, she wants to become my and Huaqiang from the bones.

I will post the order again: “Huang Wei, according to what I mean, I promise you will not be injured. Now, smart girl, please kneel down, separate the two legs, give us the most mysterious place “

Prior to this, I have found a lot of US military or FBI to interrogate the information on the Internet, so I have to go deep into Huang Yu from the beginning, and I destroy her dignity from the most mysterious place of the girl.

When the tears of Huang Wei, she finally cried, she squatted, but did not separate my legs, Huaqiang took DV, chasing the beautiful garden with her two legs. Garden.

“I beg you, let me go …” Huang Yu cryed for mercy. I listened to her pleadings, I didn’t have time, I didn’t expect the psychological psychology of this girl, and I crashed it slightly.

“Separate your thigh, I will let you go!” At this time, my order is crucial. I want to give her hope, can’t let her despair, and can’t let her resume confidence.

Huang Yu is just a tear, and there is no signs of the thighs to separate, I finally started!

I grabbed the legs of Huang Wei, because she was still squatting, so the legs were mainly before and after, I took her legs to the two sides, and Huang Wei did not Balance, a butt is sitting on the bed, the black secret jungle exposure is undoubted.

I prescribed her legs, let’s get into her ear, but the evil, said to her: “Do not help your legs, otherwise I will be welcome to you, you may not be affected. Old Let us look at it, it’s okay. I don’t understand? “

Huang Wei cried and did not dare to shoot. The legs also made it together. I am worried. In her thigh, she called it, she called out, and the little hand took me, and my legs no longer worked together.

But still tears.

Huaqiang took DV, stayed with saliva, leaving the lens in front of Huang Wei’s small hole, and filmed this tempting beauty.

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