1 In the hall of the Southeast International Airport, I am an anxiously waiting outside the security checkout. I showed my new girlfriend’s blue spirits. The sea dragon air flight in Blue Rain, which was already in half an hour. It will be cleared early, but the passengers of the flight now have a lot, but they don’t see the shadow of the rain.

It is easy to wait until a flight attendant wearing Haihang uniforms out of the security checkpout, I am a little bit familiar, busy walking, asking her, don’t know how long is the blue spirit rain still can come out. That flight attendant apparently knew me, spitting the tongue, telling me what the problem did not know this time, the whole day is absent, this time I have a few killers, this is just a plane, let the job Long to pull to the office.

I am busy with the flight attendant to the office, the flight attendant is scared, busy shaking his head, can’t say, the passenger is now on the head, if she knows that she has to take outsider to the office, they must have to eat. I asked her who was the flight in the flight? The flight attendant told me that it is Xiao Qiyue.

Speaking of this Xiao Qiuyue, I have long known. Hailong Airlines has always had a tradition of the flight attendant to I have to serve as the chairman of the chairman. In these years, the flight attendant is recruiting, Xiao Qiyue is the main person.

There are a lot of agents in my company. They want to go to the flight attendant. After all, I can only eat youthful rice, and the income is very unstable. In the model industry, the flight attendant not only has stable income, but And as long as you wish, you can continue to do it for more than forty years. Whether these models’ flight attendant dream can be realized, the key is to have a sentence in Xiao Qiuyue. According to the models of the previous joining Hailong Air, this passenger is picky. It is very strict in the selection, even if you can be tested into flight attendants, she is also tempering at work, it is difficult to get along. I also talked to her several times because of the company’s public relations, I talked a few times in several official dinners. I didn’t think about her. I only know that she is about 30 or six years old. Although the appearance is long Not bad, but often a serious face is full of fear, even if I am in this time today’s financial and status, Xiao Qiuyue is not fake with me, everything is in accordance with proceedings.

It’s hard to let the flight attendant promise to indicate the location where the office is located. I have been looking for it alone. I have heard a woman’s sharp voice in the office: “Blue Lower! What is going on? The whole person is awkward, let you do things, every piece gives me a mess! Do you still want to do it? Don’t want to do you, say it! Not to say what is rich Have you seen you? Marry him to be your less grandmother! If you want to stay in a whole day, no one can manage you! There is Leishe! How many times have you said? When you do night flights? Do not do it on duty! Passengers should go to the first time, you will fell! Fly, let three passengers complain! Our Haihang’s reputation makes you lose! “

“So big fire? Xiao Miss.” I took a laugh and walked into the office. Xiao Qiuyue turned back, his face was slightly slow, said: “Oh, Cheng Dong, how? What? What is it for drinking?”

“It’s okay, come and pick up our school two friends, hehe.” Of course, I want to Rally.

Xiao Qiyue is clear: “Friends? Girlfriends!” I smiled. Xiao Qiuyue turned his face, said to the blue spirits and Leizhen: “Don’t think that this is done, you will write to me, I will give it to me in three days, talk about you. What is thought, I still want to do it in Haihang! “

Thunder is busy nodding, whispered “Oh”, and blue spirits low, no response, no response.

The reaction of Blue Lingyu clearly hook Xiao Qiuyue’s anger, she slammed the table next to it, shouted: “Blue Lingyu! What do you mean? Want me now?”

I can’t stand outside of this situation. I walked to the blue spirit rain, pulled her hand, smiled and said to Xiao Qiuyue: “Miss Xiao, the rain can be a bit wrong, I will go back Have a good guidance to take her, let her have to apologize for you for two days. “Xiao Qiuyue snorted and stared at the blue spirits. I am secret, I know that I know is very personality, but I will never eat a loss, now I am clear that she can go first as long as she is low, I don’t know why she will be so stubborn. The reaction such as Blue Lingyu is undoubtedly in the fire. She shouted, and her finger called the nose of the blue spirits: “Blue Lingyu, today you don’t give me a statement, you don’t want to think Going out of this! “

The two of the eyes are more difficult to clean up, I have to smile again, say: “Miss Xiao, you want to educate the rain, of course, this is your duty, but today I can give your younger brother?” The identity of the local richest richest, sure, I said, the anger on the face of Xiao Qiuyue suddenly calved a lot, she “oh”, said: “Cheng Dong, I don’t dare to give you a face, just I do this One way, if the hand is like she is like she, the job is really not doing, please understand. “

I smiled, my heart said that big sister, are you telling me? At this time, Xiao Qiyue seems to go back and said, “Right, I also received the invitation sent by your company a few days ago, tomorrow is a good day of your company’s fifth anniversary! But I am sorry that I will still tomorrow. It is necessary to fly, I can’t take a time to give you a happy time. “She thought, said:” This, Cheng Dong, today I will give you this in advance? “

“Yes can be …” I looked at Xiao Qiuyue’s thin cheek. This year’s nearly heard of flight attendant, the flight attendant passed the picture of special outstanding, in the middle, but the descendant woman’s style, or let My heart is very hobby. I said: “Don’t do this, my car is still sitting, Miss Xiao, if you don’t have a way tomorrow, how do you go to my home? Company, several old employees are now in my home Waiting for us to pass … Oh, my family is in Xuanwu Mountain, I am very close to here, I will go where you have to go, I will send you past. “

Xiao Qiuyue’s look is obviously hesitant. It may be that this time we have sent her a post. At this time, I have been invited to be invited to face, and I don’t have a good thing. So she is. I nodded and said, “That’s good, Cheng Dong, you give me ten minutes, I am going to prepare.”

It is said that it is ten minutes. In fact, it is actually eight minutes of Xiao Qiuyue, and the makeup on the face has been completed. The hair style also simply handles, people look a lot, can’t see More than ten hours of tired flying after flying. Holding a red gift bag in his hand, there is nothing to do in the mouth of the drums. However, it may be because of time rushing, she has not changed clothes, still is still the blue passenger uniform.

“Leigh, also to celebrate?” I turned to invite Lei Wei to go, I know that this little Nizi is also a person who loves. Sure enough, Lei Wei agreed to it quickly.

The three flight attendants sat in my new BMW X6 to Xuanwu Mountain. On the way, I didn’t talk about a word with Xiao Qiuyue. Thunder is inserted a few words from time to time, but the blue spirits are not. I knew that she was not good, just a few days ago, she saw that I saw me with a small and famous second-line actress in bed. I went to hit the actress on the spot. I was shaved. a slap. It seems that it has passed a few days. This little Nizi still didn’t want to pass.

Xuanwu Mountain is less than ten kilometers suburbs, X6 comes out from the airport, and I have arrived in more than ten minutes.

This time our parties are located in a separate villa under the name of Xuanwu Mountain. These years have been rapidly developed in this year. In order to further stimulate the GDP, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government make plans, and the two hopes of the municipal government will be demolished here, and the village is demolished. club. Each villa here is independently, covering a huge, and each other is extremely separated, ensuring absolute personal privacy of each villa.

X6 has been stopping to the villa main house, there are many luxury cars that have been messing up, and we have a car, just see that the house is very lively, more than a dozen men and women in the big house. Everyone saw me, and all came over and greeted. I am converging Xiao Qiyue, Xiao Qiyue can’t say, just flying long and talent, I want to go back to rest, I said that I can’t do it, since it is here, I must play again.

Just at this time, someone came in later, smiled and loudly, the barbecue was baked, everyone welcomed the swimming pool backwards.

I still take some things to eat, I will go, Xiao Qiuyue may just finish long distance, the belly is also very hungry, I laughed and I promised. I turned back to see another two girls, Leizhen made a picture of other girls, I was laughing loudly, and the blue spirits were still a silent look, staying with everyone, others looked at her love, also Not coming to discuss.

Behind the house is a huge pool, several girls are in a three-point swimsuit in color, playing in the pool, surrounded by a lot of beach loungers in the pool, next to a large umbrella blocking sunshine. I took the lounge chair in Xiao Qiuyue to take the two bottles of beer from the ice box filled with ice, open a bottle to hand it to Xiao Qiuyue: “Miss Xiao, come to a bottle?” Xiao Qiuyue smiled slightly smile. I took a dip in the past. “This house is yours?” Xiao Qiuyue asked.

“It’s my dad, I am below, not far.” I said.

“There is a good father! You don’t have it twenty? There is some of them.” Xiao Qiyue laughed with a torue.

I laughed. At this time, there was a girl in the hands of two plaques, and Xiao Qiuyue was busy and I was busy. The girl smiled and said: “If you eat, you are more.” Then I went back.

“Give you.” Xiao Qiyue handed me a barbecue, I took a little, put the plate aside, said: “So hot weather, you can’t go cool and cool?” Xiao Qiuyue shook his head and said: ” No, I won’t swim, and I don’t have a swimwear. “

“Swims, you are all new, you want, I will let you find a fit, I will not teach you to travel.” I finished, see Xiao Qiuyue still shook his head, nor to bare her, stand up Just get your top.

“Ah? You are here to take off?” Xiao Qiuyue ate it, and his face suddenly turned back.

“Yeah, I am ready to be prepared.” I didn’t care about it. In addition to the trousers, I used a black tight swimming shorts.

I saw the strong belly muscles of my bodybuilder, and there was a ridge in swimming trunks. Xiao Qiuyue was red, and the head was twisted, pretend to look at the other side of the pool, but I steal your eyes. But I found out that she still pays my move from time to time. I am happy, I know that this female passenger is not a woman who is conservative, and it is very likely to be a woman.

I walked to the edge of the pool, leaping into the pool with a standard watering action, Xiao Qiuyue, laughing, looking at me in blue waves, the beer in the hand did not know unconsciously, she opened a bottle again. Looking up, I am looking at her in the pool, let her go, Xiao Qiuyue, looked at the young girls in the pool, still smiled and shakes his head.

After a long time, I walked out from the pool, returned to the lounge chair next to Xiao Qiuyue, holding a big towel and wiping my body.

Xiao Qiyue looked at my healthy muscles with water, showing splendid rays in the sun, unconsciously actually appeared.

“Hey!” I suddenly screamed, Xiao Qiuyue is a shock, go back to God. “Don’t give your face? I can’t go on so many times.” I said.

Xiao Qiyue smiled and said, “I am really not.” She stopped, then said: “Today, today is your young people, what do I mix with it?”? “

“Why? Do you take yourself to the exclusion of young people?” I called it, “Xiao Jie, you are a few years old? Look at you, look at the rain, Lei Yi, one, who Who is it? “

Xiao Qiuyue can’t help but smile, “” How can you say so exaggerated, I am bigger than they are ten! “

I put an incredible look on my face: “Really?”

“I am a zodiac with Lei, you said it is true?” Xiao Qiuyue glanced at me.

“Oh? Then you are … belong …”

“Don’t tell you!” Xiao Qiuyue interrupted my thoughts, “Don’t ask her!” Said that he smiled.

I looked at Xiao Qiuyue’s smile, I thought about a good person, why do you usually have a disturbing face? Talking to her for so long today, I don’t think it is still difficult to get along. “wait for me a while.”

I said, then I changed a short-sleeved jacket and pointed to the mountain road behind the house, said: “Do you want me to pay you out? The scenery is not bad.”

Xiao Qiyue hesitated, shook his head, said: “Still don’t, I still go back, let’s play.”

“Where, I haven’t played yet, how can I go?” I laughed: “Is there something in the afternoon?”

“It’s nothing …”

“That is not, why? I am afraid that my husband is looking for you?”

“? He” Shaw Moon sneered one, no longer go on, stood up and said: “Well, you take me to go and see, basaltic mountain scenery heard before in the light of how beautiful villas, but we ?. the civilian population, how can there be a chance to visit this private space ah today even stick your light up, “I smiled, very gentleman to stoop hand, said:” since then please, Miss Shaw, “Shaw Moon light hand I hold, stood up, and I lead the way forward, with Shaw Moon went out.

Basaltic mountain north river, looking south city, Hill is not high, only more than two hundred meters above sea level the highest point, but the next show abnormalities. Hill is not man-made attractions and other buildings, it is not always considered a tourist destination. Since the development of high-level mountain villa is become typical aristocratic designed to be enjoyed. Lush mountains, in addition to a mountain trail no other traces of artificial chisels, regarded as a secluded forest ravine.

I and Xiao moon two days while chatting, while going to the mountains along the path. Though the path is very steep, but there are certain slope, the two half gone, I laughed and said: “This mountain looks good to go, in fact, Miss Shaw tiring, tired ah you do not want to take a break? ? “

“Yes you tired?” Shaw Moon smiled and replied: “We do the crew, flying long distance, he often ten hours every nap back and forth, what this road is not for me Do you want to you are tired, we rest? “

“! I never would Leia,” I patted his solid chest: “This is the gym every day for one hour out of practice, is not a joke!”

“See you proud!” Xiao Chiu says with a laugh, “well, you’re not tired, then we slightly mountains along the way.”

Having accelerate the pace going forward, stepping on the heels of two half-slender legs quickly walked on the mountain, we have not seen the slightest bit block.

Soon the two of them climbed to the pinnacle of basalt mountain, in front of the scenery makes your head Kuang Shen Yi: Pentium roaring from the north and the feet, and the other side of the mountain Man Shan leaves planted dozens of trees, I took Shaw pointed out to the moon to see: which is the sweet gum trees, which trees are red maple, Acer palmatum which trees are, what feather maple, maple, Chinese pistache, and so forth.

“You’re really quite on plant research.” Shaw know nothing about these Moon looked at me, admire said it was clear she did not think, like me, wealthy people will actually get to know them.

“Then I also live here begun to understand these.” I said.

“Can understand so much is not easy ……” Xiao Moon says with a laugh: “It seems that you are not wealthy landed gentry light Well, ha ha.”

“How? I look very soil it?” I put on a hurt look.

“What do you think?” Shaw Moon no longer go on, I looked back when the road seems, a large forest on the way to the line of sight just stop living, mountain people are not watching the movement of the foot villa.

“Money is good ……” Xiao Moon can not help but sigh, “even this mountain is like know how to protect your privacy like.”

“Miss Xiao your income does not it good?”

Shaw Moon faint smile: “that earn thousands of dollars a month, even the clothes are afraid to buy more, tired and dead tired, you say called good?”

“It also sharpened so many girls want to do the flight attendants?” I said.

“Marry when multi-point capital chanting, would like to take a flight attendants were the first to catch a rich husband it.” Shaw Moon contempt smile, “the results of it? Not one to do other people’s mistress. But you do not say, even if it is done mistress, there is a flight attendant to do under the guise of a month can take more nurturing fee. “

I Yipaitaitui, “I say, in the final analysis not on the flight attendants attendants on the plane Well, how are so many girls Wang Litou crowded every year, Miss Shaw, you do this line in more than a decade, right? You’re so good at conditions also do for so long, I think you are certainly not those of the map. “

Shaw Moon looked at me and nodded his head, said: “At that time I do not consider that much of the flight attendants, young and just want to ride, you can go to some places and more, experience some more things …… who knows doing doing, found they really like on the job, and so do all the way down …… “

“But do you really very hard line, your husband did not let you do some work easily diverted point?”

“? He” Shaw Moon’s mouth and exposed her unique sarcastic smile, said: “He’s the man, himself a workaholic, anxious twenty-four hours a day soak in the company, there will come out of my life and death? “

“Oh ……” I said: “enthusiastic work is a good thing, but also have to pay attention to persuade his family what.”

2 “He can listen to it!” Xiao Qiyue seems to be opened, said: “I do this, usually work time is very irregular, sometimes it is rare to return home on time, I want to follow He enjoys a family life. He fell, every time I went to the third year, I said that I immediately returned. As a result, he went home before 11 o’clock! We married for so long, I met when I was awake, add it. I can even have a month! “” That Sister, you … “I called” Xiao Miss “, said:” No child? “

“What kind of child?” Xiao Qiuyue suddenly opened red, saying: “At that time, what kind of time is it?” Said that I glanced at me.

I pretended to see Xiao Qiuyue’s eyes, smiled and pointed to the other shore, said that now is the early autumn, if it is in the late autumn, the other side of the autumn will come, the opposite side will be infected, the land is dyed, the scene is like It is a pile of Jin Dai, that kind of Yin Hong is not worthy of red leaves in the world.

Xiao Qiuyue laughed and said that he has been to Beijing, but unfortunately did not catch up with red leaves, I said that I came here, I waited for a few years of red leaves, I took you. Xiao Qiuyue is red on his face, nothing to say.

There is little place on the top of the mountain, but the wind is quite strong. The two of us have seen it for a while, and they feel a little cool. So I took a mountain road with Xiao Qiuyue, came to a small hill center. The terrain is lower. The three sides are surrounded by the mountains, so the mountain wind can’t come in, from the mountain, there is a mountain spring flow, Form a waterfall hanging there, the waterfall is a small stream, straight through the mountain, there is a slim big tree in the stream, and the next stone and a few stone chairs are the construction of the house. Delicate. What is even more wonderful is that there is only one remote circle to pass. If it is not the owner of this place, it will not know that there is such a good place.

The two climbed a half-day mountains were a bit tired, and the shoulders were sitting on the stone chair. Xiao Queyue took out the paper towel from the portable Kun bag, wiped the sweat on the forehead, I looked at her next to her. Xiao Qiuyue was jumped by my face, and I was handed over, and I handed the paper towel and said, “I will give you, I also wipe the sweat.”

I laughed and took it, but I didn’t wipe the sweat on my face, but I reached out of the neck of Xiao Qiuyue, and wiped the sweat on her pink neck.

Excessive movement makes Xiao Qiuyue’s heartbeat has accelerated a bit. I have aware of her, she is too strict for people because of the personality is too strict, so the friend is very small, and the opposite sex is almost no.

Xiao Qiuyue’s appearance is a very outstanding thing in the woman of this age. She is definitely not lack of people’s colorful eyes. However, I have confidence, with my identity and wealth, and the mature woman who is so attentive to her, it will definitely touch this rhyme.

Sure enough, Xiao Qiyue only glanced at me, but didn’t say anything, but she turned his head. This move is also obvious, and the woman I have went up. Of course, I know that I will take the next step, so I reached out and gently pinked Xiao Qiuyue’s finger pointer, her finger slender and white, The finger is also very beautiful, but it may be because of the long-term service passengers, although it has been maintained, but the skin is still slightly rough, I raised Xiao Qiuyue’s fingers up my lips and gently kissed it. See Xiao Qiuyue manual, retracted behind, but didn’t pick it up, I boldly open the lips, lick her long fingertips.

After sucking a while, I saw that Xiao Qiuyue was looking at myself with a smile, and the right hand went around. I grabbed Xiao Qiuyue’s slender waist, and her face also intentionally rely on Xiao Qiyue white and smooth. In front of the neck, the cold breathing sprayed on the brown neck of Xiao Qiuyue, making her whole body a trembling of it.

“You … what do you want to do?” Xiao Qiyue can’t speak, but I didn’t have a sound at this time, just a bit of the hand in the Xia Qiuyue waist, this situation, male gentleman, female Non-ladies, each is an intensive adult, and each other has not been illuminated. My lips slowly moved to the face of Xiao Qiuyue, kissed her words, Xiao Qiuyue “Well”, slammed from the nose, the eyes closed, no resistance, anything My tongue flies up her cherry and teeth. Her tongue greet my tongue, two tongues passionately, exchange the saliva in the mouth.

This kiss kissed the broccoli of Xia Qiuyue, and made a fine asthma in his throat. After a few minutes, the two were reluctant to open the two mouths, and the broth is also connected to two. The lips have been broken for a while, dripping in my chest, Xiao Qiuyue looks smile, take out the paper towel to wipe my chest.

“Look at you, look with a child.” I looked at Xiao Qiuyue, grabbing her hand, and my mouth had to kiss. Xiao Qiuyue was busy covering the hand on the lips, laughing: “Hey, you are enough, let you take a cheap, you still want it?” the meaning of? I turned my mouth to her ear, first ble a few mouthfuls, looked at her and narrowed her body, and then used the magnetic sound to say: “Where is it? Where is it! I still want……”

“What else? Oh, don’t blow, itch!” Xiao Qiuyue smiled and said.

“What do you want to know later.” I told Xiao Qiuyue in his arms, and the right hand took her hips, and the body was relying forward, and the chest was close to Xiao Qiuyue. The scorpion and flexible breasts, while sniffing the mature woman’s passenger is a bit of fragrance, and she is ignorant of her ass.

“Don’t be like this …” Xiao Qiuyue breathed softly, and the body twisted, like the action of resisting my, but it is more like incentive me more.

“We … suitable for it … Don’t … Hey! … Don’t this.”

I only felt my own lower hard, the cock has completely tower, I am eager to find a place to vent, I pulled Xiao Qiuyue’s hand, put it between my crotch, Xiao Qiuyue’s hand touched there. I played out, but I didn’t have a while, she tookively stretched the hand and speaking between my two legs.

“Is this good? I have a family, you, can’t you let me go?” Xiao Qiuyue has taken the initiative to hold my big dick, feel the hard and huge hugeness of the pants. I have a laughter in my heart, I don’t know who this is, who is it? However, at this time, my cock was hard to support his pants. I have been very uncomfortable. I quickly explained my belt, pulling the trousers, and the long dick will play it out, expose in front of Xiao Qiuyue. .

“I don’t like it?” I am in the ear of Xiao Qiuyue: “Xiao Jie, if you like it, this thing belongs to you today …” Xiao Qiuyue looked up with blurred eyes, using actual The action responded, she leaned over, opened the cherry, including the huge glans in the front of the cock, and swept the top of the tongue, and then contained in the mouth.

“Ah … good … just like this …” The hand is gently pressing the hair of the mature woman, let her warm mouth contain his dick, feel the thrill of the wet and hot tongue, I can’t help Refreshing is gone.

Xiao Qiuyue saw this look, more sucking, deeply containing the thick glans into the mouth, the cherry is tight, pressed the cock with the tender meat on the lips, then use the tongue a circle Sweep the glans. It seems that she has not yet giving a man to a man, such a skilled action, in general, under her service, men can only stick to two or three minutes, but she is in today. Female countless me. When I enjoy the tongue of the female passenger, I didn’t play another hand to the uniform’s uniform’s chest, then the top of the button, then stretched into it, I crossed it on the shell, quickly After picking up, then slowly pull it out, “Black, true sexy.”

I am admpt, put the warm milk cover of Xiao Qiuyue in the nose and sniff the bites of the above.

Xiao Queue only felt that his whole body was hot, the frequency of the mouth was getting faster and faster, the strength is getting more and more serious, but the man in front of him is still a relaxed look, she bite the teeth, reach out, I will pull it. The scrotum, while gently squeezing, lifting upwards, handking, and stimulating my sexual organs together on both sides. I put the cool bra on the stone platform, and the hand pressed the head of Xiao Qiyue’s violent shake, and used it to press it to her, and the cock was also in the mouth of Xiao Qiuyue as much as possible. Xiao Qiuyue, “”, closely close the lips, and then deeply covered with cock, this came to my glans to go straight to her mouth, Xiao Qiuyue slammed back to the front, quickly set Land.

I have already got ten minutes, Xiao Qiyue has already felt some sour mouth, and the head is also slim because of dramatic swing, but I still don’t have a signs of ejaculation. I saw this situation, touched Xiao Qiuyue’s face, said: “Xiao Jie, first wait, let me let you cool.” Xiao Qiuyue helplessly visited my dick, but immediately reached Live, it’s going back and back to the mouth of the mouth.

“Oh … You are really, you will bully people …” Xiao Qiuyue is white, saying: “People are so strong, you are shouting.”

I laughed: “My things can also bear the heavy responsibility of you who satisfied Xiao Jie, this is shot, how to explain?”

“Hey, rare!” Xiao Qiuyue smiled, I know that she will definitely love this strong and lasting cock. At this time, I stood up and pressed Xiao Qiuyue on the long stone chair, then unlock the hairpin on her head, let the black long hair discharged, lost the bracelet of the milk from the tempting flight attendant uniform Out, as breathing is lighter, although the size is not big, it is very strong, and some is slightly touched, the brown tap has become hard, the surrounding is not very big, it looks very attractive. I leaned down, and the opening turned into the two small nipples. At the same time, he stretched into the skirt of the uniform skirt, and the intersection of the inside pantyhose was smashed. Xiao Qiyue has already flowed a lot of water when I just gave me a cock, and the front of the underwear was already wet, and the water didn’t even pass the underwear. My hand only took a few times, Xiao Qiuyue shaked, from the inside, and the mature woman who was boring was hooked, and the body’s reaction sensitive is amazing.

“Ah … don’t be here … Go to your home …” After all, this is in the wild, the insecurity still affects Xiao Qiuyue, although she is extremely expected to be my big cock, but still hope is in a secret place . But at this time, I have already extended the whole head to her skirt. After passing through the light, pull the cotton meat pantyhose hose of the female feeding first. Xiao Qiuyue squatting, hand on your uniform skirt, pressing my head in the skirt, and pulling the legs. I took the opportunity to take off her panties from the foot, and I also thrown on the stone platform, and then pulled the black lace underwritment that had been wet, and took hands to my trouser pocket. Garden looks at the private garden of Xia Qiuyue. The female passenger is a lot of hairy, long and thick. At this moment, she has been wet with her own ourselves. It has a slutty ray under a dim light, and may have not been there after the long-distance flight, there Evil on a mix of smell and body fragrance, greatly stimulating my nerves, I couldn’t help but put the head, and the lips were pressed on the long labie over there, and the sketch was licking. At the same time, the fingers also flexibly smashed the tender meat behind the two big labs. After a few times he kept sliding, he suddenly slammed the female time to the long muddy hole, in Xiao Qiuyue “ah …” The drumming of the long ignorant is sharply seen in the vagina. Xiao Qiuyue’s hands slammed my head, hugging tightly, in which my finger continued to pump, her strength is also disappearing at a little bit, only from the nose, I can’t stop breathing. .

My finger is a little bit in the depths of Xiao Qiuyue vagina. After a while, the index finger and the middle finger have all stretched out, but it has not touched the end of the vagina, it seems that the female passenger Vaginal is still the kind of time. I have patiently sustainable and rubbed, so that the liquid flowing out of Xia Qiuyue is more and more, the slim seductive jade body is turning, twisting. Her breathing is getting more and more heavy, and the hands on my head are getting more and more powerful. I use my teeth to gently bite her hair, then the tongue is hard to brush a few times on the labipings. The whole body is violently towering up, and the carcass has turned sharply. In the snoring of the soul of Xiao Qiuyue, I feel that a hot people sprayed from her small hole, and the finger pointed to warm, and the water flow immediately left into her mouth. Under the caressment of my hand, Xiao Qiuyue attracted a climax.

I took force to suck it, and I contracted the obscenities in Xiao Qiuyue. I swallowed it, and then stretched the head from her skirt, and smiled and looked at the woman’s passenger fortune due to climax.

Xiao Qiuyue Jiao Yan wet double lips, there is a good breath, double-eyed blur, double lactary, both legs, the thick hairy hair makes me lick the wet, neatly.

I looked down and kissed the lips of Xiao Qiuyue. Xiao Qiuyue’s hand hungly hungly hung my neck and hellped. “Sister, cool?” I am in her ear, Xiao Qiuyue nodded without saying.

I removed my lips, and I looked at Xiao Qiuyue’s eyes in close distance and said, “Then we continue?”

Xiao Qiuyue smiled and said, “You are giving you this bad egg, and my sister is gave you.”

I took the buckle of Xiao Qiuyue on a one by one, so that her flight attendant uniform was open to both sides, but did not take off, the first child had the two milk, and then pulled Xiao Qiuyue Station. Under the trunk of the big tree, the body pressed forward, holding her waist in one hand, but one hand of Xia Qiuyue, let the mature woman standing there, Backrest against the big tree. Xiao Qiuyue looked at me, let me move, and a hand caressing my handsome face. I am also free at this time, holding the hand of Xiao Qiuyue’s thigh, let her both legs are separated, then they go up with the naked lower body, just put the cock in the female passenger. In front of the hole, she rubbed a few times by the top of the water, I think the glans is almost the same, but the ass, the body is moving forward, just put the cock in the top. 3 “Oh …” Xiao Qiuyue called a long, and his eyes closed, and stroked my face slightly shake slightly. The huge dicks opened the tender meat in her vagina, with a deep lascivious moisturizing, I went deep.

“Ah … 唷 … ah …” The lower body is surprising, and the mature woman’s passenger bills have obvious experiences with many men have sex, but I believe she has never experienced this mighty meat stick. Her consciousness wanted to clam it, but in front of the posture is impossible, she only feels the legs soft, the whole person is almost soft, so I made it right at this time. The top butt, the slim body is stabilized, and the cock will follow this power, and I will go in a piece, the glans hit the homework in Xiao Qiuyue, Xiao Qiuyue “哟”, brow wrinkle , A painful look, and a little blobes when the face is sudden.

At this time, I didn’t move immediately, stop the cock there, and my mouth quickly found Xiao Qiuyue’s cherry, kissed her deeply.

“Is it big enough? Xiao Jie.” I laughed and said in the Xia Qiuyue’s ear, Xiao Qiuyue unconsciously, his mouth was awkward. I see her looks like it is a bit adapted. I took the dick back and then went back. At the same time, I feel that the glans makes the girl’s passenger’s vaginal’s tender meat is tightly packaged. The kind of burning is tight Narrow, warm and smooth, plus the vaginal endowed slightly, sucking the comfort of the glans. Obviously, in other men of Xiao Qiuyue, no one has such a long dick like I, enough to occupy her long, so her vagina can be said to be a virgin.

Usually, the woman’s featured female passenger is full of face, I went deep into the meat sticks in her body, hot, rough, hard, and brought out her inner depth from the unplugged sexual desire. Bring her other men never brought her unprecedented emotional and satisfaction. The pump of the cock has gradually accelerated, and once again, it is repeated in her, and Xiao Qiuyue forgets pain, forgetting his husband and family, indulge in the infinite pleasure brought to her.

I still keep the rhythm, calm down, and slowly slide out, slowly slide out, stimulate the people’s sensitive flowers, and put the head low, including Xiao Qiuyue in the cool breeze Milky tip of the medium.

“Ah … ah … can’t … can’t … give it to me … give it to me, I have to vent it … vent it … I have to die …” Xiao Qiuyue gasped, said, this When I felt a rolling hot wave was shocked by my glans, I knew that Xiao Qiuyue reached a climax, I tally, the glans scared to hit the homework of the female passenger, feeled The core is strong, and the homework is scraped with the pleasure of the glans. At the same time, take a sigh of breath, tightly bit the teeth, and slightly ease your own shortness.

The mature women in the two degree climax took a long breath, and the whole upper body was unable to follow me.

I waited until her breathing, I was “啵”, I pulled out the coarse cock of myself, and then supported Xiao Qiuyue back to the stone chair and sat down.

At this time, Xiao Qiyue is very attractive. The hairpin on the head is not unlocked, but in the fierce combination of just now, it is a bit messy, the upper body is open, and the two are open, two people Breast exposure, the bite of the teeth on the nipple is also clear and visible. You can also see the beautiful body curves on both sides. The white liquid flows along her long legs.

I didn’t diarrhea, I swallowed, gently pushed the body of Xiao Qiuyue, let her hand hold the stone chair, then pull her waist over, while the butt is upward.

“I still want to come? … you really …” Xiao Qiuyue petula, said: “The sister is now uncomfortable, you will spare me.”

“I have not yet shot, sister, you can’t bear to do this here?” I smiled and sticked his face in the ear of Xiao Qiuyue, gently said. I have enough grasp. Under my gentle offensive, there is not much woman can get my heart to refuse me, let alone the women’s passenger congregation for me two times? Xiao Qiuqi sighed, whitelied me, said: “True … You are my family, I am encountering you, I really have a little way. Well, my sister satisfies you, say, how to Let you feel comfortable? “

“Sister, you are lying here.” I first picked up my clothes just taken off, and carefully folded into a quad-square shape, packed the people’s buttons to the store, then paved on the stone chair, let Xiao Qiuyue face down the hand pressure on the clothes, and the two legs are separated to the ground and then put the butt up. Xiao Qiuyue must feel this posture very shy, and there is still some twisting at the beginning, but in order to satisfy me, I don’t say anything. After I went to her, I first separated her two buttons on both sides, revealing the deep chrysanthemum buds inside, the female passenger’s fidel closed, the color is a bit deep, dark brown, snow with the butt The skin forms a distinct contrast, the above wrinkles are very dense. I couldn’t help but touch my fingers. Try it, and the fingertips stretched in a little. Xiao Qiuyue’s ass will immediately shrink, and then unveiled slightly.

With my experience, I immediately knew that her chrysanthemum hole or did not develop, I extended his tongue, first licked it on the clitoris of Xiao Qiuyue, the tongue brings out the secretions from her vague, then moved to ass , Spit those obscenities, and then the root of the tongue, and then the sensitive chrysanthemum bud lick.

Xiao Qiuyue shakes, the farthered eyes were the feeling of being caress by men, making her screaming loudly: “You … you … how do you get there, don’t, that’s … ah …… Don’t. “Shame and discomfort make the mature woman’s matters twisted with your ass, let me continue again.

I have to give up the development of female maidgee, I know that in the current situation, it is difficult to let Xiao Qiuyue accept my infringement on her chrysanthemum. At this time, I am already a fire, I will stand up. , Holding the buttocks of Xiao Qiuyue, the cock is aligned with the hole, and then again.

This time I no longer sluggish inserted in the rain, but I used a very fast speed to move the cock, so that the meat rhid of the mature woman’s passenger vagina wiped his own glans, Xiao Qiuyue was taken I have a loudly, waiting for another climax. Under such a strong stimulation, I have been induced by the forced suppression. I quickly float again. I started to breathe, and said to Xiao Qiuyue: “Sister, I am coming out, ah …”

“Shoot in, ah … Nothing, today’s safety period.” Xiao Qiuyue also breathed me. I got a license, I slammed the buttocks of Xiao Qiuyue, and the cock was on the top, the glans died on the uterus of the mature woman’s passenger, and the thick semen were eradicated.

“Ah …” The familiar margin is called, and the whole person seems to fluttering, then the is soft, and you will breathe.

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