I am a high 2 student. It is a little handsome, because of reading in the liberal art class, it is a big class of a girl, there are several beautiful women.

I remember that summer, I was transferred to the table, although I was supervised by the teacher but because the table is higher, there is some small actions under the bottom, the teacher can’t see it, and sitting next to me, just a beautiful woman.

Her name is Hutewright, her goose, willow, a pair of water, the big eyes, the high nose, often with the thin little lips, laughing two small dimples, a stub, pity, long The black show is closed, and the breeze is Xu Lu to float.

Our school’s summer uniforms are translucent shirts, often can’t see her festive chest is wrapped, it looks pure and lovely, let people look.

So I decided to take her, near the water building first-winning, and chat with her, but a few days, she promised to be my girlfriend.

She is a person who is more extroverted, often I will tell her a few yellow jokes, and we often kiss.

I remember that one day, my geography had no (deliberately), I looked with her, I think she rely on me, I found that she was more beautiful, she exhaled like the blue, I was very intoxicated, so I secretly Put your hand on her thigh and put it gently.

I don’t stop it, I have some observed, and I feel gently, but I am still stupid, continue to touch, her face began to turn red, I will continue to stupid.

She turned her face, glanced at it, her face was flush from the scholar to the ear, but she did not stop because she did notpt, I was more coming, and one hand held on it, another Only attacks from below.

Suddenly touched her in her thigh, she was tight, the two legs were tight, and my whole palm was clipped in the inside of the thigh, warm, like a glove, see her, I will Upside friction, touch her probably, like a triangle, drum, like a soft sponge.

Her whole person is like the ants on the hot pot, and the body is gently swayed, the face is red, my heart is laughing, so, she took it out from her legs. She comfortably.

But I can let her so much, then, our trousers are tightening, I am relaxing, and I quickly insert my trousers.

At first she was shocked, the whole person was shocked, then, the whole person used the pair of a little shy and a little angry almond eye, I just read the book.

My heart is very excited. I don’t know when I have a good old, I use my fingers to open her leggings. I touched a soft scribe. I touched two times, some spurious feelings, she Caught my wrist with hand, I will continue to deepen, go down, I met her two big labians, days, all wet. My finger is pressed on her two big labips, and it is so flexible.

She swayed her body, she sent a slight snoring from my mouth: “Ah … oh … Well … don’t …”

Micro-faced eyes, I use the index finger and the unknown finger to separate her two big lips outwards, and the middle fingers are gently placed on her clitoris, and there seems to have stock temperature and heat flow there, slow flow.

I haven’t moved my hand, I used the middle finger to rub her clitoris, I also touched her blind, and I also touched her chrysanthemum door. She is getting more and more urgent, but in She didn’t dare to look at the class.

My move is getting faster and faster, I only feel that from her vagina, I suddenly poured a big episode, I saw her whole person biting his lips, and he gasped on the table.

I haven’t seen it, I also put her hand in my underwear, the old two is more hot, her hand holds my penis, my hand is placed in her hand, start to go up and down friction me. Guns.

Because the latter half-section teacher makes us self-study, the teacher is not there, her hand can rub the friction, afraid that others can see, so we are tight, I feel that I am more and more pleasant, I am more pleasing. Come, I know that I will shoot, I looked back later, the students behind were sleeping, so I took me out, the boiled pink pink, about 15 cm long, 4 The citon is thick.

She glanced, said to me: “You are big!”

I buried her head to me. At first, her head should be lifted, and I was pressed, and later she knew that she knew it, she opened her pink small mouth, reach out of his tongue, gently licked. Let me, I am also slightly, from there, I have a feeling of electric shock, and I can’t say it. When she started, she licked with the tongue. Later, I took my whole glans in. I played a cold. I feel that the whole penis is like entering a small temperature room, wet and wet, I don’t enjoy, she holds my penis. Under the mouth of the mouth, it is not skilled, but the whole mouth sucks in the mouth, the tongue is licking in my horse.

I feel that I can’t do it, the spine is a hemp, I can’t rest, I bite the teeth, close my eyes, called: “Ah …” spray a large shares from the glans. Sperm.

She “ah”, the whole head lifted up, her mouth closed drums, spilling some white sperm from the corner of the mouth.

She took out a napkin paper to vomit, I said to her: “swallow up.”

She looked a little helpless, I took her napkin, and she closed his eyes, bowed to the next, I wiped the sperm that spilled in her mouth on her thin lips. She licks her under her. .

After the get out of class, she turned over to me, my heart is good.


For this matter, she is angry for a few days, but I am afraid, the relationship is set, and she also likes me, so I have n’thing to do, just that day is Tanabata, my family is no one, I will I said to her home to play, she didn’t think too much, I promised.

That day, she wore a light blue lace shirt, a white silk skirt, the snow white neck, surrounded a lavender yarn, Liu Haixi didn’t have a pink hairpin, the towering chest is very standing, skirt Cup of her legs can’t make long snow.

Tight smile in me, like a breeze in the summer.

When she walked into the room, I locked the door. She sat on the couch, I took a shower, I only wore shorts, the penis drums, she saw it, turned her head, slightly : “Shy is dead, not going to wear pants!”

“What is afraid, there is no outsider at home!”

So I opened the TV and put a yellow VCD in. There was some chaos on TV. I saw a foreigner to put his thick penis stuff in force, the woman was excited.

She brushed it, her face was red, “” How do you see this, it’s not turning off. “

I looked at her, I was so unhappy in my heart, I thought: “Guan, how to go to you.”

She had to turn the head to one side, about 20 minutes, secretly mobilized her, I saw that her expression seems to be very helpless, but it also looked at it.

I know that I’m gottle away, I looked at me, she watched me, my face was like a red apple, I watched her deeply, I saw a few seconds quietly, she shy me: “what?”

Suddenly, I held her, holding her face, I gaind over, kissed her lips, and the lotus gently glanced, and closed his eyes, let me kiss. .

I gently opened her tooth with the tip of the tongue, extended to her mouth, looking for her tongue, the breathing of Homewrey is getting bigger and bigger, the floor has tightened my neck, and started to respond, our tip tagged together , Entangled, rub all other …

I have been sucking her lips for a long time, temporarily and she apart, and then seeing the Huti’s face, it is already a sloping, a pair of me to slaughter.

I couldn’t help but I threw her on my bed. One hand climbed her towering and rushing chest, touched, soft, simply a lot.

Hormewrove does not block, or closed his eyes, breathing continues to intensify, I see it, not satisfied with the outside of the body, but secretly put the other hand into her underwear. Light.

Then, put his hand into her clothes, unlocked from a button, and a deep cleavage and a pink tape appeared in front of it.

I touched her hand on the breast on the right. The other side went on my face. I pushed her to push her up, two strong crisps bounced out, faint pink, two small The little tap is quite above, I put it on her crisp chest, and the feeling of greasy and warmth makes me rushed. I quickly contracted a bead with my mouth. In your mouth, use the teeth to gently bite, and the other hand is crazy, and the index finger and the neutral finger with her lap. “Ah … Well … …” She held the two hands, I started using the tongue from going down, slowly retreating her skirt, I saw a pink underwear, wrapped her pussy The underwear is wet, and several curled hairs are also revealed.

I am smashing in her panties, I am smashed with the nose in her panther, and a slight smell will hit me. I bite her underwear with my teeth and tears down.

She wanted to stop with her hand, I saw it, I saw a long leg root, contained in a black forest, black and bright yin curly, formed a piece of falling triangle, along the labiping to the anus, dialing the hair, It is two full-filled big lips, the middle is a dark red seam, and there are some transparent obscene to overflow.

I opened her legs, referring to her big labie with index finger and middle fingers, two pleats slightly with purple small labia lips on both sides of the large labipings, the integration of the small labia is a clitoris like a bean sprout, small The urine holes are closed, the vaginal mouth is slightly opened, a sphinar-stick transparent prostitute stream, the anus is like a chrysanthemum, and there is a sparse hair on both sides.

I am not excited, I will gently go straight, and I have heard a silence, and there is a smell that I want to stop.

She suddenly said that she wants to go to the toilet, I don’t stop her. She just wants to close the door. I quickly blocked at the door. She said red face, saying: “I hate!” Does not stop me.

She squatted on the ground, turned the big ladle with the index finger and middle fingers, then saw a slightly yellow urine column sprayed from her bright red urine holes, shot on the tile, sent out the sound, a urine smell Diffuse in the air.

The difference is almost, I saw the remaining urine, along her vaginal mouth, flowing to the anus, also stamped with some urine beads, dropped on the ground, took the paper, wiped the paper, I saw it One scene, the two heads are big, there is a column day, she also laughed with my blush, I can’t stand it anymore, it is like a volcanic hair, and she is rude and still in bed.

The rude put her thighs opened her thigh, and she had been handset after her crisp, and the other hand separated her lips.

“Ah … you tap!”

I can’t wait to suck her prostitute, then some salty, there is some urinary lascivation to be drank by me. Drawn on my nose, the chin is all. I have a big lips who live in her, like kissing, put the front, and the Huti’s hand grabs me, like it is very painful.

Her nipple has changed very hard, I forget to lick her ass. Use the tongue to top the top, and her asshole is strongly contracted. Like I have to take my tongue. I rub her clitoride with my tongue, up and down …

“Ah … don’t … ah … Well …” I know that she is almost a long, fucked more quickly.

“No … brother … ah … I am going to die … Hey … I have to diarrhea … ah …” As her body is constantly shaking.

From her vagina, it spurted the yin glue, sticking, and flowed to my face.

I haven’t seen it. I pulled my penis and took her clitoris with the glans, and patted it softly, and she frivized in the hole, she started to make a dream, but the dream of dreams, but I just don’t insert it.

Her face is flush, asked shy: “I am so uncomfortable, don’t you get it?”

Where can I be willing. Top the glans on her ass. She vigorously contracted.

“Ah … don’t you get me? Hey … I … I … I am so uncomfortable …”

I deliberately disaggregated. “What? I don’t know.”

She listened. Shy turned the head to the other side, but both hands were grown forward with my penis. But I still rub in her vagina hole.

She turned over again, shy and slightly said: “You don’t get me. Brother … I can’t stand it there … itchy …”

I saw it, saying: “What do you say! I really can’t see it! Loud point!” “I like it itch, please do it!” I didn’t think she would say that she will say that the words of the words It is even more exciting.

So, put the glans with her prostitute, and a hand dialing her labipings. Another hand holds the glans.

Aligned with her vagina.

Just inserted into half a glans: “Ah, good … good pain!”

I know that she is still a woman, saying to her: “Let me come. Small Saima.” She nodded with her confusion.

I used to force forward, suddenly, the glans broke through the hindrance, her vagina is like a huge giant hand holding my penis, wet, warm, very comfortable.

“Ah … pain … painful …” I saw her brows and very painful.

I stopped, and I still don’t move.

From our intersection, a blood flowed out, I caressfully kissed her. After a long time, she began to sway her body, saying softly, said, “I itch there!”

“Is it going to do you!”

She shy “En”, I started to launch a violent offensive. I used the brightest way to draw, and the pill hit her yin, “嗤! 嗤” sound.

“Hey … oh … oh …” She closed her eyes.

I am also enjoying, I am inserted, I am sitting on the chair, re-opening her thighs, she obeying the earth, but I don’t dare to sit down, my heart is too long. She can’t eat, but I haven’t waited for her to sit half, and I went up with force.

“Ah …” she screamed.

I quickly got up, but I helped her waist, press down, the glans tens of them.

“Hey … ah … Hey … good … good pain, I can’t stand it …”

Gradually, she seems to be adapted, actively up and down.

Her vagina wants to be a big suction cup, swallowed my whole penis.

I suddenly stopped.

She is excited, seeing that I suddenly stopped, open the confused eyes, pleading: “What happened? How to stop?”

I laughed with her rap: “Small Saimu! Call my husband, do this, I will force me, fast …” I said to use the hand and her anus, she itching! Finally, I couldn’t help but send a sound.

“Fast. Say!”

“Old … husband … soon dried … I will do this!” I listened, and suddenly I started exciting.

Pull in, “哧 嗤” pumping sounds are in the entire room.

The tender meat in her vagina was brought out, and the obscenity flowed to my thigh.

“Hidden, you are a big goods … Laozi. I am today … I have to die today.”

“Hey … Come … Husband … do … do it … I will die … I have to be killed by you … Uh … …

Hey … “I am more vigorous.

Every time you do full, it is straight to her uterus.

“Ah … old … husband … you … you are so powerful … all … you are inserted into my heart … Hey … Hey … Hey … No … I have to come again. I have to rise again … “With her shouting.

The whole body is awkward, trembled, and the double peaks also shake, and they will not move.

From her vagina, a large shares rushing, poured to my glans.

My spine bones are numb, I know I want to shoot, hurry to pull the penis from her vagina.

Pointed her mouth, she did not stop, naturally, and vigorously sucking the sucking, pleading a big battle.

More and more strong, “Ah …” I also called. A large sperm sprayed out, shot in her mouth, her face.

She swallowed, but also licked his lips with his tongue, I saw it, apply other sperm on her face.

Then, I was lying in bed with her, I asked her: “Is it comfortable.” She nodded and said: “I hate.”

I laughed, and she asked her.

In the later time, we have often made love, this is my high school girlfriend …

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