When the environment is more unfamiliar, the exchange between students is not a lot, so there is a sense of loneliness from the heart, I think about finding a girlfriend to send this lonely year. Since I still have to go, I can’t attract the girl, but I also have the affinity. I have more affinity. I have found a girlfriend in other colleges, because I insist on a point of view of the rabbit. The grass, maybe everyone doesn’t believe it, I am married to my girlfriend (from this point you can see that I am not a random people), she is now my wife. Of course, I am not talking about what I follow my wife, but a thing about her other girl.

Soon after I was confirmed to my girlfriend, there was a girl in the class once took the initiative to get closer. Although she is not ugly, I can say it is a bit beautiful, because I already have a girlfriend, I was really interesting to her. Nothing, I was refused, soon, she found a boyfriend, so we have not happened to that happened. Later, I knew that she still likes me, I still think she doesn’t like her boyfriend, she is looking for a boyfriend just wanting to transfer the pain being rejected, or just for sex. Because I later chatted when I chatted with the hostel of the dormitory, I knew that they were open to the hotel every Friday. I thought I would always become a straight line that I don’t intersect, I didn’t expect that I will happen to her.

In the same period, the girlfriend should be internship in the field this semester. She left me to let me be very bored every day. I want to find some things. I have chosen a postgraduate study, and my girlfriend is Miss Shuo, she also made me postgraduate, so I also followed the postgraduate research, I was really determined, I also reported to the postgraduate counseling class. Later, I went to the party school to go to the school to go to the school, and because of the more people who took the counseling class, we have to take place in advance, so each of us turns to place, accounting for several rows (At that time, I really took a post into an accident).

Once I went late, I still left one after my classmates. I sat down and found she was sitting next to it, because at that time, we were very common in classics, so I naturally followed She hit, but she saw that I was very excited. I am very happy to tell me: “You also postgraduate it, you have such a good time, this is really a thousand miles.” She said I am a bit embarrassed. That night I basically didn’t listen to the class, I chatted with her.

I also chatted at the school at the beginning, and later I felt something wrong, because she actually said that she had to report a school with my school, she asked me that I didn’t hope with her. So I quickly turned the topic, deliberately chatting her boyfriend, but she deliberately pulled the topic. When I chatted later, she even asked me if there was any relationship with my girlfriend. I deliberately unknown. I asked her that the relationship is the relationship. She said that I don’t install it, of course, sexual relationship (I am dizzy) , I said that of course, I am still a man, she is surprised to look at me, I still remember that my eyes I still remember that she saw at least 5 seconds, and she had a saying: “Do you have that?” There is a problem with the aspect. Do you want me to try it with you. “At the time, my face didn’t know that it was red or black.

She may also feel that it is too suitable to say, hurry up, until the end of the lecture, did not talk to me, but this time her head is not talked to my shoulders, said: “I am sleepy If you stay in your shoulders, you will not mind. “I think she rely on it, anyway, I don’t even suffer.

After the class, she left, she first left. I thought that her boyfriend came to pick her, because I have heard that both of them will go to the hotel every Friday. After the class, I was almost 10 o’clock. I walked out of the party school auditorium to find a shuttle bus. I just went out the door, I heard a voice shouting me. I saw it is her next to a red taxi. She saw me. When you move, I will come over, say that we will take a taxi, and the shuttles are too squeezed. I didn’t agree, saying around us, let them see the tricks alone. Let XXX (her boyfriend) must not kill me, she saw that I didn’t sit, I sent the taxi driver, and I took the shuttle bus with me. Because we went late, the shuttle had no seats, and The car is squeezed, and the two are particularly close. She deliberately put her chest on the arm of my hand, I can completely feel her chest, I first discovered the original Her chest is so good. After all, I was also a man really resisting this feeling. I didn’t have the meaning of the arm, and she might also felt my changes. She turned her body, and her head relied on my shoulder. She tightly passed the chest on my chest. Because the summer wearing is relatively small, because of her bra, I can clearly feel her soft breast, I feel that my heart is jumping out. For the response of the instinct, I will slowly get up below. At this time, the shuttle bus has opened the road without street lights. I really want to touch her breast, but I still restrain my desire.

But let me be shocked, she actually grabbed my penis, I got rationality, I can’t think of this, after all, I have a lovers with her. I want to break away, I can’t tell her, but she caught it, I can feel it hurt, now I think about how my penis is very good from her hands, it is my penis weakness. She was naturally released, and she laughed later, saying your man is really fun. But I can’t laugh, I just want to get rid of her at the time, or it will be very troublesome, and later she still rely on me, although I tried to keep my distance from her, but the car is too squeezed, where to I can’t get off, I got off the bus. After getting off the bus, I deliberately went to hurry, let me surprise what she didn’t catch up. This night I have not slept, thinking about some details make me very excited. Especially the girlfriend is not around, but I think of my girlfriend, I think of her boyfriend or my classmate, I immediately reason, I can’t develop down, but some things can’t press your idea go.

The next day, I will take a seat today. I started at 6 o’clock in the afternoon. I won’t arrive at four o’clock. I still think about it today. I can’t sit with her again. At the party school auditorium, I found that many people have come, I can only share a few rows of rows, then I heard a voice: “XXX (my name), here. I hope that she has been coming soon, and she occupies some good seats in front of a few rows. I stood there, I didn’t want to have a smile, come over, you are afraid that I will eat you, I am very reluctant to have passed, she said that you are sitting here, I am actually very reluctant to sit, But she said: “I will sit on this, where are you going, 俺 俺 听 老 老 想, 靠 靠 舒 舒 舒 舒 舒 舒 舒 舒 舒 舒

I thought that I can’t avoid it tonight, where sitting, just sit down. I asked her: “What about your boyfriend?”

She said: “There is a game in his hospital this afternoon, not accompanying me, I just have time to come over in advance.”

(Hey, she also knows that she is a woman who has a husband. Later, she took out the eaten from it, she took a big bag, and most of them were snacks. I asked: “Let’s come to class and not to watch movies. You have so much snacks, you have a good food,.

I asked her how do you know, she said you. To be honest, I was very touched at the time, my girlfriend was not around, and suddenly there was such a person who cares about you. I will say “I am sleepy, I will arrive in today, I didn’t sleep, I didn’t sleep, I leaned on your shoulders.” I didn’t think she would come so early, as the saying goes After eating people, I have a little bit of beef, how can I agree?

At night, the class is still normal. We haven’t chatted again. She took two calls in the middle. It is estimated that she is hitting her boyfriend, (I was still thinking, I must be her boyfriend. , 嘿), I am very curious about her tonight. Last night, she didn’t wait until she was leaving. I thought that she must be something tonight. Otherwise, it will not be so quiet tonight, and so busy, I am relieved, but I can’t say it. Lost. After the get out of class, I rushed out and wanted to grab a seat on the bus. I got on the bus. I didn’t have it late. At this time, I heard someone called me, I left for the bus to grab the seat, She sat in the last row, telling the truth, I saw her feeling a bit when I saw her.

After I passed, she said, thanks me, or there is no place where you are sitting. I said that I stood like it. She is somewhat unhappy, said: “Then you stand, don’t sit.” I saw it immediately apologized and said thank you. She didn’t say anything again, and she has been very quiet until there is no street light, nor does it talk to me. But when the bus drove into the light area, the car immediately painted black, she suddenly turned to hug me and kissed me, and I used to kiss me, I finally understood that the silence of her tonight was waiting for the current outbreak. I strive to break away, and I look around and feel the surroundings. I don’t have my own classmates.

I said: “Don’t do this, you let XXX (her boyfriend) know what to do, let classmates know that we can stay in Ban.”

She said coldly: “You are afraid that your wife knows.” Then she asked me: “If you don’t touch your current girlfriend, would you choose me?” I want to show the attitude now, Can’t let her have a fantasy. I said: “If I don’t touch her, I will not choose you, because I don’t like your character.” After I finished looking back, although the car was very dark, I can see her is Cried.

At this time, my heart began to be a bit embarrassed, but I think I have to do it. I have been going to the school until the bus, she has been crying, I didn’t comfort her, we didn’t talk. After we get off, I found that the situation was not right, because she did not go in the direction of the dormitory, but the road to the Xiaoshu Lake, I am worried about it. I followed the past, asked her that her dormitory was closed, you didn’t return to the dormitory to dry it. She said: “Are you taking it, are you me?” Then she said: “My boyfriend is waiting for me there.”

I know she is lying. I am afraid that she is in an accident, she has been following her. I have been passing through the lotus lake and she has come back and said: “You follow me, we don’t matter, you are not afraid of being seen by others, you are not afraid to let classmates see you in the class Can’t stay. “I know that she is still angry.

When I was there, she suddenly came over and tightly hugged me. She cried and said to me: “Do you know how much I like you? You know that I see you with other girls, I Is it difficult? “She hugged me, so I had a feeling of breathing, I can smell her faint fragrant flavor, that taste is my favorite. I started to have a little impulsive, and I also hugged her.

She began to kiss me crazy, I know that I have lost my reason, and I also kiss her with her. Kiss kissed, she reached into my next (the loose horse pants I worked at the time), grabbed my penis with hand, this time, I also haven’t cared, the desire has overwhelmed my reason. .

I also reached into her inside, stroking her breast, and unlocked her bra, reaching out into her bra.

She saw me, but it was even more embarrassing. I used hard to smash my penis. I am embarrassing her breast. Her breast is really full (her breast at the time is almost the same as my wife.) I have forgotten that there will be no one around, so stop with her, look at the surroundings, I have determined no one around (who is so late, the small two is open this time, then open room), then She is not kissing me, she pulled me next to a tree, she kneel down, took off my horse-pants, I know what she wants to do, I take the initiative to lean on the tree, she put my penis into the mouth I have to say that her oral is really very good. I really feel so comfortable, since my girlfriend went out to internship, I haven’t passed it for a long time.

She continued to change the pattern of sucking my penis, I also enjoyed, I will take it out, I looked at her, she also looked at me, she said: “Comfortable?” I said, “Sustain, of course Comfortable. “Then she said:” I also want to comfort “.

I know what she wants to do, I said: “We don’t take anything, what to do,”

She said: “I don’t care, I want you.” I pulled her up and set off her skirt and faded her underwear. She helped her hands on the tree, and did the ass, I found that she did not only develop well, but the ass is so forth, I believe that in this case, even the monks will not hold, let alone me. I can’t wait, no matter how she will have sexually sick, I hold her waist, put the penis to her vaginal mouth, slowly inserted in, immediately hear her breath, her below Wet unexpected appearance.

I started to use your strength, fierce her, her voice is getting bigger and bigger, I am worried that people can hear, let her sound dots.

Insert 5 minutes (it’s a bit short, you may not be as good as I can), I said I want to shoot, she said, wait, you pull it out first, I have pulled it out, she actually in the package I took out the condom (really let me sweat), after wearing a set, I have a violent madness, and finally I can’t hold it, I feel it’s quick, I said that I have to be climax, she said: Pull Come out, and so on.

“I pulled it out, she said that you took the set, inserted me butt, I want you to shoot in my ass, I have always thought about my anal, my girlfriend has always disagree, now she actually let me In her ass, I still hesitate. I put the penis to her ass, slowly plug in, the ass is too tight, I can feel the penis hurt when I plugged, I can hear it. She subtle snoring (she must also hurt more than me), after plugging in, I feel that my penis is wrapped in tight package, so tight, not a few seconds.

There is no desire after shooting, putting on his trousers to regret it, but she said: “You can rest assured, I will not take you in the future, I will not tell anyone tonight. My boyfriend is still my boyfriend, your girlfriend is still your girlfriend, I will keep your semen, thank you for helping me complete my wish. “

After the end, I sent her to the intersection. I was afraid that I didn’t send it to the dormitory. I stayed in the school playground … This is the only one of the only derailed things in the first time, with that girl. We have this time, then we haven’t happened like something, now she is already married, the husband, is certainly not a university boyfriend, listening to the classmate, she changed several boyfriend in these years, I don’t I know if my semen she really keeps, this is what I worry about, in case …, huh, then I can only say: Self-destruction is not available.

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