Wei Ping is a Chinese seven student, the score is ranked, but the rebel love challenges the authority. Teacher forced him to join the counseling group, the auxiliary people, hope that he knows that society is not a flavor, and the management is difficult.

One of the works of the counseling group is to help students have difficulties in the student. The great achievements are good, so the number of people arranged to him is also the most, often busy with his group.

A student, Ziwei, a five student who made him a lot of headache, as is the same as him, often asked questions and challenged, and he wore it.

From the beginning of the middle and fourth to the middle five, it is a period of time, in fact, Ziwei is very smart, just don’t love Temples and love to participate in extracurricular activities. She likes to play, she is a five-school officer..

Her grades can be done, that is, Ziwei’s heart is untenless. Every time I transfer my homework, I will be in a school in school.

One of Ziwei’s participation in extracurricular activities is the Hong Kong Red Cross Youth League. She is the captain, and she has an activity tomorrow, after school, and the school playground stepped up exercise steps.

However, she also begins to be nervous for the future. Ask the future, she will work hard after she is completed, and Wei Ping will become active and actively and will be able to ask, I am sorry to push it, watch her exercise on the playground Wait for her.

After the exercise was over five, Wei Ping was looking for a school worker earlier than half an hour ago, saying that it can be closed, usually he and the school workers are very familiar, and the school workers trusted to give them away.

If the two come to the classroom like a living, the class is driving the cold and the practice is too powerful. The homework is not long after the purple eyes, and I can’t help but sleep.

When Wei Ping is just six gods, he recalls that she has just drilled her very chest, and the festival of her legs. After the summer, she was also sweating and watched a piece of Ziwei, looked at the red cross in front of the Red Cross youth group uniform, cute curve, immediately colored Heart is a big move, look around, remove the rope of the venetian blind to the window, and lock the unique door of the classroom.

Gently put the Ziwei pushed the first day, and the Likewei is also a beautiful woman, and it is very beautiful, wearing a pair of glasses.

The school life is unknown, can not continue, the uniform that does not fit, there is no replacement, almost moved the buttons of the chest;

That dark blue semi-skirt is also short, hiding a student white socks black shoes snow whitening thighs.

A blend of mixed and sweaty girls floated from her, and We will immediately kissed the Ziwei Zhu lip. When he kissed, he couldn’t help, take off his pants to show a long-awaited meat stick. Open her skirt, and reached the purple skirt pulled down her pink small panties hanging on the thigh, re-entered the middle of the legs, with the legs opened the half-skirt retreat, her eyes were still It is closed and there is no signs that wake up.

The Weiping glans touched her vaginal mouth, and then lightly adjusted the position to prepare for forward, Ziwei found that her legs had foreign matter with her body, and she instantly contained color.

“Let me go! I will leave me soon!” She is afraid that her body is going backward.

We will have any opinions, pull the waist of Ziwei and the whole person presses her whole body.

The hot steel rod enters “呜呜 呜 ~~~~” makes Ziwei to make a painful, the bean sweat is rolling from her forehead, “Don’t … you don’t move!” It is also all incorporated into her vagina.

I am dark, “I am stopping! I am so painful … I am hurt!” A painful pain made her scream.

Wei Fei took the meat stick and there was no blood, very disappointed.

“What is painful! I can’t think of your appearance, but the first time is it for the first time? Speak!” The finger rejuvenated into the vagina excavated.

“Pain! The first two days … There is a thief into the house to rob … and will me …” Liuhai was stained in the forehead, Ziwei cried.

“Do you have a long time?” Weiquo asked, unlocked the tie of the fruit blue uniform on the grass and the first grain.

“Meng … After it shook it outside the thigh …” The tired of Purple, which was tired, was unable to pull the upper body uniform, struggled weakly, and the shoulder began to tremble.

“I teach you, he is premature ejaculation.” The red cross uniform finally pulled back, hanging on the arms, showing a snowy skin, light green girl could not hold a pair of hard breasts.

“Well, she is still too filthy.” The book is rolled, but there is a beautiful figure under the uniform. It is considered that she feels empty, kissing in the white neck, and she is in the top. Weiping once again advanced the inner, there is not much experience in the experience, and the tears of Ziwei pain, “Oh, no … don’t like this, don’t ………!”

The legs wanted to pick from time to time, the small legs on the white hose uniform black shoes also went away, falling on the ground.

Wei Ping did not get a woman, began in an indignant, and the anger was spilled to Ziwei. The legs under the dark blue uniform skirt were greatly opened. The fresh vagina was quickly deeply in-depth, Ziwei The waist is extremely powerful to bow.

Ziwei’s elegant face distorted, eye-catching gold star, biting the root, swinging the head of Bele uniform, the chest is dramatic, “Help! Don’t … too big … good pain!” Hands in him The waist is resistant to reduce his impact.

Inversion of Ziwei as a post-in-kind puff “Good, cool! Houji small hole!”

Weiping’s hand stretched into her underarm soft and elastic breasts, pink small grapes in the fingers, the uniform’s iron chapter made a soft sound, and the legs under the swing uniform skirt were slightly lower. Shake.

Ziwei uses the right hand on the table, try to put the body, and the whole body even the chest circumference is hung, “Don’t push it again … Don’t do it again … I have died … I happened! Good pain!” The left hand was hit, because it feels that pain can be reduced.

Weiping picked up her in the male, she was desperately stunned, and the white chest was convinced in the uniform in the semi-faded uniform, so she buried the head of the beautiful and beautiful breasts sucking the pink small grapes, smell the green girl bust. The absorbed milky, the right hand is stroked by the white hose uniform black shoes.

Ziwei legs really want to get rid of the roots of pain under the dark blue uniform skirt, “Oh … oh! … don’t … I will die … …!”

However, the steps just stepped too tired of her weakness, she had to relieve it with half a pose, she was more afraid that there were other feelings other than the body of rape, and the vagina did not live to start the fensive water.

Weiping can also notice the physical and mental changes of Ziwei, and then he put it flat on the table and play with an ever-extrapolation.

Ziwei’s strange feeling is getting more and more obvious, I feel that I am so shameful, a painful suffering, the whole body is weas, the breathing begins to have asthed, and the red lips have been boring, but the acid itch is, but she is increasingly uncomfortable.

I saw the girl in front of the eye, and I couldn’t stand the emotion.

“… um … not … 嗳 … …”

Ziwei sorrowful and confused, making her tears again collapse, and venting her heart. The heart is not willing, but it is difficult to force the waist.

Long hair is divergent, such as soft jade is lying on the table, it is Weiliang, see Ziwei has fallen, and it is even more soldier. Uniform under her body, breast, finger, constantly challenge. Come back to rub the genus-sensitive female, not only bringing comfortable feelings, but also brought the feelings of Ziwei’s crispy numbness.

Ziwei has unconscious Jiaoqi legs do not self-control the Weiping’s waist, “Yeah … … 唔 … Yeah … um … Sour … Ah ……”

The lower body is constantly contracted, the body is constantly, and the action cooperates. After he is back, the man is back and the man is forcibly giveing ​​her stimuli, and the language does not sound.

“If you are willing, it’s time to do … Waiting for me, I will take it into it!” We flatted her ear.

More and more fiercely hit her uterus, Ziwei vigorously shook his head, “let me … do your heart … ah … don’t shoot it …”

Such as weeping, the black is in dancing.

Ziwei is tense breathing, so that the phenol is strongly contracted with the meat of Weiping, and the body that is raped in rape is once again tried. The Red Cross is dark blue uniform under the scallion from the snow white neck. The small nipple, the sobbity of Ziwei Xiumei is more excited about his desire.

Ziwei is uncomfortable, “Don’t … um … Please spare me … can’t … um … 呜 …”

She feels almost to collapse, and more strong sophistication.

We will put the purple legs behind him, “Ziwei … is it coming …”

Hand passed through her uniform, grabbed her two shoulders constantly pushing, and the whole body of Ziwei with the same frequency with the flipped and changing. “Hey … Yeah … 唔 … good … Tell … 唔 ……………” This is what you can say if you have the limits of the long tide edge.

Ziwei obsessed the look, plus her mouth is still issuing it from time to time, and Wei Pingla with her shoulders, and the waist is inserted into her deepest place in her vaginal.

Ziwei feels the warm semen in her uterus, only a burst of mourning, and the tears full of face.

“嗳」 “, a strong current flows to the whole body, the whole body is twitching, the climax is so disappeared, the body is a blank, the brain is blank, lost awareness ……….

After this adultery, the transduction class of the two is at home, and Weiping raped wearing uniforms, and Zviva’s Ziwei became a class, until everyone’s school career ended.

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