At noon, the hospital colleagues came out of the department to go home to eat. Because I work in the field outside, I only need to buy a box of rice at noon, and I’m too lazy to go back to sleep, and a smoke is in the hospital. I looked at it in front of it, oh? How did you transfer to gynecology? Dr. Li, who is the only alumni that I am allocated to this small hospital. Therefore, it is good to have a good relationship. It is often played in the book. He came back …

Sitting in his desk and looking at the newspaper, suddenly a pleasant female voice came from the door: “Doctor ~ Hello, I will do an inspection.” I put down the newspaper and saw it ~~ Wow! A beautiful mm of a height of approximately 165 cm walked in a lavender dress showed in a shawl. The figure was really irregularly, from top to 36.24.35 (of course, this is my own evaluation ^ _ ^ . I am sitting on the stool, just pointing to the stool next to it, saying it. She sat down, her face was reddish, a single and prove ~~ haha, it turned out to be a marriage. Looking at her beautiful face and the embossed figure, quietly swallowing a sight, I was prepared in my heart … Grandma, I will be a gynecologist! !

Close the door of the inspection room, and the mask and one side of the five-way doctor said that the head of the horn said, “Go, let the clothes lying on it on the clothes.” She is lying down. ” Back to my dress, then took off the pink lace bra and underwear lying on the bed, papping, in accordance with my requirements, check the bed 2, I gram I walked over and pulled up the curtain just covering her neck. So she couldn’t see my movements after the curtain … I didn’t have the interference of her sight. The furnished is a big character. The wonderful woman naked, the tremble is strong, the breasts are on each of the nipples like cherry-like rubbing, slightly more than 2 rules of the nipple color deep, and it is tightly surrounded by it. . I went down to my lower abdomen, there is no more than a little fat, until the thigh roots are hidden under the murder of the drums underneath. Go to her 2 legs to drag over, a spotlight, finely graded her yin, 2 pieces full of meat, although it is still tightly in the case of legs, except for the top one is a bit sparse The curled hairy, she didn’t have a hair below! I gently opened her vulva. Her body trembled softly, and henceneited a pink tender meat immediately appeared in front of my eyes. The holes didn’t know because it was afraid or nervous and slightly clamped. The pale pink clitoris also slammed the head from the foreskin, swallowed a sight, I asked her: “Is it to check the outer yin?” She gently answer “Yes, doctors ~ I am this The marriage inspection knows that it will check this, so it should be cleaned? “I listened to the deep breath of the face of her genitals, a mix with a faint fragrant sap and women’s permanent fragrance immediately full of me. In the nasal cavity, in the mind, I haven’t been going for a long time, let me have the whole body to rise, and the body’s nerve is like a fish, and it is active.

I used one hand to open her big ladle, dripping a few drops of Vaseline another handkeeping, and there is still a touch of her nephew, but also unexpectedly touch her clitoris, her body is very nervous, mouth I sent a embarrassment in sustaining … “Doctor, what is this?” Maybe some doubts, she asked. “喔 ~~ This is a genital appearance touch inspection, mainly look at your genitals or lymph nodes highlight” I am very proud of this answer, but my mask also drums in the trousers. Sorry unpacking pants makes it also look at spring light. In this way, her? I stroked about 5, 6 points in front of me, and suddenly I found out a light milk white liquid from her cave, this scorpion! ! ~~~ It’s time, I gently extended a finger and slowly slipped into her secret caves, really tight ~ Hot slippery? The meat is tightly wrapped in my finger, it seems like A small mouth greedy, I didn’t leave a neutrality all over, she seems to be very painful ~ “Don’t worry, I am giving you a cervix …” I smiled and comforted. She is here.

“Oh? It seems that your vagina is a bit narrow, this is very bad for husband and wife, after the birth of the child ~” For further action, I said to her with a very serious voice ~~ “What should I do?” Doctor? ” Oh, don’t worry, our hospital has a way ~ If you go to other hospitals, they will definitely use cold-ice sprints to treat you, but we have entered the United States new equipment to ensure that you will not have some points. Not suitable … huh, right, just start trial is free, don’t worry. “This mm is also listening to it ~ I will agree that I will take” new equipment “to treat her … ^ _ ^”, take the foot points ~ ” After that, I didn’t care about it, I didn’t agree to transfer the angle of shelf claiming her legs. Haha, I can complete her pussy, and the juicy nucleus is also very popular. Looking at my hiang. The small hole flows through the love liquid. It seems that she seems to be quite happy. “It will be a little bit hurt, and I will be better.” I said, while I have a long second, I have a long-awaited old second, I gently go forward ~ “Hey ~” She called, asked “this What is something? So thick! “I am smiling and said:” It’s just a probe. Don’t be afraid. “In order not to cause her doubt there, I have never contact her in the back of the masher. I basically, half of the half-jig entered her body, and the coarse glans were wrapped tightly, under the illumination of the spotlight, the bronze flashed on the black light? Oh! Two pure fleshy little lazy lips have been humid, half open in that, there is a small bulk yuki, when I stroked the small nucleus, she actually Send a burst of snoring: “Ah … ah … ah … ah …” The body is always in the might of joining the jitter. On the side of her little sister, I turned to her breast ~ Gently push it, my finger is around her delicate nipple, although it is very tiring (think about it ~ I can’t rely too close to her It has to keep half a mask inside her body, but also to reach her breast) “喔 ~ Now doing breast lumps to check” listening to this sentence, she did not cause suspicion, but gradually hardening the nipple Explain that she is very enjoyable. In her narrow and warm and humid vagina, the penis was slowly touched, and I was a woman who had a woman to spend 1 hour. I was conquered by this unfamiliar and a woman who was a prestigious. I have only 20 points? Put the gun, of course, the whole brain shot into her lower body. “Doctor ~ How do I feel that there is something shot into my body?” She asked ~ “Hey, it is nothing, it needs to be injected after the treatment, remember, go back to 2 days, can’t wash, so as not to affect “It seems that she believes that she believes in me ~ Of course, I am not so stupid, it will never let her pregnant my child, huh, I quietly stuffed” Mi Mi “into her Vaginal ~ I have to know this, haha.

I sorted out the clothes and put the old second, I took out the mobile phone to give her a few close-up (but 200W pixels, huh, then pull the curtain, let her get up, then discovery She is full of red, slightly astishing, and the eyes will make a little feeling, it seems to be more charming ~~ I rushed to imitate the handwriting of her friends to add the content, huh, huh ~~ I will give her a woman. Playing a hook, then happened to her … I was going to work in the afternoon, I couldn’t do it .※ | JKF Czech Forum

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