Since I have been admitted to junior high school, I will be alienated with my home.

Because the hometown is too far away from the city, it is inconvenient, the mother puts me in my prayer – I am, my mother.

Because the aunt is in the fifth child, the cultivation is poor, weakened into disease, and it will die when you are not until the age of five.

My father is a short and friendly farmer, and later become a businessman.

He is now more than 50 years old, there are five daughters, but there is no boy who is joyful, and the heart naturally feels loneliness and unwilling.

Under the persuasion of friends, I have been in the past three years – I have a young wife, which is a young mother.

When the aunt entered the door, only twenty-one, with the big cousin, but than the big cousin, it was a month, but because the body is small, she is like a sister of the big cousin.

Sancouns have been born with a greatest, so that you dare not close him.

The four cousins ​​are more than I have been more than I have, in addition to the two sisters, it is necessary to be the best, but it is too much, and it is also afraid.

The old five students are mediocre, and people are also like thin monkeys.

The mother is poor, and I am unable to teach my sisters, because my ambassador is voluntary, she will marry aunt.

After marriage, two big sisters often move, unexpected long, and have a very virgin.

So, like me, I just stayed.

The aunt is a child, and the two sisters don’t have to say it.

In this yin-yang, I am a baby in their minds.

This is a Saturday evening, because of the next day, the second cousin pulled me to watch the movie, it was very late.

Everyone has already slept, I quietly returned to the house.

I don’t want to walk into the room, I saw three cousins ​​silently reading books in my bed.

I am strange:

“Hey! It is still useful so late?”

I am afraid to wake someone else, so it is particularly low.

She is excited and sweet, and my mouth is close to my ear ………

I don’t think about the answer:


My bed is very big, don’t say her alone, last time, my father is not at home, my mother, big cousin, two cousins, and I have three people, I don’t seem to squeeze.

What’s more, only one of him today!

I said:

“So you first sleep first!”

She fingers the book in her hand, laughing:

“I finished reading these chapters, come with you.”

I said:

“What book do you see? See you?”

I plan to take the book from her hand and see what book is.

But didn’t grab your hands.

I asked curious:

“Is it a love novel?”

She laughed:

“Do you want to see, this book is very good.”

After she hides the book, she laughed:

“You can see it, but you can’t come.”

I was said by her, I feel inexplicable.

I thought: After I saw it, I will make a chaos?

She handed my book to me, red face, and laughed a little over.

She said:

“I understand after you have seen it. Hey!”

I was laughed by her, I don’t know what book, will she be so excited?

Therefore, my curiosity is driven again, I have to see.

When I grabbed the book, open it when I opened it, God! It turned out that it is all “Spring Palace”, and I almost didn’t let me scream.

I looked at her, she had a beautiful meaning, so I couldn’t help but rush to her arms and lick her kiss.

She said shy:

“Zhicheng, I have just said, I don’t want to make trouble.”

I listened to her tone, not really blame, and coughing will follow.

I said:

“No, I don’t want to listen!”

Her clothes, unlocked in my hands.

The mouth – still kissed her, holding her elastic jade milk.

She called:

“Ah! Tap, make people feel pain and itch, it is difficult to die!”

She smashed his eyes and didn’t seem to be so embarrassed to see me.

So, I took the handle to move down, passed through the elastic band, and quickly occupied the protrusions, the fur, and her pussy was soft, so I loved it.

However, this is not a destination, and I will fall again.

She twisted the waist and worship, so that I am so curious.

I suddenly felt wet wet:

“Ah! How do you pee?”

In fact, this is stupid, teased her, said:

“Fool, even this is not understanding, let me tell you! This is the waves that make it convenient to insert in.”

She couldn’t help but started.

In the speech, you have reached into my pants.

She is surprised:

“Ah! God, how is your cock so big, I read my brother-in-law, the top is only half of you, how is you grow?”

I wide my eyes:

“What, what do you have seen my brother-in-law?” She said:

“Hey … there … is his and sister …”

She can’t say it.

I heard here, suddenly pushing her, the right hand, torn off her pants, quickly riding to her.

She said:

“Zhicheng, you are too big, I am really afraid ………”

I went on:

“Is it afraid to eat? Don’t close, I am fine!”

She nodded nervously again.

Said, the cock has found the beloved Yumen, because of the sliding of the obscenity, I only have a heavy hip, and a glans will go in.

She shouted:

“Oh … good pain …”

I am busy:

“Don’t call, take it, just after entering it.”

She said:

“Mom! The small hole is broken by you ………”

She even her tears came out.

I said: “I will take it again, I will go in.”

I may be too acjun, I have three times, although the cock has sent it, but she has hurts the sweat to directly breath:

“Oh … The lower body is crackled … Crack …”

I said:

“Good sister, not me, I want to go in, you are less suffering.”

I said gentle.

She seems to feel reasonable, so I have no answer.

I am able to play her double milk.

Her double breast is a meat ball, I really want to bite a bite.

Suddenly, she slammed me with me.

I am willing to be happy.

After a while, she turned her hips.

I asked: “Hey! Don’t you hurt?”

She said: “I don’t know how to do it, now it itchy is it ………” she said ashamed.

I said: “Do you want to pull the chicken out, use your own Sao?”

She said: “Fool, what is your chicken?”

I laughed: “Yes! I am a stupid!”

So I started to slow down.

She rose: “Oh … I am fine … um … no wonder my sister and brother-in-law … will be so happy … um. ….. comfortable … ah … a good … “

I laughed: “Saozao, I just hurt my tears, I don’t want this, I will forget it.”

She blush: “Who told you to make people so comfortable, um …”

The eyeballs turn again and smiled: “Don’t you live?”

I am not coming to the self: “Happy!”

She smiled: “This is right, but you …”

She is still embarrassed, swallowing.

I said: “What happened?”

She slammed me, she buried in my chest: “Oh … oh … good people … I want you to be a little … Fast … Oops … My good people brother … “

She laughed, I was teasing, and the action was aggravated.

She turned her ass, the lower body will be sent.

Sound wave in the mouth:

“Good, really … … 唔 … my good person … my big chicken Bago … your cock I … is dead … “

I was held by her, and I grew up three points.

Her big waves got up:

“Ah … really beautiful ……… My mother … you put me … you want to get it ….. You have to die … Hey … “

She is like a crazy rotating hip.

Twisted the waist, very dramatic.

A big white buttocks are striped up.

I sent a “滋 … 滋 …” sound.

The two personal crazy movements make me so much.

I started to flirting.

Big cock down bottom, top flowers.

She sounds yet:

“Um … um … oh … my grandfather … Let me die ………… Well .. …. … The daughter’s cock is not your big … Sister is not so happy … 唔 … good people …. .. You stop … I am finished … ah … “

She uses her hand to press my ass.

I hope that I tighten her small hole, don’t move again.

I didn’t listen to her, and I took a moment along with a moment. I was born with a bumbler, and the fine water was directly exposed to the faucet.

what! Who said this is a hustle? illicit sexual relations?

Everything in nature, who is not allowing to survive, if you say, be sure to crown with “,”, why do men and women get married? What is it for marriage?

“Zhicheng, what are you thinking?”

She saw me asked for a long time.

I said: “No … I didn’t think?”

I asked again: “What do you feel now?”

She smiled: “I think your naughty guy, still refuse to rest?”

She made a sweet and joyful smile, the eyebrows were filled with a cute light, so that I gave me more and more movement.

We said: “Yes, it hasn’t been eaten yet?”

She smiled: “So greed!”

I sincerely: “Good sister, let it eat again!”

She said: “Silly children, eat enough!”

Her joy hugged my head and kissed it on my face.

I also reported to the enthusiastic hug and started action attacks.

I suddenly thought that there were a lot of patterns in the book, why not effectively.

Thinking of doing both, finding a painting and calligraphy from the bed, a chaotic, find a “old man’s cart”, and the insertion of the sample.

She laughed: “You are so smart, you know the most thoughtful pattern and me, I love you.”

Her thumbs up is not very encouraging, I will more sell more.

The action is also more intense.

She is the same as me, and her intensive drums.

After a while, she screamed:

“Oh … God … You this ancestor … Xiaoyan … Hey … Hey … I have a beautiful death … 唔唔 … my friends … I am willing to die under your cock … um …… Well … too happy … “

The two of us are breathed.

I said: “When do I love you, do you do it?”

She said: “Well! Absolutely …………”

I said: “You can count!”

She said: “Of course ……….”

I said: “Okay, a word!”

She said: “It is customary!”

I can’t say more, I can only concentrate the spirit, but also …

She called again: “Oh … big chicken brother … I can’t ………… um ……… Um … I am going out … um … finished … “

Her body flustered, yin flowed to bed.

I still put it, I only feel that the glans is hot and hot, and I feel very comfortable and start itch.

I am inserted and smoked, I did a dozen, I only felt a burst of itching, the finery is a loose, Yang Jing suddenly vented it, straight to the heart.

After the two battles were exhausted, they were exhausted.

Dried dry points, this thing is like addictive.

After once, I will think about the second time.

The next night, the chicken is hard like iron, and I can’t sleep anyway.

In order to solve this problem, I quietly wanted to hide the hips.

I gently learned the cat, she knew.

However, it is obsessed with the second cousin and her in the same room, she deliberately said: “Is Zhicheng? It’s so late, why don’t you sleep?”

Dedication, she is completely used with me last night.

道 道: “I heard a terrible voice outside the room!”

She said: “Well, let’s sleep.”

This seems to say that I will listen to two sisters.

I heard this, very angry, secretly pinched her.

Although she nodded to me, she still could not reduce my heart’s angry, but she had to lying on her side.

She gently said in my ear: “Fool, how long did you haven’t slept, in case she knows, ashamed!”

I can’t stand quickly to her small hole, and her pants have been wet.

Needless to say, she is as needed as me.

I don’t know if she is qi, she is still very worried.

Insert your fingers in her point, a slap, can’t help but can’t help but hold my body with my body.

I went to her.

She said: “Oh … My little ancestors ……… The water is not enough!”

I looked at the second cousin and saw that she turned over and slept again.

I was shocked.

She didn’t think about it, raising the voice: “Ah! Good brother, why are you so fierce, beware of a junior bite on the heart, then I see how you should pay.”

I am busy holding her mouth.

道 道: “Hey, don’t you crazy? Do you really woken her, our good things, isn’t it full?

She smiled: “Stupid! Stupid! There is no idiot like you in the world, our woman’s heart, you are always touching.”

She yelled my attitude, which has made me no longer doubt.

The second cousin did not fall asleep at this time.

However, she is fake, and it is still not moving.

What reasons do you have to prove that she is not asleep?

Therefore, I don’t believe it, still doing me.

The second cousin is really uniform, regardless of how the voice we speak is high, the action of the apocalypse is dramatic, she is always sleeping. Until her calmly, I only knew her sleep when I was angry.

I thought: “Well, solve the three cousins, let’s talk!”

I wanted to reach out to pull her, so that her body turned, itching it with her, but I didn’t add addiction.

Once she doesn’t hurt her, it will be more sad.

She is not tasteful, it is better to wait.

At this time, the three cousins ​​have been yessed:

“Oh … oh ……… brother ………. Big chicken brother … you have done me to die … …… 唔 … I am dead … “

Because the second cue is next to her, she is not good. So the sound is low and there is a condition.

She passed away: “Brother … ah … oh … I can’t ……… oh … Yeah … … I came out … I came out … “

When she turned the words, she had to reach out and press me.

But I don’t make her wish, I don’t have to say a while, and when I trembled, when I was thrown, she was called again.

We satisfy a moment, and we will come out.

After that, the three cousins ​​hinted to me, and they quietly went out.

At this point, I have to admire the endurance of the second cue.

I am close to her side, I reached out to stroke her chest, she still is not moving.

So, I started to solve her clothes, she still slept, and then took off her belts, she still didn’t know.

I said in my heart: “Okay! I see when can you install?”

Her body is more beautiful and white and tender, all ministers, really exquisite, don’t say that it is, I’m still drunk, fluttering fairy.

I used my left hand to caress her high breast.

The right hand moves down the smooth belly and moves down.

Her hairy has no three cousins, but in hand, it seems to be more soft and cute than three cousins, like cotton.

Especially her pussy, hands are hot.

There are many of her prostitutes, making the thighs are full of wet.

I am going to push her to supine for the sake of convenience.

Yes, her under the body is pushed into supine.

But her upper body did not move, buried her head in the arm.

It can be seen, her powder face is red.

But I don’t care about her, quickly pulling out her underwear.

The charming pussy, a one-in-one, fully presented in front of my eyes, I use my hand to open her pussy, and the heart is jumping.

Bright crystalline, by little, wet outward.

Her hole cave is very small, Xiaoyou is a lot of accommodation, I can’t bear it anymore, fierce, take your mouth to her small hole, and kiss.

She sent a sound: “Oh! My day! Where is the place for not dry? How do you kiss your mouth?”

She reached my hands to pull me.

I said: “Who told you ignore me.”

I have answered a sentence and kissed her little hole.

She has a long time: “Ashad, how do you call me?”

She quickly turned back to protect the peach polka.

Use the tongue to explore her small hole, left to right.

I will make it, she is mixed.

She called: “Oh! Don’t get it!”

At this time, she reached out to support my head, and the small hole was very up.

I am really blame, since I can’t stand it, why still hold my head?

No wonder three cousins ​​said, you will always touch the psychology of women.

I took the head: “Good sister, I love your little hole!”

She said: “Good brother, small hole is coming to chicken ……… Why do you kiss with your mouth?”

This sentence didn’t know how much in her mouth, I said.

I pity: “But you don’t know how small your hole, how big is my dick, I really can’t bear to paint you!”

She said: “What? Your dick is big?”

I said: “Yes.”

She said: “How big?”

She shy and curiously turned into my cock.

When her eyes contact my dick, my eyes wide.

She called: “Oh! My God, such a big dick, just like a child’s arm, when you get her, why did she eat?”

I said: “No, her holes are different from you.”

She is curious: “You said, her little hole is more than my big, is it? How big is it? How did you just start to get her?”

I said: “When she opened, she was very painful, but it would be fine for a while.”

She said: “Do you say that I can’t bear it?”

I am busy: “No, I said that your lover is too small.”

She said: “So! Try!”

I said: “Okay, but you must be patient.”

She didn’t talk, nodded.

But the expression on the face is nervous.

I am afraid that she is not enough, first use the glans to bother her point, she blinks, she rubs her tremble:

“Good brother, don’t worry, people’s hearts are broken by you.” I have no way to explain with her, when she is here, I will continue to give her a meat hole immediately. Down sink.

I asked: “How?”

She said: “Hey! Don’t be tight!”

I said: “Is it painful?”

She called: “Oh … oh ……… Mom ………

My hips felly sink, she was awkward, which made me worry.

I am in a hurry: “What should this do?”

She said: “Don’t tighten …, come again … look ………”

I moved as a saying, I stressed.

For the first time, it is hard to insert the three cousins.

She shakes: “Ah! My grandfather ….”

I said: “Don’t call, now I have entered a section.”

In fact, I only go to a glans.

She yelled: “Ah! Dedicating the little hole ……… 呀 ………

I shouted the moment, I was inserted.

The power made is unprecedented.

And what about her? I can’t shout again.

The face is pale, sweating is straight, and the eyeball is turned up, I am scared that I will never be moved.

Although the dicks have a section of a small section, in a large half of it, I have to have a pain, I have to use it with a soft, to insert her small hole.

After a long time, her face turned.

She took a deep breath, did not open, tears.

Then I fierce one, I was a hot kiss.

She is like a kissed love for a long time.

She kissed his way: “Xiaoxin, you are almost dead!”

I said: “I am really sorry!”

She said: “Now, I will be smashed by you, it is completely you!”

At this point, I made my hands on her breasts and gently touched.

I said: “Good sister, didn’t you tell you before? I hardly insert you, but you agree, since it is plugged, don’t use it.”

She said: “Oh … is it?”

Her small hole is close to my glans, and I am so fascinated!

I said: “Good sister, don’t you, it will be fine for a while.”

I put the movements of my hands and fierce.

One side is low, kiss her mouth.

I slowly suck, slowly sucking, sucking that she is not comfortable, like uncomfortable.

She is afraid: “Oh, weird, the little hole will be unbelieving, how do you start itch now? It seems to have something crawling, it’s hard!”

Her face is getting more and more rusted, and the brilliance is getting more and more cute.

This proves that she is not ambiguous.

I said: “Fast, you will be comfortable soon.”

The action in my hand is more striking.

The cock is also pushed up.


She is shy: “I … itchy ……… Itch is hard to die … you … you use more to use it. ….. gives me itch … “

“Oh … um … um ………”

She can tell the happy feelings in my heart.

But she is ashamed to indulge himself, I will try my best, I don’t dare to loosen.

She is really a wonderful and rare woman.

It is shy when it is born.

The more you see this situation, the more you love.

I am no exception, I am creating that she wants to ban.

The speed of the thrust is also accelerated!

She breathed: “Oh … your brother … I … I …”

“I” for a long time, I still didn’t say anything.

I laughed: “Say …”

She said: “Oh … oh … good brother … I … my little hole is gone by you ……. Well … um … really comfortable … “

I laughed: “This is right, my heart ………”

After finishing, I kissed her nipple with your mouth.

She is shy: “Well ……… I am not coming … Hey … you are interested ……… necrosis. ….. ……… Ah … um … um … “

She twisted his wife’s hips.

I think, this may be natural!

So, let go of the teasing, the real knife is seen.

For a while, she humped: “Brothers … ……… oh …”

She is hard to love: “I … oh … it’s great … really comfortable … Ok … ah … … Love brother … um … “

I nodded, and I was inserted.

She passed away: “Um … my love brother … Lovers … You are my love] I love you … … I love your big dick … “Her face, more and more cute.

With the movement of the throduction, “Zi” sounds.

Added her desire, excitement and mad.

She sounded: “You are too big … so good … big chick brother … um … lovers … you I am really good … my sister … I am so crazy … oh … um … You don’t know the hole .. …. Coagues are so happy … “

I laughed: “I understand now!”

She said: “Um … um … I tasted the taste ……… big chicken brother … You will never leave .. …. Small hole … Top me ……… “

She began to twisted his jade.

Action is also increased.

The sound is also improved.

I have no scruples who don’t worry.

The big cock is deeply inserted, and it sang out.

Dry her tears, tears, and asthing.

Her waist is like a snake.

Action is like crazy …

A big white butt, unheasten upwards.

She is obscenity: “Ah … your brother … you are the fairy in my mind … how can you do this … Hey ….. I have done it to die! “

“Oh … I’m going to die … um ……… Um … Big Chicken Bada … Le Di me. ….. … … “

Her holes are very tight, very compact, containing my big masks.

Due to the slip of the pocket, the loud sound is loud.

Only heard “滋 … 滋 …” The voice is endless.

She sounded: “Ah … I want … I want to be heaven … I am so beautiful … I never like this … …… um … um … “

“Ah … I … good brother … I want … I want ……… I am not lived … I finished … ah … out … “

After a while, the body was embedded after a while, it was completely paralyzed.

I was shaken like her, and the hot hot, I just got myself and itchy, a yang, and then immediately put it down, flowing out.

I hug her tightly, I don’t move.

From this day, we became a good bed, go early.

However, in order to avoid people who have changed their rooms from time to time.

“If you want people, unless you are.”

This is the name of the name.

There are many people who often use this sentence to other things.

We may be happy, and will we think of other other?

Who knows, it is better to make it.

On one night, when I secretly watched the two cousin rooms, I suddenly lost my clothes and was happened.

Suddenly, “Hey, I ask you, so late, I don’t sleep, I am going to go there?”

The tone is responsible, the sound is low.

I heard the voice of the four cousins, and the courage is also bigger.

However, flusse is still difficult.

I said: “I want to go to the toilet.”

Between hastiness, it is often not easy to cover up.

She said: “Come, you went wrong, I took you!”

She doesn’t help but tell me.

I am not happy in my heart, but it is inconvenient.

I just said: “I am not going, do you want you?”

She said: “I am afraid that you have lived ahead, lost the direction.”

The attitude of her speaking, I have some confused, and the direction we walk and the path, don’t go to the head, is to her bedroom.

I am hard to learn: “I don’t understand what you mean.”

She laughed and laughed: “There is no relationship, wait for you to understand!”

Being outside the house, everything is covered with dark cage.

I can’t see any expression, I can’t help but feel excited.

At the same time, her words are set with three cousins, so I feel suspicious, I don’t leave her forward.

She just stepped into her bedroom, she closed the door.

Then put a picture of a positive look.

She said: “Do you see something in my bed?”


I saw it at a glance. Is this not a three-centian sister brought into the ‘Live Spring Palace’ in my room?

How did she get her now?

Is it that she didn’t take away the next morning?

However, when I got up, I didn’t see it!

I deliberately: “Is this not a book?”

I reached out to take it, but she first took the first step and won the book.

She said: “This is true, if you don’t admit it? I have to give my mom?”

I have a long way: “Ah! No …”

She said: “Why can’t it?”

I am anxious: “You … you can’t take it to aunt …”

I am really panicked here.

She said: “Is this not you? Why don’t I see Mom?”

I suddenly moved, said: “Ah! Yes …”

She said: “What?”

I suddenly thought that if I had another soft, she would always take us the wind, and will always be able to eat me. It is better to take a risk to see if she can take her to the town?

Anyway, this book is not mine?

It is sufficient: “You still take it, anyway, I don’t know what book!”

She said: “What? What do you mean?”

She watched me with great eyes.

I said: “It’s this like this!”

She said: “I don’t believe it!”

I said: “I ask you, what is this book? Have you seen it?”

She said: “I … I ………”

She is full of red, and she can’t say it.

I approached her and further said: “Say! Why don’t you say it!”

She avoided the face to the side and sight in the ground.

I know that she is hard. So, I am unresolved to hold her.

I laughed: “Good sister, you are too hot, this kind of good thing is bad, if you really have, you will regret life.”

She is shy: “I … I don’t listen …”

I said: “Why don’t you listen?”

She said: “Don’t listen, don’t listen!”

She can’t get the head low.

道: “That is that you haven’t tasted this good thing, if you know that you will be able to listen, and it is strong.”

She is red and said: “You still don’t say it!”

道 道: “No, I have to say, I don’t listen to you, anyway, the ear is growing on your head, I don’t cohere with me, unless you let me know …”

I dial her face and made her lips near my lips.

She said: “No … more difficult ………”

She shy his eyes closely.

At first, it was struggled very fierce. Later, in my urging, turn the head.

So our lips are kissing together.

She stretched over, I contained in the mouth.

After a while, I took her body on the table and made her oblique her body.

Gradually, she is lost.

She is no longer struggling and no longer twisted.

I won’t touch her breast.

Her depum is very strong, but it seems to be small.

I knead her nipple and sucked her tip of the tongue.

She is completely indulged in the enjoyment.

At this time, I can’t stand it anymore.

I looked into her bed to bed.

Good guy, her person is slightly higher than me, the figure is very beautiful, put in the arm, actually like that.

I am like a soft thing, it is difficult to ban.

She is like a sleep, I will move.

The breast gradually moves.

God! Some of the protrusions, in a little hairy, soft and fine, is attractive.

Go down, a full pussy, it’s a sunrise, making people look, directly swallowed, hand caressing it, makes people have a feeling of floating.

Her prostitution has been humid the entire flesh.

I appreciate it quietly.

Her meat wore peaches, really like a red cherry.

I pressed it on it with hand, a burst.

Gege Jiao, who is sad and comfortable, is it: “Good brother, what are you doing? I am pharick by you in my heart!”

Her prostitution is more.

I reached into a point, explored her seam, tease her.

Then explore the depth.

Her cave is smaller than two cousins, I am more surprised.

I am slightly, I curiously put my fingers in.

The left button is digging.

Her ass quickly follow my hand.

This is also the most amazing point.

However, her movements are completely opposite to their mouths.

She said: “Good brother, don’t get … people are sad!”

In fact, she is not talking, she is more fierce, my curiosity is bigger, one side is pulling her jade hand, posted to the dick.

I hope that I have more excited her desire.

Who knows her hand just touches my cock, suddenly retreats.

She is shocked: “Ah! Ah ………”

She swallowed several mouthfuls.

However, she did not lose curious because of being shocked.

Busy and automatic handle, holding my dick.

I am suggesting: “How?”

She was surprised: “Oh … how is it so big?”

I laughed: “Silly sister, there is no woman in the world, don’t love big, as long as you go in, there will be a good thing …”

“Ah! You first with your sister, they are afraid?” She doubt.

I am surprised: “What? How do you know what I and three cousins?”

Under the question, I understand it.

It turned out that she went to the hostel room, and happened to see that we were performing a bed three!

I laughed: “You have seen me with their happiness, I think, don’t tell the benefits of big cock again, can you know?” I said, cross-body ride to her.

She is surprised: “Brother, no matter what, you still come!”

I said: “Okay.”

She said: “Otherwise, I will not stand!”

I nodded in my silent.

I first used the glans to stay in the yukuclear – the heart of the heart, a grinding, got her shook.

She called: “Oh! Oh … how did you get? ………… You …”

我: “Don’t panic, I hope you have a lot of effort, so push it, you will reduce much of pain!”

She didn’t speak again, but the expectation of fear.

And my dick is jumping, and I don’t want to be in.

I use the cock, on the tightly small slices, wear 揉 揉, try to do some excited teasing, I hope she will try to try itself.

Sure enough, she finally spoke.

“Good brother, don’t be light, people are grinding straight, you are still …”

She doesn’t talk, leave a tail.

“Good! I have to use it, but you must bear it …”

She said: “Oh … ……… ………”

I said: “Don’t call out …”

After finishing, I will sink.

Look at her expression, there is no distraction.

I am a little strange in my heart, although the sinking power is not big, but it is not light, why did she have no expression?

In order to test her endurance, I will sink again.

Who knows that even the glans will not plug in, this will be a bit can’t stand.

“Hey … ………”

Her voice is very low, but I found that she is biting.

Then, I came back again.

Although the glans have been trapped, it is necessary to die.

And what about her?

The sound is not very big, but it is in the heart.

On the one hand, I think that she is a high proud girl, is it too weak, I miss here, I will no longer think.

Anyway, she has a heart to come here, not to achieve, is endless.

She called: “Ah … ah ……… my mother ………”

Her voice is increased.

I continued to add, she shouted, when I took the dick, don’t say her, even myself, it is sweaty.

She has been fainted, and it is even more miserable than two cousins.

At this point, I can do the only work, kiss, 舐 and strokes, and massage.

For a while, she is only awake.

It’s a sudden, other actions, just like the two cousins.

She said: “Oh … how do you get … hurt me …”

She is crying at me.

I gently said: “Good sister, I love you, but if I don’t get your holes, I will never tell you.”

She said: “Good brother, why? Since I love me, I don’t dare to tell me? From when I fell in love with me?”

I said: “I fell in love with you when I came.”

She said: “Is it true?”

I said: “Of course it is true.”

She hugged me and kissed it.

I also touched it in her.

She low-low road: “Hey … good brother … I don’t know how it itchy, how can I itch? Brother, you move, fast … “

She said, twisted the waist.

I laughed: “Said goods, you are really a big goods, just almost hurting, don’t want this, it will come, it is really small!”

She said: “If you don’t come, people tell you truth with you, how do you get rid of me!”

A child’s gesture, teased my heart panic.

I laughed: “Xiao Sao, now I can’t help you, I will tell you, enjoy it!”

I started to sluggish, first give her a little sweet.

“Ah! Brother … I am so good … I didn’t think … The hole is so comfortable … um … um …. .. Plug it hard … “

At this time, she is bold.

“If you know this, I have long caught your points!”

I am angry: “Hey! Say good, almost didn’t send the book to aunt.”

She smiled: “Good brother, that is teasing you!”

I said: “You don’t want to send your book to aunt?”

She said: “How can I, say why I will introduce you to the house, you want to understand, you will not be unhappy, but unfortunately, you didn’t move this brain.”

Good guys, even the brought hardship, all came to her.

I hate: “Okay, do you dare to bully me?”

She said: “Don’t be angry, good brother!”

I said: “Okay, how can I do?”

I have made the power of the whole body and pumped it.

A slice of hard work.

Let the dick deeply inserted, then fierce. The sound of “Zi” in her pussy is issued.

She was in a desire to die.

The whole ass will not meet.

The sound of the mouth is not only: “Ah ……… Brother … You have to revenge … I like it … I am so wonderful ….. Well … I love ……… You are too capable … “

“Ah ……… …………… You are my lover ……… …….. ……. The beauty is dead … Pleasure ……… Happy ……… “

She smiled and panting.

That kind of lascitation is fascinating.

The more you look, the more monkeys.

The more obsessed, the movements are like wind, and the power is as strong as cattle.

Smoking! Insert!

There is no matter in the world, more pleasure than this.

She said: “Oh … so heavy ……… This power is inserted … so heavy …….. …….. This makes me live to die ……… Uh … “

I also breathed: “Wave!”

She said: “How do you say it? Hey …………… Dear ……… I love you .. …. ah … really comfortable … I really feel … um ……… “

What is pity? The woman is comfortable!

What is pity? The woman wants to die!

What is pity? When a woman needs to be strong, you try our best to satisfy her.

Despite the difference in pity, as long as you need it, give her happiness, give her a satisfaction, which is better than any way.

Furthermore, she will not forget when she is afraid of death.

My heart is very impulsive.

Ideal has disappeared.

The remaining, just need to be vented.

It is, she is called the more fierce, the more crazy.

The more you call it, the more exciting …

She called again: “Ah … too wonderful ……… Ah ……… Well ……………………….. ……. I want to do it … I will be willing to die ……… I need you ……… I need you … … ……… 唔 ……… I love you ……… also love you ……… Docker .. ….Oops………”

She gasped at home.

The waist is like a spirit snake, can’t drive.

The butt can not stand up, and both hands are arrested on me.

The mouth of the mouth: “Oh ……… Brother ……… I can’t ……… I can’t do it … … this wonderful feeling ……… How well ……… I have to finish ……… “

Her words have not been finished, and the hands are wrapped around my back, holding my hips, a while, and her people are in an hour.

I didn’t stop, because I haven’t lost my fine, so I will continue to work hard …

Originally, I am worried, I am afraid to support it.

Who knows, did not have a job, she lost her fine.

And the obscene is constantly flowing out.

I am surprising that I have durable today, why is so long?

Unexpectedly, at this time, the winter is connected, and it is a bit more and more.

I am so happy that I have a bone.

Her holes are different from others. I used the glans to take her heart and I didn’t want her to spend deep, actually had countless meat thorn, and my soul flew.

Every woman’s heart has this function.

As long as you are inserting to that level, there will be this kind of fluttering.

In order to experience, if there is this truth, afterwards, I have been proved on other women.

Also, our man has a cruel.

The more you do, the more you want to die, but it is more interesting to her.

Therefore, the four cousins ​​actually called me inserted, lying on the bed in a few days, can’t get up, or the second sister and the three sisters don’t have to take care of it, it is really trouble!

A family of eight women now has made me three.

These three are the most well-organized people in the whole family.

So I think it is good to hold these three, but I’m satisfied, no longer have any expectations.

However, it is actually not so simple.

At the beginning, I just came to my father, my mother was very good.

This is very good, it doesn’t mean any meaning, because I think that in this group of women, accidentally plugging a man, even a little boy will make them a strong interest.

I – let alone or a boy who is about to be adults?

Therefore, my age has a great interest in them.

And it is a common hobby.

Everything about my aunt, I asked very detailed.

I am very hobby for the movie, so she often wants her daughter to accompany me to watch movies.

After returning home, I occasionally asked me how to have a sense of view and plot.

I have been controversial. She will say: “Hey! Children, you are really a bit, really love your mother, I really don’t know how your mother will let you leave!”

She said that the photography should be enough, but she is still not satisfied, she must have a kiss, not to make you blush, refuse.

In this case, I often shy can’t lift your hair.

And she is more interested.

She will say: “Hey! Baby! You are a little baby, so big age, it is also shy! Like a little girl, hahaha ………

The more shy, the more the disaster is heavy, the light is to tease me, and there are several ghosts like the ghosts, but they will be robbed.

She deducted one, you pinch it, tease you can’t stain it.

Finally, I have to open it.

Another point is that it is used to it into nature.

Gradually, I don’t care.

Aunt doesn’t know if it is really tofu? Still joking?

On this day, when no one in the living room, I suddenly asked me, I like that one, and I didn’t know her intentions at the time, I immediately told her my opinion.

Aunt laughed: “Hey! Your eyes are really not low!”

She smiled and smiled: “If one day, I will marry you, I will marry you two cousins ​​and four sisters, you said, should you choose the one?”

I said: “Auntie, don’t kid!”

My mother said: “I said it is true!”

I said: “This problem, I never thought!”

Because I didn’t know the mystery at that time.

Instead, turned to her: “The two are good, but it is better than the aunt,”

“Ah! What?”

She opened his eyes and stared at me: “You only learn this year, learn to take a horses?”

I am busy: “What to shoot a horses?”

My aunt directly looked at me did not answer.

I asked again: “Auntie, what is a horuna?”

My mother said: “Strange? Say you know, you don’t understand, say you don’t know what, but you know a lot, this is strange and evil door.”

She is confused like being confused.

I want to ask her evil door again, I don’t want big aunt to pull me to watch movies.

In the future, I haven’t had a few days, and I jumped into the envoying realm because of the plan of the three sorrows.

The next day, she called me, she called me, and said to see the mountain: “Child, I have said, you are a very discussion of the children, both smart and cute, now I don’t have me.料, five gimmicks, you account for three, and it is the best, what do you use, in such a short a few days, actually on top? “

I am in a hurry: “Ah … ah ……… You know it ………”

I am shocked to sweat, and I am not talking about it.

She smiled mysterious: “Hey! Who are you? Hey!”

She laughed, with the eloquence of the elders, continue to say: “Don’t be too nervous, Aunt does not destroy you.”

She suddenly pulled me to her, holding me: “However, after I think, you don’t take the cheaper that some gimmicks, you know, you are told you, how can you marry in the future? “

I don’t know how to say it: “Auntie, I ………”

I cried in her arms.

“Good boy, don’t be sad, I am full of you!”

She cares for me: “You don’t believe, you can think about it, don’t think that others are good to you, love you, you will take the opportunity to accounted for their cheap, the future is open, or you!”

I said: “Yes.”

I am blaming myself: “I am really confused, why don’t you consider in advance? Now I have already got three, what do I do for them?”

She talked here and took the mouth to my ear, and low the sound pressure low.

She said: “Child, don’t worry! This is not a big thing. However, don’t touch it again in the future, so you can happen.”

Then she said again: “I mean, my wife, less grandmother, it is nothing to do, because they are no longer a woman, playing will not leave traces. As long as you do them comfortable, they are meeting Unconditional dedication, you can play. “

I nodded and didn’t work.

Because I am still thinking, I will dispose and arrange this three women.

I was hovered in my heart, and I went back to the house.

A person who has no heart, it is easy to fall asleep in bed, but I am now in my heart, not only can’t sleep, but the thoughts of my mind are undulating.

I am upset to lying on the bed.

I haven’t known how long it seems to be asleep.

Suddenly, heard the sound of the door.

I thought it was a cousin, and I got it on the door.

Who knows, when you open the door, I am not just a shocking.

I called: “Ah! Yes ………”

She seems to have expected that I will scream. When I haven’t seen it, my mouth has been shocked by her until she knows that I probably not called, I put my hand.

Especially for me, she only wrapped in a transparent coating, double milk and mysterious zone, and the clouds were fucked.

Charming flesh, like God’s special manufacturing.

It is not your heartbeat.

I saw that Into the watery and it is very uneasy.

I put the sound below: “It’s been very late, you haven’t slept yet?”

She said: “I can’t sleep.” I said: “Is there something for me?”

She said: “Come! I have something to say to you!”

She does not ask me to agree, take me.

This way makes me surprising.

I have a difference in ideas.

In particular, I found that our way is to her room, I can panic.

Because when I was eating, I have also seen my merry at home, this can make me think, don’t pull me to see my father!

So my heart is scared, I am referring to her.

“Good aunt!”

I almost begged: “Are you pulling me to see my father?”

My mother laughed: “Silly children, will I do this? Your father just went to the south to accept the account, no ten days, won’t come back, you can rest assured, the aunt will want you Hey! “

She is joy and mysterious.

I am half a suspicious question: “Strange? Why should he have a good night?”

The problem of psychological is still failed.

Auntie: “Oh! This is his habit of nature, because night is not squeezed, otherwise, as he is as fat, how can you eat?”

I have no doubt after she is so explained.

So and she walk side by side.

Women and girls are different, just entering her bedroom, she put me, I can’t make it slowly.

I have passed this hot scene.

I don’t have some fear in my heart, and the action is inevitable.

She said: “Hold me, hey ……… fast!”

She is like a crazy dog, kiss is like a rain point.

Her lips kissed my face.

I obeyed that she was placed by her, and she was tight as soon as possible.

When our body is tight, my dick is already like the flag, got up, standing her lower abdomen.

She is tight.

I will breathe.

Just as I reached out of her pussy, she hurriedly holding my dick.

She called: “Ah! Good Baby!”

When she spoke, our clothes were falling.

Auntie: “Good boy, it is difficult for you, there is such a growing capital, we must find you, I have to die!”

I said: “Auntie, you are small!”

Although her room is far from the front, I am afraid of hearing.

Auntie: “Good boy, this is not in the case, my room arrived at night, is isolated from the outside, let you have more voices, outside the outside.”

I odd: “Why is this this?”

She smiled: “Silly children, do you listen to people? Woman ‘thirty wolf, forty tiger’, when you buy this house, the owner of the house is this age, they It is very special, which is easy to jocked, understand? “

I have been so explained by her, and the courage is also big.

I am curious: “Oh! Why is it to be separated from the outside night?”

She said: “Hey, you ask this question, it is more than, as long as the window is not closed, the door is not locked, is it the same as other rooms?”

She looks some impatient.

I saw that she said, no longer asked.

Put your mouth to her chest, bite her nipple, suck up.

Hands are active in her pussy.

Her pussy, it is not that the original loading is so narrow.

However, her prostitution has been very much.

She said: “Oh! Try to see!”

She forwards the lower abdomen.

Pull my dick, send it to the hole.

I am surprised and happy: “What? Standing with it?”

On the book, although there are many models, I didn’t notice that there is such an interpolation.

She hurried: “Ah, the small soil buns, the flowers of the hole can be more! As long as you are interested, I will wait to teach you a few most affordable and happy.”

I like: “Really?”

A happy, the cock is chaotic.

Aunt called: “Oh! Don’t mess, forget your things, the top will hurt.”

I said: “When you say this, my father is very small, how much is my bigger than him?”

She said: “Do you want me to say?”

She seems to find an appropriate thing for a while, only put the smooth flesh of the light, relies on the edge of the bed, microcano, and the lower part.

Then put a white calf, she holds my arm.

So, full of fat and beautiful is open, a one-in-one, I can’t help it, I want to welcome the big dick.

According to the launch of her waves, it is easy to plug in.

Helpless, her cave is really small.

My glans is like a big bottle, and I can’t get a door.

She said: “Oh! I remembered, his is like … oh … Just only your half is long … hehe … I am so Can not support … “

I said: “How is it?”

Aunt said: “I still let me lie down, wait for you to insert it, play another figure.”

I said: “Okay!”

I followed her bed.

When she is four flat, she is lying down, and she is out.

My meat stick is like a destination.

Gradually, its head is connected to the shake hole.

Moreover, it is also advancing the sliding hole …

Gradually deeply … she called: “… Oh … slow … slow … hurt …. .. Stop … stop and stop … hurt is really a … I can’t stand … “

I said: “A glans haven’t come in?”

Auntie: “No … you … only take care of yourself … people are itchy … Oh … Who called you? So big … … “

I looked at the past, I saw the mysterious zone of aunt, delicate and pink.

Water mouth, like a split peach.

A bunch of black hair, black light is bright, and it is soft.

Like such a beautiful woman, unfortunately, the obscene water flowing out, is wetted.

The most temporarily destroyable, is the middle of a pink crack, the highlighted meat, blood red, and still shake slightly.

The more you look, the more you jump.

I sincerely: “Auntie, your hole is really beautiful.”

I saw it tips, and I went to the small meat to tease.

I only feel that it is slightly attractive.

Especially a tease, the whole body of the aunt must not only twice, even the meat beads must be tapered.

I think it is really interesting.

I can’t help but come down, stick out the tongue, and have a lip.

Only aunt’s temporary water, and the legs.

The waist is like a snake to twisted.

I also snorted in my mouth: “Oh … oh … … … itch is dead … Kiss .. …. Rao me … don’t be 舐 … itch … “

I listen to her waves, I am more powerful.

Auntie: “Kiss … I am willing to be plugged in … Oh … I am not awkward … I am … I am sad. died……”

I know that aunt’s sexual desire is increasing.

So hugged her kissed.

And press it on the bed with a palm, and enjoy the breasts in one hand.

The lower glans go deep into the hole.

She said: “Oh! Tap … hurt …”

Although I used some strength, the glans did not enter.

I can’t help but let go of the breasts, take the underlying mask.

It is positive on her small hole.

Straighten to dry, fierce.

I only feel that the cavity of the aunt is too small, I don’t want to go in.

At this time, aunt said: “Oh, ……… I am dying …”

I said: “I haven’t come in, Intonded …”

After saying, it is a top.

She is treated: “Oh … oh … don’t worry …”

At this point, a glans have been inserted.

So, put the dick again.

I only heard aunt called “Yeah”.

Long dicks have been inserted.

For a long time, for a long time!

Aunt thinks that the points are still a bit pain, but through her thick masks in the governor, it can be a comfortable horse.

At this time, my dick has begun to save.

Auntie more feels itchy every time.

At the same time, it is a general pleasure.

She snorted: “Oh … ……… …”

I started to use the brightest kung fu. Every time I have a deep, I’m going to the heart, I only got a little helper.

She called: “Oh … 家 … … … you get me ……… oh .. ……. Top me … it … “

“Hey … … kiss … Dad … You will be … itch …… force. ………………………..


“Hey … Hey … Dear ……… I never ……… I feel so happy … um … um … Your father … oh … “

Auntie is a small pussy, it is full of full.

Her prostitution, such as the spillage of spring.

Whenever my cock go out, maybe it is too tight, surrounded by bright red, and it is also taken out.

It is not a heartbeat.

At the same time, aunt’s fine waist can’t stop twisting.

Rounded big white butt, also catering my actions.

My dick is straight down.

She is astishing: “Just slow … um … don’t be too fast … … I hope every day … .. I am dead … “

I said: “Do you have such a good?”

Aunthu said: “Oh … it’s far away …”

I also said: “Do you like my dick?”

“Oh ……… I like it … ah … big chicken Bada … you are mine … 唔. ….. I am really dead …… hard ……… “I got her crazy leaps, I was busy.

Draw a deep, pumping more urgent.

Every time you add the center of gravity, it is completely concentrated on the heart.

Only aunt’s breath is like a cow, can’t help but be more wild.

A big butt is very moving.

Both hands also arisen in me.

The voice of “滋 … 滋 …” in the pussy.

There is also a wave in your mouth: “Oh … oh … faster … I killed me … Ah … I beg you. ……………………………

“Ah … um … um … so beautiful … good … Hey … it is this place … … … Yes …… hard … um … um … not good ….. …. I have to die ……… I have to be fine … oh … “

Aunt finally couldn’t resist the impulse of the climax, a heat of hot and hot, from the uterus.

She trembled, and bowed.

This shadow is full of glutinous, straight to the glans, and I am not born.

The masher suddenly shakes, and the semen also fires spicy.

Auntie has been hot and hot, it’s a fight.

The butt is mad, it seems to be inhaled to these fine water.

She is sweet and smiling, like satisfied.

At this time, she is tired and difficult to support it.

Afterwards, I originally wanted to go to my room to sleep, I don’t want the aunt to keep me tightly, and I said, I don’t go back to the house tonight.

I think, it!

The cock is placed in the hole, and I will fall asleep in a while.

Who knows, this sleep can be great.

It’s not coming!

Every morning, the food is always a big cousin and big aunt. After a meal, everyone will do everything, some go to school.

On this day, everyone habits will leave, but I didn’t get up, this is not a big cousin, not call me, but I can’t find me.

Aunt is too tired because of last night, so I hugged me.

If it is usually, the big cousin and big aunt, the top street is buying vegetables.

Today, it is not good, because two people walk, no one is watching home.

The big cousin, I don’t know if I thought that my aunt was sick, there is something else, I knocked on the door of the house, this only woke us up from the dream.

After waking up, we don’t help but panic.

Especially in me, when I came, even my coat didn’t worn.

My mother said: “You are not very comfortable, you will sleep more!”

Auntie rang, raise the sound tall and made a face of a face.

She opened the door and went out.

“What? Our ‘is a good sick?”

This is the live name given by the three cousins.

Everyone often calls me.

The big cousin heard that I was ill, and I walked to the bed in three or seven twenty-one, I suddenly pulled the quilt on my body.

I was originally supine, and the body was never worn, and the chicken is like a flag, which can be frightened.

She screamed.

However, in addition to me, there is no second person to hear.

She saw that she didn’t have outsiders, and she said to me, I changed the attitude of intimateness, and strokes on me: “Brother, you … you are big … “

I said: “Are you afraid?”

She is shy: “Oh ………”

I said: “Then you will go!”

She said: “I ask you, my mother is afraid?”

I said: “She has her husband, what are she afraid?”

Refers to my father.

She smiled: “I can’t do it, because I haven’t got married yet! At the same time, you, bad look, really worrying!”

I said: “I am not afraid of trying once!”

I laughed, but it was also a little surprised to speak different from the past.

She is charming: “Fool, how do you try it during the day?”

I asked: “You are saying, is it going to be at night?”

She said: “Of course.”

I said: “You have to count!”

She mysteriously said: “Of course, the calculation.”

I was originally planned to go to her room in the evening, but I thought about it, there was a big aunt and her toned at night, it was very inconvenient.

Thoughts, it is better to get better than to sleep.

strangeness? She has never closed.

Today, why do you close the bedroom door?

Not only that, but even the window is closed, what is going on?

A curiosity, drive me to go to the window, I know, the curtain of the window is not completely laid, and I hope it in the inside.

sky! I was stunned by this strange shot.

It turns out that at this time, the big cousin is lying, and the aunt is in sit-ups. In addition to the cream, the remains of the whole exposure.

The flesh of them, although not beautiful, but the meat is fascinating.

The cousin put the right leg on the right leg, and the right hand stretched into the Delta in the aunt, and the soft hair of the aunt was allir. The middle finger is grinding on the hypertrophic labipings, slow, gently, it seems to be seen.

At the beginning of the aunt, it was afraid of itching, later, I lost this feeling.

Then, the aunt’s fat hip started slightly.

I certainly know, what is going on?

Auntie turned around, pushing the cousin into the supintage, but also learned the posture and action of the cousin, for the cousin.

She seems to have a cousin to taste this taste.

For a while, the cousin is 嘻嘻: “Blame! It’s true!”

Auntie: “I think so too.”

The cousin said: “Now, just replaced with your fingers, if you change it with a true big cock, it is fascinated.”

Auntie: “Do you need?”

Courier: “Some think.”

Auntie: “Then let’s want a way?”

Code said: “What is the way? You listen to listen!”

Auntie: “Let me think about it!”

The cousin suddenly smiled: “Yes, what do you think?”

Aunt said: “Don’t kundly, he is just a child.”

Indeed, in the eyes of aunt, I am just a child.


The cousin is in the nose: “Don’t underestimate him is a child, his thing, you can be amazing!”

Auntie: “How big? When did you see it?”

The big cousin met her has entered the port, and immediately said in the morning.

Aunt called: “What? His cock has a child’s arm thick? I don’t believe it, our holes can only accommodate two fingers, do not kill people strange!”

The cousin is like an internal person: “The fool is really stupid, the big chicken jag is addicted!”

Aunt said: “This is not bad, but it is not there now.”

The cousin is busy: “Don’t tighten, I will call him well.”

The cousin said, lifting it.

I see really, I understand. Then I turned to her door and knocked on the door with my hand.

I laughed: “Don’t call, I am here!”

The cousin is surprised: “What? Are you coming?”

Auntie: “So, what do we heard?”

I am proud: “Yes.”

The cousin laughed: “You are ghost ………”

I rushed: “No, this is the soul.”

I was here, I have been with aunt.

Reach your breasts and tribes and stroked them on her.

Auntie: “Well! You are still to come to you!”

At this time, the cousin has been oblique to my side.

In this way, I had to turn my face and see it to the cousin.

Unexpectedly, the cousin is also to find her first.

So, I took the aunt to her, and I kissed her mouth on her lips.

Aunt: “Ah! In your age, it is a child, how can you know so much? Do you teach you?”

I laughed: “Oh! My aunt, now please advise!”

At this time, her face was red.

With a layer of embarrassment, people have seen their hearts.

I can’t help but kiss it on her face.

Then suck it in the breast ………

The cousin puts the line of sight to my hands and mouth.

I will look at my husband and look at my big cock. It seems to enjoy a treasure, but it is greedy.

Auntie: “Little Ghost, hurry up ………”

Her pussy is full of fullness and her breasts.

Her hamma is much more than anyone, I posted it on it with your palms, gently rub it, for a while, and pinch her labipings.

Gently 揉, make her very unfair.

I hit a lot of lust, I got to her.

Aunt is pressed against breath, pretending to struggle, but it can’t wait to open his legs, prepare your hips.

I immediately caress her sexy zone.

Then put the very hard dick, straight into the Taoyuan hole.

She is slightly painful, and the anti-hand is holding the cock: “I am so big … I am afraid … I can’t …”

I turned over, put her body flat, hot glans arrived at the hole, kissed her lips on the side, pinching her milk tip in both hands.

After such a non-stop, until she trembled, the obscenity is flooding.

Finally, I can’t help but come from the heart, Jiaojiachang: “Good people ……… you slowly get ………”

Interface, and separate the legs.

I know that she is in this time, and the top is slowly grinded in the hole.

At this time, the aunt has passed the whole body, and the automatic reach is taken, bring the glans to the small hole, pity and trembling: “Want … to be gently …”

She is slightly shoulder, automatically dials the ladle with fingers, and let the glans insert into the pussy.

I have seen the glans already in the mouth of the stern, and the micro-power, the glans put it in.

She “ah”.

I know that the glans have arrived at the women’s film.

I don’t know if I can’t rush.

If you struggle with lightning tactics, you can break the door, you can get the heart, you will make her feel a pain, and the adverse consequence.

I am finely small, according to the soldiers, the right hand raised the glans to pumping in the pussy mouth, the right hand is still in her breast.

I gently asked: “How do you feel now?” Auntie said: “Hey … hehe … …”

I kissed her: “Is it harmful? … Turp it …”

Just like this, I love, and the teasing.

Make her prostitutes such as spring, keep flowing out.

I saw her legs, sometimes receiving it, sometimes straight, and when they opened … At the same time, it was frequently moving with big white buttocks.

She is full of pussy to the glans.

This is full of her sediment has reached the vertex.

I saw the opportunity to mature and put the dick lightly.

Just when she bite the teeth, my ass can’t live in the moment, I sucked a breath, but the butt is sinking, and the purse is inserted.

“Zi”, the coarse cock has all grid.

Aunt called: “Ah ………”

But immediately was sealed by my lips.

She tears DC, the whole body conversation, I must have pain.

Her hands can’t help, shake around the upper body.

I saw her pain, I didn’t dare to move in her.

In this way, after a few minutes, the aunt’s pain gradually disappeared.

The generation is that itch is uncomfortable in the yin.

She lowered her low: “Ah … ah ……… Itchy …”

I started to gently push it, and the aunt is already incense is the spring, and the cockroaches, looks comfortable and pleasant, and can’t help but sleep.

She is rushing: “Um … um … good … so itchy … Hey …”

The cousin of the side is reliable, and you will jump.

Seeing the development of things, this family does not know how to deal with it.

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