Say: “Ten years of cold windows do not ask, one fell in the world,” At the time of the university, as Bai Hui is too much, these four years have not left too much impression in my life, it is to learn, play the game, look at the movie.

Finally, the four years of life is over, we graduated from the unknown to the future, some classmates go abroad, some students work, some students study, my grades are not very boring, where is it, and finally , I have a general study, and I have finalized the last few, so I chose a school in my hometown to continue to learn. I didn’t expect to hang my gentleman. I met my familiar woman during graduate student.

The story also started from the school, and the graduate student started. Teacher’s sister asked the teacher to eat, and they were pulled out.

Let’s introduce my mentor before I am playing, my tutor is now tutoring, with four students, two men and two women, a few teachers and sisters, three years, the reason: According to legend, the husband of the teacher is also A teacher in our college, during the visit of our tutor, and a female classmate, then divorced, 35 years old, the body maintenance is good, the length is medium, who knows, in summary: a divorce Middle-aged woman.

When gathering, everyone is full of happiness, the last one, you have returned to the land, I and my girlfriend rented a house outside, where the teacher’s family is quite close, so the flower gay The task of course falls on my shoulder.

I support the teacher, support the teacher’s body, because of the role of alcohol, the teacher’s meat, soft body is snuggling in your body, breathad out of the lips I have been drunk, the teacher’s hair is going to the waist, does not say, wait for me to long hair and your waist, you can be good, who knows that the teacher is divorced when he is long hair and waist, but thinks here I am The teacher has more mercy, I tightly hold the teacher.

I entered the teacher’s family, and she was drunk. She went to bed. She went to sleep. The teacher wearing a short skirt today, fading out of the coat, there is leaving the stockings and sling, stockings In vicars, the teacher’s lace underwear, the skewing slung is a purple bra, and the perfect chest is coming. See here, as a bloody man, I know what I should do.

I am hobby is a word: cooked, seeing a living mature woman posing in front of me, I control control, the final physiology overcome reason, I take off the coat, give the teacher a whole body massage, from the bottom to top, swearing I stroked the teacher’s black stockings, kissing the teacher’s little feet, isolated on the stockings, sucking every toes, saying that the taste is taste, but that is the taste of hormones.

Looking up at the teacher, the cheek is red, the chest is rich, I know the teacher’s spring dream begins.

Just along the calf, your hand strokes full of chest, from time to time, gently press the cherry nipple. I fade with the teacher’s stockings, licking the gray zone around the lace underwear, there are always a few naughty clouds, and the elongation tongue is deeply in-depth in the mysterious triangle, the teacher has been slight, hey, hey, I hope that I don’t dream your husband.

I licked the roots of the thigh. I don’t know whether it is saliva or obscenity. In short, the teacher’s underwear has already begun to twist her water snake waist. I have to hang the appetite, skip the key triangle, kiss.

In the truth, the teacher’s hair is truly strong. There are a few hair in the navel. I thought it was very clean. These hair has enhanced my beast, reaching the double peak, my mouth is going out, take off the teacher’s bra Two little white rabies jumped out, I sucking one, grabbed one, and another hand touched the teacher’s flesh, the water has been much, my saliva has flowed on the white rabbit. .

The teacher’s snoring is slightly increased, twisting the ripe body, my finger into and out, from time to time, touch the little peas, sucking white milk, after a while, I feel that the meat hole is shaking. I know, the teacher is climaxing, I don’t eat fireworks in three years, it is fast.

I threw away the underwear, took off the teacher’s lace purple underwear, stroked two big white rabbits, let her enjoy the climax of the two seconds, I will get the mouth to the teacher’s sage, the fur of the flesh Has been wetted by prostitution, I picked up the meat to make the tongue to reach the hole, further evoke her depressed for many years, and lick the little peas. There is too much water flow, I can’t drink it, huh, huh, drinking water is my personal habit, please do not imitate.

Looking at the fire, I know that the second brother is from horses, and the second brother lifts the purple one-legged, and always prepares the fight. I used the meat stick and rubbed the teacher’s lips. The teacher also combined with me to twist the body. It seems to be summoned my younger brother. I slowly quite close to the teacher’s meat, and the teacher was a little trembling, with the insertion of the meat stick, When the jitter is gradually, when it is completely inserted, he heard the teacher’s long sigh is a sigh. I slowly twitch the thick meat stick, enjoy this meat, tight clap, the teacher also lifted the hips and cooperated with my thrust, and the snoring gradually increased.

Two little white rabbit cherry tall tall, I smashed the pockets, I thought I had to conquer this mature with the meat stick, I am strong, come to a few hundred pistons.

There is only a snoring and breath in the room: Ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah … ah. As the smear of the meat stick, it is like a bulb. When inserting, it will light up, the nine shallow is a deep, the three shallow depth, and all the power is concentrated on the meat stick.

The sound is endless, ah, a ah, the distance is inserting a few hundred, ah, ah, the sound turned into the sound of saving, I will continue to see the bottom, suddenly, great “Ah” Everything is quiet, the teacher is moving, and there is no, only the trembling from the meat cavity to the whole body, I know the teacher’s climax.

After a trembling, I have a slow movement, “You are awesome, husband”, this sentence is scared, I’m hop, I looked at the teacher’s face, but fortunate, it was a dream, scared me.

I feel that my brother has reacted, I want to shoot, I know can’t pay now. Changed a posture, laterally, formed four feet monsters, two legs were wrapped together, this is my favorite posture, good strength, depth, and a meal, the teacher’s water They have already wet the sheets, and they have plugged a few hundred, the teacher’s physical strength is obvious, and the snoring is gradually small, and only 哼.

The younger brother’s ability is also the limit. If you think that you don’t have a high-time, you don’t have it, think of it, I can’t control it again, and I will pump dozens of squats, and a thick paste is ejected. Ah, the prostitute sprayed the brother, the hole trembles, I kissed the teacher’s white tits, and enjoy the pleasure.

Looking up at the teacher didn’t open your eyes, I quietly took the bed, helping the teacher to put on the underwear, wearing a woman, returning to the house of my girlfriend.

Just gotten your girlfriend, I rushed to me, saying: “My husband is drinking too much today, I miss you.”

I heard this, I know that it is still sleeping night, “Baby, my husband is a bit more, I miss you too.”

“What did you do at home? Is there any mission?”

Tonight, I wanted to drink the wine and my girlfriend happy. Who would actually put the instructor inserted, hehe, I smented the smell of my girlfriend, I know that she deliberately dressed up tonight, every time I love, my girlfriend Dressed drifting bright, this made me very satisfied, but the second brother did not live, just did it, now I can’t continue to fight, I have to drag.

“Do you think of me, is it my little cucumber, hahahaha.”

“You are bad, you are bad.”

“Don’t you like me? Haha.”

“Baby, eat today, our tutor let us find some of our topics, you also know that we will open tomorrow afternoon, I may have to report, so, baby, tonight, we are so late, how is it?”

“Ok, but you have to express it, huh, huh.”

Said that I have entered the bedroom with my girlfriend, there are two computers in the bedroom, we are sitting in front of your respective computers.

I said: “Baby, you also look at the literature, do you not do a stage report tomorrow?”

“Well, line!”

I want to finally get caught, I found a few documents about my topic. I looked at it. I didn’t know anything. The weather was too hot. I took a shower, and I took a shower and continued to read the literature.

After reading a while, I felt that my girlfriend kissed my ears. I saw a table at 10:30. Time flies so fast. I know that the second brother is also resting, haha, a bloody hurricane is going to start. Wolf friends have wretched.

My girlfriend kissed my ears neck, with her hand into the clothes, and stroked the two brothers, the younger brother quickly reacted.

I said: “What is the baby? Didn’t see me?” Said that I turned and hug my girlfriend. “Say, what do you want to do? Haha.”

My girlfriend’s face is red: “Um …” twisted the body and spoiled in my arms. “Say, what do you want to do?”

“Don’t say, learn !!!”

“I need to……”

“What? Haha.”

“To that …”


“Well …” also spoiled, I know that it is arrived.

When the shot, the wind is fired and dried. Hey, oh, Wow, Wow hahaha, I kiss the earlobe of my girlfriend, stroking a small white rabbit, just touched the big white rabbit to feel that the little bunny is not very cool, but flexibility is very Ok, the big white rabbit sags. The girlfriend began to breathe, unlocked the whit of his girlfriend, pushing the breasts of your girlfriend from underlying, and stroked.

Maybe Wolf Friends will ask, why are you stroked from the downward? This is an academic problem, online can be checked, how to make your girlfriend’s breasts do not breathe, this is a way, not to say, transfer to the topic.

The little white rabbit to stroking your girlfriend, knead the little cherry, I said softly in my girlfriend: “Baby, let it be wet below!”

“Well, husband, I want me to …”

“Baby, don’t worry, let my husband taste your Mimi.”


Uh huh, every time I succumb, I kissed down my girlfriend, soon I arrived at the depths of Taoyuan, I took off my girlfriend’s underwear, haha, or hellokitty.

“Come, baby, let the husband lick.”

“Well … No, it is dirty.”

Every time I know, I also know that my girlfriend is not letting me lick, it is, I will open my girlfriend’s legs, kiss the inside of the thigh, I use my Yu Guang, I have seen Kan, I have begun. NS.

“Ah … ah … ah … husband, I love you, I love you.”

“Ah … my husband, I love you.”

I know that my girlfriend wants me to kiss Taoyuan. I kissed the small abalone, kissed the meat, slippery with the tongue, slippery, the flesh slowly opened, I still didn’t smash.

My girlfriend’s ah, the sound is gradually getting bigger, the fire is almost, I buried my mouth into the flesh, sucked hard, especially the beans of that artifact. My girlfriend’s legs clamped my head, my head can’t move, but the tongue is still very sensitive, the man does not have a long, if you don’t have a long, this is true.

I mainly attack my girlfriend’s beans, let her enjoy pleasure, of course, the hands are not idle, touch the breasts of your girlfriend, my person is characterized by two hands to catch two hands.

“Ah, ah … ah … husband, so comfortable, I love you, husband, ah, ah, ah …”

“No, fast! Husband, I love you, ah …”

My head is clipped between the legs, with the shaking head of the two legs, I slowly licked, let my girlfriend enjoy this a wonderful moment.

After the climax, I got a small hole of my girlfriend, and continue to bring the chrysanthemum of my girlfriend, this is a compulsory course, my girlfriend will not let me anal, but the chrysanthemum is still okay, I will take your tongue to deep into the chrysanthemum In the middle, my girlfriend must resist, this has fun, I feel that the chrysanthemum will take a shrinkage, excitement.

“Husband, come, can not stand, husband, come …”

※ JKFORUM.NET | JKFORUM.NET | JKF Czech Forum I set up two mysteria, rub the prostitute of abalone, plug in, because the previous work is very good, so your brother is easy to plug in. The girlfriend also sighed at the “Ah”. I pushed the mask. After the madness of the tutor, my brother’s combat power is more done.

“Ah … ah … ah …” With the twitching, the girlfriend’s snoring also works with twitching.

Because the younger brother didn’t feel, I used it to push a few hundred, and I stroked the firm breast and smaled.

“Husband, you are good, yeah, ah, ah, no.”

Under my strong attack, my girlfriend finally ushered in the second climax and trembled. Every time I will hold her, whispered: “Wife, I love you, baby, I love you.” And my girlfriend responded to me is the body’s jitter.

“Baby, let’s come to the puppy, is it good?”

“Not good, that is like a dog, it’s not good.” How can she hold me, it is the mouth talking, it is still very cool, but sometimes my girlfriend will say that it is very painful. It is too deep inserted. The post-in-kindness is a bit of hearing and visual double impact. The sound is endless.

“Husband, you are good, you are so big, hard, hard, force, force.”

“Ah … ah … ah …”

I know that my girlfriend has to usher in a climax. I am tired today, I will put it a few times, and my girlfriend is climaxing. I am almost. This climax of my girlfriend is very tired, saying that I can rest, I am speechless every time, I am still not cool.

“Baby, 舔 舔 吧, I haven’t shot yet.”

Girlfriend takes out the facials to wipe it out.

“Is it rubbing it, it’s yourself, haha.”

“Hey, say, I don’t get it.”

“Good wife, don’t be angry.”

My girlfriend used her incense tongue, licked her eyes, smashed this foreskin, I used to force forward, I have been deep throat, my girlfriend gently squats me, she is sick, after a few minutes Finally, it was coming. I put the head of my girlfriend, whether she is willing to be willing to do, “ah” I also reached the climax, my girlfriend didn’t spit my semen, and I looked at me.

“Baby, I love you, wash, sleep.” I dated my friends.

This night we embressed, the next day ten o’clock, feel the backache, there is still an example in the afternoon, think of the headache, how to face the tutor, the mentor found no, oh, his sister, my people still stay Inside the teacher, I have been in a hurry, check, not doing it.

At half a short afternoon, I started the case, I secretly looked at the teacher, watching the teacher and flat, my heart fell, “Ok, okay.”

In the next week, it is a big battle, just a month, I started working for a month, holiday.

Since my family is far away, my girlfriend is more close, so my girlfriend goes home, I am busy with the research, I have not going back with her.

That night in October 2, there was no one in the teaching and research room, and people in other teaching rooms were also less. I looked at the literature, suddenly, someone took me, I looked up, scared me a big jump, my mentor.

“Teacher Li, did not go home in holiday, so late is still academic.”

“Ah, you are quite serious, do academic.”

I look at the teacher seems is not right, I don’t know what happened, I tested asked: “Teacher, what happened, the body is uncomfortable.”

“Ah, there is nothing, my son is going on, I am online, I want to find someone to give him a courses.”

I thought: good things, haha, “no problem, teacher, I have a holiday, I don’t have anything, there is nothing.”

It turns out that the teacher worried about this, the teacher is busy, usually at night to ten o’clock, no time to accompany his son.

The next day, I went to the teacher’s home to find his son. I wrote the homework in the morning. I took him to the playground in the afternoon. In the evening, I burned a few dishes and waited for the teacher.

About 8 o’clock, the teacher came back, it is estimated that it is not to be with son, think about the son. I took a meal with his son. I deliberately made two dishes. Of course, I won’t do it, and several other dishes are in the hotel.

“Teacher, you are back.”

The teacher looked at the meals on the table, and it seems like flashing a happiness, and a tear. Watch me affectionately.

“Teacher, eat.” I saw me, after all, his son is next to it.

When I was eating, I secretly rub her little foot with a foot, the teacher didn’t rejection, but it was very cooperated. It is estimated that the teacher will open this night, and her small hole.

After dinner, the teacher fell asleep her son. The teacher said: “Tonight is here, so you have to run late.”

I am jumping in my heart, “Well, teacher, I will sleep in the living room.” I finished this sentence, I found the revelation, I didn’t sleep there, the teacher said fine, then you will sleep in the living room.

“You come to my room, I will talk to you.”

I read the teacher’s eyes, I know what she wants to say. “The gathering at that day, you stayed here for a while, I drink too much, I don’t remember.” The teacher’s face is already very red, so beautiful, like the sky, more like the teacher’s chrysanthemum, pink Pink.

“Well, you drink too much that day, I will help you come back.” I am a deficiency, “Teacher, that day is what I am sorry, how do you play me, don’t be angry, ask you.” I thought about it. .

“I know, I want to say this, I see that your time is always absent-minded, ok, the teacher is also old, my teacher, I am your teacher, I will definitely.”

“But, teacher, I like you.” Said, I hugged the teacher, kissed the teacher’s lips, the teacher wants to break free, can she have that strength.

“Don’t, don’t …”

“Teacher, I like you, I like you, I will give you happiness.”

The teacher’s body is already soft, but still struggling, I quickly, took off the teacher’s jacket, there is a brand new stockings and black bra, but this process is still very hard, not much cooperation.

I stroked the teacher’s chest, licking the teacher’s underwear, slowly the teacher’s body is so hot, there is water in the underwear abalone, I took off my clothes, and the final line of the teacher. . I watched the teacher’s naked from above, and the teacher also rubbed the breasts and private parts with hands. The teacher’s white rabbit can cover it. The teacher looked at my meat stick, “Ah”, I said: “Teacher, big?”

I am in the teacher’s body, open the legs of the teacher, take force into the depths of the teacher, always feel like rape, not much cooperation. I came up with a mad, I had to conquer her with a meat stick, and there was an alcohol in the evening, and it was confused to estimate that the teacher didn’t feel too profound.

“Well, um, Well” teacher still insisted that this is not sound, restraint, keeping the last silk, I am thriving, faster, the teacher can’t hold it, when the climax is coming, “ah …” moan.

I quickly kissed her, “Don’t let my son heard …”

“We change your posture.” I slowly taught the teacher.

“I didn’t tried this.”

“It’s very comfortable.”

I am struggling from behind, I inserted into the teacher, 啪啪 and the teacher’s snoring, and intertwined into a beautiful music, Bangharui’s feelings, Scorpio. I put inserted, I became a chrysanthemum that touched the teacher.

“Don’t touch it, don’t, don’t … ah … ah … ah ……”

Today, I have to perform well, insist on not shooting, I must conquer the teacher. Sure enough, under my strong offensive, the teacher has a climax twice, at the end.

“Teacher, I can’t hold it.”

“Don’t, today is a dangerous period, not shooting inside.”

Insert a few times, extract the meat stick, a strong refraction in the teacher chrysanthemum, the night starlight is beautiful.

“Teacher, I am too bad.”

“Well” teacher and then answer, “This is the last time, we can’t make this again later, we are a teacher and student, it is not good.”

“Well, I know, teacher.”

After the teacher’s climax, the teacher was restored, I like the teacher’s queen, let me feel a sense of accomplishment every time, think about what the Queen is, the Queen is tamed, not The Queen took you with a whip, and the teacher is extra beautiful.

Of course, this is not my last night I and the teacher. Later, I will do twice every month before graduation.

Time, three years, I have been in a hurry, I graduated, and my girlfriend found a job in my hometown, and the teacher will occasionally contact, but it is also a few words.

Now I am married and have children. These memories will also pour into my mind in my uncomfortant. Will the teacher remember me, the one after his life, the old age.

We are no longer young, we are no longer crazy, but when we are young, we have done a crazy thing, that is, those who are still able to have a good aftertaste. May have done it, but time flourish, there may not be done, this life is not flat.

Recalling all kinds of days, I can’t help but ask, we love it, still only done. Maybe I am really a passer, not a person. I hope that all wolf friends will cherish the current beautiful times, so as not to do things.

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